Kate Upton in green Diane Von Furstenberg: shapeless, cheap & awful?

Kate Upton

As many of you know, I love Kate Upton so, so much, but she looked pretty dreadful at last night’s Met Gala. For a punk-themed event, this was not the look I envisioned from a (relatively) versatile model who can really vamp it up. On this red carpet, Kate wore a shapeless, green Diane Von Furstenberg gown that draped in all the wrong places and clung to nothing at all. This dress did nothing at all for Kate’s voluptuous figure, and the tailoring as very loose and sloppy as well. Poor Kate looks like a Real Housewife here when she could have really strutted her stuff in a great Marc Jacobs or Dolce dress.

If one can set aside the awful dress for just a moment, things don’t get much better here for Kate. She’s overdone the tanning lotion, the makeup is just blah, and her hair is boring too. At the very least, she could have gone with a more dramatic updo instead of this lazy uptwist. Bad styling all around. This could have been a great evening for Kate!

Kate Upton

Kate Upton

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Rosie Huntington-Whitely brought it the most out of all the models in this group by choosing a metallic and mesh Gucci gown that looked like liquid gold mating with the most uppity of punky vibes. Rosie pulls off the mostly sheer top very well with her statuesque frame, and not even feathery, winged boobs can destroy this look. The capped sleeves with a bit of fringe might be a bit too much, and I’m not a huge fan of the massive drop earrings, but Rosie’s hair and makeup are just right for this dress.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum continues to amaze me with her ability to make an excellent living as a supermodel but still continuously mess up on the red carpet. First off, Heidi chose a Marchesa gown, which is never a good sign. Secondly, she completely ignored the theme and went with a “Vegas showgirl” vibe. I guess we should all just be grateful that her girls aren’t hanging out all over the place. Instead, she looks like Disney on Ice.

Heidi Klum

Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova looks a bit out of place with such a short, short dress at such a formal event, but that’s okay. Karolina is wearing Mary Katrantzou with a very loud, mismatched print top and skirt with one sleeve. If not for the punk theme, she would have looked pretty ridiculous, but she carries off the look with a fun attitude.

Karolina Kurkova

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  1. Kassandra says:

    Rosie looks AMAZING.

    Karolina’s dress looks like the cheap dresses me and my friends would buy to go clubbing my freshman year of college.

    I think Kate Upton is a pretty girl, and I think she was trying to be “classy” for this Met Ball, but the dress really is unfortunate on her. I think that she has a difficult body shape to dress though, with the big boobs and flat stomach and somewhat wide hips (her whole hip region looks a bit strange to me, I think that’s why haters were giving her crap about being fat, when really she’s just shaped differently than a stick figure model). She looks great in body-con dresses or dresses that are fitted on top and flow at the bottom, imho.

  2. HH says:

    It seems like so many people were clueless on how to look punk and/or incorporate punk into their look. Maybe it’s because I’m a product of the 90s, but I just feel like it shouldn’t be that hard. At BARE MINIMUM if you can’t stick with theme then you should look hella good! Kate Upton, with those curves there’s just no excuse for that dress.

  3. BooBooLaRue says:

    LOL, Heidi is a “Vegas” showgirl at heart.

  4. don't kill me i'm french says:

    it’s not punk

    • Mich says:

      I have the sads for these people. They seem to have never heard of ‘punk’…or Google.

      The designers should be embarrassed. If this had been a challenge on Project Runway, they all would have failed.

    • FLORC says:

      None of these looks are. FFS only Miley seems to have been the only one dressed appropriately for once.

      I said it once, but it bares repeating. These celebs put on thick eyeliner/shadow and have their hair either slicked back or in a faux hawk and that’s their punk. Same with their stylist. The concept of punk and the style of punk are 2 different breasts and this is a fashion event but still. The old punk in me isn’t ok with most of these outfits.

  5. Irin says:

    I love this girl too! I find Kate refreshing and I dont think she is a beuty queen but the girl is pretty in her own way and many of her haters wish they had her body

    • Trek Girl says:

      The haters may wish they had her breasts and kind of cute face, but everything below the bust is average at best.

      Her mid-section, while not horrible, is nothing to call home about unless you’re doing so to ask your family if they’ve ever seen someone with such an odd shape. Her haters probably have the same butt she does, so I doubt they’re jealous about that either.

      Seriously, she has a certain appeal, but her body is not all that special or out of the ordinary when you tear your eyes away from her breasts and bother to look at the rest of her.

  6. Kristine says:

    Rosie looks great. This is one of my fav looks. Karolinas dress is too short but its nice. Heidi looks terrible.. And Kates girls look great but that dress is yuck.

  7. Lulu.T.O. says:

    On a positive note, the green color looks amazing on Kate.

  8. Poke em all says:

    I think Rosie got it right. *claps*

  9. bsh says:

    Almost nobody seemed to have a clue aboout the theme, this is so disappointing! Rosie.. I am sory, I get that she is a supermodel type, but to me she just looks like a very good looking transexual. No offense to the category of course, I just find her mannish: her shape, that face. The irregular make up is just awful, it makes her look cross-eyed

  10. tifzlan says:

    Rosie’s dress is awful but she definitely pulls it off!

  11. Eleonor says:

    None of them are punk.
    Is it me, or there’s something wrong with Rosie’s makeup? It looks she’s got one eye bigger than the other one.

  12. Ag says:

    The green dress looks super cheap and bag-like. Love the short dress!

  13. yeahright says:

    I like Kate’s look… its low key but stunning at the same time. Kind of like her. The dress looks too big for her and I almost feel the need to tighten her bra straps.

  14. Stubbylove says:

    Rose is perfection here. Kate and Heidi look boring and out of their league at this event.

  15. NEENAZEE says:

    Karolina looks the most punk to me… it’s like Kate and Heidi weren’t sure where they were going and went with safety gowns. *sigh*

  16. Babelfish says:

    its like no one loaned a dress to Kate Upton. Didnt she pay last year to get into the MET? i think what Lainey says is true ;maybe no one wanted her there…

  17. motivatedmedia says:

    I’m confused by the lack of Westwood worn to the gala. Christina Ricci wore Westwood and looked great. VW outfitted the Sex Pistols…

  18. videli says:

    C’mon, Kate, you could be a glorious 60s blonde goddess, Fellini-worthy and tromping in Italian fountains. You’re styled so badly, that I’m almost rooting for you!

  19. colt13 says:

    Can’t hate on Kate, people would complain if she wore something tighter. OTOH, Kurkova needs a sandwich.

  20. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    LOL @ Kate being considered a ‘versatile’ model. No she isn’t. She’s a bikini model and that’s pretty much where her talents end. With that said, she looks very blah here. She looks like she is going to an entirely different event altogether.

  21. Ally8 says:

    Rosie breaks out a hot new trend… fake eyelashes for your boobs.

  22. xxx says:

    Eh. Underwhelmed.

    If not for the theme Rosie’s dress would have been a hot mess but is scrapes a pass. Her amazing posture always improves everything.

    Kate looks like she could be at beachy afternoon drinks in that dress. Some amazing bustier thing with lashings of punk would have been SO much better.

    Heidi has terrible fashion sense. This is awful.

    Hate KK’s dress. It’s just cheap. Circus themed not punk themed!

  23. Caroline says:

    Kate looks so oily, like she has skin issues and haven’t washed her hair in a while. Aaaannd CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP
    Karolina’s outfit looks fun and she looks happy

  24. Glaughy says:

    Kate Upton seems trashy and her face is not that cute. Her tits are big. That’s all

  25. Holden says:

    This is the only pictures from the Met I clicked on, you finally got me with Kate.