Abercrombie & Fitch CEO: ‘A lot of people don’t belong’ in our clothes

This was on the front page of Reddit yesterday, in which they linked to the photo, above, (from our friends at Starcasm) of Mike Jeffries, the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch. Jeffries is a royal a**hole, basically, I’m not going to sugarcoat it and I can’t come to any other conclusion after reading his remarks. (Which are old, but they’re getting new play.) He only wants pretty, thin people to shop at his stores and work at his stores and he says as much in interviews. Jeffries has said this for years, and his refusal to sell clothes for women above a size 10 or a Large (while selling XXL for men) has hurt sales. I’m going to quote Starcasm here because they sum it up the best, but they’re basing this on an article in Business Insider which claims that Abercrombie’s retail downfall may be tied to their refusal to accommodate larger customers:

“We go after the cool kids. We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends,” said CEO Mike Jeffries in a 2006 interview with Salon. “A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.”

To ensure that only “attractive” kids buy, wear and promote Abercrombie, Jeffries enthusiastically supports the company’s size restrictions. For men’s clothes, that doesn’t mean much: They offer XXL sizes for the cool, muscular jocks.

But, for women, that means no pants above size 10 and no shirts or dresses above a large. The company does tread into “extra-size” territory for women, but only to offer extra-small.

Not only is this kind of policy upsetting, it’s also bad business — which finally seems to be taking a toll on Abercrombie.

“While a specialty retailer like Abercrombie can’t be expected to appeal to everyone, the brand’s standard of beauty is quickly becoming stale,” wrote Ashley Lutz for Business Insider this week. “Plus-sized is no longer a niche market: 67 percent of the apparel purchasing population fit that label, and the number is growing all the time.”

Indeed, Abercrombie stories are rapidly disappearing from malls. Since 2010, closed (or announced plans to close) more than 10 percent of its shops. The company’s stock has also taken a beating.

Considering these past few years have also been marred by the recession and rising cotton prices, it’s impossible to tell whether negative attitudes toward the branding are responsible for Abercrombie’s troubles. However, some of Abercrombie’s top competitors have done better in face of the same economic issues. They also offer larger sizes and promote healthier body images with the use of plus-sized models.

[From Starcasm]

The article in Business Insider goes on to say that H&M, which is thriving, has a plus sized line and is trying to accommodate customers who need larger sizes. There are plenty of stories on Reddit (which are impossible to verify since it’s Reddit) from people who claim they were employees at Abercrombie or its sister store, Hollister. They say that only the most attractive employees were allowed to work the floor, and that this was regularly enforced by upper management. We’ve heard these stories about A&F for some time, their advertising supports it too. (And all the models they use are white.) It just seems fitting that their sales are taking a hit, but as Emily at Starcasm points out, so are a lot of other mall-based stores and businesses in general.

Here’s another picture of Jeffries, from Wikipedia. I already know what some of you are going to say.

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  1. Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    I read something about this somewhere on the Internet and I could not believe that something so hateful and discriminating was coming out of the mouth of someone who KNOWS that people all over the planet will be able to quote him as saying this vile garbage. He is the lowest sort of scum and I’ve never been able to say this truthfully about any human being before – but I truly hope he gets what’s coming to him for being such a poor example of a human being – he deserves no sort of respite.

    • Camille says:

      Well I disagree. In the end it’s his business and he can do whatever he wants. He makes clothes for certain group of people and he is open about it. He is honest and he doesn’t try to please everyone and pretend that everyone is equal. In my opinion he has right to do it.

      • strah says:

        I agree with both comments, he does seem like a very myopic, shallow, jerk AND yes, he does have the right to run his business how he sees fit. His business practices don’t sound legal to me, but I’m not a lawyer.
        The thing that’s getting me is this line in your comment,
        “pretend that everyone is equal”
        I’m not sure where you’re coming from with this, but in this context it sounds like you’re saying that anyone over a size 10 isn’t “equal” to those who are under that size. Clarification?

      • Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

        Respect your opinion Camille, however, I never said it wasn’t within his right to do this, only that it is disgusting that he believes it’s only for the cool kids, the people with lots of friends – in a world full of impressionable young people, this isn’t the sort of message that needs to be sent out. Anywho, Abercrombie is hardly one of the leading brands – mostly overpriced styles that you could find elsewhere in a wider variety of sizes so that’s him paying the price for his “honesty”.

      • Just Me says:

        Of course he has a right to do it. And, as consumers, we have the right to judge this prick for being a shallow asshole.

      • Annette says:

        I agree with Mike Jeffries. Shops are allowed to sell plus sizes only, no thin-average sized people allowed, so Abercrombie is allowed to sell clothes only for skinny to average sized people, no plus sizes. If someone started a store that refused to sell anything under a size 6-8 because “we cater to real women who have like actual curves, not disgusting skeletons” there would be no outcry, in fact they would get praised for being so “noble” and nobody would be calling them jerks and douches. So how is saying “we cater to cool kids, not fatties” any worse? Remember slim people are a minority and there are no specialty skinny shops, they have to have some places that cater more exclusively to them. It’s Abercrombie’s call.

        BTW, men’s clothes are not nearly so vanity sized as women’s so a men’s XXL is generally not a “plus size”.

      • Kate says:

        @Annette, I think plus-sized shops showed up because that was the only place plus-sized women COULD find clothes. I don’t think it was to be exclusionary. I think it was because they were being excluded and they needed to find a place to buy stuff. If I had to guess, the reason why exclusive plus-sized shops did not sell smaller sizes is because they figured that women who didn’t wear plus sizes had the rest of the market. I have never seen anything in a Lane Bryant window and gone, “I wish they had that in my size!” I also don’t think there’s ANY danger in stores not having small sizes that A&F would need to cater to only small sizes.

        Also, I don’t think that a store could get away with not selling below a size 6. And I don’t see how they’d WANT to. Extra sizes means extra business. Simple as that. Yes, this guy can technically do whatever he wants, but it cuts down in profit, and if I had stock in A&F, I’d be pissed off.

      • LL says:

        Remember slim people are a minority and there are no specialty skinny shops, they have to have some places that cater more exclusively to them.

        Are you for real? Was the comment some kind of joke b/c its beyond dumb. There’s a reason there are plus-size stores and its b/c stores like A&F exist.

      • Andrea says:

        He doesn’t have the right to discriminate based on people’s race and that has been part of the problem with this store in the past.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Agree with Strah’s comments.

        Dude is a complete a-hole but it’s his prerogative to market and sell to thin “all-American” (*SNORT*) kids exclusively.

        For the record, Abercrombie has NEVER been cool so no real loss to my bigger sisters.

      • Joy says:

        I think it’s fine that he has this opinion. However it would make more sense if he looked a little less Frankenstein-ish. Because honestly his face is going to haunt my dreams.

      • Glaughy says:

        THANK YOU!

        It’s his brand! He has a right to be as exclusionary (and as much of an elitist a-hole) as he wants to be. Boo friggidy hoo. It’s the image they are promoting FOR THEIR BRAND. It’s business. Why is everyone so offended? No one’s forcing you to buy A&F clothing.

      • Hayley says:

        I agree. If you think he’s being unfair because you can’t fit into his clothes, don’t shop there.

      • SLM says:

        @Glaughy, I think the issue is not that he doesn’t have a “right” to be exclusive or an assh*le. Sure, he can do whatever he wants and the public responds with their buying dollars.

        The issue I see is that everything about his positioning suggests that “cool” and “All-American” equates with thin, white, and beautiful. This is the same mentality that leads to bullying. Don’t our kids deserve better than this kind of thinking? That’s why I am offended. I don’t want this jackhole suggesting to my kid (or her friends) that she needs to look a certain way to be the awesome person she is, so we’ll speak up with our dollars and stay away from his product.

      • Bobbie says:

        I haven’t read through all the comments so if someone else has clarified this, I appologize for the duplicate post. It isn’t actually the CEO’s company. A&F stock is publically traded, it is a corporation owned by the shareholders. The shareholders own the company and the CEO is an employee of the shareholders. His job is to increase sales. I am shocked that the Board of Directors hasn’t fired this idiot. He could say what he wants if this was his own company, BUT when you’re the CEO of a publically traded company you have a fiduciary duty to the shareholders to earn money for them. I would say that the shareholders need to vote out this moron and the stupid Board of Directors who is failing on their job- which is to manage the CEO. What an absolute idiot!

      • Annette says:

        @LL – I am absolutely for real. Women who are sizes 00-4 are a relative rarity, ie a MINORITY group and I do not see how anyone can dispute that what with ever increasing obesity stats. And yes, with ever increasing vanity sizing it can be difficult for thinner women to find things that fit, even if their size was considered a regular size and not outrageously tiny decades ago. So if Abercrombie wants to focus their niche more on smaller sizes exclusively, it might be a sound business move.

        Also calling slimmer people “cool” or “popular” is simply marketing rhetoric to encourage a certain niche market to buy. It is absolutely no different to calling larger women “real women who actually eat”, “big beautiful women” or “girls with meat on their bones, not skeleton boys”, “normal women who are not disgusting anorexics” etc,etc. Can anyone give me any rational explanation as to why the former comments make one a villian and the latter do not?

      • Flan says:


        It’s his brand, fine.

        It’s our opinion to find him a douche. It’s also our choice to trash his brand. It’s our enjoyment to boycott it and persuade everyone else we know to do the same.

        You’re welcome.


        The funny thing is that he’s the very opposite of beautiful. According to his own rules, he’s one of the last who should wear his own stuff.

      • blaize says:

        It’s not just what the company is doing that has people upset. It’s mostly what he said- his comments defending it. It seems like some of the people commenting don’t get the destructive, unhealthy messages being sent to teens and preteens. This promotes eating disorders and in a way it promotes bullying.

      • Glaughy says:


        Thank you?

        Of course it is your right to have an opinion about anything you want. I just don’t understand why people are so shocked and offended!

        Sorry but I really doubt the A&F sales will be hurting over this douchey comment. Isn’t it kind of obvious, just by looking at the advertisements/marketing they use, and the people they hire in stores, that they promote conventionally attractive people to shop there? Welcome to reality! You think the people who already shop there are going to GAF about this? They already knew this company was like that. Won’t hurt the sales one bit, but good luck with the boycott. (I have never bought anything from there personally, not my style)

      • Glaughy says:


        Totall agree with this.

        You have no idea how many larger sized people feel the need to insult people with thinner bodies.

        The other day, someone commented on this story saying, “He can’t handle a real woman with curves. He wants a bony bitch who will die in childbirth so he can claim it’s not his.” I was almost sick. How is that any different from me calling you a fat ass? Double standard much?

        All body types should be respected! That includes thin/skinny/ “bony bitches” too.

      • Maria says:

        Discrimination is against human rights. Terrible role model. They market size 00 for women. elitest…its an extreme sort of mindset. Did you people not just read about the young girl with the burns going to college. She is not considered cool enough for A & F I guess. AS for CEO, remember Piggy in Lord of the Flies

      • aenflex says:

        I agree. Yeah, he’s a douche. Ugly too. BUT – how is he very much different from the hi fashion industry designers who cut nothing above a size 5? Why are most, almost all, supermodels size 0, 1 or 2? I could go on but why bother…

    • Hmmm says:

      Hey honey, look at that face of his. Karma already took a big bite out of his fate.

    • trudiebell says:

      Um in light of current events I think that there are scum far worse than a man with body dismorphic disorder hating on the overweight. Have you heard about what happened in Cleveland? Come on.

      • Memory30 says:

        Lol that face is the reason he’s the CEO he’s to damn busted to work the floor of a store. Gross!!!!

      • Thiajoka says:

        It’s quite possible to be disgusted by both situations–one can be easily remedied by a boycott. The other is a tragedy that can’t be undone, but this doesn’t mean that because it happened all doucheness is dormant in the world for a while.

        His attitude, while not illegal, is certainly indicative of a large problem in society and in the fashion industry. However, he can say what he wants and others can opt to not support his business.

      • Emily says:

        Because of attitudes like that of this creep, girls and women are starving themselves to death every day. Anorexia is the mental disorder with the highest risk of death, and eating disorders are on the rise. Further, eating disorders affect women far more than men, and they are inexorably tied with the misogyny of our society.

        There is not only one problem in the entire world. And when you’re talking about problems which both have their basis in how misogynistic our society is, trying to disassociate one from the other is not going to work. They must all be tackled in order for us to get anywhere on any of them.

      • Flan says:

        Yes, what happened in Cleveland is horrible.

        But if you worry so much about it and don’t like people worrying about things like this, what are you doing here? There are thousands of other websites where you can discuss Cleveland.

      • juststeph says:

        @trudiebell’s comment made perfect sense if you look at what the op said. Something along tbe lines of him being the worst scum on Earth, which I would think most would consider somewhat exagerated.

    • Grace says:

      I think he certainly could have been a bit more diplomatic in what he said; however, have you taken a look at the A&F clothes? I think he is doing us all a favor by not giving a size 10 the chance to wear one of the barely there shorts or skirts or tops. Just think about the fashion disasters worn by the myopic size 12 thinking a mini-skirt still looks trendy.
      Just sayin…

    • danni says:

      I have to say that he looks like not attrective suger dady.
      and i agree that this is he’s right to say his opinion, but this is also the public rights not to buy his ugly infant clothes!!!

    • nina says:

      this catfaced bitch has every right to pretend he’s one of the cool kids now, but when it comes down to it, they sell crap t-shirts and jeans. It’s hilarious how much people can get suckered into buying t-shirts for 60 bucks and were made by child labor in south asia for a penny just cause some plastic surgeried loser decides to put a velvet rope in front of his stores.

    • Irishae says:

      Wait, A&F still exists? I thought they went extinct along with the Atkins diet and trucker hats. I’m honestly surprised. The A&F in my city closed years ago after lawsuits concerning their hiring practices shamed them out of the vicinity. I just figured their discrimination across all demographics is so well-known by now anyone with half a brain doesn’t patron their store anyways.

      His comments remind me when Tommy Hilfiger lamented about the “urban” community wearing his clothes. What I find really funny in this case is that I guess Mike thinks only fat people can be ugly and unattractive. Fail.

    • c'est la vie says:

      ITA Pasty – what he said just makes him an all American douche.

    • dinah says:

      And probably an arrested adolescent, desperately clawing at any last vestige of youth, not only by filler & botox overdose (with quite obviously borderline Jocelyn Wildenstein-like +/- melting wax figure results),but by still delusionally imagining himself just as he was in his heyday. Probably filled with self-loathing every time he looks in a mirror.

      I’d fit into his clothes, but wouldn’t touch them with the proverbial 10′ pole.

      • Malificent says:

        Sorry — didn’t read Dinah’s comment about JW when I wrote mine.

        I think he must be in a big struggle now. Hard enough to be an aging gay man, but he has created a brand, and it sounds like a personal lifestyle, that worships youth. He’s aging out of relevancy in his own “universe”. Makes an odd sort of sense that he would turn to defending the battlements of his “vision”.

    • Shaz says:

      Something tells me he actually thinks he’s one of those he describes, but in the old days we used to say, “If my dog was that ugly I’d shave his butt and teach him to walk backwards!” And I mean to the bone ugly, Jeffries.

    • really? says:

      ***TIME THE HELL OUT***

      I find it extremely rich that people on this blog are crawling up this guy’s ass when they themselves hop on here and rip people’s looks, fashion and bodies to shreds on a daily basis.

      Look in the proverbial mirror before you throw your stones at this dude.

  2. marie says:

    I’m assuming he wears nothing from his store then? Being thin doesn’t make you pretty. And while I can fit in the clothes, I have never bought 1 thing from Abercrombie, and have no plans on it now.

    The dude is a douche, but he’s entitled to his opinion and if he’s ok with losing market share, well, that’s on him then.

    • V4Real says:

      He’s a grade A douche. I too can fit into his sizes but I have never purchased anyhing for myself from that company. That’s because I’m not a fan of his clothes. Therefore, I guess I’m not one of the cool kids and that’s fine by me. That’s one club I’m proud to say I don’t belong to.

      I really thought this was going to be something much deeper. I was thinking back to years ago when it was rumored that Gloria Vanderbelt had said that she didn’t want Blacks wearing her jeans.

  3. Redheadwriter says:

    Despite the fact that I would “fit” this asshat’s demographic, I have not and will continue to never buy anything from any company/store affiliated with this man.

  4. Merritt says:

    A quick check of their website makes me wonder why anyone would want to wear those clothes. They look like something the original 90210 would have worn.

    And his face is just… whatever.

  5. Ai says:

    I have stop being a customer of this brand a long time ago, since discriminations lawsuits were filed way back when. They can take their ‘exclusive’ self out of business eventually.

  6. JennJ says:

    I always thought that the clothes were tacky because of all the visible labels. Not surprised that he’s a douche, but how he markets is his choice. And it’s the public’s choice to buy in or not.

    But, hold on, 67% of the purchasing public is plus-sized? Can that actually be true?

    • Esmom says:

      I don’t know. Although the fashion world’s definition of plus sized probably doesn’t align with the real world’s definition.

      • JennJ says:

        Thanks, that makes more sense now. But I’m still shocked.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        Yeah I wonder if that stat applies to high fashion/couture or commercial. I think couture, isn’t an American size 6 or over considered plus-size? And I guess commercial would be size 12 or over? Either way, gross man, gross company. They can keep their thin little see-through camis and barely there shorts…probably cost them $0.43 to make in a crumbling factory in Bangladesh. And then practically underage kids posing nearly nude..um yeah NO THANKS!

    • Melissa says:

      Who knows, but I always thought that A&F was aimed at teenagers and maybe early 20s, so I imagine the percentage of plus-sized people in that age group is lower than the population as a whole.

      • Becky1 says:

        @Melissa-good point. Teenagers and young adults under 25 tend to be thinner and A & F is a youth market store.

        That being said, there’s really no defending this creep’s comments. It’s their perogative to sell whatever they want but to make a statement like that is beyond rude and obnoxious.

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        But it still means that there are fat kids out there. And what they will hear is that they are not cool, that they don’t have awesome attitudes or enough friends to fit the norm – simply because of the way their bodies are. That they basically don’t deserve any dignity because everyone and their mothers are free to bully them in an attempt to attract “good” customers.

        But hey, maybe they will start to hate themselves from a very early age on and consequently developing eating disorders (or at least some mental issues) while trying to beat their bodies into submission. Wouldn’t that be awesome? And cool? And all American?

        What an asshole!

    • Sweet Dee says:

      I think it’s probably closer to 67% that is over a size 10. The quote came from someone who apparently doesn’t understand that being overweight (according to the BMI and national statistics based on it) does not necessarily make someone plus-sized.

      For instance I’m muscular, technically overweight but I wear a 12/med-large. I’ve never been interested in his overpriced crap, though.

      This man is an a-hole, but he can run his company how he pleases. And if he runs it into the ground, so be it. That’s the free market for you.

  7. Carolyn says:

    The Tribe has spoken. If you don’t agree with this man shop elsewhere.

    I suspect his elitist clothing is made in the same Asian factories which other elitist brands utitlise and who employ extremely poorly-paid people…?

  8. Leek says:

    Seems fitting considering his chompers are a size XXL. Only an idiot would open a clothing business that sells in the malls in the fattest country in the world and thinks it will be fine. He looks like Gary Busey got beat on the face with a chain that was on fire.

  9. k says:

    Aaaand once again it’s the corporate sociopaths that rise to the top.

  10. Apples says:

    I am a horrible person because this whole thing just made me laugh. I do remember this getting press a year or two ago.

    Ah, the thing is… There is a store in Boston’s Faneuil Hall; I went in there. Their employees weren’t all good looking and the fragrance from the store was so noxiously strong I had to leave. If he’s trying to market on the concept of exclusivity he needs to do some more work.

    • needmeds says:

      It does stink – I hate even walking by these stores.

    • Mean Hannah says:

      This! I went into their store a couple of years ago, to buy a gift for someone obsessed with this brand and had to walk out because of the smell. Their lighting was so low that you can’t see the merchandise clearly, and had disinterested staff gossiping and dancing, instead of helping or selling. it was so hot and stuffy in there with this terrible, heavy, musk-y smell.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Apples, honey, stay away from Quincy Market (it’ll always be Quincy Market to me–eff “Faneuil Hall”). That tourist trap is a complete nightmare. If you ever need to go shopping, drop me a line and I’ll drive us to the Burlington Mall where the real stores are.

      But yeah, QM is an OUTDOOR marketplace, guys. Just shows how strong that gross A&F cologne smell is that you can smell if from OUTSIDE on the street.
      That store suuuuuucks.

  11. Soporificat says:

    Hmmm, well he looks like a troll with a fat double chin, so I guess by his own philosophy he shouldn’t be allowed to wear Abercrombie & Fitch clothes, either.

  12. Esmom says:

    I read about this earlier and was sure it had to be a hoax of some sort. I cannot believe how despicable this guy is.

    I’m thankful my kids have shown no interest in his brands. I hope they tank. And hard.

  13. Sefa says:

    Wait, don’t they sell XL for men? So it’s not just fat people, just fat bitches. It’s just women.

  14. Kate says:

    This is coming from someone who had an all-Abercrombie wardrobe in HS, but I REFUSE to go into their stores now. And that was before I read anything about this guy. Those stores are just torture to walk into — crazily loud music, almost no lighting, PLANTS. PLANTS! I’ve been to an A&F that had large potted plants in random places blocking pathways. You can buy the same crap at Aeropostale and American Eagle for much cheaper, and apparently in larger sizes as well. I’m not surprised AT ALL that A&F is going down the tubes.

  15. Kaboom says:

    I’m not sure what this lesbian blonde lady is on about.

  16. Original Me says:

    This guy is the worst. I went on an interview at A&F after college. I interviewed for management and thought it may be a fun job. When the recruiter called me we did a phone interview then he said he needed to see me to “see how you look in our clothes”. Um, ok. So I trotted down to A&F and bought some jeans and a top. I believe at the time I was around a size 2. Didn’t get the job. They must have wanted me to be a size 0.
    Also, a friend of mine worked there and received a settlement from a class action suit by former employees. I don’t know what the suit was about, but probably some type of discrimination etc. You know what she got in the settlement? A gift card to Abercrombie and Fitch. I hate that company!

    • Kate says:

      I remember in college (this was 10 years ago) an acquaintance applied for job there and they suggested she dye her hair blonde and get blue contact lenses (she’s Puerto Rican). So maybe that’s what it’s about.

      • MonicaQ says:

        Yup, they told my cousin that she “didn’t fit the store ideal” when she wasn’t selected. She’s 5’11 and runs track and has a six pack I’d be jealous of if I felt comfy being jealous of family…but she’s biracial and has natural hair so newp. Not hired. Not to mention she’d worked at Hot Topic before so it wasn’t like she wasn’t qualified to be a sales person.

  17. TXCinderella says:

    So unattractive people can’t wear his clothing? So sad, this guy can’t wear his own clothing line.

    Their clothes are over-rated and overpriced. I have a teen in their demographic, but he doesn’t really care about the brand, and I will never buy anything from this company.

  18. Rll says:

    His clothes are shit, his face looks like a neo nazi butt crack and his models look like rejects from The Talented Mr Ripley: Georgetown Edition

  19. neelyo says:

    Someone who resembles a Circuit Party Frankenstein’s Monster really shouldn’t talk about cool kids.

  20. Mia 4S says:

    Well I fit your demo Mr. Jeffries (nice and skinny! ;-) ) and now I wouldn’t touch your stores with a ten foot pole!

  21. Amelia says:

    Wasn’t there a story about an employee who was missing part of his/her lower arm and they won a small payout after they were banished to the stockroom?
    For goodness sake.
    This guy has a mirror, right?
    I’m not sure it’s even this ‘no fatties’ policy that is hurting A&F – their clothes just suck.

    • lovegossip says:

      That is awful! I must of been living under a rock as I have never hears these stories about this store! Never shopped there because I hate not being able to hear, smell and deal with a massive headache after walking in for 2 minutes, but I usually hear about it! What a al douche! :-(

    • Cel says:

      Amelia, you are correct.

      It was at their London shop a few years back. The girl went for an interview in a cardigan. When she got the job, she was asked to wear a short-sleeved t-shirt and that’s when the manager noticed her arm. She was subsequently demoted from the shop floor to the stockroom. She received a large payout and the company got a heap of bad publicity.

  22. doofus says:

    what happened to his face?

    with a mug like that, he REALLY shouldn’t shame anyone for their physical appearance.

  23. Mich says:

    Fine, I’ll be the first to use the “u” word.

    The man is ugly inside and out.

    And I have no problems judging him superficially since he seems to feel awfully righteous doing the same to the rest of humanity.

  24. Micki says:

    He’s not Adonis himself.

    I don’t agree about H&M trying to accomodate their customers. Having BIB line is not such a milestone. Their clothes are with worse quality than for 5 years, poor quality dyes, partly not very good seams and don’t start me on the tailoring.
    I stopped buying there long ago.

    • Annie says:

      Yeah, H&M and Forever 21 are cheap for a reason. Less than a year later and your clothes are trash. I always advice people not to buy there, or buy the more expensive items, because you’re wasting your money. Forever 21 is the worst.

  25. chria says:

    If only attractive people should wear his brand, then why does he?? I know you were all thinking it.:) Also im curvy and beautiful f**k his clothes. The preppy look is outplayed anyway.

  26. Anna says:

    Not to let A&F completely off the hook, but how many high-end designers/retailers don’t bother with anything above a size 8? This guy is just stupid enough to talk about it. Or smart enough: what’s the last time anyone’s really talked about A&F as a brand? But now this controversy puts it in the spotlight, where it hasnt been since its heyday of, what?, a decade ago?

    At the end of the day it’s all just a business decision. We vote with our wallets – and apparently doing a good job not endorsing their business model.

    • Lulu.T.O. says:

      There are an awful lot of women’s clothing companies that don’t sell below a size 4.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        Really? Just curious which ones. Every retailer carrying clothing for women I have ever heard of definitely has sizes 0 and 2.

      • Ali says:

        Lands’ End does indeed sell sizes 0 and 2.

        Making comments about how body shaming of all sizes is wrong does not mean this man’s comments are justified or right. I see a lot of justifying on here. It is his right to say these things? Yes, the First Amendment says he has the right to express himself in any manner that does not cause others harm. However, he’s an ass for saying them. He’s and ass for believing that thin is the equivalent cool, or that thin is synonymous with All-American. His comments reek of the bigoted “those people” sentiment. I’m not sure how someone couldn’t be repulsed by his statement. I’ll defend his right to say it, but it’s still a sickening sentiment.

    • *unf* Joan Jett says:

      The main problem is not that he made the decision to not cater to heavier people (although it IS a big problem as it is not a singular brand but a pattern within the clothing industry) but that he is bullying* teenagers and acting like it is totally okay to do so.

      [*he is pretty much saying that fat kids are not attractive, not cool, don't have an appropriate amount of friends (also note that he defines friendship by quantity, not quality), great attitudes or any value (for him) and that it is therefore okay to exclude them]

      • BeesKnees says:

        I am so glad someone else feels this way. Too many people are making this a fat vs skinny war in adults when this is much more about teens and bullying. I am almost 30, the only people I know who still wear A&F are douchey overgrown frat boys. I have seen so many comments about this whole thing that are just an outward manifestation of the commenter’s insecurity about their own bodies (whether they be skinny or plus sized) rather than comments focusing on the real issue at hand. The CEO is basically saying that cool kids are not only skinny, but essentially the ones who can afford their clothes. I had a few A&F clothes in high school, but my mom refused to buy their overpriced stuff for me so I had to use my own money from my part time job which meant I could only afford a few things. There were plenty of kids who wore A&F, Polo, American Eagle etc every day because mommy and daddy bought it for them that certainly looked down on those who couldn’t afford to wear expensive clothes. So, in a way, the CEO is saying that “cool kids” are skinny, rich kids which is harmful and will add fuel to bullying.

  27. Tessa says:

    I think Abercrombie is suffering because the clothes are really ugly and poor quality. The only customer who would shop there is someone with zero imagination or sense of style. I go in there and scratch my head. There’s nothing there! It’s all sweat pants, jeans, and stupid little tops with no personality. It’s awful. Hate that place.

    • guilty pleasures says:

      Agreed ^, I can’t be bothered to check the google, but isn’t this the same company that decried the Jersey Shore fools, specifically The Ridiculation, wearing their brand?
      It seems like their only possible audience, foolish, immature twerps with too much money.

  28. L says:

    Man, my dad remember’s back in the 1960′s when abercrombie was just a awesome outdoor outfitter (think in line with REI). It was Teddy Roosevelt’s favorite place to get equipment and they outfitted Lindbergh for his flight across the atlantic- that’s how old the name is.

    To bad The Limited had to buy the name and ruin a good thing.


  29. grabbyhands says:

    Does he even comprehend that by his own rules, he himself shouldn’t be photographed in his own clothes? Sounds to me like someone is trying to live the life he didn’t have in high school.

  30. gogoGorilla says:

    Sales must not be too high since he clearly can’t afford a GOOD plastic surgeon. This makes me wonder why anyone gets work done – it seems like the really rich people who can afford it always come out looking like a train wreck.

    Or maybe it’s just his inner douche.

  31. AudreyQuebec says:

    He’s so ugly….gosh… I hope one of his employees won’t let him in a store because he doesn’t “fit” in the clothes. That would be so funny if the employee doesn’t know who he is…hahahahaha “Sorry man, you’re too ugly to come in”
    “Dude, That’s my store”
    “Oh sorry….you still can’t come in…only good looking people here”
    This guy makes me sick. And you want people to stop bullying…

  32. mrspatrickbateman says:

    He must have been really damaged as a child, like excluded from the cool kid group, made fun of. But to respond like this? Grow up and make a company doing the exact thing to other people? I’m sure he’s treated like a cool kid now, but he’ll never really be one. They’re paid to like him right now and if and when that company goes down they will bail on him and sell him out in minute.

    • Amy says:

      That’s kind of what I was thinking, too — that being maybe gay (even if he wasn’t outwardly so) kept him out of the cool crowd.

      In this generation, cool kids can be gay, and gay kids can be cool. But in this old fart’s? Not so much. And he might have even been a “fat kid” or a “band nerd” for all we know. His adolescent insecurities were probably crippling, and that’s what created the monster we have before us now.

  33. GiGi says:

    This “person” is 70 years old. I like how he thinks he has his finger on the pulse of what’s cool for 13 yer olds. Gross.

    Good God, it’s a mall chain you a-hole, hardly the Champs-Elysee! You run a mass market retailer – you should probably start selling to everyone if you expect to maintain a viable business!

  34. Sam says:

    A&F is notorious in employment law for how discriminatory they are. They had a pay a Muslim employee after trying to force her to remove her headscarf while working (she wore all their clothes and stuff, just wore a scarf on her head). They also had to pay an employee with a prosthetic arm after trying to force her to only work the back room, since they seemingly didn’t believe that the look included disabled people. They’ve also been sued dozens of times on the basis that they don’t really hire people of minority races.

    The company is shitty all around – discriminates on the basis of size, race, religion, disability, etc. It’s good to hear this openly said, though, since now there is no doubt.

    • MonicaQ says:

      Can’t Victoria Secret not hire gay people because it can ‘make their customers uncomfortable to be fitted by them’? This stuff may be legal but it angers me.

      • Malificent says:

        I can understand Victoria’s Secret not allowing male employees to be involved with fittings, etc. My sister used to work at a VS — they had a constant Peeping Tom problem with guys who would try to find a way into the dressing rooms. (Usually nicely dressed businessmen.) If permitted, I could easily see a guy trying to get hired there for entirely prurient reasons. Hiring managers would only have the word of the applicant that he was gay and not sexually interested in the customers.

      • Sam says:

        Depends. At the federal level, there is no legal protection for discrimination based upon sexual orientation. However, individual states have enacted some protections for LGBT people. If you live in one of those states, it is illegal to refuse to hire somebody because you think they might be gay (or fire somebody who is gay). However, all states and the federal government bar discrimination on the basis of race, religion and disability, so those employees were all covered anyway.

        And just to clarify, I’ve never had to undress for a fitting at VS – they do it over your clothes. At the nicer shops, they might. In those cases, the store could argue that being female is a legitimate requirement of the job, but that would be shaky. More than likely, the customer could request a female assistant (just like you can request a female gynocologist, but men can’t be prevented from entering the field).

      • MonicaQ says:

        Ah, thanks for that. I don’t shop at VS because aside for underwear, I can’t fit anything in there (38F) and the sales people have explicitly gone out of their way to let me know that even if I was just looking for Love Spell.

  35. yeahright says:

    Oh please I see tons of young women larger than a size 10 squeezing themselves into their short shorts. I bet he didn’t consider the nation-wide epidemic of wearing clothes that don’t fit to foil his plot!

    Also, who cares. He can sell what he wants however he wants. I don’t find it all that outrageous, he’s just saying what a lot of other stores/designers won’t say.

  36. bangarang says:

    He’s got the Paris Hilton wonkey eye

  37. junegorilla says:

    The self hate of not wanting ugly customers when you could be as stand in for Ron Perlmans beast character is kind if sad. Doews he have kids who look like him?

  38. lovegossip says:

    He looks like a combo of Gary Busey and Jessica Simpson’s Dad……

  39. Just Me says:

    F*ck you, jerk. That is all.

  40. lori says:

    I’m above a size 10, and I’m not fat, so I don’t try to loose weight. I’m already fit. When a store doesn’t carry clothes in a 12 I don’t go in anymore. And since I do all the shopping for my family nothing gets purchased from that department store. Nothing in mens and nothing from kids. Not only is 67% of consumers over a size 10, but I’d guess we’re doing nearly all the clothes shopping.

    • Flan says:


      It’s just not smart to piss off groups of people, even if they’re not your target audience.

      It’s especially dumb to piss off women if you sell clothes, even if you sell bigger stuff to men. Because it’s often women who have a lot to say about (or even buy) their menfolk’s clothes

  41. Tapioca says:

    Criticise him all you want, but EVERY designer would rather see young, slim, attractive people wearing their labels, they’re just smart enough to keep their mouths shut! And if he’s happy to alienate 67% of the population it’s his prerogative.

    Don’t forget that high fashion designers rarely make dresses above a 6-8 (US) either and your “fattist” outrage counts for nothing if you’re still buying into one of those brands with a lipstick or purse!

  42. Lindsey says:

    “‘A lot of people don’t belong’ in our clothes”

    ….People with taste? I am more than happy to spend my fatty fat money elsewhere. Preferably in a store that doesn’t smell like an open bottle of Axe body spray.

  43. Belle Epoch says:

    Off topic but the stores also have a policy about playing music REALLY LOUD so you can’t think straight. I once asked them to turn it down at the kids’ store and they said they were not allowed!

    I’m glad his attitude is being shot down by people who value diversity.

  44. FLORC says:

    I knew 2 guys that were the models that hang outside the entrance of the store with their shirts off. 1 was darker skin with a nice blend of ethnicities, but his body was crazy awesome and his face had “white features”.

    The practice of only keeping the beautiful employees out front is definitely enforced. No question about it. And they barely know how to fold a shirt or work a cash register.

    I love H&M. Cheap prices and in most cases their close are slight y better quality than A&F and without the logo everywhere.

    • Annie says:

      Lol H&M is the worst quality. They have nice things, but it’s literally the cheapest materials. Less than a year later the clothes are ready for the trash. Biggest waste of money. You end spending more at their store because you need new clothes sooner.

      As for A&F, it’s ridiculously overpriced.

      • littlestar says:

        I agree, H&M has very poor quality clothes. But I guess cheap fashion means big money for companies like H&M. It’s too bad the clothes are such poor quality there, because they do have some cute stuff.

      • FLORC says:

        Forever 21 has the worst quality materials. H&M may have some items that are cheap in quality, but i’ve had nothing but success with them. Cheap in prices and my clothes have no holes, never had to restitch anything, dryer never shrunk anything, and colors never faded. On top of the clothes just being really comfy. They do have shiny, club clothes.
        I feel bad for you that your H&M store isn’t great. Mine might get the good quality stuff for where I live.
        A&F is overpriced and their clothes are the cheapest. The material is too thin it’ll wear away faster, but they are going for that look anyways with a very high price tag.

      • littlestar says:

        I’m pretty sure all clothes at all H&M stores are the same quality. They would come from the same manufacturers.

      • Flan says:

        As long as you’re buying small things, their stuff is fine.

        You can just buy a shirt for a summer, throw it away and buy something different the next for variety, while not spending much at all.

      • FLORC says:

        Stores base their inventory on the local demographic. The clothes size, amount of income, age, style all plays a role in what stores pop up in your town, the price they charge and the inventory they sell. Having moved around a fair amount until I settled in CT i’ve seen it 1st hand and have friends in the upper end of retail.
        H&M is that kind of store to buy cute outfits that won’t break your bank to buy and if you spill something on it it’s alright. They pay pennies for a box of shirts so they always make money.

        As far as manufacturers Banana Republic, Gap, and Old navy are all the same. Same factory makes the clothes and ships them out. You pay $120 for a cardigan at BR and may find that same cardigan for $20 at Old Navy. It’s sick, but true.

        And Outlets are not for clothes with defects. They are “blue tagged” items. Made specifically for Outlet stores. “White tags” are made for retail. There are no true Outlet stores left except llbean and other camping stores. I feel I rambled…

  45. Georgina says:

    That’s business, folks. He can sell what he wants, how he wants. Anyone who doesn’t like if can shop elsewhere. Doesn’t Zara do something similar?

    • msw says:

      nobody is saying he doesn’t have the right to do this. No one is even saying that he SHOULD sell above a size 10. People are saying he is a dick, which he clearly is. I find the number of discrimination lawsuits filed against the company to be quite telling, not to mention the anecdotes posted by commenters on this page alone.

      • Georgina says:

        I’d take this person who is openly an asshole and says things I don’t like over an executive for another retailer who hedges or makes excuses for why certain sizes are not stocked. Yes, Mr. Abercrombie is a grade A jackass, but he’s made it easy for all of us to decide that we don’t want to shop at his company.

    • Flan says:

      And we can have an opinion about his business.

    • Mika says:

      Zara is very interesting. Up until a few years ago, they only employed Spanish speaking staff in their stores. Not sure what happens now in their stores, but they definitely have some questionable hiring practices.

  46. ms. deneuve says:

    he looks like Mickey Roorke and Gary Busey’s longlost lovechild who was raised by Jocelyn Wildenstein and had Amanda Lepore as a nanny. you’ve gotta love an asshole like that that makes you realize how sane you are!

  47. Andrea says:

    This is horrific but not new. I worked at an Abercrombie in college for the span of one day before I walked out the door.

    They tell you outright that you are to ignore unattractive patrons and only sell to the pretty, thin, white kids.

    While this guy has the right to be a dick he does not have the right to discriminate against patrons due to their color.

    • Brittney says:

      Exactly! People keep saying that it’s his business and he can do what he wants, and though most of them don’t actually support his beliefs, they’re ignoring the fact that he’s a grade A racist. He has been exposed again and again for violating equal rights employment acts, and that’s not “his right”; it’s blatantly illegal.

  48. Red32 says:

    I used to work in a mall, and I had to walk by an A&F frequently. The cologne stench coming out of it made me nauseated, not to mention the loud, crappy music. That was just walking BY, not in.

  49. Simply Red says:

    I don’t know why people are in an uproar about his comment. If you look at his marketing strategies such commercials, ads, and then look at the clothes that he makes; You will know it’s not made for plus size people.

    Many boutiques especially high-ends does this but they not bold enough to say it to their consumers like he is.

    He sales may have taken a hit but he will still be in business selling A & F clothing to the cool kids…

    A lot of stores does this just look at their marketing strategies,ads, and clothes they sell. It will tell you a lot about the company

    • Andrea says:

      Since when is a size 12 plus size????

      • MonicaQ says:

        Fashion industry sometimes classifies double digit sizes–all sizes–as plus size.

      • Unknown says:

        Lane bryant sizes start at twelve so…:/

      • Simply Red says:

        Go back and read my comment,

        Reading is fundamentally. I didn’t say a specific size nor did I say size 12 is a plus size, smh…

        Now to me it all depends on height and weight to determine if you qualify the plus size or not…

        The point I was making is that he isn’t the only that think that way…

      • prayforthewild says:

        IMO the confusion of what constitutes “plus-sized” comes from the difference between a plus-sized MODEL, and a plus-sized person, as they are NOT the same thing.

        We need to stop taking what the fashion industry is saying about models, and applying it to the everyday person. According to statistics 12 is not plus-sized on the average person, but it is on a model.

        Also, we need to get away from using sizes anyway due to the fact that every designer sizes their clothing differently. I actually think that this is the most important point.

    • Ali says:

      Right, he’s selling his stuff to the definable “cool kids.” What does that even mean? What is the definition of the “cool kid.” Seriously? Aren’t the true “cool kids” the ones who shun trying to conform to an idealized version of the American teen and instead spend time cultivating true character and resist being defined by their wardrobe? Aren’t the cool kids the one’s who embody the phrase “do you.”

  50. mel says:

    No one should take this seriously…anyone who is so far up their own asses should be dismissed. But at the end of the day I do believe businesses have the right to create, sell and market to whatever demographics they choose to do so…A&F is certainly not the only company who does this…it just seems worse because its a white guy.

  51. A says:

    Is “All American” code for “White”? I think that is kind of weird….Isn’t All American supposed to refer to Native Americans or Americans whose ancestors go back hundred years? So technically a white immigrant could come to America and be “All American” while someone with darker skin who has ancestors that go back to the slaves shipped from Africa is considered a second class citizen.

  52. Hmmm says:

    Only the ugliest people in high school were Abercrombie Zombies. And the ones who weren’t ugly were immediately identifiable as d-bags thanks to that horrid trademark all over their shirts and shit.

    Conformity can be useful too!

  53. HK9 says:

    He’s an asshat and his company’s bottom line demonstrates that. Soon, A&F will no longer exist anyway…the numbers don’t lie.

  54. Dani says:

    It’s so untrue that all their employees are attractive. If you’ve EVER been to the Roosevelt store in Garden City, NY, you know that everyone they hire is not based on their looks or race. Especially their models. I think some of these quotes are tooooo old, and that some of this has changed, besides the sizing. But someone else mentioned, he can target sizes 0-10, just like other stores like Lane Bryant etc. only sell 12 and up. He’s just more of an asshole about it, which realistically, he is allowed to do. I rather a store sell up to a certain size than make sizes 12, 14 and up but the cut is really that of a 10 or lower (ABS anyone??? their dresses are ridiculously sized – I normally wear a 4 in other brands, their 4 is like a 0).

    • andrea says:

      These people came to my univerdity to recruit when they were going to open a store here in puerto rico and thry were asking for applicants who had modeling experience! they even had a sign!! no lies.

    • Viv says:

      My little brother’s friend is biracial and an assistant manager at A&F here in Europe. I couldn’t believe anyone would hire him for management right after college as he is as thick as a slice of bread, but lo and behold- he used to be a model and they must have been eager to dispel the race rumours. Everytime he does some crazy stupid sh-t around us, which is unbelievably often- we wonder who would trust him with their store, I wouldn’t let him walk my dog. He is adorable, shockingly beautiful but ditzy as hell.

  55. Gabrielle says:

    When I was in high school only the douchiest kids thought A&F was really cool. I thought the girls’ clothes were too rugged and jocky looking for my taste and I never understood the appeal. And btw, I had a size zero figure. It’s not like they didn’t fit me.

  56. Diana Prince says:

    “I already know what some of you are going to say.”

    He is as ugly as a plate full of mortal sins.

    There I said it and nope I don’t feel bad… UGLY!

  57. Debbie says:

    I agree with him not everyone does belong in his clothes; such as anyone with taste or fashion sense they don’t belong in his vile clothes.

  58. tmbg says:

    Is his face made of melting wax or something? He must not wear his own brand since they market to “attractive” people.

    I’ve never been in that store. The loud music, smelly perfume and dark atmosphere are very off-putting.

    What a doofus.

  59. Polkasox says:

    My sister in law works for a branch of his company as a fashion designer. She hates him. He has all these insane rules of what his employees can wear to work, (no purple, he hates purple) and there is constantly loud music blasting through the building. That with girls walking around in booty shorts – talk about unprofessional. I’ve read the article that all this was pulled from a while back – there are some great other tidbits that prove this dude is INSANE. His company is based in my hometown & let me just say we don’t love him.

  60. Annie says:

    Most brands do this though. I don’t get why people are outraged. It’s nothing new. Fashion people and labels don’t care for ugly/fat people. Look at the models on their ads. That is a way to tell people “this is not for you.” They target the people they want to see in their clothes, and I guess it’s their right, but hey, at least you don’t have to be tempted to buy at such a tacky store and they will never thrive thanks to your money. Win, win if you ask me. Thanks for being straight forward, Mr. I’d rather not be fooled by your tactics and spend my money there accidentally.

    I’ve noticed that guys that shop at A&F are douchebags. It’s almost an Ed Hardy level of red flag. All the douches I know wear that cologne, and I don’t even think it smells bad to be totally honest, but I associate it now with the a-holes who wear it.

    Also, he doesn’t even treat treat his own pretty people like people. How many lawsuits have there been from actual models?

  61. moon says:

    He tries so hard to dress and look like an abercrombie model, but that face is too reminiscent of jabba the hutt.

    the man has some self esteem issues. apparently flight attendants (male) on his flight are only allowed to dress and look a certain way, and wear a certain cologne. in other words, he wants to reshape his world into barbies and kens.

    then again, don’t we all?

  62. mary says:

    this is just a perfect example of really finding out what a company or brand stands for, and making an INFORMED decision on how you spend your money.

    He has the right to run his company however he wants, but nobody has to shop there. If you don’t agree with his philsophy, don’t give him your money.

    that is exactly why I will continue to not shop at his stores, and it makes it easier to pick out people who truly think they are ‘better’ than others by spending their money there after he made this statement.

    it’s sad that people feel this way about themselves so much that they make their company a reflection of such low self-esteem to the point they need to feel ‘exclusive’…but that’s not my problem and they will never get a cent of my money.

  63. MojoRising says:

    Some years back when my nieces were teens they would always ask for A&F for Christmas and brays. And I always refused to by it for them for the marketing alone. I told them I didn’t condone it. Now my daughter is 11.5 and I have had to tell her the same and that I better never catch her in there.

    People have just got to start standing for something. Something they believe in other than always saying “yes” to their kids. It’s such a teachable thing when it’s right there in front of you.

  64. logan says:

    I have a lot of their clothes in my closet. After reading this I just wanted to burn them. Instead, I already have them bagged up and am taking them to Good Will. I am done, he will get no more of my money. I am sure that I do not fill his standards to wear his clothes anyway. I bet he would p*ss his pants if he knew a 54 year old woman was (had been) sporting his clothes. Am I a cool skinny great looking kid? No, but guess what I have- the cash—-to shop elsewhere.

  65. RobN says:

    I think stores get to market to anybody they’d like; there’s a reason that Chanel doesn’t do a budget brand, they’re looking for a particular demographic.

    That being said, my biggest problem with them is the volume of the music in their stores. Screaming “I’d like to buy a Christmas gift certificate for my acceptably skinny niece” oveer pounding music is not my idea of a great shopping environment.

  66. The Original G says:

    It’s not the policy, which as many have pointed out, is pretty common.

    It’s the bald way that he stated it and I believe he put it that way for some free PR, period.

    Also, the cool kids? Killing me.

  67. markymark says:

    There were several articles about him last year showcasing the type of men that worked on his private jet and at his corporate offices.
    The article revealed him to be even a worse self-hating FREAK than Calvin Klein.
    Also I know this has already been said, but as “Gargoyle-like” as he looks–in his warped mind he looks like a 18 year old twink

  68. Dawn says:

    Oh please dude get over yourself. Your clothes are no better than lots of other stores.

  69. Feebee says:

    This article has certainly brought out some of the funniest, snarkiest, and pointed comments!! Love it.

    I don’t think it’s just the size issue that irks, it’s the attitude that surrounds it. But in retail if you don’t adapt you die. So stay constant A&F. My local mall is expanding, they don’t seem short of retailers wanting space… they’re probably eyeing up your double wide as we speak.

  70. Scarlett says:

    The guy can position this brand anyway he wants to..so if he targets and markets to sizes 0-4..so be it. But my problem is the inflammatory way he pitches it…it’s very insulting, alienating and borders on discriminatory. The other problem is sales are obviously not cutting it under this strategy since they are closing stores like crazy. Better rethink it..business is business. The other thing is, someone so ratchet looking as he is, should not be putting down others based on looks. He looks like he survived an explosion at Chernobyl. WTF is up with his non-existent eyebrows?

  71. Nicolette says:

    Nice that he goes after the attractive considering he looks like a mutant.

  72. lurker says:

    This guy represents every bully that has ever told you (me, our kids) that you’re not pretty enough, thin enough, dressed well enough, cool enough, popular enough, whatever enough. He is the quintessential shallow, vain narcissist who sees absolutely nothing wrong with making others feel “less than”, and is in fact making big bucks for doing just that. I say throw away all of your A&F clothes and boycott the brand. I’m not usually this harsh about people, but there is no “value added” in his mindset, other than to him; to anyone larger than a size 10, he is a just a bully with media access.

  73. S says:

    I worked there in high school and when I was home for the summer or holidays in college. I began working there because my boyfriend at the time worked there too… But their hiring practices are pretty discriminatory. They recruit the kids they want to work for them – ones that are shopping in the store and have the “look” and offering them a job right on the spot. If someone applied and turned in an application, the sales associate that took the application at the counter was supposed to circle either the “y” in Employment or “n” as a signal to the manager that they looked good enough to get a call back. (I always “forgot” to do it… Oops!) We weren’t supposed to wear jewelry or makeup, to promote “natural beauty”.

    A year or two after I stopped going back for seasonal work, I got a letter in the mail about some class action lawsuit giving money to all women and minorities who ever worked for the company who felt discriminated against.

    I haven’t been in a store in at least 7 years… and don’t plan on returning.

  74. Holden says:

    I have concerns about what’s going on on his forehead. Also, I admit I do not belong in A&F clothes, they are way overpriced and extraordinarily shitty quality.

  75. Reece says:

    Self hatred manifesting itself to the outside world as “policy” and “belief”.

  76. littlestar says:

    I have never shopped at this store anyway. Just reaffirms for me that I will definitely never shop there now. Their clothes are too Jersey Shore douchey looking for me.

  77. Palermo says:

    The stench from their store has destroyed the mall I go to, the whole place reeks of that hideous cologne and when I go home I have to wash my hair and change clothes. He is the guy who insists the male stewards on his plane all wear skimpy outfits and be handsome. He looks like somebody bashed him in the face with the ugly stick to me.

  78. andrea says:

    When abercrombie was going to open here in puerto rico i remember being apalled at recruiters that cameto university. They set up little tables and when i went up they asked if i had any modeling experience. They were looking for models to work on the sales floor. I asked where the ugly people could work, in the stockroom, and laughed…now i see that i was not wrong at all!

    • MaryBeth says:

      Sadly?? Yes, the unattractive people did work in the stock room or late at night when we changed floor sets. AWFUL!

      • S says:

        Very true. And if the Regional managers were coming in, even some of the floor kids wouldn’t get scheduled… Only the “hottest” would be allowed to work for those days. Also, seasonally, we had to do in store photoshoots to send to corporate so they could make sure we were upholding the correct brand image. Again, stockroomers were never included in the photoshoots.

  79. MaryBeth says:

    When I graduated college in 1998, my first job was assistant manager at A&F in Charleston, SC. I worked my way up to Store Manager. The interview process for kids who wanted to (desperately) work for the company was pretty simple. If the girls were gorgeous and the guys were built or had a pretty face?? We hired them. Managers were the ones on the registers because most of the staff wasn’t allowed to touch the register due to the fact they were absolutely just a petty face. I was there over 4 years and although it was a fun first job that paid very well.. they worked us to the bone (sometimes until 4am) and we were asked to dress in all A&F and it did not matter how TINY the clothes were that we wore. Customers (parents, mainly) couldn’t believe I was the store manager dressed in flip flops, a tube top (XS) and short shorts. It was fun, but upper management sent out ‘look books’ that stated who we could hire, and definitely who we couldn’t. You can only imagine what this ‘book of laws’ said. Now that I’m 37, not 21-25 and a size small-med… I haven’t stepped foot in Abercrombie. Not my cup of tea any longer!

  80. truthful says:

    One of the reasons why I would never shop there, let him continue to “target” the cool kids.

    he certaintly was not one of them, he looks almost scary, good luck w/that one. He has a mishapened face and horrible scary eyes.

  81. Leah says:

    Can’t say this is far from the truth. I went in with prettier, skinnier friends in high school. They basically ignored me. Im so glad I choose to spend my money elsewhere.

    also, did anyone see his policy for the employees flying on his private jet?

  82. G says:

    Precisely why THIS tall thin size 9 walks right past your store a$$hole!

  83. Mary says:

    I was in NYC back in November and a young relative wanted me to go in a get her a hoodie. . I live in ireland and there is no a&f in my town. First and foremost it was freezing and there were two young lads posing half naked at the front door. I felt so sorry for them they must have been Very cold. The queue for the register was crazy. The staff were so slow. I couldn’t get over how dark and unwelcoming the store was. Ended up with a headache due to a combination of loud music and the smell!! Never again. God I sound old :-)

  84. irishserra says:

    While it’s his right to do whatever he wants, I do find Jeffries’ sentiments revolting; mostly because they perpetuate the shallow attitude so many of the younger generation holds about their bodies and their own value based on their self-perception.

    The fact is that many healthy women with a good BMI still do not fall into the size range that this store (and others like it) carries. So while Jeffries and like-minded people are promoting this idea that it’s a desirable exclusive club to be able to fit into an Abercrombie rag, what are these healthy-yet-not-suitable kids supposed to do when it’s only natural for them to want to fit in with their friends? Starve themselves in order to squeeze into one? Well it’s happening.

    Thankfully my children don’t care so much about brand names. However, I did have custody of my niece for the past year and at 14, she has the body of a 30-something woman. She’s at least a foot taller than her peers, very developed and has a bigger bone structure. She is in no way overweight. Shopping with her is a miserable experience because she wants to dress youthful like her peers, but it’s so hard to find cute clothes for a girl who wears such a large size.

    I don’t think that all stores have an obligation to create a line of clothing for the overweight; but there does need to be a balance. We are witnessing evolution and yet people look away and criticize instead of making concession. We’ve created a situation wherein our children are regularly eating processed chemicals labeled as food; and even if they try to eat “healthy” they’re still consuming GMO, hormones and other things that have caused our bodies to have to adapt in order to handle the toxicity.

    These attitudes are dangerous. People are changing! Goods are going to have to change too!

    • gogoGorilla says:

      You make good points. Also, it is GOOD BUSINESS. Those kids have to shop somewhere, too, and they will spend money if they can buy stuff that’s cute and youthful in their own size.

      I think A&F quality blows chunks so I have never shopped there for myself or my kids, although I did buy some stuff for my niece one year for Xmas. I was totally ignored by the idiotic staff who were desperately trying to figure out how to work the register. It was so dark you needed a flashlight to see anything. Plus, overpriced garbage.

      Still, I’m horrified by the lengths this company goes to in order to keep its brand “pure.” What a douchebag.

  85. judyjudy says:

    Those twins in the fourth picture don’t belong in those clothes. They need to take those pants off immediately…and then come over to my house.

  86. Ginger says:

    I adore H&M so I stick to that store. This man should look in a mirror and ask if he would hire himself…I’d say not likely. What an idiotic hypocrite. Not a smart businessman.

  87. gg says:

    Did he purchase that face or did it come that way ????

  88. Izzy says:

    A lot of people don’t belong in your clothes??? Hey, asshat, a lot of people don’t belong in a plastic surgeon’s office, too. Take a look in the mirror, oh King of les Douchenozzles.

  89. Jo Darby says:

    Marketing through making controversial comments? It’s nothing new.

  90. Anna says:

    You guys should read this, it’s a fascination read: http://www.salon.com/2006/01/24/jeffries/

    • Lisa says:

      He sounds like a shaky little chihuahua of a man. “How does it look? Is it cool? What’s the smell like? Attitude! I love attitude. Attitude’s hip, right? This has enough? GUYS, VALIDATE ME PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF AMERICA.”

  91. Boom boom says:

    I think they have some cute looks but I hate having huge logos on my clothes . Abercrombie has become synonymous with douchey preps and thats not the kinda look im going for , it does explain why Ive only seen blondes working there .

  92. Boom boom says:

    Plus those clothes are for high school kids . That guy needs head reduction surgery . So does Kim k ., their heads look over inflated . Maybe its time to cut down on Botox and fillers when you start losing your neck or your eyesballs are the only thing that can move on your big old tater head

  93. sassenach says:

    Comments like that might actually help his sales thus why this is coming back out again years later. Nobody wants to shop at that piece of shit store so they are trying to use his views to appeal to the lowest common denominator consumer. American Eagle, H&M, Zara, Nordstroms etc are they places that people shop when they are looking for trendy clothes. People who are really looking for an All- American preppy look, stick with Polo/Ralph Lauren. Sucks to be him.

  94. Anna says:

    I walk past an Abercrombie store every day on my way to work and I have to say, I have never been tempted to go in. So let this fool troll say what he want, bad business is bad business and when his goes under, 67 percent of the population will laugh.

  95. HappyJoyJoy says:

    So when does he resign?

  96. Adrien says:

    Whatever. I always associate that brand of clothing to the LFO song.

  97. Miller says:

    Stupid move being vocal about wanting only popular, fit people buying your clothes. We’ve known for years that Abercrombie and Fitch doesn’t exactly cater to curvy people- a size 10 more of fits like a size 6- and it was already obvious that they cater to the All American girl or boy next door type. But they do have a right to only wanting to cater to a very small demographic. Their brand will likely fade into obscurity because of it.

    Besides, whenever I go in there, it feels like they pretty much never ever came out with new designs or anything. Even brands that stick to a certain vibe like Free People (hippieish and bohemian) or J. Crew (preppy) at least come out with new designs. Besides, anyone can buy their clothes anywhere else for a lot cheaper.

  98. videli says:

    Here’s an article written by a former AB ‘model’ – sale representative. The guy made it for 2 hours only. It’s pretty hilarious. That kind of work sounds stultifying.


  99. nina says:

    This company showed their racist and sexist and faux elitist tendencies for years now. There image is so hitler nazi youth-ish, and it’s hilarious this guy says such things with a straight face with that effed up face of his. It only makes it more entertaining.

  100. Chris says:

    Its pretty obvious from the photo (which clearly shows all the plastic surgery that he’s had) that his attitude about “cool” kids doesn’t come from his own first-hand experience as one. He was obviously the chubby (hence the emphasis on clothes for slimmer people), nerdy kid in school who was shunned by the cool, thin kids, and now is desperate for their favour by pandering to them in the design and marketing of the clothes.

    Look at what he did to his face – does that look like someone who grew up with confidence in his looks? No, this is a guy who never got over his lack of status in high school and now that he’s CEO of a clothing company, he’s using that pain to get in with the cool likds who shunned him as a youth.

    It’s actually sad a pathetic more than anything, especially since A&F isn’t nearly as cool anymore as he thinks it is. One thing with “cool kids” – they move on the next cool thing quickly. In fact, its more than likely that most of the kids wearing his clothes now are kids who are just like he was – aspirational kids trying desperately to fit in with the “cool” crowd.

  101. some bitch says:

    I went to a high school with uniforms, but we had one day each month to “dress down”. The biggest group of d-bags could be identified purely by their A&F clothing.

    As for A&F and their horrible stores, I’ve only ever been in one to take my cousin shopping. He’s about 15 and athletic, so he fits in with their demographic. He’s sweet kid and was actually upset that I couldn’t try on clothing AND because the staff ignored me the entire time. Then again, I’ve been ignored at ALDO too so maybe I’m not fitting into some desired demographic these mall brands are trying to market to.

  102. SandyStrange says:

    Glad I can’t were A&F cloths…they are so bland and boring they make my eyes dry up.

  103. Grant says:

    Abercrombie and Fitch is so 2006. I stopped shopping there after I graduated high school.

  104. EscapedConvent says:

    The blond model dude in the third pic? That must be what Jeffries sees in his mirror.

  105. gogoGorilla says:

    Interestingly, if you look at the pics on the front page, he is now showing right next to Blohan. They look like ugly surgical doll twins.

  106. MissKittyKay says:

    Who cares. It isn’t 1999. No one wears their clothes

    • Emily says:

      Did anyone wear their clothes in 1999? I can’t remember a time my friends and I didn’t just zoom past their store to avoid the blaring music and boring clothing. I don’t understand how they’ve stayed in business this long.

  107. holly hobby says:

    Well then he shouldn’t wear his own company’s clothes either because that face does not fit his “brand.”

  108. LaurieH says:

    Ironic marketing stance, given that Jeffries wouldn’t be able to meet his own standards for shopping in his store. He has a face like a truck. As for A&F, regarding itself as “exclusive” is also a bit of an irony, given that the clothes are poorly made and completely unimaginative. And then there’s the store itself, which I walk quickly by on my way to Blue Mercury, to avoid the obnoxiously loud music and noxious fumes of cheap cologne. Lots of things are at play regarding A&F’s slumping sales: Jeffries douchy attitude, over-priced cheap clothes and oh…the brand is passe. Maybe he can wait 25 years and make a comebck like Lacoste. In the meantime, he might want to cut back his classes at Uncle Karl’s School of Inflated Egos.

  109. Emily says:

    I’ll just point something out here:

    I cannot shop at this store, as they do not carry my size. I am just barely in the “overweight” of the BMI. (The BMI is nonsense, but it’s useful for this purpose.)

    My husband can shop at this store, as they do carry his size and three sizes above it, and he is just barely in the “obese” category of BMI. Of course, neither of us would want to shop at the store, as the clothing is overpriced, of shoddy quality, and thoroughly boring, but there it is.

    This is gender discrimination. If Frankenstein’s monster up there wants to only cater to thin women, then he needs to only cater to thin men too.

  110. Lisa says:

    Someone with a surgically jacked up face and body shouldn’t dictate ideals.

    It says a lot about society, however, when anyone who ISN’T plus size is considered a freak of nature, as these comments suggest. Don’t argue for body acceptance and diversity if you’re going to trot out a thinly veiled attack on smaller bodies in the process.

  111. Viv says:

    I love that he does not want anyone ugly or over a size 10 to wear the clothes but then forgot to send that memo to all the bootleggers in Thailand. ;-)
    You can buy tons of A&F clothing there, even if you are as ugly as Mike Jeffries and they might even have an XL for you. No biggie.

  112. rachel says:

    i just wish a load of ‘fat’ ‘unnattractive’ ‘unpopular’ kids wear A&F just to piss this jackass off. i’d rather be fat and unpopular than to ever wear his garbage clothes

  113. Kristin says:

    If he only wants a certain type of person to wear their clothes he should probably step back and realize that he’s not marketing towards old men and change his own clothes stat.

  114. Lisa says:

    In a longer version of the article, he talks about wanting to not be vanilla, but isn’t that what an all-American image is? It’s a safe, mainstream, good-girl/boy type that never deviates from or questions the norm. It’s like a boring sort of faux-elegance that’s supposed to be effortless, but this guy’s so dumb, he just exposed his own flawed logic. If it were effortless, then the right people would just flock to the store. They wouldn’t have to have the policy in the first place. And there’s nothing elegant or wholesome about the way they treat their employees or customers.

  115. aang says:

    I hate hate this store and Hollister as well. My twelve year old dancer without an ounce of fat on her body and a sixpack has a hard time fitting her muscular thighs into the skinny jeans at the kids store. She is 5ft and 85 lbs and too big for their kids sizes?? At twelve she has to shop at the adult store and buy a 00 or XS and even then they must be stretch or they are too tight in the thighs. The shorts they market to preteens are so short they are almost underwear. Can’t stand it and can’t wait for my daughter to fit the junior sizes at H&M and Forever 21 so we can stop going to this store. XS at other stores are still too big on her so I know Abercrombie sizing is screwed up. Plus the shopping bags border on being p0rnographic.

  116. boo says:

    All I want to know is what’s wrong with his face? It looks like some sort of mask, I guess being the owner he can choose the people that work in his store, but if someone came in looking like him, I’m sure they would be turned away. He looks monstrous.

  117. Ryan says:

    A&F clothes are boring and lame as f–k, anyway. I never thought anyone wearing A&F was cooler than anyone else.

  118. Cirque28 says:

    If he could move his face, he’d be glaring at all of you right now.

  119. Isabelle says:

    The only time A&F was ever popular was the 90′s. they haven’t been relevant since the late 90′s early 2000. Not many people wear it and it’s a joke of a store. Hate going into the stores because they smell like over-sexed too much cologne wearingjocks and the music is loud enough to wake the dead. Hate A&F.

  120. skuddles says:

    You’re right dude, a lot of people DON’T belong in your clothes because you don’t deserve their patronage.

    ps… your face is melting.

  121. Regarded says:

    This Jeffries guy is delusional. As a college student living in Los Angeles, I can say that while I was in high school, a lot of people wore Abercrombie & Fitch. It was the cool brand to wear.
    However, I really do think their popularity is dwindling for a few reasons. First of all, their clothes are boring and expensive. Who wants to pay $40 for an orange polo with a moose on it?
    Second of all, it’s so much easier to look trendy and fabulous for a way lower price if you shop elsewhere.
    Third of all, it is so easy to outgrow this brand. It might have been cool and on point in high school, but when you’re in college/grad/school/an adult, it’s downright embarrassing.
    Even if you love the preppy look, you get better quality clothes and more versatility elsewhere (ie. J Crew)
    I hope he realizes that targeting the “cool kids” is a stupid marketing technique because not only is this niche diminishing, but it’s rapidly transitioning as well. What a moron.

  122. mslewis says:

    I really hate to see any of my young relatives wearing these crappy clothes. It literally makes me sick to my stomach. I try to educate them to this store’s policies and some of them listen, and stop buying, and some of them don’t. I know this man has a right to sell to whomever he wants but my mission is to stop anybody I know from spending their money in his stores.

  123. MsAubra says:

    I have never even stepped into an AF store, so I only know what their clothes look like because of other people who wear it. But I think if anything, what he says (not justifying what he said at all)is reflective of what you will deal with day to day if you’re not “one of the cool kids”. I went through it (being socially awkard in middle school), I had freinds who went thorugh it and a few who were overweight. I can honeslty say however, we were pretty self aware of ourselves inspite of how some of our peers tried to make us feel, although each of us may have had that one moment/incident that was the so called “game changer”. I just don’t know why anyone is surprised and why you would care to protest and yell to the mountain tops for people not to shop there, I don’t think they put much of a dent in the clothing sales among popular brands and chains. Those same “cool kids” that shop there also shop at H&M and F21 as well, shooooot we still have a Benneton store in the city where I live!

    But truth be told, I do feel the “real women” movement has become somewhat passive aggressive and a bit annoying as well. It’s unfortunately given some who are more than curvy the facade that they’re curvy when they’re not, and has just become a burden on closing the gap between competition among women and invited them in to take sides all over again…

  124. sashavice says:

    My sister applied for a job there. They told her to target white, attractive teens and ignore black people and over weight people. She got the job, but declined.

  125. nina says:

    dumb ass. people just need to laugh in his fantastic four face(he looks like the stone dude) and refuse to buy any clothes that promote child pornographic fashion, sexist sizing, and racist employment practices.

  126. Jamie says:

    wow what a creepy looking dude! He needs to stop screwing with his face trying to look younger cause it ain’t working!

  127. Lauren says:

    ” no uglies allowed!”, Screams worlds ugliest man.

  128. onegirlup says:

    This guy’s hideously FUGLY…and he said WHAT? It’s obvious he never has looked in the mirror. He reminds me of the “cat lady” Jocelyn whatever her last name is. BTW I’m sorta embarrassed to admit to being so out of it but whenever I saw that “store” at the mall I thought it was some sorta’ restaurant/arcade like a Temple of Doom themed restaurant and/or a Pirate themed restaurant/arcade… or ? NEVER ventured in that cold dead pre fab waste of space. It always brought purchasing passes, tickets or tokens to mind as I uninterestedly PASSED on by.. ha ha ha
    giddy the fug up!

  129. Nikita says:

    Wow, how rude. when i was the first time in the states in 2001, i visited a a&F store and a employee (tall blond beach boy) came to me and asked me if i wanted to work there. i was like : what? no thanks, im just here for my holidays LoL so now i can feel honored?! haha well im also blonde and tall but thats really mean

  130. diane says:

    he’s trying WAY too hard to be cool and young with his ripped jeans and WHITE flip flops. DOUCHE!

  131. Tif says:

    You know what’s really cool? A 60-something man talking about what the “cool kids” look like? Are you kidding me? This is exactly the kind of crap that we don’t need as we have kids killing themselves because of bullying.

  132. Daphne says:

    What a jerk. I never liked their clothes and I certainly won’t be buying any now. I am probably too “old” and “fat” for this creep’s clothes and I am a size 10. For the record, I don’t think I am that fat. It boggles my mind that more people don’t make cute plus size clothes. It is a market that is ready to spend money if it was more available to them. I think if someone made nice, stylish clothes targeted at the plus size market they could make a fortune.

  133. Ruffian9 says:

    At 43, I’m just going to assume that I am far too aged to wear A&F. This realization, of course, has crushed me to the core.

  134. novaraen says:

    The clothes are LAME anyway…and THANKFULLY I hardly ever see anyone wearing their crappy stuff anymore.

  135. LilDebbie says:

    At commenter “Annette” at top of page – go boo hoo elsewhere. Your hate of fatties is overshadowing your common sense. Poor bullied skinny women. Sob.

    • Tasha says:

      So are you saying it ok to bully a thin person but not a “plus” size person?

      It seems your is overshadowing your common sense and you comment.

    • LL says:

      mte. I don’t where she lives at but the only stores that ‘cater’ to plus-sizes are Lane Bryant & Torrid. Every where else is for smaller women (12 and lower). Her comments remind me of people crying about “reverse racism”.

    • Wow says:

      “It is SO HARD for me to deal with the slings, arrows, vicious insults and subtle discrimination of sadly heavier women. Being thin is of course highly socially desirable and rewarded whereas fatness is not, but it’s just not easy to fall asleep when I think of how poorly I’ve been treated by stores like Torrid daring to exist.”

      She’s a passive-aggressive piece of work. Ignore, ignore.

  136. Loulou says:

    Well he doesn’t lead by example. He’s absolutely repulsive. Sorry.

  137. JayL says:

    If the clothes don’t fit – don’t wear them. Problem solved.

  138. rkintn says:

    I can’t even stand to walk by their store because they REEK of that crappy cologne they sell. Dude should try looking in a mirror once in awhile. There is such a thing as too much plastic surgery.

  139. Dana says:

    I also think that Jeffries’ vendetta against the Situation didn’t help his business. And then selling “Fitchuation” tees was just insipid.

  140. geet says:

    The perfume stink wafting from A and F offends me. You cannot walk by that store in the mall without gagging. His face looks like a deflated tire.

    That said, as a size zero woman, I cannot find clothes that fit me in most popular stores. I totally appreciate offering clothes that fit women of all sizes, but when I put on a size zero in the Gap or Banana Republic and it’s way too big, that’s just false sizing. I am not a skeleton by any means, so the fact that I have to go to the juniors section or tailor all my clothes means that something is off.

    • elizak says:

      I have the same problem, especially with jeans. Even when there is a store/brand that has a size zero that fits me, its rare to be able to find my size (I also usually need a shorter inseam). I am not a fan of A&F at all, but I know I can find my size there. They also run sales on their jeans frequently enough that I never have to spend more than 40 dollars for a pair of jeans that will last at least a few years.
      I’m not at all saying that the fact that there aren’t stores targeted towards thin woman is unfair. I know that I’m lucky to have my body. But I also worked pretty hard to get it like this and keep it like this, so I don’t want to have to walk around in baggy jeans.

    • xoxokaligrl says:

      Yeah, a lot of stores false size. Except most standard sizes are made for one type of body.

  141. JayL says:

    I do NOT feel sorry for people who can’t fit into these clothes. Go buy somewhere else!

  142. Moi says:

    Nice puffy plastic surgery face and chompers. LOL I’m thinking he doesn’t belong in his line of clothing either. ??? Maybe women’s clothing?

  143. Shelley says:

    This big momma’s money will never be spent in this store to buy my skinny daughter anything!

  144. Scout says:

    I worked at the home office in New Albany, Ohio for 2 years and the style is described as “All American” which is basically young, thin, white and affluent. Those falling outside the aesthetic are considered “brand negative”. Abercrombie incinerates hundreds of thousands of dollars of clothing per year as opposed to donating it because its considered brand negative for someone in a lower income neighborhood to be seen in their products. It’s also why they vigorously seek out knock offs.

  145. Hotkatchina says:

    ..and THAT is why he looks like a monster

  146. Mar says:

    My good friend has a high ranking job with the company- she told me that they are not allowed to gain weight or they can get fired.

  147. Marta says:

    A&F is people without own style, doesn´t matter if young or old , thin or fat. A&F for fashion is like MCDonalds for gourmet- cheap and no taste, after few You got enough for life.

  148. LMB says:

    It’s probably a good thing for him that it’s only about size and not about beauty. Because then he would not be allowed to shop in his own business.

  149. Gossip Garl says:

    Look who’s talking bout being FUGLY.He should be FIRED as the CEO, for looking so GOD DAMN UGLY!

  150. Happyhat says:

    A&F completely passed me by – perhaps they took their time getting to the UK (are they even in the UK?). But as far as I’ve been aware of them, I thought they were always a brand that catered for the 80′s/early 90′s-style high school bully? Like, if you were alternative you shopped at Urban Outfitters, goth or emo you went to Hot Topic and if you were a high school bully type you went to A&F…

  151. Dani says:

    Their clothes are huge. I usually wear medium clothes in every other brand but a small is too big for me at A&E so methinks he protests too much.

  152. SafetyJan says:

    I am a little late to respond, but all Cat-Faced men are allowed to run their business the way that they see fit, even if it is down into the p00per.

  153. Norman says:

    He and his company are the least qualified to talk about “a lot of people don’t belong in out clothes” since his company has been accused of discrimination in hiring against women and minoritys in Gonzalez vs. Abercrombie & Fitch in 2005. One thing that can almost always be said about the none anchor stores that line the hallways of the local mall is that these stores cater to certain demographics on sex, age and build. We know that Forever 21, H&M, and VS is marketed to thin young women, we know Lane Bryant and Torrid is marketed to plus sized women, Big and Tall or big and tall men and A&F is geared mostly to young and thin/fit men.
    I don’t think that the issue is who its products are marketed to but how the words are presented at its sounds overly exclusionary.

  154. Mouse says:

    What a creepy, self righteous, plastic closet case.

  155. Mario says:

    “Attractive”? Is he kidding, he looks like a gay Swedish Frankenstein, you could make a mold of his face and sell it as zombie mutilated Thor for Halloween.

  156. VioletCrumble says:

    I didn’t know anything about A&F, so looked it up. It’s not his company. As someone above said, he’s merely the CEO. Hes just head of a corporation, which is meant to make money for its shareholders. In any case, their clothes don’t appear to be anything special. I was in our huge local shopping centre today, and there are at least 20 shops selling almost identical clothing, at lower prices and up to size Australian 16-18. We are free to shop where we want, obviously, but since A&F aren’t doing anything special, design-wise, they have to take their chances in the marketplace just like others selling very similar items.

    I doubt he has any design or fashion expertise, so let him have his idiotic opinions. They match his idiotic face perfectly.

  157. xoxokaligrl says:

    Alot of people do not belong with that face.

    Ugh he looks nasty….

  158. hownowbrowncow says:

    He has a right to say anything he wants. . .and a right to tank his brand, which he is doing a great job of. Offensive comments don’t fly in the current climate and will kill your sales/customer base. I’m also pretty certain that, with all the negative press he’s been getting lately, he’ll be looking for a new job really soon.

  159. Sarah says:

    So I suppose he doesn’t wear his own clothes then, seeing as he looks like a melted wax work of Boris Johnson. Shallow twat.

  160. Moi says:

    Thought you would enjoy this… Dude almost 70, has boyfriend and can rival Tom Cruise for cRaZy controlling behavior.


  161. RHONYC says:


    lets make a deal :roll: ~

    us fatgirls will stay in our Lane (as in ‘Bryant’ Lol) just as long as your
    Phantom of the Opera CEO puts on a mask & stays in his! Kays? 8O

    YYY-IKES! :?

  162. Hrrw says:

    The obesity epidemic is at an all-time high. Some people would do better spending their time on a healthy eating plan and exercise, rather than getting angry at a clothing company for not making plus sized clothing. Start your own clothing company, if you have enough gumption to do so!

  163. Zinzah says:

    Quite an odd policy from such an ugly man…