Kim Kardashian shows off her very swollen feet in clear plastic heels: gross?

Here are some new photos of Kim Kardashian and her mother, Lucifer’s Homegirl, out and about in LA yesterday. Kim doesn’t look too bad here – her clothes are still too tight, but I don’t feel like her unborn child is being smothered by ten layers of maternity Spanx at least. There is one really unfortunate thing though:

OMG. OH. MY. GAWD. Why would you do this to yourself? If your ankles and feet are that swollen and you don’t need to wear heels, for the love of God, just wear flip-flops. Why bother with any of this? Just wear sweatpants and flip-flops and keep your feet up. Enough.

As for this other stuff… well, I’ll get to it, but have I ever told you that my mom has very strong feelings about the Kardashians? My mom has a theory that Kim is just going to give birth, profit from the baby and just leave the baby to be raised by Kris Jenner and Auntie Khloe & Kourtney (and probably a lot of nannies). My mom said, “Say what you will about Kourtney, but she raises her children.” And you wonder how I got to be such a judgy bitch. Anyway, in that same vein, Kim is super-pissed that Kanye is planning to go on tour two seconds after the baby is born:

Kim Kardashian is furious that her baby daddy boyfriend, Kanye West, is planning to go on an international tour to promote his upcoming album after the reality star gives birth, has learned exclusively.

Kanye’s soon-to-be-released yet untitled record, which is expected to drop on June 18, will be “launching a worldwide tour later this fall, early next year. Kim is giving birth in July, and the baby will only be a few months old when Kanye goes out on the road,” a source close to the family exclusively told Radar.

“Needless to say, Kim is very unhappy that Kanye won’t be around as much because of his work. Even if she flew on a private jet with the baby to see Kanye, it would be impossible for mother and baby to be on the road with him. Kim wants to breast feed for at least the first six months. The baby needs to be on a schedule, and that is hard when crossing time lines.”

Complicating matters, Kim will be required to be in Los Angeles this winter to shoot Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“Kim just feels like she can’t win. She feels that both of their work schedules are going to prevent them from spending quality time together after the baby is born,” the insider revealed.

[From Radar]

Kim is planning to breastfeed for six months? I’ll believe it when I see it (and we probably will see it on a “Very Special Episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians: The Lactation.”) But yeah, if Kanye is going on tour my guess is that Kim will be following him and she’ll leave the baby with her mother. And thus Kris Jenner got another generation of children to pimp.

Meanwhile, this happened (NSFW language, beware):

Kanye performed at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC and he rapped about how he wasn’t a celebrity and it’s all pretty much how you think Kanye really does think about himself. You can read the full transcript here at Complex.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. CTgirl says:

    Her feet look like two pigs in a blanket. Disgusting.

  2. gillie says:

    oh my gosh… that hurts to just look at.

  3. Suze says:

    No doubt this is a real pregnancy and no pillows involved.

    I hate to say this, but I feel sorry for Kim and have done so all through this pregnancy. She isn’t someone who carries “effortlessly”.

    • Lilo says:

      I think she could, if she let herself. She could wear comfy clothes and flats, she could stay at home and rest her back and feet…but instead she just tries to look like a stylish, fit pregnant woman at all cost. Always out and about, always ready for the cameras, always presenting herself. It’s her choice to experience her pregnancy like that, no pity here.

      • swack says:

        I so agree with you. The shoes and dress are too small. The dress could be better if it was a size or two larger. When I was pregnant, it was barefeet whenever I could and my mom constantly yelled at me for being barefoot – my feet were going to spread (never did). Also, don’t most docs tell you if you are swollen like that you should put your feet up, hopefully above heart level – even when I had surgery on my knees and foot I was told that.

      • Jane says:

        Agree. She has moved from mildly amusing to pathetic. She does not have to wear the clothes she wears, especially those shoes, UNLESS she WANTED the attention–she knew she would be photographed and blogged about ad infinitum, “Poor Kim, look at her swollen feet”.

        No one makes her dress the way she does, it is all down to her and it has nothing to do with being pregnant.

    • karmasabiatch! says:

      Suze, I feel sorry for her, too. Never thought I’d say those words, right?

      Has anyone noticed how royally pissed off Kimmie looks at White Oprah? That is some major side eye going on from daughter to mother. Just sayin’

    • Nina W says:

      I have zero sympathy for her on this. She choose pregnancy, she’s having a healthy and easy pregnancy as far as I can tell and her problems all seem to be self-induced drama. I get that she wants sympathy but that doesn’t mean she deserves it.

  4. Becky says:

    Would someone who is as big of a control freak as Kim is let someone else raise her child though?

    • Badirene says:

      Sorry to say but I think she would when the novelty wears off. We are talking about a woman who did not want her husband to move his stuff into her home, lawd knows how she will deal with a baby and its needs.

    • Itsa Reallyme says:

      I really hope I’m wrong and I really hope that the love she feels for that baby changes her BUT I don’t see her as being able to put herself aside for the needs of her child. I think she’ll be one of those women that tries bf for 1 day and then says she “didn’t make enough milk” and call it a day. Maybe she’ll hire Kourtney to be her wet nurse. lol
      I think she’ll play “mommy” on camera and have no use for it when the show isn’t taping.

    • la chica says:

      You have to see the Daily Online video of this mess to appreciate how much pain Kim is in. The shots from the side and behind make her look like a huge whale. And Pimp Mama Kris is just smiling at her Kash Kow who can barely walk. It’s all disgusting.

  5. Bianca says:

    I barely know who this person is, so I shouldn’t even care, BUT WHO ON EARTH WOULD DO THAT TO THEIR OWN VERY FEET AND OH MY GOD WHY?!

    • Jenny says:

      I know, WHY?? I worked until I gave birth (running around and on my feet all day) and as my feet started to get really swollen began wearing sneakers to work; I just had to and looking at these pictures makes me feel the vicarious need for a foot rub!

  6. Hpeeps says:

    I was convinced she just had terrible taste, but this has to be on purpose to garner sympathy/ attention, right? I can’t imagine any other reason for this. The bad dressing, ok, but the foot torture?

  7. someone says:

    Is the thing around the ankle part of the shoe or is she wearing spanx on her feet?

  8. teehee says:

    Wouldnt a mroe loving mother insist that her poor daughter get not only off her feet, but out of those awful shoes? As far as I can imagine, if my mom saw my feet were that swollen shed be running towards me with a hot towel or hot water bottle and a bunch of pillows so I coudl rest!!

  9. LL says:

    Her poor feet. On another site, someone joked that her feet look like can of biscuits that popped and that’s all I can picture when I see her feet look like this.

  10. Belle Epoch says:

    Has anyone discussed WHY she got so enormous? Is this emotional eating? Or eating buttered Pop Tarts like Jessica Simpson? I gained a boatload of weight while pregnant but it also wasn’t my “profession” to be papped every minute of the day. Just odd.

  11. ncboudicca says:

    She doesn’t have to wear flip flops, but maybe some booties or something. Nothing that cuts her feet into thirds like that.

    I can’t stand this family, but now I feel kind of bad for hating them after my sister (a flight attendant) told me that she’s had Kim and other Kardashian-Jenner family members on flights and that they’re always very nice and polite.

    • anneesezz says:

      I guess you can have manners but still be the biggest, most disgusting famewh0res on the planet. They aren’t mutually exclusive. Manners are instilled at a young age and probably by their father before his death. Nothing will convince me this family hasn’t sold their souls to the devil for fame and fortune.

    • Kate says:

      What? I worked at the gym that Kris Humphries works out at in Minnesota. I checked him and Kim in and she was so rude. I think she thought everyone was going to go crazy that she was there….but no one cared. The ONLY thing people were interested in was the size of her butt.

  12. Launicaangelina says:

    ¡Aye Dios mio! No, no, no, no…

  13. tracking says:

    I feel so lucky I didn’t have swollen feet issues during pregnancies. But why is she doing that to herself? Vanity and denial are a potent mix in this one, sigh. BF for 6 months? Ha ha, more like 6 seconds until she realizes it’s not easy.

    • Sarah says:

      Is it more difficult to breastfeed with implants I wonder? That whole part of the story makes no sense. I mean breastfed babies don’t really need to be on a schedule and they are actually much easier to travel with than babies who need bottles.

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    Dude, my feet were SO SWOLLEN with my first that I wore size 11 men’s flip-flops from Target. (For the width, okay?)

    Just you wait until her feet stay a size (or half size) bigger after pregnancy.

    I still mourn the wonderful footwear I had to give up. :( No one tells you about how your feet grow a size (until they do), the arses!

    • Suze says:

      I feel for you – I would be mourning the closets full of shoes that could no longer be worn…

      (It goes without saying, of course, that the baby more than makes up for it!)

    • Micki says:

      My sympathy. Happened to me with my second, with the first I wore high heels without problem, provided they were comfortable.
      Kim’s footwear looks like a torture and she will need her legs to carry some more weight…foolish woman.

    • Amanduh says:

      Awww…as much as I hate to admit this, I do kinda feel bad for her. I had awful cankles and really swollen feet when I was preggo (and due around the same time). It sucks. There’s nothing you can do but watch your feet turn into sausages and watch your ankles expand. I would only wear long pants and flats – I’m so vain I wouldn’t even wear capris in the heat…
      **hint, hint Kimmy K.

    • minxx says:

      my feet went up half a size with each child, eventually going from 37 to 38.. maybe it’s fortunate that I only had two kids :) . But I still mourn the pumps I bought in Paris just before I got pregnant with my first and it was 24 years ago :) I could never wear them again… Btw, during the labour with my second my feet got so swollen from all the fluids they were pumping into my system that I had to go home in slippers..and for 6 weeks after I couldn’t put anything else on. Then, one wonderful morning, I woke up to my old, thin feet.. what a relief!
      I’m afraid that Kim is one of those insecure women who always feel obligated to look “sexy” (in a ridiculous, flashy way), even when pregnant. So she squeezes herself into too small, too tight dresses and shoes to match.

  15. priscilla says:

    She wants so badly to look like she did pre-pregnancy, she will forgo logic & common sense to achieve it. I am 100% convinced, she will be back in the gym the second the baby is born…her vanity knows no bounds.

    • stinky says:

      she can go to the gym all she wants… IT wont WORK. i agree w/ Spooky above – “game over, Kim”. i dont even hate on her but she don’t got the chops for THIS. its like a runaway train now, right?? you r-e-a-l-l-y cant look away.

  16. hateonit. says:

    whyyyyyyyyy!!! her vanity is insane. and she knows their would be pictures of her looking like this. I just….DONT GET IT.

    • jilly says:

      Clearly she lacks even a smidgen of self-awareness. Reality is what she tells herself it is, and in her reality she is a fashion-forward woman who is creating new pregnancy trends. Heck she even made the NY Times with this stupidness. Why stop now?

  17. Faye says:

    I can’t even make fun this time, because that looks seriously unhealthy. I wonder if she has something wrong to have her feet that swollen. Even if it’s just normal pregnancy swelling, she needs to start wearing shoes that don’t cut off her circulation, or she could cause herself problems.

    • Another Ann says:

      Swollen feet are pretty common in pregnancy. But the heels are making it worse. If she just wore flats or low heels, without straps to dig into the flesh, her feet would look and feel much better.

      It’s the same thing with her clothing. If she wore stuff that skimmed her body, instead of clinging to it like Saran wrap, she would look much better.

  18. GoldenState says:

    You know, I’ve been defending her on this site…..but this is just bad. Girlfriend, invest in some cute flats and Dr. Scholl’s and call it a day!

    On a more sad note, I think this shows just how much her self-esteem is wrapped up in her exterior form. If she isn’t media-standard hot, she feels lesser than somehow, even when pregnant. Ugh. Terrible.

    • Cece says:

      I agree with this — I don’t think she has an identity outside of being a sex object. Aging is going to be very, very hard for her as she lacks substance, a purpose, talent, intelligence, etc… She is a sad shell of a person.

      • Tig says:

        Here’s my question- “sex object” to who exactly? Pre- pregnancy, she always looked like a character out of a badly drawn comic book, along the lines of that Stodden girl. It just always felt that is one saw the word “sexy” often enough besides her name, she would in fact be “sexy”. Just no.

        Hate to tell her, post- birth is no clothing picnic either!

      • Nina W says:

        Sex object to who is right, my husband says “ew, gross” whenever he sees her. Not everyone likes the plastic botoxic look she has going on.

      • Cece says:

        Sorry, ladies, I was not suggesting that she IS a sex object, only that she sees herself as one. And sadly, I do think there are people out there that like the fake, blow-up doll look and would rather have a woman with big boobs and a big butt than one with a big brain and big heart.

  19. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    I was just finishing rolling my eyes and about to come here to tell everyone to lay off a pregnant lady’s feet, already, but SH*T, that looks crazy. You totally win.

  20. EscapedConvent says:

    This just baffles me. Why is she inflicting such pain on herself? Unless….I feel a theory coming on:

    Maybe Kim has a very high threshold for pain & discomfort. My feet have been that swollen, & there was no question of wearing shoes that tight, let alone ankle straps.

    There have been just a few pics of her wearing something loose-fitting & comfortable. & in those photos, she is smiling & looks relaxed.

    I figure that her vanity is greater than a desire to be comfortable. She has consistently dressed in things so tight for so many months, it’s bizarre. I’ve just never seen a pregnant woman dress in a way that looks so suffocating.

    • Thiajoka says:

      She’s also young(ish). When you get late thirties, forties, or like me, almost fifties, you just don’t sacrifice comfort for high fashion.

      On the other hand, I almost wonder if her mother is pushing her on this? Is she insisting Kim has to still wear this crap due to the show?

      I kind of do feel sorry a bit for Kim. Would love it if this urged her to move away from being exploited by her mother. I do wonder if half of her obvious sadness lately is to do with being pulled between two strong personalities. I’ve never watched the show so I don’t know what Kim’s personality is like.

  21. BeachBelle says:

    So the baby is not due till July, and her feet are already swelling like that? She has to be miserable, but not miserable or smart enough to do the right thing and stay home and take care of herself obviously. Wait another month, Kim. You haven’t seen anything yet.

  22. janie says:

    Your so funny! My word.. her feet hurt to look at! Why wouldn’t her mom say something? Oh right! Mom has on leather pants & boots. Wow. K’s going to breast feed? Think i’ll pass on that after school special.

    • Hakura says:

      @Janie – Re: “Mom has on leather pants & boots.

      This is the first thing I noticed. How considerate of her mother to, while knowing how hard a time Kim has been having w/her weight gain, swelling, & squeezing herself into denial (in the form of suffocatingly tight clothing), dress up to flaunt her body in skin-tight leather pants & super high-heeled boots?

      I know that would make me feel *so* much better about myself & my body. ¬_¬

  23. emyemz says:

    OMG REALLY KIM????!!!! Do you own a mirror? If so…what goes thru your mind when you look in the mirror? Is it: “OMG I LOOK SOOOO CUTE!!!!” or is it:” Well all publicity is good publicity so if I look and dress this way it will garner more attention….”
    IDK what on earth goes thru this girls head. NEWSFLASH KIM: U DO NOT LOOK GOOD!!!! Do what the girl from Clueless did, take a pic of yourself in the outfit you want to wear, then actually think aboutt leaving the house in it, if you think you should……go change ….if you think you shouldnt, u probably have on something that looks cute. Or just ask your sisters for their true n honest opinion bc u cant trust ur judgment!!!

  24. lisa says:

    i dont feel sorry for her fred flintstone feet. she’s not some poor girl who has no money to spend on maternity wear. your feet look terrible – dress them accordingly.

    • Eli says:

      How old is Kim? The really sad thing is, she has “hammer toe” on both feet, and she is entirely to young for that! If she thinks child birth will be painful, just wait until her 40′s – 50′s…. She will be in excruciating pain daily.


      Her toes look like crooked Vienna sausages… Nasty!!!

  25. Tiffany27 says:

    I’ve never been pregnant and I’m not a dr. but isn’t that a problem that her whole body is that swollen? Doesn’t that mean her blood pressure is high or something?

  26. Barrett says:

    It’s spring. Why is mamma Kris in leather pants and boots???? Fashion sense runs in the family.

  27. Brandi says:

    I rarely comment but for pity’s sake Kim, please wear something comfortable!! Those shoes look like they had to be cut off.
    Nothing wrong with gaining pregnancy weight & some ladies do swell. But if she would quit trying so hard to be sexy every minute she would look so much better. I feel like I can barely breathe when I see these pics,

  28. MsAubra says:

    she has more toe than nail, and it looks like she’s baking bread in her damn shoe

  29. kim says:

    Is it me or does Kris look really stupid in those pants? She doesn’t pull them off bc she’s so old, but because she has old lady butt.

  30. Kenyan254 says:

    wtf is wrong with this woman!!what in the hell!!this is overrated, cheap, tacky stupid and unnecessary!!for someone who has money to but good comfortable shoes and you do this to yourself!!she is the dumbest thing i have seen in a looooong time!!bitch is crazy!!!!!!!!!

  31. Hoya_chick says:

    Is that a cardigan over the dress or are those the sleeves of said dress? Who wears a skin tight white dress like that when heavily pregnant? Also, how does she get in and out of these clothes?

    The shoes. OMG. Just wow. There are no words. Gross.

  32. Lee says:

    Maybe it’s a celebrity thing? To not glance at a mirror to see their shoes before they walk out the door? Over on Lainey’s site is a picture of Julianne Moore (who I love) at Cannes with her feet so stuffed into heels her baby toes are completely escaped and hanging over the sides. It looks as ridiculous, and almost as uncomfortable, as Kim’s shoes here.

  33. Gossip Garl says:

    She looks like MRS MICHELIN (TIRES).Child services should really look in to this.SHE ISN’T ALLOWED TO HAVE KIDS< EVER!!

  34. Anastasia says:

    Oh God. I had a nine pound baby and my feet/ankles didn’t even swell like that and I did NOT EVER wear shoes like that. Comfort all the way, every single day. And I was teaching high school, so I really had to invest in comfortable shoes/put my feet up whoever I could.

    She’s just an idiot, that’s all there is to it.

  35. Nudgie says:

    Ten bucks says the baby comes in late June maximum.

  36. anneesezz says:

    First of all, how on earth did she jam her feet in them? It made me think of the mean step-sisters trying to jam their fat feet into Cinderella’s tiny glass slipper.

  37. Elo says:

    As I sit here, 8 months along, in sweat pants with my feet up eating my second bowl of cereal, all I can think is “Wow that looks massively painful” I feel sorry for Kim for being such a masochistic fame whore

  38. Dawn says:

    Kanye West is a narcissist and Kim KrapTrashian is a sociopath and the only one that suffers here will be that kid who will be raised by nannies and taken out only for show by their mother while their father travels the world making muther-f REAL music. Since Kanye DOESN’T want to be a celebrity I say we give them HIS way and no longer report on either one of them. I call it a win-win for people who damn sick of both these self- important players.

  39. Isabella says:

    Man, that’s unfortunate.

  40. JenD says:

    I’m probably going to be jumped on for saying this, but the dress she’s wearing isn’t that bad. There are plenty of pregnant celebrities who wear the skin tight, body hugging dresses like that, and they are lauded as beautiful. Just because KK is wearing it doesn’t make it automatically horrible.

    However, I do agree with y’all about the shoes. Those have to be painful. I’m in my 7th month of pregnancy, and I’ve given up most of my shoes for comfort’s sake.

    • Nina W says:

      I don’t find the dress flattering on her. White is a good color for her but this dress looks ill fitting. Notice how it’s rumpled above her baby belly and looks like it needs an iron below, not nice, not flattering. And the shoes, oh horrors!

  41. Trillian says:

    Those shoes would be bad even without the swollen feet. Don’t you sweat like hell under this awful plastic? If I had her money i would spend my entire pregnancy in a fucking spa and wear nothing but flipflops and a bathrobe.

  42. C. C. Cedras says:

    All I can think of is a baby drowning in breast milk for the first six months of its life.

  43. Darlene says:

    She is having my exact pregnancy, swollen feet and all. My feet went up 6 sizes and looked like loaves of bread. I was miserable. I feel so sorry for her.

  44. Pixie says:

    Her feet make me want to vomit.

  45. Diane says:

    Does this bitch realize she is pregnant with a human being? I could just cry for this unborn child.

  46. idk says:

    I have to say, her face looks very pretty in these pictures…the feet on the other hand…

  47. The Original G says:

    The shoes, yeah. Bad.

    But can we talk about the cape thing? Or did her sleeves just bust?

    Good god, girl. Go to the mall and get some decent clothes and take a break from the pap walk. Kris is looking svelte next to Kim and she knows it.

    • Anoni Mus says:

      I think you are on to something here. Kris is beaming! Not only does she not seem to care one iota about Kim’s health (I would try to convince her to take it easy and rest), but she’s enjoying the attention more than Kim is. And now she seems svelte beside Kim and dresses accordingly and youthfully as if to “compete” with her daughter. Ugh this woman. I hate her so much! I bet she’s the one calling the paparazzis for every “outing”.

  48. Truthful says:

    I hollered and laughed so loud, Kim’s jokes just write themselves!!!

    She is so vain, she thinks she looks good. Those shoes probably cost thousands. I’m sure the designer would cringe.

    THIS is why she is made fun of!!
    *pickled pigs feet in the jar”

    oh, I also read that Kim will be filming their reality show when Ye goes on tour, so she will be stuck in LA. LOL!!

  49. Nicolette says:

    “Lucifer’s Homegirl” hahahahaha! Love it, describes Kris perfectly. And I agree with your mom Kaiser, she’s not going to be the one raising that child.

    And why the hell is she strapping her swollen feet into those shoes? I had very bad edema with my second pregnancy, and putting on any kind of shoe was uncomfortable at best. I don’t get her at all, her whole pregnancy she’s looked like a ten pound sausage stuffed into a five pound bag. She absolutely refuses to change anything on behalf of her unborn baby, and she just wants it to be business as usual. I doubt her mindset will change after the birth, it will still and always be about Kim.

  50. Suzy says:

    She is the very definition of the phrase “10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag”

    By this stage of my pregnancy, all I could wear were clogs that were 1 size larger than what I normally wear

  51. yeahright says:

    I have refrained from saying anything about her pregnancy body but holy hell those feet!!!!!!! I have never seen feet like that in all my life. I thought I had swollen feet when I was pregnant but I was just being cranky. The poor girl she must be so uncomfortable.

  52. Quinn says:

    This woman is a COMPLETE idiot. This crop of Famous For Nothing losers needs to go.

  53. UghInsomnia says:

    I had severe preeclampsia and my feet looked liike that.Pitting edema is no fun.

  54. Mar says:

    Her fashion choices are just screaming that she is trying to look sexy. It’s revolting

    Her man couldn’t be treating her any worse in my eyes

  55. Andrea says:

    Just think, one day this family will go the way of Paris Hilton. There end will soon come. We never heard about Paris anymore and that’s the way I like it!

  56. serena says:

    Ewwwwwwww omg, why whyyyy?

  57. CT says:

    Ouch. WHen I was pregnant, I had preeclampsia which made the swelling in my legs and feet really bad. I just wore flip flops when it got warm enough. I told my employer that they were going to make the exception to the no flip flop rule and they were more than happy to accommodate me. Trying to be cute when your feet look like 2 loaves of bread on tree trunks (I can say this because this is what I had too)is just foolish and not worth the pain.

  58. Gabby says:

    It appears that she is wearing shoes that are cutting off her circulation. I just don’t understand the logic here.

    Pick them so she’ll be in the news? Would someone actually consciously think to themselves, “Let me wear these shoes that cut my feet into thirds so I’ll be relevant”? If so, she needs to prioritize her life.

    For vanity reasons? I would hope by now she has heard the general consensus on her maternity wear. Why bother trying to be “fasionable” anymore? No one thinks you have been yet. Put some damn sweats and flip flops on. I’d respect her more for doing so.

    I’m feeling extra snarky towards the Kardashians today. It’s finals time at the university so I’m allowed:-)

  59. Dedrie says:

    That Kimbot still trusts management-family that ignores her health, end of term rest.. prop your feet above your chest, if possible, to help with swelling and to ease discomfort in your legs and feet create horror trials of modeling herself for fashion photos and publicity.. not actually worry for Kim and the baby’s health and comfort is crazy-cruel. Yet it’s good documented testimony in court Kanye is not taking proper care of her, yah?

  60. The whole point of wearing shoes like these are to look sexy and sexy isnot when your water retaining pudge is oozing out around your shoes. She is so disgusting. She wins an oscar for making pregnancy look so so bad.

  61. Farzi says:

    My problem with Kim Kardashian is that she is trying to wear couture while pregnant. But couture is not maternity wear – hence the sausage look. I hate to compare siblings, but Kourtney was fairly large as well but wore dresses and flats. Kim has made it clear that she has an image to uphold and pregnancy won’t stop her. Little does she know, she is only harming herself and her baby. We are not looking at her fashion choices, we are shaking our heads at a soon-to-be-mother with priority issues.

  62. HH says:

    Kim has admitted she’s not confident of her pregnancy body, but the real question is, is she even AWARE of her pregnancy body?

  63. Ella says:

    Hope she is going to the doctor for regular appointments. She could have preeclampsia which is extremely serious and can be deadly. I had it with my first child and it was diagnosed at about seven months. I had high blood pressure and had to be hospitalized for two weeks, laying on my sides and finally the baby was born 4-5 weeks early. Even right after birth, you can go into seizures and die. You can have renal failure, stroke, etc. And mine started with swollen ankles!

  64. The Original Mia says:

    She looks ridiculous as usual. Those shoes are the worst. What made her look at them and say…I should stuff my swelling feet in them so they look like rising dough? She is so clueless & miserable.

  65. Jayna says:

    Kim has looked mostly bad this pregnancy in her outfit choices, save some I have liked. It must kill her that the press isn’t raving about her beauty during this pregnancy and how hot she looks in her clothes since that’s how she defines herself, papped for her beauty and hotness all the time and instead is pointing out her the opposite.

  66. Malificent says:

    Ya gotta work what you have — and she’s not. I (used to) have an hourglass figure like Kim. And I’m short too. We can’t ever own the tall/skinny/sexy look. We get to do the 50s startlet/Jessica Rabbit thing. I could never do skin-tight clothes, but I could rock a vintage party dress like nobody’s business.

    And we sure can’t do tall and skinny when we’re pregnant. Girlfriend needs to give up the slinky thing, and go for the comfy, glowing, Earth Mama look. She’d look better, and she’d have happier feet and back.

  67. Palermo says:

    This proves completely that her entire sense of worth is in her looks. Is she concerned about her health, or the health of the baby? Not one bit. If she isn’t “sexy” she is nothing. I find her really sad and pathetic.

  68. michiem says:

    i dunno, my theory is she is pretty unhappy. her face says it all. i don’t think she wants to get papped and be out and about as much as her mom wants her too. PMK is so happy here that its unreal. that ego! Kim needs tio cut that umbilical cord. her mom is really effing up her life.

  69. Shelly says:

    Yes, GROSS!!!!! And just think of how hot and sticky that plastic also feels against her skin!! MY GAWD is right!!

  70. lucy says:

    Those shoes would be hideous in any size, and I am just as concerned about what is going on on the feet of the leather-pantsed fugger next to Kim.

    Let their lives be a cautionary tale about being uneducated and vain, and about being brazenly unaware of what fashion or beauty or common sense is.

    When people are made of vanity, lies, and vulgarity, this is the very very very undesirable result.

    No envy and no pity for these losers. They are getting the scorn and mockery they deserve.

  71. Laur0406 says:

    Those shoes don’t even look comfortable to wear when you aren’t pregnant! What is she going to do when she realizes her feet will never be back to their original size?

  72. Abby says:

    OMG I’m horrified!! Worst shoes ever. Why is she doing this to herself????

    I have some pity. And i can’t stand her.

  73. Diana says:

    Like I said yesterday, those toes are like little sausages. Those horrifying feet will haunt my nightmares.

  74. minxx says:

    Like someone here said, her entire sense of self-worth is based on her looks, so a pregnancy (even a cute and skinny, Kate Middleton-like pregnancy)would be a challenge to her. I think she’s in denial as to how she really looks, hence the ridiculous, “sexy” clothes, high heels etc. She basically refuses to face reality – swollen feet, weight gain, big boobs and bum. It’s not just vanity, it’s extreme insecurity, IMO

  75. Ms.Smurf says:

    Now, I know I wasn’t the only one who didn’t look at her feet/shoes and think “why is she wearing heels with flesh colored stretchy straps?” Good Lord that looks bad! Why is she doing this to herself?

  76. yolo112 says:

    I don’t know what’s more disgusting; Kim’s feet or that plastic, joker like smile on Kris’ face.

  77. Melanie says:

    It has moved from her ass to her feet…Gross!

  78. Teeny says:

    Is it possible that her feet weren’t *as* swollen when she first left for her outing and as time progressed her bloat came back with a vengeance? Just throwing a scenario out there, but I don’t know, I have never been pregnant. I almost feel bad for her because she’s trying so hard, but she’s not doing herself any favors and now she is just coming across as being even more insecure.

  79. Scarlett says:

    Well this is what happens where your self-worth is based almost entirely on your looks. Her looks are essentially what got her into the spotlight. She has no real talent in regards to the industry. Her career is built on narcissism and rampant self-promotion. Well this pregnancy has caused her looks to be compromised and she is very insecure. The result is that she overcompensates by parading around every day in these supposedly sexy outfits. But she’s not channeling sexy and people are starting to feel sorry for her.

  80. Mingy says:

    Sickening! Who does that!?!
    She has no common sense and has no business having a baby.

    That smile on Pimp Mama though!..The paps are their life source.

  81. Luxe says:

    How can Kris (who looks silly in those clothes) be grinning like an idiot when her daughter looks so uncomfortable? She’s done this six times! I wish I could feel sorry for her, but she does this to herself. Nothing prevents her from wearing sensible yet stylish clothes and shoes. I know some pregnant ladies who know how to work their maternity style. She is clearly resisting STILL.

  82. KaraAngela says:

    ….that can’t be healthy for her feet, no? I mean, I was pregnant too but I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t get swollen anything. Except boobies & belly lol

  83. skuddles says:

    Yes, gross. I broke my ankle 3 weeks ago and it looks better than what I’m seeing in these pics. KK could not dress herself appropriately or attractively if her life depended on it.

  84. Mew says:

    Outch… why to torture self? Why oh why? Does she honestly expect pity?

  85. Auj says:

    Where do stupid women like this come from?
    I sure am glad there aren’t any of those in my house.

  86. Justme says:

    The ironic thing is that Kim is all about being “sexy” . Well this is what sex leads to, unless one puts up some kind of barrier.

  87. HH says:

    I know this is awful, but I don’t see her being a good mother. Motherhood requires sacrifice and she can’t do that. She’s clearly (almost) resenting sacrificing her body and she won’t even sacrifice her freaking wardrobe for 9 months!! And let’s not mention her constant working and traveling despite a hospital scare (which I’m beginning to doubt it was even real). Most women’s protective, maternal instincts are probably at their highest when pregnant because literally EVERYTHING you do impacts the baby. It seems like she is having a hard time grasping this concept. And, unlike a fetus, a baby can be put off to another individual. I think Kim will take full advantage of her large family and nannies.

    • Dawn says:

      HH…Kimmode is a sociopath and can’t think in terms of her baby and it’s needs…she can only think of what this baby can and will do for her. And that means Kanye and his money. I doubt her family will have much to do with this kid either unless it is for a photo op BUT she will have an army of nannies to ensure 24 hour care. They must already be hired as June is nearing and that kid will be born in June, NOT July but June. Kimmode lies with every breath she takes but this baby will be born in June you wait.

  88. rlh says:

    Two things:
    1) That outfit would have been adorable with a cute little pair of kicky KEDS and she would have gotten points for being normal (like Khloe does…take notes Kim!).
    2) She is a woman who HATES being pregnant , hates how her body changed, and will, in the future, use a surrogate.

  89. Carolyn says:

    Kim has unfortunately not looked great during the whole pregnancy…and there’s no way even MPK can PR spin that. Karma’s a bitch.

  90. Norman says:

    Those ankles look like marshmallows they do they do. I wonder how many times Kim will be on Kris’s talk show if it gets off the ground with no guests.

  91. Jane says:

    Heaven help this baby when it is born.

  92. lindy loo says:

    This fame whore is without exception the most unattractive pregnant woman I’ve ever seen.
    And of course, pimp mom is right there.

  93. Pandora says:

    In the words of the very wise and very great Patsy Stone, “like a zeppelin in a condom darling”.

  94. DIANE says:

    Schadenfreude, dahlings. It really puts a smile on my face seeing her so miserable. It’s like some kind of karmic payback for her forcing herself down our throats every blessed day. Wait’ll she finds out the cellulite will NEVER go away. Hey Kimmy, can you say cottage cheese?

  95. VioletCrumble says:

    Oh, Kim. Kim.

    The other night, one of our cats darted in front of me, causing me to twist my ankle in order to avoid a fall. It was painful, but I figured it’d be ok by morning. I put on my very cool, but sensible and comfortable shoes for work. By 11am my foot was very swollen, like Kim’s, and I could barely walk. I can imagine how shoes like this would be killing her.

    I don’t think she “ignores” her swollen pregnancy feet, but rather, says, “Screw you, feet! I’m gonna put up with the pain, ugliness and discomfort, cuz I need to look hot, dammit, and I have these pretty shoes I want to wear…” I get the feeling she always needs to look and feel glamorous, and flatties or thongs (flip flops) just won’t go with her clothes.

    I don’t believe pregnant ladies should hide away or be treated as invalids, especially if they are able or choose to continue working or whatever, but I do wish she’d ease up, just a bit, for hers and the baby’s sake. And I don’t think her puffed face is just the result of pregnancy. Those lips are way too over-injected. Stop that, too, Kimmy. You don’t look pretty, sexy or exotic. You look gruesome.

  96. GT says:

    I feel sick just from viewing those feet pictures. Uggghhhh…why???????

  97. mia says:

    Kim looks unhealthy. Her feet shouldn’t be swelling like that unless she is cooking up some toxemia.

  98. Sonia says:

    So… Münchausen syndrome hereditary? Clearly PMK enjoys watching her child suffer and get attention, Kimmy will only want to be around her child for attention too.

  99. Less is More says:

    Kim is seriously resembling Octomom.
    Lay off the lip PSI for a while geez.

  100. lovegossip says:

    Is she wearing a cape???????

  101. Dedrie says:

    Kim.. your momma hates you..

  102. Anon says:

    Come on, Kayne–thought you were a shoe designer and business man. Look at her feet– no comfortable sneakers or slipper designs pop into your mind.
    No only does Kim look ridiculous and down-right miserable, she looks bull-headed about giving up her fashion wear. One doesn’t have to do that–give up fashion while pregnant, but one doesn’t have to be a fool either.
    Babies don’t like tight, restrictive clothes …pregnant bodies either. Belly support bands not included.
    Wonder what her baby will think when he/she views these pictures in 12 or 15 years? Mama gonna make herself out to be a martyr for fashion? Please.

  103. Meanchick says:

    Is she baking bread in her shoes?

  104. Why Does She Act This Way says:

    She is dressing ridiculous during this whole pregnancy and out and about everyday for the paparazzi to take her picture. Why??

  105. crazycatlady says:

    Since you have the clip of Kanye on here I want to address what is so obvious yet he still appears to be with her…

    He spouts off about how much he despises celebrity, how he ISN’T ONE, etc., yet he chooses to be in a relationship with – AND MAKE A CHILD WITH – the most celebrity-obsessed vapid fame whore in the world? The family employs their own paparazzi, for chrissake!

    He can spew all the anti-celebrity venom he wants. But as long as he stays with her, all I see coming out of his mouth is bullshit.