Did Kim Kardashian name her baby girl ‘Kai Georgia Donda West’?

We still don’t have an official name for Baby Kardashian-West. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been checking E! News several times a day to see if they’re going to get the exclusive. For what it’s worth, there’s a theory that Kim is going to save the big reveal for the E! reality show, but I doubt it. I doubt Kim will wait that long. They’ll reveal the name (at the very least) this week, in my opinion. So for now, we’re just left with breathless updates on exactly what down in the delivery room and beyond:

Even though Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s bundle of joy decided to arrive earlier than planned, the reality star didn’t require a cesarean section to deliver her daughter, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

“She was admitted with medical complications and her doctor made the decision that her baby needed to be delivered. Kim had a natural birth,” the source says. “If Kim would have had very serious complications, her doctor would have decided to do an emergency c-section instead.”

As for the baby girl’s name, Kardashian, 32, has mentioned in the past that it will likely begin with a ‘K,’ but so far, she and West, 36, remain undecided, although a second source tells PEOPLE that they are close to a final decision.

“Kim is being very protective of the baby and she says there is no official name,” the first source notes.

[From People]

I’ve seen some of the gossip/urban sites are throwing pre-emptive shade on Kim, claiming their sources say she definitely had a C-section, so I guess that’s what this People Mag story is about. Personally, I don’t think an optional OR a necessary C-section is something to be ashamed of – every woman gets to make her own birth choices, for the love of God. For now, if Kim is claiming she delivered vaginally, so be it. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Kim’s labor was induced though.

As for the name, there’s a source claiming that Kanye and Kim have settled on Kai Georgia Donda West. I didn’t really get the “Georgia” reference, but apparently Kim’s father’s middle name was George. One of Kim’s friends, Larsa Pippen, told E! News that the baby girl is “so cute” and that Kanye is also “so cute… He doesn’t leave the room. He’s, like, in love with the baby.”

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  1. bluhare says:

    Kai? Isn’t that a perfume?

  2. Dibba says:

    Feel badly for the kid no matter what her name is.

  3. Shelley says:

    Of course Kanye is in love with Lil Yeezus!

  4. A says:

    I don’t know what to believe at this point. Every “story” contradicts the next.

    They say the baby is 5 weeks early – which would mean that they were 9-10 weeks when they announced the pregnancy. I doubt they would announce it before 12 weeks.

    They say the baby was due july 11th – meaning the baby was delivered at 37 weeks or full term and was not a premature delivery.

    They say the baby was right on time – meaning that Kim’s stressing/flying/general vanity during pregnancy might’ve caused the baby more harm than good.

    C-section vs natural delivery. I don’t even know what to believe anymore.

    Was she vain enough to try and get the baby out early? Sure. PR reasons? Sure. For Kanye’s sake so he could meet the baby before he vanishes again? Sure. Will she ever get pregnant again? Nope.

    All seems to be well in the Kardashian klan though but obviously something’s wrong with me and my investment in this matter. Sigh.

    • Agnetha says:

      So many questions about this birth that have been left unanswered-which is totally unusual for this family.

      I think the silence means there is an epic battle between the Kardashians and Kanye, and Kanye is winning for now. I know they could be waiting for a pay out, but I doubt it. Kris Jenner knows how to play this game, and the people who are interested in this story are quickly losing interest without even a name or details of the birth being released yet.

      What am I talking about? As soon as Kim and baby K are released from the hospital, they will be pimping out this baby to every available pap they can and we will get sick of seeing them.

  5. Annie says:

    Don’t have much hope for the girl, but at least she’s being loved.
    Kai is pretty name as well.

  6. Yellowshaba says:

    I do too being raised by the two most narcissistic people in the universe, Who will only care about which clothes the baby is dressed iin. Kim is in for a rude awakening when she finds out baby comes first, not her.

  7. GiGi says:

    I have a nephew named Kai – it’s becoming a more popular name… it’s cute on a girl, too.

  8. fabgrrl says:

    How do you pronounce “Kai”? Is it like “guy” with a “k”, or is it “key”? Key West?

    Or is it just a different spelling of “Kay”?

  9. babythestarsshinebrite says:

    Baby came early to quiet all the Kanye cheating on Kim stories we were hit with last we.

  10. Pao La says:

    I think Kami is a better name.. Kai sounds a boy’s name..but considering the family this baby comes from i would call her Krusty. She’ll need lots of sense of humour to cope with Krazy grandma Kris and all the shenanigans.

  11. babythestarsshinebrite says:

    Baby came early to quiet all the Kanye cheating on Kim stories we were hit with last week.

    • Hahahahaha says:

      she wanted to beat Jessica and Pr Kate.Putting ur child in danger like that, is out of this world.But probaly true

      • Liberty says:

        The day after the birth, PMK just kept tweeting about “watch the show tonight!” over and over.

        Priorities in the world of narcissism. Have the baby induced early for show ratings and Fathers Day headlines? I would totally believe it.

        So I hope for the baby’s sake, that at least the father or Khloe or SOMEONE will show some love. I hope KK has an awakening, but I doubt it somehow.

  12. Arock says:

    *face palm*
    My daughters name is Kai.

  13. yeahright says:

    An elective c-section shouldn’t be shamed because that is a woman’s right? Idiocracy at its finest.

    • MollyB says:

      Her body, her choice. Just keep saying that over and over to yourself until it starts to sink in.

      • mayamae says:

        As a woman I think “her body/her choice” is a wonderful thing.

        As a healthcare worker…. I feel c-sections for non medical reasons are ridiculous. If you completely ignore, or deny, the increased risk to mother and baby, you still have to deal with out of control healthcare costs absorbing all these unnecessary surgical deliveries.

        There was a trend in the 1990′s to push for a decrease in elective c-sections in which MD’s really stressed the feasibility of VBAC (Vaginal birth after c-section) because the US c-section rate was out of control.

        I think it’s very short-sighted to simply wave our feminist flag of “my body/my choice” without considering safety of mother/baby, and other significant consequences.

        BTW I am a pro-choice liberal who considers herself a feminist, so please don’t try to accuse me of being anti-woman.

      • MollyB says:

        A discussion of the pros and cons of a maternal request c-section are between a woman and her doctor. Once this discussion has taken place, it is her decision how to proceed. Full stop.

      • Marigold says:

        When you can take a minute to accept the liability that comes with being an OBGYN and consider why their malpractice insurance is so astronomical, you might pause before you go throwing around “her body, her choice” bullshit. No one is entitled to have major abdominal surgery just because and a doctor who allows that should have their qualifications as a physician questioned.

    • Birdix says:

      It’s weird to me that they keep saying naturally instead of vaginally. I keep thinking they mean she had no interventions (epidural, etc).

  14. MonicaQ says:

    All I can think of is Cobra Kai…

    Which must be the motto of her grandma. Strike hard. Strike fast. No mercy, ma’m.

  15. Hahahahaha says:

    (unnamed)Source(sneezes KRIS)talking about being protective..LIKE MY NAME:HAHAHA.The nannies are busy busy.Botox has to be redone..Fillers, ass shots,(how the FUKC did i get like this)getting figure back,NO breast feeding.No getting up every 3 hours to feed and change baby. A REAL MOTHER does al the above, without BITCHING about it..SHE (real mother) Wants to,she doesnt HAVE TO,like Kim has to,cause Pimp MOMMY says so.

  16. Hahahahaha says:

    Kanye was in the delivery room…doesnt want to leaf babies side..Sources…ahahah so tranparant…

  17. Dedrie says:

    Oh kaaaaaaaaaaai! Better than Kenya or Kaboom

  18. Miss so and so says:

    at least they (hopefully) are naming her KLAMP…

  19. Tiffany27 says:

    The flow is weird though. I think a 2 syllable first name would have worked best with the 1 syllable last name like West. Anyway, congrats to them and hopefully her ankles have returned to a non painful looking size.

  20. Nev says:

    Yes cute name if this is true.

  21. Bopit says:

    Yeah I bet he’ll be “like..In love with that baby” when she poops her pants and is up every 90 minutes. Oh wait…never mind…that’s what nannies are for. I totes forgot.

  22. Quinn says:

    Later, that baby will change her name to PLEASESAVEME.

  23. EllieK says:

    I’ll bet Kim developed preeclampsia and had early labor induction. Her leg swelling looked beyond normal pregnancy swelling. Preeclampsia is more likely to happen with first pregnancies and in women >30. Glad baby is okay.

    I wish that celebrities would bring awareness to pregnancy complications like preeclampsia. More awareness = more public support for research. Little is known about this disease, which kills babies and mothers.

  24. ErinINPitt says:

    No way this kids name isn’t going to have Kardashian in it somewhere. Kris will never allow her latest and greatest publicity stunt to only have the name “West”.

    And just to jump in here – I don’t buy for one second that baby was early. And under 5lbs? Any Dr who was treating her would have checked the weight in utero, noticed the it was low, and had her ass on bedrest. She was plane hopping, shopping, and calling the paps so she could bitch about it when they showed up till the last second. To me, it smacks of just another way to ramp up drama for the show (what a lucky coincidence it wraps this week!)

  25. Joy says:

    I”m pretty sure that regardless of whatever first name/middle names they choose the last name of the baby will be Kardashian-West.

  26. mommak918 says:

    I was PRAYING it wasnt Kai. My two year old son is Kie…..and I love it. I LOATH Kim and Kanye….please please tell me this isnt so.

    Sad, depressed and now more sad.

  27. skipper says:

    My daughter’s name is Kaia so I think Kai is a wonderful name. I know that Kaia is Greek and means goddess of the earth. I’ve only heard of men named Kai but I think it just as beautiful for a little girl.

  28. Jayna says:

    No. No. I want the name Georgia if I ever have another little girl. The Kardashian name can’t be attached to it. It will ruin it for me.

  29. MsAubra says:

    I bet they may go with something conventional like Katherine (pronounced Ka-ther-eeen)

  30. Maddie says:

    Kanye was born in Atlanta, Georgia…

  31. PinkG says:

    Just name her, “Doomed” and get it over with.

  32. judyjudy says:

    It’s so weird to me that people care so much about how the baby was delivered. Healthy mom, healthy baby, that is all we need to know.

    I feel very passionately about my own birth choices and will happily share my story with those who are interested. But that doesn’t mean I think what any other woman does is wrong and I won’t judge anyone else’s choice. And I realize not everyone wants to hear my perspective. Arguing how someone decides to give birth is so unproductive and hurtful.

    I think Kim and Kanye are ridiculous people but there is no doubt that this baby will be cared for and cherished.

    And I think the name Kai West is an awesome name.

    • arock says:

      agree with every statement.
      ill make fun of ones makeup or shoes but never your birth choices or kids. and anyways, the former is a goldmine.;)

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I completely agree with you. People say dumb things about birthing, as though the only possible way to go is natural, no meds. There are many ways to birth kids and they are safe ways. Who cares about meds, c-sections, or whatever? The baby is the thing. I hear the same judgmental crap about breastfeeding vs. formula. Good, healthy food is the thing, not which is going to get the mom more props.

  33. SolitaryAngel says:

    I can’t stand KK or KW but I’m going to say something nice today in honor of the baby.

    I’ve known several women who, before they had their first babies, I wouldn’t have entrusted a pet rock into their care–but after? Different story. They became very different people; caring, responsible and settled. It was nice to know them after that; one of those women was my own sister. I hope for the baby’s sake–whatever her name is–that KK and KW undergo the same transformation. :)

    I love the name Kai!

  34. mogul says:

    A Mediatakeout source says that the baby’s name it’s not KAI GEORGIA DONDA WEST but simply KAIDENCE DONDA WEST, so it’s still Kai if you want too.

  35. janie says:

    Love that name.. Kris has been clear about her first guest will be Kim & baby. Let’s move on?

  36. Sam says:

    I like Kai for a boy, but Kaia for a girl

  37. Mew says:

    Kai West like Key West, Florida? Nice. Maybe the next kid will be Hawaii or something.

  38. melmel says:

    how about Kenya. It has all the letters in Kanye

  39. palermo says:

    breathless updates??? LOL I doubt people are that excited

  40. Lexi says:

    We will know soon enough, hopefully it’ll be a more normal name than apple!!!!

  41. handsome man saved me from the monsters says:

    In love with a baby? Gross

  42. duchessofhazard says:

    I like the name Kai. A collegemate of mine was called Kai (a tall, willowy, statuesque girl) and she was one of the better people I knew. It’s a great name, and because it’s short it will be easy to spell!

  43. Ciru says:

    Lol..I could not reply to the specific comment for some reason, but I’m from Kenya and speak Swahili, and Kai is defo NOT a girl’s name meaning lovable.

  44. MousieBrown says:

    One of the Trump grand kids is named Kai, I think.

    I was imagining Kinya, as a combo of their names.

  45. Madison says:

    I can’t wait to find out the name!!! I love them, they’re a gorgeous couple and I wish them a very happy life together!

  46. Madison says:

    I can’t wait to find out the name!!! I love them, they’re a gorgeous couple and I wish them a very happy life together.

  47. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    Kai is a cool name. Isn’t Jennifer Connelly’s oldest son named Kai?

    I think Kim ought to marry Kanye and change her own first name to WickedWitchofthe. Just saying.

  48. abbizmal says:

    What the hell kinda GD outfit is that too-tight white number? It looks like old school nurse’s uniform with ripped sleeves. Kim, please lay off the plastic surgery because those lips are very distracting and not for the reason intended. I do like the name Kai though.

  49. Qwerty says:

    Please dear lord NO. My daughters name is Kaia. I had a feeling she’d go this route seeing as how there’s a limited amt of K names for a girl and PMK has pretty much used all of them :(

  50. nancypants says:

    I think Kai is cute and it could be used for a boy or a girl. I like it.
    I don’t know that I would name my kid that but it’s cute.

    Of course, it’s one of those names that could be lengthened: Kai-lee but it won’t be shortened.

    Ashley used to be a boy name and at one time – 1990 or so – it was the most popular girl name within the US and I think the name Georgia is cute too.

    IF this is the name they have chosen then I’m pretty darn happy about it.

    I figured they would name her something weird like Somali Armenia Africa West.

    Imagine spelling THAT for the rest of your life.

  51. Sugarrbunny says:

    I know 5 different people with dogs named Kai, from a Doberman to a beagle

  52. Anaya says:

    On twitter it’s being said the baby is named ‘Kaidence Donda West’. If so I think that’s a very pretty name. :)

  53. mar says:

    I hear it is Kaidence, which I LOVE, and Kai will probably be the nickname?

  54. anon says:

    It’s all the K’s spin. There putting there own stuff out there.There the master manipulator at media. They have insiders feeding crap. It keeps them in the news. I do agree with celebitchy it would not surprise me in the least that Kim hit a wall and had enough. I do not feel she ever embraced her pregnancy and that alone is sad but it happens.Kanye is supposed to start touring this week isn’t it promoting. I find it quite amazing ihe has not been spotted at the hospital period. Are we to believe he hasn’t left the hospital?There are still a few unanswered questions to this whole media blitz and its the way the K’s like it.I actually think that it’s the haters that keep them relevant with much of there disgust

  55. Vestal Virgin says:

    I can’t get past the fact that where I’m from (New Zealand) Kai is a Maori word that means food. I doubt that Kimye would know that but it makes me think she’s going to eat her baby!

  56. G says:

    It’s Kaidence Donda West….

  57. Bella says:

    They say the baby looks JUST LIKE HIM!

  58. TeresaMaria says:

    Kai is a very common name for women in Estonia. It was especially popular about 30 years ago, so at school there was a Kai in every class.

  59. lrm says:

    actually, I [american] know Kai as a hawaiian name meaning ‘the sea’. there are lots of Kai starting words/names in hawaiian-kailani, etc.
    I know several Kai children, all named for the Hawaiian.
    I like names that mean something in multiple, very different cultures.
    If it is Kai, that’s a solid name and no shade from me.

  60. Novaraen says:

    Ugh…this child is doomed. What a way to start…forced out of the womb and into the Kartrashian workforce by PMK. Gotta get good ratings for their damned show!! /facepalm

  61. Jag says:

    Kai is a boys’ name imo, but at least it’s not as bad as some of the other celebrity kids’ names. My guess is that they’re shopping the reveal of the name and first picture around, so they won’t release it until they get their payday.

  62. bunny says:

    Just heard d full name is kaidence donda west# wt does kaidence mean?

  63. Marybel says:

    Is it pronounced Kay or Kie?

  64. anon says:

    C sections are a womans choice I feel but at due date not 5 weeks early for ratings & media. That is insane and any DOC that would be willing to deliver needs to be looked at seriously looked at. Something is very wrong with that if that is what took place here. Shame on the doc & Shame on KIM and the K’s for being so narcisitic that there need to be all end all. What ever happened to our society and what will happen to our young girls growing into women. We have golden enemas, we have running around with SEX toys we have a glorifed porn star that gets more media then any one in the world. This is beyond insane and no boundaries. sad I feel for the young women that think this is the lifestyle to lead

    • jwoolman says:

      We don’t really know what happened or anything really, since Kardashian is now a synonym for Liar Liar Pants on Fire. It’s possible that either Kim or the baby or both were having problems that made it a good choice to just get that baby out fast, either by not trying to stop labor or by surgery. The lack of fanfare from the Kardashian Kamp is worrisome. There may be something wrong with either Kim or the baby. We can always hope that maternal instincts kick in, but they didn’t for Mama Ten Percent. Kim might also be at risk for major post-partum depression. Heck, she seemed to have major pre-partum depression.

  65. Official Bitch says:

    I also think Kim was “full term.”
    I just think she was messing while married so they fiddled with her conception dates.

  66. Stef says:

    Whelp. This kinda sucks. I wanted to name my future kid (one which hopefully will be concieved sometime this year) Kai which means ocean in Hawaiian… I even got pregnant around the same time as Kim but mine ended up as an ectopic where my right tube needed to be removed at three months. It’s been tough watching her get bigger and bigger since I would have been at the same stage but at least she had a healthy baby. Now I have to change my babies name otherwise it’ll seem like I’m copying her!

    I really do hope she and Kanye love and care for that baby for the next eighteen years,

  67. Kai says:

    Its not just a boys name, my name is Kai and I’m a female!
    it means ocean breeze in Hawaiian and willow tree in Navajo Indian

  68. Liz says:

    Ara means “beautiful” in Armenian, if you want a K name you could always name her Kara, the middle name doesn’t really matter to me or anyone else because you won’t say it on a daily basis.

    Just my thoughts from NYC…

  69. Aja says:

    I say some thing like Brielle.Bre’Gann,Kristina,Crystal,Kelly,Payton,Or even Kris.!