Kanye West is too much of a genius artist to change his baby’s diapers

You’re never going to believe this, but Kim Kardashian holds her newborn baby. SHOCKING. Kim holds baby North and Kim is breastfeeding “constantly” and she can’t stop staring at her daughter. I mean… this is all very sweet, but it would be more newsworthy if Kim was NOT holding her baby or staring at her baby or breastfeeding. These are things that new mothers do every day. But there is one newsworthy part of this story – apparently, Kanye West hates leaving North’s side for any length of time, but… “he’s not changing diapers”. Of course.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting acclimated to a new life as parents of their baby daughter North West — a life that includes a 24-7 baby nurse and lots of breastfeeding for Kim — but no changing diapers for Kanye!

“Kim is breastfeeding constantly — she loves it — Kanye holds the baby all the time,” an insider told US Weekly, while another source told the magazine, Kanye “doesn’t leave North for more than an hour,” though “he’s not changing diapers.”

Another insider told the magazine Kim “can’t believe how maternal she is on her own. Breast-feeding is working for her, and she already feels bonded with Nori.”

One source said that the super-couple, used to being the center of attention in all of their endeavors, have focused their collective energy toward the newborn,

“Kim and Kanye constantly stare at her, obsessed with every little thing she does.”

The baby has also cooled a heat between Kanye and Kim’s mother Kris Jenner, who’s used to being the head of the household and chief decision-maker.

“There has been drama in the past,” a source said, “but the baby is more important.”

[From Radar]

They sound like every other new parent, ever. Except for the diaper part. I’ve heard new dads discuss how excited they get about baby poop and the pride the feel at those first bowel movements. But I guess Kanye is all “get that baby poop away from me, I’m a genius!”

In another completely predictable turn of events, the tabloids are also talking about how Kim is obsessed with losing the baby weight. Of course.

Kim Kardashian may have just given birth to her daughter North West on June 15, but she is already trying to shed as much baby weight as she can. In her delivery room, Kim “wouldn’t stop talking about her body,” a source close to the Kardashians tells In Touch. “She kept asking her sisters if she looked smaller and skinner after giving birth.”

The source says, “Kim is obsessed with getting the baby weight off — and fast.”

And Kim supposedly wants to drop half of the 60 pounds that she gained during the pregnancy immediately.

“She really believes she can lose the first 30 pounds in the first month,” another source says. “She wants to look good in a bikini by the end of the summer.”

And Kim is happy that her baby was delivered naturally, because if she had to undergo a C-section, it would have been longer before she could have gone back to the gym, a source claims. So, Kim is placing high pressures on herself to get back into amazing shape.

“She got so big,” a friend of the Kardashians says. “So now she wants to look as hot as possible.”

And her sisters teased her throughout her whole pregnancy.

“Her sisters were making fun of her because she kept tweeting old bikini pictures of herself,” the friend says. “They told her she needed to relax and enjoy the weight gain.”

Kim’s weight-loss obsession is partly fueled by her baby daddy Kanye West’s expectations.

“When Kim stacked on the weight, Kanye’s vision of her maternity fashion went out the drain,” an insider says. “He’s not happy about how much weight she gained — and said it’s her job to get rid of it quickly.”

“She’s terrified she will never get her body back,” the first source adds. “Everyone has told her not to stress — that it’s about being healthy and having a good mind-set for your baby, not about losing the weight right away. But her family knows that at the end of the day, Kim will do what Kim wants.”

[From Radar]

Ugh, the part about Kanye being “not happy” about her weight gain is disgusting. If he said anything about how it’s her “job” to lose the weight quickly, she should just dump him now and be done with it because nothing will ever be enough. That being said, I doubt Kanye would even NEED to say that to Kim because I’m pretty sure she’s putting those expectations on herself. While I’m not judging her for being concerned/worried about her postpartum body, she needs to spend a few months simply bonding with the baby instead of trying to make gym appointments with Tracy Anderson (UGH).

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  1. Jag says:

    If she loses weight too quickly, she’ll stop producing milk. I really hope that part isn’t true about her obsession.

    • A says:

      She doesn’t care. The latest DM article says that they hired a 24/7 nurse from day one.

      • Mac says:

        I couldn’t see Kim breast feeding. For her it would either be formula or a wetnurse. Now I’m just wondering when we start seeing pictures of Kim on the cover of magazines bragging about the baby weight she lost.

      • Suzy from Ontario says:

        If Kim holds her all the time and Kanye is with them almost constantly, then why do they need a 24/7 nanny? Newborns don’t do much except sleep and eat, so is the nanny there just to change the diapers? Having a nanny 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is hardly Kim being maternal “on her own”. Sheesh!

        As for Kanye not changing diapers. Gosh, what a surprise — not! He is such a narcissistic jackass. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with a bigger ego and less awareness of how to act around other people in an acceptable way.

      • BB says:

        I thought the purpose of them hiring a nurse was because the baby was born premature. Hiring a nurse and having a nanny are two different things. If I delivered a premature baby, I would want a 24/7 nurse with me too. BTW – RadarOnline has “zero” insight into Kim’s first week as a mother. Y’all are going to get enough of believing the mess that RadarOnline reports.

      • Itsa Reallyme says:

        I laughed at the article up above when they said Kim was spending all her time holding the baby and breastfeeding. Then they say she has a 24 hour nurse. Why does she need a nurse if she’s taking care of the baby herself? lol

    • springingforward says:

      What a load of crap.
      Kim is not breastfeeding or “holding her baby all the time”, etc.
      Not once during the pregnancy did she mention the baby. It is always about HER.
      The baby changes nothing. Narcissistic Personality Disorder does not go away because you become a mother.
      (I hope that baby has a loving nanny/nurse around her.)

  2. Dawn says:

    Another story that conflicts with the last story! Just so we see or read something every day I guess that’s their plan and with these people the truth has never mattered anyway. We all know that the nannies are doing all the work with this baby and if her parents hold her a coupld of times a day she will be lucky. Kimmode made her bed with this man-child and now she can live it. Again the king and queen of ugly.

  3. Nemesis says:

    The first month after I had my baby I lost about 30 pounds. It was all baby and fluid. I didn’t loose the other 30 pounds until afterwards. But I guess if she also manages to loose 30 pounds of fluid and baby weight it’ll be shoved down our throats constantly.

  4. Marigold says:

    I retained so much water that I lost about 30lb in 4 days after I have birth. It’s the weight after that that takes work. This girl clearly carried a lot of water weight. But just wait, I’m sure we’lI see her patting herself on the back for working so hard to lose that first bunch of pounds…

  5. mkyarwood says:

    Well, she will lose at least 30 if breastfeeding is going that well, tho her body won’t go back to the way it was without weight training. I hope she is so bonded with Nori that she’ll save her from her child abusing mother.

    • TG says:

      Not likely since the dumb girl is living with her child abusing mother. I swear there is something g sick and satanic ritual going on with PMK and Kimmy. I believe PMK is so obsessed with her daughter and in controlling her every action that Kimmy will never regain the use of her brain. And what is a 24/7 nurses job? I means isn’t Kim supposedly holding the baby and breastfeeding the baby all the time? That right there lets you know that she is not taking care of the child a nurse is. Why does someone need a nurse unless the baby has health issues. I have to stop reading about this trashy Klan everything that comes out now just shows how stupid they all are and Kanye too.

    • swack says:

      Can we please get pass the myth that breast feeding makes you lose weight quickly? That is not always true. Also, I doubt that she is breast feeding constantly because until your n1pples get “tough”, they get sore and can hurt horribly.

      • MrsB says:

        It really isn’t a myth. It might not work for every single woman out there, but I know many people, including myself who lost a lot of the baby weight due to breast feeding.

      • Marigold says:

        If you choose to exclusively breastfeed, you are feeding them constantly, regardless of the pain. That’s how breastfeeding works. Also, a myth means something isn’t true. Just because something isn’t true for you doesn’t make it a myth.

      • Zinjojo says:

        @swack, I know what you mean. Everyone always talks about how the pounds come off so fast while breast feeding, but that definitely did not happen for me. I’ve never been so hungry in my life as while I was breast feeding and just couldn’t consume enough food. Took me months after stopping to finally lose the weight.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        It’s not a myth at all. Breastfeeding requires a lot of calories and that is a fact. And the longer you breastfeed, the bigger they get, the more active they get, the more calories they require and the more your body makes. I breastfed for 2 years. My daughter never would take a bottle, so she got the majority of her nutrients and fluids from me. By the end of the 2 year period, I was drinking Ensure to keep from losing any more weight.

      • Justme says:

        Actually not everyone suffers from sore nipples. I certainly did not, although after hearing from other mothers I was expecting it. My daughter latched on with no problems at all. . and pretty much stayed latched on for the next few months! (Or so it seemed – breastfed babies feed A LOT- so trips to the gym in the first few months might be hard to arrange.) And I did lose weight – but not all of it darn it!

      • Nemesis says:

        Yeah, I didn’t loose the rest of my weight until I stopped breast feeding

      • megsie says:

        We’re all different. I breastfed for two years and didn’t lose the weight. And that’s including exclusive breastfeeding for 8 months straight. The weight didn’t budge until I stopped nursing and began dieting. On the plus side, no sore nipples and no stretch marks. Again, we’re all built differently and we all respond to pregnancy differently.

      • Lauren says:

        Agree. Breastfeeding does, of course burn calories, but not everyone loses weight breastfeeding. I feel the perpetuation of this idea – that the pounds fly off when a woman breast feeds – is somewhat harmful because it puts all the more pressure on women to lose weight quickly, especially if they are breastfeeding. (Look at all the posters who are indignant at the suggestion that breastfeeding may not lead to weight loss.)

        As a corollary, I wonder if some mothers (and Kim would be a candidate if she actually breastfeeds) feed their babies excessively in an effort for hte mother to lose weight. The conventional wisdom used to be that breastfed babies have a decreased risk of being overweight, but more recent studies have not shown this to be true.

  6. HH says:

    I’m sure those lips are at least 10lbs. They’re so awkward. I really hate what she did to her face. Has she admitted to having any surgery?

    • idk says:

      She hasn’t admitted to doing anything other than some “same day procedures”…but her ex-husband Damon Thomas said Kim begged him to pay for her liposuction…and he did. He also said she had lipo again right after their divorce. This is what was reported, but is it true? I don’t know. Anyways, can you believe she was a step-mom at the age of 19??? Crazy.

  7. L.S. says:

    She’s breastfeeding? Can I just say I’m shocked? I thought she feel about breastfeeding the way Kayne does about changing diapers.

  8. Stef Leppard says:

    Why is everyone saying lately that Kanye is a “genius”? He’s not a genius! It’s not like he’s one of the great artists of our time. In 50 years no one will remember his music.

    • Dawn says:

      They are saying it because he has won several grammies. I don’t think any one albumb has sold over a million copies so I don’t see it either. It doesn’t help when people like Anna Wintour and Loren Michael don’t stand up to this man-child either. I doubt anyone in 50 years will think of his stuff as music let alone as a genius making music. Guy can’t carry a tune!

      • Feebee says:

        Yep industry awards do not necessarily qualify you as a genius. I think people refer to him as a genius either because they hear it so often, mainly from him, that they’ve just started repeating it or they do it sarcastically.

        When he announced Kim’s pregnancy at his concert via autotune I was reminded again of his genius.

    • Jayna says:

      Actually, his music will be remembered in 50 years, and he is genius (not “a” genius) in one respect, in where he takes hip-hop with the samples, musical influences, production, etc. He is always forward thinking in his field. He has never been the greatest lyricist in rap and his latest album shows him going backwards, not growing, mostly piss-poor, lazy writing (except in certain songs), but the soundscape on this album is riveting and taking hip-hop in a direction it hasn’t been. That’s his genius. Someone called it sound art on his new album. As a fan of Daft Punk, electronica/synthpop, I find the soundscape with his use of genres fascinating and the sampling of songs he put on there. But I will pass on the album as a whole past a few listens because I was interested in what he did so far out of the box, but will keep a few songs on my Ipod off the album.

      But lyrics-wise I would rather listen to someone like Wale on his new album The Gifted who shows so much promise depthwise and lyrically in hip-hop.

      • hunter says:

        Your insightful analysis is wasted here.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        For the life of me, I cannot remember one single song of his. I didn’t even know how to pronounce his name until 6 months ago, when I heard it on the radio when they played one of his songs. Which I can’t remember the name of.

        To me he is famous for running up on the stage and grabbing Taylor Swift’s microphone before she could make her Grammy acceptance speech.

        He does give the best side-eye I have ever seen in pap photos, however.

      • anon33 says:

        Jayna, isn’t the new Daft Punk album amazing??? Hubs and I have been listening to it non-stop since it came out.

      • Jayna says:

        @Anon 33: Yes, I have Daft Punk’s new album. Sublime is the only word I have for it. Even friends who hate the use of vocodor love this album. I love this excerpt to a review by Rollingstone of the album:

        “Random Access Memories is full of WTF moments: Julian Casablancas delivering maybe the most emotive vocals of his career through a vocoder-style haze; dance godfather Giorgio Moroder waxing nostalgic on an electro-jazz-funk epic; pop-schmaltz guru Paul Williams (“We’ve Only Just Begun”) playing a love-starved cyborg in a disco fantasia. Then there’s the full package – a 70-minute­-plus, over-the-top concept LP of prog-rocking, reverse-engineered dance music orbiting somewhere between Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and Earth, Wind and Fire’s That’s the Way of the World.”

        It’s a good year for me with ths album and Depeche Mode on tour (getting raves from fans as their best tour since 1993′s Devotional Tour – I have tickets, can’t wait) with their new album, which I have grown to love for the vocals alone, and Robin Thicke’s new album coming out soon.

        But the stunning lushness of Daft Punk’s album has made me get on my knees praying to the musical gods for the return of Alan Wilder, the missing creative piece to bring Depeche Mode back to its symphonic, melodic, synth greatness. He took their music to another place with his arrangements and musicianship and Daft Punk’s album made me yearn for that more, even though DM has consistently put out excellent albums post-Wilder.

        OK, back to how Kanye is an amazing father because he has spent more than two minutes with the baby and mother, but we should understand he’s too much of a god to change the baby’s diaper once. That’s for mere mortals LOL

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Got the tickets in April, I’m also seeing DM in Toronto over Labour Day weekend.

  9. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I can’t decide which of them is the more revolting. Today, it’s him for pressuring her about her weight during pregnancy because she was letting down his “fashion vision” for her. Ugh. As if. But she’ll probably make a comeback soon.

  10. pao la says:

    I just wish they would start walking to north west and disappear in the ocean.

  11. Joanna says:

    bish, please! like either of these fools changes the baby’s diapers. or feeds her. the tabs must think we’re idiots. the most i bet she does is pump the milk for the baby nurse. i just don’t get why people have kids when they can’t/won’t take care of them. kids are not just an accessory. the only time these two will take care of the baby is when the paps are around

  12. Nicolette says:

    Those first thirty come off really easy, water weight goes away fast. The hard part is the next thirty. But I’m sure she’ll starve herself to loose that as fast as she can, not giving any thought to the fact that she’s breast feeding and needs to nurture her body well. I hope she’s not stupid enough to start taking some diet meds. But wait, remember who we are talking about.

    As for her douche bag of a baby daddy, I just can’t. Of course he wont change diapers, he’s too good for that. And as to his ordering her to loose the weight fast because he’s not happy with it, please. STFU. Just do the world a favor already and STFU.

  13. lady_luck says:

    Gosh, everything I read about Kanye lately just makes me physically ill and detest him even more (if that is even possible). He is just loathesome, truly truly loathesome. He is shocking, and the monumental narcissism aside, he does come across as a blatant misogynist.

  14. Anastasia says:

    Does anyone else find it suspicious that they keep putting out these stories about Kim actually holding the baby (like that’s some kind of miracle?), Kim feeding the baby (congratulations, you’re making sure your newborn doesn’t die), the couple LIKING the baby (kind of what you’re supposed to do)?

    I mean, are they so far out of touch they don’t realize that normal people read this and respond with a huge DUH?

    That’s what you’re SUPPOSED to do. It scares me to think they think that’s a big story.

    Almost a who are they trying to convince thing. Us or them?

    • lucy2 says:

      There was so much bad press during the pregnancy, how Kayne was MIA and how miserable Kim seemed, plus everyone assumes (knows, really) that those 2 are only interested in themselves and not caring for the baby. All these stories are to try to change that, but whatever. People are sick of them, they need to just go away.

      I just keep hoping that poor little baby has a great nanny/nurse.
      And every time I see Nori I think seaweed.

    • Jayna says:

      Probably damage control. Her show has been airing her pregnancy these past few months, and it shows her having about as much interest in this baby and pregnancy as a rock. She couldn’t even be bothered to take the sonogram home when offered it. Who does that? Her disinterest was staggering. Add that to Kanye being MIA the whole pregnancy, now they are trying to paint the picture of a doting couple and best new parents in the world.

    • Cece says:

      Agreed – she never mentioned that baby while pregnant – only talked about the effect of the pregnancy on her body and how miserable she was. I swear she didn’t realize that an actual human baby was going to result from her pregnancy. I think she is a sociopath, and and I can’t imagine that she has any feeling at all for that child. They’ll probably make up some sort of sob story (post-partum depression, almost lost her life, some other lie) to keep the focus on her, her, her….

  15. Lulu86 says:

    I would LMAO if Kanye just spazzed out and posted a picture of his daughter himself on twitter just to spite Pimp Mama.
    (i realize there were other Lulu’s before so i have altered my name)

  16. lady_luck says:

    Is it just impossible for that guy to crack a smile or what???!

  17. Ruyana says:

    With any luck we won’t be seeing any pictures of Kimmode until she’s in bikini shape again…..about 2015.

  18. IShouldBeWorking says:

    Ugh! I just realized that I intentionally clicked on this article and intentionally read it. What is happening to me?

  19. diva says:

    I think both stories are full of shit. Kris Jenner needs to stop selling these fake stories to the tabloids. At this point in the game I just assume if a “source” or one of the kardashian’s says it, it’s a lie.

  20. Shazza says:

    Thank you, Diva! I’ve been reading stories of Kim being upset about being unable to breastfeed and Kanye loving changing diapers to this of Kim breastfeeding all the time and Kanye not changing diapers. I guess the media is so starved (for some reason) for Kimye stories, they’ll accept anything.

    • jwoolman says:

      And now we also have “Kim is holding the baby 24/7″ vs “Kim is going to the gym asap to lose 30 lbs in a month”. So I assume we will soon be seeing pictures of little Ka-Ching! strapped to Kim’s back as she heads toward the treadmill.

  21. LAK says:

    So they are still putting out ‘Kanye is horrid’ stories whilst also putting out ‘Kim is great’ stories……

    They are still preparing the ground for the inevitable breakup in with Kanye being painted as a terrible person. They have dialed it down alot since the birth, but they are still posting those stories.

    I don’t doubt that Kanye is difficult, but the bad Kanye vs saint Kimmy stories are so ridiculous.

    • lady_luck says:

      Sorry, I don’t think anybody needs to “put out” articles about Kanye to make him look bad, all he has to do is open up his mouth. Or stand there with that grim, sour lemon look on his stupid gob.

      • LAK says:

        Actually they do.

        When he gives interviews, it’s somewhat impersonal, like a cartoon character he is playing. Everything he does is calculated to get a reaction from the public, but you never get a sense of the real person behind the bravado.

        For about 3months now, there have been very personal stories about him in the tabloids which are juxtaposed with what a saint Kimmy is.

        It’s exactly the same ploy used in the weeks [2months] leading upto the divorce from Kris H.

        Honestly, one only need look up the stories about kris H, change out the names, add/subtract 1 or 2 details, and voila!!! a story about Kanye. It’s straight out of PMK’s playbook.

        And the Kanye-is-terrible stories seem more believable because he refuses to play the tabloid game. He refuses to smile and be more accomodating. He remains defiant in his refusal which only fuels his tabloid character assassination.

    • TG says:

      Wonder if PMK is going to trap Kanye behind a wall in their tacky mansion so he can’t get out and she can be free to raise they baby on her own. Like The The Cask of Amontillado story.

  22. StormsMama says:

    I was within 10-15 pounds of my Pre-pregnancy weight a week after I have birth to my 9 pound 7 ounces daughter.
    Breast feeding is a huge help too
    And then 8 weeks post birth I started running 2-3 miles 5 days a week.
    Now a year later- and still breast feeding- I am at my healthy and normal weight.

    • StormsMama says:

      Ha I just realized the first part of my comment accidentally got erased so it looks like I was just commenting on my preg-weight —oops.

      Anyway my point was basically just that Kanye seems like THE WORST and Kim is a damn idiot.

  23. Joy says:

    I thought he could use his Yeezus powers to make the diaper change itself.

  24. Cam S says:

    I think everyone assumes that neither one of these two a$$hats will be changing any diapers

  25. naelean says:

    I highly doubt that Kim “loves” breastfeeding. I breastfed my preemie twins for exactly three days. It hurt more than anything I ever felt before, and I had a completely natural childbirth. Didn’t even take an Advil afterward . But breast feeding felt like my marrow was being pulled out of my body through my nipples. Wasn’t happening.

    • StormsMama says:

      Yeah my nipples cracked. It was harsh. But I had a lactation consultant come and we put a miracle salve on my nips and I pushed through. It was worth it.
      Sorry it didn’t work out for you. It’s a lot more work up front than most people realize and women don’t get a lot of support.

    • qtpi says:

      Yes the love of breastfeeding comes later on when there is a schedule that the baby is following and they are down to a few times a day (from 12 or so in the very beginning when the tummies are so tiny). I remember being very stressed in the beginning because I wanted her to latch :)

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      Oh God yes, it hurts like hell at first. And that was with only one baby, I can’t imagine trying to do it with two. However, a lot of it (I theorize) has to do with how big or small their mouths are. The smaller, the harder it is for them to latch on and the more it hurts. That might explain what you experienced.

  26. yolo112 says:

    I’ve been outta the loop for a while (purposely) but was this the first admission of a 60lb weight gain? …which would put her actual weight during pregnancy around 180…??? And she didn’t even come close to her actual due date which is when you pack on even more weight. Not that I care how much she gained, I know I just got up to 170 (a 50ish lb gain) with my little nugget. I still can’t believe the these two procreated, but I’m waiting for all the drama and fireworks..

  27. sauvage says:

    “…and she already feels bonded with Nori.”

    Excuuuuse me! I don’t have children, so maybe I just don’t know sh*t about being a mother, BUT, that being said – wouldn’t you usually bond right from the start with a human being whom you are carrying inside your freaking body for ten months? And I mean WHILE carrying them? Again, I don’t have children (yet), but the thought never even crossed my mind that I would need time to bond with my child after giving birth (except when you are suffering from post-partum depression, that’s a different story altogether).

    Am I naive? Is everyone different?

    • mrspatrickbateman says:

      I have had two babies and I believe you bond with them before anyone because you have a higher connection to them. I am the one that could feel them kicking me (feeling a kicking tummy is not the same), I had dreams about them, so yes I felt bonded before I ‘met’ them. I give the guy a pass because there’s just something different about having your child growing in you, I wish they could experience it but they can’t. I feel mom should and does bond while carrying though.

    • TG says:

      No you aren’t naive, PMK, Kim and Kanye are working from a generic script of what it is like to raise a baby and releasing that info to the public. The top 3 things on the list are: bonding, breastfeeding and changing diapers. So that is why they keep releasing info on all 3 of these. Neither of them are doing anything so they just keep to the script.

      • Jestie says:

        Totally! It seriously annoys me how celebrities wax lyrical about all the things new parents have to do like they are super special acts, when you know full well there’s a nanny/nurse lurking in the background. So what that Kimye are apparently changing naps, breastfeeding etc. If you have to make a point of telling all and sundry, you probably aren’t doing it. The rest of us don’t update facebook every 10 secs to tell people what we’re doing with our newborn. The first 6 weeks of a baby’s life are really hard work, but somehow celebs make it sound like rainbows and cotton candy. Then women who don’t have an army of employees to do everything for them end up feeling like failures because they are finding it hard. Sorry for the rant – a pet peeve since getting through the early days of my son!

      • sauvage says:

        You are right. I almost forgot about that for a moment.

    • Lauren says:

      Not to be a total Kim apologist (I think this story is probably BS anyway) but some mothers actually don’t bond with their babies right away – not that they don’t like them, just that they don’t feel fully connected immediately. I don’t think this is necessarily abnormal, particularly if bonding does occur. But going from being a mother is a very big transition. Things like a traumatic birth or maternal characteristics probably contribute.

  28. qtpi says:

    Diapers are SOOOOOOO not a big deal. Especially at that age. It’s a part of the bonding in my opinion. So I guess it is his (or their) loss. I’m not convinced she is changing diapers either.

    • Zinjojo says:

      Yeah, exactly. I’m kinda squeamish and diapers never bothered me a bit.

      When the kid puked, though, that was a different story ;)

    • Ag says:

      Agreed. I thought I’d be super grossed out, but I wasn’t. It’s just part of the entire baby awesomeness haze. :)

    • TG says:

      Yep that is what I keep harping on and otehrs too seem to agree. Diaper changing an infant is not something to even think about. It isn’t the same as if you were changing a grown ups diaper. Now that would be gross. A newborns poop doesn’t even look like poop. Anyone who stresses that they change diapers in an interview or leaks it to the press is lying. As if changing a diaper proves anything. PMK, Kim and Kanye are so gross and selfish. It also goes to show how weak and stupid Kim is for putting up with a man who won’t change diapers. I really can’t stand submissive women who take crap from men. I wouldn’t care if I just had a baby if my man wasn’t pulling his weight I would throw his behind out the door. PMK has Kim so beat down.

  29. LadyL says:

    I hope I live to see the day that women are more kind to themselves about thier post-baby bodies. So many of my friends are so hard on themselves it makes me sad for them. As women have babies later and later in life a total bounce back has to be even harder if not impossible.

    My mom friends always complement me on the shape I’m in but I remind them I’ve never gestated another human being and that your body will forever be changed. What I never say it that I’d trade a few inches around my waist for a baby any day if the week.

  30. Ag says:

    There is no way these two trollops are being parental. The baby is prob with the nanny most of the time. And thank god for that.

  31. G says:

    “Kim is breastfeeding constantly — she loves it”

    LOL!! Girl please.

  32. Madpoe says:

    One day. One day I hope to hear a celeb who can’t WAIT to be a FANTASTIC mother instead of moaning about losing her baby weight.

  33. ghoulish_moose says:

    I was 140lb before I got pregnant. I went up to 156lb while pregnant and delivered a healthy 5lb 13oz baby girl.
    I breastfeed exclusively, haven’t done any exercising (way too tired!) or dieting and 15 weeks later I’m about 136lb. Lower than my start weight!

    So I guess i’m one of the lucky ones who’s burning a lot of calories breastfeeding =)

  34. anon says:

    Amazing. You realize everything your seeing now and responding to is everything that will be part of there show..your just getting a preview and how you respond is how it will play out or won’t. We actually are feeding there story lines

  35. Jennifer says:

    I am certain she will be back down to her regular size 4 very shortly.

  36. nikko says:

    You all just believe anything and everything you read. Their coming up w/ stories so they can make MONEY off of people like you.

  37. Mew says:

    Try to decide now! In the last Media PR package Kanye was such a hands on dadda who did it all!!! So booooring.

  38. duffydan says:

    I call b.s. on the breastfeeding….North is a preemie…preemie’s have a very hard time with breastfeeding! My daughter was 5.1lbs when born then dropped to 4.7lbs while being treated for jaundice….not buying this story from U.S. but it is a ragmag so whaddya expect?

  39. IWantToLiveInNew York says:

    I can’t help but wonder how she is handling not being papped all the time? Do you think she get dressed up and walks around the house with PMK taking photos like the paparazzi?

    I bet she is at home going through major withdraw from that, more than I believe anything else they put out there.

    • idk says:

      Me too ! But then again, she may not want to be photographed until she loses all the weight. Also, I find it wierd she went on twitter today to wish Khloe a happy bday…but didn’t mention anything about the birth of her child. I mean, she does have Khloe’s phone number.

  40. Mandy says:

    I just realized that this is the longest we have have gone without seeing her out and about getting papped. It’s kinda nice…

  41. Cricket6218 says:

    I’m a nanny, people that are baby nurses aren’t necessarily a ‘nurse’. That’s just what you call someone who specializes in only babies. They usually stay with the family until the baby is 3 months old or sleeping through the night. Then they move on to the next baby.

  42. lisa2 says:

    I’m not a Kim fan or defender. But I am sure that most of that story is made up. I’m pretty sure Kim is like many new moms; she probably can’t beleive how much she loves that baby. And how much her life is going to change.

    Kanye is not the first or only man that is not changing diapers.

    babies change things and people.

  43. Lady D says:

    There is a pic of PMK and Kanye on TMZ. In the pic, PMK is behind K and frantically signalling the paps to back off. Hand to God, she is actually trying to chase the pap off. May I just say, in this one instance only, Team Kanye.

  44. sweetwomen says:

    he would hardly be the first man to not change a diaper. I’m sure everyone who has posted here would probably be keen to get back into shape (sooner rather than later) if people were commenting about their weight gains too.