Jeff Bridges doesn’t smoke pot anymore: ‘I’ve been off pot for a while’

The Dude! We don’t talk about Jeff Bridges enough. Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoyed Jeff’s profile on PBS’s American Masters? That was a really good documentary, full of weird Bridges ephemera (he loves designing mazes) and lots of information of his decades-long activism against hunger. Anyway, these are some new photos of The Dude at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards over the weekend. I don’t understand his facial hair, but he makes it work. I think Jeff is just lucky to have SO MUCH hair at his age. Jeff has a new interview with Cigar Aficionado in which he claims he doesn’t smoke the doob anymore!!!

Jeff Bridges says he gave up smoking marijuana when using it was a lot riskier.

“Now that pot is practically legal, I don’t smoke anymore. I’ve been off pot for a while,” the “R.I.P.D.” star says in the July/August issue of Cigar Aficionado magazine.

But his appreciation of stogies may come from other types of smoking.

Enjoying cigars “might have come from smoking pot . . . sampling different kinds of herb,” Bridges observed. “There’s a certain aspect of that with cigars: all the different types and sizes and aromas, the way they’re made. Each one is individual — like rolling a joint . . . you have a relationship with the cigar.”

The “Big Lebowski” guru also reveals his granddaughter calls him “Dude-pa.”

[From Page Six]

I can’t believe he doesn’t smoke pot anymore!! The Dude is no longer a pothead?! In what world? And I think it’s weird how so many people are into cigars – everyone always yells about cigarettes (Sweet Lady Nicotine) and pot, but cigars are as bad (if not worse) as pot and cigs. As for “Dude-pa” – that’s just adorable. You know that Jeff has been married to the same woman – his first wife! – for more than 35 years, right? And now they have grandchildren. Adorable and age-appropriate.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Mrs. Peacock says:

    The Dude abides.
    Another caucasian, Jerry?

  2. GiGi says:

    i cannot believe I’m about to say this, but Jeff Bridges is my Forever Dong…

    I just find him really sexy. I need help.

  3. Katebush says:

    I love that movie so much, every time I watch it it makes me laugh! I also love dude-pa made my day :)

  4. RN says:

    “Funny how falling feels like flying for a little while.”

    Mr. Bridges has my eternal admiration for his role in “Crazy Heart.” I love both the movie and soundtrack.

  5. cabfan34 says:

    He’s been my favorite actor since The Last Picture Show. I wish he’d shave. He’d look younger.

  6. Hautie says:

    Bridges was so pretty in the movie, Jagged Edge. Geez, he looked like walking sex in that movie.

    And if you have never seen that film. Make it a point to find it and watch it.

    You will learn why you should always be leery, of truly beautiful men, who look like sex. LOL!

  7. Thora says:

    If you loved Jeff as The Dude look out for Joaquin Phoenix in Paul Thomas Anderson’s next film Inherent Vice. Based on on the Thomas Pynchon novel of the same name. It’s currently shooting and due for release in 2014

  8. Jules says:

    I have been in love with him forever. Sigh………

  9. Micki says:

    Was he getting additional kick for smoking illegal “herbs”?

    I used to smoke a lot, now it’s a pack a year but I too infinitely prefer cigarettes without filter (or cigars). The taste is just better.

  10. mytbean says:

    Remember Starman and his magical balls?

  11. Chloeeee says:

    although he is kinda my forever dong he is more just my forever dude in general. I don’t want to fuck him but I would gladly be his lackey forever. I just love him so much its inexplicable.

  12. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Don’t care for the pot stuff so I am glad he doesn’t do it anymore, but I ADORE Jeff Bridges. So talented, so charismatic and was/is gorgeous.

    And Dude-pa: that is adorable lol.

  13. Bobby the K says:

    Well if it’s between cannabis and cigars, he should go back to cannabis.

    But he is a very cool down to earth guy.
    He cares deeply about people going hungry, something a lot of us (me included) take for granted.
    Some celebrities you hear way too much from. He’s one of those who could post most regularly.