Jennifer Aniston doesn’t want a prenup, thinks it would ‘taint the romance’

Shortly after Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux stunned the world by announcing their engagement (the same weekend the tabloids claimed Brangelina were going to wed in France), the tabloids had fun with whether or not Jennifer would make Justin sign a prenup. While Justin has some money saved – I would estimate his net worth to probably be seven figures – Jennifer is one of the wealthiest women in Hollywood, with an estimated net worth of $120 million, give or take. I don’t think anybody would hold it against Jennifer to be smart about her assets and get an ironclad prenup, which is what the tabloids initially claimed. But now they’re saying Jennifer doesn’t think a prenup is romantic.

Jennifer Aniston must really be head over heels in love with her soon-to-be husband, Justin Theroux, because she’s reportedly willing to put her fortune on the line by nixing Justin’s gracious offer to sign a prenuptial agreement!

“Jen’s absolutely adamant about not having a prenup,” a source close to Jennifer told OK! magazine. “She told several friends: ‘I’m choosing love, not money. And people are just going to have to deal with it.’” Good for you, Jen!

The 44-year-old actress’ romantic decision is a definite risk, one that could reportedly cost her about $150 million if she and Justin end up getting divorced. But she’s so in love that a prenup just seems insulting. “I couldn’t be in a relationship without equality, generosity, integrity, spirit, kindness, and humor,” Jen told OK.

Understandably, Jennifer’s friends are reportedly concerned about her all-in attitude. “It’s a sweet and romantic thing to do,” the source adds. “But a number of friends are desperately worried her decision could come back to haunt her one day.” Jen was so badly hurt when Brad Pitt left her, it makes sense that her friends are extremely protective of her.

But reportedly Jen won’t hear it — “Everything is going so well between Jen and Justin right now, she doesn’t want to taint the romance,” the source says. Oh, to be in love.

[From Hollywood Life]

Did anyone else giggle at “taint the romance”? No? Just me? OK, I have the sense of humor of a 13-year-old boy. TAINT. Sorry. Anyway, there was a story last year that I actually believed – that Jennifer was so in love with her artist fiancé that she was putting him in charge of all of her business and career decisions. They were going to make ART together. They were going to be artists who share everything. I’m starting to wonder if that’s what we’re seeing. Then again, this story does originate in OK! Magazine, so it’s probably BS.

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  1. lin234 says:

    I love romance and love and all that but 120 mill is too much to put on the line if things turn sour.

    After all, there is definitely a gray area when he left his girlfriend of 10+ years for Jen SOOOOO…

    • RocketMerry says:

      Somewhere in a 5 star resort while getting matching mani and pedi, Justin Therox is going “KA CHING”!!

    • Priya says:

      I can’t imagine trusting someone who left his girlfriend of 14 years to be with me. He seems abnormal, like he’s on some pretty heavy psychotropic medication or just snorts coke once a week or something.

      • Sal says:

        +1 Why would she WANT to marry a cheating douchebag? Once a cheater always a cheater. She’ll lose him the same way she got him; so other rich homewrecker will snag him just as she did to Heidi and without a pre-nup he and his next piece on the side will win big. Why would you cheat with a guy like Aniston did, and turn around a marry said cheater when you KNOW what he is capable of doing? The ugly trolldoll has major warning signs above his head – NEON flashing warning signs. He is a greasy cheating slimeball. I guess one could say Aniston deserves him. They are made for each other. I cannot WAIT for the fallout, this is gonna be epic! :)

  2. Christin says:

    Will there ever be a marriage? That seems to be the question. If so, get the pre-nup.

  3. The Original Mia says:

    She’d be stupid to marry without a pre-nup, but how is that an obstacle to marriage? If she doesn’t want one, then go ahead and marry. Sounds like excuses to me.

  4. lisa2 says:

    I would think people that are living together and planning on marrying would have ironed out all of this. She is not new to the game. She and Brad just took what they brought into the marriage. Outside her trying to get a share of his Plan B company their split was pretty easy. So I’m sure her being her she is not going to marry without some kind of agreement. It would be dumb to, especially since he doesn’t have her money or that many prospects to get that kind of money.

    I think the media is trying so hard to generate interest in this relationship. I think that now that she has a man, there is not the OH let’s hear about Jen anymore. So we keep getting these stories.

    • Just Passing Through says:

      I didn’t think Plan B was Brad’s company…..I thought he and Jennifer formed it together with someone else.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and Brad Gray formed “Plan B” in 2002. Since each person owned a third of the company, there was no way Jennifer could get half, so Brad bought her out. Then, in one of the slickest business maneuvers ever, not too very long after Brad bought Jennifer Aniston out, he bought Brad Gray out and became sole owner of “Plan B” productions.

      • lisa2 says:

        Brad and Brad Grey formed the company. Jennifer had a small share. Not OWNERSHIP. When Grey left and is CEO Paramount Pictures he sold his part to Brad. Jennifer wanted a bigger part in the company. When they divorced she got a couple of scripts. Nothing of much value since she did nothing with them. She was not a full partner in the company.

        don’t have time to find the articles about it. But if Brad Grey was leaving he sold to Brad. Not Jennifer. And if Jennifer was a mover and shaker she would have mad her own company more successful.

  5. Manchurian Global says:

    I don’t buy this for a second. No way is she going without a prenup.

    • Serena says:

      If Jen does marry without a pre-nup, she’s more stupid than she looks. That Justin, screams,..vain, gold digger to me.

    • Amanda_SB says:

      I don’t buy this story either; however, consider this: all of her money (the $120 million) was earned pre-marriage to Justin. Under CA law, that is her separate property. Only money made (and assets accumulated) during the marriage would be considered community property, and Justin would be entitled to 1/2 of that money if there is no pre-nup. Maybe Jen plans on slowing down a bit. I mean who really knows.

      On the hand, if they stay married and live in CA (or that is their perm place of residence) for 10 years, without a pre-nup, Jen would have to support him for life – in the manner to which he becomes accustom to during the marriage.

      While there have been cases in CA in which courts did not uphold pre-nups, I wouldn’t risk it. Anyone worth that much money who has common sense would have a pre-nup that stated what Justin would get in the event that they divorce. Jen doesn’t strike me as being dumb. I can’t see her (or anyone in the same situation) taking this risk.

      • Voice of Reason says:

        Although her decision is really no one’s business but her own, stop and think about this for a minute.
        Ms. Aniston is worth a lot of money. Accordingly, she most likely already has estate and asset plans in place to shelter her assets. Most highly compensated individuals have numerous estate/asset shelter plans in place not only to protect their assets, but also to aid with tax planning. Those types of plans are usually set up in a ‘non-revocable’ entity that shelters the asset (money) from being reached even by a new husband (that’s how they get tax breaks).
        Additionally, as someone else already stated, the wealth that she has accumulated before marriage remains her separate property. The community property (aka marital property) is that which is earned during the marriage. As for alimony in case of a divorce – that really depends on the length of the marriage, the earning capability of the ex-spouse who seeks support, and a
        bunch of other factors. She’s a smart, savy business woman, she hasn’t left herself unprotected. She, like everyone else, just doesn’t air her financial planning in public.
        In other words folks, even if Ms. Aniston opts not to go for a pre-nup, she’ll be just fine.
        – Just something to keep in mind.

    • epiphany says:

      I’ll go one further – I don’t think they’ll ever get married at all.

      • lisa2 says:

        Well she doesn’t have children to leave her money too. And when she leaves this world her money will to charity or friends/ maybe some family..not sure she is according to her closer to friends then family. So that could make sense. As she doesn’t have children to secure a future for.

  6. LL says:

    “She told several friends: ‘I’m choosing love, not money. And people are just going to have to deal with it.’”


  7. Gabriella says:

    I can imagine Jen going all ‘Prenup? Ain’t nobodoy got time for that! My biological clock is racing! Let’s just marry. NOW.’

  8. karmasabiatch! says:

    I have only one comment. That movie JustJen did a few years ago, Wanderlust? Um, yeah- that absolutely qualified as “art” of the highest order. *snicker*

  9. doofus says:

    haha…not just you about the word “taint”.

    I was going to say…”heh heh heh…you said taint” a la Beavis and Butthead.

    yeah, not buying this. she may be a lot of things, but she’s no dummy when it comes to money/business.

    • brin says:

      Yeah…BS and Taint in one post (I also have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy).

    • Gabriella says:

      I’m not a native english speaker nor do I live in an english-speaking country. But I study the language and I enjoy writing in english very much. In fact, I use the word ‘taint’ in my lyrics a lot as an alternative to ‘ruin’ or ‘spoil’. I know the meaning in the dictionary, but I had no idea there is a second – dirty! – meaning to it! What is it, though? Is it what I think it is? Should I find a less ~dirty~ substitute for the word??

      • doofus says:

        it comes from “it ain’t (which sounds like it taint) the front and it ain’t the back”.

        simply put (yes, it’s vulgar) it refers to the area between the genitals and the anus. (sorry, Celebitchy, if this language ain’t allowed…)

        unfortunately, while it IS a legit word to mean spoil or ruin, the vulgar meaning has overshadowed that.

        I’d just like to add, DAMN, girl, for a non-native speaker, your written English is great!

      • Gabriella says:

        @Doofus Hahahah! Thank you so much for the compliment and this little piece of information.
        So taint, huh?! What has been seen cannot be unseen! You just tainted my perception of the word ‘taint’. Yes, perhaps I should just use ‘spoil’ or ‘ruin’ instead!

    • Karma says:

      Yup, I giggled like a 13-year old boy too.

      I just hope this dude is the real deal for her. Pre-nup or not, like others have stated, there’s something off.

      Maybe it’s due to not really liking them together, his sparkly red carpet make-over, or still being haunted by his long torso attempting to break-dance on Ellen.

      Not sure, what it is. But he seems totally invested in the attention from the cameras and not as much with her.

  10. truthful says:

    no, I chuckled at “taint” too.

    Sh’s a fool, if this is true.

    why the heck is taking so long for them to get married in the first place??

    its annoying.

  11. Ellen says:

    Does anyone really still buy “Jennifer Aniston, All-American Sweetheart, Head-Over-Heels-in-Lurve”? She’s a savvy businesswoman with decades in the industry. There is nothing wrong with that — and it’s not like the sweetheart storyline is selling movie tickets anyway.

    What’s the rule on assets before the marriage in California and New York? Maybe she’s got all her money locked up behind a firewall and won’t be co-mingling her funds after the wedding, so a prenup is irrelevant. (What she’s being paid now, she can probably afford to split 50-50.) But abandon all financial sense for love? Aniston? I do not think so.

  12. Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

    Just because she believes a pre-nup is unromantic (who doesn’t?), doesn’t mean she won’t get one.

  13. lucy2 says:

    I say BS. I’m sure no one enjoys a pre-nup, but that is a LOT of money. I don’t buy for a second that there wouldn’t be some sort of legal protection.
    This is just another JA tabloid story of the week, IMO. Somehow it still sells, so they keep churning it out.

  14. Rob says:

    Something about justin seems very manipulative and untrustworthy, can’t put my finger on it but I have a feeling there’s been a change in Jen since justin came along and not for the better. A lot of you say how how’s Jens become much more a game player in the fame business recently so to speak but I’m putting it on justin. He seems very entitled is playing this certain role with Jen which isn’t who he really is.

  15. Lurker says:

    Maybe he gave her an ultimatum that if she want him to sign, then he will walk. And we all know how desperate she is and what she chose. Smiling Bob may also want to top K-Fed.

  16. Debbie says:

    Sorry don’t buy this, I’m not a fan any longer but really she is a list and one of the richest women in Hollywood without actually successfully opening a movie or frankly playing a character different from Rachel that tells you she is smart and shrewd enough to protect herself and her financial situation.

  17. Dredz says:

    Justin is THE guru, he should write a book (How to marry a millionaire for men).

  18. The Original G says:

    Yeah. Total bullsh!t and I’m not being critical of Aniston in any way, shape or form.

  19. Suze says:

    Jen isn’t stupid: she’s a shrewd and savvy businesswoman. I’m sure she’ll make sure there are legal protections in place.

    I’m always amazed by how she has to be presented to the public as fool-for-love baby-mad girly girl, when you know she’s very different from that.

    • Ms.Smurf says:

      I think the only other guy that she has ever loved, other than Brad was John Mayer. Why else would she take him back after he shit talked her to the paps after they broke up, less than two weeks later. Then didn’t she make a statement to people saying he’d never do that to her again…then broke up with her about a month or two later.

      But then, the only ex she does bring up/is linked to her is Brad…I don’t think she’s in love with him anymore, like the tabloids say, but I do think she was pissed that he moved on so quickly with Angelina….que the vanity fair interview.

      She certainly seems like she’s a fool in love with Justin. She did get with him and then fudge the dates of when they officially got together….I’m surprised there wasn’t much backlash, especially with Heidi Bivens saying she won’t say anything until they did. Which says a lot to me.

      How easy would it have been for her to say to whatever tabloid asked her that “me and Justin broke up before he got with Ms. Annisten”…easy and simple and that would’ve been the end of it.That was especially telling to me. I don’t understand how people can’t take it for what it’s worth.

      Ah, well I think I’ve just been reading too many JA threads…I had spring break about a month ago, and I had absolutely nothing to do, so I spent three days reading her archive in full, and don’t think of her as quite so harmless anymore.

      That said, she better get a prenup.

  20. Well if they wait any longer to get married, there will be no wedding…..and good I hope hope hope she signs no prenup… will make the divorce coverage much juicier

  21. Janet says:

    She can’t be that stupid. If she doesn’t get a prenup he will take her money and run off with a younger, prettier and smarter woman.

  22. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    Of Course she doesn’t want/mind not having a pre-nup, because I’m now convinced there ‘is’ no engagement!

  23. Jane says:

    Full disclosure. Not a fan. But I also don’t want any woman to not be smart with her finances or possibly be taken advantage of.

    She realized that her film career was not going that well, so she got a ton of endorsements, which is smart. If she wants to be a “fool for love”, then that would just make her a “fool”. My advice–Get the pre-nup and take care of yourself.

  24. val says:

    Um. Yeah, well she’s dumber than I thought.

  25. Veeee says:

    I thought she was getting married in March? What a joke she is!

    Her publicist arranged that cover story right after the Oscars and that the wedding was very soon. Well soon passed a long time ago. It is almost May and her pr team was telling People it was in March! So what was the point of that article when the real attention should have been on the Oscar winners who actually have talent!

    From her pr team………

    “Just don’t expect the wedding, which is likely to take place soon after Aniston wraps her current film in Connecticut on March 8, to be a lavish production.”

  26. Bella says:

    She is so stupid and a phoney,who is she kidding?Oh ,she gets those “fab” arms from lifting her booze and cigs.

  27. Brat says:

    Well, that thinking sure worked well for her first marriage. Luckily her last had enough money that there was no battle, can’t say the same for this guy.
    Good luck with that though.

  28. oh snap! says:

    I would say silly girl but she’s too old for that. If this is true she is a dumb woman.

  29. Thiajoka says:

    If this is true, she is an idiot. She should ask Paul McCartney if going prenup free is a good idea.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      Aha-excellent example. Sir Paul has royalties from various recordings, I wonder if Jen has a stake in “Friends”. The other trick about pre- marriage post-marriage assets even in community property states like Cali is following the money. At some point-4-5 years out, the line between “hers” and “theirs” starts to get blurry.
      Btw, how long did it take Heather Mills to go thru that $45 million? Like about a year and a half?

  30. Emily says:

    I do not believe it. It’s part of the silly image the tabloids attempt to paint of Aniston, largely with her help: she’s this romantic little girl who wuvs her twu wuv and wants his babies. No, she’s a businesswoman who likes to party. I believe she loves Theroux, and I believe she’d drop him in a hot minute if she thought he cost her money. I neither like nor dislike her, but I definitely dislike the silly image.

  31. Amanda Huggenkiss says:

    “[..] OK, I have the sense of humor of a 13-year-old boy. TAINT. Sorry.”

    Best chuckle today, thanks!

  32. KellyinSeattle says:

    Friends was on last night..couldn’t even watch it she was so bad.

  33. Heathers says:

    I hope not. that would be really stupid with such finances on the table. honestly, I don’t think it’s romantic either, but hollywood never stays together. too much wealth, power, opportunity and yes men. so to not protect your assets in that case is really really foolish.

  34. Birdix says:

    well, since she acquired most of it before she met him, it wouldn’t be considered community property in california anyway. only what she earns when they’re married would be considered. maybe she has enough that she just doesn’t care about what’s coming in now.

  35. Mac says:

    Justin’s insistance on having a prenup is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

    Now he just needs to convince Jenn to elope before she comes to her senses.

  36. Jayna says:

    No way. Just think Madonna and 90 million out the window after he always said he wouldn’t go after her money.

  37. laura says:

    Actually, she has it right. Know how you protect yourself? Punch to the TAINT.

  38. Ravensdaughter says:

    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, our Jen? A) Her first marriage failed, and B) Justin dumped his long term GF, Heidi (?), for a better opportunity, Jen. Jennifer Aniston may be a filthy rich goddess of beauty, but Justin seems like a shameless opportunist. The grass is always greener for douchebags like him.
    It’s her choice-but a stupid one.

  39. SydneySpy says:

    “I couldn’t be in a relationship without equality, generosity, integrity, spirit, kindness, and humor,” Jen told OK.

    Yeah, that’s perfectly understandable and normal.. When you ARE STILL in a relationship. I’m assuming a pre-nup would only come into effect if the relationship ends and a divorce is imminent. As a woman of experience I would expect someone like her to have enough wisdom to protect her assets. Yes, I get the point about love, trust, generosity etc., and a pre-nup not being romantic, but if this story is true, then the realist in her has departed.

    If this is a real “till death do us part” relationship, I’m sure she will be generous to a fault.

    On the other hand, if this all goes pear-shaped, then I hope she can still call upon her stores of kindness, generosity, spirit and equality.

  40. Sal says:

    I hope he takes her to the cleaners.

  41. apatti says:

    Theroux gives me the creeps. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

  42. Maggie says:

    This guy could be Prince Charming and filthy rich ppl would find fault with him for the simple fact that he is in a relationship with Aniston.

  43. Mimi says:

    If she has a company to produce films, her business partners would insist on a pre-nuptials to protect any partnerships that could be devastated by a divorce. About the Brad Pitt divorce: I notice he denied the split with Jennifer until he told Brad Grey and Grey announced his new venture. He was already in love with Angelina (platonically, I believe her holding sex until he filed divorce because of her mother dealing with infidelity) and avoiding her party for his birthday. All those pictures with Courtney and David were pre-announcement. I kept thinking, Brad is just trying to avoid a lawsuit by postponing the split announcement, giving Grey time to negotiate a deal that wasn’t a fire sale after the divorce announcement. Right after the announcement that Brad Grey was in a new deal, Pitt announced the split with Aniston. Just saying that she is more sophisticated than a person who chooses her own financial decisions in a vacuum, without the Hollywoood complexities that her station requires. She is not free to skip through the tulips without calculating every move. If she really believes in love over money, she wouldn’t have to have beach walks with Brad to cover the split. Not that she was aware of everything behind the scenes because they were potheads. Also, their relationship as a Pitt business deal where he called around for actresses before their match. None of these love stories are what non-Hollywood thinks. “Is there anything I would like there?” Us the calls acting teachers and restaurant owners get from him and other stars. It’s possible she didn’t know that she was scouted. I never thought he matched her; he’s edgy and she might be too naive or broken over her parents divorce to be saavy like the sharks. I can’t wait to see how this plays out because “parted amicably” isn’t in the cards. The Justin character never had it so good. Trying to watch Wanderlust was impossible, I couldn’t stop reading and ignoring it. I was seriously disgusted when Heudi said that Judtin is just being with her for publicity because she was obviously told that by Justin. Yikes. What if he goes back to Heidi with Jen’s money? Like the whole time he was playing her…something empty about him like he wears iconoclastic clothing to be edgy when he seems lie a scared, prep school student hiding under tattoos. Maybe he’s just not comfortable in his own skin, but something phony comes across. Maybe that’s the untrustworthiness people are describing. You can’t trust someone who is not real, hiding behind a character their not.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Mimi, who wrote: “About the Brad Pitt divorce: I notice he denied the split with Jennifer until he told Brad Grey and Grey announced his new venture. … I kept thinking, Brad is just trying to avoid a lawsuit by postponing the split announcement, giving Grey time to negotiate a deal that wasn’t a fire sale after the divorce announcement. Right after the announcement that Brad Grey was in a new deal, Pitt announced the split with Aniston.”

      How could Brad Pitt have denied his split with Jennifer Aniston when they made a ‘joint’ announcement of their separation on January 7, 2005? Brad Pitt and and Brad Grey moved “Plan B” to Paramount in 2005 ‘after’ Aniston and Pitt announced their separation. Brad Pitt became sole owner of Plan B in 2006.

  44. Bella says:

    I hope he robbs her blind!What the heck did she do to her face now?

  45. Micha says:

    She doesn’t want a prenup because Justin doesn’t want to get married now. The offer from her is a promise of money just to marry her. He has to sign a contract though to stay married for at least three years.

  46. Michelle says:

    Justin doesn’t want to marry her now. That is why she is trying to entice him by not signing a prenup. She just wants him to marry her so she doesn’t look like the constant loser. When was the last time you saw them together? Not long ago you couldn’t find them independent of the other.