Keith Urban wants to be a movie star, but Nicole Kidman refuses to work with him

You might not believe this, but this Nicole Kidman-Keith Urban story relates to Bedhead’s story about Rupert Murdoch’s divorce filing. When Rupert married Wendi Deng, it was widely believed that Wendi had a “civilizing” influence on Rupert. Wendi liked to hang out with celebrities. Wendi wanted Rupert to move into media outlets with more legitimacy (like the Wall Street Journal). Wendi wanted Rupert to go to big society parties and have friends and have fun. Wendi and Rupert became very close to Nicole Kidman – Nicole is actually godmother to one of Wendi and Rupert’s daughters. Some believe that this friendship helped Nicole weather the divorce from Tom Cruise, and some credit this friendship with Keith Urban’s placement as a judge on American Idol.

So what happens when Wendi and Rupert get a divorce and their friends have to choose sides? Who does Nicole choose? And if Nicole chooses Wendi, does that mean Rupert gives Keith the axe on Idol? So far, no one knows if Keith is going to renew his contract or if he’ll even be offered a new contract. So maybe Keith is already looking to see what his next career move will be? And what if his next career move is… acting?

They may be madly in love, but Nicole Kidman has boundaries when it comes to Keith Urban: she will never work with him. Now that Keith’s future on American Idol is iffy, he’s pursuing acting. Keith, 45, auditioned for a role in a Universal Studios romantic comedy and hoped to improve his chances of landing the part by getting Nicole, 46, as his costar, but she refused.

A friend reveals that while Nicole supports Keith’s acting ambitions, she has zero desire to work with him because she feels her marriage to Tom Cruise began to unravel when they costarred in Eyes Wide Shut.

“Nicole loves her husband too much to work with him on a movie,” her pal explains. “She wants him to pursue his dreams but is adamant about not working together.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Yes, because everyone knows that the REAL problem in Tom and Nicole’s marriage was Stanley Kubrick, right? Ha. I mean, I get it. Eyes Wide Shut really was the beginning of the end for Tom and Nicole, but their problems weren’t about “working together”. If Nicole and Keith want to work together, they should, but the real problem might be the perception of nepotism. Nicole can’t blatantly get her husband a big job in a movie because a lot of people will be turned off by that.

OK, now I can’t stop thinking about Keith’s flat-ironed hair in a rom-com beside Kate Hudson. HELP!

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  1. jl says:

    Sorry, but looking at him – Ain’t nobody got time for Dat! I’ve never seen any acting talent out of him, and his looks are just not appealing to me.

    Nicole’s no astounding success these days herself, so I doubt she has the strings to pull to get him a job.

    Stay home and raise your kids people, you should have the money and well, looking at this site, fame doesn’t always make things better.

  2. marie says:

    every time I see them I think Jolly Green Giant and Sprout..

    and he needs to stick to music anyway.

  3. Dhavynia says:

    Keith you’re a singer not an actor. He is starting to sound like Justin what’s his face except that Nicole can act unlike JT horsey wife

  4. T.Fanty says:

    Nicole needs to shut this down, pronto. No matter what we think of her face, her brand is of a high-brow and quality actor, and letting her circa-1998 husband be associated with her as a performer will kill what little appeal she still has.

  5. Yellowshaba says:

    Nicole used to b so gorgeous all natural with that red hair. Now I just can’t take her seriously because of her face.

    • Hakura says:

      @Yellowshaba – I agree, it was really shocking when I came across some pics of her as a young woman before her career started. Not only shocking because of what she’s done to herself since, but also because she looked *just* like my mom in the face.

  6. mel says:

    I could see him in smaller roles…he has a cute personality…he was the only one I liked on Idol -

  7. Micki says:

    To be honest I won’t like to work with my husband either.
    It’s enough to have him in bed.

  8. Bernice says:

    I have always been a big fan n of Nicole’s but she has to to lay off the botox, fillers, straighteners and pot ( or whatever mke her eyes so red all the time). She’s begun to look waxy. I can’t take Kieth Urban seriously as a man, the highlighted flat ironed hair with his fine featured face just does nothing for me. Butch it up Kieth. And the two of them together…. It’s just hard for me to even imagine…….

  9. Gossip Goody Two Shoes says:

    Keith Kidman – same ol famewhoring!

    Nicole’s career is tanking as it is – she doesn’t need a dilettant trying to act in movies and attach to her coattails!

  10. Ashling says:

    I think this is a good decision on her part. As far as her career, she seems to be pursuing another Oscar by starring in small independent films..

  11. junebug says:

    Keith is just adorable. And he can sing and play guitar like no other…

  12. ya says:

    Wow – I love that blue dress on her – she really pulls it off.

    • MademoiselleRose says:

      I didn’t think much of KU until I saw him on The Voice in Australia. My feeling was that he gained a lot of new fans from it who, like me, had never seen him onscreen before. He’s very charismatic onscreen, unlike in photographs where he looks kind of girly.

      I don’t believe this story though.

  13. Hakura says:

    I’m of the opinion that one should never work with family or someone you’re dating, if you can help it. Something always happens in those cases. Follows them home if it happened at work, & goes to work with them if it started at home.

    So yeah, probably not a good idea.

  14. lbs5 says:

    Love to see keith in a move, so hot he is

  15. JoBeth says:

    I can see Keith and Kate Hudson too. I I thought that the minute I read it. I’ve always thought that Keith would be good playing in “Young at Heart” in the Sinatra role, and Nicole could do the Doris Day role.

  16. anti-icon says:

    This is a very juicy and interesting connection I never knew.

    Keith Urban is not appealing to me at all. I feel Nicole Kidman should side with Murdoch and select a better husband. No one will care at all if she ends up being three-times married. Kate Winslet has done so, and had a child by each.

    (Not that their marriage is in trouble, but they seem like an ODD couple to me….

    And should we be blaming Wendy Dang for all the Horrific Wiretapping Currently In The Press?????

    Murdoch Divorce Will Be Epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. ParisPucker says:

    her navel is going to end up as a bindhi if she keeps this up

  18. JoBeth says:

    “Side with Murdock and select a better husband” Yeah, sure, that would lead to such a wonderful marriage. Run around in Wendi’s group of degenerates. Wendi Deng is a poster child for moral irresponsibility and greed. BTW, Nicole has said that when she met Keith, she just loved him. Guess she didn’t need to look for a ‘better husband’. BTW, hope you enjoy all the juicy details of the Murdock divorce – sad.

    • anti-icon says:

      I did not say side with Wendi, I said side with Murdoch. They’re getting divorced. Two sides.

      Rupert Murdoch is also morally reprehensible….so I guess you missed my sarcasm. (in that I was choosing the lesser of two evils…..I don’t know why I even try.)