Brooke Mueller quit Betty Ford rehab because it was ‘too hard’ and she hated chores

As you may have heard, Brooke Mueller quit Betty Food rehab right around the time that Lindsay Lohan ignored the fact that her rehab was court-ordered and went to a more crackhead-friendly facility. Lohan’s freedom hangs in the balance, but you know nothing is going to happen to her. Brooke, on the other hand isn’t likely to ever gain custody of her twin four-year-old boys. She’s tried twice and failed to have the boys removed from Denise Richards’ care and put in the custody of her own family, so she can keep Charlie Sheen’s child support money in the family. It’s not going to happen. Like Lohan, she’s probably not going to kick her (meth) addiction, either. Brooke reportedly quit rehab because she was expected to do chores and found it “too hard”

The 35-year-old Palm Beach socialite did not like the manual labor asked of patients at the famed Rancho Mirage, Calif., center, such as chores, a source said.

“Brooke didn’t tell anyone, including her lawyer, that she had left Betty Ford,” an insider close to the situation told Radar.

“Brooke hated Betty Ford because she was required to do daily chores, which she resented. She complained that Betty Ford was just too hard. Betty Ford is hardcore and Brooke just doesn’t respond well in situations where she can’t call the shots.”

But her abrupt move to leave the facility and enroll in a clinic in San Juan Capistrano, Calif. — her 21st stint in rehab — could have severe consequences in her bid to regain custody of her four-year-old twins with the Anger Management star, Bob and Max.

On Tuesday, there will be a routine hearing in the ongoing custody battle, where the judge is expected to grill Mueller’s lawyer about leaving Betty Ford.

“This could have a serious impact on Brooke’s bid to get custody of the twins. Brooke just doesn’t seem to be taking get sober that seriously,” the source said.

“Her doctors at Betty Ford advised her not to leave, but she did anyway. Her counselors will be submitting an extensive report about Brooke’s time at Betty Ford and it won’t be glowing, that is for sure.”

Neither Sheen or the twins’ guardian, the actor’s second ex-wife, Denise Richards, are expected to be in court for the hearing.

[From Radar Online]

Doesn’t AA have a saying “it works if you work it?” This is Brooke’s 21st stint in rehab. Obviously she is not working a program at all, since she thinks that she shouldn’t have to do anything. She expects to get high, live off Charlie Sheen’s money, and let everyone else raise her children. The thing is, if she doesn’t have custody of her children she loses out on the $55k a month Charlie pays her in child support. It looks like Charlie has been taking pity on her for a while, because it recently came out that Denise Richards has been caring for Brooke’s twins since last summer. Thank goodness for that. Chances are low that Brooke will ever regain custody, especially since she couldn’t hack Betty Ford. That’s surely for the best, and she needs to get cut off from Charlie’s money so she won’t be able to afford drugs. She’ll find a way though I’m sure.

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  1. dorothy says:

    Hopefully Denise will get full custody of the twins, Charlie will reduce or eliminate child support to Brooke thereby taking care of the children and the money to purchase drugs.

    Frankly, I don’t think she cares much about getting the twins back, it’s all about the money.

    • LAK says:

      i think Charlie should just pay the money into a trust fund since Denise says she doesn’t need it. If Situation changes for either Denise or Brooke, the trust takes care of it.

      This way, Brooke can’t complain that Charlie didn’t take care of the boys financially and doesn’t use the money for drugs.

      • Frosty says:

        LAK I think that’s a great idea. She needs to suffer the consequences of her actions & since the money is supposed to be for the boys a trust is a great way to go.

      • Lee says:

        Like this idea. Aside from going into a trust, a small portion should also go to Denise for their living expenses, in the same way that whatever Charlie pays to her is expected to go for the living expenses of their children. Unless of course Denise is already putting every cent aside for her kids, in which case a trust with all the money would mean all of the children would be equal in the end.

      • Hakura says:

        @LAK – She said she didn’t need child support money from Charlie? First she takes these children into her home that aren’t her own (of her EX-husband’s & some other woman’s)

        Then, when offered support money (a great deal of it, I might add), she *turns it down? Wow. That’s just.. really admirable.

      • LAK says:

        Hakura – Denise is taking child support from Charlie, but only as agreed in custody agreements for her own kids. It’s reported that she turned down extra financial support to raise the boys ie money that would have been going to Brooke, allegedly saying she didn’t need more than she is already receiving.

  2. Dawn says:

    Some addicts are hopeless and she appears to be one of them. I do hope that Charlie Sheen makes sure that she cannot get her boys back until she has been sober for at least a year. Yes I can imagine that recovery is hard but so is life and it can be even harder when you think everything should be handed to you. What a loser.

    • ExOxygrl says:

      As a recovering addict with 10 years clean, I know how hard it is. I tried 3 times and was successful on the 4th try. I never left a faciliity early as I was told I’d be going against medical advice & my insurance wouldn’t pay. A consequence rich people don’t have. I was neither in rehab by court order or at risk of losing my kids, I was there to fix me. It’s hard. Until the addict understands that there is no easy way out and is willing to do anything and listen to those with years of clean time they won’t be successful. I vomited for 11 days and then it took me another 6 months before I felt half way decent. Then there is the wreckage the addict has caused in their life that has to be addressed & fixed. It takes a long time & addicts don’t know how to be patient. The thing that helped me was knowing if I did this right I’d never have to detox again.

      • truthful says:

        Congrats to you!!

        Keep up the good work, its hard but you are a fighter.

        I don’t know you but I can still be proud.

        thanks for sharing your story..

      • Hakura says:

        @ExOxygrl – Congratulations for your awesome accomplishment!

        Admittedly, I myself am currently battling addiction, due to becoming dependent on a medication I had to take long term. (Not narcotic, but it probably should be considered that). It’s… really hard to explain to someone who hasn’t felt the intense hell that is withdrawal.

        Unfortunately, I had 2 seizures during my last attempt to get off it, so I may end up having to stay at a hospital when I finally do try again.

        But from one addict to another (recovering) addict, I really understand how huge your accomplishment is. =)

      • Michelle says:

        @Hakura That wouldn’t happen to be tramadol (ultram), would it? If so, I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve been on it for a real medical condition for about three and a half years now. I’ve tried to get off of it by myself before 4-5 times, but it is hell. It’s actually even worse than trying to get off of just a opioid medication alone, because it also affects your serotonin and norepinephrine receptors. I don’t know if you’ve ever been on an anti-depressant and suddenly stopped taking them, but it is like having the flu and what are called “brain zaps.” So, mix that with opioid withdrawal, and it is bad news. I am so sorry you have had seizures. That is very scary. I haven’t experienced that yet, but I know that it is a real possibility with tram withdrawal. Every time I have tried to quit one of the worst things for me is that I suddenly have the worst case of restless leg syndrome, which I never had before. It is unbearable and I cannot sleep at all. My legs will literally twitch and jerk violently all night long, non-stop.
        Even though I know I am physically addicted, I also know that if I were to be off this medicine I would be in a world of constant pain. (I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.) So, I’m often battling with myself about getting off these meds or not. If I do, the pain and numbness I experience makes me want to scream and cry all the time. I don’t know which is worse…

      • Hakura says:

        @<b<Muchelle – @Michelle – You’re right on the money, it is Tramadol. I’ve been taking it (prescribed) for 9 years now (hard to believe it’s been that long)…I pulled a muscle in my side (torso), which spasmed constantly & was excruciating. It took a whole year before it started to ease a little, but didn’t stop entirely (but by then, I was already dependant). Sometimes I sleep on it the wrong way or bend & strain it, intensifying the pain.
        I’m on an antidepressant now, so I definitely understand what you’re talking about. I’ve experienced these ‘brain zaps’ you described, like a ‘tic’ or ‘sudden jerk’ you have no control of. Wow. You & I’s situation is identical… When I go into withdrawal, the main effect that’s the most horrible is the awful, intense restless leg syndrome.
        No matter how much or how hard you stretch them, it does no good whatsoever. Sleep is impossible. & you’re so desperate to stop the pain, because it’s enough to make you cry. Especially because sleep is impossible, so it just makes it worse. Although not what I want, withdrawal is so intemse that amything seems like the better alternative.
        Not that I’m happy you’re experiencing this, but it’s almost ‘comforting’ to know that someone is actually going through what I am, down to the last detail (everything you described, word for word, is my experience.
        .@lucy – Thank you =) We’re going to need all the luck we can.

      • Michelle says:

        Hakura, as soon as you said it is isn’t a narcotic, but it probably should be, I knew it had to be tramadol. There is currently only one med like that on the market. I think there are probably a lot of us out there like this. It only took about two or three months of being on this for me to be hooked, and I’ve never had an addiction before, ever.

    • lucy says:

      Best wishes in you, ExOxyGirl and Hakura, in your attempts to heal.

  3. Petee says:

    What a dopey excuse.I have been to Betty Ford and the chore’s there are like wiping down a few tables from the dorm you belong in or be the wake up girl and get the girl’s up to start the day.Please.It’s not like they asked her to do yard work or clean bathroom’s.

  4. Elisabeth says:

    I guess with quitting drugs the 43243289043247328947829th time is a charm

  5. JL says:

    For Godness sake let Denise keep the twins and let both Brooke and Charlie rot in hell and pay her well for doing what is right and good.

    It’s amazing those kids don’t have brain damage due to mommy and daddies drugging. Let’s hope they don’t mess them up emotionally trying to get them back for appearances sake.

    • HappyMom says:

      Well, we don’t really know what damage she caused. I seem to recall that one of the twins did have medical issues when he was first born. I’m sure they’re not going to announce if either of them have any kind of learning disabilities or behavioral issues.

      • I work with children and teens with neurological deficits (and severe, severe behavioral and emotional problems) as a result of drug abuse during pregnancy. Many times the manifestations of brain damage don’t appear until the children are older. I do recall reading that Brooke was using meth during her pregnancy, though it may have been a rumor. Regardless, she is truly an addict and unable to prioritize her beautiful children over her disease. Do I feel empathy for her? Yes. But I can’t help but feel more for her innocent boys.

      • TG says:

        I assumed they or at least one of the boys had medical issues because they were created in a lab to ensure they were boys. I seem to remember that they knew they were having boys almost immediately but if she and he were doing drugs before procreation or during pregnancy that would also make sense. I take a hard line and do not think parents deserve many chances to clean up their act. I hope she loses permanent custody and is never allowed contact with them again.

    • Thiajoka says:

      Thank you! I think Charlie is getting just a little too much credit lately for being together enough to realize Denise should be taking care of his and Brooke’s kids. I’m dubious of that and if it really was so altruistic, there would already be a trust set up for Denise to access for the twins’ expenses. Apparently she said she didn’t expect financial help and mature, great-decision-making Charlie went, “Duh, uh, okay!” He’s getting a free ride, too, with no responsibilities. So sad for those twins!

  6. Relli says:

    This chick I swear. I bet dollars to donuts that 90% of the reason she left was because Lohan left and 10% because she had to do “chores.” I never really paid attention to her except for when her and Charlies went on the Denise bashing spree early in their relationship. So I guess I never noticed how desperate she is/was to be famous because there is only 1 other person I can think of who also looks positively thrilled when the paps find them.

  7. evyn says:

    Dumb bitch. Just throwing it all away. Two beautiful kids and more money per month than most families have to live off of for a year.

  8. just me says:

    I love me some vodka…you could say it borderlines on addiction…BUT I do not have any children at stake nor a massive monthly payment coming in to support raising’d better believe I’d find a way to get over it! Brooke is a moron.

  9. Madriani's Girl says:

    Why call her a Palm Beach Socialite? What did I miss?

    If she IS from a socially prominent family then doesn’t she have money of her own and doesn’t need the Warlock’s money?

    • gogoGorilla says:

      I think her mother is married to some bazillionaire.

      This is very sad, but I hope the kids get to stay with Denise.

    • Itsa Reallyme says:

      This is what I was wondering too. It gives me so many more questions now.

      Is her family wealthy? Are her parents still around? Have Brooke’s parents fought for custody of the boys?

      I want those boys to stay with Denise. I hope the judge will rule in their favor and leave them be. That socialite statement did make me wonder if Brooke’s parents will ever try to insert themselves in the kids’ lives if it looks like Brooke will never regain custody.

    • pwal says:

      I guess that socialite cr@p is residual media whitewash.

      I still shake my head at Charlie and Brooke’s Entertainment Tonight segment introducing their twins. Fast forward four years and Denise Richards is taking care of them?

    • Anne says:

      No dad was a cop real estate agent teacher etc and died when she was a teen. Mom then married a millionaire but us not currently married to a NY lounge singer. Not sure mom is all that great of an influence either (minus the drugs). Mom and brother seem to enable.

      • hazeldazel says:

        yeah, enabler is the word for the mom. This was the mom that had Brooke be bartender at a family gathering the weekend after she got out of rehab. The mom and white oprah should get together and have a reality show – “Worst Mothers Ever” or “How to Ruin Your Daughters”

  10. serena says:

    This is going to end really bad……..

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    Pathetic. Thank goodness Denise has the boys.

  12. anoneemouse says:

    I’m sure she packed up her crack pipe and went on her merry way….this POS better never get those boys back.

  13. UsedToBeLulu says:

    So Denise has been quietly raising the boys for nearly a year, yet has continued to fly under the radar about it. She is my hero.

  14. Meaghan says:

    She totally left because of Blowhan. Also, socialite? Really? Thats what they’re calling her now?

  15. Mayday says:

    Man I am starting to LOVE Denise.

    It goes to show, we form ideas about people (celebrities specifically) but then you hear certain things about them and our views shift entirely.

    • Meredith says:

      Let’s give credit where credit is due, I say. To Denise’s fabulous parents who taught her all the important things about how to raise children and do it right! I believe her mother has passed away and her dad lives with her. What wonderful people they must be.

  16. Holden says:

    21 times is rehab? She clearly isn’t interested in getting clean and is going through the motions.

  17. karmasabiatch! says:

    Fortunately for those adorable little boys, I don’t think Brooke has any desire to get them back.

    I pray she never, ever regains custody of those boys again. At this point, they have Denise’s loving heart, Charlie’s money to back them up and a shot at a somewhat normal life. I think repeated attempts to save Brooke are wasted energy; it is clear she only wants to be high, so let her. If she’s determined to die, better now while the boys will scarcely be impacted. Harsh, but true. Prayers to Brooke’s little men.

    • Meredith says:

      I think the same thing about Brooke that I think about Lohan – they LOVE being addicts. It’s a (power) rush and it feeds their narcissistic personalities and fantasies. They’re not giving it up for anything because in their minds, they are (to quote Charlie Sheen) “winning”! Very sad. Glad the twins are finally safe and legally with Denise.

  18. Sachi says:

    I don’t think she’ll ever get it together and get clean. Some people are just lost causes and she and Lindsay Lohan are cut from the same cloth. Doing small chores is probably 10x harder when you’re going through withdrawal and craving drugs. No wonder she couldn’t wait to get out. She’s one of those people who say she’ll change “this time” but like a true addict, cannot follow through.

    It’s too bad that she doesn’t seem to consider her sons enough reason to get sober. Her sons are better off being with Denise.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      I used to smoke (10 years smoke free now!) and had actually tried quitting several times. It wasn’t until my Uncle got lung cancer and died, a week after being admitted to the hospital, that I was finally able to quit for good. Watching him literally waste away and die made me realize that there was no way in the world I wanted to put my kids through that!!! I decided that I was done with smoking for good and wanted to be around, healthy, for my kids and future grandkids. The first year was tough, I’ll admit, and even now every once in a while I’ll have moments where “If I still smoked I’d really have a cigarette right now” but I don’t give in. The fact that Brooke doesn’t care enough about her kids to give “chores” and rehab as much effort as it takes to get sober just shows that they are not her first priority. Like I said, I had tried quitting several times, but never for the right reasons, so I kept starting up again. I wasn’t thinking about my kids or putting them before that much-needed smoke, until my Uncle got cancer and died.

      I’m glad that those boys at least have a loving, stable home with Denise. So many kids don’t have that option available to them.

  19. Nanz says:

    “Doesn’t AA have a saying “it works if you work it?” This is Brooke’s 21st stint in rehab. Obviously she is not working a program at all, since she thinks that she shouldn’t have to do anything.”

    This. All. Day.

  20. lovegossip says:

    Socialite? Was that a misspelling for sociopath? ;-)

  21. junegorilla says:

    Socialite? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha.

    The Ladies who lunch of PB must be having FITS over that. FITS. So angry that they are shaking the buttons off of their Chanel suite. Forming a coven to raise the ghost of Lilly Pulitzer to put things right. She’s a socialite like Roxanne Pulitzer was. NOT

  22. sharylmj says:

    she will probably end up ODing.. which is super sad for everyone that loves her. She’s obviously selfish and only cares about getting high. She needs to be cut off from the money!! That MIGHT save her life.

  23. RHONYC says:

    i feel bad about thinking that was Molly Sims at 1st glance.

    apologies Molly Sims. :oops:

  24. Mimi says:

    Denise wants her daughters brothers to have the same love and stability she provides for her girls to ensure they have the bet chance of having a nice life which says so much about her character.
    For Denise to be able to put aside all the emotional abuse both Charlie and Brooke have put her through not to mention the taunting of her mother as she was dying of cancer ….and so much more….is nothing short of heroic. The fact that she is trying to do it under the radar just makes it even more amazing. I wish Denise got the respect she so deserves

  25. Mew says:

    Yep, that’s her exact problem. Real life is too hard. This is what happens when kids grow up having everything without having to even think about having it. They just find everything in real life too hard and would rather just lay on the floor smoking pot.

  26. Dedrie says:

    Why should Denise stop everything and raise these kids? Please.. are they step children.. and they have grandparents the Mullers.. and relatives? Oh.. Denise has no life beyond taking care of Charlie’s problems? He should give her ten million and let her walk away from that crap.. let her get on with her life.. and enjoy her children and give all her time and love to them.. and what about Charlie Sheen’s parents..?

    • Denise says:

      It’s her choice, otherwise she wouldn’t be doing it. Have you seen Brooke’s mother?

    • WickedSteppMom says:

      Because these boys share a father with her children, making them half-siblings. Or, in the case of my family, we just call each other brothers & sisters (we’ve always joked that the half-brother/half-sister stuff makes it sound like someone is a hermaphrodite.) It’s awesome that Denise is able to set aside all of the crap the adults have done/still do, so that ALL of the children can know each other & have a good life. How would she explain to her children later in life if something happened to their brothers & she had the ability to prevent it, but chose not to, because she was still mad at *their* Mommy & Daddy?

    • drdoolittling says:

      I’m sorry, I am confused. Are you actually saying this is a bad thing? This is a true example of selflessness and familial love. It is becoming exceedingly rarer and rarer and when there are stories such as these, I really think they should be rewarded. I guess I am confused as to why you think this is a bad thing?

      • Hakura says:

        @drdoolittling – I *think* what they meant was that Denise shouldn’t be forced or pressured to take care of someone else’s ‘problems’. Yes, she’s assuming big responsibilities that should be taken care of by Charlie. But she’s doing so purely for the sake of those children.

        I believe if there had been an equally viable option for custody in the Mueller family, they wouldn’t have been handed to Denise in the first place. (Considering she’s not a blood relation, on top of the fact that she’s the father’s *ex-wife*). From the outside looking in, it’s an odd situation.

    • jwoolman says:

      Denise doesn’t see them as a burden. They’re family because they’re her daughters’ brothers. It’s good for them all to live together. She obviously wanted more kids, since her youngest was adopted. That’s also probably why she’s a lucky choice here, she probably has been through all the investigations for that adoption and so the social workers know her and her situation. Her father is also a major asset in this situation – he’s been living with her since her mom died and obviously really likes being grandpa to an extended family. And he’s healthy and in good shape for the task.

      I can understand her turning down more money for keepIng the boys. That simplifies court proceedings to take the money factor entirely out of the equation. Charlie may have fatal flaws as a husband, but he’s always been generous with his money. Denise knows that and so can feel sure that he’ll reliably pay for any big expenses directly and if for some bizarre reason the pile of cash she’s already getting for her two older daughters she shares with him is not enough, he’ll just give her more. Money is not a big thing to Charlie.

  27. ParisPucker says:

    what garbage of a human being

  28. shannon says:

    I know addiction isn’t rational, but my GOD I loathe Brooke for abandoning her kids for drugs.

  29. dcypher1 says:

    In all her pics she looks so high on drugs its sad. I hope they never give her back her kids. Btw Brookes parents are rich her dad is a billionaire. Her style is ugly too. She dosent know how to dress.

  30. drdoolittling says:

    She is so clearly high in those pics of her behind the wheel. Nice to see that lots of crackheads drive around L.A. with no consequences. Good to know.

  31. Jennifer12 says:

    She’s no different than the addict parents I work with in NYC. Doesn’t give a crap about her kids, sole interest is drugs, feels entitled. But these parents have also gone through hell and the world has shown them just how little of a crap it gives. Doesn’t excuse it, but I get it a little more. That said, she’s a spoiled, disgusting brat who shouldn’t be entrusted with a goldfish. Denise should keep these kids forever and I hope she does.

  32. truthful says:

    I wonder if Brooke did not go back to LA, would she fare much better???

    IF she ever truly applies herself.

    my cousin was strung out on coke for yrs, lost his marriage, family and job.

    he finally agreed to go to rehab and they made sure he did not go back to his normal surroundings, he has been doing great for 8 yrs.

    he said not only were drugs easy to get in certain areas but familiar surroundings triggered feelings etc.

    I’m so glad that Denise is caring for those boys, its still sad though.

  33. RobN says:

    Obviously not a fan of hers, but I’m not sure why so many people here are surprised that a drug addict makes poor decisions. It’s what they do; some are able to make their way back, but many never do. It’s why people end up on the streets and alienated from their families. We say “how come she doesn’t see that the kids are more important than the drugs”, but addicts rarely do. Their brains don’t work the way that a normal brain does. The fact that you have money or kids doesn’t change that fact. The number of attempts at rehab doesn’t matter if most of them were based on outside pressures rather than a sincere desire to get well. I wonder if she’s had a single rehab stay that was actually about what she wanted to do.

  34. Megan says:

    You know honestly all that should happen is her parental rights are stripped and she can OD for all I care.

    What a worthless human being. I mean I know addiction is a disease and my heart goes out to those who suffer from it but like all diseases you have to take responsibility for it and she isn’t.

    • Trashaddict says:

      Totally agree. But using the same standards, WHY IN HELL does Charlie Sheen have parental rights? He’s just as damaging to them, if not more! He is a user, was screwing a user, and couldn’t put a glove on it! What a pathetic POS, it disgusts me that he gets away with this shit.

  35. DanaG says:

    If Brooke isn’t willing to clean up for the boys she won’t clean up at all. She really just wants the money so she can continue getting high and doing nothing. She will probably end up dead I hope Charlie has cut her off and keeps the money tap switched off. He isn’t helping her let her get a job or something. She won’t get back these kids unless she is clean for a really long time and that just won’t happen. I think Denise is wonderful and the boys clearly love her and their sisters. It’s nice for them to be in a home where they are clean and fed and looked after and can be little boys. Brooke will probably try to hookup with another rich guy. Did she buy a house? If she did chances are she will sell it so she can get money to keep herself high for awhile.

  36. tmbg says:

    I’m surprised meth is her drug of choice because she doesn’t look like a tweaker (at least not yet).

    Those boys may have been born addicted to meth if she was smoking it during her pregnancy. I saw a documentary on it and these women didn’t give two flips about their babies and children. They showed one family where both parents were addicted and trying to get clean and they had three children who were just neglected. Social services was going to take them, but decided not to in the end. It was insane.

  37. jwoolman says:

    I hope that if Brooke ever makes a move to get the kids and their support money back, besides routinely submitting to sobriety tests she has to explain to the court monthly (with receipts) every penny spent and Charlie just directly pays every expense possible like school tuition, clothing, etc. If she’s serious about being sober and raising her kids, that won’t deter her. If not– she’ll drop the case and leave the kids with Denise. Actually, if she’s serious about sobriety then she should know it’s going to take a very long time and a lot of relapses, and the best thing for her sons would be to leave them in the stable environment they have now. She can do extensive visitation when sober and that way won’t have resentful teenagers on her hands about ten years from now. The boys will be grateful to her for not interfering with such a good setup and that will lay a good foundation for a lifetime of mother-son relationships. It’s not abandonment to realize you’re not in a position to be a proper parent but somebody else is. Women tend to get dissed for such things while it’s not such a big deal for a dad to be non-custodial and that really isn’t fair. Charlie can be as much of a parent as he’s able to be be through visitation, and the same is true for Brooke.

    Actually, maybe Charlie should just offer Brooke a monthly allowance with the condition that she let the boys stay with Denise with no fuss and just visit as she’s able. I wonder if he’s already done that. I don’t know the terms of their divorce. What did Brooke get besides child support? Does she have to have custody to get ant money?

  38. Agnetha says:

    Denise Richards is practically a saint.

    Meanwhile, Brooke is lower than pond scum to choose drugs over her sweet little boys. Charlie isn’t much better, but at least he is willing to admit he isn’t the best parent for the boys and isn’t trying to get custody back like Brooke. Hopefully the boys will think of Denise as their real mom and Brooke becomes a distant memory to them.

  39. lisa says:

    denise richards is so charitable, i bet charlie could get her to foster brooke as well

  40. Blue Jean says:

    Best thing for the kids is if mom crawls off and od’s in an alley somewhere and saves everyone the trouble of dealing with her for the next 20 years.

  41. Ellie says:

    I’ve never commented here before, but this is a topic I know something about. I’ve worked in child welfare for over five years. Admittedly, I haven’t worked in CA, and state laws do vary. There are some basic things the state needs to prove to the court before children can be permanently removed. Generally the parent/s have to be given every opportunity, while under the jurisdiction of the court, to succeed. In this case, because the kids are under five, the parents get one year to prove themselves. DCFS wants permanent solutions for children, so if in a years time if the parent/s still aren’t fit, an adoptive home is sought. A lot of people confuse custody with parental rights. Adoption can’t take place unless parental rights have been terminated on both parents. Adoption is more desirable than permanent custody and guardianship because despite it being called “permanent,” it isn’t. Children this young don’t deserve to be yanked around from home to home depending on the whim’s of their unstable parents. This is why adoption is seen as the only solution; it can’t be challenged in court down the road.If Denise has really had them for nine months, the court could take that into consideration, ie: count it against the year. The state would have to ask for that, and the Guardian ad Litum, the court appointed attorney for the children, cold also argue for it.
    That’s my summary and maybe it provided some clarity to people who want some insight. It isn’t a quick moving process, but then again, taking kids away permanently is a very serious situation.

  42. Jenn says:

    Some drug addicts will never get clean and I believe Brooke is one of them. She’s been in rehab 35+ times and has never been serious about it. Eventually, she will OD with no one there to save her. I hope the boys stay with Denise until they turn 18 because they have a stable loving home with her, their sisters and her father.

    Also, Denise seems to have some control over Charlie’s behavior around the children, so the boys will at least know their father and their grandparents. I also think she will make sure they have the therapy they will need being the children of substance abusers.

    I was never a fan of Denise’s but now I’m one of her biggest supporters.

  43. Kiyoshigirl says:

    Brooke Mueller doesn’t need Charlie Sheen’s money. My mother was a personal friend of her grandmother. The Mueller clan is enormously wealthy. Hence the reason she has never held a job and probably never will. She is not the only one with substance abuse issues in the family. Undoubtedly she has trust funds up the yahoo. She was raised in a culture of excess so she does everything in excess.