Kimye named their daughter ‘North West’ because ‘North means the highest power’

Everyone is still talking about why in God’s name Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their baby girl “North West”. The theorizing is getting epic, which is weird because I just accepted the name at face-value immediately. Like, “Of course they named her North West. Of course. They’re idiots.” But what if they had some other reason for choosing the name “North”?

First, TMZ claimed that “sources” were telling them Kimye chose the name because it’s a “metaphor for up” and “What’s North of North? Nothing.” TMZ went on to claim, “We’re told the duo believes baby North is their highest point together as a couple … the pinnacle of the relationship … and they consider her their ‘North Star.’” E! News had some theories too:

Kim Kardashian is from L.A., and Kanye West is from Chicago. So why is their newborn baby girl named North West? Well, a source tells E! News exclusively the name is much more than just a cute play on geography. In fact, Kim and ‘Ye are telling everyone the real inspiration behind baby Kimye’s unique moniker is that, “North means highest power.”

“North is the most high. There is nothing higher than North,” explains the source. “And, when it comes to the stars, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.”

The new parents “look at her as being their highest point together,” says a source. “Nothing is more special than North. Kim keeps saying, ‘She is our North Star.’”

The duo klearly adore their new addition, and they’re very quickly adjusting to the roles of Mom and Dad. “They are splitting duties,” a family source tells E! News. “Kanye is so hands on. He’s changing diapers.”

As for the new mama? “Kim always feared having a baby. She thought it would be so hard, but it’s all coming so naturally to her,” adds the source. “She’s loving motherhood, and all her fears have gone away.”

[From E! News]

The “metaphor for up” explanation kind of falls apart, considering they could have named her Kween Kardashian-West and it would have had the same effect. (Sidenote: WHY DIDN’T THEY NAME HER KWEEN?!) But the “North Star” stuff… eh. Sure. Okay. I’ll buy that, I suppose. But I still think the real reason they named their baby North was because they’re idiots.

Meanwhile, TMZ has another bizarre story about Kim sending out fake baby photos to her friends to see who would leak/sell the photos – you can see the pics here. I don’t understand how TMZ got their hands on those photos unless they A) bought the pics thinking they were actually North West or B) Kim released those photos to TMZ because she’s an idiot.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. littlestar says:

    Lame. Since when does north mean the highest power? I thought it was just a direction. Silly me…

    I give these two six months top, and then they are done :) . And the Kardashians one more year. I hope I’m right lol.

    Edit: They should have had “Star” as a middle name. It would have been kinda cute.

  2. just me says:

    cringeworthy and insufferable these two are. North does NOT mean the highest power. It’s a direction on a map. period! uggh

  3. Elisabeth says:

    why didn’t they name her Queen then?
    Queen West

  4. A says:

    After reading Kanye’s W interview there really is no doubt that they’re both fucking idiots.

  5. kaligula says:

    Ummm, no it doesn’t mean that, but whatevs.

  6. Spooks says:

    Noo, I’m pretty sure they named her that because they are colossal morons.

  7. Sisi says:

    and here I thought that they had seen ‘Rise of The Guardians’ and named the kid after Santa Claus

  8. Dana M says:

    I just can’t with these people anymore…

  9. Quinn Parker says:

    Ummm…nice try attempting to make your kid’s joke of a name seem significant. FAIL.

  10. Tiffany27 says:

    Well with that dumba** logic why didn’t they just name her Cloud Nine?

  11. Hahahaha says:

    Why does KRIS keep making up these lies,for the paps about Kimye being hand s on parents?Yeah they can afford 10 nannies..But Kimye changing diapers?i dont think so…Mr &Mrs Yeezus, dont play that.I BET she even hired someone to breastfeed the baby.i really do.

  12. Reece says:

    Still idiots. They could have named her Noor. Similar sounding, means “light” could still call her Nori but it’s not North combined with West!

  13. Lem says:

    They named the baby N.W. because they are idiots. It is that simple.
    North is a horrible girls name

  14. Meavie says:

    Well if you take the etymology of the word ‘North’, at its root it apparently means ‘under’. So no Kimye, it would be very far from meaning ‘most high’.

  15. fabgrrl says:

    Jeez! You wanna name your child after the Northern Star? How about Stella, Estelle, or one of the lovely names/phrases from just about ANY culture in the Northern Hemisphere that means “star”.

    Hell, “Polaris” would sound better.

  16. Jayna says:

    To think she could have been with the hot, talented, and not media hungry Reggie Jackson and instead had to settle for Kanye (who wanted her for ages) after her disastrous marriage to Kris and its PR fallout. I bet she still dreams of Reggie occasionally, the one she wanted but got away.

  17. fingerbinger says:

    I thought zenith meant highest point. Zenith North West has a certain flair to it.

  18. Dawn says:

    They can make up all the BS they want, it’s still a bad name and they are ugly people both inside and out. I no longer believe a word either one of them spout except that Kanye admits he doesn’t read. Idiots both of them and I mean that in the highest of regards.

  19. abbizmal says:

    Why didn’t they just name her God and be done with it? These 2…

  20. Elisabeth says:

    I’ll bet Kris Humphries has that ‘dodged a bullet’ feeling right about now

  21. AmandaPanda says:

    3 words: none more black.

    That’s what all this reminds me of.

  22. Mrs Jones says:

    north my a**. They realized the whole world is laughing at the name so came up with a fake, stupid ideology that no one buys anyway. North is the highest power? Since when? Since when a direction is a power? what’s north of north? the same thing that’s south of south and east of east. Oh, wait, but maybe there is something out there, because Earth is not flat?

  23. Mayday says:

    I’m still going with the Anna Wintour telling them to name the baby North as a giant joke just to see if they would do it.


  24. The Original Victoria says:

    Actually if you follow Kanye’s career, his occult and astrology influences as well as BLACK Egypto-Nubian culture, it makes perfect sense.

    And I still don’t like it because it’s disgusting that he represents my peoples.

  25. Lexi says:

    Thats a stupid reason! What a stupid reason to give a baby a name like north

  26. Nerd Alert says:

    Nope, I still don’t buy it. They picked out that name because they like it and then made up some bs about what it really means.

    Oh, did millions of people already say that? I’m sorry.

  27. Joanna says:

    I was standing in line at the grocery store and there was a couple of magazines with kk’s pic on it. so i opened US just to see what b.s. was in there about her. they had an article about her, the baby, kanye, how meanie kris kept dragging her into court. it was so biased in her favor, it was almost like her or her mom wrote it. it was frigging ridiculous. please, don’t buy mags with her on the cover. just open it and read the b.s. we keep on buying her stuff, she’ll never go away. i shouldnt even comment.

  28. gg says:

    No, it’s because Jimmy Kimmel was messing around with Kim and said it, and she laughed and then went home, stuck her finger in her teeth and went, “um, wow, like, crazy, that’s a great name!”

  29. Gigi_New says:

    Ah-ha, hahahahahahahahahaaa! *deep breath* Hahahahahaaaa!

    Metaphor: The only way to go once you reach “the highest point together as a couple” is South.

  30. dcypher1 says:

    I think north west is stupid. Poor kid at least all these kids with stupid names can change them when their older and yell at their parents and say why in the hell did u name me that. She was better off kaidence.

  31. Mia says:

    Just wait until her siblings Wild Wild and South are born.

  32. Mia says:

    Let’s make a correction: they’re narcissistic, egotistical idiots. It’s important to make that distinction because when they named this poor little baby, they could only think about how clever they thought they would look for giving her an “interesting” name. What they did was turn their own child into a living, breathing punchline. As if being a Kardashian wasn’t bad enough already.

  33. another nina says:

    Well, Apple has survived her name and North will, too, I guess. Theoretically, I love when people get unique names especially when it’s an acceptable practice in their culture. I believe Chinese name this way. My friend’s husband wrote a comp code, which searched for a name for their newborn daughter. Not only it was supposed to be pretty and unique but also needed to contain a specific number of vertical and horizontal lines in Chinese hieroglyphs. They came up with a name of some herb, which looks exquisite and very tender on the outside and is very tough and strong on the inside…

    • Pixie says:

      Apple is unusual but her full name doesn’t make her look a laughing stock unlike poor North. It doesn’t matter what bull Kimye put out there, they gave their daughter a joke name.

      • annaloo. says:

        Apple’s name is full handle for “Apple Martini” when that girl gets old enough to start partying. She will never shed it, but honestly, these kids are set for life..a horrible name is the last thing they’re going to worry about.

    • cocomama419 says:

      Agreed. As long as the name has some meaning behind and not some alphabet soup nonsense I can’t hate on it.

      But North West is just a complete joke.At least give the poor thing a middle name to fall back on!

      She should have gone with Easton Donda West. In the Jay Leno interview she mentioned that. It’s unique without being too attention seeking.

      I have an asian friend that names means Eastern Sun. Her parents named her that to symbolize their new life with her. I thought it was cute.

  34. jwoolman says:

    Both stories (the North idea and the baby picture entrapment scheme) are just the usual Kardashian spin. When they get negative reactions, they just come up with new stories. The north thing makes even less sense, but the Kardashians are not known for their deep knowledge of geography, astronomy, or words in general. The hidden meaning must be “everything is downhill from here…” which we knew already. The baby picture plot sounds made up on the spot by Mama Ten Percent after her friends at TMZ showed her the allegedly phoney pic #1. Does Kimmie even have six friends to send phoney pics to? She seemed to pick randoms even to populate seats at her fake wedding. I thought she was busy breast feeding and changing diapers. Honestly, tabloids must get fake pics frequently.

  35. phoenixthecat says:

    My knee-jerk association with the name is when Hamlet says “I am but mad north-north west”…little North may have a tough time in english class :)

    • lucy2 says:

      You say that like her pimp grandma will actually let her go to regular school. She’ll be “home-schooled” like the other younger kids so she’ll have time for fame. Poor kid!

      I don’t buy the reasoning for the name one bit.

  36. annaloo. says:

    Ok, so ny their theory, North is the highest point, but went you pair it with West, you get North West. You are so right, these two are idiots. Maybe the next kid should be called “Compass”.

    The highest thing at this point must have been the state of the parents’ minds when they chose this stupid name.

  37. The Original Mia says:

    Hahaha! Almost choked, but well worth the laughter. These two are idiots. They deserve each other.

  38. ErinINPitt says:

    If the baby pic story is real, I’d love to know WHOSE baby Kim decided to use to punk her friends.

  39. cw says:

    ” But I still think the real reason they named their baby North was because
    they’re idiots.”

    that just made me laugh

  40. NeNe says:

    That is one of the stupidest names I have ever heard. Poor child… all the ridicule he is going to go through.

  41. Aria says:

    But whose baby is that? How exactly do you get a “fake” baby picture?

  42. Jayna says:

    I have a middle name.

    North Erly West

  43. ParisPucker says:

    apparently in Germany it’s illegal to name your baby stupid and shameful names. too bad this baby was born under the flag that protects moronic decisions.

    This kid, though granted will be wealthier than most of us writing in this blog during our lifetimes, …is entering the world with the chips stacked against her.

    I hope she surprises the hell out of us and chooses education over vapid entertainment and contributes something to the world…because the proginy of idiots is going to have some major baggage when she fully comprehends the makeup of who created her.

    *giving blessing,..N,S,W,E…* Amen

  44. Amelia says:

    I’m thinking Big Dipper would have been a better choice.

  45. mkyarwood says:

    If they were trying to reference the star, that’s ‘Polaris’. Which kinda sounds like Paris, hee hee.

  46. KAL says:

    If they really wanted to go with North, at least they could have made it her middle name. Since Kanye was so close to his mom, they could have gone with Donda North West

  47. Jayna says:

    How tall is Kanye? In the photo above I think she’s in flats. He’s barely above her at five two I think she is. He looks in the photo maybe two inches taller than her. I always thought Kanye was at least five eight, but maybe not. Photos can be deceiving, but at the most he must be only five six.

  48. Latisse says:

    Honestly don’t think there is anything wrong with the name. Sure it’s a little silly, but so what? I think North is a pretty cool name for a girl actually. Also, for the people that say the kid will be a laughing stock, her life is ruined etc. etc. I’m sure all her millions will dry her tears quite adequately.

  49. Bella says:

    Middle name”I WILL JUMP OFF BRIDGE”

  50. Just Me says:

    North West Passage = diaper change

  51. IWantToLiveInNew York says:

    “They are splitting duties,” a family source tells E! News. “Kanye is so hands on. He’s changing diapers.”

    Anyone else call bullsh*t on this?

    Also she “thought” motherhood would be hard – it’s been a week and I’m sure its easy when you outsource it.

    • TG says:

      I just commented before seeing your comment and I agree completely. Anyone who mentions changing diapers and how they are hands on, etc. is lying. Do you think about brushing your teeth daily? Do you go in to work to tell everyone that you brushed your teeth this morning or you fed your child breakfast? No, neither does a parent who actually parents their child. The only ones who mention it are the ones not doing the work. It is a checklist they have memorized of what a real parent means so that is the generic sutff they put out in interviews.

    • jwoolman says:

      Do we really know if Kanye is even in LA? If Kim and little Ka-Ching! are holed up with Mama Ten Percent, how long would Kanye last in close proximity to Mama? How long would Mama last in close proximity to Kanye? For all we know, Kanye
      may have bundled up little Ka-Ching! and sneaked onto a plane to Paris with her. We can only hope.

  52. TG says:

    ““sources” were telling them Kimye chose the name because it’s a “metaphor for up” and “What’s North of North? Nothing.”” – Is this Kanye’s genius at work? Dumb idiots.

  53. Lucky Charm says:

    “…Kimye chose the name because it’s a “metaphor for up” and “What’s North of North? Nothing.”

    Ok, so why not name her Heavenly then? Because I’m pretty sure that’s as far up North as you can get! Heavenly West actually doesn’t sound too bad…(Heaven West just sounds like you’re trying to say you are headin’ west, lol!)

  54. Madriani's Girl says:

    No, the highest point in their relationship is him whamming his head on a stop sign and her witnessing it.

  55. Katrina says:

    After glancing at all of the comments, it looks like there’s only one poster that thinks it’s actually kind of a cool name. I’m going to be the total black sheep, and say I love it. I can’t for the life of me tell you why I do, but I instantly loved it the minute I heard it, and this is coming from someone who chose the names Meg and Madeline for her daughters (normal names, right?) And lets be honest you guys, if this kid grows up to be beautiful and loaded do any of you really think too many important people will pick on her? I realize almost everyone on these gossip sites snark on Kim everyday of her life, but how much do you really think she buys any of the bull? Yeah, she’s ridiculous, and she looked like a fool during 99.9% of her pregnancy, but there’s not much denying that she’s gorgeous. I have no doubt that not many of you will concede that without a snide comment about “all her plastic surgeries.” Probably not many of your men will admit it either…to your face, but the woman has a beautiful face, and a nicely shaped body before pregnancy. Even if I don’t find that big huge butt attractive, my husband told me right to my face that he hasn’t met a man yet that wouldn’t love to get a piece of it, and he works all over the US in an all mans job. Wow, I’m kind of all over the place. Topamax will do that to you. Anyway, I think little North West is probably going to be just fine, and more than likely she’ll grow up and embrace her name. After all, she’s half Kim and half Kanye. Remember, they started out as cute, sweet, innocent babies too.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      I don’t mind North, either, although I don’t love it paired with West. A middle name would have taken it out of joke territory, I think, but likely they wanted the attention.

      And I also agree that Kim was gorgeous–before all the surgery. She looks pretty waxen to me these days. It’s also just hard to get past all the media shenanigans with the Ks. That’s why they are so reviled here.

    • Nina W says:

      My husband finds her disgusting, unprompted. And he pretty much tells me who he finds hot, Jennifer Lawrence and Rachel Weisz, for example. I’m sure there are men who like Kim, but there are a lot of men who find her and her plastic face gross.

    • TG says:

      I just asked my husband if he thinks Kim is hot and he said “she was” and I said you mean before she got pregnant and he said “before she became barny, that big dinosaur kids play with”. I used to be a fan of the show and was initially attracted to them because they were an attractive family and close knit and very funny. But after a few seasons and PMK upgraded to an eyesore of a house I noticed them changing and I noticed the very unhealthy dynamic between Kimmy and Kris Jenner and it has gotten worse and more and more gross. That is why I can’t stand them. Also Rob is the worlds biggest loser so that doesn’t help. I think for me I really can’t respect adults who cannot make decisions on their own.

      • Katrina says:

        Maybe that’s why I don’t have such a pure hatred for her. I don’t have television, so I don’t often see her in live action. I just look at pictures from before the pregnancy, and think that if you look at her strictly based on appearance, she’s a beautiful woman, and was not even close to fat or chunky. I don’t find pictures from behind attractive at all, and kinda get a little throw uppy when I see such a gigantic butt. That’s just not a turn on to me, but I never have to bed her. Since she seems to have no trouble finding her way around the block, I’m going to assume that my opinion on her butt means jacksh¡t to her.

  56. Sachi says:

    I don’t like Kim or Kanye but I think North is a very strong, unique name and not as wacky as Pilot Inspektor.

    The name makes you perk up the first time you hear it and by itself (without the surname) I think it has a lot of flair.

    In a class where there might 2 Jessicas, 5 Kristen/Kirsten/Kristine/Kerstin, 3 Sarahs, 6 Madisons, and 4 Emmas, North would stand out a lot.

    I’m sure the two vainglorious buffoons have already thought of what would get the most attention when they named their child.

  57. Jag says:

    If she sent a different baby picture to each friend so that she could tell who was selling the baby pictures to the press, that’s the most brilliant thing she will ever do in her life. lol

    As for the name North, it should be a boy’s name, if anything.

    • WamBam says:

      Bingo, I was just thinking the same thing! Most likely she sent 40 ppl the same pics lol

    • poe says:

      My problem with that is… If you are not close enough to me to come to the hospital and meet my brand new baby then why the heck would I send you a pic?

      When my first daughter was born, my sick Mom who lived 500+ miles away didn’t visit, but my Dad (who was dying of cancer) drove to see me in between chemo treatments. When my second daughter was born he came and visited (he passed away within 3 weeks of her birth). (My second daughter was born while we were visiting my Dad. He only had to get a ride across town.)

      Point is, VISIT or you don’t deserve a pic!! :P

  58. WamBam says:

    As for the pics, I don’t get it… Unless she only sent 1 “friend” the pics or different pics to each person, how would she even know who betrayed her?!

  59. LahdidahBaby says:

    Besides the fact that “North” is a very masculine-sounding name for a little girl–who names their kid a play on words, anyway? Ugh. It’s like the old-time strippers’ names–Candy Barr, etc., except it’s butch. Talk about a lack of imagination. I keep thinking it’s just a joke to get back at social media & the paps, and they’ll tell the REAL name any day.

  60. Str8Shooter says:

    They apparently held out a compass in the delivery room and decided, ‘Hey, that sounds good!’

    Fucking morons. Plain and simple.

  61. Nina W says:

    The explanation is stupider than the name.

  62. Ok says:

    This sounds bad. But honestly, I think if Kanye were truly in love with Kim and truly excited about the baby, he would have done 2 things:
    1) he would have picked the prettiest baby girl name he could think of
    2) he would have had this baby honor the memory of his deceased mother.

    When I heard the name was North and there was no middle name, the first thing I thought of was that he was saving his mom’s name for a child with someone he truly loved and intended to marry.

    Or I could be wrong. Maybe they left off Donda’s name because Kim would have wanted Kris in there someplace.

    I don’t know. But North is just not a really nice baby name.

  63. la chica says:

    I suppose North is better than Kaput. I still think Kaput West is more feminine. And sooo much more khonest.

  64. Mew says:

    It’s complete utter bs and nothing but empty words for media. The name is stupid but oh well, welcome to the stupid hollywood names club Northy, you can start advertising North State tobacco when you grow up.