“Carey Mulligan’s Flaunt Mag pictorial is really wiggy & weird” links

Carey Mulligan in Flaunt Mag: cute or silly? [Yeeeah]
Rihanna made her Boston fans wait 3 hours for her concert. [Amy Grindhouse]
Lauryn Hill sentenced to three months in prison. [The Blemish]
Is Kristen Stewart racist for not wanting to listen to Tupac? [Evil Beet]
Gov. Chris Christie got lap-band surgery. [Gawker]
More photos of Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala gown. [Celebslam]
Brandi Glanville responds to NeNe Leakes. [Reality Tea]
Joe Francis was found guilty of assault. [Bitten & Bound]
Good God, Tom Cruise is going to make another Mission: Impossible. [Grantland]
Ann Coulter has some interesting thoughts about race & the Dems. [Bossip]
Brienne of Tarth is SO HOT. [OMG Blog]
Farrah Abraham won’t shut up about her sex tape. [PopBytes]
Rod Stewart & Elton John have been BFFs for a long time. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Patrick Schwarzenegger sounds like a douche. [Limelife]
Maureen Dowd hasn’t seen The Great Gatsby but she already hates it. [The Loop]
Beyonce won’t shut up about having another baby. [Life & Style]

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34 Responses to ““Carey Mulligan’s Flaunt Mag pictorial is really wiggy & weird” links”

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  1. Lia says:

    Every time I see a picture of this girl all I can think is .. Boring

  2. Happymom says:

    I think Beyonce is already pregnant. And no, I don’t think she faked the last one.

  3. Maya Memsaab says:

    She looks like she’s jumped out of this obscure Armenian film called ‘The Color of Pomegranates’. Very dervish-y. Weird.

  4. Cazzie says:

    It seems as if Zooey Deschanel might have gotten a nose job (and possibly a brow lift as well, but that might just be a different makeup style).

    She looks very beautiful, but utterly transformed:


  5. Reece says:

    The candles pic makes me think of a cake topper.

    Good for Christie.

  6. don't kill me i'm french says:

    Carey Mulligan always looks ready to cry like a sad rag doll

  7. LilyRose says:

    The whole set is quite beautiful. It has a South West vibe, location and color scheme . She does a good enough job as an editorial model. With that wig she reminds me of Mia Wasikowska.

  8. goodquestion says:

    Carey looks 50 times better with darker hair.

  9. Fleurthefrenchy says:

    WTH? Lauryn Hill sentenced to 3 months in federal prison followed by 3 months on house arrest and 9 months of supervised release! Although I’m not an American citizen and it shouldn’t be my problem, I am really disappointed in the US judicial system… How can Lauryn pay such a high price for tax evasion when Lindsay Lohan gets to steal stuff, lie to the cops, punch people in the face, DUI, walk around with illegal drugs in her purse, and so on, and nothing happens to her? oh, yep …. I forgot…. she’s a white girl with big boobs!

  10. KellyinSeattle says:

    I love Carey’s look…!!!!

  11. I'm Gonna Leave Soon says:

    Isn’t there a certain age were flipping the bird just becomes low class and childish?

  12. Mazunte says:

    I love these pictures. They’re original and beautiful.

  13. Lisa says:

    My mind combined those two sentences and came up with “Anne Coulter is SO HOT.” Sad for me.

  14. Lila says:

    Seriously? Now people are racist if they don’t like rap? People are allowed to not like rap without having to hate black people.

    When I read that about Rihanna all I could think was- of course she did. Does anyone really expect better from her anymore?

  15. Dorky says:

    She looks EXACTLY like Goop Paltrow in these photos.

  16. JennJ says:

    Although I won’t fully judge the movie until I see it, I do agree with Maureen Dowd in that the promotion of the movie is making me wonder if the message of the book has been lost.