Is Ryan Reynolds ‘controlling’ Blake Lively’s career, wardrobe & workouts?

When Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds split up, I was not surprised. Even though I think ScarJo was partially to blame – she was too young to settle down, she wasn’t honest with Ryan about who she was and is – I always thought that Ryan must be a piece of work in private. He just seems… I don’t know… like he wants a very “traditional” marriage with 1950s gender roles. He wants to find a girl with big boobs who will make him dinner every night and cater to his every whim. That kind of “traditional”. And some people thought he found that with Blake Lively.

Since getting with Ryan, Blake has barely worked – she basically just finished out her Gossip Girl contract and that’s it. She’s been following him around as he films his projects, and she’s been decorating their homes and God knows, she’s probably going to get pregnant at some point. And all of that is fine, unless she’s just changing who she is to make Ryan happy, to cater to his every whim. Which is what Star Magazine claims:

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are starting to feel the consequences of their quickie wedding – because, according to sources, Ryan’s major control issues are starting to show!

After secretly tying the knot last September, Ryan has halted Blake’s work schedule, has taken control of her wardrobe and constantly forces her to work out with him.

“Ryan was very loving and sweet to Blake before they married,” says the pal. But not long after they said their vows, his demeanor started to change.”

Rayn’s behavior is even reminding his bride of the toxic relationship between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

“She’s concerned,” continues the pal. “She can’t keep living like this.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I know it’s Star and half of you have already tuned out because of that, but quite honestly, this story rings true to me. Maybe it’s all a big conspiracy and Ryan is secretly a really nice guy who is easy-going and pleasant to everyone he meets. Or it could be that he’s moody and controlling and he pitches a fit whenever Blake wants to, you know, work as an actress. Sigh… maybe a baby will “fix” things. That’s what Blake is probably thinking right now.

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  1. Sirsnarksalot says:

    The sheer fact that her wardrobe choices have change so drastically makes me think this is true. That and the fact that the girl never met a red carpet she didn’t like and now is virtually MIA…

  2. Bianca says:

    Something about his face creeps me out.

  3. Allie says:

    Off topic, but that dress would be sooo cute without that hideous plastic bodice.

  4. Another Ann says:

    Please. If he wanted a marriage with “1950′s gender roles”, he wouldn’t have married an actress.

    She’s a fair actress at best, which is the more likely reason she’s not getting any roles. There are a lot of actresses with more talent and power than her who are having trouble finding good roles right now.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree. There are a lot of other actresses that are her “type” who are MUCH stronger actresses. Like Jennifer Lawrence, etc.

    • Ally8 says:

      A lot of douchey, controlling guys get off on landing a powerful woman and then slowly stripping her of her power. It’s a challenge, and it makes you feel like a big man to slowly gaslight her into feeling small.

    • YEP_ITS_HER says:

      There are certain types of men who are rarely rational and it is possible high profile/wealthy controlling men are far more worse. I have heard this type story a million times but in different variations. Her looks and glamour and I guess what she does attracted him but his controlling ways has it so he will do everything in his power to change her to his misogynistic view of how his woman should be. If that Star story is true, he was charm personified until he got the ring on her finger. Isn’t this exactly what happened with Scarjo?? Goodness. Doesn’t matter how one dresses it up, if any of it is true he is essentially abusive.

  5. mercy says:

    Just the fact that she talked about taking a long break after Gossip Girl ended long before she was married makes me think it’s not true.

    Her ex and former castmate Penn is taking a break and his style has changed, but no one accuses his girlfriend of controlling him.

  6. storyteller says:

    Please. Blake has always said Hollywood wasn’t the be all and end all for her. People might think she was just paying lip service but maybe she wasn’t. She was young and hot and the ‘IT’ girl for a hot minute and she took full advantage. Don’t really blame her. Now her time has peaked and she knows it, so she’s prioritizing her new marriage and it’s because Ryan is controlling? Good grief.

  7. Samtha says:

    Other gossip sites have been posting something like this for a while now–that he’s super controlling. Doesn’t mean it’s true, of course, but it wouldn’t surprise me either.

  8. MissBB says:

    The plastic front of the red dress reminds me of a Teletubbie costume. Lala Reynolds.

  9. Joelle says:

    Blake isn’t much of an actress. Her priorities have changed and she may be focusing on her new home and marriage. As for Ryan, he is a very private person u like other celebrities like Orlando bloom and his wife who are in our face everyday. You can see the chemistry between Ryan and Blake. Star reporting this? Oh yeah, I believe what they write. They just make up stories.

  10. Jess says:

    Ryan’s always seemed like a total dick to me, so I could believe this.

    I know Blake’s not an amazing actress, but I did think she had a little something. She managed to get supporting roles in Affleck and Oliver Stone films and she did ok in them, so I do think she had a decent career ahead of her if she wanted it. Not a great career, but probably better than her husbands.

    • YEP_ITS_HER says:

      Agreed. Blake is Ok not as bad as everyone makes out but just ok. Ryan is beyond bland and I wish these Hollywood execs would STOP trying to make him happen. I bet he has attempted to moderate her dressing because he doesn’t want to be upstaged in anyway.

  11. Talie says:

    She’ll either get pregnancy or divorce him and reinvent herself. It’s rumored that he was the reason her deal got muddied up for the Soderbergh movie Side Effects.

    • mercy says:

      That blind doesn’t hold water based on the way the events transpired.

      • Talie says:

        I didn’t think it fit either until I read the Vanity Fair piece on the movie that stated–out of the blue–Blake’s “people” suddenly thought she should be getting more money. Megan Ellison got angry over that, not over who she was.

      • mercy says:

        @Talie, that’s what I was referring to. The timing of events as they played out in the pages of the trades doesn’t fit with the VF scenario. Besides, Blake and her veteran agent at CAA are far too savvy not to know 1) what working with Soderbergh can mean for a career, and 2) that his previous project had to be scrapped over financing issues.

    • anomyous says:

      The story was the PRODUCERS of Side Effects wanted a different actress. She and Ryan had just started dating. This girl has in EVERY interview TV & magazines talks about “BABIES” not work, It was Laniey Gossip who started the rumors of her being only interested in Fame when she begin dating Leo. Yet, I have never heard one word out of her mouth that suggest she wanted a career over motherhood. The rumors of their marriage are becoming just silly, The camping, no babies because of him watching too much TV and now he is telling her what to wear!! This guy has being shooting movies and doing promotions since Sept and if she wants to be with her husband, she travels . The main thought is SHE IS NOT STUPID!!

  12. Baskingshark says:

    WTF is up with the plastic boob pouch on that red dress?

    And given that in days of old, the plastic bit would have just marked out the area she wanted removed before she’d be photographed wearing the dress, this is all probably true.

  13. The Original Mia says:

    I call BS. She presented herself to him as the alternative to his wife, when she was baking cookies and making herself out to be a domestic goddess on the set of Green Lantern. She knew what he wanted. She gave it to him.

    I do find it funny all these stories that are coming out about them. As if anyone really cares what these two are up to. Smacks of promoting.

    • Barhey says:


      Blake has been open and honest about her Taylor Swift approach to romance. In all her interviews she talks about baking cupcakes and decorating her house. She’s got a Pinterest version of marriage in mind, which is totally fine. I know a lot of women my age who want the same.

      “I’ve always wanted a big family. Oh, I’d love 30 [children] if I could.”

  14. DreamyK says:

    A quickie wedding? Please. Martha Stewart did the wedding and then covered it in her Martha Stewart Weddings January 2013 issue.

  15. truthful says:

    uhhh, did he pick that wine colored dress??


  16. Gossip Garl says:

    We havent seen her lately, like we use to, SO: YES HE IS!!

    • the fan says:

      You have not seen her lately so he what?? He has her locked up?? Just recently I read she is working with Beyonce on a Gucci Project promoting women and she will be in London as a presenter at a concert for this cause. This women said after 6 yrs of Gossip Girl she felt she had graduated from college and just wanted to rest, I don’t think her husband will be forcing her to go to work

  17. an observer says:

    This couple has more wild rumors than any other. Who thinks up this stuff and then writes about it. These people are just like any other married couples with all the issues marriage brings. So whatever is going on is their business but we love to hear about it and for all of you who say “Who cares” would not be here commenting on this board. I am a fan of his and I would like to think he is nice guy and unless I knew him personally I would refrain from any negative comments about his or her life. They are very cute couple and I wish them all the best!!

  18. mercy says:

    There’s ample evidence that her interest in cooking pre-dates Ryan.

    Almost all the stories lately are in The Star and they’re almost all negative. Not a good PR strategy.

    • anomyous says:

      If they wanted more press, I would think it would not be as negative as these article have been. They really are trying to make him a control freak. Making her go camping, him watching 50 hrs of TV a week sound so silly. He has been at work and is now in Europe filming so if he is controlling her it must be via SKYPE!!

  19. Caroline says:

    I don’t know whether any of this is true or not (nor does anyone but Ryan and Blake) but this just smacks of lose-lose for these two.

    If they both constantly work and pimp themselves out they’re fame whores, if they try to live their first year of marriage actually together (what a novel idea!) he gets called controlling. What if they decided that only one of them will work at a time? Given Ryan’s previous experience with not being with his wife due to work you’d expect he wouldn’t want to make the same mistake.

    And the fact that Blake is not wearing the same revealing outfits of her single days is also not a shocker, it’s kind of obvious. She doesn’t need to flaunt the goods when she’s off the market!

  20. ALG says:

    Pretty sure he was revealed as being really bad in bed over on CDAN and ScarJo was happy to be rid of him. Not sure why anyone with a semi-famous name like Blake would give up her chance at a career for him. He sucks at acting and is honestly not that good-looking.

    • Another Ann says:

      Anything you read at CDAN needs to be taken with a wheelbarrow of salt. They make up as much nonsense as the lowest of the tabloids.

    • tamaP says:

      He was rumored to be bad in bed?? Is that why Scarlett was sending him nude picture so she he could do what? The rumors that were circulated while he was filming in NO had her making frequent trips to his trailer and they having sex in the afternoon. Blake took the train to Boston A LOT to get whatever he was so bad at delivering and poor Alanis on her “Flavors ….” album reference to her missing him bed Go Figure!!

  21. Eleonor says:

    She could go antiquing with Taylor Swift.

  22. Kelly says:

    As an actress, wouldn’t she already have projects a few months ..
    Oh, who cares.

  23. Oompa says:

    Blake is MIA. Enough said.

    • the fan says:

      Ryan knows where she is. What is wrong if this woman whats to please her husband. Unlike the tabs who repeat she wanted an A list man to enhance her career is not true. She seem more interested in Home decorating, clothes, and baking more than movies. Read her bio, she was not expecting some of the breaks she got. she seem, just like him grounded in family. What’s wrong it is so UN-HOLLYWOOD LIKE.

      • YEP_ITS_HER says:

        It’s lovely that Blake wants to please her husband, if that is what is happening. Wonder what he is doing to please her?? Or is he just going about his business doing just as he did pre marriage and not having to do jack because his wife is doing all the bending and changing.

  24. cas says:

    ScarJo’s career went into a sudden dive during her marriage with Ryan. There’s the smoke.

    • mercy says:

      Check her IMDB page. She was doing on average of two to three projects a year, and that doesn’t include all the time spent promoting those projects, as well as all of her endorsement deals, or all the roles she auditioned for but didn’t get.

    • tamaP says:

      Scarlett filmed Ironman and worked on Broadway doing her marriage and it does not seem she was all that unhappy being married because AFTER 3 relationships she still has NOT stopped talking about that marriage.

  25. Helvetica says:

    MIA = Missing in Action

    Maybe this is why Scarlet and he divorced.

  26. Happy21 says:

    Huh! I really think that he seems really laid back, I’d never have thought he could be controlling in the slightest. If anything he’s not a fame whore and she’s probably learning a thing or two about that now. As far as her wardrobe choices go, he does seem laid back so maybe that’s rubbing off on her. I like them together and wish them a lifetime of happiness :)

  27. NinaM says:

    If this was Jennifer Lawrence with the Oscar or even Emma Watson with the franchise I’d believe it, but this is Blake Lively. Unless she gives it the extra hustle I don’t think she gets first look at scripts because there are enough actresses to choose from. Or maybe this young wife image is hustle in itself?

    • ANOMYOUS says:

      Do you actually know what her options are? She has access to a lot of people so I would not count her out of any race that she wants to run. At one time she and Scarlett auditioned for a lot of the same parts that neither one of them got and Scarlett is a Tony winning actress. The directors and producer know who is right for the parts they offer. None of us know a thing about casting a movie.

      • bridget says:

        Um, its not like she got those high profile roles she was rumored to be ‘considered’ for. Remember when someone kept trying to push her for Daisy Buchanan? Or even Catwoman? Conneection and personal drive (which Blake has in spades) don’t unfortunately make up for her very limited acting skills. And for the top-tier stuff there’s definitely a hierarchy. And Gravity, the movie she and ScarJo both wanted? Blake wsn’t exactly a first-look on that one, amd supposedly found out about it througj SJ. And Sandra Bullock got the part.

    • YEP_ITS_HER says:

      And if she happens to be married to man who is a controlling, arrogant douche, what you have noted can be used to mould her into place.

  28. prayforthewild says:

    A lot of the comments on this thread, aggressively challenging other’s casual opinions, read like “The Cleaners” have arrived. Creepy as Hell, IMO.

    “Did you get this vibe from sitting at movie theater watching his movies or are you reading every rag tag magazine that prints a made up story about him and his relationships.”-”Ryan knows where she is.”-”you called it right “GOSSIP” if you said it loud enough and often enough does NOT make it TRUE!!” etc. – Not normal, and way too invested for a couple who are not all that famous…

  29. Barbara says:

    Blake had said in many interviews prior to GG season 6 that she would take a break of at least one year after she was done with the series. That was way before she got married – though I suppose they were already planning it because nobody plans a wedding in a week.
    She’s been working nonstop for the past four years, barely any vacation at all. So I think if she wants to take a break and also enjoy her first year as a married woman is up to her.
    When I saw the link I was imagining if the story came from Star. I wasn’t surprised to confirm it. Someone in Star editorial must hate either Ryan or Blake because they’ve been cementing nonsense stories about them for a while now.
    The ones I remember easily
    -2 weeks before their wedding they said they were in trouble bc Ryan made it crystal clear he would never get married again and Blake was a southern belle that didn’t want to be in a non-official relationship forever
    - their marriage was strained because he insisted on taking her to camping sites too much. During The Croods promotion last month he was asked in GMA about camping and he confessed he hasn’t camped since 9th grade
    - the 50h week hooked in front of television when clearly the guy is working like a crazy the past few months, shooting back to back movies.
    - now this one. If you look at her outfits since she got married they didn’t change much. It’s been about two years that she realized she didn’t need to show boobs and legs at the same time, so she’s been alternating or not making the two very obvious at the same time.
    Maybe he’s controlling, maybe he’s influencing her more than he should. I wonder how Star can know about it, how it matters to anyone but them and if really causes them a problem because there are women who like to play that role. Each to their own.

  30. Mandy says:

    Well, I don’t know if he wants a particular type or not. He was engaged to Alanis Morrissette at one time. And she’s certainly not a blonde with big boobs.

  31. bridget says:

    Blake was around when he was having trouble with Scarlett, she clearly knew what he wanted in a relationship. I kind of interpreted her career slowdown as intentional; not rhat she’s constantly turning down offers, but that she’s decided to stop hustling. And considering how awful an actress she is, but all the parts she’s gotten and the connections she has, girl’s got HUSTLE. Realistically, in her last big movie (Savages) she was so widely panned that it was probablu going to take a lot of that hustle to reclaim any momentum. And she clearly had a thing for Reynold s and is actually enjoying time with him. I mean, most of these cele rity marriages don’t work precisely because they barely spend any time together.

  32. bridget says:

    Blake was around when he was having trouble with Scarlett, she clearly knew what he wanted in a relationship. I kind of interpreted her career slowdown as intentional; not that she’s constantly turning down offers, but that she’s decided to stop hustling. And considering how awful an actress she is, but all the parts she’s gotten and the connections she has, girl’s got HUSTLE. Realistically, in her last big movie (Savages) she was so widely panned that it was probablu going to take a lot of that hustle to reclaim any momentum. And she clearly had a thing for Reynold s and is actually enjoying time with him. I mean, most of these cele rity marriages don’t work precisely because they barely spend any time together.

  33. MisJes says:

    I feel like this story is just a cop-out, probably planted by Blake’s people, to explain why she isn’t getting the amazing, career changing roles she thinks she deserves because she is *such* an great actress.

    Didn’t you know she carried a popular teen drama for multiple seasons? Her art and majesty on the screen is the only reason people tuned in!

  34. lisa2 says:

    These stories.. always the Man is controlling her or She is controlling him.

    Blake married the man she loved. She maybe just (shock) enjoying being a new wife and building a home together. I know that goes against what people think about her but maybe what people thought was wrong. I’m not a fangirl of hers but I don’t dislike her at all. I actually think she was smart to end it with Leo.

    I think the gossip sites pick that couple they want to rag on. And NO Blake/Ryan are not getting more then some couples. Anyway she may just be that woman that wants to be married and her career right now is not the main focus of her life.

    Sometimes the women that everyone thinks are not the homemaker types are the ones that are that the most. And it works in the opposite too.

  35. Holden says:

    Whatever, they said the same thing about her before they got married. Maybe she’s just really happy and wants to spend time with her husband.