Kristen Stewart ‘has gone off the rails’, drinking & texting Sparkles ‘nonstop’

We’ve only really heard about Kristen Stewart’s reaction to her breakup with Robert Pattinson in the immediate aftermath. There was pain, of course, and confusion and the inevitable media war. But really, the “war” was kind of overblown and I was surprised to see a genuine lack of reporting about “How Robsten Is Coping” in the second/third week of the breakup. For one, aren’t you happy that the breakup is holding? I think that something happened and Rob was all “Enough. It’s over. The end.” And he hasn’t looked back. But is Kristen looking back? In my theory, he dumped her and she still thinks she could possibly win him back maybe. And that theory is backed up by this Star story:

Kristen Stewart is probably wishing she had a vampire’s ability to read minds – because she’s desperate to find out what Robert Pattinson is up to! Since the couple split in May, Kristen has been calling Robert nonstop.

“Kristen has gone off the rails,” spills an insider. “Rob isn’t responding to any of her messages.”

And while Rob’s lack of communication may be due to his reported new fling with 26-year-old British playwright Polly Stenham, Kristen is refusing to sit around and sulk.

“She is partying like crazy… she is binge drinking and chain-smoking. She gets out of control and then starts texting Rob.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I believe that this is what Kristen did right after she cheated on Rob with Rupert Sanders – Rob went into hiding, basically, and Kristen endlessly texted him and called him and showered him with attention. And he came back. And he’s not coming back this time. This time, he’s done. Stay strong, Sparkles!!! As for the “rumor” that he’s dating a British playwright… it’s interesting. I doubt it’s really “on” though. I think we’re just going to get a slew of reports about Rob’s “girlfriends” for the next six months or so, basically whenever he talks to a woman, that’s going to be his new girlfriend.

Speaking of, In Touch Weekly says that Katy Perry is all “a shoulder to cry on becomes a d-k to ride on” these days with Sparkles. She’s being a devoted friend to him, and In Touch says she’s completely ignoring whatever friendship or “girl code” she had with Kristen. But other sources say she’s still trying to make this John Mayer thing work. Why can’t it be both? Katy could be playing with both of them.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. SmokeyBlues says:

    Eww I know it’s been said many times, many ways, but I have to say again that she is just so freakin gross. I do hope she doesn’t harm herself with heavy drinking. She needs to retire from acting because most people just see a whiny little brat in need of a shower!

  2. marie says:

    gurl, don’t you know alcohol and Sparkles don’t go together. you wind up looking like a unbathed hooker.

  3. Lou says:

    I don’t doubt for one minute, Stewart thinks she can get him back. She’s THAT much of an entitled brat. I agree that Rob seems over it this time around. I don’t see them reconciling at all. Stay strong Rob, play the field.

    • Annie says:

      During the cheating scandal she was already leaking stories on how she “was confident she was getting him back.” Well, yeah! Back then she had him wrapped around her finger, she cheated because she knew she could get away with it. Most of the people who cheat do it to people who love them enough to forgive them anything because they’re the ones who are more in love. Cheaters rarely have the balls to do it to someone who sets limits and takes no BS.

      But that doesn’t mean Rob is dumb and didn’t see right through her. Glad he started to think things through and realized it was time to move on.

    • Lauren says:

      I know a girl who threatened suicide if a guy left her. I think Stewart is the same way. How bad is it that she actually got attempt at reconciliation and when she should have been on her best behavior she messed it all up again. This was a really damaged relationship. Need to move on.

      • Annie says:

        Yeah my brother in law threatned suicide if my sister left him after she discovered incriminating texts. She moved out for like a month and his calls kept getting crazier and crazier, crying on the phone, threatning to hurt himself. Just pathetic. She went back to him and now she checks her phone and has all his e-mail and FB passwords. She goes through everything.

        I see Kristen making threats too and crying like he had never seen.

      • roundbelly says:

        I strangely relate to kristen. My first true love dragged on for 5 years. I thought we were going to get married and that when the passion waned after 18 months I was supposed to suck it up for the rest of my life. I tried. I had no sexual confidence. I kissed a gay friend and felt terrible and confessed and tried to get my boyfriend back as I thought he was the one. I wasted so much time trying to make it work because he loved me so much and I was so afraid of his suffering. And mine!! 5 years it took to end what should have been a year long relationship at best. She loves him. She just doesn’t want to have sex w him any more. And she is losing her best friend. Those pictures of her w sanders are so awkward and so reminiscent of my attempts to move on when I was 23. I bet she didn’t root him. She just wanted to feel desire for the first time in a long time. I remember thinking, is this all there is? At 20! because I was raised to only ever have sex w one person. Ps. No, not a fan, but that sanders is a sexually harassing dog!! Pps. Long time lurker. Never comment. Be kind.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        @ roundbelly

        Well I can’t relate to your experience personally, as I’ve never dated anyone but the way I see it is that it may have happened the way you say it did. She’s said as much that she was bored, wanted something to fuck her over. I think that’s a natural thing to feel, when you’re in one of the biggest franchises of Hollywood-although I would never say that out loud and in an interview.

        But Robert (to steal from another previous commentator) thought the sun shone from her a**. If she said the sky was yellow and the grass was blue, he’d defend it. So instead of acting like a mature adult that she should be at 22, 23, she decides just to go and cheat on him…all the while going on about how real and cool and original she is.

        And then, when she gets caught, she gives a half assed apology (not even taking blame for what she did-momentary indiscretion my a**, no one turns around on their way home to go hook up with someone for the first time in the middle of LA), tries to play coy with the press on her relationship with Rob AFTER the pictures came out (all 50 of them), has her team playing coy, and so on.

        This is not a girl who is sorry for what she did. She’s a brat. If it had been me, do you think the paparazzi would’ve had pictures of me flipping them off, trying to act coy and cool about my relationship? No. I would’ve been sucking it up big time. I’m not attracted to Rob (although he is handsome), but he seems like he’s one of those really nice guys that you settle down with. That’s rare now, in the real world, let alone Hollywood.

        My point, after this long post, is that if she loved him, she would’ve said something. He would’ve understood, and if not, oh well. The way she’s handled this whole thing speaks to me a lot of her own character, and unfortunately for her career, her acting can’t save her. Girlfriend needs to go to drama school.

      • Tessa says:

        Roundbelly, did you have an affair with a married man with two kids?
        No? Didn’t think so.
        That’s where your story and hers hit a huge fork in the road and become two completely different stories.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        Rob isn´t her first bf though. She has a pattern of cheating on her bfs, she cheated on her ex Michael Angarano with Rob before she left him for Rob.

  4. serena says:

    I don’t think Sparkles would be the second man in a relationship, since what happened with the mini-cooper scandal, so no Katy till she clings to douche-Mayer.

  5. Annie says:

    The way she tries to hold his hand in the Coachella pics and he doesn’t hold it back…

    Glad he’s done. It’s just not healthy to have so much resentment towards your gf or bf. Just let go. He needed to see for himself that she just wasn’t worth fighting for. Time to move on.

    And there’s pics of her at a wedding, I definitely believe she’s drinking to cope. In all the pics she looks kinda wasted or trying too hard to seem social and friendly.

  6. Tig says:

    She may be partying, but can’t see her being too torn up, unless her movies don’t get made and she needs him back for PR.

    Seeing as how there have been zip photos of Rob since moving on day, I am starting to subscribe to the theory that he caught her out alerting the paps- tho not as dramatic as her texting Ruperv, it makes more sense.

    • Olivia says:

      There were two sets of pics of him driving in the car after moving out. He was papped plenty without her before the break up. Single trips to the 7-11, out at bars, surfing, with his british friends at restaurants. I think this is the Robsessed way of ignoring what is right in your face and placing the blame on kristen. Of course she calls the papps. More like they both do or the papps followed them both. They easily “ignored” the signs rob and kristen were a couple for years, they easily ignore Papp pics without her. It fits their “sparkles is perfect” agenda.

      Plenty of sightings in bars since the break up. Sure he is glad to be free so he can hit the party scene. He probably missed this while playing the good boring guy.

  7. Another Ann says:

    Well, Star and In Touch are hardly the most reputable sources around. I believe they’re split, probably for good, but not the extra “details”.

    Polly Stenham is a friend of Tom Sturridge’s (he was in her most recent play in London this winter)and was photographed hanging out with him in New York. When he was in NY Rob was photographed at a restaurant with them and a bunch of others, and somehow that’s a fling? She lives in London, he lives in LA. I’d have to call b.s. on that one.

    Totally agree that every female he’s seen having a conversation with will find herself splashed all over the tabs as his new “fling”. I feel kind of bad for him, because it makes it that much tougher to develop a new relationship. It would have to be someone else famous that knows how to deal with all the crap. My guess is that he’s going to lay really low for awhile, appearing only for work stuff, until some of the hysteria dies down.

  8. NM9005 says:

    This isn’t believable. It’s Star.

    Secondly, their PR for both is to be happy without each other. That’s why Stewart is seen skipping around and hanging out with friends. Have you ever seen her pulling a Lohan? That’s out of control.

    Pattinson already made it clear that flings are not his thing. He’s riding high on this break-up, there’s a lot of sympathy for him and having a new girlfriend would be nice but not as good as single Pattinson trying to get over his cheating ex.

    • Annie says:

      Yeah, Rob’s not Edward Cullen. He’s a man. He’ll get laid if he needs to. Maybe not DiCaprio laid, that I don’t see happening ever, but occasional laid. Besides, going from one relationship to another after one ended pretty badly is not healthy. He needs some fun.

    • NM9005 says:

      What I meant was, that his PR pushed the idea that he is a man only interested in serious relationships. He’s a one-woman man who doesn’t like cheaters.
      The People article was retracted because it’s easy to assume they would be hooking up for people who are unaware of their friendship and considering Perry’s image is quite sexual. They made a point of mentioning there was no PDA. Perry all of a sudden is back with Mayer for whatever reason.

      I didn’t say he’s not having sex or that he’s Cullen. I said the PR behind those two are against what Star is trying to claim. Show me a picture of Stewart being drunk and out of control. She’s no Bynes or Lohan. Show me a picture of Pattinson flirting up a storm. He might do in private but we won’t see it just yet. He’s just a single boy partying and enjoying life now that he’s free from that horrible Stewart. PR mission accomplished.

  9. TG says:

    Hope Katy sticks with Jon Mayer they are bothe douchey people. Rob is kind of gross too but he doesn’t have that gross Katy and Jon vibe. Kristen would be interesting and attractive if she showered, stopped smoking dumped l those she-male friends and stopped wearing skinny jeans and ugly shirts.

  10. Faye says:

    Eh, I’d take this with a grain of salt. I suspect binge drinking and chain-smoking are default settings for Kristin, so those are hardly indications of a meltdown. They’re probably both done with each other, and hopefully for good now. I think everyone’s tired of the drama. It’s been going on for almost a year, and there’s not much new to be said about it.

  11. Tessa says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Kristen looks like a huge weight has been lifted off her back and she’s finally happy and free? She obviously didn’t give a fig about Rob, so she’s probably happy now that it’s finally all over. If she cared, really cared, she wouldn’t have cheated on him. You don’t hurt people you love like that.

  12. Micki says:

    No one can acuse me of being Kristen’s fan but I think it’s her first time break now at 23. She’s been forever in some indies and then Twilight and just now can(must) sit back
    I’ll be parting like crazy too to be honest.
    She wants Sparkles back? Hm, till the next dude crosses her way I guess.

  13. lolo says:

    That’s really dumb -__-.
    Are you dying to trash her? Both are dealing fine and partying like their is no tommorow If it was JLaw you’ve said The Sun is as creditable as my grandma

  14. Yeah, okay says:

    When will you people wake up and see this fauxmance for what it was? A marketing strategy, and a terrible one at that, designed and played for the tabloids to sell their crappy franchise and further their (read: her) crappy careers. The end. They were never a couple, she didn’t cheat on him, and there is no break up. I’m sure the only tears are tears of joy they don’t have to pretend they kind of like each other anymore. Not that they were ever good at it anyway.

    • Nicole says:

      I think lots of us have wondered about that and it may even be true. Trouble is there are things that don’t add up with that theory as well. The most obvious is, if it was all PR, why were they so appallingly bad at it? PR is supposed to make you look good, no? Even the break up has left their fans levelling wild accusations at each other and dragging bystanders like Katy Perry into the feud. Couldn’t their publicists engineer the end of a PR romance in a way that at least tried to give them some PR exit velocity instead of it looking like a car crash? And given that Kristen and Katy have the same publicist, wouldn’t she be expected to get Kristen out without having Katy caught in the crossfire?

      • kay says:

        Pr is suppose to sell the movie. It doesn’t matter if it is bad or good. As long as you get the media’s attention it is all good.

      • Nicole says:

        Well PR is to sell the movie yes, but that’s not why you hire a publicist. And if your publicist is even half awake they should be doing everything possible to enhance your image. If the PR romance exists, your and your partner’s publicists should surely at least try to collaborate to ensure it ends in a positive way?

      • Another Ann says:

        Anyone who thinks it doesn’t matter if PR is bad or good has never worked in marketing or PR. Nor should they ever.

        Most actors (and their teams) want to avoid bad publicity at all costs. Bad publicity – especially for women – can be the kiss of death at the box office. Look at what has happened to Kristen’s career since the mini cooper debacle. It hasn’t been pretty.

        How’s Lohan’s career doing these days? She’s had plenty of bad publicty. How about Amanda Bynes? Tara Reid? Mel Gibson?

        Legitimate actors, who are not reality show wannabes, want to avoid bad publicity like the plague. In fact, many actors get around to hiring a PR person to clean up a bad reputation or damaging news stories – NOT to create them.

      • kay says:

        I read somewhere that good news doesn’t sell.

      • Another Ann says:

        If good news doesn’t sell, why is People magazine (and others) always full of stories of celebrity weddings and babies? Or inspirational stories of people who survived bombings, tornados, grief, etc.? Good news DOES sell. A lot.

        A celeb with a good image is far more likely to have an enduring career and survive a problem than a celeb with a bad image.

    • Nina W says:

      I could buy the reconciliation being a PR stunt but otherwise the faux-mance theory makes no sense. You can’t compel a teenager to have a romantic relationship to promote a movie franchise. And why would you? Teenagers are notoriously capricious, why would you risk your million dollar investment? Bad publicity does not help movies, it may sell magazines and fuel gossip sites but it does not help a studio fill a theatre.

  15. Lauren says:

    This is more true to how Kristen is when it comes to Rob. Her friends are freaks caught up in the relationship too. She’ll continue to stalk him because she wants attention and is desperate. All the wrong reasons for a relationship.

  16. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    STAY STRONG, ROB! Don’t you ever return to her ever again! This woman will destroy you! She has already done it TWICE!
    I guess she is having a hard time to accept that a guy, loved by millions of girls around the world, who worshipped her, was wrapped around her pinkie, has dumped her. The guy who bear with her sh1t, her bad attitude towards him, her mood swings, has left her. She knows she won’t be getting a boyfriend as famous as Rob for a long while because of her ‘momentary wh0re discretion’. She thought she could ‘get anything like in a lickity, because she could’ (these are her words from an interview).
    I read somewhere, an empty mind is a devil’s home. Right now, she doesn’t have any job, nothing to keep her busy so she is drowning herself into alcohol then calling/texting Rob after getting drunk.
    Seriously, she is just catching up with her lost childhood and teenage years.
    Rob deserves someone who can provide him a balance in life, someone who doesn’t behave like a spoiled teenager.

  17. TheOriginalKitten says:

    …so people really still care about these two huh?

    I find it so YAWN myself.

  18. ctkat1 says:

    She was wrong to cheat, IF they had a committed monogamous relationship. But he was wrong to take her back if he wasn’t willing to forgive and forget. That kind of dynamic isn’t self-sustaining: eventually Kristen was going to get tired of groveling for forgiveness and expect/want a more equitable dynamic.

    She was so, so young when they got together- 17 or 18, right? And she went straight from her last relationship to this one, which means that she hasn’t spent any time as a single woman. She could have behaved better, but regardless of how it ended, this relationship was most likely not going to last the next 60+ years.

    • Tessa says:

      She was 19, and imo Rob was a saint the way he took her back so quickly and lessened the potential pr nightmare BDII promo could have been if he had not. No one really tries to think about how hugely distasterous a Twilight promo with Edward and Bella not speaking and BROKEN would have been. The whole past year is so fishy to me. Convenient, and fishy as hell.

    • jess says:

      I dont think he was in the wrong for taking her back. Maybe he thought he could get past the cheating? At least he gave it a chance. I think the breakup was mutual. The last pics of them together was when they were leaving ny. They both looked happy, like a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders. I wouldnt be surprised if thats when they split.

      • Original A says:

        I agree with the mutual thing. It’s way fishy that US Weekly and People both had exclusives on their break up, but one was obviously from his side because they stated that and the other than had to be hers. I think the break up wording was soft and the Twi-Hards still had hopes, so they made sure he was photographed moving out. The rest I think is just drama that the fans, tabloids, whatever created.

  19. AustinMJ says:

    She’s a narcissist. She only wants Sparkles back because she gets a boost out of reelin’ em back in.

  20. fransipone says:

    je viens de lire tous les commentaires c’est fou se que l’ont peu inventer personne ne sais rien se ne sont que des potins .se qui est grave c’est de voire la haine des gens sur des personnes qu’ils ne connaise pas vous devez avoire une triste vie pour dire de si vilaine choses

  21. Dedrie says:

    Good for her.. keep stalking and haunting him until he cries..

  22. Steph says:

    It’s something every young woman needs to learn, how not to be “that girl.” Put down the phone, go out with your girlfriends, try not to think about him. For frick’s sake DO NOT STAY HOME!

  23. Madriani's Girl says:

    Why are her hands so dirty on a red carpet??? GROSS!

  24. Kate says:

    Twilight is over. No one is interested in the trampire any more or her dry, method acting. The 1st Twilight was ok, but sequentially every one after that was the same acting tone, style, lip biting, and facial expressions. Go away.

  25. Saddie says:

    Be strong sparkles I can’t imagine KS will find anyone else she really likes as much as Rob. Time will tell ~ Rob will marry someone and KS not sure about what her next move is besides banging without love – someone on the set of her next flick.

  26. Original A says:

    Meh. Perez had photos of her at a friend’s wedding where she looked kind of tipsy, so that’s probably where those rumors came from. It’s Star magazine, too. She comes across like a lazy stoner and not a party person, as you never see her stumbling out of the Chateau or anything. If she was that heartbroken, she’d probably be hiding out like she did last year when she cheated. She seems fine, shrug, but I guess some people want to believe anything negative even when it comes from Star. I still find it very interesting that she and RPattz broke up
    almost exactly six months after the movie was released…it was off by a few days. Dunno, but that kind of lends credence to them having a PR friendship/FWB situation that spun way out of control and why both seem fine after the break up.

  27. Agnetha says:

    Eh, who doesn’t go off the rails drinking and texting some guy or girl in their early twenties? As long as she doesn’t drink and drive it is all good.
    I also highly doubt she is texting Sparkles trying to get him back, more likely Rupert Sanders or some other guy. She seems pretty happy to be single for the moment.

  28. Dana says:

    There was this poll on Accesshollywood: Should Robert Pattinson stay with Kristen Stewart?
    Yes: 49 %
    Have the Twihards been on vacation that day?

  29. guest says:

    Listen to yourselves. You are a group of people who are full of malice. You place no value in what you say and are so careless with your words. You must be the same folks that thought it was ok to label classmates at school, be bigots, and bully people who couldn’t fight back. shame on you all. hopefully you have no loves ones that will have to endure this same kind of bullying that you so readily hand-out just because you hide behind a computer. close your eyes and imagine this was one of yours. shame – shame -shame..

  30. Sam says:

    Kristen and Rob mutually split back in January before he went to Australia. There never was a true reconciliation. Both are doing fine, and Kristen is not drinking, chainsmoking, wild partying, melting down nor stalking or frantically texting Rob. Sadness may creep here and there and that is to be expected for both.Kristen is not this woman this article is painting. Rob knows her better than anyone of you. She is busy with family and friends,and preparing for her upcoming movies, and Rob is busy too. Kristen wants to see Rob happy, and Rob wants to see her happy as well.

  31. ona says:

    What a fantastic site this is! People can feel totally free to expose their ugly underbellies, nasty characters, and total lack of humanity. Well done!

  32. Elle Kaye says:

    I just can’t buy into this relationship. It was always more visible when the movies were being promoted, and then it fell away. There was never any passion between these two, not like the pictures that were taken of her and the producer. And then there was that quick apology she made that was out of character. It seemed forced.

    It just seems to me that this was a romance produced by the studio to make twihard fans salivate. Yes, it may have been real at the beginning, but when they tried to call it off, the studio balked because they saw the frenzied interest the romance had caused. Studio’s own actors once they sign onto a franchise, and dictate how they present themselves to the public. Now that it is over, maybe they both can have a real relationship.

  33. Shijel says:

    I can’t shake those blind items from my mind. The ones that say that they had a contract and she’s clinging because he’s her ticket to relevance. I wish I could call them lies, but the way she acts.

    Contrary to many, I find her face beautiful in a strange way. Her face works for me, but I just can’t with. Luckily, I got my face-staring fix from Teresa Palmer. Their similarity can be uncanny at times.

  34. AustinMJ says:

    I give the lip biter another …. 2 years of relevancy. She needs to go away, get an education, travel the world and get a good therapist. THEN come back as a real badass, not an annoying hipster.

  35. aquarius64 says:

    I hope this story is not true; for this is going hurt her more on a personal and professional level. It’s bad enough that some guys may not be willing to date her because of her public cheating out of fear of getting the same treatment. Even worse, some guys may only step to her because of that blatant act they’ll think she’s easy. This story will have some guys think she has too much emotional baggage that they don’t want to deal with. Rob had enough and bounced; and I’m wondering if Taylor trotted out a new girlfriend all the sudden so not to get suck into that vortex (or be accused of causing Robsten to go under like Katy Perry has been.)

    Professionally, what studio will take a chance with her? She put two franchises in jeopardy with her foolishness last July.(Don’t try to tell me the Summit execs weren’t angry over this.) She has SWATH 2 and the Gitmo picture (that’s another issue) but until the cameras starting rolling on those projects it’s iffy. I bet the suits at Universal are nervous now because they confirmed Kristen BEFORE the break-up.

    Next month is the one-year anniversary of the Mini-Cooper Makeout. Dollar bet E!, Us Weekly, and other entertainment outlets to do specials to outline the end of Robsten. Watch for new “revealations” that were never released before (so to protect the financial interests of all parties involved at the time.) Twilight’s over, no franchise to protect anymore, so the gloves would come off. Rob, Kristen and their respective teams better brace themselves if they’re smart (I’m being generous here.) The break up may not completely end things.

  36. Jay says:

    I follow her on Instagram, and she still posts pictures of Rob sometimes. It’s…a little weird.

  37. KGG says:

    I do wish Kristen would wise up and start playing the game. She has talent, despite the Twilight fiasco. I know she’s young but at some point, that stops being an excuse. Take a shower. Wash your hair. Stop dressing like a hobo. Take care of yourself. Make movies that someone other than my 13 year old sister is interested in seeing. And be fabulous.

    She could do all of these things if she’d just get out of her own way for a change.