Maria Sharapova calls out Serena Williams for being a ‘homewrecker’

Last week was terrible for Serena Williams. Serena had given an interview to Rolling Stone a few months ago, and when the most controversial parts were released last week, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) went HARD on Selena. To be fair to everyone, Serena’s comments about the Steubenville rape victim were callous, offensive, ignorant and ridiculous. And Serena made the mistake of offering a blasé non-apology, half-denying that she ever said anything bad – except that Rolling Stone has the tapes, and she actually said that junk.

Lost in the controversy was a particularly bitchy aside about an unnamed female tennis player that many assumed was Maria Sharapova. Serena said, “There are people who live, breathe and dress tennis. I mean seriously, give it a rest… She begins every interview with ‘I’m so happy. I’m so lucky’—it’s so boring. She’s still not going to be invited to the cool parties. And hey, if she wants to be with the guy with a black heart, go for it.” Many believed the reference is to Maria’s current boyfriend, Grigor Dimitrov, who used to date Serena.

Anyway, Serena and Maria are both at Wimbledon this week, and both are doing press. And it’s getting bitchy and shady in here! Let’s start with Serena, who told the press assembled at Wimbledon: “It definitely hasn’t been easy. And I feel like I really wanted to say: I apologize for everything that was said in that article.” Serena also said that at a pre-Wimbledon event, she approached Maria and apologized personally to her, face-to-face. Serena claimed Maria had accepted her apology. Serena said: “I made it a point to reach out to Maria. … I said, `Look, I want to personally apologize to you if you are offended by being brought into my situation. I want to take this moment to … be open, say I’m very sorry.’”

Except that Maria had her own comments to make during her press conference! When Maria was asked about Serena, Maria said: “If she wants to talk about something personal, maybe she should talk about her relationship and her boyfriend that was married and is getting a divorce and has kids.” OMG. PERFECT SHADE. That’s basically like, “Oh, you want to talk smack about how I can’t get into cool parties? You’re a g—damn homewrecker. I have PROOF.” The no-longer-married dude being referenced is Patrick Mouratoglou… who is no longer with his wife, and he’s with Serena. So… yeah.

Anyway, Serena was approached by journalists following Maria’s perfect shade, and Serena said: “I definitely was told of (Sharapova’s) comments. I definitely like to keep my personal life personal. I think it would be inappropriate for me to comment on it.”

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Eleonor says:

    I don’t follow tennis, but I enjoy a good catfight. Team Mariaaa!!

    • lisa says:

      serena brought it on herself

      US tennis coverage will always favor the american player, but team maria all the way on this. she had every right to respond.

    • Kim says:

      I dont condone Serena comments about rape but Maria is just coming across as a poor loser making comments about Serenas personal life. Yes I get that Serena did it also BUT if Serena sincerely apologized to Maria about it then Maria shouldnt have retaliated. Maria could have been the bigger person but she is obviously bitter she lost, again, to Serena.

    • bluecalling says:

      a private phone call with her sister was overheard by the reporter as she was exiting the car. She didn’t take the call in the car with him, he did not hear the full call not both sides of the conversation. Top5, shreikapova, and dimitrov were HIS guesses. I don’t know why that is left out of this piece. getting eavesdropped on when talking sh!t with your sister is one thing. Dragging a personal situation with children premeditatedly in front of the press is another.

      maybe you don’t know much about the tennis world but its insular, hence Serena’s comfort with the reporter, something that she should not have done (also her applying an athlete mentality to a real life situation something she was an a$$ for doing). But no one, I repeat no one, even those who worship sharpie’s blond hairy mustache is ok with this. Yeah she was alway a b!tch (& I kinda liked that) but you don’t air out this to the world. Those people are giving her the real side eye.

      In a odd way, her hate (& who can blame the girl, loosing 13 in a row and counting) gave Serena a pass.

      Serena is choosing to work with the family to educate people on and help rape victims? Why nothing about that?

  2. Aussie girl says:

    It’s just like tennis, these comments going back and forth.

    • ya says:

      ya – these comments back and forth are a lot of fun – reminds me of the back and forth stuff between the players in the ’90s (Agassi, Sampras, Chang etc), and I guess the ’80s too, though that was before my time (McEnroe, Connors, etc).

      Nice to see some more personality back in tennis.

  3. paranormalgirl says:

    She thinks it would be inappropriate to talk about her personal life but it was not inappropriate to talk about someone else’s personal life? Yeah, whatever Serena. And as for Sharapova – two wrongs don’t really make a right. They just make for good gossip.

    • KayMary says:

      Team Serena forever. She apologised but Sharapova being the bitter loser that she is cant get passed some obscure statement that only a tiny segment could understand. The same bitterness is the same reason shes dating her biggest professional rivals ex. Thats no coincidence ladies.

      Sharapova used to think that she and Serena had a some legendary Nadal/Feddy or Sampras/Agassi type of rivalry, except it was all in her head. The only time she was considered a formidable competitor was when Serena was nursing injuries. Now that shes fit, even though shes in tennis-terms Old, Serena dominates that bitter loser.

      I hope they meet at some stage so that Serena can demolish her bitter loser butt before she romps on to yet another grand slam victory.

      • YDavis says:

        Did Maria S ever blame a 16-year-old for her own gang rape, and claim rapists just “made a mistake”? Didn’t think so. Team Sharapova.

        Urge Nike to Drop Serena Williams as a Spokesperson

      • GeeMoney says:

        Yes… Team Serena all the way! Sharapova on her best day is no match for Serena.

      • Amber says:

        I feel like CB isn’t giving the whole story here. In the interview Serena is talking on the phone with her sister. The journalist overhears it and in the next paragraph of the interview they assume she was talking about Sharapova. It wasn’t like Serena was sitting in front of the tv or a magazine that Maria was in and started talking about her. I’ve also heard some reporters say you should ask your interview subject if something is on the record or off, b/f you report their side of a phone conversation. So Serena was not just openly trashing one of her peers. She’s never done that, I don’t see why she’d start now. There was a situation a few weeks ago where Sloane Stephens dissed Serena, and she completely brushed it off and did not engage. She doesn’t get in stuff like this. Some people think Serena may have been talking about Victoria Azarenka who’s dating that guy from LMFAO. Anyway, Serena says she apologized last Thursday and for her to say that and say her apology was accepted, wouldn’t you think she was led to believe that was true? Pam Shriver said yesterday what Sharapova did was cringeworthy. And Chris Fowler followed up, pointing out that it was calculated and Sharapova clearly had that speech prepared, she was waiting for the question (it was awkward). So unlike Serena, if she was talking about Maria, what Sharapova did was 100% on purpose. Maria and Serena were all giggles just a few weeks ago at the French, after Serena beat Maria for the thousandth time. Maria’s been going out w/ that guy for months, so what changed? And why wouldn’t you reach out to Serena and ask what’s up? Or accept her apology? It feels like gamesmanship from Maria, not indignance. Either way I think it was more than a little OTT and this is just the latest entry into Sharapova’s open-burn-book. Ask Azarenka fans what I’m talking about.

      • drdoolittling says:

        Yeah, I cannot back someone who basically blamed a 16-year old for her own gang-rape. I don’t care how good she is at tennis or any other sport. Her comments were vile and disgusting and that is how I now see Serena. So, by default ( as I know nothing about these two women), team Maria!!!!!

      • KayMary says:


        Was Sharapova referencing the Steubenville incident in her prepared speech dripping with her special brand of transparent bitterness? No? Yeah, didnt think so. Do we know how she feels about the rape comments?? No? Yeah, thats about right.

        Good luck with that petition (read as bwahahahaaha). Now have another sip of that bitter haterade as Serena takes the Plate again………in her sponsored sneakers.

      • KAI says:

        Actually, Sharapova said she was ‘sad’ to hear what Serena had to say about the case.

        Serena Williams is certainly the superior tennis player but she continues to show she has little intelligence and no class.

      • Bubbles says:


        Was Serena asked about the incident? No?
        She should have held her frickin’ mouth shut.
        And please don’t make this a race thing because it’s not.

      • YDavis says:

        @KayMary. I’m just curious. You honestly see nothing wrong in what Serena Williams said about the Ohio incident? Has anyone you care about ever been raped?

        I just cannot conscience her being held up as a role model or winner, when she has an attitude like that. So I am curious as to whether or not you support her comments about Ohio and why.

      • KayMary says:


        I have responded to this question elsewhere. The abridged version of which is I have issues with the rape comments and women who reason that way are tragic and need to be reeducated. Also a healthy chunk of bigots have piled on and are disguising themselves as feminists. See YouTube comments for example. Every third comment calls her a monkey. This site is great at filtering out the language but the motivations behind alot of these comments isnt hard to read. Its fair to say that alot (not all) are taking gleeful pleasure in beating down a champion who upset the ethnic makeup of an entire sport.

        Oh and just because some anon commentator denies that there are preconceived prejudices doesnt mean that there arent. Lmfao. Wouldnt expect the guilty parties to confess it. I do know that on Tennis Boards a Williams story gets atleast double the comments as any other and
        80 percent are overwhelmingly negative. And I mean any story, including their charity work. Its always been that way.

        Luckily the girls have thick skins and they transform the negativity into wins. Which is why I know she will be in that final one week from now. And there will be fresh weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth when Serena schools the world…………again. Cant wait!

      • kulcat says:

        after hearing that Serena had apologized earlier it seems really bitter. and that conversation was part of a private phone call and should not have been included in the interview. plus in her drive to cause Serena embarrassment she forgot about this guy’s wife and kids.

      • Stacy says:

        How often do you follow tennis? I genuinely ask that because Serena has been shading and insulting Maria for years.

        Just to give one example, in a People magazine Q&A a few years back, Serena called Maria “overrated.” Maria never responded.

        Serena’s dad made disparaging remarks about Maria’s family. Once again, Maria took the high road and never responded.

        Last week was the last straw. How many times can someone insult you and you take the high road? I wish Maria hadn’t responded to Serena’s idiocy, but everyone has a breaking point and you can only not respond for so long.

        Oh and for God’s sake take race out of it. Venus doesn’t behave this way or say stupid shit like this; neither does Sloane Stephens, Madison Keys, Taylor Townsend, Chanda Rubin and other African-American female tennis players.

      • Amber says:

        I know you’re not talking to me, lol, but one reference from a 2007 People magazine word association blerp is not indicative of a trend. (Sloane Stephens putting her foot in her mouth made the news just a few weeks ago too.) There was bad blood b/w Maria and Serena years ago. Like there was bad blood b/w Serena and Justin Henin (who totally earned it and has admitted as much in recent years). Just like there’s no love lost b/w Maria and Victoria right now. Maria has never been at a lost for words when giving her opinions on her only true rival and she’s been very critical of Azarenka and I won’t even say Victoria doesn’t have it coming. But her fans disagree w/ me and greatly dislike Maria for it. Here’s an example of Maria’s Russian peers criticizing her, This happens all the time. I fail to see what Serena and Venus’s crazy father has to do with anything either. I can’t find examples of Serena badmouthing Maria. If I google, “serena criticizes maria” all I get are 1,000 articles written in the past three days about Sharapova blasting Williams.

    • Stacy says:


      The name is Justine (with an “e” at the end) Henin, not “Justin”.

      Serena and Maria have always disliked each other. Maria has been silent up until now. I’m glad she spoke out – Serena is a pig.

      As for Sloane Stephens, Sloane spoke about how much she admired what Serena has done for the sport. After Sloane beat Serena at the Australian Open, Serena blocked Sloane on Twitter and started badmouthing Sloane on hers (Serena’s ) twitter account. That’s when Sloane opened her mouth and spoke out against Serena. It took a lot of guts for her to do that.

      Why do people keep giving Serena a pass in these instances? She is the one provoking people and acting like a snotty teenager instead of a 31-year-old woman.

      • Amber says:

        I’m sorry I missed the ‘e’ on my keyboard. You said other athletes don’t behave this way, specifically Sloane. You’re praising Sloane for calling out Williams, but then criticizing Serena for all the times she’s criticized Maria (which I have no memory of). No one thought Sloane was right in that situation with Serena. I wasn’t excusing Serena’s behavior but I’m also not going to pretend like she’s the first one to do it. Thank you for saying Serena is a pig. It was obvious to me that you are just not a “fan”. You also ignored the point I made about Sharapova. I wasn’t excusing every asinine, awful thing Serena has done. But you only gave one example from 2007, you reference Serena’s crazy, awful father and you are ignoring what Sharapova’s done in the past and what she did in this moment, which once again, many people think is over the line and just gamesmanship. I can’t recall any of these many, many examples of Serena badmouthing Maria over the years, in a manner that is OTT and something that Sharapova and many other players have not also done. I don’t think I have room to list all the male athletes who have done this. (One of Johnny Mac’s favorite pastimes was bashing Lendl.) I mentioned that they had a bad relationship in the past when they had a real rivalry. But a lot was made of how friendly and chatty they’ve been lately, beginning really at the end of the year championships. The tension seemed to have cooled off. My point was that it’s no coincidence that Victoria and Maria are more evenly matched so now the bad blood is b/w them (and I think I was more than fair that I don’t blame Sharapova either), as it was when Serena made that comment back in 2007.

  4. marie says:

    I don’t see that as perfect shade, seems b-tchy. don’t get me wrong, I love a good gossip girl fight but Serena was vague where Maria all but said Serena’s name.

    I would watch tennis but “my plastic surgeon doesn’t want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose” …. that’s what this reminds me of.

  5. allons-y alonso says:

    well played, Ms Sharapova.

  6. Ai says:

    Please, everyone knew who Serena was talking about so it’s Karma; good for MS for shutting her down.

  7. Emily says:

    So Serena wants to keep Serena’s private life personal, but the private life of a 16 year old child (who was sexually assaulted and plastered all over the internet) is TOTALLY fair game to bring up in unrelated interviews.

    I hate this idiot more and more with every noise that comes out of her mouth..

    I don’t like Sharapova either because of all her on court grunting/squealing but her comment was priceless. Nice one! Throw some SHADE girl!

  8. emmaV1 says:

    Anyone who follows tennis knows Serena 100 percent was referring to Sharapova….plus there’s no one else gushing about their boyfriends like sharapova has been. This would be like Jennifer Aniston saying she hates home wreckers and we would all know who she is referring to.

    Though Sharapova didn’t take the high road, I see nothing to criticize her for and once again Serena fans show how low class they are by saying crap like Maria is angry how she gets “butt whooped” by Serena. True Serena is the far superior player but Maria never threatened to kill an official nor verbally abused a chair umpire nor talk smack nonstop about rivals like Justine Henin.

  9. Belle Epoch says:

    Serena is so very muscle-y… Can you look like that without using steroids? There are a zillion preparations for athletes that have steroid-like ingredients. Venus and Maria both look normal but are powerfully strong!

    • lw says:

      I love Serena’s tenacity, but it clear she is on steroids or HGH. I remember a few years hearing about how when she was in Europe, someone came to do a random drug test and she freaked out and locked herself in a panic room. Of course, I don’t think she is the only doper in tennis. Didn’t Agassi admit it after the fact? I think its fairly common, which is why I don’t think she will ever be caught.

      • Tapioca says:

        Ah, yes – the panic room incident.

        Apparently you can mistake a tester with official ID coming to your front door during a prearranged timeslot – although obviously not a prearranged date – for a prowler, and then be so traumatised by hiding in your panic room, that when the police arrive to sort out the confusion you are “physically unable” to take a whizz in a sample pot!

        The worst thing is that, not only was this was her first out of competition test in nearly THREE years, the ITF just shrugged their shoulders and bought her story. It’s almost like they really, really don’t want to catch their star attraction up to no good…

      • KayMary says:

        She was evading detection for taking recreational drugs i.e. weed. After Agassis book I dont think that would surprise anybody. If you see Serenas pics aged 14, she has a clearly muscly body already, couple that with her stocky shape and this is what you get. But I guess some people will just never accept that an “outsider” (if u know what I mean) could legitimately takeover such a genteel *cough* sport.

        Hurry up and win that damn Wimboldon trophy, Serena. This one will be an extra special victory for me too.

      • Spooks says:

        @KayMary, how can you root for her after what she said about the rape incident?
        Normally, I would cheer for her over Sharapova, but after those comments, never again.

      • KayMary says:

        I hate that “she asked for it” mentality. But I also recognise that it comes from a place of indoctrinated partriarchy. Women who think that way are themselves victims. As successful as she is, shes very very sheltered, thats no excuse but when you have a homeschooled woman who has lived a very one tracked life, you will find her less likely to challenge perceived “wisdoms”.

        The solution is to address the ignorance. The solution is not to sit back as people who clearly already have a bias against her (you know the type I mean) to hijack the issue to legitimise their hate.


        I followed Venus and Serena since 1998, so I know that theres a special band of people who hide their real grievances behind all kinds of reasons. They are sitting targets because they are the wrong “breeding”, lets say. Am I mad about the rape comments? Yep! But I am also sure that her learning has began. I am just not convinced that all the critics are responding to the rape comments rather than the “paintjob” issue. I hope that answers your question.

      • YDavis says:


        You seem to think this all comes from a place of hatred, but I assure you I do not hate Serena Williams or envy her success. I admired the Williams sisters for many years, for their tenacity, hard work, and skill.

        I cannot, however, continue to admire Serena Williams. Please do not belittle the argument with those type of personal slams while you continue to defend a rape defender.

      • lisa says:

        agassi admitted to street drugs in his book, not performance enhancers

      • bluhare says:

        ydavis said:

        >>But I am also sure that her learning has began. I am just not convinced that all the critics are responding to the rape comments rather than the “paintjob” issue. I hope that answers your question. <<

        You are SURE her learning has begun, but just NOT convinced people are talking about her comments rather than her race. I agree that some people are racist and her skin colour influences their opinion. It's sad that in this day and age people cannot separate race from a person's comments. And I would like to say that goes both ways. Because she is an African American woman in a sport dominated by white players doesn't give her a pass for inappropriate comments either.

      • YDavis says:

        @bluhare. Just a mistake in the tracking of threads I suspect, but it was KayMary who made that comment about her “learning” not me.

        KayMary has decided to assume things about my motivations and to mock the idea that an anti-rape petition is a good thing.

      • bluhare says:

        YDavis: You’re right; I did get mixed up. Apologies!!

      • ya says:

        There’s been drug use in tennis forever – performance enhancing or not. Agassi only admitted to using crystal meth, so definitely not performance enhancing, but who knows what else he has tried…. There are rumours of Agassi avoiding drug tests etc.

        McEnroe admitted to using cocaine and steroids if I remember correctly. I’m sure there has been much more going on – just can’t remember all of the various admissions! I also think back in the ’70s and ’80s these things were written off quite a bit more – just as part of the eccentricity of tennis players.

    • Pinky says:

      Take a look at photos of Serena Williams and Naomi Campbell side by side. The truth is, they have the same body type, but Naomi has never been accused of taking steroids because she works on keeping her muscles lean and long for her career. Serena trains differently and works on increasing her muscle mass in order to add power to her game. Yes, she is very muscular, but when she is not training, her body resembles Campbell’s almost exactly (except she’s a hair shorter). I’m not going to get down on her for her physique. That’s shade throwing right there.

    • KayMary says:

      Dont be ridiculous! The Williams have bee “n subject to this accusation long before they were “superstars”. In the beginning they were tested so frequently that their dad raised it. The more racist ATP officials (and boy were they many) would have torn those poor girls apart if even One test was shady.

      Venus also picks muscle but her body is lithe. Serena is broad and stocky like her older sisters. And she works out for strength unlike the “girls have to look dainty” troop. All you have to do as look at female sprinters to see how normal and advantageous her shape is.

      Oh and wake me up when you have a discussion about Kim Clijsters at her peak. Sick of black female athletes being singled out. Thank God for the Williams girls. I love seeing the detractors forced to choke on their Haterade as a sistah lifts a trophy atleast 2 out of 4 times a year against every damn odd and obstacle shoved at her.

    • Cazzie says:

      I have a friend who is a personal trainer and she says that twenty years ago, yes, it used to be that you could only get that muscly by using steroids.

      However, they know so much more nowadays about human nutrition that you can get that level of muscle by taking handfuls of supplements (lots of vitamins + creatinine + other things). So that type of muscle is not necessarily an indicator of doping.

      However, those terrible things she said about the Steubenville rape victim are a definite indicator of her being a total jerk.

      “I mean, I don’t know if she was a virgin…” What is that about???

      What difference does it make? So if the girl wasn’t a virgin, that means that she couldn’t be raped? Unbelievable.

  10. mkyarwood says:

    Ew. ‘The cool parties’!? GTFO. You’re ruining tennis for me, Serena. Use to love you, totally team Venus now.

  11. Dingo says:

    I find Maria and her annoying grunts during tennis unbearable. But this is fun – calling S out is just perfect.

  12. MsAubra says:

    May not have been perfect shade, but it was well deserved shade! Serena is a great tennis player, no doubt. But the brawd has fired shots before at other players with her slick mouth and Maria just wasn’t the one to do it with that day! #Shade

  13. Carolyn says:

    Team Maria. Except for the shrieking during matches.

    Advantage – Sharapova.

  14. Hipocricy says:

    I don’t care about Serena anymore after she trashtalked and inflincted further shame and emotional suffering with her sasine words. She spat on that 16 years old girl and on great deal of victims of rape in the process.

    So Maria can say whatever she wants. It’s pay back for Serena’s despicable nastiness and unhability to have a minimum of decency and compassion towards victims of rape.

  15. Anna says:

    I really could not care less about tennis or sports in general (unless it’s in some nebulous ‘Team Russia!’ way at the Olympics/World Championships), but I am really rooting for Sharapova now.

  16. Jess says:

    “It definitely hasn’t been easy. And I feel like I really wanted to say: I apologize for everything that was said in that article.”

    She’s really the queen of the ‘I’m sorry, not really’ apology. Each and every time she does or says something idiotic she starts with how hard it’s been on her and finishes by subtly putting the blame elsewhere (notice how she says she’s sorry for what was said in the article, rather than saying ‘sorry for what I said’).

  17. pao la says:

    Serena do you want some aloe vera? Because you just got burrrnt.

  18. An says:

    Man, I used to realy like Serena but she has shown her nasty personality over and over again in the last few years.

  19. Faye says:

    Game and match to Sharapova(pun intended!)

    I’m not saying Sharapova took the high road here. However, Serena called her out for no good reason (who cares if someone gushes? It doesn’t hurt anyone), and I don’t blame her for wanting to get her own back. And before you criticize anyone else’s relationship, you better make darn sure your house is in order.

    I have to admit, I did enjoy this little exchange, especially considering Serena’s comments reported last week.

  20. Samtha says:

    Love the classic “I’m sorry you were offended” apology she gave Sharapova. And not even “I’m sorry my words offended you,” but basically, “I’m sorry they printed my words and you got offended.”

    I’ve been a Serena apologist for a long time, but this last week or so has killed any respect I had left for her.

  21. diva says:

    Serena said some dumb things in that article. she needs a filter but when it comes to tennis I’m team Serena all day!

  22. serena says:

    Love Maria’s bitchy comment, LOL.
    Of course Serena WIlliams can’t reply to that..since it’s true, but she is right it is ‘inappropriate’ and in many ways..

  23. poppy says:

    i don’t see what was shady or bitchy, turn-about is fair play.

    as for serena, she doesn’t seem like she’s got a sister’s back, any sister, especially one basically gang rapped as a child, so i expect people to be enjoying any negative comments about her. i am definitely enjoying it. :evil:

  24. Mia says:

    Serena has made some really dodgy comments. Apparently, she said she would never date white men in one of her documentaries. Her coach is white and Serena said something like ‘you have black man’s lip so i could close my eyes and pretend with you’ The coach was shocked and said ‘you can’t say things like that’ : Serena: Yes i can, because i’m black! :O

    Full disclosure: I read about it and didn’t see it, so watching it may give a different slant. There was no big racial controversy over it whereas in this years UK Big Brother, a woman got a formal warning for talking about her taste in guys and she said ‘i like dark guys, not black men but latino men’ She was just listing her taste and one of the black contestants went running to everyone saying ‘i think i’ve just been racially abused’

    There is a big double standard with those 2 incidents.

    Also, do guys get branded ‘homewreckers’ when they have an affair with a married woman? Doesn’t seem like it. It seems like the woman still gets all the blame as per usual.

    • anon says:


      I saw that documentary…I just wanted to clear it up :) They were both playfully joking. She said she has dated both black and white guys, she dated Brett Ratner, he is in the doc for a split second too.

      She just said she prefers black guys because she likes how it feels when she kisses them because they have bigger lips lol I don’t see anything wrong with that. Then she and the coach (a white guy with big lips) joked around for a bit. You made it sound like a serious thing when it wasn’t…I wish I could link the clip.

      As for the coach…omg he is fine. I really hope he wasn’t married when they got together it would be disappointing. But maybe they separated first you never know…I haven’t been able to find details other than Sharapova.

      • lisa says:

        last year when they were papped together with his hand in her back pocket, he was not separated

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “She just said she prefers black guys because she likes how it feels when she kisses them because they have bigger lips lol I don’t see anything wrong with that”

        As a white chick who’s dated my fair share of black men, it definitely CAN feel different (not always but sometimes), depending on the size/shape of their lips and sometimes can be hard to “mesh” when kissing. I also feel the same about white dudes who have a wide mouth with thin lips, as I have a small mouth with plump-ish lips. *Mouth-matching* :) is important for good kissing so I’m not gonna fault Serena for saying that.

  25. JL says:

    Banging the coach – classy! Banging the married coach even better. Dude has kids and it rips their family apart, well – I’m an athlete….

    Now I get it athletes are immune to sex laws and standards….oh I didn’t know that.

    Point, set, STFU Serena because you just lost. I used to like her, now she’s just a pompous ass.

  26. Tig says:

    Every time I see recent pics of Serena, I keep seeing Flo Jo- the Olympic sprinter. Both of their faces have this rock hard appearance. I get you can build up your body, but the face usually looks soft. Maybe it’s the makeup or the lighting, but that looks odd to me.

  27. Abby says:

    Ohh snap. This is awesome. Don’t mess with Maria!

  28. Jackson says:

    Whether you think it was great or not, many people in the tennis world are not happy with what Maria did. She called out a fellow competitor and aired locker room laundry, so to speak, discussing a relationship that Serena had not openly discussed in public.
    I’ll personally be happy when people go back to ignoring one of my favorite sports.

  29. The Original Mia says:

    Who cares who sleeping with whom on the tennis circuit. I care about what goes on on court. Maria needs to concentrate on playing a good game, instead of worrying about the love lives of her fellow players. Put up these next few weeks or shut up, Maria.

    Serena needs to eat some humble pie and STFU. Her Steubenville quotes were hurtful, ignorant and deserved every bit of derision and vitriol she got.

  30. HH says:

    I don’t like either of the them and incidents like this one remind me why.

  31. Milly says:

    “She’s still not going to be invited to the cool parties.” said the 12 years old Serena.

  32. Emma says:

    Thye’re both very unlikeable.

  33. NeNe says:

    Team Maria, all the way…. Serena could go fly a kite.

    It must suck to have such a dumbass like Serena on the team. Regardless, if Maria aired Serena’s dirty laundry. Who cares, the tennis world should be more angry that Serena basically blamed the victim for getting raped. Let’s get our priorities in order, shall we??

  34. Violet says:

    Go, Maria! I wonder what the hell Serena’s definition of a “black heart” is, given she’s involved with a married man and is sympathetic to rapists.

  35. Alexis says:

    Team Serena, in this context. They both seem horrible, but Maria seems perennially bitter because Serena keeps winning and getting tons of endorsements even though Maria is “supposed to” as the skinny white girl. Cry me a river. I don’t see why Serena’s rape comments would alter where you come down on this separate conflict.

    • Bubbles says:

      Because Serena’s rape comments show what kind of a person she is. I can’t watch this comment separately from that.

    • lisa says:


      maria has a ton of endorsements, serena’s domination in the game hasnt kept maria from being a futer hall of famer and having plenty of her own endorsements

    • Stacy says:

      Maria has WAY more endorsements than Serena does. In the latest Forbes Top 100 list, Maria (at #22) will make $29 million just in endorsements this year while Serena doesn’t even crack the Top 100.

      Serena’s only big-name endorsements are Nike and Gatorade. That’s pretty much it. No offense, but sponsors aren’t lining up to offer her endorsements no matter how many Slams she wins.

      Maria has Nike, Sugarpova (her candy line), Cole Haan, Evian, Porsche, Samsung, and Tag Heuer (and that’s just a starter list).

      Whether it’s fair or not that Serena has less endorsements than Maria is up for you to decide, but saying that Serena has more endorsements than Maria is just flat-out incorrect.

      • betty says:

        The reason she has more endorsements is because she is white and blonde. When Kurnakova was playing she had more endorsements and was the highest paid and was not winning any games for the same reason. Serena has a fashion business on HSN and does not have to depend on endorsements. She can fall back on that when she no longer plays tennis.She is at the top of her game and #1 at 31 Let Sharapova put her game where her mouth is.

    • Nina W says:

      Alexis, Sharapova is well known for raking in the big bucks in endorsements regardless of court performance. Anyone who follows tennis knows this. The impressive thing about Maria is she actually tries to improve as a tennis player, she doesn’t just rest of her piles and piles of money. It’s also one of the best things about Serena, she still has a drive to win despite her incredible success.

  36. coolio says:

    Lololololo its not appropriate to talk about the guy I’m dating but somehow its appropriate to defend rapists because some girl was or wasn’t a virgin. Fucking rape defender

  37. shelley says:

    Team Serena. I hope she serves Maria good during their next encounter.

  38. Guest says:

    I hope that Serena Williams win Wimbledon. Do all the talking on the court. Mario has that annoying passive aggressive attitude.

  39. Tina says:

    Should we say close your legs to married men. Did her parents not teach her morals. She needs to go.

  40. Holden says:

    A Williams sister putting her foot in her mouth? Nothing new to see here.

  41. Simply Red says:

    Saying not being invited to cool parties is not personal. What is personal about the comment…
    MS went personal into Serena life

  42. Mal says:

    Team Maria I guess.

    I’m not a fan of either really, but Serena seems like a self absorbed bitch and too cocky. Plus she’s painfully unattractive I think. And those comments about rape victims? Money can’t buy you class, she’s just trash. I remember back in the day when she was cool and like her sister and had humility. She thinks she’s some goddess or something. Ick.

    Maria still seems like an airhead to me, but seeing as I’ve never read anything offensive from her and she seems grateful for what she has, I’ll stick with her.

    As for her comments about Serena being a home wrecker…bitch started it lol. I bet she had the funniest look on her face when she was told what Maria said. Im sure she wasn’t expecting the goody two shoes to bite her back on the ass LOL

  43. AlmondJoy says:

    I don’t like either of these women, I refuse to choose a “team.” They are both petty, rude and immature.

  44. Mom says:

    I think Serena has lost her mind. About the rape comments, with her muscular body, she doesn’t understand how any woman could get into a bad spot after a few drinks at a party. Obviously, she has never been raped. She needs to show a little compassion. We can’t all be Amazon women.

  45. The Original Victoria says:

    She is a champion, Serena is.

    People have hated on her all her life just for looking the way she does, having an opinion about anything, basically just your average day as a black woman in this country.

    She was completely wrong to say what she said, but I’m still supporting her because she needs to be corrected and educated not ridiculed for what she said. It was just another opportunity for the racists who already hated her to talk crap about her so she should have known to keep her guard up. These people aren’t her friends and never will be.

    As for Choka (who has a nerve to talk about anybody since she has thrown shade Serena’s way so much without retaliation, it only makes me love Rena more for rising above it all), she can shove it. Her hating ass is still bitter because she can’t win after the tennis world crowned her the great white hope to defeat the sisters and she has gotten served every single time.

    Not only did Serena talk with her privately abd apologize about a conversation where she was NOT named and speaking with her SISTER and NOT the reporter, she ate humble pie and apologized on camera as well AND this bish still comes at her anyway.

    That is disgusting and low.

    But Richard raised soldiers, fighters, and confident black woman who MAKE MISTAKES just like everyone else so Rena, I hope you destroy this bish come game day. I hope all the forces of God and the Universe and EVERYTHING are with you so you can continue to make history and break down barriers for black women all over the world.

    • Spooks says:

      As someone who is not from the US, I just can’t understand why would someone either defend or judge her comments based on her race. What has race got to do with it? If Maria said the same thing, I would be hating on her.
      She’s not 12 so we can forgive her and expect her to learn, she’s a grown woman. She should bare the consequences of her words.

    • Evan says:

      Right. Of course.

      And here begins the “anyone who says anything remotely bad about a black person is a racist” game. *eyeroll*

      She also got with a married man, but I’m sure you could look right past that because she’s Black? You would have some very colorful words if it were Maria who was the home wrecker I think.

      I was waiting for a post like this to pop up. Inevitable.

      • The Original Victoria says:

        We are not talking about Serena’s relationship. We are talking about her comments. And I have no problem lambasting Serena for her homewreckingish if that’s what she indeed did.

        Anyone who remember my font can tell you I have come at Alicia, Naomi and ALL of them broads and they are Black women too. So miss me with it. Stop the deflection.

      • Joanna says:

        @ original
        but you are defending serena’s comments about saying a girl essentially asking to be raped or putting herself in that situation. if it was a white person saying that, would you say they needed to be “educated?” would you say zimmerman needs to be educated? I think you are defending her precisely because she is black. and that’s racist as well. why would you excuse someone for anything because of their race? I am sure she has had to deal with a lot of stuff because she’s black. but that doesnt mean people have to like her. i don’t like her personality, I dont care that she’s black.

      • Missy says:


        The death of a teenage boy (trayvon Martin) is analogous to the verbal disparagement of a rape victim whom the courts have vindicated? What a tasteless comparison. You are really out of touch if you think that’s a valid comparison. Please stop embarrassing yourself albeit anonymously via Internet. Serena has apologized to the gel personally and I think that some education re the culture of sexual violence is necessary before she could then publicly apologize (bc from her apology she still doesn’t get it). Has George Zimmerman apologized for killing trayon Martin and depriving a family of their son? No because he thinks that his death was justified.

      • Mia says:

        Joanna- Um, your asinine “argument” doesn’t make sense. Serena made an ignorant, uneducated, insensitive, and mean comment about sexual assault, and that’s it. To my knowledge she hasn’t acted out on any of her ignorant beliefs and actually sexually assaulted and recorded a vulnerable and inebriated woman. Zimmerman acted on his racist beliefs that a young black man doesn’t have a right to walk around his neighborhood, stalked him, and shot him in cold blood. See when you act on your ignorant beliefs and commit a crime, like Zimmerman did, you’re past the point of being educated and it’s time to go to jail. If Zimmerman wants to take a racial sensitivity class or 10, which he is in dire need of, then he can do it from his jail cell for the rest of his life where he belongs. MMkay? Try again.

    • lisa says:

      she’s over 30 yrs old, what makes you think she is open to changing her mind? i want someone to ask her if she also thinks it was her sister’s fault she got shot. she’s no different than paula deen to me.

  46. Mia says:

    I’m usually Team Serena, but it seems like she spent the whole interview with her ENTIRE foot in her mouth. Hating on someone for liking their job, working hard at it, and being thankful that they made it to the pinnacle of their sport? Not getting into parties with the “cool” people because you concentrate on your job ,you’re nice, and you’re grateful for your success? Seriously? It just sounded like immature, high-school girl non-complaints you have when you really can’t find a valid reason to dislike someone. She deserved to get her spot blown up by Maria and maybe next time she’ll think before she talks s**t about other people for no reason.

  47. Shelly says:

    Serena’s statements in regards to the rape at worst shows her ignorance, although i get that she’s saying you should not put yourself in a position to be victimized, she came off totally wrong, we definitely need to be more vigilant about educating our girls about protecting themselves,but I can’t help but think that most of these comments are racially motivated and I’m not American, and it’s blatant in your commentaries…”round up the lynch mob”. This story should have died last week but it’s gaining more traction, I wonder why?

    • Bubbles says:

      Should have died? She shouldn’t be forgiven until she makes a real apology.

      • Shelly says:

        I didn’t say that she should be forgiven and she totally should have given a proper
        apology, but i still stand by my opinion that this has turned into a whole other thing now, all over the blogs she’s been called terrible names, her slip up is giving racist buffoons artillery.

      • The Original Victoria says:

        At Shelly yes she has. And I have noticed that when a black person tries to defend her with rational and well thought out prose they are deleted or deflection ensues. It always proves my point that they don’t want to hear you speak your truth. They want to speak YOUR truth for you. And you have to just agree with it.

      • Bubbles says:

        Who’s they? What on Earth is going on here?
        I’m really sorry, but I’m not from the US. I’m from a country that pretty much has no black people. The first time I saw a black person in person I was 14. I’ve never encountered racism in any shape or form. I just can’t wrap my head around what is going on here.

      • Joanna says:

        @ original

        I think i get it. if we say something bad about a black person, we’re racist. if we call someone out on their ignorant comments, we’re racist. if i don’t like her dress, well, i must be racist. sounds to me like you’re the one who’s racist. against white people. you want to talk about people picking on her because she’s black but you want us to excuse everything she does because we must be hating on her because of her race. and that’s racist!

      • missy says:


        below you say you are from a country in which there are “no black people” and as you are non-black, what would you, an outsider, know of anti-black racism? can you take a moment to reflect on the limitations of your own experience. this is basically the point at which you need to check yourself and sit down and keep quiet because evidently you dont have the capacity nor the experience to understand anti-black racism.

      • Bubbles says:

        I just don’t understand how race got dragged into all of this. I see this as one person making horrible comments on something.

      • Mia says:

        @Shelly- I agree that any bad behavior the Williams sisters (or any black celebrity) exhibit always seems to attract bigots that want to feel justified in saying something negative about black women or black people as a whole. We live in a racist country and black people are treated as a monolith. If one black person does something it’s indicative of how we ALL behave.

        But Serena is foot all the way back in her throat wrong for the things she said in the article and I haven’t noticed anyone on this website or thread disparaging her for being a black woman or using any dog whistle racist language against her. They’re disparaging her for being catty and being an asshole. I just hear a lack of support for other women from Serena from excusing the despicable rape of a young girl because she was drunk to hating on another chick for being a dorky workaholic. She’s just wrong. Plain wrong.

        @Joanna-Just shut it and quit while you’re behind. Your commentary has been nothing but ignorant and stupid. Reverse racism doesn’t exist, boo. Okay? Deal with it, and google it. I don’t have time for you.

    • Nina W says:

      This has nothing to do with race but as usual whenever a celebrity does something worthy of criticism there will always be people who step out to defend them by playing whatever card is at hand. With Serena, it’s the race card, by all means play it but I assure you my criticism of her vile behavior has nothing to do with skin tone.

  48. Denise says:

    I have two words regarding Serena: Brett Ratner. Do we need to know more?

  49. Bess says:

    I’m not a fan of either of these ladies. Williams is a poor spot and Sharapova is a fake. She likes to gush about her Russian patriotism, but has lived in the US for the past 19 years.

    I think it’s pathetic that two ridiculously successful women are so insecure that they are essentially trading barbs over a guy. The only one who actually raised his profile in this mess is Dimitriv. He’s basically known as a possible up and coming player who is dating Sharapova.

    • Nina W says:

      What an ill-informed criticism that is. Sharapova had to leave Russia for training because no facilities were available for her there. Everyone in tennis studies where the schools and courts are, that means Florida and Spain, places like that. She is not the only tennis star forced to leave their homeland for their sport, many of them show their patriotism at the Olympics and play for their homelands then. They shouldn’t be criticized for pursuing their dreams and making the ultimate sacrifice of leaving their homes as children.

  50. Mom says:

    Missy! I live in Montgomery, AL. Why don’t you come on down here and experience the anti-white racism. I’m not a racist, could care less; but have witnessed more black on white hatred in this town. People responding to Serena behaving poorly has nothing to do with race; money, prima donna perhaps.

    • Missy says:

      How is this relevant? A) stop scapegoating any kind of racism on the south–it’s embarrassing (for you, a resident of the Sourh, not the rest of us in other parts of the country) and gross mischaracterization as racism exists everywhere. I didn’t realize that minority groups in Alabama were so powerful but if you feel that your rights are being suppressed, go complains to te SPLC or call some reporter at NRO..
      B) why do you think I would be more willing to condone anti white racism bc I am presumably black? As opposed to wanting everyone to get treated fairly regardless of race? That’s quite a leap and disturbingly indicative of how your mind works

      • Mom says:

        There’s nothing wrong with my mind. I’m wondering about your anger. The Serena issue isn’t about racism. By the way, whites are a minority in Montgomery. And no, I don’t need anyone’s help with a complaint. Racism goes both ways. Yes we have a country full of it, unfortunately. Everybody knows that. I don’t participate in racism. If someone says to me this happened to me because I am black, a Catholic, whatever. I stop and listen. Usually its because they’re a jerk.

    • bluecalling says:

      please stay in Alabama.

    • Mia says:

      Oh please, all people may encounter prejudice, even white people, but to compare it to the systematic racism that people of color have to contend with is laughable. Racism is a system of oppression that white people BENEFIT from and I can’t stand it when white people try to act like they are ever or will ever be systematically persecuted for their race. LMAO at the idea that OPEN widespread black on white prejudice is happening unabated MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA of all places. I know black people would not be getting openly racially aggressive with white people down there considering what the police and the Klan and everyday white people might do to them with little to no legal repercussions.

  51. Simply Red says:

    Wow! This went from commenters talking about the two women taking digs at each other to racism.

    I’m reading these comments I’m in amazement… WTH

    Are u guys serious? They took digs at each other we can be team whatever but some of these comments go to far

  52. JY says:

    I don’t like either one of them, however, to say there is no racism involved is ridiculous. Serena has won more games than Maria and yet Maria has a looooooot more endorsements and have been ridiculed and compared to a Gorilla ever since she stepped foot in the game.
    so please let’s not act as if there is no racism in tennis and people haven’t used the “angry black woman” stereotype on her. Also, a lot of racists have said how “unfair” it is because Serena is obviously so much bigger–like a man–and her body is naturally muscular so therefor it’s, again, “unfair”. Sigh.
    Maria could get that big or similar but she wants to remain slim looking (like a lot of female tennis players). Fair enough, but don’t act like Serena doesn’t work for it.

    Again, I am no fan of either one of them, not even Serena. She is from Compton and associates with rappers and hoodrats so I am not surprised by her comment on rape, sadly.

    • Nina W says:

      I think questioning why Maria rakes in endorsement deals is legitimate but dragging race into every discussion of Serena is over the top. Serena is being criticized for her comments not her skin color, as is Maria, BTW, so bringing race into it is just a red herring IMO.

    • Mia says:

      I totally agree about the discrepancy in endorsements, JY. It’s definitely the result of anti black racism against Serena, even though she is definitely a more accomplished player then Maria.

  53. Jag says:

    “`Look, I want to personally apologize to you if you are offended by being brought into my situation.”

    She is the type of person who irks me by not apologizing when they apologize. She’s not saying she’s sorry about what she did; she’s saying you shouldn’t have been offended. Ugh!

  54. MAC says:

    Serena publicly said not nice things about Maria than does a private apology to her. Nice try. Do a public apology that gets as much press as the rude comments did.

  55. mslewis says:

    I bet the rags in Britain are eating this stuff up! They live for personal conflicts like this one. Personally, it’s making me sick.

    I’ve played tennis and been a tennis fan since 1968 and I’ve seen them all come and go. I’ve seen fights between stars and fights between stars and journeymen but nobody cares when the men argue but when women have a catfight sh!t gets real!

    I’m already sick of this thing between Maria and Serena. It’s embarrassing. These are both uneducated, not very smart women with tons of money but very little common sense who are making fools of themselves. SHUT UP both of you!!

    I wish I could smack them and send them to their rooms without supper. Instead, I’ll just continue to watch Wimbledon with mute on so I don’t have to hear Maria’s screams and Serena’s grunts. Or, better yet, I’ll just fast forward through their matches.

  56. irishserra says:

    Can I have a chart, please, that details the rankings of erroneous behavior? I’m so confused these days by which is acceptable and which is not. Racism, sexism, size-ism, abuse, infidelity… The list is endless.

    If Paula Deen can lose her livelihood, can Serena be made to suffer equally? How about Chris Brown? His @$$ is still being kissed.

  57. Kammm says:

    Total misuse of quotation marks. She never called her that so why highlight the word??

    • Lacressha says:

      Everyone talking about Serena deserved what Sharapova intentionally planned after Serena apologized to her about being brought into her situation is either blind, racist or a Sharapova fan happy to jump n Serena. The reason Serena did not apologize to Sharapova about the comments is because they were NOT about her. If you all think with your brains instead of falling for the media every time, then you would have said that Sharapova never begins her interviews like that and never talks about her personal life. No one not even the Paparazzi knew Sharapova and Dimitrov were an item until after Stuttgart when they saw her car at his place. Serena had already done this interview. Unless she has psychic powers, then she did not know either. They waited to put this out and they got exactly what they hoped for. The media controls how people act and this will be how they force all humans into slaves and make them give up their rights. People believe what they read and they control your minds and make you think you are coming up with your own thoughts. Maybe you will find out that Serena’s comments had nothing to do with Sharapova. Will everyone of you personally give Serena an apology? I am sure the answer is no although you have harshly condemned her in every way. This is why Jesus said for only those without sin to cast the first stone and judge not lest ye be judged. You have to answer one day for every idle word and that s Judgment Day.

  58. NEENAZEE says:

    Serena never, I mean never ever, offers a sincere apology so I don’t know why we were expecting one this time… but the girl can play tennis. I’m sure Maria hates being reminded that she’s 2-16 against her.

  59. Kosmos says:

    Okay, I don’t understand why the women always get into it and the man goes without blame…it happens a lot. A man cannot be taken if he doesn’t want to be. When there is another woman involved, it is just as much his responsibility.

  60. Thora says:

    Serena comes across as an entitled, self centered ego maniac. Always has. I’ll schadenfreude my head off at any comeuppance that comes her way.