ITW: Kim Kardashian thinks Kanye’s only interested in their baby, not her

Kim Kardashian and her Bump of Doom have taken the cover of this week’s In Touch Weekly. ITW has been on her jock about gaining weight and losing her sexiness and a lot of different things lately. This week’s version is all about how Kanye is totally over this whole mess, and he’s just sticking with Kim because he wants to be in the baby’s life. Allegedly, Kim thought ‘Ye would drop down on one knee as soon as her divorce was finalized, but sources claim Kanye hasn’t even considered buying a ring:

Known for rushing into love quickly, a seven-months-pregnant Kim Kardashian is still ringless after finally being granted an official divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries.

Jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, who created Kim’s custom 20.5-carat engagement ring from Kris, tells In Touch that the process of designing new bling for her friend hasn’t even begun. “I have no idea [what it will look like],” she tells In Touch of the assumed future engagement ring baby daddy Kanye West will present to Kim. “I haven’t done it yet.”

And sources are saying that the famed celebrity jeweler may not want to wait by the phone.

When Kim met up with boyfriend Kanye in NYC on April 24, she thought he had “checked out of their relationship,” an insider close to Kim tells In Touch. “She’s finally free to marry him now that her divorce to Kris [Humphries] is final, but he has absolutely no intention of walking down the aisle with her. He only wants the baby.”

Kanye — who’s living in Paris, 5,700 miles away from his baby mama — has only spent 29 days with Kim since she announced her pregnancy in December. The couple have been dating since spring 2012.

[From In Touch Weekly]

The insider goes on to say that Kanye has realized that Kim is a “worldwide joke” and he’s trying to figure out how to untangle himself. I don’t know, you guys… am I the only one who thinks it’s more complicated than “Kanye is into it” versus “Kanye is over it”? I think Kanye is trying to reposition himself career-wise, I think he knows Kim is bad for his branding, but I think he also kind of loves her and wants to give this whole “having a steady partner and a baby” thing a try. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

Anyway, Kim flew from Paris to London yesterday – here are some photos of her in both cities. The photos where it looks like she’s wearing a garbage bag are from London.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Babalon says:

    Kim is a genius! How in the world did she come to suspect that there may be problems, so…quickly???


    Girl, bye.

    • BB says:

      Kanye West is an asshole period, it doesn’t matter who he is with. Kim getting pregnant was no accident on Kim’s part, she knew what she was doing. However, they will always be in each others life because of the baby and I doubt that Kanye will be accepting of Kim dating and having other men around their child. So they continue to “be together” and Kanye will continue looking angry.

      • Erinn says:

        Kanye has always been a major asshole, and a complete moron. Anyone remember when he said he had ‘little baby tourettes’ and that it caused him to speak the truth. Because you know, that’s what tourettes does to you; causes you to speak the truth, and Kanye only has the little baby variety.

        He’s also said his greatest pain in life is that he will never see himself perform live.

        Real winner.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      I think the expression is: “How does the shoe feel now that it’s on the other foot?”

      Oh dear, someone is using you for money and fame? How mean!

  2. Brittany says:

    He just now realized that she is a worldwide joke?

    • Sue says:

      Seriously? Didn’t Kanye say when their relationship started that he had a thing for her for a long time? He knew who she was, how she lived, and how her mother/family operated. If he backs off after this baby is born, he will be showing his true self.

      • Kaylah says:

        This is a classic case of you see something in a shop and it’s so glamorous and you think it’s this amazing thing but when you finally get it you realize it’s just really not that great.

      • clutch says:

        I think Kanye was infatuated with her for afew years. Ive been there too, you build someone up in your mind, convince yourself that you are soulmates who just cant get the timing right. Then you finally hookup and reality kicks in. This person is not what you thought they were and your infatuation wont grow into love

        Ideally you cut your losses but with kanye 1) shes pregnant 2) your crush played out in public. Hes trapped with her now. I have a little pity for him.

    • PinkG says:

      I think Kanye may be a bit “Special Needs”. Did you see how his home was decorated? And notice what he thinks is fashion. The leather kilt, the atrocious shoes, etc. And his attitude, not normal for an adult.

  3. DailyNightly says:

    Hmm..let’s see. he looks miserable when he is with her, doesn’t come to the airport to meet her, doesn’t help her get her huge ass out of the car, spends no time with her. Yeah, I’d say he wants to marry her. NOT!

  4. Poppy says:

    She looks nice in those last two photos – she always looks so much nicer when she’s a bit more relaxed, and isn’t stuffing herself into too-tight clothes with her hair scraped back. It’s so so much more flattering when she wears slightly looser clothing!

    • Jenny says:

      Yes! I think she actually looks GREAT in the “garbage bag” ensemble.

    • PinkG says:

      Way toooooo much makeup. And her lips look like suction cups.

    • Silly Girl says:

      She finally looks good, but it seriously bothers me that you never see her with pics of her with her hands on her belly. I’ve seen pregnant women everywhere do this, but NOT HER. Not once have we seen pics with her hands on her belly, or on her back for that matter!
      I wasn’t even as big as she was, but I was always touching my belly or the small of my back. I wonder why she doesn’t do it. At all.

      • SydneySpy says:

        I didn’t even know who she was until recently, but having been told, and reading a bit about her, I quickly put her in the “Famewhores and Celebrities I Detest” file. Now that you mention it, I also haven’t seen any pictures of her touching her baby bump, either! And she has now gone up a rung on my Ladder of Ladies I Loathe! I hate women doing that smug belly-cupping. It’s as if they think they invented conception. And the ones who rub-rub-rub their bellies are even worse. It’s not like if you constantly rub the bump that a fucking genie is going to suddenly appear…

  5. Fran says:

    So much for “slowing down” Kim!
    She’s constantly travelling!

  6. T.Fanty says:

    I’m torn between feeling a little sad for this woman, whom EVERYONE seems to use and thinking that she is merely reaping what she sows.

    I do pity the baby, though.

    • Lemony says:

      I’ve been feeling that way about her too.

    • Red32 says:

      I don’t know. She’s quite the user herself. She used Kris H. and she used Khloe’s fertility struggles (which I doubt Kim really dealt with) to make herself look sympathetic. She’s going to use the hell out of that poor baby for attention and money. So I can’t feel bad for her. She knew Kanye for years. If she thought a baby would change him, she’s the most delusional adult woman in the world. I could see a teenager thinking that, but with two marriages and a sex tape under her belt, she should know better.

      • JenD says:

        Her “fertility problems” were that her hormone levels were low because she was on birth control, which is the point of birth control. I remember that episode when she and Khloe went to see the doctor. Khloe was the one with the issue, not Kim. But what a way to make it all about her.

    • EG says:

      It is sad, yet narcissists always reap exactly what they sow–empty relationships, meaningless accomplishment, self-aggrandizement without any real love anywhere in their lives. This woman is a total narcissist, and it’s clear that her mother made her that way. Sad but this is the life she chose.

  7. DanaG says:

    LOL Kanye just isn’t into her that seems pretty clear to everyone except Kim if she expects a ring anytime soon. Give it till a couple of months after the baby is born then it will all go to hell in a handbasket. Cause there is no way is Mamma Kardashian going to miss an opportunity of making cash from this baby or relationship.

  8. Lb says:

    I don’t really think he loves her at all. But then maybe I’m giving him too much credit. As usual. Maybe he’s just as vapid as she is, albeit a musical genius.

  9. serena says:

    She’s a mess as usual but I’m kind of starting to feel sorry for her..

  10. LadyJane says:

    I hope she lets her baby breathe more than she does her bump.

  11. Manchurian Global says:

    Good grief.

    Considering that the last time we saw them together he looked like she had a gun to his back, then, yes, this is probably true.

  12. janie says:

    Does she own anything to cover her chest? I’m tired of of looking at them. I believe Kanye is setting the stage for custody battle… What a mess & this innocent child is in the middle. He & Kris Jenner will do the sparing, Kim could care less about any of this.

  13. Relli says:

    For her sake I hope you are right, that hes just doing the wait and see, which Isi think is smart. You never know what kind of parent someone is going to be until the child is present. But as the child of a completely overbearing mother it could be her family too, Kanye is an only child and with both of his parents gone he doesnt have the same obligtions as kitty killer contractually or emotionally. All this alone time in Paris though does nothing to quash those rumors about his secret lover living there.

  14. Kaylah says:

    I don’t think he even likes her anymore. I think the only reason HE announced the pregnancy was because PMK aka Lucifer’s homegirl was finalizing some type of exclusive with Us Weekly or some other tabloid not because he was overcome with happiness it. He doesn’t even look remotely interested in her any longer. Everytime we see them together it looks like he’s begging anybody for help with his eyes. I don’t think he’s even interested in the baby tbh. If he was he wouldn’t want her on all these long haul flights around the world this late in her pregnancy.She’s even dumber than I thought if she thought he was going to propose. It will be an epic custody battle I’m sure. Lol at that cover! What type of wiggery is on her head? My God. That outfit in london is horrid. Kimberly honey, leather is now & will never be your friend.

  15. onegirlup says:

    this “15 minutes” has gone on waaaay to long already. Meh… *yawn..*

  16. HH says:

    For someone who was so worried she wouldn’t be able to conceive and had “the same fertility issues as Khloe” supposedly, she has been continually looking unhappy to be pregnant and complaining about it. Yes, pregnancy can most certainly be difficult and even painful, but for mothers who genuinely thought they would never conceive, I’m sure they welcome the difficulties. She’s just so vain and self-absorbed. I shouldn’t be surprised but I am.

  17. Jag says:

    My hope is that Kanye and his lover get custody of the baby, but with Kris in the picture, we know that won’t happen. So my second hope is that Kim gets a fantastic nanny who is a wonderful mother to that child, so the child has a chance of not being a money-grubbing famewhore when he or she matures. I’d love for her to put the child up for adoption so that neither of those two ego monsters have a chance to inflict themselves on the child, but that is truly wishful thinking.

    Is anyone else seeing an incredible amount of botox needle scarring on Kim’s forehead, in between her eyebrows? Wow!

  18. The Original Mia says:

    Kanye “loved” Kim when she was just his side-piece. He even loved her with she was his girl. He doesn’t love her now that she’s bringing his child into the world. Kanye is a class act and Kim is experiencing a heaping helping of karma.

  19. Dawn says:

    Well I don’t believe this chica is aware enough to come to this conclusion. I think she is so enamored with herself that she can’t imagine that someone else would not be! I think this is either wishful thinking on In Touches part or just someone who is bright enough to see what the rest of the world sees. I don’t know but maybe Kanye is just being “brave” and trying to end this fast so that he can move on with his life and perhaps if he is indeed as smart as he pretends to be, will take the baby with him. I am sure PMK will make sure that there is PR any day now that will show this story to be false. I am bored to tears with this whole thing, Kanye stays away from his “baby mama” to work, his baby mama strolls around looking nasty and having her picture taken every single day to remind the rest of us that she is the queen of the stroll. This chica needs to go home and wait for this baby to come next month because there is NO WAY this is a July baby. So that is my thoughts on old pee on me Kim. She is so disgusting it’s like finding hair in your food when you eat out. Yuk.

  20. e.non says:

    i’ll reserve my sympathies for that poor child born into that wretched environment.

  21. Nicolette says:

    The only one I feel sorry for is the baby.

  22. MonicaQ says:

    Ok, random aside, am I the only one that thinks just wearing skinny jeans/tights (and not wearing boots) just makes you look like you’re an ice cream cone if you have hips or like you should come out of my TV like you’re in “The Ring”? I have hips and a butt and I’m only 5’4 and I try to buy jeans and finding just plain bootcut or slightly flared jeans has become a nightmare. I just have to wear boots every day to work now because otherwise I feel I look insanely stupid with these on.

    • Dani says:

      Ahhh yes!!!! I’m 5’8” and weigh (before I got pregnant) 135 and I cannot wear leggings/skinny jeans with flats or sandals. Only boots or pumps. I feel like I look sooo disproportionate because my butt is huge but then it’s just like…legs.

    • kellybean says:

      I agree with you about people looking like ice cream cones (perfect description, btw). I only wear flared jeans and they are sooooo hard to find now. All that is out there is skinny jeans – drives me nuts! And they really don’t look good on about 95% of the population. I’m thin and fit and still won’t wear them. How about some variety, jeans makers?

    • prayforthewild says:

      Have any of you guys tried Citizens of Humanity jeans? They have lycra, and make my butt look decent. I’ve worn them for years, as I have full hips and thighs(ice cream cone! LOL), not cute in skinny jeans is putting it mildly…

      Anyway, just a thought, as I’m 5’8″, 127lbs, and short waisted, so my legs are pretty long, and these come in longer lengths as well as boot cut, and flared styles. I swear by them..

    • SydneySpy says:

      I know what you mean. I am also short and tubby, and boots definitely do look better with leggings and such. But I’ve found that by wearing longer, floatier tops, such as a knee-length dress, over leggings, I can wear a pair of nice flats. It might work for you, too. I also favour the flared jeans and pants. I was in a popular clothes outlet today and my friend asked, “God, when did their clothes turn to crap?” I used to always buy my pants and jeans here, because they they always had flares or bootlegs, but no more. I remarked to my friend that I am so glad I stocked up on about 20 pairs, which have been stored away. I knew the slimmer types would finally replace my favourites. My stockpile might even see me through until flares come back into fashion…!

  23. valleymiss says:

    Kanye is Kim’s ticket to ultimate fame and fortune? Are they kidding us? Kim is mega-famous and mega rich. Maybe Kim felt/feels that Kanye is her ticket to some sort of artistic respectability, esp “fashion designing”-wise…and will give her some legitimacy. But she does NOT need his $ as she makes plenty of her own. I hate KK, but a gold digger she’s really NOT. Sure, she has questionable ways of earning $ (fake weddings, porn, and “fashion”), but SHE earned it.

    • MCraw says:

      That would seem logical to US normal, regular ppl. But she has been BRED to want money, more money and MUCH MORE money. They always had family money, but wanted fame and MORE MONEY so she put out a sex tape. She wanted MORE MONEY after that and wrangled a reality show. She’s an A-list reality star and she wanted MORE MONEY, so she had a stunt wedding. Less than a year after filing for divorce, she gets with Kanye and gets pregnant. Is it really so hard to believe- given this specific woman’s history of fame-seeking and selling every part of her life for a dollar- that she wouldn’t be a gold-digger w Kanye? History definitely repeats itself w this gold digger. Money is her true love. I don’t feel sorry for either of them. Most of all her greedy azz.

      • TG says:

        Agreed gold digging/social climbing isn’t just for poor people. Look at Salma Hayek and practically every supermodel that ever was. They all had their millions but they wanted billions so they date/marry/have babies with billionaires.

    • Mela says:

      Probably this match was more for her to get some longevity. She has the money and the fame, but ultimately she’s still only relevant for being a famewhore. If you look at the Ghosts of Famewhores Past (ex. Paris Hilton), there is an expiration date where you’re in and then you’re sad and desperate for any sort of attention.
      At least with Kayne as her baby daddy/partner, she’d still have connections after her 15 minutes run out. Unfortunately for her, looks like Kayne has no intention of putting any sort of ring on her. I just feel bad for this poor baby, being born into that mess of a family.

  24. Margo says:

    As much as I absolutely loath and despise both these morons, some of you saying that you hope that he would get custody is grossing me out. We have no idea what type of mother she is going to be- kourtney was a great example of being a super-cold ass bitch and Scott, a self-centered assh0|_e but both are great parents to their 2 children, almost rabidly so….you shld never want a child to be deprived of their mother – a newborn, an infant?! To be given to a nanny and raised by a rapper. Really!!? But i still think she sucks. But that is still the child she carried. If it turns out she really is that awful – the court will take care of that, with his, I’m sure, really great attorney.

  25. RHONYC says:

    if this is true, Kanye is a dumb motherf*cker.

    ain’t no way, no how, he’s got the chops, stomach, balls, cohones to run up against KRIS.

    ’cause that’s who he really would be starting a war with. and let’s face it ladies & germs…when it comes down to brass tacks, Kris Jenner could even bring the Knowles’ down if she wanted to .

    i truly believe she is that badass.

    just a warning ‘Yeezy’ :roll:

    • bluhare says:

      RHONYC: You really think Kanye, with the backing of Jay Z, can’t take on PimpMama? I’m not so sure. Plus, I’m not sure on child labor laws, but wouldn’t both parents have to agree to have the baby used as a money maker?

      • dagdag says:

        Kanye simply doesn´t have the guts (or doesn´t care??) to put on a fight with PMK, it seems like.

        PMK is really down-and-dirty but she can be beaten.

        Jay-Z? He has nothing to gain by being envolved.

        Child Labor Law is an interesting point. I hate when kids are being exploited. That´s also in view of the Kourtney children, actually all kids made into a celebrity.

  26. tia says:

    Kanye is soooooooooo gross. Poor Kim. I mean you want your partner to be with you for a lifetime when you have a baby together. To have issues before the baby is even born, really sucks. I just feel so sorry for the little baby having Kanye as a parent. ICK!

  27. chria says:

    i actually saw kanye perform live at uncw. he was a total prick back then too and that was in 2005. i remember how he kept making hateful comments to the sound and lighting guy. he was pretty much telling them how to do their job right in front of everyone. what a douche!! although i admire him as an artist as a person he’s arrogant, self-rightous, and total dick. oh and he looks like a chipmunk. an ugly one at that. just saying.

  28. sunny says:

    If they hadn’t had a history of friendship and she weren’t already famous, she’d be a woman he reached a settlement with to remain quiet about the paternity.
    If the paprazzi weren’t following them 24/7 KK would have always been a booty call. It seems like he’s reading the tabloids to decide how he should feel about her.
    If Amber Rose hadn’t fallen in love with someone else, they’d be on again.

  29. Shelly says:

    I can’t even make fun of her anymore. She looks miserable. I’m glad to see she’s wearing flats again. Much better!

  30. Joy says:

    DListed has a hilarious comparison of Kanye’s face when he’s with Kim and then when he’s with Jay Z. Huge difference.

  31. Yelly says:

    She seriously looks like Janice from the Muppets.

  32. Jolinda says:

    I think Kanye is disgusting.

  33. Jolinda says:

    I really don’t understand why everyone hates Kim. Do people hate all adult film stars? Also, what exactly is acceptable maternity clothing? Everyone complains about the way she is dressing but they don’t have any suggestions.

    • bluhare says:

      You’ve got to be kidding. No idea about acceptable maternity clothing? Look around you!

    • Dawn says:

      People are tired of Kim because everything about her from her hair to her to her voice to her ass is a fake. Every step she takes is about the $$. She marketed herself using plastic surgery and she likes to talk down about others as she flits around and does whatever she wants and calls herself “brave” for doing so. She is the queen of liars and self-promotion. And that is why she strolls around all day letting the paps pap her, she is in essence shaking her money maker! That is her only talent. All of the KrapTrashian Klan are like this, very a-moral and unfeeling people unless it involves them. I could go on but will quit. Don’t waste your time feeling sorry for this one, she doesn’t care as long as people keep snapping her photo and giving her $$ for nothing.

    • Itsa Reallyme says:

      Acceptable maternity clothing would be clothing that’s actually designed to fit the curves of a pregnant woman’s body. Kim has been trying to pour her body into clothes that are designed for a non-pregnant body and would be too small for Kim even if she weren’t pregnant. When you add in her baby tummy and the other weight from fluid retention, etc. it’s impossible to get a good fit. It ends up looking ridiculous.

  34. nikzilla says:

    hahahah..she is a worldwide joke. I don’t blame Kanye

  35. Sumodo1 says:

    Kanye: 18 Years, bro. Word.

  36. DeltaJuliet says:

    Well, someone needs to put the kid first. It doesn’t seem like Kim has or will.

  37. Shannon says:

    This is a case of wanting something badly when you can’t have it (Kim being married to that goon) and when you finally get it, you don’t want it anymore. That’s Kanye. He was obsessed with her when he couldn’t have her and now that he’s got her, he’s over it. Can’t really blame him. I’m sure she’s a vapid waste and that family is a whole other situation. She is pretty smart though for getting knocked up with his baby.

  38. Asiyah says:

    Kanye is a typical narcissistic a**h*le who met his match. He was infatuated with her for years, saw her with eyes of love, got with her, saw the real her, and was not only unimpressed, but disgusted. It was like looking in a mirror. His facial expression when he’s around her is of a man totally angry with the woman he chose. But that’s why he’s no victim. He chose her. It’s of his own making.

  39. G says:

    A small part of me thinks they did all this to get back at their ex’s (Reggie and Amber). This could end up the “custody battle of the century”.

  40. LAK says:

    Without reading the content of the article, can i just say that the magazine cover looks like the same set up the Kardashians used for Kris H in order to paint him as the bad guy so he could be blamed for the divorce and any other Kardashian shenanigans.

    Same strategy, different guy. Kanye better watch out.

  41. Barhey says:

    No matter how you feel about her, it’s wrong to get someone pregnant and abandon them. I’m hoping that Kanye is at least an involved father even if they don’t end up together but it’s hard to predict at this point

  42. Cheshire says:

    Re #Jag comment- id heard for years that Ye was Gey- I work with stylists who said he was ALL about his male companions and that his public female relationships were all for show. That would make us all pawns in this mega-arch of melodramatic stage play, but it makes sense and is sort of genius if one has no soul.

  43. melca blue says:

    On the home page Amber Rose’s article is next to Kim Kardashian’s article. Do they use the same plastic surgeon?

    And what happened to the house that Kanye and Kim are building together?

  44. Tania says:

    I would bet money on this baby being born in either an airport or on a plane.

    • Marie says:

      I bet this baby is born to a surrogate and her belly is a special effects prop. This could be why Kanye didn’t help her out of the car. Maybe he’s tired of the script and realized her family is bad for his image. She and her mom planned to use this ‘relationship’ to get social climb to Beyonce, JayZ, Gwyneth Paltrow (sure) and it while thy managed to get an Oprah interview out of the deal and some shots with Beyonce…that’s where it stopped. She’s surprised? Really?

  45. Ruyana says:

    Kanye acts like a high school boy who’s trying to piss off his girlfriend so *she’ll* break up with *him*.

  46. HH says:

    OMG – What if Kim is only holding onto Kanye for the Met Gala +1 invite?! P.S. I didn’t have time to scroll through the comments so I don’t know if anyone else has though of this. It just popped in my head and seems totally plausible.

  47. Helvetica says:

    OMG at the title.

    She just got divorced yesterday and wants to be married again?

    What a whackjob. And to think that someone as vapid and vain as her would really only care about the other… is funny. She and Kanya only care about one person each… themselves.

  48. allison says:

    Is it Kayne’s Baby ??????

  49. lindy loo says:

    She looks like Octomom.

  50. TG says:

    @Ally8 – You are so right Kimmy and Pimp Mama Kris did plan this pregnancy on camera. Wonder if Kanye has seen that episode.

  51. Kosmos says:

    She’s a joke, he’s crazy–both of them together are two ridiculous people with no real relevance except for the press and the money they’ve made off of other people. Even if they do marry, it would never last very long. Why would she get pregnant? I’m waiting for the day when this all comes tumbling down. Are we all sick of this family yet?

  52. blick says:

    Kim kardashian looks so much like Telly Savalas from Kojak years ago. A little nosey job to be more photogenic and other facial work ,but that’s what was needed to be more pap ready. Anyway,to each their own on looks preference…The point is that Kim is a dead ringer for Telly Savalas. Octomom, for sure,but Telly,who I loved,for sure sure. Google him. KIM IS TELLY SAVALAS LOOK ALIKE!

  53. Bil-Inga says:

    This is turning into quite the trainwreck, I actually did think Kanye was happy to finally have Kim. Now it seems it will be another child with an absentee father, and an emotionally unavailable mother. I bet Khloe will be the best auntie ever!!!

  54. Jezebel79 says:

    Ugh. What a mess. Kanye is a douche. And if Kim was smart she would have insisted on a ring before getting preggers. The guy is probably baby daddy to thousands of women on the planet already.

    • SydneySpy says:

      Even if he’s gay, as has been suggested on here many times? I don’t know, because I had absolutely no idea who he was until a few weeks ago. Even now, all I really know is that he’s a hip-hop performer and supposedly shagged and impregnated KK, despite gay speculation.