Minka Kelly goes “goldie” blonde for the summer: really cute or really unfortunate?

I guess I am what you would call a “blonde purist”. It doesn’t have anything to do with race stuff (I promise!), it’s just that I’ve always thought that “blonde” is a word applied too liberally to ladies who actually have a hair color that falls more on the brunette spectrum. That’s what I think about Minka Kelly’s new hair too – Minka has always been solidly brunette, correct? Well, her hairstylist Tracey Cunningham Instagram’d a photo (above) of Minka’s new hair color with the hashtag “goldierocks”.

Is this really “goldie” or even blonde? To me, this is Jennifer Aniston’s color. Jennifer considers herself a blonde and her publicist ensures that she’s described as “blonde” in articles, but I’ve always considered her hair color to be that nice honey-caramel brunette. It’s a pale brunette, for sure. It’s definitely on the lightest end of the spectrum. But it’s still more brown than blonde. And, incidentally, Jennifer Aniston would look much better with a color closer to her natural hair color, which is much darker. That’s kind of how I feel about Minka’s new look too. I don’t hate it, it’s fine for a summer change-up, but she looks better with her dark brown hair.

Minka likes the new look though – she wrote “Thank you for the fun summer goldierocks … I love it!! You’re the best in the bizz!” on Tracey’s Instagram.

A few more catch-up items: did you know that Minka’s got a new TV show? It’s called Human and it was created by JJ Abrams. Karl Urban is in it! So I included a few pics from the film shoot in Vancouver in March (I’m assuming they were filming the pilot). I like that Minka is okay with doing TV projects (even though Charlie’s Angels bombed). I like that she’s not all “Oh, I’m a movie star!” Because she’s not. Also: is she still with Chris Evans or what? It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything about them.

Photos courtesy of Instagram and Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Dingo says:

    She is one of those celebs that I only know from gossip sites. I have never seen her in anything. At least not that I remember.

  2. marie says:

    it looks golden, I think she looks better as a brunette though.

  3. Miss Kiki says:

    Minka Kelly was another one of those nondescript girls to me. In fact I’m sure the only reason she’s even on my radar is because she had (has?) a thing Chris Evans.

    • V4Real says:

      Bitch better not be moving in on my man Karl Urban. I wonder if my boy Chris finally dumped her famewhoring ass or at least told her to stop calling the paps or it’s over.

      Of course she has no problem doing TV; it’s not like Steven Spielberg or even Michael Bay is beating down her door to cast her.

    • Miss Kiki says:

      Ok so she is a famewhore, I didn’t just dream that?!

      Speaking of, where Is CE at the moment?Aside from the GLAAD thing I feel like he’s been out of circulation for a while.

      Seriously V4 watch your back cos Jenna is gonna come and f-k your sh*t up!

      *blows kisses at j*

      • Diane says:

        What are you talking about? Chris is everywhere now. MTV awards, GlAAD, Gucci, True Religion jeans advertisements and he is filming Captain America now. He has a lot of films coming out this year that he will be promoting. Oh and he broke up with that trick Minka. Hooray!

      • V4Real says:

        If he has dumped her then he did what a lot of us said he would do. We said he would use her to bang for awhile and then dump her like she dumped him a few years ago; oh sweet revenge. I wonder how his mother feels about Minka now since she was defending her on Twitter.

      • Miss M says:

        @V4Real: I don’t know if they broke up, but his mom reply to Minka a”XO” on twitter on the day of the marathon bombings. I think was after Minka tweeted her support to Boston.
        The things I wish I didn’t know…

        ps: updated–> Minka tweeted a “heart” back… Again: The things I wish I didn’t know…

  4. Isa says:

    Minka who?!? I bet she waited for cheating Jeter to marry her.

  5. Kate says:

    I believe I read somewhere that she is a natural blonde, but was asked to become a brunette for Friday Night Lights. I don’t like the blonde on her.

    I am disappointed she landed a JJ Abrams show. Her acting abilities are cringe-worthy.

  6. Katie says:

    She’s gorgeous no matter what she does to her hair and I hate her for it. lol

    She’s been my hair color inspiration a few times in the past, and it never comes out looking like her hair. Maybe I should Single White Female her and start going to her hairstylist….

  7. Andrea says:

    Such a pretty girl. Such a terrible actress. The lighter hair is cute though.

  8. sarah says:

    She’s such a pretty girl. The hair looks good either way. I’d call it a golden brown.

  9. doofus says:

    mmmmmm…Karl Urban….yummy…

    soryy…Minka Kelly what now?

  10. lucy2 says:

    Pretty color (I say dark blonde) but I don’t think it’s well suited to her.

  11. Maude says:

    I am watching Friday Night Lights right now and I am obsessed. Her character isn’t what I would have expected, but likable enough. She seems like a slightly better looking slightly less talented Leighton Meester. They look so much alike to me.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      You do know they made a movie together right? ‘Roommate’ is like the new ‘Single White Female’ where I think Leighton’s character copies every move of/torments Minka’s character. Havent seen it, but seems like the casting worked on that one.

  12. Emily says:

    Hahah I am a blonde purist too…. I have a friend who has solidly mousey brown hair but somehow refers to herself as blonde… I want to hit her hahaha

    • lee says:

      I am too, but mostly because I am staunchly a lifelong brunette (except for a pink phase in late high school) and I was always bummed when actresses who I was solidly proud to have a brunette inspiration called themselves blondes. I remember being so sad in middle school when the second season Buffy episode had the cops call out her ID and said she was blonde. I was like, no! Early Buffy (the TV show) was totally light brunette!! :(

  13. Dawn says:

    she is a very pretty girl and she isn’t that terrible of an actress, I mean there are worsse who have made millions! She was good in her role on FNL. I like her because she is who she is and doesn’t pretend to be otherwise. Oh and her hair looks just fine.

  14. Tania says:

    I think the color suits her skin tone! But that is NOT blonde!

  15. j.eyre says:

    I like the color in general. I will wait until I see a full face of her to weigh in on which I like better (I know you are just hanging in the balance until then, right?)

    The last time I went to my hairstylist we were talking about my hair color. My hair changed from dark blonde to brown when I was 10 and I have since called myself a brunette. My stylist said, from a colorist’s perspective, I would be listed on the dark end of blonde.

    So I brought Mr. Rochester a bottle of champagne and told him “Congratulations, you’ve got a blonde tonight.” He has long since stopped questioning what I say.

  16. scarlett says:

    She’s strikingly beautiful as a brunette.

  17. Dutchy says:

    I do think Jennifer Aniston is a blonde..

  18. Jenna says:

    *kicks that bitch out the way* Karl, my baby!!! :D

    P.S. You bitches stay away. I’ve called dibs for a long time now, and I’m worse than Eve. -_-

  19. Malificent says:

    Looks dark blonde to me. Smart of her not to go lighter — this works — a paler blonde wouldn’t. She may have been a blonde as a kid, but I doubt it as an adult. I’ve the same light olive skin tone as her, which you see in a lot of brunettes — and I haven’t been blonde since I was 5.

    Now I’m too busy hyperventilating over Karl Urban to think any more about Minka’s hair-color choice.

  20. HotPockets says:

    She has the hair color I wanted, but my stylist didn’t want to bleach my hair out since it is so invasive, so we opted for lightening it and then highlighting, which resulted in a caramel brown. I’m still adamant about bleaching it out to achieve the golden, caramel blonde, but now I have everyone and their mom telling me I looked better with my natural, dark brown hair. I like it, only because I wanted that color too!

  21. Gabby says:

    I need that leather jacket she’s sporting on the show!

  22. jaye says:

    I get her confused with Ashley Greene. I also didn’t know she was in “500 Days of Summer”. I’ve seen that movie 4x and I don’t recall seeing her. I’m sure she was there, but she is laughably forgettable.

  23. kbomb says:

    I’m new to FNL and I am OBSESSED. She drives me BONKERS though. I think that could be due to her banging Riggins though, who is just OH MY GOD hot. I console myself with the fact that she has TERRIBLE tree trunk legs (says the girl who is just jealous).

  24. truthful says:

    she’s always so blah to me when she’s acting..I forget she exists..

  25. Luxe says:

    She was awful on Parenthood and I was spook happy they ditched her character. Charlie’s Angels didn’t work out for her either. I shook my head when I found out she was dating Evans. He is so low-key and she is really trying to come up in Hollywood.

  26. Helvetica says:

    Her hair looks beautiful (the styling is great) but I prefer her as a brunette.

    I like Minka.

  27. kim says:

    Kinda boring to go blonde. Not really original or exciting.

    I just threw a dime and hit 20bottled blondes

  28. Marie says:

    Minka was never a solid brunette. She was blonde when she was a kid and for years she would put blonde highlights in her hair. Funny how she dyed her hair blonde all of a sudden. I guess her rumored boyf Chris broke up with her famewhoring ass. Probably because he wouldn’t take her to the Oscars. Chris has said that he only likes brunettes. She is in Vancouver shooting that show and she has not been seen with Chris in a long time.

  29. TXCinderella says:

    Nope, don’t like the blonde on her. She is a beautiful brunette. She should stay a brunette. Let’s hope she had to do this for a movie roll.

  30. Well... says:

    This guy is HOT! He was great in Star Trek and is now on my short list. I am officially requesting more posts about him.

  31. Emma says:

    This isn’t all that new. We literally ran into Chris Evans and minka Kelly at Disneyland over spring break. Both were amazingly nice and went totally out of their way to be nice to my son. Minka was blonde. It looked slightly more blonde than this shade. That was almost a month ago.

  32. Bam Bam says:

    Go to the drug store and look at the color names in the hair color aisle. She’d be either a dark blonde or a dark golden blonde by those standards.

  33. Carol says:

    Emma if they are together then they have one screwed up dysfunctional relationship!

  34. Juju says:

    She is such a bad actress, it amazes me how she can still find an acting job and as a star of her own TV show, nonetheless!

  35. Hakura says:

    It looks like a ‘golden’ color to me. I personally find the lightest shade of brunette to be in the ‘mousy light brown’ color. (The color that just sort of.. sits there on the edge between the two).

    I give her credit, she looks good in both looks. Makes her look a bit like a different person entirely.

  36. Who? Anyway..yeah, I guess the hair is okay….but I prefer her old hair. More natural.

  37. Memphis says:

    I think she’s gorgeous as a brunette, and from what I can see in that pix…not liking the blond as much.