Alexander Skarsgard ‘is incredibly lonely, he wants to find that special someone’

These are some random photos of Alexander Skarsgard in LA a few days ago, wearing a really ugly sweater. I’m not a fan of the sweater or the jeans, actually. But I do like seeing the Viking stalk around LA. Alex will complete filming on True Blood in a few weeks, and he told E! News that he’s planning a mini-break once he’s done: “We wrap in a couple of weeks and I’m going to go to Iceland on a week-long hike. No phone, no iPad, no nothing—I’m very excited about that.” Sounds… solitary. But beautiful. I wonder if he’s going to bring Ellen Page along for some Icelandic booty? Ha. Speaking of Alex and his would-be girlfriend situation, Star Magazine has a story about Alex that reads like p0rn for women:

Alexander Skarsgard plays a lady-killer on TV, but in reality he’s desperate for a wife! The Swedish-born actor, 36, has been telling friends he’s had enough of singledom and yearns for a partner to share his life with.

“Alex is incredibly lonely and has been for a long time – he wants to find that special someone,” a source tells Star. Alex’s broken heart was evident at the after-party for his new movie The East’s Hollywood premiere at Cleo restaurant on May 29. There, an eyewitness says, he looked sad and disconnected.

“When one friend asked him what was wrong, Alex said he still really misses his ex Kate Bosworth and need a wife to take care of him… he was joking but you could tell he was really hurting.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Yes, the giant, hot Viking is SO LONELY. Hot Viking wants girlfriend! Hot Viking wants wife! Hot Viking wants LOVE. I have to admit, I am not even immune to this blatant fan-fiction reading of what Alex is really like. The story made my swimsuit area feel all tingly and I did have a moment of “if only we could meet!” But really, Alex is fine. If he wanted a girlfriend, he would find a girlfriend. He wanted a wife, he would be married. He obviously likes being single and occasionally making out with Ellen Page (ha).

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Val says:

    Someone special? Alexander, call me.

  2. Erinn says:


    I don’t know what it is about this guy, but I find him so incredibly attractive.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I’ll tell you this much: Eric Northman is the only thing getting me through Season 4 of True Blood. It’s veering from the *tongue-in-cheek campiness* that I adore into *laughably bad* territory.

      But Eric is so effin’ hot that it keeps me watching.

      • marie says:

        hey, you get in line Kitten. ha! I wonder though, since Alan Ball is no longer part if it will be different?

      • Erinn says:

        I watched the first season, and for some reason stopped – I’m going to have to pick it back up I think. I was just soooo in love with Eric. He is just pure sexiness.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Marie-zzzzzpppt! I’m still working my way through S4. Who is Alan Ball? No don’t tell me!!!
        Also, Kwanten is such an underrated actor don’t you think? He has amazing comedic timing and he’s just incredibly perfect in a role that isn’t as easy as one would think to play IMO. The acting on TB is overall pretty solid, it’s just some of the absurd writing that I have a problem with-still it’s entertaining, reminds me of Nip/Tuck in regards to the tone/style.

        @Erinn-I think Eric Northman is one of the sexiest male characters of all time and is a reason alone to watch the proceeding seasons. Every time he rips off his shirt, I get tingles.

    • Chicagogurl says:

      He gives me tingles and I would try pickled herring to make sexy with this man.

      I’ve been watching his baby brother Bill on Hemlock Grove and holy hell — i can’t wait for the day for him to pack on 20lbs of muscle and get shaggy faced.

  3. seVen says:

    Hey Alex… I’m free, give me a call you hot piece of viking.

  4. Abby says:

    Like you said, if he wanted a girlfriend, he’d have one. He’s been too busy. And misses the Boz??? He probably misses her like he misses a cold sore. *Insert eye roll*

  5. marie says:

    ha, for the love of f-ck, who would miss Bosworth? and I could be wrong but I think he disappears for a vacay after every season of TB wraps?

    and yay CB, all I need now is a Harry post and you’ll have made my hot freaky Friday!

  6. Lettie says:

    Haha what is this BS? I know someone who was at The East party and he was having a great time, even dancing with old ladies.

    • cr says:

      This bs is obviously the voices in the heads of the writers at Star. Probably the same voices that exist in the heads of the writers at the Daily Fail.
      One thing that I’ve been impressed by is that Alex’s friends do not talk to the press about his personal life, and if they started it probably wouldn’t be to Star.

  7. ncboudicca says:

    Oh, woe is he! puhleeze.

  8. Jen says:

    Ooooh, OK, let’s play imaginary girlfriends for Skarsgard. Who’s a single celebrity lady right now?

    -Dita von Teese? That would be REALLY hot.
    -January Jones would probably turn her nose up because he’s not married, but they would have SUCH blonde babies.
    -Lady Mary’s just broken up – that would be some very high-cheekbone’d lovin’.

    • Isabel says:

      Would LOVE him and Dita, she is an independent girl, gorgeous and smart. And classy!

      But the Charlene idea… OMFG, that would be amazing! She looks miserable with her royal dude, he looked miserable with K.Bosworth, together they can be happy. I LOVE IT hahahhahaa!

  9. Esmom says:

    I’ve tried and tried but I cannot for the life of me see the hotness. Sorry.

  10. GiGi says:

    OMG – is that the same sweater Robert Pattinson is wearing in the Dior Homme ad?

  11. Samigirl says:

    Going to file for divorce. Brb.

  12. Gwen says:

    Did Kate Bosworth’s pr people write this?

  13. Inconceivable! says:

    This feels like sappy PR from his team. Perhaps the show needs a ratings boost and they are using this to draw departed fans back in to watching again??

  14. Helvetica says:

    Come over here, Alex. I will take care of you. Yes, put your head in my lap. ;)

  15. Ashling says:

    This made me laugh. Although I do wish he would get married already and have some beautiful babies.

  16. Emily says:

    There must be raging idiotic bimbos throwing themselves at him 24/7… maybe he wants more substance? Who knows!

    He will probably still end up with some thin blonde “model/actress” but a break from the mould would be nice! What about a vet or a writer or an artist or a teacher or a cello player?

  17. Helena says:

    Nah,I live in Scandinavia and in Helsinki you see guys like him everyday. He is good in TB though.

  18. RHONYC says:


    aaahhhh poor, poor Skarsie…mama’ll make it alllllll better! ;-)

  19. lucy2 says:

    The missing Bosworth stuff is hilarious. Star excels at “creative” writing.

    I read some other interview where he mentioned going to Iceland with friends. not alone.

    • Minx says:

      Yep, I’m picturing a drunken week of stumbling through the woods with his boys Fares, McMillz and the rest of he gang with maybe a younger Skarsgård or two thrown in for good measure.

      Agree with Gaby. Loving the sweater and the jeans and the arms and the shoulders and the chest and the legs… *hums Sweater Weather*

      Missing Bosworth?
      Okay, wait….Bwwwaaahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  20. Gaby says:

    I love the sweater, I love the jeans, and everything that’s underneath! :-P

  21. Katie says:

    I was all set to comment, and then I saw the source is Star Magazine. The look on the valet’s face is killing me.

    What I was going to say is that if he really wanted to get married and have kids, he would. I’m so tired of celebrities in their mid-30s talking about how someday they’re going to get married and have kids, but the years go by and they’re no closer to marriage and kids. Just admit you don’t want either! You’re burnin’ daylight, here.

    Random TMI thought – he’s one of the few celebrities that I would love to hear anything about what he’s like in bed. I think he’s attractive, but I have a feeling he’s boring. Or that he’s a stage 5 clinger.

    • Lettie says:

      Why do you say that? Actors live like nads, always moving around, searching for the next project. It’s perfectly easy to understand if an actor said they wanted a family but hasn’t been able to find the ideal situation yet. That’s why so many actors marry other actors or models or randoms like bartenders.

  22. Liz says:

    I could def spend the rest of my life looking (and sleeping) with him. Sign me up!

  23. hadleyb says:

    Wow he is losing a lot of hair lately. He is very attractive in TB but off the show he is .. meh.

  24. els says:

    This guy’s public persona and the speculations from it look very similar to the ones that surrounded Keanu Reeves.

  25. daisieb says:

    The loneliness makes perfect sense since he is one of eight children. Being away from that family dynamic creates a void.

    As for his having a relationship with Ellen Page, from a genetics standpoint it would be a good thing. Their heights are at opposite ends of the scale and their children would benefit if that were to be averaged. Although it may do some serious damage to Ellen.

    • Ashling says:

      Your comment made me picture Alex bending down to cup a pregnant Ellen’s tummy. Can you imagine?

      • daisieb says:

        @Ashling Yes. In the pics of them exiting the airport on Sunday, her shirt hangs suspiciously over her abdomen. In the snuggling pic his arm is draped over her in such a way that his hand could easily be resting on her “tummy”. Then I read on another gossip site(possibly cdan or Dlisted) something to the effect that if they were trying to hide a relationship they wouldn’t be able to do so for much longer. Hmmmnn …. maybe my brain has just switched into fan fiction mode.

    • Emily C. says:

      My mom is from a family of seven children. Because of this, she prefers to be alone. She and her husband had jobs across the country from each other and only saw each other on holidays and over the summer, and she was happiest that way. Just her and her cats and the occasional lunch with a friend.

      I’m an only child, and an introvert, and I do like being alone a certain amount of time. But nothing like my mother — I am actually capable of being lonely. My father’s the oldest of only two children, and he cannot stand to be alone at all.

  26. Diana says:

    Aw, come to my arms Alex, I’ll make it all better. Come and let me confort you and do to you a lot of dirty things that can’t be mentioned in public. I’ll make you happy, you’ll see.

  27. Sarah says:

    Lol For some reason, I just can’t picture him saying he misses Kate Bosworth. I wonder how much she had to pay Star to get them to publish this?

  28. Shannon says:

    How does this dude have trouble finding someone? Come on!!! That being said, I’m single and so would with this man

  29. Me Three says:

    Guess I’m in the minority but he bores the he!! Out of me! He’s over rated in both the looks dept and acting. But I will give him props for milking the sexy, Viking angle for all it’s worth.

  30. Isabel says:

    ‘Missing Kate Bosworth’.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA have you seen pics of them together? He looked THRILLED to be there *sarcasm*

    Most unbelievable story I have heard so far, please.

    And he gets enough female attention.
    And he moved to a foreign country alone, of course he needs someone to take care of him, because he is clearly afraid of taking care of himself.. :/

  31. Original A says:

    Fan fiction BUT I could see this…he has a ton of brothers and sisters, and probably does feel his male biological clock ticking.

  32. LostinSpace33 says:

    Wonder which one of Bos’s “PR” peeps sold this crap to Star? I’m with the rest of you who say that if he really wanted to be married/engaged/taken, he would be. I mean, it’s not like he needs eHarmony to find a woman! He has obviously chosen to focus on his career and having fun for right now, and if and when he’s ready to settle down he’ll have no shortage of skinny blonde (or any other color, shape or size he is jonesing for) prospects.

  33. Joy says:

    Ok is it not hot in LA yet? I’m in the south and I just want to be naked in an ice bath already. It’s like Hades!!!

  34. moon says:

    Is it just me, or does every actor repeat some form of this spiel when they have a movie coming out that they need to promote? Then they go off and date supermodels. (looking at you, Chris Pine.)

  35. Get over it kbosworth says:

    Funny how KATE BOSWORTH gets a mention in the article. really? Alex is missing her BULLSHIT it’s been 2 years GET OVER IT KATE we know you sold this story to some source who else would it be ?stick with your hobbit FIANCEE who you will never marry he dotes on you and you live for it and love it
    Alex is clearly enjoying the single life hooking up with random females and great career prospects Alex looks anything but lonely I will personally volunteer to keep him company at night lol.

  36. cc says:


  37. KayLastima says:

    Ladies, this guy has peaked. He is losing his hair, which is not always a bad thing but I don’t like the look on his father. He is beginning to slouch, and why not, he always leans way down when talking with others of lesser stature, which is almost everyone else. And those dark circles under his eyes ain’t going away. He has never lived up to the hotness factor as described in the Trueblood books. And don’t get me started on “Bill’s” hotness. Since he has started dying his hair he has looked like our ex gov, Arnold. Oy!

    Two years from now you won’t be giving Alex a second look. He best find a life partner PDQ or he will totally be relying on his charm as his eye candy days are waning.

    • bia says:

      Well, I still find his dad sexy, so I guess I’ll be fine with Alex aging LOL

    • cr says:

      He’s always slouchy and leans down, something to do with the fact that he’s at least six feet four inches tall.
      And like like bia, I think Stellan’s still got ‘it’, so if you don’t think he’s hot, well, you don’t think he’s hot.

    • Minx says:

      Has peaked? Riiiiiight. That’s why the Internets collectively had a meltdown at the mere suggestion that he was dating Ellen Page. Yeah, his ship has sailed. He should start planning for his retirement or his comeback tour or something. Lookout AARP, here he comes! *eyerolls so hard*

      Oh and he’s losing his hair and YOU don’t like the look on his father = one of the reasons he’s peaked. Uh huh. *ponts to eyeroll up there*

      Last time I checked more than just a few people like him a whole bunch for his considerable acting chops as well as the considerable mug and frame combo he’s got going on. If all he had going was his pretty face, I might agree with you, but he’s a lot more compelling than just his face. I seriously doubt he’s in it for the eye candy factor.

  38. Apple says:

    This story is more laughable than the he is in love with Ellen Page BS.

  39. Barbidoll says:

    Ha ha! Rolling eyes.. You can’t be writing stuff like this?? ..It does great damage for lonely, kind and Sexstarved women like me…I am going to bake a pie now and eat it all..thanks!

  40. E & A says:

    Well if he is dating Ellen page then why have they not been spotted together all loved up ? Oh yeah I forgot that twitter pic of them Cosy up together. Silly me its all confirmed (rolls eyes)

  41. commonsense says:

    alex has same publicist as hate Bosworth and orly. they planted story to give hate b some relevance. alex needs to wise up and dump robin baum before she continues to sabotage whats left of alex’s career that the 2 of them haven’t already killed. ever since alex dumped hate b. alex’s publicity has been sh*t and he has never figured out that kate and robin are sabotaging him…orly have not picked up on this..alex fire robin and move on from this toxic Bermuda triangle.!!stat!!

  42. Az says:

    Like a storm door in a hurricane every chance I got Just sayin.

  43. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Sorry sugar, I’m already taken. ;)

  44. Lexi says:

    I love you alex!!! PICK ME , LOVE ME!!!!

  45. anti-icon says:

    His PR team is good. His planted stories always manage to make him even more adorable! Hey, Alex, how’ya feel about the older ladies? (Wink, nudge.) LOL

  46. gefeylich says:

    What a load of bollocks. Right, like this man has trouble attracting women (or men): he’s tall, gorgeous, smart, has money and is famous. Yeah, what a turn-off.

    This is PR BS designed to make the public feel sorry for him. Don’t understand the rationale behind it, but it’s totally ludicrous.