Reese Witherspoon arrested for disorderly conduct, Jim Toth arrested for DUI

Ooooh, scandal!! I love it. Reese Witherspoon, your judgy Southern BFF, got arrested!!!! Reese has been in Atlanta, Georgia this month, working on her new film The Good Lie. This is why she’s brunette, by the way – she dyed her hair for the film. Anyway, it seems that Reese brought her family down to Georgia while she’s working. And on Thursday night, Reese and her husband Jim Toth went out drinkin’. And Jim tried to drive them home and he got pulled over under suspicion of a DUI. But Reese was also arrested for disorderly conduct and you can see her mugshot here. Wait until you hear WHY!!

Reese Witherspoon and her husband, CAA agent James Toth, were arrested and briefly jailed early Friday morning in Atlanta, Ga., after he was pulled over under suspicion of driving while intoxicated, confirmed an official at the city’s Dept. of Corrections.

While Toth is facing a DUI charge after driving in the wrong lane, Witherspoon was also arrested on a disorderly conduct charge according to a police report obtained by Variety. She was handcuffed after disobeying repeated instruction from the arresting officer, with whom she verbally sparred, to stay inside the vehicle.

The couple was released on bond at approximately 3:30 a.m. ET on Friday. CAA, which employs Toth and represents Witherspoon, and her publicist, Meredith O’Sullivan Wasson, declined comment.

A court appearance is scheduled for Monday at 8 a.m. in Atlanta Municipal Court, but Witherspoon and Toth aren’t expected to appear, according to sources. Their attorney is expected to request that court date be postponed. Witherspoon, 37, was with Toth, 42, in Atlanta shooting indie drama “The Good Lie.” Production on the film was not interrupted by the arrests, according to sources.

Witherspoon has been married to Toth since March 2011. The couple had a son, Tennessee James Toth, last September.

Toth was pulled over after midnight Friday driving a silver 2013 Ford Focus, which the officer witnessed weaving across a double line on Atlanta’s Peachtree St. Toth appeared disheveled and his breath smelled of alcohol, according to the police report, prompting the officer to administer a sobriety test. As Toth walked in the Walgreens parking lot where the officer instructed him to pull over to, Witherspoon became increasingly agitated from the vehicle, which prompted the officer to warn her to stay in the car for the sake of her own safety.

“Mrs. Witherspoon began to hang out the window and say that she did not believe that I was a real police officer,” according to the police report. “I told Mrs. Witherspoon to sit on her butt and be quiet.”

Once Toth was placed under arrest, Witherspoon exited the vehicle and was instructed to get back in the car. According to the report, she “stated that she was a ‘US citizen’ and that she was allowed to ‘stand on American ground.’”

The officer then detailed how she resisted as he grabbed her arms to arrest as Toth attempted to calm her down.

As the report details, “Mrs. Witherspoon asked, “Do you know my name?” I answered, “No, I don’t need to know your name.” I then added, “right now.” Mrs. Witherspoon stated, “You’re about to find out who I am.”

The report also specified, “Mrs. Witherspoon also stated, ‘You are going to be on national news.’ I advised Mrs. Witherspoon that was fine.”

Though he told an officer he had only a single drink hours earlier, Toth blew a .139 on a Breathalyzer test administered at the scene. He also is facing a second charge for failure to maintain a lane while driving.

Witherspoon’s alleged violation, which is specified on the police report as “disorderly conduct (obstruction),” is a local municipal ordinance.

[From Variety]

Dude! A blood alcohol level of .139 is INTENSE. There’s no way Jim only had ONE drink unless that drink was a Moonshine Big Gulp. And how funny/awful is it that Reese pulled the “don’t you know who I am?” card? I LOVE IT. Drunk Southern bitch. God bless us, everyone!! Obviously, drinking and driving is awful and Jim Toth should be ashamed of himself and there is no excuse for not hiring a car and driver or just calling a cab. But aside from the DUI stuff, I just love that Reese is a trash-talking drunk bitch at heart. She always tries to come across as SO classy and now this! Apparently, when she was arrested, the cop totally handcuffed her. Anyway, they were realized on bond just a few hours later and they’re due in court today.

Reese did release a statement late Sunday, and she attended last night’s premiere of Mud (photos below). Her statement: “Out of respect for the ongoing legal situation, I cannot comment on everything that is being reported right now. But I do want to say I clearly had one drink too many and I am deeply embarrassed about the things I said. It was definitely a scary situation and I was frightened for my husband, but that was no excuse. I was disrespectful to the officer who was just doing his job. I have nothing but respect for the police and I am very sorry for my behavior.” Yeah.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Kate says:

    They were lucky they were arrested before he killed somebody.

    • Itsjustblanche. says:

      Totally agree. She’s trash and so is he.

      • Eli says:

        “She is trash and so is he”? Why is she trash? Because her husband drank to much and she got lippy with a police officer? Please!!!


        I loathe the fact that they did not call a car service or take a cab, but to call someone “trash” whom you don’t know or will NEVER know, is just comical, and wreaks of a Bitter Betty.


        There seems to be an awful lot of sanctimonious and PERFECT people on this thread, whom have never had a drink and gotten behind the wheel of a car! Seriously, I would love to shake all of your hands. Pffttt!!!

      • Emily says:

        If you think being so drunk you’re swerving over lanes is the same as having A, singular, one drink, you have a serious problem with alcohol. Tip: a huge Long Island does not count as simply “having a drink.”

        No, I have never been even tipsy and then gotten behind the wheel of a car. I have no desire to kill people.

      • karmasabiatch! says:

        @ Eli…

        Yeah, I love the sanctimonious attitudes, too.

        Everyone here is a perfect person, anonymously speaking. SOoo easy to judge others, right?

        Reese and her husband screwed up, big time. They got in front of a “scandal” and owned up to stupidity and bad behavior. I’m certain nobody posting here has EVER gotten behind the wheel after more than one drink. Uhhh….right.

      • Amanda_SB says:

        Showing her true colors, isn’t she?

        Now we know why she and Chelsea Handler are such good friends. :)

      • TG says:

        I have never gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking nor gotten in the car with an intoxicated driver. Some of us actually think about actions and consequences.

      • Eve says:

        @ Amanda_SB:

        Yup, you are the company you keep.

      • Hakura says:

        @Eve – *Offers hand*

        Usually I’d agree w/you about some being hypocritically over-judgmental, but in a case as serious as *this*, I just can’t see why they aren’t fully deserving of being shamed. Maybe it will impact them enough to give it some real thought before doing it again, or prevent someone else from doing it.

        Celeb or not, I’d react the same to anyone guilty of this sort of stupid thoughtless crime.

        Not even gonna get INTO the whole ‘Don’t you know who I am’ (‘I’m above the law’ attitude) BS.

      • Eve says:

        @ Hakura:

        I think you’re mistaking my comments for Eli’s?

        I agreed with the very first comment (by Kate), NOT with the ones that disagreed with hers and defended Witherspoon/Toth.

        I LOATHE drunk drivers, because I see what they do here in Brazil — a country especially lenient when it comes to this type of criminal/potential murderer. Only recently the government has started to take some actions, but these are baby steps compared to what we really need.

    • says:

      And you would think that a mother of 3 kids would be smarter about getting in a car with someone who clearly had too much to drink, but I guess not Reese.

      • Seagulls says:

        Sounds like she was pretty impaired, too.

      • Amanda says:

        I know eh. Totally irresponsible. What if they got hurt or killed? I know the older kids still have their dad, but still.

      • tar says:

        I couldn’t agree more!!! Sounds like she was pretty impaired too, so her judgement on the level of his intoxication would be affected as well.

        There is never an excuse for driving drunk. What really gets me extra pissy is: yahoos like this have money & assistants out the ying yang. How hard would if be for them to hire a driver for the night if they knew they were going to drink, never mind a cab. Or call your PA, and get them to come and pick you up. It’s appalling really.

      • Chrissy says:

        Why are you focusing on her? He is father and he is the one who DROVE.

      • Emily says:

        She let him drive. His was the worse offense, but hers was plenty bad. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, but sometimes we can’t stop them, but this was her HUSBAND. Oh, but she got too smashed to think about stopping him, so what — she gets a pass? Hell no. Then she mouthed off to a police officer, which is also deeply offensive when said police officer was doing his job of saving peoples’ lives. And thank heavens for that police officer.

    • Dana M says:

      Totally agree. Killing someone due to drink driving would have been more embarrassing with greater consequences.

      Call a cab, don’t drink and drive.

      My best friend lost her brother and sister in law due to a drunk driver. She adopted the 3 kids. Breaks my heart to hear them ask about their parents.

    • V4Real says:

      Reece just issued a statement saying she’s deeply embarrased; well she ought to be. Drinking and driving is no joke. I drink so when I know i’m going out to do so I don’t drive. I take a train or taxi.

    • Cazzee says:

      Atlanta on a Friday night is a terrible place to drive, because all the suburbanites living outside the Perimeter come into town for their big weekend night and get lost – it is amateur hour and there are TONS of car accidents because of it.

      Her husband is lucky that cop pulled him over before he hurt someone.

      • marie says:

        hey, in all fairness any night (make it day too) in Atlanta is amateur hour. I stick to Marta, it’s so much easier.

      • Ellie says:

        As someone who lives in Atlanta (well, a suburbanite who drives into the city often enough to see this craziness, though I hope I don’t add to it myself!) I would just like to say TRUTH to both of you.

        I’ve been here only since August, but the traffic is a damn mess. The suburbanites mess it up, as do the idiots who think they’re experienced enough to drive 85+ in bumper-to-bumper traffic. It’s not as traffic jammy as LA by any means, but it IS an unsafe and scary place to drive.

      • JenD says:

        Yes, us OTP people make it amateur hour on the weekends. :-)

      • TG says:

        @Cazzee – That would explain all the bizzarre drunken driving and running over pedestrians in random places during the night that make the national news throughout the year.

      • Cazzie says:

        Seriously! On the weekends in Atlanta, I drive on the back roads if I drive at all – those cars with lost people arguing in them are the worst: they cut across multiple lanes, take sharp left turns without any turn signal, and sometimes just stop short in the middle of the street without any warning! That last one is a lot of fun – it tends to happen on 14th Street in Midtown, right by the W Hotel.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        :) I like reading the first-hand traffic accounts. I was lucky enough to move away from SoCal traffic jams, but I have the same “tourist” problems on the main drag in town: 15 MPH, turn signal permanently on, slamming on the brakes at every side street to see if that’s the one, etc…

        Combine that with the local boogerheads who NEVER use turn signals, drive the hugest trucks I’ve ever seen, and then tow their boats to boot, and it’s a MESS.

      • Bucky says:

        I live about a mile east of downtown (O4W what what), I work right downtown, and I pretty much stay in a 5-mile radius of my hood. As a result, I almost never drive, and it’s completely spoiled me. The times that I have to go OTP – or even drive more than a few miles – are infuriating. The second I get behind a Cobb or Gwinnett plate …

        And to stay on topic, GOOD LORD, get a cab. Get a driver. Thursday late-night on Peachtree? Would have been a breeze to get a car. Uber it. Anything is preferable to driving drunk.

    • Grace says:

      That really is the lamest apology ever. Scary situation?? Really, the scary situation is the ‘thank, you, God’ moment you realize a cop stopped you instead of a mini-van with young parents and four children which your husband just hit because he was driving impaired.

    • Talie says:

      Exactly, gotta love how there was no mention of that or for that matter, any apology from her douche husband.

      • pwal says:

        I’m sorry, but beyond driving drunk, why would Jim have to issue an apology? From all accounts, he was trying to follow the cop’s directions and was cooperating, something that he was supposed to do. Of course, drinking, but not driving or driving without drinking are the number one things he needed to do.

        It’s amazing to me that some Reese fans are cobbling together an exit strategy from this marriage. Really? He did a $h*tty, irresponsible thing and hopefully, he will be punished for it, but Reese’s actions, whether it was induced from alcohol or an entitled attitude or both, took this situation to another level. If she would’ve sat quietly while Jim dealt with this problem, Jim would’ve possibly felt the gravity of his bad choice, but instead Reese attempted to justify his bad choice by deflecting the reason for the stop as a ‘cop’ who had too much time on his hands and targeted them because… hell, I don’t know where her justification would’ve gone.

        I’ve seen it too many times, hell, we’re seeing it with the Boston bombers… relatives/loved ones waving away all of the evidence proving that their precious is responsible for something heinous. And this b!tch was with him, likely drinking with him, and she’s trying to pass the buck onto someone who was acting in the interest of the public?

        This will likely not be a career-ender for Reese, but she will have to hustle harder because I doubt that people are willing to re-swallow this cruddy, warmed over America’s Sweetheart she has peddled for the last 10+ years.

      • c'est la vie says:

        I agree about the American Sweetheart’s image gone sour – but her husband should have been included in the apology – he was the one w/ the DUI endangering lives.

        I liked Reese trying to pull a Mel Gibson with the cops btw. Nice one.

        Well played, you two drunken idiots.

      • Dani V says:

        @pwal – Yours is a very thoughtful response and logical to boot. You know I can’t help but think about the Boston situation and how a law-enforcement person lost his life. These people have a dangerous job, any day of the week that they step out with their uniform on. They don’t need a smart ass, entitled attitude while they are doing their job. They deserve respect. Reese chose to disrespect and that is sad.

        And this is coming from someone who has always enjoyed her work. Reese, just shame on you and your husband. I hope your apology is sincere and not just to save your career.

      • Hakura says:

        @Dani – “These people have a dangerous job, any day of the week that they step out with their uniform on. They don’t need a smart ass, entitled attitude while they are doing their job.

        This is what really shocked me about this (& her, as I always thought she was a classy, down-to-earth celeb.) She dared (I don’t care how drunk, it had to come from somewhere) to imply that she was above that officer, & the law.

        You want to say “Who the f*ck are you?! You’re an overpaid actress living on easy street in every conceivable way. Like your ‘job’ has any importance at *all*, not even *close* to the job of being an officer. Taking risks for the public’s safety, for your safety, every day. F*ck off.”

    • ya says:

      I know ….. this is bad – like Lindsay Lohan-level bad.

    • Nina W says:

      I agree but some responses here are over the top. People make mistakes, it’s a fact of life. Whether they’re rich or poor, famous or not. I can’t tell you the number of people I know or know of who have been pulled over for DUI, sometimes innoecently. It’s a shame people chose to be rude and sanctimonious about it, everyone makes mistakes. At least she had the sense to issue a mea culpa.

  2. dina says:


  3. gee says:

    I read somewhere that two drinks will give you like a .12 so even if you feel fine, DONT drive. It’s just plain stupid. As for Reese, she looks like a huge drunk brat here.

  4. Len says:

    These people have children to take care of. Don’t risk your life or the lives of others when you have three kids at home.

  5. GoldenState says:

    This made me lose respect for Reese. These sort of antics sound okay….if you’re 20 years old with a bad dye job and drunk at a bar.

    But weaving in and out of lanes? Harassing an officer? Trying to pull celebrity status as a middle-aged mom? Obnoxious, self-entitled, endangering yourself and others, and irresponsible. Hell, she could PAY someone to be the responsible one (aka a driver).

    PS–this is a moment when film meets real-life. Remember her movie Sweet Home Alabama and that one drunk scene? That’s her!!!

    • lorajo says:

      THIS. Any celebrity who tries to use their status to get out of trouble looses my respect. Especially with the implied threats she used. Huge props to the cop for putting up with Reese and her above-the-law attitude. Props to her for finally showing her true colors – not that I really believed her “image” before now.

      Seriously, if you’re going to be stupid enough to drive drunk, or ride with someone who is, own up to it when you’re caught, admit you’ve made a mistake and don’t be an asshole to the cops. (That actor from CSI:NY went from being my least favorite on the show to mildly well liked for being respectful when he was pulled over.)

  6. truthSF says:

    Ugh, her husband could have killed someone. And FYI, we don’t give a f*$ k who you are Reese

  7. Len says:

    Bet her kids are having a great day at school today.

  8. CF says:

    Love the “I am allowed to stand on American ground comment” Its just SUCH a drunk thing to say. The police officer who wrote the report really allowed you to imagine it lol. But even though it gave me a brief chuckle, I just have no respect for anyone, but especially celebrities who have unlimited wealth, who gets behind the wheel after driving. The could afford the best hotel in town without blinking, or a cab, or call an assistant to drive them home.

  9. Esmom says:

    “Moonshine Big Gulp.” Lol.

    I’ll admit I got a kick out of reading about this last night and was waiting for ya’ll to cover it. The detail about her hanging out the window and saying she thought the police officer wasn’t real was the funniest. Although not funny to think of two parents so tipsy on the road.

    In any case, her apology is OK. She SHOULD be embarrassed. She should also be horrified by their endangering lives while drunk on the road. Although she probably can’t say that for legal reasons. Still. Her goody-goody image has taken a pretty big hit, I think.

    • gloaming says:

      Apart from the DUI aspect and Toth’s wrecklessness. The story gave me chuckles too. Probably because she presents this prim and proper image, regular church goer etc. and she’s gone and made a complete fool of herself. That mugshot will follow her around for the rest of her career.

      I bet she’ll be off Dutchess Kate’s Christmas card list now. Oo-er.

      • Belle says:

        Agree with everything stated here…. but curious about that mugshot. Unless I saw the wrong one, what the hell kind of mugshot shows someone looking down?? LOL If that was her real mug-pic, they should have made her look up and re-taken it!

  10. Faye says:

    I enjoy a good laugh at celebrity gossip as much as the next person (obviously, or I wouldn’t be on this site), but I cannot find anything amusing about this incident. I had a 16-year-old cousin who was killed by a drunk driver — the guy drove up on the sidewalk and hit my cousin, right in front of his father and brothers who were walking with him. It’s a tragedy our family has never completely recovered from. The same goes for the many families we’ve met who’ve suffered the same fate.

    Every time somebody drives drunk, or encourages it, you could kill someone’s parent, someone’s child, the center of someone’s life. There is *zero* excuse for it. In my opinion, there’s even less excuse for it if you’re a super-rich celebrity who could order the most luxe limo/car service in a few minutes (it’s not like Atlanta is Podunk). Screw Reese Witherspoon and her drunk husband. Even if they didn’t care about killing someone else, don’t they care about being there for their own children? Reese has three kids, including a freaking baby! For shame.

    I don’t care how big a fan of her someone is — this is not a “little mistake, everybody makes mistakes situation.” She’s not a Lohan. She can’t use a lousy family background as an excuse. She and her husband are obviously just selfish, self-entitled jerks who feel they can do whatever they want, and to heck with the consequences.

    As for the “Do you know who I am” line, I think it speaks for itself. My only question for Reese is: Do *you* know who you are? Take a long, hard look in the mirror.

    I know this is kind of a rant, but that’s all I’m saying on the subject. I’m not going to participate in what will no doubt be the endless rehabilitation tour of magazine covers and interviews. I wasn’t a huge fan before, but I will certainly never see anything of hers again. I just hope she and he don’t repeat this, and that others think twice before drinking and driving.

    • LadyJane says:

      Well said. Also she said in her statement that said she feared for the safety of her husband. (???) Why not fear for the safety of all the other people who could have been killed by his selfish action? Self pitying excuses. People who drink and drive are assholes.

      • Faye says:

        @LadyJane – I suspect that “I was afraid for my husband” line was a way to 1) garner sympathy for her (Reese was scared! Poor little thing!) or 2) plant the idea in people’s minds that the cop was being abusive somehow. Thankfully, most (all?) patrol cars have video cameras on now, so they can see exactly what happened.

    • Kate says:

      Driving drunk needs to be more of a stigma than it is. It is not some cutesy oopsie, it’s downright shameful.

      I’m sorry about your cousin– how awful for your family.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Faye – I think I remember you posting about your cousin on one of the Cracken posts. I’m sorry about your cousin. His poor father and brothers, to have witnessed that!

      People who DUI are just selfish. They think they can “handle it” and in reality, they can’t.

      And one of the worst things is that many of them have several DUIs, have suspended licenses, etc…and that STILL doesn’t stop them!

      • Faye says:

        @the original bellaluna: Yes, it was either a Cracken post or the one about the young pregnant couple in Brooklyn who died in the hit and run.

        I was always very strongly against hit and runs, but after what happened, I’ve really tried to make it a volunteer cause. My uncle and cousins and aunt are so devastated to this day. The reason why I bring the incident up, especially when talking to teens I see drinking, is that for some people, hearing a specific story hammers home the point more than a lot of lectures.

        And yes, you’re right. It’s rarely just one DWI, and even suspended licenses mean nothing. There needs to be harsher consequences.

    • Stacy says:

      I can’t + this comment enough.

      I am so, so sorry for your loss.

      It’s a travesty that drunk driving isn’t given stiffer sentences. Even when a drunk driver kills someone they rarely get hard time.

      There was a recent story locally about one girl who was awaiting trial for driving drunk who crashed and killed a passenger in her car. As she was out on bail, guess what? She got arrested for drunk driving again. You think she would have learned her lesson, but nope, she didn’t.

      That’s because drunk drivers basically get a slap on the wrist, even when they are multiple offenders. The laws need to be changed.

      • kibbles says:

        They should be jailed for at least 2nd degree murder. Drunk drivers are murderers. It’s not an “accident”. People who are inebriated have a choice to stay where they are, get a hotel room, take a taxi, hire a driver, etc. Drunk drivers choose to get behind the wheel knowing that they can get themselves and innocent people killed. Their victims will never get a second chance at life and neither should they! I say lock them up and throw away the key for a long, long time.

      • Jacqueline says:

        I live in San Antonio & our DA has really taken drunk drivers to task in her most recent terms in office. We now have mandatory no refusal every day of the year. At the end of last week, a repeat offender (3rd or 4th DUI) was convicted of murder in an accident where he killed a mother and her small daughter. The prosecution brought the mangled vehicles to the courthouse as part of the case against him.
        Faye, I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. As a parent, I can’t imagine how to go on after something so tragic. There’s no sympathy for any of them, ever, on my part.

      • Lady D says:

        I was reading this somewhere last night and someone posted some 2010 DUI stats. 112 million impaired charges or approximately 300,000 a day across the states. (I’m sure Canada has similar stats for its size)There is no excuse, none, for drinking and driving. Utterly despicable actions. I was a huge Criminal Minds fan until Hotchner got his DUI a few weeks ago. Totally disgusted and have given up on that show. Way to go Aaron. He’s probably a parent IRL too.

    • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:


      I come from an extended family of drunks who think they are special– luckily my immediate family was not like that– and back in the old days, the “do you know who I am” response would actually work.

      I had an aunt who drove drunk all the time, and when she was pulled over, the police would drive her home because my grandfather was influential. She thought it was funny. Nobody gave any thought to how dangerous it was to others to let all of this slide.

      Those days ended with appropriate legislation, thank God, and in the eighties she finally had her license taken away.

      Witherspoon fears for her *husband’s* safety?? WTF? She is a mother and she knowingly got into a car with a drunk behind the wheel. Has it not occurred to her that this could have resulted in death for her and her husband– which would have left her children orphaned? Let alone the deaths of other innocent people?

      Somebody seriously needs to shake her hard.

    • Gabby says:


      Drunk drivers kill over 10,000 people in the United States EVERY YEAR. And it is 100% preventable. I think ALL cars should be manufactured with a breathalyzer lock and you must clear it to start your car. And people who get DUIs should serve jail time, period. It is attempted assault with a deadly weapon.

      Reese’s self-preservation ‘apology’ is pathetic.

    • KB says:

      I don’t know if this will make you feel better or worse, but my brother was arrested for a DWI when he was 22 and he has never gotten behind the wheel after a drink since. I was a teen at the time and it really had an impact on me. I became a total mother hen, never letting any of my friends get behind the wheel after they’d been drinking. Our entire family became very aware of the risks and consequences and we all take it very seriously, almost a decade later. I guess I’m sharing this because I want people to know that not every person arrested for drinking and driving is a monster, and some do understand the gravity of what they’ve done and learn from it.

      • Shelly says:

        Thank you! I am sick to death of people basically wanting to stone a 1st-time offender, who most likely will learn from their mistake. People make mistakes, and yes, this is a big mistake, and if you’re lucky you don’t hurt anyone except for screwing yourself legally. But most people learn from this.

  11. Lilo says:

    Oh this is so juicy, I am going to savour it all day! Drunken southern bitch aside, I hope her husband doesn’t just get a slap on his fingers…Driving drunk, and driving THAT drunk is disgusting. Does he even realize how many people he could have hurt? Did he even think about his children being without parents? And Reese, not stopping him? For shame, really. But, girl was out of her mind, so…And how terrible is it, that NO one has the guts to tell them. don’t drive. Someone must have noticed. But I guess some people really are impressed with the whol “do you know who I am”-bit and don’t speak up.

  12. gillie says:

    this kind of gossip cracks me up. she’s a trash act at heart, huh?

  13. neelyo says:

    To her credit at least she issued a sincere sounding apology, accpeting responsibility for her actions. When’s the last time a public figure gave one of those?

    • Huh says:

      This is directed at the apology only and not at you — I was not surprised that it included the idea that Reese was somehow in a ‘scary situation.’ PLEASE. She got wasted and abusive, and her husband drove drunk. They were not confronting police brutality or harassed or anything. It’s a very careful statement but the inner witch is right there IMO. She is very manipulative.

      • littlestar says:

        I agree with you. There has always been something about Reece that made me just not like her – her carefully crafted image always rubbed me the wrong way, because I knew it wasn’t sincere. Plus the fact that she is a horrid actress yet somehow managed to win an Oscar, ugh. So you are right, she is extremely manipulative, and her true colours have come to light with this incident. She and her husband put themselves into that “scary situation”, yet they are trying to manipulate it like the cops were somehow responsible. Sickening.

      • I Choose Me says:

        My sentiments exactly. I’ve always thought she was kinda bitchy on the down-low. I remember her at an awards show getting all judgy when Blake’s phone was hacked saying ‘you hide your face’ (when taking nude pics to send to your bf). She’s right but it was not the place and time and I think she just wanted to put Blake on blast.

        Seriously though, too many people have lost their lives through the actions of drunk drivers and she and her husband ought to be deeply ashamed.

    • lamamu says:

      Hmm, I have an opposite view of those sincere sounding celebrity apologies: pure damage control. Witherspoon has sold herself to an adoring public as your best girlfriend next door. “Don’t you know who I am” statements reflect a different Reese, one who is icky and not far removed from the Lindsay Lohan’s of the world. Anyone can sound sincere when millions of $$$ are on the line.

    • evyn says:

      Patrol cars have video cameras, so it’s kinda hard to deny it.
      I can’t wait to see the video of this.

      • Mac says:

        TMZ should probably have the dash-cam video by this evening.

      • Poink517 says:

        I’ve heard that cops are also starting to wear small video cameras on their person, which I think is great. No one can lie about police brutality (on either side) and get away with it now!

        Her apology is pure damage control. Makes me sick that she tried to play the ‘do you know who I am’ card and threaten the officer who was doing his job! I wonder if they had killed someone if she would have DARED to say that to the family of the victim. YUCK!!!

    • Faye says:

      Her well-scripted apology was no doubt written by the best publicists around. Why does she get credit for that? And I’ve seen plenty of sincere-sounding apologies from celebs who’ve gone on to do the same thing over and over.

      Actions, not words, are what really speak to us.

    • Mia 4S says:

      Her publicist issued a sincere sounding apology. I guarantee they gave her NO choice in the matter.

    • Stacy says:

      I don’t think she really had a choice. Reese has cultivated an image as an A+ princess who is Little Miss Perfect and has never done anything wrong.

  14. lisa2 says:

    I guess the respect comes after you sober up. This all went down in the early morning hours. They were out very late. And obviously both of them were “drunk” or very tipsy. Reports say there was a third person in the back of the car and that person took a cab after the arrest. I’m wondering who that was. And if Reese was drinking too she was hardly in a position to know if he was too drunk or buzzed to drive. Nobody does this ONCE..they probably like many people do this often. Just fortunate they get home safe without incident. He got caught. and I’m sure this whole thing was recorded. Her apology came a day two later. But I’m sure they had to work on the wording of the statement. No mention of him. But he is not the STAR in the relationship.

    I wish they would loose the America’s sweetheart titles too many of these women are called. Reese just like many others show their true selves when drunk. Nobody make excuses for the likes of Mel or LiLo.. and no I’m not saying Reese is in that league.. but she sounded entitled and privileged, being and American doesn’t mean when the police tell you to stay in a car you don’t have to do it. Too many officers are killed by passengers in a traffic stop. It is for safety reasons.

    I’m surprised and not. But then Reese and many America’s Sweethearts get such a pass on their behavior. I’m sure there will be many defending her and saying how unfair everyone is being. If you have every lose some to a drunk driver you may feel differently.

    • Faye says:


      There’s an old Hebrew saying, “Through three things you know (the true character of) a man: through his cups, through his purse, and through his anger.” The saying in Hebrew is even more effective, because the words for cups/purse/anger sound so similar. Anyway, the point is that to tell what people are really like, see how they spend their money, how they act when they’re angry, and what they’re like when they’re drunk. I think Reese just showed us her true colors.

    • Jane says:

      Her “apology” came after it was reported, like she expected no one to find out. It is strictly a “publicist authored” apology. Both of these folks were drinking and neither should have been behind the wheel.

      To get loud and beligerent shows she was probably drunk too, as all of that is way too much. When asked “Do you know who I am?”, the cop should have said “NO, do you?”

      I am neutral on all these actors, but the America’s Sweetheart label makes me cringe, no matter who it is. Being blonde and “cute and bubbly” does not make you my sweetheart. The term should be thrown out with the rotten garbage.

  15. Hannah says:

    She has been hanging out with Chelsea Handler, so…

    Btw, here is what she said in her MTV Awards acceptance speech a few years ago: “I just want to say to all the girls out there, I know it’s cool to be bad. I get it…”

  16. brin says:

    Sweet Home Alabama, the sequel?!

  17. Felicia says:

    I know she’ll probably get alot of hate on this post but I still like her. And yes DUIs are not funny but I can’t help but laugh at prissy, prim Reese’s inner redneck coming out after a few drinks. I bet she was mortified after she sobered up. She tries so hard to be classy but her repressed trashy side made me like her a bit more.

  18. bowers says:

    The drunk driving is worse that the silly sense of entitlement. Yet the sense of entitlement is funny.

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m sorry, but if someone pulled the “settle down, little woman” card on me and told me to “sit on my butt and be quiet,” I’d be 8 shades of irate! (Even if no alcohol was in my system!)

    That doesn’t excuse DUI’ing by any means, but how condescending!

    • Huh says:

      She ignored repeated instruction to *not interfere* with the arrest. This morning-after ‘I was scared!!’ bullshit is total crap IMO. Reese is deeply entitled and used to having the power in situations. It’s not feminist or assertive to interfere in a lawful arrest because your trashbag husband got drunk and drove, wove in and out of lanes, and you got pulled over.

      This woman has LOVED in the past to preach primly from award stages and during interviews about her good-girl bona fides. She is openly, seriously judgy of other women. Enjoy it Reese! You’re a little b&&&h and deserve the heat, and NO BETTER than anyone, let alone a cop dealing in a legit, above-board way with a drunk-driving couple.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Didn’t say it was. Just saying that condescension puts my back up. (And in the South, there happens to be a lot of it.)

        As I said, there is NO EXCUSE for DUI’ing, particularly when they have the level of income they do.

        Oh, and I HATE it when people pull the “don’t you know who I am” BS.

    • Mattie Hairie says:

      Until a few years ago I lived in Atlanta. I don’t know that the comment was specifically condescending toward women. Atlanta cops see a lot of crap and I think they have an equal opportunity “STFU” attitude toward everyone.

    • Huh says:

      I re-read the report in this post, and the same on Dlisted. Where, exactly, is it demonstrated that the officer ‘condescended’ to Witherspoon? ‘Settle down, little woman,’ anything like that — where has it been reported that he said anything along those lines? I have seen it exactly nowhere, and while I’m in the NE now, I have spent a few years in the South, as a woman. In my experience, being told to ‘sit on your butt’ makes no XX/XY distinction.

      The sexism/condescension argument *in this instance* is a total red herring. No place at all for it based on anything real.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Allow me to clarify, please: The “settle down, little woman” is what I perceive to be the attitude involved in the “sit on your butt and be quiet” comment.

      I would love for someone from Atlanta to tell me about how a cop told a man to “sit on your butt and be quiet” under similar circumstances.

      I know cops everywhere see all manner of foolery and entitlement, but when someone is breaking the law (or suspected of breaking the law), there should be equal treatment no matter their gender.

      And as I mentioned, there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for DUI. Particularly when their level of income is involved.

      • marie says:

        honestly, the “sit on your butt and be quiet” is one of the nicer things they’ve said. if it had been a dude, he probably would have already been handcuffed.

      • BeesKnees says:

        If it were a man, he would have probably said “sit your a$$ down and be quiet.” I know you’re not defending her, but others are and it’s making me sick. Her husband drove drunk and she continued to defy the officer. It’s not funny and he was within his rights to say that to her. She’s lucky she didn’t get tased.

      • T.C. says:

        The “sit on your butt and be quiet” isn’t sexism. He literally was asking her not to move an inch and shut up. She kept yelling out the car window and trying to get out. When a cop tells you to sit still it’s for his safety too. If she were man he would have said something more rude than butt. He would have also cuffed a guy right away mouthing off like that.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        BeesKnees – Nope, not defending her; not even a little. If I, as a single mother, could manage having one friend who acted as the Designated Driver, take the train or trolley, and stay the night at her house, certainly these wealthy SOBs could have taken a taxi or hired a driver!

        We also “traded off” the DD duties amongst our partying group’s nights out, so no one was stuck with ALWAYS being the DD.

        ETA: It’s ALWAYS in one’s own best interest to obey an order/request from LE. Unless it’s something inappropriate.

    • JenD says:

      I think the “sit and be quiet” was done after repeated requests to quit hanging out the window and stay in the car. I didn’t take it as condescending at all.

    • pwal says:

      I assume you would be changing colors mainly because you would have stifle yourself. Because frankly, it’s a pretty good idea to STFU when a cop is trying to do his job.

      And JMO, Reese’s behavior illustrate how pampered and sheltered she is. Cops have to keep a situation under control and this b!tch decides to escalate it. And given how women’s behavior have changed, i.e. being in gangs, shoplifting with their kids, physical violence, assisting in rapes, sex trafficking, and other crimes that victimize other women and even children, women don’t have the right to use their womenhood as a proclusion from being questioned in a criminal situation.

    • Stacy says:

      If she had been a man, the cop would have been a hell of a lot ruder, trust me.

      This has nothing to do with sexism, feminism, etc. Reese was being a brat and being extremely rude and condescending to the officer – he was probably biting his tongue the entire time as to what he really wanted to say to her.

      • jaye says:

        Yes…I’ve actually watched this scenario played out IRL. There was a skirmish between two drunks in a park. One guy got really badly beaten up. When police arrived on the scene, a friend of the man who was injured kept interfering while the officer was trying to assess the situation and get the crowd under control. The officer told him to back up and be quiet. The guy didn’t comply. The cop told him 3 more times. The 5th time the cop used EXTREME force to get his message across. I thought it was excessive, but it illustrates the point that “sit down and be quiet” isn’t relegated to women in an effort to condescend.

    • Cam S says:

      Sorry, if a cop tells you to stay in the car. Do it. End of. She was probably being mouthy anyway. I’m sure cops want to cuss people out sometimes. As a relative of an officer that was shot by a girlfriend of a perp being arrested, there is VERY good reason to tell a girl to keep her butt in the car.
      I live in TN, and “keep yo ass in the car” is not rude. The cop probably would have been harsher if it were a man. Goodness only knows what abuse these cops suffer every day, especially with the drunks.

    • Zzz's says:

      The cop said that when she was already irate so your point is moot;if she were sober and asking politely what would happen to her husband then that would be sexism. IF you were acting in a way that is disorderly and menacing ie trying to exit a vehicle when an officer is occupied then “settle down little lady” is right. YOU ARE POSING A THREAT TO AN OFFICER. No misogyny points for an officer trying to maintain order. I think it’s irresponsible to appropriate blame to the person who is 1. outnumbered 2. dealing with intoxicated persons and 3. following protocol (which as Cam S mentioned is rooted in reason).

    • jaye says:

      She was hanging out of the window berating him. I don’t think he was being condescending, he was trying to maintain some control while doing his job.

  20. elllalt says:

    Oooo, my favorite! The classic “don’t you know who I am” line. Yes, you’re the moron who thinks you are above the law, driving drunk guilt free because you know you can get away with it. They’re consequences are not our consequences, even if someone gets killed because she’s right, who she is will get her and her husband off the legal hook. Now come the public apologies, so we forget about it while they walk away scot free.

  21. Ginger says:

    Believe it or not that level of alcohol is high but I have seen double that or even triple. It’s still amazing to me how people try to lie their way through a DUI check. As for Reese’s behavior, I am also not surprised. Drunk people often quote their so called “rights” while talking (or shouting) to an officer. It’s not just famous people but average folks too who feel they are above the law until they get arrested. I find it interesting that Reece pulled the “do you know who I am?” card. I will she feels really stupid now that this is out in the news. At least she apologized to the officer. I’m sure they will pay whatever fines they have and try to hush this up as quickly as possible.

  22. Rikki says:

    Didn’t expect this from Reese.

  23. mkyarwood says:

    Haha, ‘midlife’ fun!

  24. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    I didn’t realize you have different scale for alcohol consumption in USA and when I first read he had 0.139 I thought it’s weird people say he was drunk because in here .1 is like a few tiny sips from the beer bottle, still acceptable under the law. We would say 1.39, I guess. I hate drunk drivers. Reese and her moron of a husband should be happy police stopped them before he killed someone. She is to blame as well. She had to know how much he had to drink and she still let him drive and had the nerve to argue with the police officer. I’s not like they can’t afford the cab or even a private limo with a driver.

    • Peanut says:

      0.139 was his blood alcohol level, not units of alcohol consumed.

      • Norman Bates' Mother says:

        Yes, I understand. But where I live (central Europe) we measure it differently. 0.139 blood alcohol level would be still acceptable, you wouldn’t be drunk or even tipsy with that amount of alcohol in your blood. If he had few drinks, his blood alcohol level would be measured around 1.3 in here. I saw an argument on different site between another guy from Europe (Germany, probably?) and someone from USA and they had the same problem. The American claimed 0.5 is deadly, and the European that with 0.5 you are not even drunk and that 5.0 is deadly. They failed to realize our systems are different and accused each other of trolling. The dot/comma (we use commas) is placed differently.

      • ya says:

        NB mother, are you sure you’re not mixing up 0.5 with 0.05?

        See –

        0.1 is actually pretty drunk… 0.01 would be a few sips from a beer bottle.

      • Norman Bates' Mother says:

        No, I’m not. We are measuring it in permilles not percents. In your link there is a table of countries using one unit or the other. When we say 0.1 we mean permilles. It is the same as 0.01 percent, but we would never say that. 0.1‰ equals few sips from a beer bottle. We use percents only to measure alcohol level in drinks, like beer has i.e. 4% of alcohol and vodka – 40%, but when we want to measure alcohol level in blood we use permilles. The article didn’t state what unit was used, only that his alcohol level was .193 and I assumed it was in permilles, hence the confusion. It is a small difference, but worth knowing. If I said to you that a man from my town had 7.0 alcohol in his blood and he was driving a bicycle (it was some kind of a record), you would say I’m insane or lying, but now I know, you use different unit and I should say 0.7. Or it would be much easier if everyone would name the unit right after giving the number.

    • Faye says:

      The numbers may vary from country to country, but if you’re veering into the wrong lane, you’re clearly not in a fit state to drive. That has to be more than a few sips of beer.

    • Dinah says:

      0.08mg/dl BAC is legally impaired in the US (I do believe), which is not synonymous with sloppy drunk. For most it would be barely buzzed, for some with tolerance, not even noticeable.

  25. bns says:

    Not surprised at all. She is not America’s Sweetheart like everyone wants to think. I’ve heard about her being a bitch in real life so many times.

  26. Debra says:

    Peachtree Street in Atlanta on friday night? they are very lucky they didn’t cause an accident

  27. Anna says:

    I totally love the apology. I love that she is not playing the ‘We were wrongfully accused!!!’ game a la Lohan & Friends once she’s sobered up.

  28. G says:

    This is the end of their marriage… storyline goes he’s a reckless drunk and the arrest made her reassess her priorities!

  29. Kim says:

    I heard she was a rude bitch years ago. One of my cousins waited on her at Bed Bath and Beyond and she wasn’t drunk.She pretends to be a sweet Southern lady.America Sweetheart my ass

    • Amanda_SB says:

      I’ve heard this, too, ever since her “Election” days. She is a Diva with quite an attitude. I can’t believe that she has gotten away with the “America’s Sweetheart” thing for so long. I really hope that after this people will think twice about buying tickets to her movies.

  30. Maria says:

    pulling the “you know who i am” is funny, “stand on american ground” even more but i cant laugh about DUI. its still such a normal thing for people to do and thats so wrong.
    especially when you have so much money and can easily afford a driver or like the regular folks a shabby cab.

  31. tracking says:

    I find her behavior ridiculous (and funny), but am disgusted by the risk the husband posed to others. I hope he loses his license.

  32. DIANE says:

    And once again schadenfreude rears its ugly head and makes me smile. So Little Miss Perfect and her Mr. Right are so blissfully happy that they need to drive around drunk and threaten cops trying to keep them from killing somebody. “Do you know who I am?” Indeed we do, Reese. You’re a bleeping fake.

  33. Lucy2 says:

    I am very disappointed in them both, there is no excuse for drunk driving- especially in a city where it’s easy to call a cab. Thank goodness they did not have their children with them or hurt anyone else.
    I will give her a little credit for issuing a sincere apology and taking responsibility, but that’s about it right now.

  34. CF98 says:

    Good thing Atlanta cops seem more legit than the LAPD because if this was LA it would’ve gone away

  35. Becky says:

    I re checked the title of the post about four times. “Reese Witherspoon arrested” is just about the last headline I ever thought I’d read.

  36. Mandy says:

    I am in SHOCK. I guess she and her husband just couldn’t handle Hotlanta.

  37. Mia 4S says:

    So idiotic. The DUI is disgusting and dangerous (from anyone, I’ve always thought higher penalties should be in place).

    As for Reese, stories circulated for years that she was an entitled bitch, but like most gossip and tabloids no one of any intelligence would totally condemn someone just on innuendo and rumor. Now she’s provided concrete evidence for everyone who disliked her. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t in the context of yet another dangerous DUI.

  38. Abby says:

    A person who uses their power against law…doesn’t deserve any respect. She knew her husband was drunk yet she argued with the cops. What’s worse…she used ‘Do you know who I am’ line. She has lost respect in my eyes….not that I worshipped her earlier lol.

    Btw she looks really bad with that new hair colour…please go back to blonde. Also I find her husband so reclusive looking…give me a creepy vibe

    • Annie says:

      That seriously angered me the most. These celebrities KNOW the power they have of getting away from things. And that was totally disrespectful. Didn’t we just see this week in Boston how important and dangerous the jobs of police officers are? They might not make millions like Reese, but that doesn’t mean she’s more important than them. “Do you know my name?” HO SIT DOWN. You’re a drunk mess with an equally drunk husband. No classier than a pair of rednecks that do something illegal and have the nerve to argue with the law.

      Loved the police officer who outed her. Reese is that Kristen Stewart type that judges other actresses and women on a constant basis. Don’t look down at other people and take a hard look at yourself.

    • Amanda says:

      Yeah, her new hubby has always given me the creeps too.

  39. Dhavynia says:

    She must have had a reality check when she was being booked. Looking down during your mugshot like no one is going to recognise you? Bitch please

    Im sorry but she needs to do a better job at apologizing because IMO she is apologizing becau. they didnt let her go and now she’s embarrased

  40. TOPgirl says:

    Reese is losing her self control here. So sad to see her spiral.

  41. ??? says:

    Oh, I just love it when the true colors of Hollywood’s supposed elite are revealed in as inexcusable a manner as this.
    These two morons had no business drinking and driving.
    Get off your high horses and use your d@mn heads next time.

  42. Bellaboo says:

    A Ford Focus? How embarrassing. Seriously, drunk drivers suck!!!

  43. Marianne says:

    If you’re planning on having some drinks out…call a car service ahead of time folks. It’s really easy.

  44. kingkayski says:

    When i hear her preaching on MTV awards during her speech about actresses and their selfie naked obsession and i know it’s about Blake at that time and Blake was there to hear all her ranting and probably so embarrassed by it,i thought to myself this entitled twat is gonna f*cked up one day and gonna get hers too,this is it.

  45. kibbles says:

    Whoever wrote that statement for her at CAA did a good job. She should feel nothing but embarrassment for what she did but it is likely that she is only sorry she got caught.

    I never believed her wholesome image, but I thought she was smarter than this. Most of us knew she had a type-A personality, but most of the public did not know that she was this entitled and disrespectful. Isn’t it great when celebrities pay their agents millions of dollars to create the perfect image they want to portray to their gullible fans just to see it all comes crashing down in a matter of minutes? I always think it’s just a matter of time before a celebrity’s true self is revealed, especially in this day in age when everything is immediately recorded and published on the internet.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she eventually divorces her husband and drops CAA over this incident. This will be the worst PR disaster of her career unless she is stupid enough to do something like this again. She seems like someone who has carefully crafted her image over the years to hide what we now know is her true personality. Her image is extremely important to her and I am sure she is fuming at her husband right now over this rather than doing some much needed introspection over her own horrible behavior.

    Jim Toth is not good for Reese’s image. Not only that, he has shown himself to be a drunk who is incredibly irresponsible and immature. They are both close to middle age and they are parents to a baby and two other children. There is no excuse for this behavior. This marriage is bound to end up in a divorce after she puts up a long enough front to stand by her man and get him some help by sending him to rehab.

  46. Christin says:

    Not entirely surprised. She comes from a privileged background that was brought up a lot in her early days of fame. She also claims to be descended from a Declaration of Independence signer, but that has been disputed.

    Why wouldn’t she look at the camera for her mugshot? She appears to have a little grin, but this really isn’t funny.

  47. Mira says:

    Well, at least she’s not being defensive and has apologized. If only more celebrities/non-celebrities would just say, “I’m sorry, won’t happen again.”

  48. Kim says:

    Kevin Smith called her Greasy Reesey way back in 01 calling her rude and arrogant.

  49. elceibeno08 says:

    Reese’s husband is going to have to jump thru hoops to get his driver’s license back. This post is just another example of celebrities entitlement stunts gone awry.

    Why is Reese trying to look like an Olsen twin in these pictures?

  50. ruby says:

    Aaaaand there goes her carefully crafted image. Wonder what kind of damage-control strategy she will use now ?

    I don’t know why but I find the fact that she has a 6 month old baby and two impressionable pre-teens makes it even worse. Maybe because she should be a responsible parent taking care of them and showing a good example.

  51. Ellie66 says:

    She really is Vanessa Lutz the character she played in the old movie call Freeway. :)

  52. dorothy says:

    Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  53. Chell says:

    When my husband & I go out and we know drinking is involved we ALWAYS make driving arrangements! How do these stars, that have plenty of money, NOT call a driving service?!?! It makes no sense to me!

    I do have to say I still love me some Reese though. And this story (not the part about her husband drinking & driving) makes me like her even more. Everyone makes mistakes, we are all human.

  54. Cody says:

    There are mean drunks and nice drunks, I guess we found out what Reese is. I am wondering now, how often these two go out and party and drink too much. Does she feel sorry because they got caught? With all their money I am surprised they don’t have a car service when they go out and party.

  55. Holly says:

    Somewhere Ryan Phillipe is laughing…

  56. kct says:

    How the mighty have fallen!

    Being originally from the area, I have heard one too many stories of people being killed in Atlanta in situations such as this. They should be ashamed. There’s no excuse, with their wealth, for not hiring a limo or just taking a cab. A Ford Focus, really?

    She completes the scenario by looking trashy at that premiere. What a shame.

  57. Dibba says:

    Her PR person drafted a nice apology. I love her “don’t you know who I am” crap. Yeah, we do and your face will be all over the newspapers not the officer’s doing his job and protecting citizens from asshats like you and your scumbag husband. Never liked her and apparently I never will

  58. Noel says:

    There have been lots of blind items about an actress who is a major racist and the clues always point to her. I bet she is not so nice.

  59. CL says:

    Variety reported the model of the car incorrectly – it was a Ford Fusion. If you go to (Atl Journal Constitution), you can look at the complete arrest report.

  60. Miss M says:

    I don’t know if I am laughing harder at her drunk antics or her ridiculous apology. She tries to justify her behavior and, then, she says there is no excuse… Hahahaha

    Reese, I did not know you are a Southern entitled judgy drunk B*tch:
    “she “stated that she was a ‘US citizen’ and that she was allowed to ‘stand on American ground.’””

    If Mel Gibson had said that, people would twist and say he is racist…

    ps: Well, I heard she was entitled, I just didn’t know the extent.

  61. Kiddo says:

    Why is it that people who can afford to pay for a limo or driver never do? I can never understand when celebrities insist on driving their own cars while out drinking. If you want to get hammered, pay for a driver.

  62. Agnes says:

    “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM???” hahaha

    drunk drivers are the worst pieces of shit out there.

  63. Dorothy says:

    Toth registered a .139 reading? What the hell was he drinking, corn liquor?Drunk driving is a NO!NO! Of course there are those who will say that we have no right to judge but tell this to the thousands upon thousands of people who have lost loved ones and friends as a result of those who said they only had one drink and can get behind a wheel. As for Reese, sit down somewhere and chill! NOT COOL!

  64. MisJes says:

    How bloody irresponsible and dangerous. Look at what happened to the bassist from 3 Doors Down just a few days ago!

    For those who didn’t hear – he was driving under the influence and clipped another car, sending it over a guard rail. The driver was ejected from the car and killed. Reese and Jim are damn lucky they didn’t hurt somebody. What assholes.

  65. Mona says:

    I am trying really hard not to judge her so harshly because I really admire her handling her divorce and being cheated on. she was so stoic, classy and dignifed. No pity parties or passive-aggressiveness from her. She is a really down to earth person. Shes always led a very classy, low-key life until now and hasn’t put one foot wrong until now. So I give her a pass being its her first time ever putting a single foot wrong. Its easy to happen. It can happen so easily. Even to one of you, so don’t be so uppity and judgmental. One mistake. One error of judgment, and people call her ‘trash’ for that? We are all human, we make mistakes. ONE foot wrong in how many years of dignity and a stoic life? She made one mistake guys. Gees, leave her alone. Its not like shes Lindsay Lohan. Save the ‘trash’ comments for someone who deserves and isn’t a first time offender. Oh my god. smh

    As for those going on about what she said to police, um, the woman was DRUNK.

    • lama says:

      She’s a woman and a woman with a smartass/arrogant mouth on her is a much bigger threat to society than a drunk male driver who actively endangers people’s lives.

    • Faye says:

      I can honestly say that while I, like all human beings, have made many mistakes in my life, not one of them had the potential to kill or maim someone. So I will be as “uppity and judgemental” as I please toward Reese.

      Also, to me, “one little mistake” is forgetting a spouse’s birthday, or losing your temper and snapping at someone. It is not taking an action that makes you an accomplice to potential murder. And no matter how you try to sugarcoat it, that is what Reese and her husband were. That one little mistake could have resulted in the death of an innocent person. If it had been your child, your sibling, your friend who was killed, would you have been so forgiving then?

      There is zero excuse for drunk driving. Before you start to drink, you know that alcohol has the potential to impair your judgement. So make arrangements beforehand for a ride! Even teenage prom attendees can manage it; I’m sure super-wealthy celebs like Reese and her husband can.

      I am normally more live and let live, but when it comes to this issue, besides my personal bias of losing a family member to drunk driving, I think as a society we all deserve blame for this issue. There should be harsher and harsher penalties and more condemnation toward drunk driving. It should not be acceptable to call something that you know a priori can lead to murder to be “just a little mistake.”

      • Carebear says:

        Mona didn’t say one ‘little’ mistake, anywhere in the post. They said “one mistake”. Not little. And I get what they mean. It was a first time offense. I’ve come across a few judgmental people who ultimately made the mistake of drink-driving themselves. Afterwards, they realized how easy it can happen suffice to say they were brought down a peg or two. With the police I think the point they were trying to make was it was the ALCOHOL that made her act that way to the police, that she wouldn’t have acted that way if sober so the people who go on about how she acted are acting as if that is somehow ‘proof’ of her as a person when sober. People are different when sober and when drunk so you can’t judge a person when drunk. And bringing in Boston? Come on, thats desperate and irrelevant. Like as if a person who is pulled over is going to be thinking of Boston (or 9/11, or Columbine, or, etc) instead of being concerned about their current situation.

        Oh and to BeesKnees, maybe you’re new here but lama is anti-AJ and Mona is pro-AJ so clearly they are not the same. And from what I’ve read in those threads in comparison to some of the JA stans who are not just ‘borderline’ psychotic, but full-blown psychotic, they are quite placid.

    • Annie says:

      Wait, you ~give her a pass~ because you like her? Her hypothetical congeniality is more important than the fact that she and her husband are getting behind the vehicle while intoxicated and disrespecting a poluce officer because Hollywood > a job where you risk your life to protect people?

      What part of telling an officer “You’re about to find out who I am, you’re going to make national news for arresting me” is down to earth? What part of “do you know my name” is not passive aggressive?

      And the poster above me who said a loud woman was more dangerous to society needs to take a seat. When was the last time a woman’s attitude killed more than a drunk driver? And she’s here defending him, ENABLING him and interferring with the law because she thinks she’s entitled to just because she makes movies.

      • Faye says:

        I think that lama was trying to be all ironic, like, “Oh, people are hating on Reese because she is a smartass, arrogant woman.” I don’t agree with that stance either. This is not a feminist issue. Bitch didn’t say a word when her obviously drunk husband drove, and she verbally attacked the police officer who was doing his job and potentially saving lives by arresting them. I consider myself a feminist and I see nothing admirable in that behavior.

      • BeesKnees says:

        Agreed. Plus I would just ignore those “two” (I think it is the same person posting under multiple names). They post borderline psychotic stan posts on all the Brangelina articles. People who put celebrities on pedestals are the reason they act like this. And I just love how it was ok for her to disrespect a police officer because she was drunk. Yeah….. I’ll remember that the next time I drink!

    • mercy says:

      If it was only a one time thing I might agree with you, but there was already real evidence that she’s a very judgmental person who thinks she’s better than everyone else and this incident just confirmed it.

      And she’s not some young girl who had her privacy invaded. She’s a mother of three kids, whom she duly parades around for good press, and she was harrassing an officer while he was doing his job protecting the public from dangerous drunk drivers. Who gets lecture her from a stage, in front of her family?

    • amanda says:

      What?! One time driving drunk is all it takes to wipe out a family. So bring on the judgy comments cuz she deserves it. If she was getting that intoxicated she should have planned ahead. You would think such a strong type A mother of 3 would be absolutely aware of the potential fallout from letting her no name husband drive drunk. I second the sentiment that somewhere Ryan Phillipe is doing a happy dance.

    • Merritt says:

      I’m not willing to give her a pass. But I feel that provided no one is hurt, that a DUI really can be (for some people) a moment for them to look and see if there are things they need to change in their life to avoid it happening again.

      Hopefully that is what will happen here.

      I do find it sick that some people are so gleeful about this.

    • cs says:

      How do you know this is the first time she’s been stopped? Perhaps, she’s been stopped before in LA and the cops just gave her slap on the wrist.
      Wasn’t she in a car accident a couple of years ago? It wasn’t talked about much then.
      I also heard she’s a b**ch..Her apology is BS.

  66. Faye says:

    There is one funny moment about this – did anyone see her mug shot with her legal name underneath – “Laura Jeane Witherspoon?” How does Laura Jeane translate into Reese? Even her name is a fake!

  67. Annie says:

    I love it when uppity uptight bitches fall off their high horses. Remember her MTV Movie Awards speech in 2011 when she said girls who have sex pics should hide their faces? I’d rather have a nude picture leak, where I show the world how hot I am, than a police report leak where an officer shows what an asshole I am.

    AND EXCUSE ME, but telling a police officer he’s going to find out who she is and he’s going to make national news for having the NERVE to arrest a Hollywood star~ the weekend after the Boston Police basically spent a week in hell risking their lives and one officer died, is seriously the worst thing about this entire mess. Are you kidding me? That sounds like a threat that he’s going to lose his job for arresting you because your job is more important than his. These people risk their lives everyday. You’re disturbing an arrest, do you know how many people shoot officers while they’re making arrests?

    And what part of this situation was scary for you, Reese? You’re a white woman in Georgia. You should’ve been scared of getting into a car with a drunk person and possibly killing someone innocent, or yourselves, and leaving three children behind. THAT is truly scary.

    This looks like a super healthy marriage btw. Pair of middleaged drunks driving at night when they have children at home. Awesome, really.

    • LL says:

      mte. Everything you said was on point especially about the Boston situation.

    • Eve says:

      “Remember her MTV Movie Awards speech in 2011 when she said girls who have sex pics should hide their faces?”

      Somewhere out there Blake Lively and Vanessa Hudgens are laughing at her right now.

    • Katie says:

      Yeah, that comment about sex tapes was rich coming from someone who had a shotgun wedding.

    • BeesKnees says:

      ITA on everything you have said. It is making me sooooo mad that people are defending her. And that someone above said it makes them like her more!! I didn’t even comment on that, it was so stupid! I like movies and celebrity gossip but I DO NOT put these people on pedestals and worship them. I think Lainey Lu can be an insufferable snob, but I agree with her wholeheartedly about the “mini-van majority.” They fall for this BS hook line and sinker and they are the ones that apology was written for. I have very little respect for stans of celebrities.

    • Huh says:

      I love you, and I love your comment. Dead-on.

    • Merritt says:

      Bringing up Boston is a complete strawman. The two have nothing to do with one another.

      It is one thing to think she deserved to get arrested for disorderly conduct. It is another to bring something completely unrelated into it.

      • Esmom says:

        I think the point is that law enforcement deserves respect, and Reese showed the opposite of that with her remarks and actions.

      • Merritt says:


        That is faulty logic. It serves no point to bring up the good examples of law enforcement as a reason to respect law enforcement, when someone can easily point out the members of law enforcement who have engaged in criminal behavioral themselves. The law enforcement on Boston have nothing to do with Reese’s arrest.

      • Shelly says:

        Ok how is this, Reese was being a total white trash bitch to the cop who showed great restraint.

        She should have sat her ass down and shut up while the cop did his highly dangerous job.

        All first responders deserve our respect for the dangerous job they do protecting us and our property.

        The way she behaved with this police officer who was protecting the public from the potential murderers driving drunk, shows to me that she is a self entitled bitch and in saying what she said, and by threatening the officer which she most certainly did, She has shown she thinks herself more important and above the law and the officer doing his job.

        So feel free to try to distract us from her behavior by bringing up the fact that the previous poster referred to the boston police in trying to point that all police deserve our respect when we are dealing with them.

        That still does not change the fact that she was a drunk trashy entitled bitch who allowed her husband to drive really drunk. And who treated that officer like shit when he was only doing his job.

  68. LondonLou says:

    ‘In Vino Veritas’. Greasy Reese shows herself to be not only an irresponsible parent and human being, but an egotistical twat. Nice one!

  69. Dinah says:

    LOLing at the full-frontal black mini pic, because the glazed look on her face makes me think she’s mentally screaming, ” I could use an effin’ mojito right now”.

  70. lama says:

    I feel like people always hated her and were basically just waiting for her to mess up so they could feel more justified doing it. I always felt bad for her because when her ex-husband cheated I saw so many people cheering him on because “she is a horrible bitch and deserves it”

  71. Katie says:

    lol Little Miss Perfect got arrested AND pulled the “Don’t You Know Who I Am” card. I can’t stand her fake Southern Belle act, and I’m glad her true See-You-Next-Tuesday colors came out. I wonder if she’ll stage photo ops with her kids over the next few weeks, or if she’s too afraid that the paparazzi will bring it up to get a reaction out of her.

    I will giggle about this for the rest of the week. I’m glad that her husband didn’t injure or kill anyone, though.

    Side note – yes, Reese, your body looks good, but wear a longer dress. You’re in your late 30s and you have 3 children. That dress is not appropriate. The Junior League would not approve.

  72. OhDear says:

    “It was definitely a scary situation and I was frightened for my husband, but that was no excuse.”

    I’ll give her credit for the “no excuse” part, but why include that line in there if she wants to say that she’s taking responsibility for what she said/did?

    Echoing everyone else about car service, etc.

  73. TG says:

    I almost didn’t read the article when I saw this come out over the weekend thinking it was really an arrest for a peaceful deomonstration nonesense, but wow! I have been one who has supported Reese on here against those who call her a b*tch and have defended her but I fully admit to being 100% wrong about her character. I always thought she was a little uptight but a good person. She reminds me of myself and I guess that is why I didn’t believe all the stories about her.

    I did wonder about her marrying a high powered agent and that made me think she wasn’t all sweet and innocent to begin with. But no amount of alcholol can excuse the “do you know who I am” card she pulled. Her movies have been crappy these past 3 or 4 years so I don’t know why she even thinks she is all that important. What a class A loser. I despise people who drink and drive (her husband) and those who support it (reese). Another celebrity just got arrested for vehicular homicide and it could have very well been them.

  74. ladybert62 says:

    (1) She looks dreadful as a brunette!

    (2) Her interaction with the cop is hysterical – she comes across as the entitled starlett and the cop comes across as professional and NOT impressed with Ms. Witherspoon!

  75. Thiajoka says:

    Ha! I’ve long suspected Reese was no angel, read a few blinds on CDAN that had others guessing were her, and so knew she must have gained a reputation beyond her sweet and cultured aspect somehow. Now the truth is out–she’s just as redneck as I am when drunk–hell, you can’t keep a Southern woman quiet when she’s drunk!

  76. Tasha says:

    (Her whole statement that said she feared for the safety of her husband.)

    Why not fear for the safety of all the other people who could have been killed by his drunk ass. He’ll she didn’t fear for his or her safety when he was driving drunk, I suspect she only said that to garner sympathy for herself.

  77. koala says:

    Dumb redneck bitch. Ha! Classy. Middle aged mother. What a drunk

  78. Jayna says:

    At least she admitted she was trashed. My behavior a few times wasn’t pretty either when I didn’t get my way. But it was to my boyfriend at the time, not a cop. Lol But people liike him driving when impaired is no excuse. The problem is when people are impaired they think they aren’t, especially big guys like him ho think they can hold their liquor.

  79. booger says:

    Don’t have an opinion of her but everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance. Thankfully nobody got hurt.

  80. Georgina says:

    I HATE when famous people start with the “Do you know who I am?!” garbage. Reese, you’re an actress. Yes, you’re famous and have an Oscar and millions of dollars, but you’re not exactly curing cancer or bringing about world peace. Until such a time as you do something as significant as one of these things, shut your mouth about who you are, thanks.

    • Nanz says:

      Thanks for the link. I cannot believe my eyes.

      Har. Har. Har. Reese Witherspoon mouths off to a cop because her drunk-driving husband’s arrest was taking too long and she’s a Hollywood STAR. He was driving on the wrong side of the road. He could have killed somebody. And for those who will respond, “but he didn’t,” it may be thanks to the fact that the cops pulled him over before he had a chance. So, no, not “good for her for showing some personality.” Personality fail.

      • Eve says:

        They’re pretty hard on stupid people doing stupid things over Pajiba (Courtney Enlow’s open letter to Taylor Swift and her article about Steubenville’s rape case were fantastic) so I was surprised to see that take on Witherspoon’s and her husband’s arrest.

  81. videli says:

    This whole report reads like an episode from Reno911! Drunk bitch tells the cop she doesn’t think he’s a real cop! Wants to have American soil underneath her feet! And, seriously, that officer has a knack for comedy and deadpan. ‘I advised Mrs. Whiterspoon that that is fine’ And he calls her Missis. After a week of horrible news, I laughed my way through this story.

  82. s says:

    man I feel like this is one of those NPR games where you have to pick the fake story. I would pick this one. Craziness. The last celebrity I EVER thought would get caught doing this.

    Also, not funny or cute. They could have killed someone.

  83. skuddles says:

    I’ve long heard she’s a miserable beyotch so I can’t help but take pleasure from seeing her public image tarnished. The whole “don’t you know who I am??” shtick is particularly amusing. Surprised she didn’t resort to calling the cop sugarballs.

  84. Belle Epoch says:

    Oh please. You don’t get a “second chance” if a stupid rich drunk guy KILLS YOU. And you don’t get a brand new shiny nice personality just because your PR team writes a “poor me I was a victim so scary” apology for you while you’re still nursing a hangover.

  85. Bijlee says:

    What a dumbass. IM SO SICK of people who act like this. It’s not a stupid rule your above and you can handle, while others can’t. Be a freaking responsible driver idiot! It’s not your right to endanger people!!

  86. poppy says:

    i thought when you go out with your partner, one person is supposed to be “in charge” (sober)?
    the terrible thing about booze is it impairs your judgement (duh) so that you really can’t make the best decisions. that’s why you shouldn’t drink alone and why there should ALWAYS be one person in the party that is SOBER and capable of making decent decisions.
    this is terrible but won’t damage her image one bit. if they had hurt someone, that would be a different story.
    they and everyone on the road were lucky.

  87. AW says:

    Not so sweet, Reese. She and her drunk husband endangered themselves and the lives of others, then she showed her true colors by using her celebrity card.
    Just fortunate no one was killed by the drunk and the celebrity.

  88. erika says:

    “Do you know who I AM?!”

    Yeah reese, we do….you’re a bitchy drunk who had the potential to maim or kill someone w/ a 2 thousand pound weapon.

    next time sober up or call me for a ride home. B***tch!

  89. Sweet Dee says:

    While I don’t really think it’s funny that Reese drunkenly went along with her drunken husband endangering countless lives, this does not surprise me at all.

    Everyone thinks she’s sweet and down to earth, but I have known she’s a bitch for some time now. She usually plays the PR well enough that this kind of thing doesn’t get out, so she must have been wasted. Bravo to the cop who didn’t play her little game, guess it just works better in L.A..

  90. Dawn says:

    Well she has always said that Tracy Flick is the one role whose personality was closest to her own and I knew then that Ryan wasn’t all bad and she was not all good. I am not surprised by any of this as people have said for along time that her public persona was too nice and her private persona was really bad.

  91. Reece says:

    I hope they are ashamed! I really do. neither one of them should have anywhere near the wheel of a car. And to pull “Don’t you know who I am” card. Well well well how our true colors have shown.

    • TG says:

      They would only be ashamed of getting caught and embarrassing themselves not of their actions. You don’t pull the “do you know who I am card” and just become humble overnight. And they have likely driven drunk numerous times. I doubt this was a one-time thing. Miss Perfect isn’t so perfect anymore.

  92. zut alors! says:

    As serious as this situation is, my prediction is that the media will let Reese Witherspoon off and not reference it in future coverage. She’ll probably talk about it when she promotes her next project and then nothing will ever be mentioned after that. She is one of “America’s Sweethearts” after all and we all know they’re all sugar and spice and everything nice. The only person whose past the media will not allow us to forget/forgive is Angelina Jolie.

    • pwal says:

      This morning, GMA attempted to convince their viewers that those cupping marks on Aniston’s back is the mark of a ‘hot new trend. Fortunately, Sam Champion was there to speak for the sane and said that the treatment seemed unnecessary and the marks were eyesores.

      The relevance? Both are repped by CAA, which is notorious for spinning situations. However, their desire to spin depends on the caliber of the star. For example, remember when Demi Moore was having her breakdown? They deserted her in favor of another one of their stars…likely Aniston, but not quite sure… but they stood with the star with the higher caliber and the fewer baggage, or rather, the palatable baggage.

      • zut alors! says:

        I expect this Reese Witherspoon situation to soon turn into “leave Reese alone”, orchestrated by her publicist and agents, and aided and abetted by the media of course. It’s going to be spun as “she’s contrite, had a momentary lapse, learned her lesson, suffered enough”, so let’s just forgive/forget the whole thing deal. I am curious as to how Jezebel is covering this. Is she one of their favored stars and therefore gets a free pass? I stopped reading the site when their obvious bias got to be too much.

    • blaize says:

      It all goes back to the whole virgin/whore dichotomy. The ‘virgin’ female celebrity- she may be waiting for marriage or she may avoid hook- ups, she has only been with one or two guys, her wardrobe is more modest than provocative, if she’s a singer, her songs don’t have overtly sexual lyrics or controversial music videos- will be forgiven for incidtents with drugs, alcohol, rehab, or bitchy behavior by virtue of her ‘good girl’ image, her relative ‘sexual modesty’.

      But the ‘whore’ female celebrity- the one who unabashedly exercises her right to wear WHATEVER she wants, has posed nude or semi-nude and sees nothing wrong with it, who has dated/hooked up with more than one or two guys during her time in the public eye, or if she’s a singer/pop star, does have songs with sexual lyrics and controversial videos- will not be forgiven for drug experimentation, incidents with alcohol, rehab, or bitchy behavior. It only increases peoples’ disdain and contempt for her, and people assume that it’s a natural side effect of her ‘sluttiness’. Part of this is theory that all women are naturally inclined to be the ‘virgin’ side of the virgin/whore dichotomy, and that if a woman does fall on the ‘whore’ side of the dichotmy, it’s because she’s ‘broken’. “It’s her daddy issues.” “All she wants to do is please boys because she has low self-esteem.” “Her parents are lousy.” “She must have been sexually abused as a cild.” “It’s the media that makes her dress/act that way.” Right. Because if it weren’t for media pressure, every girl would want to keep her hymen in tact, avoid taking nude or semi-nude photos, dress modestly. Really! (insert eye-roll)

      Angelina Jolie falls on the ‘whore’ side of the dichotomy. It’s not just her though- there are other female celebrities who fall on this side of the dichotomy and because of it, people are extra judgmental.

  93. Jackson says:

    LOL @ “Mrs. Witherspoon.”

    ETA: You know what though? That is exactly the statement she should have released. Excellent PR.

  94. mercy says:

    It was her husband who was driving drunk, and she may have been too impaired to notice that he was impaired. Still, they should have made arrangements beforehand for a driver.

    She was scared for her husband? It doesn’t sound like he was scared if he was telling her to calm down. I’m sure the family of the officer is scared for him every night he works protecting the public from drunk drivers.

    • TG says:

      Agreed and the other thing I forgot to mention in my post is how dangerous it is for a police officer to pull over anyone not necessarily from the person they are pulling over but from another motorist coming along and mowing the officer down. It seems to happen frequently. I officially can’t stand Reese and her goody to shoes ways anymore and the fact that she is friends with Chelsea Handler says it all.

  95. dahlianoir says:

    She’s a victim you’all ! It was clearly a Driving While Reese situation !!

    LOL At least, she has the decency to appear ashamed on her mugshot. I hope someone will print it on an actual mug and offer it to her!

  96. Feebee says:

    Why the excuse for her behaviour as it was a scary situation and she was frightened for her husband? He was being questioned by a police officer and given a sobriety test! I understand it can be stressful being stopped by the cops but I’m betting not scary or frightening rather drunk and a stroppy drunk at that.

  97. Ravensdaughter says:

    Kind of blows the girl-next-door image for Reese, aye? Yup, she’s a belle with a smart mouth, and/or she’s a sloppy drunk.
    A .139-impressive-here in Washington State, the cutoff is .08!
    A big FAIL for both of them!

  98. Axis2ClusterB says:

    Is it bad that in my line of work, I regularly see BAC levels high enough (clients walking and talking with .350 and above) that my initial thought at a level of .139 is ‘lightweight?’ Giggling at Reese defaulting to her inner redneck.

    Seriously, though, when will these assholes learn to hire drivers? This behavior is not ok, no matter who you are.

  99. Shelly says:

    Her husband should not have been driving, however, a lot of people become bitchy after drinking and say stupid things that they would never say while sober. I give her a pass for what she said. It actually makes me warm to her more…she is a judgy drunk bitch after several drinks just like the rest of us! Hopefully next time they take a cab.

  100. suzanne says:

    is it bad that this makes me love her more?!?

    not the drinking and driving part; that’s stupid. but the sassy drunk southern girl? love.

    • randand00 says:

      Nah…I’m right there with you. Nobody’s perfect and nobody died (by the grace of God). Everyone will get their panties in a twist over something else in about 15 minutes. Where’s Chris Brown when you need him? As a Southern 30-something mom who loves chardonnay myself, I would like to ask Mrs. Witherspoon to kindly call a driver next time…so much cheaper than the legal expense of a DUI ticket. Bless her little heart… ;o)

  101. beetle says:

    I love how she said “that’s not who I really am.” Of course it is. Your truest feelings emerge when you’re drunk. Zero respect.

  102. Isabelle says:

    Good Cop. Bad Reese. Celebrity doesn’t protect you or others from causing a deadly car accident. You’re not invincible and you’re alcohol levels are the same as any other drunk driver. This needs to be a lesson to other celebs. Call a cab, say little and sleep it off like most drunks.

  103. Carebear says:

    This incident aside, I just don’t get the dislike and hate for her. I thought she was well-liked and well-respected? Maybe its just this site. I mean, she is not a snob. She seems very likeable, approachable and down to earth and she never parades her children like other celeb mothers, you never see Reese with the kids in public. She keeps a low profile. Apart from this. She flies under the radar. Shes very private and seems normal considering Hollywood. I just don’t get what there is to dislike. shrugs

    • LL2 says:

      Apart from this incident? This wasn’t just an “incident”, someone could have been killed. Drunk driving is never just an “incident” just ask all the people who have lost loved ones to drunk driving.

    • Tasha says:

      Popsuger, JJ, people, x17 US and many other site comments are just the same as the ones here.

      Reese dose parade her kids around go to and you will find tons of pictures of Reese with her kids. As for her being privet she wasn’t so privet when she sold her wedding pictuers to People Mag and there have been many reports about her being a diva.

  104. suze says:

    I always annoys me when celebrities think they are above the law.

  105. Amy says:

    Somewhere Ryan Phillipe is saying I told you so.

  106. hannah says:

    I’m curious as to whether Chelsea Handler is going to make fun of this story on her show. Aren’t they pretend bff’s or something? It would be pretty lame/hypocritical if she doesn’t.

  107. Meg says:

    i NEVER bought reese’s good girl image. bitch got knocked up at 21, dated mark walberg-bitch is not a good girl at all. dated Jake gyllenhaal who was friends with her ex husband! i never bought it, another Hollywood actress who acted like the rules didn’t apply to her.

  108. JL says:

    Don’t you know who I am.

    yes ‘mam another sloppy drunk endangering the public and showing your ass. That ALL you are.

    Good for the Atlanta PD!

  109. blaize says:

    Ah, how I love the downfall of a preachy goody-two-shoes! I don’t hate Reese, but I love it when a celebrity who is held up as a’good role model’ messes up. (“Young ladies, please don’t have sex. Don’t dress provocatively. Don’t pose nude. Don’t try pot. Don’t drink or go to clubs before you’re 21. Be a good little girl. A role model, like Reese Witherspoon. Like Taylor Swift. Like this girl over here. Otherwise you’re a trainwreck/slut/bad role model who lacks morals.”) This kind of reminds me of when I was a little kid and my parents decided that I could only listen to the music of Britney Spears and not Christina Aguilera, because Christina Aguilera was ‘a whore’ and therefore a ‘bad role model’, but Britney was deemed ‘a good role model’ because she promoted virginity.

    I especially love the downfall when the goody-two-shoes is somebody who used to try to preach to other young people and stars in Hollywood about how to behave. Maybe celebrities need to learn not to be so self-righteous and stop trying to please the conservatives of this country.

  110. PinkyTuscadero says:

    Here’s my theory: women who have a propensity toward alcoholism begin a rapid descent when they have infants who’ve finished breastfeeding. She was younger when her other kids were born and probably the hootch had not taken as much control of her yet. But give a middle-age mom drinker 9 months plus breast feeding to start to build up a really intense need for release and next thing you know they’re either in the bag or in the rooms.

    • Aotearovian says:

      Good point. Reese’s father is an alcoholic, if I’m not mistaken, and her brother has had serious problems. For a very wealthy 37yo and 42yo couple with children to be driving drunk (and she was at least as plastered as him) suggests there’s something pretty ugly going on. Statistically very unlikely that this was the first time they’ve done so. Maybe their bond is booze.

      I was intrigued to see in the ‘Jim Toth feels awful: source’ story in PEOPLE that the source said something along the lines of ‘Don’t be surprised to see Jim go to rehab’. PEOPLE only runs sanctioned pieces on celebrities of Witherspoon’s status, and their ‘sources’ are always sanctioned PR people. Interesting that Witherspoon / Toth’s people are throwing that out there, seriously or not.

  111. heidi says:

    This must happen more than we know in Hollywood where the law does know who the celebs are and keeps it on the down low. Her Aries mouthiness got the better of her under the influence, but it can turn out to have a silver lining.

    • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

      I don’t think any celebrity gets away with mouthing off to cops at a traffic stop, at least not any more. The are many DUI stories involving LA cops pulling over and ticketing/ arresting celebrities. Most people, and especially rich ones in the public eye, are smart enough to know your best chance is to be as quiet, cooperative, and remorseful as possible in such situations. I am not surprised she is an entitled brat, but everyone thought she was smart as well in terms of cultivating her public image. I’m equally dumbfounded by why they don’t just use a car and driver in an unfamiliar city, especially if they were planning to drink. The only reason I can possibly imagine is she is a right bitch and part of protecting her image is avoiding third parties like drivers who might hear stuff and leak it.

  112. bunny says:

    I guess she can’t be Kate Middleton’s best friend anymore . . .

    (Does anyone remember that was a thing?)

    Side theory: Reese reminded Kate of Pippa, which is why they got along. I could kinda see Pippa doing this ten years from now.

  113. scarlett says:

    Her husband was actually driving down the opposite oncoming lane, thank God they didn’t hit oncoming traffic..such unacceptable stupidity. I’ve never gotten the vibe that she is a sweet Southern belle in fact I think she is just the opposite. I think in actuality she is a self-entitled, uptight bitch who hangs out with people like Chelsea Handler. Can you just imagine those two downing drinks while they mean girl other women. Her brother was also arrested for sexual assault. Reese really tries to push the image or Southern gentility when I think they are far from that in many ways.

  114. goodquestion says:

    Is there another mugshot, or just the one where she is looking down? I thought that the subject had to look straight into the camera.

  115. Onyx XV says:

    This news item brings me great joy! Miss Goody-Two-Shoes being shown for the southern trash that she is!

    On another note, I had no idea she had married a Scott Peterson clone. Yikes!

  116. Veronika Knowles says:

    I never got into her persona. And THIS is why.

    I love the US citizen line…

  117. Anna says:

    Driving drunk is as violent as shooting guns into a crowd. You are at the wheel of a dangerous machine and all around are people who can be killed in an instant.

    Toth is criminally irresponsible for driving. What was he thinking? Maybe his kid wasn’t in the car but he could have killed someone else’s child. Reese is completely irresponsible for letting him drive and then obstructing the cop. She sounds like a selfish, narcissistic bitch.

    Neither one seems to have had any concern for their kids or anyone else. THere is no way I will ever believe this was the first time. I wonder how many other DUI”s went undercover or were never reported.

    Her apology? A total joke. Rife with the same elitism she seems to be riddled with.

  118. Aria says:

    And she wanted to be friends with the future queen of England!!! LOL

  119. Bread and Circuses says:

    Well, I guess I’m in the minority. I thought that was a pretty good apology.

    She didn’t pull the “Sorry if some hypothetical people were offended. Mistakes were made, but I’ll gloss over the fact they were made by me, okay?” routine.

    Instead she said, “I was drunk. I was an asshole. I’m embarrassed NOW, at least, and I am sorry.”

  120. original kay says:

    I laughed my ass off that she got her ass handed back to her.

    she tried to use her name to get her husband out of trouble for drinking and driving. bad enough he did it, but she tried to use the celebrity WE, her fans, gave her, to get him out of it.


  121. randand00 says:

    I’m not digging her hair or the minidress. Not flattering. Obviously the alcohol didn’t look good on her either. The only good news in this story is that nobody died. And, yes Reese, the world does know who the cop is now, thank you very much. I bet the cop knows exactly who you are now too…very similar to any other drunk he handcuffs and places under arrest. Silly girl…yet so prophetic in your drunkeness.

  122. serena says:

    She looks lovely and better as a brunette but that dress is too short.
    Putting that aside…LOL, she pulled a Lohan ‘Don’t you know who I am’, girl don’t drink and drive.
    This is hilarious and shocking at the same time, LOL.

  123. Turtle Dove says:


    … and the real Reese comes out. So glad that this woman is knocked down a peg or two.

  124. Pixiestix16 says:

    This police officer may have saved their lives w/the way JT was driving. Reese was doing big damage control to release this so swiftly, but people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones — she’s been pretty judgy about other actresses in a few comments in the last year, so this should humble her.

  125. vv says:

    Gross. Once a Greaseball, always a Greaseball.

    I have no sympathy for these assholes and I hope the law drops heavily upon their heads. A friend of mine was killed by a drunk driver when I was young. It’s 2013, people have no excuse to keep doing this or explain it away as an innocent or poor mistake.

  126. Dana says:

    Even though this was the first time he was stopped, you know this isn’t his first turn behind the wheel impaired. I just wish there had been a lady cop on the scene to open up a can of whup ass on the Dixie Queen.

    Nice statement from Ms. O’Sullivan Wasson.

    Ryan Phillippe must be LHAO!

    Doesn’t alcoholism run in her family?

  127. Emily says:

    Let’s switch Reese Witherspoon’s pay with the police officer who stopped her husband from killing people.

  128. betsy says:

    Maybe the smug, arrogant NO TALENT can now do ILLEGALLY BLONDE for her next fluffy, foolish movie project. Yes, Reese, we know who you are: an over paid, fake, piece of crap who can’t act and thinks she is SOOO above the law because she is a BIG HOLLYWIERD MOVIE STAR. Now let me tell you who you’re NOT- Meryl Streep. Bitch, you aren’t even in the same universe… And that dress she wore to the Mud premiere–WTF? — if she bent over she could have been arrested for indecent exposure!! Thank you Atlanta PD for putting this fool in her place. God, how embarrassing… just reading what she said made me cringe. Disgusting.

  129. xxx says:

    It really makes me laugh that field sobriety tests still take place in the US. Seriously, what the?? Why not just do the breathaliser test to begin with? In my country, we pull up, do a quick breathaliser test, if we pass, it’s all over quickly and we move on, if we fail then you get taken to the cop shop where there’s the option of doing a blood test. Field Sobriety Tests are ridiculous.

    On another note, I’ve always suspected Reese was unpleasant. Robert Luketic, her director in Legally Blonde, said she was the most humourless person he’d ever met and Kevin Smith has that whole “Greasy Reesey” story about how she was such a bitch to Joey Lauren Adams. These comments she made to the cop just go to show how AWESOME she thinks she is.

    With all that said though… Why does she have to stay in the car once he has been arrested? If they’re not on a road where she could get hit and she’s not attacking the cops or anything, doesn’t it make sense to get out of the car when he is being cuffed and taken away? Clearly she couldn’t drive anywhere, she has to find out where they’re taking him, get a ride organised, etc. Is she supposed to stay in the car until the cops drive away?? I think the cop was probably over-the-top but she was a completely entitled cow and all-in-all no one looks good!

    • Cirque28 says:

      Why does she have to stay in the car once he has been arrested?

      Oh, that’s just our American police state. In point of fact, as a passenger in this particular scenario, she had every legal right to get out of the car and even to leave the scene. However, as you can see from this thread, the prevailing wisdom is the US is “just do whatever the police tell you to do in all circumstances and don’t even bother to learn what your rights are.”

      For the record– I’m NOT a fan of Reese, NOT remotely okay with drunk driving, and I think she spoke like an entitled ass.

      • Lynn says:

        Especially if the policeman is alone, passengers are asked to remain in the car for the safety of the officer until they can assess and deal with the drunk driver. There have been cases where police have been attacked by passingers resulting in injury and sometimes death of the policeman. There is a good chance that this could have been kept quiet if in fact she had remained in the car and not called attention to herself.

  130. betsy says:

    These two skanks need a little visit from the JACKASS WHISPERER!!!

  131. Mian says:

    Yuck, yuck, yuck. I’ll never pay to see another one of her movies again.

  132. jwoolman says:

    At least she had the sense to apologize in public. I imagine their lawyer wanted them to be cautious about what they said. Obviously at the time, she was drunk as a skunk.

    I don’t think we can just call drunk drivers trash. They’re definitely scary, and partly because they’re regular people who can be quite nice when sober. When I was 16, I was babysitting for my mother’s best friend’s kids. She came home drunk and wanted to drive me home. I didn’t know what to do. So I gingerly got into the car. It was the longest ride of my life… I really thought I was going to die. No other cars on the road as she weaved back and forth, although I would have been delighted to see a police car. The point is that she wasn’t trash. But she should never have taken her car to that celebration in the first place. That’s the real message to hammer home: you have to make the decision not to drive drunk while you’re still sober. Just calling people trash won’t help, because they’re usually not really. But alcohol seriously impairs judgment (duh) and people make terrible decisions when drunk. And other people die or are crippled as a result. In this case, several children (hers and his) could have been orphaned. They should be very grateful. Any chance that cop would transfer to LA?

  133. Talie says:

    O-M-G… People has an article up floating the idea of Jim going to rehab! These two are so transparent…

  134. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I stopped being a fan of Reese’s quite a while back now, I think it was around the time she was trying to change up her image a little bit and she became bffs with Handler and started fangirling Aniston to an utterly ridiculous amount. It seemed to me like the ‘real’ Reese was already showing itself by her hanging out with that lot.
    This incident has made what little respect I had for her die completely. What an a**hole her and her husband are.
    I also now think that all the BI’s/stories about her and her attitude etc are true.

  135. khaveman says:

    Look you guys, DUI or people needing to get pulled over and just don’t get caught happen all the time. I will remain a fan of hers because why? She effed up and fessed up. And really, this of course will never happen again. She knows right and wrong and will hire a driver next time. Until they outlaw alcohol or put a breathalyzer on every car made, people will continue to get into cars impaired. Being fatigued is just as bad. If it happens again, everything I have just typed gets flushed down the toilet. People make mistakes. And don’t say “they could have….” bottom line nothing did. Move on and forgive.

  136. Dawn says:

    Okay, Entertainment Tonight played a tape of Reese excepting an award from 2011 and I gotta say she won be over by some of what she said…like when she came up, a sex tape didn’t make you famous, it made you shamed and you didn’t release it but rather hid it. So I guess everyone gets to make a few mistakes in life and this is one of hers. She will have learned her lesson I am sure.

  137. lisa says:

    i figured she was much trashier than i thought when she named her kid tennessee

  138. Tasha says:

    Girl is trying to spin this story.

    ( According to the police report, “Mrs. Witherspoon asked, ‘Do you know my name?’ I answered, ‘No, I don’t need to know your name.’ I then added, ‘Right now.’ Mrs. Witherspoon stated, ‘You’re about to find out who I am’.”

    But a source tells E! News that the star insists it didn’t exactly go down like people think.

    “It wasn’t like that,” the source said, and explained that when the officer was handcuffing her, Witherspoon simply asked, “Do you know my name?” as in “Don’t you need to know my name?”

    The source also added that there was no screaming or any sort of physical altercation between Witherspoon and the officer. “She was being protective of her husband and was fearful of the situation,” they tell us. )

    Ha ha ha really if that what she ment why didn’t she just say ” do you need my name”.

    This is proof that her apology was not heartfelt but all PR for her image.

  139. Noodle says:

    I’ve always wanted to like her, really. I don’t know why….I liked some of her movies?

    But, I’ve seen too many paparazzi photos of her where she was making total b!tchface and that just rubbed me the wrong way. Not just a frown…but a total scowl on her face and an almost hateful look in her eyes.

    She has had everything handed to her in life. Local model? Sure. Land a movie as a young teen that turns into a career? Yup. Stanford? You’ve got it. The list keeps going on and on. Oscar, husband(s), kids….Yes, Yes, Yes.

    Yet, at the same time, she just seems so…angry? While she may try to portray herself as America’s Sweetheart…I have the feeling she is anything but.

  140. Daniel says:

    It’s not like a do a lot of drinking anyway, but me, personally, I’ve NEVER in my 44 years on this earth, gotten into a car with a drunk driver. Even drunk, etc. I’ve been smart enough at the time to realize I’m impared, and not drive, call a cab, call the wife, etc. I’ve NEVER gotten behind the wheel impared, PERIOD! I believe that even intoxicated, you can make a good judgement call, sorry but it’s a freaking CHOICE to behave badly and the alcohol doens’t not EXCUSE ANYONE for bad behavior, period!

  141. GossipG says:

    ‘I get it, girls, that its cool to be a bad girl’, HAHAHA the IRONY.She got it alright..Of with the HALO.

  142. Aqua says:

    When a police officer tells you to “stay in the car,sit down and be quiet” then that’s EXACTLY what you should do.

  143. Dana says:

    That’s why alcohol is called hillbilly truth serum.