Armie Hammer: ‘One chick tried to stab me when we were having sex’

I wish more of you had paid attention to Armie Hammer’s Playboy interview yesterday because it was kind of weird. Armie was talking about sex with his “feminist wife” and how he “used to” like to pull a girl’s hair and be dominant during sex and nowadays, with his wife, he “respects” her too much to do that kind of stuff. It was a good discussion, and I agreed with many commenters: it seemed like he was saying that if two consenting adults are in love, they shouldn’t do kinky things to each other because of love and respect. Which is weird, but I guess a lot of dudes think like that. Anyway, Armie has a new profile in Elle Mag – you can read the full piece here. Here are some highlights:

He grew up in Texas & he loves guns: “It was a family activity kind of thing—go out and shoot a bunch of cactuses,” he explains), so I suggest skipping lunch and heading to the nearest gun range. “F–k yeah!” he says, scrolling through his iPhone, trying to find one nearby. “My favorite is next to the Angeles National Forest. You can do things like throw a watermelon in the air and shoot it.” Hammer is a gun enthusiast—he bought his first rifle at 18.

But he’s pro gun control: “I’m definitely for responsibility. I don’t think Obama is trying to take our guns, and I don’t think we have to fight the government to keep them. If you want to go out for a hunting trip and shoot cans with your son and a .22, that’s fine. Do I need an AK-47 with a 100-round magazine if I’m going on a hunting trip? No. It is, to borrow a phrase from Confucius, like using a cannon to kill a mosquito. Having just made a Western, though,” he says, breaking into a grin, “it’s fun to have a gun on your hip. You’re like, ‘This is an extension of my manhood.’ ”

In his spare time, he punches homeless dudes: During the filming of The Lone Ranger in Moab, Utah, he spent his weekends off with the crew, rock climbing or cliff jumping or renting four-wheelers, he says, to “just tear up mountains.” And once, while in Australia, “this homeless guy tried to stab me. I punched him and stole his knife… He started it.” The guy had mistaken Hammer for a person who owed him money, and started swinging his knife. “I was full of piss and hubris, and was like ‘F–k you,’ ” he says, mock punching the air. “I took his knife. Because he would have tried to stab somebody else! He was obviously crazy.”

He loves danger: “My wife says I have a frontal lobe issue. Your frontal lobe controls your danger response, like, ‘Whoa, I shouldn’t be doing this.’ But she says it’s okay, because your frontal lobe doesn’t fully develop until around 30, so I have until then to get all this s–t out of my system and then I need to calm down.”

Despite his pedigree, he didn’t care about school: “I didn’t care about college,” he says. “I knew I wanted to make movies.” Fine, they said, but he’d have to support himself.

His first years in LA: “I’d grown up in a household of so much love and so much good, everything just felt wholesome. Once I was on my own, I was like, Let’s see how hot this candle can burn.” For three or four years, there were drugs and drinking and staying up for days on end and a lot of girls who were, in his estimation, “bad, bad news.”

A chick tried to stab him: “One chick tried to stab me when we were having sex. I should so not be telling this story,” he says—then does so anyway. “She was like, ‘True love leaves scars. You don’t have any.’ And then she tried to stab me with a butcher knife. Of course I promptly broke up with her,” he says. “Seven months later.”

He’s been with Elizabeth Chambers, his now-wife, since 2008: Chambers had been seeing someone else, but the couple was unhappy, and one night when she came over with friends, Hammer made his move with a prepared speech. “I was like, ‘You have to break up with your boyfriend because we have to start dating.’ Her mouth kind of fell open. I said, ‘You were made for me,’ and she got this look on her face like”—Hammer launches into a girl’s voice—“ ‘Don’t you even.’ ” He laughs. “I was like, ‘Wait, wait! And I was made for you. We were made to be together. So we can do this 30 years from now, when I’ve gotten married a couple of times and you’ve gotten married a couple of times, or we can start now and end up 60 years from now sitting on a porch in rocking chairs, talking about how good an adventure the whole thing was.’ ”

On marriage: “I like the idea of marriage. I like the idea that I have a best friend,” he says, twisting the ring on his finger. “It’s just really comforting. I remember being single and trying to date, and it was just stressful and hard. It wasn’t fun. This is fun. I mean, not to be graphic,” he says, lowering his voice, ostensibly so his grandparents can’t hear, “but you can have sex and in the middle just start laughing about something totally funny. You can’t do that with someone you’re dating; you’re too nervous.”

He’s romantic, emotional: “I have no qualms about kissing her in public. I know some guys are like, ‘Stop, there’s people around,’ ” he says. “There’s such a big part of our culture, the male psyche—you don’t cry, you don’t show weakness. I mean, guys are just as emotionally complicated as women. We just play dumb better.” He readily calls Chambers his “soul mate.” “I don’t mean it in a cheesy way, but just like that connection, you just get it.”

He’s never asked his family for money: “For a while in our marriage, it was pretty tight,” he says. “And we liked that. We like living sort of hand-to-mouth. It makes you appreciate the time when you don’t have to live like that. We didn’t want to go to my parents and tuck our tails between our legs and be like, ‘Can you help us?’ We wanted to be our own adults.”

On-screen nudity: “I’m not crazy about taking my shirt off for a movie,” he says. “Right now, that’s the thing: You have a young, handsome actor, take his shirt off, put him in front of the camera. It sets up this pressure to stay camera ready all the time. I don’t want to think about myself that much. The guys who do it are like, ‘Oh, it’s been two hours, I have to eat yams. My glycemic index is dropping.’ It can very easily turn people into narcissists. It just seems silly.”

[From Elle]

Armie has a potty mouth. I don’t know if that’s a dealbreaker for any of you. I cuss up a storm all the time, but I do tend to judge a celebrity harshly if every other word out of their mouth is a curse. As for the rest of it… Armie seems kind of sweet. There’s always the comparison with him – like he’s just some big, overexcited puppy who doesn’t know his own strength or something. Also, he was 22 years old when he got with Elizabeth Chambers. Their age difference is only four years – she’s 30 right now, he’s 26. I guess she has a steadying (almost maternal) influence on him, but who knows. Some guys just want to settle down.

Photos courtesy of Elle, WENN.

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  1. teehee says:

    How does a feminist wife put up with a douche like this, first of all for the crap he thinks and then publically says, and then to top it all, calls some woman a chick.
    I smell a divorce.


  2. aims says:

    The swearing doesn’t bother My impression of him is, he seems kinda more older than his age. I do like the fact that he didn’t go running to his family when things got tight.

  3. siobhan says:

    Since when did it become unacceptable to stab someone during sex?

  4. Carebearvancouver says:

    Who is this guy? Seriously never heard his name before this post?

  5. Mia 4S says:

    I don’t think I like him…. at all. That’s all I got from this.

  6. Annie says:

    He seems super sweet when he talks about her. I kind of get now what he meant about respect in regards to sex yesterday. He just worships her. When a guy worships you he will never do anything he’d consider disrespectful. Even if it’s really not disrespectful if he has your consent, I guess he sees you differently than he sees the other girls that he would do all that crazy shit with. I don’t know, it’s oddly romantic because I think he knows his wife is not into that, so he respects her wishes. That’s wonderful. Instead of guilt tripping her or getting mad.

  7. mom2two says:

    Don’t care about his potty mouth. Who doesn’t have a potty mouth these days? Even though this is a Playboy interview, obviously sex is going to come up, but I feel like I already know too much about Armie Hammer’s personal life that I didn’t want to know.

  8. lisa2 says:

    I thought he was older than 26.. he is still very very young.

  9. T.fanty says:

    I think he comes from a really conservative, and possibly redneck, background and in his own way, is trying really hard to break the mold. It’s the Zoe Saldana problem; he wants to be edgy and different, but doesn’t quite have the smarts to pull it off.

  10. j.eyre says:

    So, he does not pull his wife’s hair because she is a feminist, but “it’s fun to have a gun on your hip. You’re like, ‘This is an extension of my manhood.’ ”

    There’s a contradiction here, or at the very least, a misunderstanding of ideology. He hasn’t quite gotten it yet.

    • marie says:

      and I don’t think he ever will.. is it wrong that I don’t find this dude attractive?

      • ncboudicca says:

        @Marie: I’m right there with you. He’s so boring, like an overgrown frat boy who is trying too hard. He’s sort of blandly good-looking, I guess.

      • j.eyre says:

        No, he is quite good looking IMO. And I am not writing him off just yet. But he definitely needs to learn the feminist platform or truly believe in it before he starts using it as talking points.

        I also thought he was very good in The Social Network, albeit a small role. And I appreciate that he is trying to bring himself up by his own bootstraps rather than fall back on family money and that he is doing this out of pride and not some deep seeded resentment about his family.

        I hope he just needs to grow up a little more.

    • nina says:

      I took the extension of your manhood thingy more as a joke that wasn’t very clever but not necessarily more than that.

      • j.eyre says:

        I hear that, nina. But again, because he chose to speak from the feminist platform,it is the common trope that an object that is powerful, protective and a symbol of strength is associated with being male. He is speaking contrary to his own assertions of respecting feminism.

        And I do agree that it was a throwaway line and I am making an issue of it. I thought it was good example of his either being uneducated or uncommitted to something he purports to respect.

    • I Choose Me says:

      This! You stated it perfectly. He seems like a bundle of contradictions.

      But, he doesn’t quite rate on my douche-meter yet. Some of what he had to say about knowing his wife was the one made me smile. Also, his wife is super pretty and they make a good-looking couple.

  11. mommak918 says:

    Blah. Should of kept his mouth closed…..

    Gag. For real, I wouldnt want my husband discussing his previous women…especially to the media!

    I got it, youve been with others…but I dont wanna hear any details. Thanks.

  12. Alexandria says:

    It’s truly funny that you described him as an “overly excited puppy” because he played Prince Charming in “Mirror Mirror” (alongside Julia Roberts and Lily Collins) and Julia (the evil witch, ha) casts a love spell on him. Well it turns out it was a “puppy love” spell and he’s turned into a man-dog. Me and my mom fell in love with him because he just plays a puppy so damn well. He even had to go to puppy training school. He’s like a big golden retriever…and he can dominant me all he wants ( ;

  13. Stace says:

    There’s something about him that seems really endearing. Yeah, he’s not giving the cookie cutter answers. In fact, he’s probably putting his foot in his mouth a bit, but I like his honesty. He seems like he would be fun to be around.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I think you are all being way to hard on him. He just seems like a guy whose trying to be interesting and funny rather than vanilla and boring. He comes across much better on the late night talk shows and interviews on TV than in print. I also think he might being trying too hard because he’s scared to death about this movie flopping. Immature maybe but Douche and Ass, please save that for the Chris Browns of the world

    • Shade says:

      Totally agree. I don’t understand all the negativity. He seems harmless enough.

    • lori says:

      I busted out laughing at the “yam” part of the interview. I can’t find anything wrong with this dude…..I think he’s charming.

    • Jade says:

      Ya I think he is pretty harmless. He did not mention names of girls he slept with. What’s wrong with sharing a small snippet? I think if a female celeb shared the story, some of us may laugh and start sharing our own bedroom adventures. This is not like John Mayer talking about Jessica, Jen etc. Maybe he even told his wife about what Playboy may talk about and she’s ok. About the gun being an extension of his manhood, it is a tongue in cheek comment people. Why are we looking so deep into this? Decent guys are capable of saying the same thing as a joke. It’s like saying they feel macho when they are in a suit like James Bond. He sounds earnest and is talking off the cuff, albeit being a bit of a bland celeb. I have read even worse interviews. Guess celebs just have to accept that you can’t please everybody and this is Celebitchy after all. Moving on, I like the way he shared how he got it on with his wife. It sounds like a script but still a good story to tell! About the hair-pulling, my take is whatever works in the bedroom as long as both are consensual. If I am ok with my husband attempting a bit of fun hair-pulling, it doesn’t take away his respect for me as a spouse. When one party is NOT consensual, then I agree it is not respectful. I don’t need to complicate this.

  15. amilu says:

    I don’t have much of an opinion about him, but…she looks much older than 30.

  16. Original A says:

    I like Armie…but that Mary/Magdalen thinking regarding his wife doesn’t sound particularly healthy.

  17. Alicia says:

    This guy. He’s a complete idiot that doesn’t understand what “feminism” means. This whole hair-pulling and respect discussion on his half has nothing to do with feminism and everything to do with the fact that in his sex life until now he hasn’t respected women. He’s an asshat.

    • Chordy says:

      In fairness to Armie Hammer, incredibly pretty, wealthy, white boys don’t have to learn respect for women. He’s still quite young, and at least seems to be genuinely interested in trying. Hopefully his very slightly older Feminist wife will help him along the way.

      • cupcake says:

        White boys dont have dont have to learn respect for women? Huh? Dont think it has anything to do with color, or really about respect. So he used to like to pull hair, his wife doesnt like it. Maybe hes just a bit on the freaky side, that doesnt mean he didn’t respect the women that hes done that with before her. I’m sure some women like that. But i didnt read the article so..

      • Chrissy says:

        You’d want all men, even “pretty, wealthy, white boys”, to respect women. But I agree with Chordy, in a sense, because the “pretty, wealthy, white boys” out there in the world don’t need to respect anyone because even without respect, people will flock to them.

      • Bijlee says:

        Incredibly wealthy people don’t have to learn respect for anybody. Until they aren’t so wealthy anymore that is.

  18. another nina says:

    I don’t find rebels-multi- billionaires and their self-imposed “tight times” amusing.

    Everything is as great in his world as it should be — He is a beautiful, young, healthy, constantly working actor (co-staring A-class actors the like of Leo and Julia Roberts.) Kid is in love and happily married to a beautiful woman. I mean it’s awesome and he is cute but I don’t find anything intriguing about him…

  19. coolio says:

    He’s so sweet. He and his wife own a bakery and donate half of whats left every night to the food bank and the other half to the police dept. I don’t know why everyone thinks he’s a mysoginistic douche I didn’t read anything that seemed to indicate that

  20. Myrto says:

    I’m torn because on one hand I hated the whole madonna/whore crap of yesterday and the gun thing is a turnoff for me. And yet when he talks about his wife he sounds very sweet. He’s full of contradictions.
    Gah. I don’t know.

  21. Melissa says:

    He seems kinda dopey. And immature. ANd it’s weird how much he talks about his wife. I realize that spouses influence each other, and my husband is my best friend, but I can talk to people without mentioning him every other sentence.

  22. Talie says:

    He’s one of those bland people on the outside who clearly is a lot more f*cked up on the inside. But the media largely ignores him.

    As for the money thing…what?? I remember reading an article in one of the Los Angeles society magazines that talked about his mother furnishing his million dollar apartment with some big name decorator when he was in college for a minute.

  23. Happy21 says:

    He seems ok. He’s nice to look at; however, I think he has a bad case of verbal diarrhea – like he doesn’t know when to stop. Poor guy, hopefully he finds a cure and STFU before he really puts his foot in his mouth.

  24. Anna-fo-Fanna says:

    Everytime I see this guy all I can think about is how much better he would have been for Finnick Odair than Sam Clafin. His physicality is totally PERFECT for the part!! GRRRR!!

  25. Maria says:

    yawn, i cant see how people can believe any of his words. its such a typical pr speech, someone told him what to say.
    “best friend”, “soul mate” etc

  26. menlisa says:

    He seems harmless!
    I love that he is honest and not giving PR answers.
    I wanna have a drink with him.

    Oh and his stabby ex?
    She needs to give me a call.

  27. anon says:

    Every time I hear or read this guy’s name I think, “why in the world would his parents name him Armie Hammer?,” b/c all I can think is he was named after Arm and Hammer Baking Soda.

  28. Rene Besette says:

    I had to laugh reading this. He is only 26 and I guess because I am older now, I can chuckle at interviews like this.

    He doesn’t have a pause button,no,

    I found him honest. If he and his wife have a bakery and donate, I think he has good ethics in place. I do believe him and and wife are in a good relationship. She probably mellows him out. Still, there is something funny about how someone doesn’t control all their thoughts and yea some are out there but, I find him funny and cute. He is not jaded and I find that refreshing.

  29. nina says:

    He seems earnest, not the brightest tool in the woodshed, but not the dullest either. I think he’s just a guy who’s been a little indulged in life with money and good looks, and he has a partner who’s maybe opened his eyes a little bit beyond those indulgences and he’s all earnest about things now— thus the awkward thing about hair pulling and feminism and whatever the hell else came out weird. Pretty harmless.

  30. Flan says:

    Guys above 20 who still refer to women as ‘chicks’ have some growing up to do.

  31. GeeMoney says:

    He stayed with a chick for 7 months after she tried to stab him during sex?!? Damn. And I thought I had issues.

    That blip was fun to read though.

  32. Ginger says:

    I don’t know who this dude is. Most if the article I’m thinking whatever he’s really young. But the comment about taking off his shirt…get over it! How often are women required to do far more than that on film? I certainly don’t feel sorry for him.

  33. Jen34 says:

    I didn’t have an opinion about him before yesterday, but now I think he is a douche. His wife is gorgeous, though.

  34. TG says:

    I am in the minority here because this guy is now one of my favs. I have no idea who he is but I will be seeing the Lone Ranger now for sure. I have ignored any posts on him in the past because I hold his name against him, though if it was given to him at birth by his stupid parents, I suppose that isn’t his fault.

  35. Nance says:

    Some people here have thin skin. “chick” is just a word and not midly offensive. It’s like calling a guy “dude”. OMG I use the word “guy”, is that offensive? I know some people found offensive the use of the word “girl” when talking about a +20 years old woman. God!…

  36. Payal says:

    Way to much information and he comes across very unlikeable plus purely on looks him and his wife both look like people I wouldn’t want to know.

  37. Holden says:

    Married at 26 in Hollywood *sigh*

  38. cocomama419 says:

    I kinda getting mixed emotions on this one. The first half he sounds like a gun crazy male blohan. Or that he is trying a little too hate to sound manly.

    “it’s fun to have a gun on your hip. You’re like, ‘This is an extension of my manhood.’ ”

    “this homeless guy tried to stab me. I punched him and stole his knife… He started it.”

    “One chick tried to stab me when we were having sex. I should so not be telling this story,”

    But by the end I was like “awwe!”

    “I was like, ‘Wait, wait! And I was made for you. We were made to be together. So we can do this 30 years from now, when I’ve gotten married a couple of times and you’ve gotten married a couple of times, or we can start now and end up 60 years from now sitting on a porch in rocking chairs, talking about how good an adventure the whole thing was.’ ”

    “I like the idea of marriage. I like the idea that I have a best friend,”

  39. shannon says:

    Eh, I think he sounds cool and fun, like he could be my little brother. I love shooting too! I don’t have a real gun, due to the fact that I have a 5-year-old son who gets into EVERYTHING – but I have an airsoft pistol with BBs and it’s fun as all getout to target practice with empty cans.

    He seems very respectful of his wife, very in love with his wife and down-to-earth. But *I* call chicks ‘chicks’ all the time, and refer to guys as ‘dudes.’ I don’t get the big deal. I’d rather hang out with him than some of the other, more pretentious, condescending actors I’ve read about.

  40. YvetteW says:

    OMG. He must be really bad in bed. Stab. Stab. Stab.

  41. AustinMJ says:

    His wife comes off so classy.
    She has a posh bakery in San Antonio.

    What is this guy doing?
    I dont think he should be sharing his sex stories right out of the gate like this, or ever really.

    Kinda understanding why that chick wanted to stab him.

  42. moon says:

    Hmm. I think most women want to explore the kinky stuff too, but with a guy who loves and respects them and makes them feel safe. Well I’m a woman and I do anyway. It’s strange that men are programmed in reverse.

  43. Jade says:

    He’s pure pure vanilla. Looks, douche-ness and all. Good thing I don’t have plans in watching the horrible LR.

    Hope the movie bombs!

  44. Jayna says:

    “Of course, I promptly broke up with her – seven months later.”

    This cracked me up.

  45. Chrissy says:

    I thought his previous comments were all good. He never said he was a feminist but he respected his feminist wife. He’s giving me the impression that he treated (maybe even treats) women (everyone but his wife) objectively (not with the utmost respect). And…these comments about guns etc are a big turn off.

  46. Mika says:

    He’s never asked his family for money: “For a while in our marriage, it was pretty tight,” he says. “And we liked that. We like living sort of hand-to-mouth. It makes you appreciate the time when you don’t have to live like that. We didn’t want to go to my parents and tuck our tails between our legs and be like, ‘Can you help us?’ We wanted to be our own adults.”

    ^ This is them most ridic part of of this interview. Paris Hilton says the same thing. I guess for people like them, being “poor” -well their version of it- is amusing & adventurous because if they were TRULY starving, one call to his rich daddy would end their lean years. Unlike the trust fund “rebel” kids, there is nothing amusing and fun about being poor- especially since you know there’s no millionaire mommy and daddy to pass on the millions.