LeAnn Rimes sent Brandi flowers for Mother’s Day, Brandi tweets her thanks

Is anyone else surprised that Brandi Glanville has pretty much been keeping up with her end of the “no more Twitter wars with LeAnn Rimes” thing? I think Brandi chose the right moment to call it quits and exit the battlefield – she waited until she had promoted her book and squeezed every last drop out of the drama, then she assumed the high road and left LeAnn looking like the petty one. And not only that, but I get the feeling that LeAnn doesn’t really know what to do or how to “fight” (not to mention WHO to fight) now.

So LeAnn is just trolling Brandi at this point, or trying to. According to Brandi’s Twitter, LeAnn sent Brandi flowers for Mother’s Day. Seriously. Brandi tweeted: “I thanked @leannrimes on twitter4 my flowers. Our relationship is that we still dont even say hi at baseball. I dont have her number-thats it.” Which is… terse. And not really a “thank you” so maybe Brandi gave LeAnn the gift of DRAMA for Bonus Mom’s Day, the most important day of the year!!

Then, according to Radar, a Twitter follower asked LeAnn about it and she tweeted that it “was actually the first acknowledgement of my gesture I was made aware of. I didn’t see anything else sent to me. It wasn’t for the ‘thank you.’ It was to just simply say Happy Mother’s Day.” But! I don’t see those tweets on her feed at all. So did she delete them? Probably. She did leave up a bunch of tweets about “Twitter Stepmoms” and motherhood and what one of her friends got her for Mother’s Day (?), as well as this tweet: “I’m always amazed at how twisted things can get. Was just speaking about this in an interview and it never ceases to amaze me.” Eh. I don’t know.

Meanwhile, Radar has a story claiming that Brandi spent Mother’s Day (or the day after MD) “alongside” Scheana Marie, Eddie Cibrian’s other mistress circa 2008-09. Brandi corrected the record, tweeting: “I went to @PandoraVT mothers day brunch on a Monday while my boys were N school I didnt know or did I care that Eddies ex mistress was there.” DRAMA all around.

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  1. brin says:

    Beware of freaks bearing gifts.
    Leechann wants attention…she is the gift that keeps on giving (like the plague).

    • Rita says:

      I love the way Brandi responded. For days before Mother’s Day, LeAnn told her twitter followers that she was going to send Brandi flowers (LeAnn’s idea of taking the high road for the purpose of selling records).

      LeAnn’s fans were hounding Brandi for a thank you so Brandi made it clear on twitter that she was sending the thank you in public because she doesn’t have Eddie’s or LeAnn’s phone number or email.

      Obviously, Brandi was making it very clear that she doesn’t not want to engage LeAnn any more.

      • Annie B says:

        Exactly. And the Twitter “fan” who demanded Brandi thank Leann for the flowers was none other than the one who spent MONTHS talking about vaginal rejuvenation surgery, about Brandi’s vagina looking like a apricot pit (possibly plum or peach, I can’t remember EXACTLY which fruit pit her VAGINA was compared to on NUMEROUS occasions). Though this person currently has 2 Twitter accounts the one where she posted all this was “deleted” and re-opened when she wanted to “make peace” and “take the high road”.

        This shit was all Tweeted about approx 3 years ago, when Leann herself blabbed the surgery “privately” to a few of her “favorite fans” her have always been huge assholes to Brandi.

        We ALL know Leann HAD to find out what she was paying for on Eddie’s credit card when Brandi charged it. It’s pretty pathetic Leann has been paying his bills since before Brandi even kicked him out of her life.

  2. SmokeyBlues says:

    Brandi is still pretty involved in all the drama, I don’t really see this as “not engaging”. She needs to get off if twitter, they all do. They are still a pack of low-life immature trashbags as far as I can tell.

  3. Lex says:

    Ughh – Yes Leann is legit crazy but seriously Brandi, move on. You look more and more like gutter trash the more you involve in this passive aggressive douchery. Plus it doesn’t help that your name is ‘Brandi’.
    Your husband is the one who cheated on you and then married the woman. Direct your loathing at him if you must or just simply get over it and stop talking about your plastic surgery vagina. Imagine if your kids read that shizz

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yeah this exactly.

      Hard to believe these women are adults. Seen highschoolers with more maturity and class.

    • Sal says:

      Um, ok wtf is that about her name supposed to mean? She said that was the name she was BORN WITH, it was the name her mother gave her. She didn’t choose that name herself, its the name her mother gave her. What is she supposed to do, offend her mom and legally change her name? Whats wrong with it, anyway?

      Btw, we are all so sick and tired of telling people but this Brandi-Leann thing is NOT…ABOUT……THE…….AFFAIR. Its about how LeAnn and her employees stalk and abuse and taunt Brandi NOW. The affair was FOUR YEARS AGO. It has NOTHING to do with Brandi and LeAnn fued. Ok? rmh Brandi’s beef is with LeAnn because it is LeAnn that taunts her and posts photos of her children, not Eddie. Eddie keeps a low profile, LeAnn is the one causing the trouble. She IS over the affair, she has LONG been over it. Ok? The affair has NOTHING to do with ANY of this.
      PS, LeAnn was the one who leaked about the vaginal surgery. Eddie told LeAnn and then LeAnn leaked this private info to her twitter followers and fans. Hence Brandi clearing up what happened with the surgery in her book. LR leaked it, Brandi simply clarified because LEANN put it out there.

    • fabgrrl says:

      What’s wrong with the name “Brandi”? Is it the “i”? My best friend in 6th grade was named “Brandy” and I thought it was a cool name.

      • Sugar says:

        I too went to school w/a Brandy and that was in the 70′s so “oh my” she was given that name in the early 60′s its a cool name then. Also in the 70′s that song came out Brandy you’re a fine girl. the girl I knew got embarassed when it played just like I do when my “name” song plays not because of our names but because people point & sing at you

    • eileen says:

      So now we’ve moved to disliking Brandi because of her name?? lol uhhhhhhh, ok.
      I’m not sure how she could have controlled what her parents named her as an infant-but if you feel like she is at fault for it, that’s your journey.

  4. Hipocricy says:

    Those two are enganged in the most juvenile high school banter.

  5. NerdMomma says:

    I’ve been waiting for some LR stories! It never ceases to amaze me what a terrible stepmother she is. She and the boys’ mom don’t even say hi when they’re at baseball? That’s so terrible for the poor kids. And Brandi doesn’t have LR’s phone number. Those are Brandi’s kids and regardless of the custody schedule I think a mother should have the ability to get in touch with her kids or the people caring for them at all times, day or night.

    LeAnn should write a book. “How to Be the Worst Possible Kind of Stepmother.” It’s all she knows at this point.

    • Jenny says:

      All of the things you say go for both of these women. Neither is flawless not are they good role models for mom/step-mom relations. Unfortunately, many adults cannot be mature, even for the sake of their children.

    • Hakura says:

      I’m torn over the ‘not having her phone number’ thing… You definitely make a valid point in regards to a mother’s ability to get in touch with her children’s ‘care-taker’ at any time. On the other hand, this women can’t even Twitter civil, & I can see Leann texting her for stupid (pointless) reasons, just to be a barb-in-the-ass, & Brandi either taking the bait, changing her number, or God knows what.

      • claire says:

        I think it was in the book that she has the number to a Magic Jack they have set up in their house, but that it’s “conveniently” rarely plugged in. So to her, it’s like not having a real home number for them, while they can insist that she does have a way to get a hold of them at home. It’s all so immature.

      • Hakura says:

        @Claire – I wonder if she at least has Eddie’s cell. Usually I wouldn’t even think that would be a question, but with these people, who the hell even knows.

  6. Charlotte says:

    I think I would miss it if it left entirely. And I feel dirty admitting that.

  7. Simply Red says:

    I see why people don’t like media because it seems people can’t be mature about situations.

    So what if the chick sent her flowers for Mither’s Day, she is a mother you know!

    Brandi, is very much still stirring drama with LeAnn- Neither of these females are innocent with the dramas…

    If Brandi want to really say thank you call your damn ex and ask for her number or when u see the chick say thank you-

    Bunch of kids in the industry who are suppose to be grown

  8. Cirque28 says:

    …actually the first acknowledgement of my gesture I was made aware of.

    This just screams “gift with massive strings attached.” Not that anyone is surprised. For the love of jesus, LeLe, leave the woman alone. There is absolutely no reason for you to be sending Brandi flowers other than your constant urge to poke her until she reacts. Gifts that come from the goodness of your heart do not require any acknowledgement– nope, not even a little.

    • Jenny says:

      Disagree, I think generally when you give a gift you expect at least some sort of thank you, as opposed to a tweet to your followers that you are saying thank you. The flowers seem like a nice gesture; what strings exactly were attached, act like a normal adult and say thank you?

      • Lady D says:

        Leechann (love that name brin) was telling the whole world for a week before Mother’s Day that she was sending Brandi flowers. A week. Trust, there were strings attached to that gift. Grimes just hates it when Brandi won’t engage, so she has no choice but to tell everyone and then get her twitters sickos to ask over and over and over if B had thanked her yet. Wow what a gift.

      • Jaye says:

        I don’t have a dog in this fight, I think all parties involved have behaved badly. HOWEVER, if those flowers weren’t a manipulation of her fans, the media or whatever, then she wouldn’t have been talking up the gesture at all prior to actually sending them.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        A lot of people use gift giving as a passive aggressive tool to insult, annoy or brag about something. They use gift giving occasions to send a message. Like giving an overweight person a scale, for example.

        Leann is taunting Brandi by sending her flowers. Brandi is totally justified in not thanking her for them. A decent person would just leave it alone at this point, and not expect a jilted ex-wife to be friendly with a mistress.

      • Zooyork says:

        Brandi doesn’t owe Leann anything.

    • Marie says:

      My parents always taught me that a true gift is unconditional. Period. If there are expectations with it, then it’s not a gift, its a way to get something YOU want from the situation or the recipient. Most mature intelligent adults would get in that type of situation the ex will probably not want to receive a gift and forced into a position of response. Leann was going to make sure her ‘gift’ was made public as if to say, “see I’m the bigger person making an effort”. Both sides should just let thing be for a while and focus on the kids PRIVATELY and or get family counselling. For the sake of the kids…take it PRIVATE and KEEP IT PRIVATE. Ahh, but that doesn’t get you headlines, and keep you relevant in celeb gossip does it?

    • Itsa Reallyme says:

      Massive strings is right!
      If Leann was really trying to do a good thing, she would have sent the flowers to Brandi from the KIDS. Her name didn’t need to be involved at. all.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I think that a lot of people on Twitter have been telling Leann to stop with the boys already and back off. This is her pretending to say, oh, yes, Mothers’ Day is for Brandi as she is the boys’ mother. This is her playing a publicity game. I can’t believe people fall for this twit endlessly. I wish her money would run out already.

  9. Brin M says:

    How about an apology first for having an affair with her husband and breaking up the boys family.

  10. Shade says:

    And here I thought they’d both managed to evolve past their silly petty feuds.

  11. Jayna says:

    I can’t stand LeAnn and really am over Brandi, too. But I like Brandi. I am just sick of her fame-whoring, too. LeAnn is pathetic, though. She sent the flowers, and from what I read, had a fake account that only ever posted two things, both about the flowers, to bring attention to the world LeAnn sent flowers, since Brandi hadn’t tweeted anything yet. That account is now deleted. So, obviously, LeAnn was the fake account or Darrell. How pathetic.

    If I were Brandi I wouldn’t have acknowledged the flowers, period, publicly on twitter to play into LeAnn’s game. (Of course, Brandi loves the attention of the drama herself, her name back in headlines.) Extending an olive branch like LeAnn is priding herself on right now is doing that privately and not mentioning it on twitter or, even better yet, tell yourself you will stop carryng on ad nauseum about her kids and keep it to a minimum and stop papping them. That would be a nice Mother’s Day gift to Brandi.

    And that Hoffman’s (friend to both) tweet about being teary-eyed over it. Really? Are you teary-eyed that LeAnn created a fake account to publicly bring attention that she sent flowers? It’s all for attention, look how sweet I am, not a real gesture.

    • Deanne says:

      Forget LeAnn and Brandi. Karla Hoffman is the biggest freak in this mix. She sits on the fence and stirs up the pot, all while claiming to only promote sparkling positivity and “happiful” joy for all. Her tweet about being in tears about the flowers was another KH classic. I don’t know what her deal is, but I do know that there is one. She is getting so much attention being in the midst of the drama and she seems to love it.

  12. heidi says:

    C’mon people~~~didn’t Leann send flowers, tell her minion Ginger H. about it (knowing Gingy would do her dirty work for her by blasting it on Twitter for the world to read)~~~ all so Leann could scrub her tarnished image hoping to sell a few more “Spitfire” cd’s. Let’s not be so naive so late in this never-ending mess! Brandi probably saw right through it with her Scorpionic insight into Leann’s real motives and got pissed off. Too bad Brandi only used her Piscean moon and 4 placement in Libra conciliatory side while with Eddie.

    • BeachBelle says:

      Definitely yes. LeAnn talked Mother’s Day non-stop on Twitter last week making herself look like a damn fool, and she announced late in the week that she was sending Brandi a Mother’s Day present but did NOT say what the present was. Then LeAnn told her minion Ginger Hines about the flowers obviously, and then Ginger stalked Brandi Sunday asking about the flowers and even wanted Brandi to post of picture of them. Brandi’s tweet was a response. Why would you send flowers to a woman you don’t speak to? LeAnn Rimes did not send the flowers as a goodwill gesture. If she had she would have done it quietly and not said one word about it to anyone, or she would have sent them for the boys not herself. She sent them for attention, and because Brandi wants nothing to do with her. LeAnn is a sick evil person.

  13. virginia5 says:

    I find it hard to believe that Brandi did not know Scheana was at the brunch.

    • lem says:

      ehh i took it as she didn’t know ahead of time. and since scheana works for the vanderpump restaurants, it’s not like they aren’t at a lot of the same events (brandi attending and scheana working). i think that article made it into a bigger issue than it really was.

    • Karma says:

      It looks like Brandi has been in mistress twitter hell and was then badgered for answers from LeAnn’s and Scheana’s followers.

      After that tweet, I checked out the mistress’ twitter. It turns out Scheana had posted link to a pic of them together in a group photo at Pandora’s Mothers Day Brunch.


      She then snickers with another poster in the comments about the ‘awkwardness’ in Brandi’s smile.


      So Brandi was getting it from all sides and basically was saying meh, about Scheana being there.

      Brandi was clearly there for Pandora and Fam, but Scheana kinda mean girl’d her anyway.

  14. Annie says:

    These bitches know what they’re selling. If they stop fighting they will fade into obscurity because this drama is the only thing that is interesting about them.

  15. TT says:

    This was nothing more than LR’s way of getting Brandi’s attention again. She cant handle that Brandi isnt paying attention to her any more. I think the person that tweeted to check the flowers for hidden bugs and cameras had the right idea. Wouldnt surprise me if LR planted something in it. How else will she find out what BG is doing and wearing? Everything LR does is calculating and manipulating, I believe she truly thinks everyone else is an idiot and buys her bull.

  16. Isa says:

    As much as it pains me to say this- I think it was nice of Leann to send flowers to her bonus kid’s mother on Mother’s Day.
    Lets face it, the boys aren’t old enough to have a job to send their mom anything, or even know how to send it. When Mother’s Day comes around who helps the kids show their appreciation? The father. What happens when he’s gone? Well hopefully he would still help the kids but of course Leann probably wouldn’t allow that. So there ya go.
    I imagine Brandi probably threw them away.

    • freakingfriar says:

      It would’ve been a nice gesture on LeAnn’s part if she hadn’t announced days before on twitter that she was gonna send Brandi a Mother’s day gift (she wasn’t specific what she was gonna send). Then on Mother’s day LeAnn Rimes favourite fanatic Ginger Hines suddenly got an epiphany that her idol had sent Brandi some flowers (she is the same woman who exposed Brandi’s surgery to the world, LR shares every Brandi related thing via DM with Ginger, of course). Hence Ginger’s Sunday began with berating Brandi over a barrage of tweets for not thanking LeAnn for the flowers. Calling Brandi ungrateful & demanding she put up a twitter pic of the flowers to correct her oversight.

      I think Brandi was fed up by Ginger’s stalking & finally tweeted to and about LeAnn. I think her tweet insinuated that she would’ve thanked her privately rather than on twitter but can’t since they don’t give her their phone numbers. Bottom Line: LeAnn and her “fan”atics are crazy & would do anything to get Brandi’s attention. Brandi needs to stop getting badgered to respond to & about LeAnn. The crazies hound her from multiple twitter accounts to tweet about LeAnn’s “gestures”. She needs to ignore it & basically live her life.

  17. Samigirl says:

    This was really a double edged sword for Brandi. Had she not acknowledged the flowers, she would have received backlash. She tweets her thanks, she receives backlash. And leann looks nice bc she sent the flowers.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      I sort of agree with you, except the part about Leann looking nice. Anyone who has heard anything about this situation would side-eye that gift. Total Trojan horse. Leann has shown that she is not interested in a peaceful co-existence. She just cannot disengage.

      Geez, imagine if your ex-husband was married to someone like that. I am not sure what I would do, personally, but I assume it would not be pretty.

  18. Arock says:

    Amazing we hadn’t heard for leann all week with Mother’s Day last Sunday. I figured radar would have pictures of her in a bikini, carrying her cross through Bergorfs and crying into a shot of tequila that no one cares about bonus moms.

  19. MissBB says:

    I want Brandi’s outfit in the 2nd pic head to toe.

  20. judyjudy says:

    This feels like a grasp from everyone to keep the drama-show between these two alive. It is a damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t situation on both fronts. Let’s ignore them for a year or two (or twenty).

  21. valleymiss says:

    The flowers were either Leann’s desperate grab for attention, or Leann’s attempt to look like she’s burying the hatchet/damage control cuz of the new album Backfire I mean Spitfire. Methinks it’s the latter.

    Still, Brandi’s response was way wordier than it needed to be. “Thanks for the Mother’s Day flowers Leann” was all she needed to say, and then ignore questions from Twitter followers about the current status of their relationship.

  22. Cam S says:

    If Leann truly wanted to send the Mother of her Stepson’s a gift (weird, as Brandi IS NOT Le’s Mother) then she should have done so privately. Why did all Leann’s twitter followers (hate army) have to know about it, and procede to bother Brandi about a response?
    If I were Brandi, not only would I NOT acknowledge the gift, I would have wiped my butt with it, and sent it back.

    Brandi, hon, I will be your free PR person. You needs to learn the correct response to these ridiculous acts that Leann will continue to engage in.

    *** My response for Brandi would have been something like this: “My client refuses to comment on her private life with her ex husband and his (current) wife. She assumed the gift was a private gesture, and her response to that gesture will be handled privately as well. Thank you.”
    End of

    • DreamyK says:

      Yep, that would be a great PR statement.

      On Mother’s Day kids give their mom’s a token of their love. WTF is Leann doing sending someone who is not her mother flowers? Creepy.

      • claire says:

        Because if she sends all these people flowers with Mother’s Day wishes, she’ll get their attention and they in turn will wish her Mother’s Day. That’s the obvious answer to me.

        She said she sent a bunch of women flowers, and we all saw that she spent the whole week prior talking about Mother’s Day. That garnered her tons of Mother’s Day wishes: you’re the best bonus mom ever, Mother’s Day is for you too, Leann, stepmoms have a harder job than moms, etc.

        Desperate attention-seeking and validation. Like air to Leann.

    • candigirl says:

      Great response! Brandi does need more professional help to deal with this situation. She is dealing with a psychopathic stalker who continues to stalk and harass her and the boys. Leann still exploits every detail of the boy’s lives for her fame and fortune. I would love it if Brandi consulted with a security expert and a therapist to help her better protect herself and the boys. My guess is that they (and a good publicist) would say “no response is the best response” Any attention to a stalker feeds their obsession.

  23. Cali says:

    The Mother’s Day brunch wasn’t ON Mother’s Day. For those thinking that Brandi didn’t spend the day with her kiddos. The PR firm for Pandora jewelry sent over photos from it – and it took place earlier in the week ahead of Mother’s Day.

  24. Sugar says:

    I read twitter due to LR my curiosity got the best of me. the week or two before mothers day up to mothers day and now past mothers day and it’s still being talked about. Leave it to LR to hijack a simple day where we honor our mamma & our kids honor us & we wish a happy moms day to our friends, co workers & family. I’m not gonna get into the whole step parent excuse me BONUs mom thing because it was a pretty simple cut & dry celebration day up till LR made it her mission & crusade to make sure she got noticed for being a bonus mom. criminy isn’t there a step parents day on the calendar we have a “day” for grandparents, assistances, bosses & omg today is flight attendant appreciation day! LeAnn you fly here,there, everywhere-we know because you let us know! make sure today you let them know how much you appreciate you for letting them serve you.

    • Karma says:

      I kept checking in on that slow moving train wreck as well. She was just aching to be acknowledged and retweeting anything that promoted the hopes and sorrows of step-mothers being ignored on Mother’s Day. MeAnn really is a good nick for her.

      One of the tweets she said was something about making a story and immediately I thought she was referring to LeAnn’s Bio Mom, storify page. LBM has put together nine separate stories full of tweets and articles that really lay it all out there.

      Be sure to click the ‘Read next page’ link at the bottom to load the entire thread/story.


  25. Mela says:

    Leann did it to get a reaction from Brandi because she is desperate and Brandi has not acknowledged Leann in months. Brandi fell for it, hook, line and sinker. Leann tweeted she was sending the gift and tweeted about it after she sent it. Bizarre behavior. Leann is obsessed with Brandi.

    Leann how about you just STFU with the stepmom crap?

  26. Helvetica says:

    Brandi shouldn’t have tweeted anything.

    It has lowered her to LeAnn’s level.

    And all I think is: Eddie isn’t worth any of this. How sad.

    • baklava says:

      It’s not about Eddie. It’s about the publicity (and therefore star commodity value) that both Brandi and Leann get from their interactions–especially Brandi, since she doesn’t have any other talent from which to generate income. Keeping herself in the news ensures her career with Bravo.

  27. SouthernGal says:

    FACTS people….LeAnn started this crap last week with letting the entire Twitter universe know that she sent something to Brandi. Brandi did send a Thank You on Twitter for “all” of the flowers she received. FACT! Ginger Hines one of LeAnn’s minions decided to harass Brandi on Monday about not personally thanking LeAnn for the flowers which is the reason why Brandi made the announcement on her Twitter. FACT!

    Here is my opinion…if something was done out of the kindness of your heart there should be no reason to make it public nor should any of your trolls/minions know about it. Ask yourselves this…How did Ginger know about the flowers?

    LeAnn direct messages her people to do her dirty work which keeps her hands clean in this entire mess. Brandi hasn’t talked about LeAnn since her last book tour. She’s kept her word and have tried to move on. If most people read her Twitter feed they would know the drama ALWAYS starts with LeAnn.

    I also find it funny how she went on and on about Mother’s Day…more than Brandi and the kids were with their Mom.

    • BeachBelle says:

      Exactly. +1000. I watched it all unfold starting last week myself, and it is not even up for debate. This flower saga is all LeAnn. She only told the people she wanted to stalk Brandi about the flowers so they could do her dirty work for her. LeAnn is a sicko and obsessed with Brandi.

      • Mela says:

        She is SO obsessed with Brandi. Now that Brandi won’t fight with her, Leann is sending flowers and trying to kiss her butt to get her attention. It is seriously bizarre behavior. There is a line thin between Love and Hate and Leann loves Brandi in a stalker/crazed fan way. She craves a reaction from Brandi, which is why she has been provoking fights with Brandi for years using Eddie, the kids and the SWF. Leann got Eddie, why continue to obsess over Brandi? Leann tries to communicate with B indirectly through twitter constantly, all those quotes and references to b’s kids are attempts to get to Brandi.. I always get the feeling Leann secretly wants to be best friends with Brandi and when Brandi rebuffs her (for obvious reasons), Leann goes into her twitter and public rages on B. Leann wants some sort of intimacy, friendship or alliance with Brandi that Brandi will not allow. And Leann is doggedly pursuing it, sending flowers, haunting the periphery of Brandi’s social circle. She probably wishes she could be president of Brandi’s fan club.

    • heidi says:

      Don’t you think Leann speaks directly to Ginger by phone? Does anyone know if Gingy was partners with amejean in spilling Brandi’s vaj surgery over twitter?

      • claire says:

        Probably to the first. Definite yes, saw it with my own eyes, to the second. Even when Leann made a big deal about unfollowing them on Twitter a while back, one of them let slip she was still texting them. Those two are insane. The dude seems to have backed off, but the woman is still going after Brandi.

    • Deanne says:

      What, for the love of all things holy, is with that Ginger person? She talks about how classy she is and then replaces her glamour shot, Twitter photo with an exploitive photo of her and a very ill and fragile family member. That was a moment that should have been kept private. if it was so precious to her, why would she not give that terribly vulnerable person, the dignity of privacy? When people commented as much, she went crying to Brandi about them bullying her. She, the woman who talked and has continued to talk, about Brandi, her vagina, her private life and everything else, in such derogatory and slanderous terms that she comes across as the biggest hypocrite of all time. She now has the nerve to try to instruct Brandi as to how she should respond to LeAnn’s self promoting, flower delivery. Is there no level too low when it comes to LR’s minions. People who support bullies have always fascinated me. Gingie obviously has no power in her real life, but by becoming a henchman for LeAnn, she has a target for all of her frustrations and a master who gives her treats and pats on the head for obeying her orders and doing her dirty work. Oh, and I forgot, she probably got her an ipad too.

  28. Cat says:

    Does anyone really believe Brandi didn’t know Schaena (or whatever) was going to be at the brunch? Tweeting about it clearly shows that she loves the attention and drama, just as much as the next one.

  29. Nava says:

    Anything to make Brandi’s Mother’s Day horrible…you should be proud of yourself, LeAnn *sarcasm*…. Maybe you should take a few lessons from Denise Richards. Just saying….

  30. G says:

    Yeah real mature LeAnn. B*tch is crazy Brandi should be able to get a restraining order.

  31. Rita says:

    It is painfully obvious LeAnn is so obsessed with Mother’s Day and someone else’s children because Eddie made it very clear before they were married that there would be no children and LeAnn would never be a mother.

    When my brother told his daughter that she couldn’t be a princess in real life but she could be president of the United States, my niece walked around for months telling everyone she already was the President of the United States. Of course she was only five at the time which is two years older than LeAnn’s maturity level.

    (LeAnn’s own step mom had a kidney removed a few weeks ago but LeAnn didn’t even know about it until she read it on twitter).

    • Deanne says:

      But Rita, LeAnn talked to her on Mother’s Day and they both cried over how wonderful LeAnn is and how they are both the best bonus Mommies ever. How can LeAnn be expected to know that her other Mom (there’s no step in their family) had a life threatening illness and operation, when she was sitting alone in the hotel room, waiting for Eddie to come home, so she could inspect his dong for lipstick smudges and the smell of baby wipes. LeAnn has to keep her priorities in order after all. I hope she’ll be as understanding when Mason and Jake are too busy with soccer to visit her at the asylum.

  32. DGO says:

    LeAnn’s bonus grandmother died over the weekend, and all she did was tweet about some hair remover or something bizarre like that, that some “friend” sent her.

  33. Jayna says:

    I didn’t follow any of it for a week, so didn’t know all this. I did make one observation reading through her twitter today. Brandi a month back or so had her mom visiting helping her to pack and move and she was tweeting photos and making loving tweets about her mom. Fast forward to a few weeks, week maybe later, LeAnn’s mom comes to visit and she is on her twitter ad nauseum about her mom and how wonderful she is, on and on. I found it interesting and fully believed it was in response to Brandi and her tweets about her mom.

    I’m not usually one to jump on the bandwagon about every one of LeAnn’s tweets, but common sense tells me, with her past obsessive high school behavior, a big part of her ad nauseum tweeting about her mama was consciously or subsonsciously trying to one up Brandi.

  34. Ravensdaughter says:

    Say what you will, the gesture was gracious. I suppose one can dig around for subtext, but Brandi IS the mother of the children who LeeAnn apparently loves, too.
    If the two of them had any class (no comment), LeeAnn sending Brandi flowers for Mother’s Day would be fine
    Reply, not so gracious. Then more Twitter stuff. It makes my head hurt! Really, can these women just move on and stop this incredibly over the top (and at this point BORING) feud?

    • Susie Q says:

      I disagree about Leann being gracious sending Brandi flowers. With the relationship (or lack there of) they have I think it was inappropriate. If someone I disliked sent me something I wouldn’t be happy about it, I would wonder why they hell they did it. Brandi should have just sent a note thanking Leann, that would have stolen all of Leann’s thunder.

      • Lady D says:

        I thought the same thing. Just mail her a thank-you note. Wouldn’t that piss Leann off? She’s not into keeping things private. We all know a pic of the note would end up on twitter ‘somehow’ so the paid minions could earn their keep slamming the gesture.

    • Debbie says:

      I would agree that it was a lovely gesture if these two had a friendly or heck civil relationship. Leanne and Brandi however, don’t so this just feels highly inappropriate and almost sinister, again this interpretation is based on their relationship and not the idea of a mother and step mother getting along.

  35. janie says:

    I find this whole mess stupid. If they were sent out of respect for the boys mom? Thoughtful… but when you have to toot ur own horn? Not so much.. I didn’t know Ed didn’t want more kids? Hasn’t she been trying to get pregnant? This woman wants to be a mom? WTF is with him? Good Grief… No wonder she acts out so much! Dump his cheating rear!!

  36. Jennifer12 says:

    Brandi is stuck in a hellishly impossible situation. Leann is a sociopathic liar who has fixated on Brandi’s children and has them part of the time. What is she supposed to do? She has stopped talking about her ex and Leann, as promised. She has ignored any mention of them to her. Leann then started braying about buying Brandi a gift and getting Ginger after her to acknowledge it. Why? She knew Brandi has been staying away and wanted to get some drama stirred up and some attention going. I cannot imagine having this lunatic fixated on me, much less my kids and having her in charge of them part of the time. I would be insane by now. No one cares about the affair anymore, everyone including Brandi knows that losing Eddie was the real prize because he’s Leann’s problem now. It’s about her stalking and her attempts to co-opt the kids. She made a gesture that she wanted to garner her attention and Brandi didn’t say anything awful but I agree with Cam: say it’s a private matter and end it. Not that Ginger or Leann or Amejean would allow that, but a well phrased answer curtails it because you can say, “I responded and done.” Leann needs a 5150 hold and Eddie deserves neverending hell for what he put and is putting his sons and ex through.

  37. Christin says:

    This seems like a case of sending flowers for show. The timing is also very suspect. Just the latest chapter in the circus that one party refuses to shut down.

  38. SuperSteph says:

    I’m a Stepmom who follows both LeeAnn and Brandi on Twitter. Yup, I’m one of those lame “Twitterstepmoms”. I use it as a support network to help me connect with other Stepmoms. It gives me support and perspective for what is an extremely hard role to play with consistent dignity, maturity, and grace.

    My hubby and I are the F/T caregivers of his 2 kids and their mom is only in the picture when she feels like it. (She’s an alcoholic with personal issues and I do my best not to judge her). All 3 parents have each other’s phone and email. The kid’s mom and I text whenever we need to. Although we aren’t each other’s biggest fans, we respect each other and are polite for the sake of the kids – especially because they are teenagers. If they thought we hated each other they would use it as leverage for their own benefit and play us like fools. Both their mom and I are smart enough to know what we need to do to make life easier for our kids.

    (Yes, I said “our kids”. I consider them my kids too because I love them like my own and care for them everyday. I am their only full time “mother figure”. I do not believe one has to be a biological parent to be a true parent).

    Mothers and Stepmothers need to be the adults for the sake of the kids. I think LeeAnn has been very immature and inconsiderate when it comes to her stepkid’s mother. In return, I think Brandi has responded in kind. The only one who gets hurt in this are the kids.

    I just don’t think leeAnn realizes how hurtful her words and actions have been towards Brandi. I do, however, think she is trying to get better and be a better person. She is just a little dense and a very slow learner. She’s also fairly immature for her age and a bit insecure, which only makes the whole thing worse.

    • Mela says:

      A little dense? A little immature? Thats putting it nicely. She is obsessed with Brandi and is using those children as weapons against Brandi. Leann is a lowlife and there is no excuse for her bad behavior. You don’t need to have a PhD to be a good person and a good stepmom in a blended family.

      She abuses her position and power as a part time step mother to hurt Brandi and Eddie is to blame for allowing her to do so.

      • SuperSteph says:

        I agree that she abuses her power and Eddie is partly to blame for not stopping it. I’m still confused at to why he hasn’t done SOMETHING to stop the BS.

      • BeachBelle says:

        LeAnn’s plan from the get go was for Brandi to go away and be quiet and let her assume her place in the family including be the children’s Mother. LeAnn has tried everything possible to make this happen and will never quit trying. Never ever. I truly feel for Brandi. How do you deal with someone unstable like LeAnn when Daddy sits on his rear spending “Mommie Dearest’s” money and does nothing?

    • Jayna says:

      You don’t think she realizes how much she hurts Brandi? You’re too nice of a person and don’t see her games. Because she plays games. And ths is coming from a nonhater of LeAnn on here, who used to defend her a lot, now only rarely. She is the vindictive one. Just shut up. All the tweeting this past week about bonus moms and the flowers were not a kind thing. I wish it were, but it’s to get attention, hence why she put it out there since Brandi wasn’t acknowledging it on twitter at first.

      I agree that Brandi has pulled some stuff on twitter or publicly interviews that was not in the best interest of her children and only to gain hype for her book.

    • DGO says:

      @SuperSteph – Brandi’s not an alcoholic or absentee mother. She hasn’t died. She doesn’t need to be replaced nor does she need help in mothering her own children.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Steph, you’re in a different situation. Brandi is a terrific mother and is fully present in her kids’ lives. Not only did Leann help break up Brandi’s family, but she has been trying for years to replace Brandi as a mother. It’s beyond sick. Leann’s mother has even had her room painted with pictures of Brandi’s sons and their names. And that’s not even counting the photos of Leann and Eddie making out and Leann grabbing Eddie’s crotch repeated in front of the boys. And Eddie and Brandi had just separated. Leann wants to play Mommy, and figures she replaced Brandi as wife, why won’t she STFU and let her play the mother role? I truly don’t know how Brandi has stayed sane throughout this.

  39. Chell says:

    On a different note, download the VINE app & follow Meann…the videos she has posted are so beyond juvenile! If I didn’t know any better, I would think she was in high school!
    Her emotional IQ is that of a teenager & I would wager she will NEVER change. You don’t send someone flowers that you are still bashing on Twitter. It’s hypocritical & immature. She is so transparent! I give Brandi so much credit for not physically hurting this woman!

  40. KellyinSeattle says:

    I really don’t think Brandi should’ve even acknowleged the flowers. It’s pretty bad when you can predict …”Okay, Mother’s Day is coming…let’s just wait to see Leann put on a show”..and it happens. She’s just too predictable and likes the drama to keep herself relevant. If LeAnn kids, I really doubt she’d be gracious to another woman being a bonus mom to her kids. Does that make sense?

  41. Emily says:

    I seriously, no joking, think LeAnn’s in love with Brandi. But LeAnn is a very, very confused woman, so she keeps trying to BE Brandi instead of admitting her feelings, and keeps trying to be in Brandi’s life any way she can.

    • candigirl says:

      I think you’re right, and I think that it’s a romantic and sexual crush. Like the kind teen girls get on pop stars. It’s why Leann does such stupid and obvious gestures.
      She has tried to become Brandi and to copy every aspect of her life like in the movie “Single White Female” because she is really in lust with Brandi and obsesses about her. She will do anything and everything to get Brandi to notice her. My advice for Leann is to fixate on someone else honey: “She’s Just Not That Into You”

  42. Rita says:

    While we’re on the subject of respecting mothers and acknowledging the difficult but loving job involved in mothering, let’s not forget Kim Smiley who is a mother of 6 children, 4 of whom are adopted with special needs and LeAnn has been trying over the past six months to force them into poverty with a vindictive lawsuit.

    LeAnn’s calling seems to be to find her perverted gratification in the “raping” of the lives of good, decent, and loving mothers….rape is by no means too strong a word.

  43. Leslie says:

    Poor poor pitiful LeAnn. She will do anything to try and get attention.

  44. Love Gossip says:

    Here are the tweets that started the Mother’s Day conversation regarding Leann gifting something to Brandi:

    Misty Torres ‏@MistyMommy 10 May
    @leannrimes Great planning ahead! Did u order/plan or help your stepsons make something for their mom?

    2:43 PM – 10 May 13 · Details
    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian ‏@leannrimes 10 May
    @MistyMommy I have not been home w/ them sadly. She is however receiving something from me.

    Misty Torres ‏@MistyMommy 10 May
    @leannrimes Oh I’m sorry, I thought u were home early in week! Great to hear n great for your stepsons to see Dad & Stepmom honor their Mom!

    @MistyMommy I don’t know I’d they will know that I did anything, but thats ok. It was my gesture from stepmom to mom. The first year I was w/ them I helped them make cards for her. It’s all so different than what some would like to believe or what has been portrayed.

    This tweet is why Brandi responded:
    GingerPhines ‏@GPhines 12 May
    @BrandiGlanville @darinharvey What about the flowers LeAnn sent you? Let’s see a pic :)
    7:28 PM – 12 May 13

    GingerPhines ‏@GPhines 13 May
    @ch4rl00tte @BrandiGlanville @darinharvey It was a thoughtful gift. LeAnn wanted to send her a gift and wish her a good day with the kids.

    GingerPhines ‏@GPhines 13 May
    @BrandiGlanville I don’t see where you tweeted a “thank you” to her. It was a thoughtful gesture acknowledging you on your “special” day.

  45. Zooyork says:

    The fact that Leanne chose Mother’s Day, as opposed to any other holiday as her time to ‘reach out with a gesture to Brandi’ proves that Leanne’s intent was to hurt/anger Brandi.
    The most contentious element of Brandi and Leanne’s relationship is Leanne’s attempts to mother the boys herself and minimize Brandi’s role, (which is utterly sick).
    Of course calculating Leann chose to send Brandi a gift on the holiday that focuses on this contentious issue, as opposed to say Christmas.

    • Christin says:

      My personal opinion is that massive insecurity is the underlying issue. B and E have a lifelong bond through those boys. And E didn’t exactly run away from B once news of the affair broke. Some might say she’s clueless, but I think these are two things the current wife fully realizes. The timing was awful. It just looks too self-promoting and less than genuine.

      Is Ed unable to send the mother of his children flowers, from the boys? He seems to just drift along in this relationship.

  46. Jayna says:

    Lord, that link someone posted above chronicling LeAnn’s obsessive Mother’s Day tweets is beyond bizarre, totally bizarre. She is making an issue of Mother’s Day all over the place. She must be back on Adderall and speeding away, manically posting. She took over Mother’s Day for sure trying to make points about how important her role is as bonus mom during this Mother’s Day and get attention. It actually is sad how mental she is. The only silly thing is LeAnn’s detractors acting no better calling her a stalker for going to Canada to be with her husband. Spare me. If I had a husband in Canada away for months, I would be with him as much as possible, enjoying a great country, and it’s not stalking. Even a sane person knows it’s best to be together, not apart for long periods of time. They just end up looking like trolls posting like that and takes away from true comments that make a point about her bonus mom behavior.

    And I saw she retweeted a “profound” statement by the wise and deep Paris Hilton. I was on the floor laughing. Retweeting a comment by that superficial airhead, who adds nothing to society except taking up air space, as something deep to agree with is desperation.

  47. Snowpea says:

    Oh Lord have I MISSED the Hillbilly Triangle from Hell.

    Still up to their usual tricks I see. I still think Brandi is a total badass but now…*sigh*…it’s almost like a symbiotic relationship between these two…like the staghorn plant attached to the tree ;)

  48. LisaMarie says:

    a bit off topic – Can someone tell me where to get that shirt Brandi is wearing in the last photo???

  49. Teresa__Maria says:

    All this SWF stuff LeAnn has been pulling for the last years has made me wonder whether her insecurities and obsessions have something to do with Eddie still having feelings for Brandi.
    He might not mention it, he might not even admit that to himself, but there might be some attraction he feels towards Brandi and I am sure LeAnn feels that. It just takes one little (even unintended) comment like “Brandi used to wear bikinis like that” to turn an insecure woman like Leann into a stage five clinger & massive stalker