Dear Henry Cavill: why are you acting like the second coming of Tom Cruise?!

I really don’t know what to say about this mess at this point. Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill got pap’d yesterday “on a hike” and the photos were super-exclusive to one agency, and People Magazine bought the rights to publish the photos first. That’s what I was discussing in my earlier post – it was Kaley and Henry’s first photo-op, and it was super-obvious and I really thought it was a one-off, like it was something that they had organized with one photographer or something, a PR move/shenanigan to “prove” that they’re really together, as part of their official “roll out” as a couple.

And then these photos happened. Henry and Kaley were photographed extensively going into Gelson’s grocery store in Sherman Oaks yesterday. There are literally HUNDREDS of photos of them holding hands, walking into the grocery store, shopping and walking out together. If I’m being nice and obvious, I guess you could say that Henry and Kaley are simply loved-up and they don’t care who knows, and they’re both nice people so they aren’t going to throw hissy fits when they get “pap’d” at the grocery store. If I’m being a cynical bitch, I would say that this is all pre-arranged and this roll-out was deemed too important to merely be allocated to one photo agency, who gave the exclusive to one media outlet.

Yeah… this is all an angle. And I don’t understand why Henry thinks he needs this? Man of Steel was a hit movie without him having some family-friendly girlfriend. This whole thing is so weird. It’s become very… Tom Cruise-esque, right? Like, it’s sort of awkward and uncomfortable and dorky and it feels like it’s all for show.

PS… Is Kaley’s purse Bottega Veneta? I actually love her purse.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Elle says:

    Now my gaydar is going off. It’s weird that this happened after the release of the movie though.. Maybe he is trying to get other roles aswell.

  2. RocketMerry says:

    You know, I actually like her so much more than him.

    Maybe that’s why he’s doing this? To soften up his image a bit, to appear more like she does: fun, grounded and down-to-Earth? Uhm. Suspicious.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I’m very indifferent to both of them (although yes, I think he is HAWT) but I can’t wrap my mind around them as a couple. Maybe Gina wasn’t good for his image so his PR people decided that a bubbly blonde would be better?

      Frankly, I think he and Kaley look cute but I don’t get a romantic vibe at all…they look like buddies who are hanging out.

    • Spooks says:

      This seems so shady, but I would really like them to be the real deal. I like her, I’m meh about him, but I like them together.

    • Meaghan says:

      I love her! She seems so real in her interviews. She has kept her old friends close to her and said that’s why it hasn’t gone to her head. Big fan, don’t care about him at all. I think it is suspicious but I don’t want to believe she would pull a stunt like this.

    • littlestar says:

      I actually really like her. I haven’t watched her TV shows, but whenever I’ve seen her in an interview, she seems friendly and genuine.

      Him, however, I had no idea who he was until I heard he was playing Superman. Still don’t know anything about him, either than the fact that he seems like he’s desperate for fame and attention!

    • Talie says:

      I think it’s possible that is being pushed a bit more than it should be, but I agree with you… she seems to be a very alluring combination of someone who seems happy and well-adjusted. That can be very attractive to someone, especially a foreign actor who probably encounters a lot of dysfunctional people in LA.

    • Emily C. says:

      I don’t like him one bit, but I knew nothing about her before this, so I was entirely neutral about her. Now that she’s dating him, my opinion of her is kind of low, because she’s dating a man I don’t like :P . Honestly, I’m glad Gina broke up with him, so I can go back to liking her more.

  3. Micki says:

    I think they are on the best way to outdo LeeAnn and Eddie.
    Epic turn off for me, not that I was panting after him but still…

  4. Helen says:

    The whore! Him, not her. I can’t believe he would think THIS is necessary. Tom Cruise v.2 indeed.

  5. pretty says:

    it’s cringe-worthy at this point.
    he tries so freaking hard like he wants to show the world that he’s straight. lol

    my guess is despite the fact that he is superman and there’d be superman 2 coming out and all that, his stardom will never really blossom. he’s just so MEH and boring.

    • Sabrine says:

      They’re allowed to walk on the street like anyone else, doubt anything was set up. They’re cute together, don’t see any signs of “try-hard” or whatever.

      He gets more than enough attention from Man of Steel. He doesn’t need “photo-ops”. She has a regular job on Big Bang. No ulterior motives here. They’re real, for as long as it lasts.

      • aquarius64 says:

        The grocery store is not a standard celeb watering hole like the Chateau Marmont. The paps don’t go there unless they were called.

      • Arya says:

        I would agrre with you if Kaley was not photographed with every step she taked after the stoty make it to the surface.In the last two days she was been photographed doing every day activities like hanging out with friend and getting her naild done.She was even photographed picking up cofee from starbucks 3 times.Paparazzies are all over her right now when before this she was just an actress on a big tv show.Pparazzies would not calm down if they would not have apicture with the two of them.

  6. serena says:

    Right, it just seems all so fake.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Personally, I think Henry and Gina were the studio setup…they had no chemistry and Henry never looked very happy with her…I think these two are real…Why would the powers that be think to hook these two up together…I’m sure they have some female movie actress that would have been a better “match” if that were the case…nah…I think these two are for real!

  7. pao la says:

    In my opinion people are over thinking this. they just have all the attention now because they’re the new couple in town.. i don’t think there’s anything wrong in them being together and they look cute. I want to believe it’s all genuine and natural because none of them need the big publicity.

  8. GiGi says:

    Best Post Title Evah!

    Also – WTH? Did they buy the store? I shop for a family of 5 and manage to keep it to one cart – even when we’re entertaining!

    I posted yesterday about how the PR relationship solidifier would be being seen at the grocery store together. And here we are, lol!

  9. T.Fanty says:

    Best. Headline. Ever.

    These pictures are making my bottom clench.

  10. Downton fan says:

    This is so WEIRD!!! I loved Gina!! I have a hard time believing that he “moved on” so fast. The hell? He was mentioning Gina in interviews and they were seen together just a month ago! If this is an image thing, they both need new agents and I have lost interest in them in general after these kardashian like publicity shenanigans

  11. Badirene says:

    Surely they could come up with a better pr ploy than this. Its so amateur its making me cringe, and I dont get why either of them need or agreed to it.

    Also, yeah this is discount label Tom Cruise.

  12. Mia 4S says:

    THAT’s IT! Cruise! That’s exactly what this reminds me of! No wonder it turned my stomach. Why so desperate? Why the push?

    • Andrea says:

      Which Cruise though? Cruise had Nicole Kidman for years. She was one of the classiest, most talented women alive. And Kidman was imperfectly beautiful back then before all her plastic surgery. She had thin lips and red hair but she was like a vision. Cruise wasn’t always the tool he is now.

      • Mia 4S says:

        I don’t get the comment about Kidman’s looks, this girl is pretty too. Obviously I mean the overdone. announce it to the world, Holmes-extravaganza! Holmes was pretty too, it wasn’t entirely unrealistic to think they could have had a relationship (remember this was pre-crazy Tom); but the suddenness, the over the top push, the quotes from close “sources”, the obvious attempt the play to the crowd? Come on, you have to admit it is pretty funny.

        If this is a real relationship they’ve chosen to exploit the hell out of it! Don’t expect me not to laugh.

  13. Andrea says:

    Ok I am gonna say it:

    Yes. The PR is desperate and insufferable. He doesn’t need to do this. Man of Steel is set to make like 700 million dollars. They already fast tracked the sequel. (More Lois and Clark this time, Snyder. Fewer explosions. Thanks.). I’m annoyed he’s doing this bc he’s a sweet, humble guy and this so below him. But I was annoyed at him when he “debuted” with Gina too. I hate his PR these days. It’s desperation.

    BUT—if I’m being honest….they look more comfortable together than he ever did with Gina. This may have been PR and it doesn’t change that it’s insufferable but….he seems happy. They are almost cute together.

    Kaley is funny and relaxed. He may truly enjoy her and that’s kind of sweet.

    On a shallow note, he looks so mouth wateringly hot in that red shirt that if she didn’t bang him furiously the minute she got in the door than she’s crazy.

  14. dahlia says:

    Why is he being so overly “handled?” That’s the problem with this. I never thought nor cared about his sexuality before, but this type of stuff makes it look like suits are worried about something and that he needs bearding.

  15. Tiffany27 says:

    His jeans seem weird. The fit is a bit strange. I think his team is behind all this. He does seem a bit like Tom Cruise in that he and his team auditioned girlfriends and Kaley was chosen.

  16. Cody says:

    I think for awhile we are going to see him with girlfriend of the month and they will all be American women.

    • Noreen says:

      I know, right? It’s all very Alexander Skarsgard-ish, isn’t it?

      • bia says:

        When was skarsgard seen with anyone in this way, apart from K.Bos, and it’s been years since that?

        As for Cavill, IDK what to think. I’m usually cautious to label relationships as PR,but this is really really weird.

      • Emily C. says:

        Huh? People just speculate that Skarsgard is in a relationship with every single woman he’s ever photographed with. I remember at least one Swedish woman in there, because she looked like me at 20. It’s completely different.

        I think Cavill is a serial monogamist. Someone who likes to line the next one up before jumping off his current girlfriend. I don’t think he’s gay. I do think he’s blech.

  17. pinkerton says:

    My gaydar is screaming right now.

  18. hadleyb says:

    If they are grocery shopping and shopping at Target they have been dating awhile. lol

    I didn’t grocery shop ( serious market shopping not picking up an item here or there which what it looks likes here ) with any of my boyfriends unless it was serious, and / or we had been together awhile.

  19. GMarchetti says:

    And he’s wearing a red shirt and blue jeans! If that sh*t wasn’t planned, then I don’t what is. The only thing missing was a cape on his back…

  20. Bianca says:

    I may be the naivest person to ever comment on this site…but I don’t see the big deal? I hate conspiracy theories and they seem totally normal and comfortable with each other. We’ll see.

    • Kate says:

      Your not alone I think majority of these people already had it set in their minds it was fake. They seem good together happy and comfortable. Maybe ppl really like him with Gina, want him to be gay, or want to be with him themselves.

      • JM says:

        I don’t see the big deal either. I like Kaley. Maybe it’s because Big Bang Theory is one of the only shows hubby & I watch together but she seems sweet and down to earth. The kind of girl you could sit back & have a beer with. I’ve also liked Henry since The Tudors and he seems like a sweet guy. Plus, his track record shows he enjoys thicker gals so even if Kaley is blonde, at least she’s not a bobbleheaded skelator. They appear to enjoy each other’s company but they are actors so what do I know?

    • Emily C. says:

      I think it’s a real relationship. And I think SOMEONE is calling the paps an awful lot. Then again, he is a new big star, I guess it’s possible he’s basically being stalked, but something feels fishy about this. Not because I think he’s gay, because I think that’s total bs, but because the timing and the huge push is really weird.

      The fishiness about how fast this seems can be explained very easily, though. He had her lined up before ending it with Gina. Serial monogamists do that. And they pretend that because it wasn’t physical yet with the second woman, they weren’t really cheating. That is the vibe I get from him.

  21. neelyo says:

    Is there a dead male hooker in a bathtub somewhere? This all seems so desperate.

  22. Jess says:

    So are they living together now? Because I don’t know many couples who’ve started doing their weekly shopping together after less than a month (and let’s face it, with all the Superman promo Henry was doing, at most they’ve spent a week together). Weird.

    How soon is the sequel filming, because I don’t understand why Henry’s still doing the whole Clark Kent thing with the boring hair, the bulkiness and all of that. That’s not his usual look. Did he sign something that says he has to be Clark Kent-like for the entirety of his run as Superman?

  23. Kate says:

    The fact that he doesn’t need this is what tells me it not pr. Hello! He was just in a international blockbuster and just returned to l.a. Of course he is going to get papped into oblivion. Calm down. People are way to invested in the personal lives of “celebs”.

  24. Kate says:

    They should double date with Taylor and Jake. LMAO

  25. telma says:

    You can hate me.

    But I think they look very cute together. And conspiracy theories are so boringgggggggg

    • LL says:

      I think they are cute also. Also, I’m laughing so much at the comments on this site and many others mad Henry is dating her. They sound so bitter and its so hilarious.

      • V4Real says:

        To all the Cavill apologists. I’m not attractive to Henry at all; he does nothing for me so why would I be jealous. I like Kaley and watch her show sometimes; not jealous or bitter at all. But if you are not the least bit suspect of their quick hook-up it’s because you’re being blinded by your lust for Cavill.
        I wonder what you’re going to be saying when he moves on to the next girl.

      • Latisse says:

        So sorry. Not bitter. I love BBT, and I love Kaley Cuoco. Love that she is not standard bobble-head HW blonde. She’s got some meat on her bones and always comes across as really nice and grounded in interviews.

        I still think these pictures are bizarre though and they convince me more than ever that HC is gay. They remind me of the taylor swift jake Gyllenhal starbucks coffee run of unicorns and butterflies photoshoot, oh sorry I meant spontaneous paparazzi shots…

      • Emily C. says:

        @V4real: That he’s a serial monogamist who lines ‘em up before moving on. It’s a very common thing for a certain kind of guy to do. I’ve known plenty like him, even dated a couple, having fallen for their “my girlfriend just doesn’t understand me, you’re so much cooler” bull.

      • Maxine says:

        I think they look cute together. I like Cavill. Don’t know her but she seems cute. Don’t know if he’s gay or not. But their timeline, given that he was just dating that Gina chick, doesn’t make sense and it appears that someone REALLY wants it to seem like this guy has been dating her for longer than it would be possible unless he was “cheating” – timelines doesn’t work and all these pictures just don’t make sense. So I’m not bitter. I think they’re all perfectly lovely people but something is off with the timeline and the PR machine is working overtime.

        Are those books in their bags????

  26. Hipocricy says:

    He is as extremely beautiful as cold to me. No magnetism, no charm, no warm whatsoever.

    That said, he seems more relaxed and in synch with that girl than with Gina. Like he was pretending with Gina and seems genuinly fond of Kaley.

  27. Maria says:

    sure a new couple with two people who are in succesful projects will get attention and the paps want pictures to sell.

    BUT when did they have the time to date? they pratically only had a very little time to get to know each other with all their professional involvements

    also: who does the groceries together after a week or something?

  28. Kay Bea says:

    I have no idea what he’s trying to accomplish, but his efforts are so obvious and strenuous that it’s making ME exhausted. Even if there is a genuine connection here, why all the show? I’ve seen comments on other sites that are all, “Oh, I love her. They’re cute. Leave them alone.” Leave them alone?? I think being left alone is the LAST thing either of them want. Who announces a breakup with one person, a new relationship with another, and then steps out in such a showy display of affection in the span of three days? Oh, right. Middle schoolers.

    To the people who say that it’s not like her to seek attention this way, all I can say is “How do you know?” Just because she hasn’t been on the receiving end of this kind of attention before doesn’t mean she wasn’t dying to be. It’s just that no one cared before. She’s successful and cute, but she’s never stirred up much interest on her own. I would think that if she were really that private and down to earth, the paparazzi wouldn’t have been able to snap a billion pics of them over a two day time period.

    As for him, I am at a loss. I know he’s been on the fringes of fame for years, and I’m sure that he’s enjoying finally being recognized and sought after. He needs to slow his roll, though, because whatever acting ability he has is quickly being overshadowed by his random, batsh*t crazy love life. Someone needs to tell him he doesn’t have to try so hard, and he doesn’t need to attach himself like a barnacle to a constant stream of women in order to be worth talking about. Sure, I wouldn’t have read about him nearly as much this week if it weren’t for the news of this new “relationship,” but I also wouldn’t be giving him the side-eye and speculating about his deep-seated insecurities and famewhore tendencies, either.

    Stop the madness, Henry! Just…STOP.

    • poiup says:

      None of us here have had to deal with the oddness of celebrity and whether we would do the same thing. The paps are the gossip magazines are the ones doing all the heavy lifting, they’re just out shopping.

    • commonsense says:

      regarding henrys new fame: he has fought like HELL for 10 years to get the attn. he is getting now and u can clearly see is he loving every min of it.. once u get a taste of something good, something u never want to quit, u will do whatever it takes to keep it going,, not so sure he’s gay just desperate to stay relevant including stooping to Bosworth-esque tactics like the ho-stroll at the grocery store, the airport is next, hand-holding at the restaurant that no-one will eat at.

      • pippa says:

        Well said. I get the same vibe.
        He seems desperate to cling on to the popularity and is probably going along with whatever his team is advising him to do.
        I never found him attractive or interesting before and after this obvious stunt I know I never will.

  29. Thora says:

    My gaydar is registering nothing, zilch, zero, nada.

  30. Sixer says:

    I just wanted to say – before someone else mentions the whole “European” angle to insist that HC is straight – that all those old pics of him hanging out in gay bars are um… well. European men may well be more easy with gay guys. But they don’t hang out at gay bars, or very rarely, anyway. You see straight women in gay bars. You obviously see gay men. But straight men, even those with gay friends – and there ARE plenty of those – don’t hang out in gay bars.

    No idea if HC is gay, bi, straight, whatever, and don’t really care. But it’s blindingly obvious to everyone that all his supposed girlfs are fauxmances. Whether it’s to closet him or not is debatable. But I can’t see how anyone could believe in this relationship, or the one with Gina.

    • Andrea says:

      Except you contradict yourself here. If Henry is bisexual (which I lean more towards then gay) then its very possible that he went to gay bars at one point AND also enjoys having sex with women.

      Sexuality is a personal thing. We don’t know that he doesn’t have real relationships with women bc he had a history of being seen in gay bars. Maybe he really just didn’t care about being seen there bc he’s that liberal. Or maybe he’s allowed to do BOTH. Maybe he’s pansexual and he doesn’t care about the gender at all and only the person in question.

      You can’t claim that you don’t care about his sexuality and then proclaim that he can’t have a real relationship with women.

      • Sixer says:

        I can! But I think you misunderstand me slightly. I made two – separate – points, with an implied third point.

        1) People keep popping up on HC threads saying, “Oh, of course he isn’t gay. He’s European. Those European men are all so, so comfortable with gayness that the straight ones are quite happy to hang out in gay bars. Therefore HC is straight.” I’m saying not so. European men may be more comfortable with gayness, but they don’t often hang out in gay bars. That there are many pics of HC doing just that is sus.

        2). HC’s relationships and girlfs, for me, are clearly PR/fake/fauxmances. I find it quite difficult to see how people can credit them as genuine.

        3) Point 2 might be because HC is gay as the susness of Point 1 implies. But it might just be interest-generating PR also and HC is one of the few straight men who regularly hang out in gay bars. I don’t know which, and I don’t care either. At least, I don’t care about which way HC swings, but the PR blitz of clearly fake relationships is getting up my nose.

        Sorry to be unclear! I shouldn’t have said ‘bi’ – it threw the whole thing out.

    • Jess says:

      Sure they do. The most popular bars where I live are gay bars, and everyone goes to them. It’s not a big deal in a lot of places, people just go to wherever getting buzz, and that’s often a gay bar or club.

      Plus as you say lot’s of straight women go to gay bars, and where you find straight women partying you’re bound to find straight men.

    • Justsayin9 says:

      Lol. So, you are convinced he is gay based upon him going to gay bars? Um….tons of people go to gay bars that are not gay. Lots of the best hot spots are gay bars. I go…I am not gay.

      Maybe he is just what is obviously in front of you…a straight guy, dating women.

      The gay conspiracy theory is just so contrived.

      • Nalgene says:

        If you think we believe he is gay merely because he goes to gay clubs you are sadly mistaken. Its all the many factors Aaaand the gay clubs.

        If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck then its probably a duck, ladies.

      • commonsense says:

        I frequent juice bars ..has not turned my thin. their kind can try to turn me all organic and juice-y but does not make me thin. I have been photo’d and outed online at juice bars and shamed by my fellow fatties as if I am converting to the other side, but I tell them their just photos they mean nothing and I happen to have friends who are “organic” and I am not ashamed to be seen in public w/ them at juice bars, no matter who sees me and photos me and shames online!!!

      • Nalgene says:

        Lets see if I can make this clearer: years ago I called the cops on a car thief. How did I know he was stealing the car? Well, 3 things. All of which were INDIVIDUALLY explanable. But when these red flags happened TOGETHER itwas clear something was going down.
        With Cavill, I jave lost count of all the markers. Dude is on the DL, no other explanation for all the signs.

      • commonsense says:

        I am straight but if my gay friends want to got to gay club I will go and be chill and have fun..does not make me on dl or bi just means I can be straight AND chill w/ my gay friends w/o being all pissy about BEING SEEN by people and what people will think.. this country needs to take perception down a few notches..

    • Georgina says:

      After painting the town red with my BFF one late Friday night we decided out of the blue to pay a visit to a popular gay bar in London.
      I’m not going to lie that the whole experience was relatively new to me.I initially assumed that every guy in there must surely be gay that is until I was chatted up by one in particular.
      I found out that not only was he undoubtedly straight and easy on the eyes too but the company he was with included both gay and straight males whom I eventually became acquainted with.
      Fast forward some 7 years later I have since married this guy-he turned out to be my knight in shining armour-and we have a little boy and another on the way.And for the record those gay friends of his who were there that night are still in our lives and some of them even served as groomsmen on our wedding day.

  31. Jackie says:

    All I have to contribute to this post is – damn he looks so hot in these pics. Kayley’s so luck to be all over that… yummy.

  32. poiup says:

    Isn’t simple attraction a thousand times easier for humans to accomplish? How many different guys are people here attracted to?

    She has the exact same looks as his ex-fiance so whether he could be attracted to her is an non-issue, it’s most likely he is.

    As far as them stepping out now, this is what normal couples can do as well – announce their relationship and then feel it’s fine that they’re out and seen doing both normal and couply things together.

    I think it’s not unusual they are attracted to each other, which makes it a normal relationship that everyone’s arguing against as a conspiracy right?

  33. Kim says:

    I hate that every time a “attractive person” is labeled gay or closeted. It’s disgusting

  34. mkyarwood says:

    Gay or straight, it’s still gross.

  35. Nev says:

    Gay men come in various packages. I am off one flavour outta many!!! It’s sad if this is some pr romance to cover that. Can you imagine if Superman just came out and said he was gay?!!!! Wow. It would help all those kids trapped in da closet! Ahhhh.

    • mia says:

      Even if they are straight? LOL
      Do you think that WB wouldn´t check up on the guy BEFORE taking him for such an iconic manly man role?
      Sometimes I Think that people just don´t have any logics: first to take a closeted gay for a most straight role ever and then pay lots of money for PR beard fixes. GREATE THINKING.

  36. cutie says:

    No one has noticed Kaley looks just like his ex Ellen?????? it is so obvious!

    So maybe she is really his type.

  37. M says:

    I live in London and date mostly Euro guys and honestly the dating rules are just different here. You don’t date around as much as you do in the US. If you like each other, you are basically together. And just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean he can’t be a serial monogamist (which is what this looks like to me).

    Also, to get all psychological for a second, if you read interviews with him he almost always mentions that he used to be fat and was picked on. That shit sticks around and he’s probably still insecure. So I’m not surprised that he would want to show off his hot lady friends.

    • Andrea says:

      He ::is:: a serial monogamist and he ::is:: insecure.

      Both of those things are clear as day to anyone who has followed his career.

      • M says:

        There’s this annoying phrase over here (they use it in the DM a lot) “cat that got the cream.” I’m seeing that.

        They kind of remind me of Thom Evans and Jessica Lowndes (who, when combined, are far more attractive than these two) just because they got together like a week after he broke up with Kelly Brook.

        I have known plenty of serial monogamists who don’t break up with their current partner unless they have a “replacement” lined up. I don’t see why celebrities can’t act like regular people when it comes to their love lives.

      • Noreen says:

        I agree with Andrea. Cavill’s natural inclinations (nice guy, monogamous, family-oriented, very good work ethic) are not normally on display among H’wood stars. He doesn’t fit in. But at the same time he’s deeply insecure and ambitious and has stated before that all actors fear each job will be the last. He works hard and worked hard to do Superman. Here’s what I *personally* believe is happening: his ambition to be an A-list actor is at war with his personal value system. It is very, very hard to be both A-List and have a Value System in H’wood. One loses to the other almost every time. I hate to say it, but don’t see his real self winning this battle. He will have to succumb, unfortunately. The evidence is right here.

      • Kate says:

        I’ve been reading and enjoying your comments

    • Hannah says:

      I am from London and i dont really feel like what you say is true. Certainly the rebound/ jump off thing is not something i find that most people do. Its a particular type of person who does this and like you said they are the insecure or needy type.

      • Noreen says:

        @ Hannah

        Exactly. Men who are “mama’s boys” do it. These men need a woman always by their side, to take care of them, bolster their low self-esteem, and hold their hand. This is Henry Cavill. I’d bet my right arm on it. Anyone who has followed his career can connect the dots between how he praises his mother and how he describes his perfect woman.

      • M says:

        Sorry if I was unclear. I was typing quickly so I was making 2 (could both be possible but no way to tell) separate points. I am not suggesting that all British people are serial monogamists or insecure, that’s definitely extreme and quite absurd! I was just saying regardless of your dating style, there is definitely less of a “date around” culture outside of America, so was throwing that out there as an explanation for the speed of it. But I think the more likely scenario is that he’s a serial monogamist, and I don’t think that has anything to do with where you grew up.

  38. Melissa says:

    I’m sorry, I just find it incredibly funny that her dumb ass boyfriend in BBT dressed up as Superman, and now she’s dating ‘Superman’ lol!

  39. LoL says:

    Even before this pr stunt he reminded me of Tom Cruise. The way he holds himself all stiff and awkward is very Tom

  40. Lilo says:

    I think what makes this so suspicious is the fact that Henry was so adamant about keeping his personal life private and separate from work. Now here he is parading his relationship around. Seems odd. As for him looking more comfortable with Kaley then Gina; we never really saw candid pics of them together, only red carpet appearances. I’m sure Henry and Kaley will equally as awkward on the red carpet then he and Gina were.

    • Isabella says:

      For people saying it can’t be PR cuz neither has anything to promote; they’re celebrities, they always have to promote themselves. Neither one of them are A list. Yes she’s on the number 1 show and he’s superman, but that doesn’t really mean anything. Neither of them gets that much press. Now that MoS is out and the press tour is done Henry probably wouldn’t be getting a lot of attention. Same goes for Kaley. But together, they’ve caused a
      bit of a sensation. I like them both separately, but together they just seems fake.

    • The Original Mia says:

      Lilo, I just mentioned in the other thread about the Gina/Henry candids on tumblr that show a much more relaxed, comfortable couple than the red carpet pics.

      Don’t really care about Kaley. Don’t watch TBBT, but there is a whiff of PR about this relationship. Guess time will tell.

  41. Lucretia says:

    Kaley is an obvious winner here, because her profile is now much higher than it ever was before. She also looks cuter than she did in the initial blonde bombshell photos, though I wonder why she changed her hair in the course of shopping.
    As for what he gets out of this? He obviously wants to go the celebrity/movie star route. He is an actor with middling skills, and MOS was not the monster hit (relative to cost) that everyone wanted. People-US Weekly may be the best way to go for him. And he’s got to give them stories.

    • Andrea says:

      Man of Steel was mixed with critics but it is on track to make 700 million. Yes. It was a HUGE success for the FIRST film in a franchise. It’s made more money than Batman Begins, Thor, Captain America….the list goes on.

      He does not need to do this. The film is a huge financial success and he already has the Man from U.N.C.L.E. lined up for the Fall.

      I get that people were mixed on the movie but guys….it made a ton of money.

      • Lucretia says:

        True, it was very front-loaded, opened in a lot of theaters (close to 4,000), and by the second weekend had dropped close to 65-70%. It has continued to drop and now, on this long 4th weekend, it is not even in the top 5. In other words, it opened big: it had the curiosity factor going for it, but lousy reviews, and it has not shown much staying power. After the initial flurry I doubt if we would be talking about Cavill if not for the showmances. I would suggest that he try making a good film instead of doing the publicity route. He really wasn’t bad in Blood Creek or the Tudors for example.

      • Hello Kitty says:

        I think it’s a PR relationship too but I can’t fault HC’s need to have a fauxmance despite the success of MOS. Hollywood is so fickle. Brandon Routh was the flavour of the month when Superman Returns was released. Have you seen Brandon Routh’s IMDB page lately? It’s not pretty. HC needs to keep his name out there and keep getting more roles.

        Everybody has a mortgage to pay!

  42. Jeam says:

    She looks like his ex Ellen, almost every man in Hollywood has somebody “Gaydar” going off.

  43. Southern Belle says:

    This relationship or whatever they call it just seems so bizarre.Somebody leaked the rumors like literally three days ago and suddenly we have an influx of “exclusive” pictures in almost quick succession of Kaley & Henry going on a hike courtesy of People Mag and now shopping at the grocery store.At this rate I’m left wondering if we are going to see pictures featuring them both for every day of the week from now on.

    I don’t know what their intentions are but it sure seems like they are trying hard to sell this relationship to the public so that it comes across as believable.It hasn’t even been more than a week since we heard about it and their publicity machine is already in overdrive.

    I do believe that Henry is straight but by no means narrow.The irony of the situation however is that it is exactly this kind of behavior as is currently on display that has most people questioning otherwise.

    • DiamondGirl says:

      Well, until it was made public, the paps wouldn’t have known to look for them together, so there wouldn’t have been pics.

      They aren’t going to start stalking a couple if they don’t know about it.

    • Noreen says:

      It’s all calculated, no doubt in my mind. Not one single doubt. I don’t know if that means the relationship is fake — not necessarily. And I don’t know WHY. But I believe 100% the timeline is contrived and calculated. Rumors leaked, tweet from Kaley, first photos of her being papped before the hike, then the pics of the hike, and now grocery shopping/holding hands. Totally calculated and deliberate. And she’s a party to it. He’s a party to it. Their shared PR firm is party to it. It’s disgusting.

  44. Ariel says:

    PR all the way. I’m sure his team (which btw are terrible at their job it seems) were aware that people thought he and Gina were stiff and awkward looking. Henry was probably told to relax a bit. Even in some of these pics he looks awkward. But idk.
    I wish he was still into being private. Its pretty disappointing to see him going the famewhore route.

  45. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I get why people think it is weird simply because they seem an odd couple, but the conspiracy theory angle has gone way ott into overdrive.I do think she has aspirations beyond her show, which can’t go on forever, reflected by her hosting of awards things and whatnot. Plus he is way too hot for her, he could be dating any girl in Hollywood right now if he wanted, she does seem kind of low rent for him. But she does fit a type if he has one, athletic, not traditionally perfect looking,etc. Maybe he’s just a cool guy, maybe he fancied her all along. The switch from low key to pap stunts if this is what they are is fishy though. I dunno, I’m stumped.

  46. break says:

    Get some cloth shopping bags, rich people.

  47. Hannah says:

    Neither of these two particularly appeal to me. although Henry’s ex did. I have to say that I’m confused by all the confusion?! I think this is a non story.

    1. It’s not that weird to break up with someone and move on. I’ve both been single for ages after a break and moved on very quickly after a break up. It doesn’t always mean the previous relationship meant little to you. I met my partner of over 6 years now a week after a long term relationship ended. When you know you know and timing just doesn’t matter.

    2. Kaley seems like a private person. She dated Johnny Galecki for two years completely under the radar and from what she has spoken about since seemed to have really gotten her heart broken. At least that’s how I read it.

    • Hannah says:

      Henry did the same with his ex before Gina though. So it seems he always bounces from one woman to the next.
      I dont see how you can not see the obvious PR angle. It was only at the weekend they were announced in People as a couple and now there are literally hundreds of photos of them already. Its so obvious and so lame.

  48. Tig says:

    Maybe they are that ga-ga over each other,but again, when did he have time to get ga-ga? I agree it’s so trying too hard- we are a couple- there are pics to prove it! Henry needs to get out of town and stay away for a bit- w or w/ KC!

  49. mel says:

    That’s a lot of groceries.

  50. Elena says:

    He’s so hot and they look so good together, I don’t care for the reason these photos exist, I’m just glad they do!

  51. Hannah says:

    LOL! These photos are ridiculous. So embarrasssing.

  52. Lemony says:

    I’m so confused by this, I don’t know what to think.
    I will say this though: Going only by photos, Kaley seems so much more vivacious than Gina. So I can understand him being atractted to someone like Kaley, especially if he is the shy, dorky man he’s been described as.

  53. vanna says:

    this is sooo awkward and uncomfortable to look at. really does remind me of pictures of tom cruise with any woman :D

  54. Leslie says:

    I’ve thought he was gay for a long time. Back in 2011 there were some pix of him with what looked to be a BF on SodaHead. He has his arm around the guy and they guy has his hand on the back of Henry’s head. So yeah, I’m saying this is a PR move. Looks staged and awkward.

  55. Lucy2 says:

    Definitely too try hard and PR-ish.

  56. Noreen says:

    Guys, guys. I have a theory. It might be far-fetched but I want to get it out there in case I’m right! What if Cavill has already been chosen for the Shades of Grey role and his PR people threw together this weak, lame-as*sed “romance” with “girl next door”, harmless and cute TV actress in order to protect his image while he plays a very sexually graphic role. You know, so that in his private life people (aka fans and middle America) can still remember that he’s Clark Kent/Superman–in preparation for the next MOS movie? Just what if this really is all about image? Like, the studio doesn’t want to ruin his Superman image with the Christian Grey role, so this new romance is meant to show that hey, he’s totally a normal and monogamous nice guy, so that when he plays Christian Grey audiences won’t confuse the actor with the character? Does this make sense what I’m saying? This could explain why this romance has happened SO FAST and so IN YOUR FACE. Because the casting of SOG is about to be released.

  57. Lisa says:

    I’m thrilled he chooses to be with real-looking women who are not anorexic or tweeny-looking. What would the reaction be if he’d hooked up with a fashion model or KStew?

    I don’t even care if it’s PR because he’s doing his bit to boost our self-confidence. Superman dates women with real thighs! Stop the Presses!

  58. Alyce says:

    Here is my theory: He and Gina were for show, and he’s been with Kaley for a while now. She found out she’s PREGNANT and they are trying to get out a few pics of them as a couple before she announces that she having his baby.

    Any takers?

  59. JH says:

    I 100% do NOT believe this is a natural relationship. However, I really like her- she seems like she was “chosen” for genuinely being easy-going and fun. Like she can have fun with the whole situation and not take it too personally.

  60. Cordelia says:

    So they’ve known each other 3 weeks and already they are hiking, gyming, grocery shopping.. Man, this is moving FAAASST.. like at Superman’s speed!

  61. Lark says:

    My theory is that he may be bi, but he and Gina were real. However, his team is aware of the gay rumors and dating a non-traditional looking, not super feminine looking woman (and I think Gina is gorgeous, but that’s how most people view her) played into those rumors. So they thought, “oh shit, let’s get him with a cute blonde so people start thinking he’s straight”…and it backfired. Kaley is a dead ringer for his ex, who was also into horses, so I do think there is some realness to this PR set-up nevertheless. A lot of relationships start as PR but have an element of “realness.”

  62. Jenna says:

    There were complaints that Henry was never photographed with Ellen. So with Gina, they do the red carpet thing and get photohraphed. But people complain that it looks forced and awkward. Now there’s Kaley. On their hike, people were saying how uncomfortable they looked. So now we get these pics. Imo Henry still looks uncomfortable but he’s displaying more physical contact in these photos then he ever has before. I never would have thought the super private Henry would go down the Tom Cruise road of PR relationships. I wonder if down the road we get a “stolen” sex tape from Henry and one of his PR girlfriends? He’s starting to seem desperate enough for something like that.

  63. Danisha says:

    I like the BBT and I have nothing at all against Kaley but I totally believe that Henry and Henry’s people are behind this fake p.r relationship.2 years ago Kaley would not have looked at him twice and now all of a sudden he has a blockbuster movie and they’re madly in love? He really really wants to be a movie star and is doing whatever his agent and manager are telling him to do to stay in the gossip blogs and get in the A List.And dumping his martial arts fighting brunette C- List gf for an adorable blonde t.v star is the first start.I really thought Henry was different,but no.As phony as the rest of them.Sad.

  64. Kelly says:

    Then again, who cares? Maybe they really like each other.

    This “She’s a TV personality” and is beneath a movie star is a little much.

    Maybe he is a huge BBT fan? Maybe he’s had a crush in her. She’s cute, and she’s not obnoxious like some.

    And, as for her, I mean who wouldn’t. He’s so darn… dreamy.

    • lylaooo says:

      yeahh….maybe we are getting all these photos because paps are tired to follow taylor, kim k (who is hiding), justin b, miley, etc…
      and its refreshing… i mean it surpising but refreshing! and he seems more relax than ever.
      and who wouldn´t say no to this man..i mean he is so yummy

    • The Original G says:

      I agree. How is she beneath him? Like she’s morally inferior because she’s a TV kajillionaire? And the 203rd redo of superman is some high-rent activity? Pu-lease.

  65. Josie says:

    Gina where for real, it took them months of quietly dating, every now and then you would see a tweet or a fan sighting, and then months later they came out as a couple. Not like this, 2 weeks after having met there are paparazi pictures.

    I think Gina dumped Henry’s ass over something and his agency freaked out over how it would make him look (gay) if he had a girl friend right up to the movie premiere and no longer after that. If his agency had simply said they broke up right after the movie release do you know how suspicious that would have looked ????!!!!

    Enter Kaley. Unfortunately they blew it by being as subtle as a brick.

    That’s my opinion. There are to many GF before becoming famous to say that he is gay.

    • The Original Mia says:

      I agree. I was skeptical about the post saying Henry’s ambition and fame was causing problems with Gina, but now I’m pretty sure that was the case. Because this hard-press rollout is just too OOC for both of them not to be PR-driven.

      I really want to know who did the dumping. If it was Henry, then I have little respect for him. If it was Gina, then all the cookies for her.

  66. Mina says:

    Oh, how I’d have him looking more hetero in no time.

  67. lisa2 says:

    I remember the recent pics of him at the airport. Talking on the phone with the superman sticker. I noted that he seemed very affected. and people crawled down my throat and others that noted there was a differences in his attitude. He had that “I’m a Movie Star” thing going. Didn’t stop to acknowledge the fans at the airport. But to me that was telling. Mainly because when you have such a Big movie you have to take the time to acknowledge the fans that are supporting you still VERY NEW career move.

    anyway time will tell if he a soft spoken guy or if he is something very different. fame affects everyone in a different way. And this is all new. I don’t get caught up in all the NEW big deals..just like people that all of a sudden fall into a lot of money. the true self comes out and then you know. he has not had fame a long time.

    • Noreen says:

      Here’s what I think:

      I think Henry very much cares about becoming an A-List, international, highly bankable, filthy rich movie star. He has no interest in the “art” aspect of movies. He wants to make money. He has no interest in doing small-budget art-house films. He does not care about doing theatre on the side. I think he is terribly preoccupied solely with becoming BIG NAME and BIG WALLET. He has shown willingness to even do things he doesn’t want to do in pursuit of this goal, such as taking roles in awful movies, and doing sex and nudity which make him terribly uncomfortable. To this end he would even take the role of Christian Grey, even though I truly believe he would hate every day of his life onset.

      Henry very much wants you to believe none of the above are true about him.

      It is no surprise that he would be engaged in PR-stunt relationships if his handlers tell him to. He will do as he’s told. He is a “nice guy”. He will gladly take the hand of anyone who can advance him.

  68. TheWendyNerd says:

    This is getting ridiculous, Kaley Cuoco has never been this public. Don’t they realize how OBVIOUS they are? I like them both, but PLEASE. At least space things out between and announcements and photo ops!

  69. ShakenNotStirred says:

    I still like him and I don’t think he believes he’s the next Tom Cruise. He still comes off genuine to me.

  70. d says:

    IDK, this feels all so stage and PR-y, I feel such 2nd-hand embarrassment for them, him especially. And I thought it was typical that for a guy leading a movie such as this Superman one, they’d usually have him single so as to appeal to all the ladies. That such an effort is made to have him hook up with a blonde like Kaley seems bizarre. Nothing against them, I like Kaley, she seems fun. But this thing just feels too weird to be real. And I fear for Cavill too. I think he’s drunk the kool-aid. Maybe they both have.

  71. Sarah says:

    Typical British Stars who sold themselves to Hollywood. It’s at this time, I appreciated Channing Tatum more. He stays with that Jenna Dewan all these years.

  72. Guest says:

    I don’t want to insult this girl just because she is going out with some gay closeted English guy.He has a chance of being a star and coming out wouldn’t help him.But I can’t hate him because that’s the business.In 10 years maybe he can tell the truth but with a huge blockbuster out to promote? No way.

  73. magpie says:

    Yeah, total PR but maybe someone set them up together and they ended up actually liking each other? Their body language is wayyyy better than it was with Gina.
    That 2nd picture where she’s touching his back…she looks comfortable.
    Yes, they are totally selling this, but I am buying. They make a cute couple (but keep the conspiracy theories coming!).

  74. Anne says:

    Here’s a theory I’m gonna throw out there (sorry if I’m repeating what someone else already posted-didn’t read them all). What if one or both are ambitious and angling to be the next Brad and Jen, a la his peak movie fame and her peak TV fame. A list movie star plus A list TV star has proven to be successful.

    • magpie says:

      There is no way you can compare them to Brad and Jen. Brad was already A list and in a ton of high profile films, Jen was already America’s sweetheart. This gal is TV but not wel known (untill now) and this is Henry’s first big role. 1 franchaise does not make you an A lister.

  75. Elodie says:

    LMAO OMG I can’t I really can’t with that contrived show off there…

    Even Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston who met via their publicists didn’t go THAT obvious… flippin’ hell come on now haha!

    Anyway… Just going to enjoy Henry Cavill’s mind-blowing beauty, that is the only angle that always worked for me… unnnffffff Henry, that super a$$ in those jeans… yesssssss *drools*

  76. hrrrmmmmm says:

    this is an interesting article with some interesting pics about henry and homosexuality…i do think he could be bisexual…

  77. Luna says:

    All I am getting from these pics is a Will and Grace vibe.It is like 2 buddies hanging out.It doesn’t seem sexy or romantic at all.Just 2 friends going grocery shopping,no big deal.

  78. I Choose Me says:

    Maybe it’s PR because Henry is gay, maybe he isn’t. I have a theory: his PR knows about the gay rumors and are purposely fanning the flames. Why? because it’s got everybody speculating And everybody knows you’ve ‘arrived’ once you’ve been accused of being gay. Speculation keeps their client in the news. Keeps him relevant. If Kaley is repped by the same people, as is reported, then its a win for her too. It’s not her usual MO but she might have been convinced to go along. If she’s into him (and she seems to be) then they didn’t have to persuade her very much.

    My 2 cents. :)

  79. Demi God says:


    Maybe he is gay, I dont know but there is so much to this like same PR firm behind them both, Warner Bros behind Superman and Big Bang.The whole month they were supposedly dating and being all hot for each other, he was around the world on his SM tour so its impossible. Henry is a douche, never thought he would do things like this. He has lost many fans over this. He is a fake man, living a fake life because he is fake!!

  80. lisa2 says:

    I don’t know if this is a PR stunt. I don’t buy into that really.

    But her being photographed is no different than other people being papped because of who they are dating. Halaria Baldwin, Justin Theroux and countless others. They get famous because of who they are with. He is the new Superman. So now his life is more interesting. The woman he dates is more interesting. She is going to be followed. It will be interesting to see how she handles that spotlight. Some people like it; eat it up. Love it. Want it. Ride it to something for them. But time will tell. If they are happy together hopefully they will find strength together and prove the naysayers wrong. OR they will break. There is no middle ground in this.

  81. OhDear says:

    Did he run over his publicist’s dog or something?! Given the reaction to the US Weekly/People magazine announcement, you’d think their publicists would reassess their strategy.

  82. Emily C. says:

    I don’t know that their relationship is a publicity stunt, but they are definitely milking it for all the publicity they can get. He’s being managed really badly.

    I think if his publicists had two brain cells to rub together and were putting him in a fake relationship, it would be with a Lois Lane type. A brunette, preferably someone known for her intelligence, and definitely not a blonde on a crappy TV show. So I do think this is real, but that they’re being incredibly dumb about how they handle it publicly.

    • Andrea says:

      If the actress playing Lois Lane was single they would have been “engaged” two years ago. Mark my words.

      I’m so relieved that Amy is left out of this BS. I love Lois and Clark way too much to see it caught up in this BS.

    • Andrea says:

      If the actress playing Lois Lane was single they would have been “engaged” two years ago. Mark my words.

      I’m so relieved that Amy is left out of this BS. I love Lois and Clark way too much to see it caught up in this.

  83. suewp says:

    Um… I am friends with someone who works for Kaley’s management firm and she let me in on this before it went public. She told me Kaley’s been like a giddy schoolgirl, talking for at least the last six weeks about all the flirty text messages Henry was sending her and her fear that he wasn’t actually seriously interested.

    There’s really no reason for Kaley to be putting on such a crazy act with the people who represent her, so I’m inclined to believe it.

    If anything, I think Gina Carano was a PR set-up. Also, my gay friends say he pings as bi. I’m also inclined to believe that.

    • magpie says:

      I can believe Gina was more a PR set up than this one. At least Henry and KC look like they like each other.

      This theory coincides with KC’s adoring MoS tweet.

      So if you’re all knowing here, how did they meet?

      And I don’t think he’s gay. PR stunt yes, covering up gay rumors, no.

      • Dollypars says:

        Henry and Gina are real couple. Their body language says it all. Plus I’ve seen pictures of them together from a private networking acct. and I can honestly tell you they are indeed a very loving couple. sad Henry throw all that away.

    • Emily C. says:

      I don’t think Gina was a PR setup. I think this is just more evidence that Cavill’s a serial monogamist. He lined up Kaley before jumping off Gina. That’s what they do. He’ll do it to Kaley too.

      • S says:

        I also don’t believe Gina was purely a PR hookup. I think it may have been beneficial for her name to be linked to Superman as Wonder Woman would have been a role that definitely would have given her even more name-face recognition.

        There is a photo online of Gina and Henry in London that was posted onto tumblr near the end of June 2012 (I think that was before the official announcement of the end of Ellen and Henry). It’s just the two of them on a sidewalk, obviously taken by a fan and not a pap. I can probably find it but I’m a bit lazy today.

        Here it is… the original was posted on tumblr which I don’t have the patience to surf for…

        Also on LaineyGossip, before they ever debuted the relationship, she writes of a possible romance between Gina and Henry based on a photo that some guy posted on Twitter. Apparently, the guy ran into them in Reno, NV. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think any stars are hanging out in Reno, hoping to get caught together and exposed as a couple. I think there was one other photo of Gina and Henry (separately) with the same fan who ran into them at a pub in Manhattan Beach where Henry used to live along with Gina. I think all of those off the cuff sightings point to a real relationship.

        If Kaley and Henry have been talking for at least 6 weeks… then there had to be some definite overlap. He was with Gina at FF6 on May 7th… they were even pictured together with a journalist (? or maybe a fan?) inside the afterparty. Anyway, the whole thing is bizarre and doesn’t cast him in a great light.

        Given the timeline, given the overlap (real or imagined), I would have thought they would have enjoyed their relatively new relationship in anonymity. It’s not like Kaley was consistently followed by paparazzi on a daily basis prior to Kaley and Henry confirming their relationship. Henry could have dated her relatively quietly. Even though Henry’s profile is certainly higher than it was before, he still wasn’t followed 24/7 by paparazzi either. By confirming the relationship, they’ve basically invited the paps to follow them.

      • magpie says:

        “Henry could have dated her relatively quietly. Even though Henry’s profile is certainly higher than it was before, he still wasn’t followed 24/7 by paparazzi either. By confirming the relationship, they’ve basically invited the paps to follow them.”

        Yup! They could totally get someone else to do their groceries, swim in a private pool, or just keep quiet by not releasing a statement.

        Real couple or not, the are milking it for all it’s worth. But I still think they look more “real” than HC and Gina. Sorry.

      • Noreen says:

        @ Emily

        @ S

        I totally buy what both of you are selling. I think HC dumped Gina because he had Kaley waiting in the wings. It’s the ONLY explanation for the timeline.

        I also totally buy the original “source” who said HC had been wanting to date Kaley very badly. I totally buy that. I buy this weak-willed, insecure chump using his new fame to pick a GF off a TV show he likes.

        This man passed himself off — successfully — as a non-Hollywood type, a simple man with family values and a strong work ethic, a humble man who doesn’t want fame and just happened to born with that face but is really humble. He either created this persona and sold it to the world or it was created FOR him and he willingly went along with it. But this behavior of the past few days, and the dots that are being connected about his relationships, make him a major loser in my book.

        Screw him. I’m going to feel some Schaudenfraude when he’s a laughingstock who’s back to taking B-movie roles to pay the rent.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Definitely doesn’t cast him in the best light. It’s okay to be alone. This makes him seem needy and insecure. Can’t be single. Always has to be in a relationship. Hope Kaley enjoys the sex because more than likely in a few months he’ll be shopping for her replacement.

        I’m all for not seeing them together again until Comic Con. Give us a breather after this ridiculous rollout.

        @Noreen – Well said.

      • suewp says:

        This is actually a response to Noreen, but I work in the industry and most of the big celebrities are always playing the game. It feels like Henry is a nice guy, but he’s also been very open about his ambition for a while. You don’t try out for Superman three times and you don’t try out for James Bond unless you’re willing to play the game.

        I think it’s a given that all the big celebs are playing the game, but their character comes forward in the way they choose to play it. As long as he’s not screaming and throwing tantrums or talking shit about people to help him get parts, that’s an easy-going, good-natured actor, if you ask me.

        Also, if you ask me, no sane woman wants to be in a relationship with an actor. There are exceptions, but for the most part… yeah.

      • Dollypars says:

        @Ssays those picture’s not taken by a fan. That picture was stolen from a private networking acct. I know cuz I’ve seen that before. They were four of them in that picture. Henry, Gina and gina’s two cousins when they visit her in London while she was filming FF6… that alone was for sure their relationship was real.

    • LB says:

      I’m not upset about the Gina thing but one (or both) of them have been calling the paps. It’s gross. And no I don’t buy that the paps just happened to know exactly where they’d be all day. The paps were called.


    • lenje says:

      Cavill has been sending Cuoco flirty messages the last six weeks? When did they meet?

  84. Eli says:

    Well Henry, you have the right (as we do) to date anyone you want.

    It’s clear he is dating and dating and dating and dating LOL …as we young people do but, please be more respectful to your career because your work lose credibility.

  85. Mrs. Julien says:

    They’re trying to cover up gay rumours with KALEY CUOCO? I don’t buy it. She’s not an appropriate choice.

    I think his PR team is just overzealous and making missteps.

  86. TG says:

    There is zero body chemistry between these two. They can’t even fake it. Notice they each have their own car of groceries? That way they can go their separate ways when they call the paps off.

  87. Malcom Mac says:

    He is gay. A study was done that when a woman has a lot of sons-around 4 or 5 one of them will be gay, and it usually one of the last lot of children, lets see now- Nik is married, Piers is engaged, Simon has a girlfriend, Charlie is getting married in a few weeks time, so that leaves Henry who is doing an obvious PR relationship.. doesn’t look good for the straight brigade does it?!

    • Ariadne says:

      This is by far the most stupid comment i ever read on the subject.Congradulations…

      • Noreen says:

        @ Ariadne

        As crazy as it sounds, he’s right. There was a study done where scientists had deduced that in large families there are often at least one gay child and it’s usually one of the children on the younger end. I know, I know. It sounds whack. But it was a legitimate study from a legitimate source. Not that I buy it, but the study was real.

      • Ariadne says:


        I have 4 older brothers.All of the are straight (and i know i’m not a lesbian).My younger brother is,actually,a “whore”.He has anew girlfriend everytime he comes back fro the university.

        My Aunt has also 4 sons (she wanted a girl but when she got the fourth son she just stopped trying) and all of them are married.

      • Noreen says:

        @ Ariadne

        Let me repeat what I already wrote: The study is real. The “findings” — whether your or I choose to lend credence to them or not — are real. That was my only point, because you stated that what the OP wrote was nonsense. I remember this study. I remember it being a very hot news item at the time. I remember A LOT of jokes being made amongst my many Catholic friends and family as we all come from large Catholic families. I remember a lot of Mormon jokes as well, as Mormons also have large families. Obviously the study didn’t say that every large family has a homosexual. I have no gay people in my family (I know, spare me the commentary about the closet, as anything is possible, I suppose) and we got children all over.

    • Grumpycat says:

      Omfg, give me a break. I know about this study but it doesnt prove causation nor is it 100% conclusive.

    • Viskatje says:

      Actually, this theory has some strong scientifical proofs, it’s far from stupid.

      It is theorized that with each pregnancy with a boy, a woman’s body is developing stronger and stronger immunological response to male antigens, presumably it could be either the Y chromosome or some proteins generated from its DNA.

      The immune response influences the development of the male fetus. So, each next son has a greater chance of having bi- or homosexual orientation.

      Biologists believe it has evolutionary importance – with a growing number of male descendants, there is a growing competitiveness for resources between males – future fathers – from the same genetic pool. The gay brother(s) are supposedly childless, hence – out of competition, and also available to support their kin.

      Statistics support this theory – it only works if the brothers have the same mother, it has no effect on adopted siblings or brothers sharing only the same father.

      I know that some people believe that “being gay is a choice”, but science actually has more and more evidence of the opposite.

      • Mina says:

        Thank you for putting it in such an informed, coherent way.

        I think the study is completely spot-on if we take “large families” to mean “8 or more”.
        I can only think of a great-aunt of mine who recently passed. She had 12 children, out of which, yes, the youngest male is… something. While he was not exactly born a hermaphrodite, tests did reveal he was technically more female than male.

        We figure this is completely understandable, as by the 12th child, both his parents were a lot older, and birth defects are more prone to happen.

        Plus, being “hillfolk”, it is widely known and accepted, through local folklore, that the youngest of a large brood will probably have something wrong with him mentally or physically. Hormonal imbalances and reproductive issues are the milder options. Also consider that in these cultues with larger broods, the parents are always likely to be related, so that’s a whole other can of worms to open there.

    • Southern Belle says:

      I have heard about this study and have always been curious as to its plausibility as it is my understanding that the sample used consisted entirely of gay males.My aunt has 7 kids [5 sons & 2 daughters] with the youngest being a son.I can assure you that he is not gay.In contrast my boyfriend identifies as bisexual and is the youngest of 6.He has 3 older sisters & 2 brothers.In fact I wonder if there is even an explanation for that since bisexuality in males is often met with much skepticism unfortunately and only recently has science been able to offer an explanation about attraction to both sexes.If I seem to recall the main crux of the study rested on the premise that the likelihood of homosexuality increases 33.3% for every older brother that the male person has.In the same breath likelihood does not equal to or imply it as a given.Like every scientific study that has been conducted to date these findings cannot be generalized.

      • Lucrezia says:

        It’s not a random/fluke finding, the older-brother effect has been shown in numerous studies.

        The reason you know people that don’t fit the model is that the first bon son has a 3% chance of being gay, and the 4th born son has a 6% chance of being gay. So obviously there are still far more straight 4th sons than gay ones. But that doesn’t change the fact that boys with lots of older brothers are more likely to be gay.

        The number of older brothers a guy has actually explains 15% of the variation in male sexual preference. For this kind of research, that’s a HUGE finding.

        (Note: number of sisters doesn’t matter. If you’ve got 7 older sisters and you’re the first born male, you have a 3% chance of being gay.)

      • Noreen says:

        @ Lucrezia

        You actually have it backwards. The study shows YOUNGER brothers as having the greater chance of being gay. It’s based on how far down the chain of fraternal order he is. Not the older ones. That’s why the previous poster brought this up in the first place–because Henry Cavill is next to last in his fraternal order of 5 boys. (And I don’t think he’s gay anyway)

  88. user00005 says:

    What about Amanda Bynes?
    I think they would make the best couple at this point. Besides, she is very much ‘talked about’ nowadays. Bad/delusional girl dating the good/well-behaved bore!
    Publicity is publicity is publicity is publicity….

  89. Feebee says:

    Would anyone here have a problem with a gay Superman? Probably not. I don’t know if he is or not but as Hugh Jackman would say it’s one of the least interesting things about a person. Maybe if he was more interesting generally there wouldn’t be so much speculation. Actually that hasn’t worked for Hugh.

    When I think of PR people who need to up their game it’s usually Hiddleston’s. However Henry’s need an extreme makeover. If this isn’t real it’s a terrible roll out. If it is real, it’s also been terribly done because 90% are laughing at the seeming absurdity of it.

  90. Jennifer12 says:

    His handlers want him to be seen as a ladies man, maybe? I agree with the Tom Cruise analogy.

  91. Melissa says:

    I love her handbag, too. I think it is Botega Veneta because it’s got the weary-weavy thing going on.

  92. Luxe says:

    I think it’s funny how everyone’s default is that he’s gay. Seriously? Anyway, I’m on Team Don’t Buy It b/c it’s just wayyyy too clunky and obvious. The grocery trip is LOL-level over the top. They would be better off admitting at some point that they were set up. It would eliminate some of the fakeness of this. We’ve all seen couples that seem unlikely, but look a lot more genuine than this in their debut.

    And before anyone says I’m jealous: 1.I watched maybe 1 season of The Tudors and hated Superman so he does nada for me. I had to Google to figure out where she’s from (I’ve seen BBT, just not enough for her to be recognizable to me).

  93. Ariadne says:

    All the gay rumors started with 2 stories 1.The Graham Norton stiry and 2.The Corey Spears story.

    1.The Graham Norton Story

    They say that when Henry Cavill visitedNorton’s show for the first time and Norton asked him if he prefers men or omen ,Cavill id not give aclear answer.The story is fake as Cavill only recently appeared on the Norton shoe fot the first time for the Man of Steel Promo.

    2.The Corey Spears story.

    The second story suggests that before he was famous Henry was close friend with a gay,named Corey Spears.They had meny pictures on social media and many said that Henry was hiding something when the pictures disappeared from Coreys profile.The truth is that these pictures did still existed on his profile.Plus Henry never cut his contact with Corey.Actually,Corey was seen in one of the MoS premieres with Hnery’s (straight)older brother.Cavill himself admitted that he is straight but most of his friend are gay.

    Plus there 2 blind items that are obviously about Henry and both are proofs that he is straight.

    One is saying that a studio prevented the up and coming actor from proposing to his girlfries because they were relying on his look to appeal to the feamle audience.They said is either his career or his girlfriend…he chose his girlfried by moving in with her.

    The seond is coming from a girl that knew Corey Spear’s boyfriend.She is describing Henry as “A very Handsome,very Straight friend of theis that has a role on tudors”.This story appeared before Hnery was cast as superman.

    The guy is straight.Why every goodlooking man has to be gay?

    • Aud says:

      I don’t buy the straight angle.
      He is being over marketed to fulfil the studio’s profit margins.
      He basically has the same repulsion that Rock Hudson had each time he kissed his female leads. When he is holding her hand, he stands there like a prop. It’s not genuine, the same can be said with his previous photographs with Gina as well.

      • Noreen says:

        My first thought–when I saw ALL the pictures as a whole–was “this girl is WAY more into him than he is into her”. Notice his body language never changes, even as hers changes drastically from photo to photo. She’s laughing adoringly at him. HIs face doesn’t change. She’s holding his hand. His body is the same. Now she’s clutching his whole arm. His body is the same. Now she’s kissing his arm. He hasn’t changed. Now she’s pressed super tight against his body. His body is THE SAME. Now she circling his waist. He’s. the. same.

        Someone commented that he has more “warmth” here. That made me laugh.

  94. Ariadne says:

    IMO they are a genune couple.It’s their PR teams who are handling badly as they could prevent all these making it to the surface.

    And ofc there are already pictures.Since the story surface the paps were following Kaley everywhere.In the last 2 days,They photographed her getting her naild done,riding a horse,hanging out with firend…even picking up coffe from starbucks…2 FREAKING TIMES.They were not going to leave her alone untile they got a picture of them together!

  95. magpie says:

    I love how the narrative is slowly being changed here. Many posters (myself included) are getting into the theory that Henry and KC were texting/flirting for six weeks and just made it official since he got back from doing press. That Gina was real and that there was some overlap (cus that’s what serial monogomists do). I’m all on board for this theory and fully expect their team to release some kind of story to that effect. (Maybe not the overlap, but the long flirting thing).

    Gawd, really this story is so boring! Why are we all so riveted!

    • Noreen says:

      Why are we so riveted? I can only answer for myself: I’m riveted by the incredible douchey, lame, juvenile behavior of a couple of celebrities who have more money than God yet still aren’t secure enough within themselves to act like mature, normal adults.

      • magpie says:

        I’m riveted that this story is probably soooo boring in reality and yet it’s turning out to be the story of the summer. I love watching PR pay out. I can’t wait to see what their people say next.

        At any rate this Kaley gal is gonna get a huge boost. 2 days ago I didn’t even know who she was and now she’ll probably get some kind of RomCom career. When does BBT end?

      • Grumpycat says:

        Why is it so hard to believe they are getting papped more now because eeryone is interested in who superman is dating and not that they are famewhoring? It is plausible that he just got back from press tour and they can finally spend time together, they told their publicists about it because there obvously would be curiousity, and the publicists decided to just announce it also so people wouldnt assume he was cheating on Gina. They are doing normal things. They dont look especially done up in the pics to where they prepared for it.

        And about the gay thing, there is a link somewhere to a gay guys blog who a couple years ago posted about the actor from tbe tudors walking around his ex boyfriends apartment, a d the guy had a nice package but was straight. He didnt mention any names but its obvious who he was talking about especially since the pic from them hiking yesterday that i cant grt out of my #*%ing head where he is not wearing undies. Sigh.

      • Noreen says:

        @ Grumpycat

        Because NO ONE is interested in Henry Cavill, despite the fact that MOS made sh*t tons of money. He has been described over and over and over as “awkward, vanilla, and boring”. He is not compelling. He has not much interesting to say. He doesn’t play the silly games that many celebs play in interviews. In interviews he comes across as serious and professional. When interviewers try to ask him stupid or inappropriate questions, he doesn’t let down his guard and play along. It drives interviewers NUTS.

        MOS made a ton of money because it’s a movie you go to. You just do. You don’t read reviews and concern yourself with artsy things like, how did the actors embody their characters. It’s a huge movie, fun, and loud. You just go. The movie was going to make tons of money with or with Henry Cavill. He’s not a draw. if he were he’d have something bigger lined up than The Man From UNCLE. He’s so bored right now, following his TV GF around like a puppy, because he has no work. MOS is over and HC is just not registering any interest with any media or fashion outlets.

        The most mildly interesting thing that has EVER happened to this man in his whole public career is happening RIGHT NOW. That’s how boring he is by H’wood standards.

      • Grumpycat says:

        There are over 300 comments on this story. I think people are interested.

      • Noreen says:

        @ Grumpycat

        Sure, there are legitimate HC fans here. And KC fans.

        But the prevailing entertainment factor is the situation itself more so than the players involved. A lot of people just love juicy celebrity gossip. As for me, I just love juicy celebrity gossip when it involves them acting like moronic losers while everyone laughs. I love the feeling of Schadenfreude more than anything.

        EDIT: And i mean Schadenfreude for self-obsessed, attention-starved celebs…not regular people.

  96. Fan says:

    I really hope he is not gay. Does he have a poor taste in women or is he just too good looking or we identified him so much with Superman that only Lois Lane (Amy Adams) would look good with him?

  97. barbs441 says:

    I live in LA and I have bumped into her a few times at the gym. I spoke to her a few times and she is a lovely person. So I wish her the best.

  98. Jamie says:

    I think they look adorable together! She seems very down to earth and bubbly,don’t really know much about him .If there happy let them be happy!

  99. Claire says:

    Wow she is lucky – he looks great in these photos and I am usually more inclined to a pale Loki/Tom Hiddleston look

  100. Amanda says:

    What? No pics of them hiking again today or shopping at the Grove? This is so staged its ridiculous!
    They’re probably going to lay low for a bit since their PR team is probably aware that people aren’t buying this. Even bloggers are side-eyeing thee hell out of this. Michael K. wrote a hilarious post about it on Dlisted.

  101. Idreaminprincess says:

    Tom Cruise never made me swoon like HC does. I loved him way back during his Tudors tenure. I don’t care if he is gay or not gay or bi or not bi. Whatever. Just look at him!

  102. UsedToBeLulu says:

    Wow, I can’t believe this post got this many replies, and no one is even fighting!

    I had NO idea that this man and his relationships were so fascinating. Obviously I am missing out on something!

  103. Becca says:

    It seems to me that Cavill has started to believe his own hype. He wants people to think he’s down to earth and self deprecating, but in fact he’s extremely thirsty for fame. He wants the recognition and the media attention, desperately. Compare him to say Robert Pattinson, who is genuinely charming and self effacing and doesn’t seem affected by his fame at all. Cavill comes across as a fake.

    • Noreen says:

      YES!!!! This.

      Except that I don’t read him as willfully fake. I read him more as conflicted. He doesn’t know who he is. He’s insecure. He’s got low self-esteem. He lacks confidence. All these things make a person very desperate and very thirsty.

  104. d says:

    Hey, I don’t dislike the guy, I dislike the PR crap that’s going on (at least, that’s my interpretation). And I feel sorry for him about it, not hateful towards him (same with Kaley). And personally, I find this whole gay/not gay discussion distasteful and mean. I don’t care if he or any other actor is gay, and anyway, if someone’s gay, they’re gay. End of story. It has nothing to do with quality of character, how good of a person they are or are not, whether or they can be spiritual or what have you. I don’t like this outing of people at all. I know this is Celebitchy and all, but I don’t know…it feels wrong…like hounding someone on their sexuality, which is a personal and intimate thing (which should be private, imo).
    I mean, if someone likes to date a lot, that’s their gig. It’s not for me, but geez, it’s not the end of the world.

  105. PlainJane says:

    Even if the relationship is PR or not, I’m surprised he went for someone like her, and not some A-list actress.

    • Noreen says:

      Actually it fits. Gina fits, too. As a deeply insecure man, he would not ever try to go for an A-lister or a supermodel or anyone like that. He shoots LOW. Not too low, but low enough so that she’s still a decent person with her own thing going on, but yet not so successful or gorgeous that she would intimidate or overshadow himself.

      It fits…100%. Trust me.

  106. Hello Kitty says:

    Enty had a blind item and the folks at AGC think it’s about GC/HC/KC.

    #18. This B list celebrity turned B-/C+ list mostly movie actress has been on a rampage the past two months. She is convinced her A- list mostly movie actor boyfriend cheated on her and has been letting him know it everyday. The clothes he had at her place have been burned and the ashes sent back to him in the mail. She also texted all his friends to tell them what her thoughts were on the situation. She is not happy and when she gets wind of his current girlfriend, I hope she is ready for some of the same. Gina Carano /Henry Cavill/Kaley Cuoco

  107. Fan says:

    He is not in love with these women he was and is connected to. He is in love with someone else he can not have.

  108. Just Me says:

    Ooooooh my GOOOOD. What’s with all of the Stans? Is this where all the Twihards went? Or is this a new breed of Twihard? Does this make them Superhard?

    This shit is funny. The whole thing. Right down to the stans & their cries of “haaaater!”

    What the hell is Henry thinking?

  109. Aud says:

    I’m maintaining my beard argument.
    This sort of stuff reminds me of what ‘old Hollywood’ would do in order to reinforce the image of male leads.

  110. anet says:

    Gay I say. Not working at all, Mr. Cavill. Then again it’s none of my beez wax. who thinks Cavill and Bomer would make a great couple???

  111. anet says:

    Look, he’s got gay man’s thighs. Plus, they’re acting like a couple of gitty gal pals.

  112. Joanna says:

    i just saw him on access hollywood interview. he has a sexy ass accent, he is SO not gay! totally straight! and smoking sexy hot! and hes not as bland as he sometimes looks in pictures. he has some scruff in the interview so he doesn’t look as bland. very sexy! that chick is one lucky girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Rina says:

    Well, it’s clear that Corey Spears is a friend of Cavill family, here there is a new pic of him, in this case with my mother in law ;-) Mrs. Cavill. The other day was Corey, Henry and one of Henry’s older brothers. Must be in MOS NYCity premiere.

    btw… the black man on the left is Corey’s Boyfriend.

  114. Gi Burns says:

    It’s weird to parallel the response to Hugh Jackman yesterday to the ones about Henry Cavill today.

    When discussing Hugh, most seemed to be against labeling him, and how rude/foolish/etc people were for continuing to make those allegations. I can’t help but see in prior posts about Hugh that the gay rumors flew thick and fast… The allegations may be totally baseless, but people generally do comment when a couple seems divergent in age, height, weight,star power, etc. Yeah, Selma Hayek may be Kevin James love interest in a movie, but assuredly MANY people would comment on such a pairing in real life. Yeah, there still really is a double standard applied when the man is the hot one.

    Henry may or may not be gay – maybe he’s bi? I guess it’s human to speculate these things. It does seem like he’s working overtime to get exposure, maybe he wants to ride the Man of Steel hype into bigger and better things. Perhaps he wants to get the public invested in him via his love life. It seemed to work for Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart.

    • Noreen says:

      I don’t think Henry is gay. He’s seriously not pinging gay for me, and as far as the so-called evidence goes if you notice it’s ALWAYS the same two website links with the same flimsy excuses that he’s gay. I believe that he had (has?) many gay friends, or at least there was a time back in the general time frame of The Tudors that he was living with some gay men and socializing with them because they were the only social life he had access to. And so there are a bunch of silly photos of Henry acting drunken with his gay buddies. So I can believe that he’s not gay–no trouble at all. As an aside, I do think it’s interesting that no other pictures have surfaced of him, however. Where are his other friends? Does he have any? I have this feeling that he absorbs the friends of whomever he lives with or dates at the moment. I bet he hung out with Ellen and her horse-riding buddies when they were together, and with Gina and her gym/boxing/MMA buddies when they were together, and now he’ll hang out with Kaley and her TV and horse-riding buddies.

  115. Ella says:

    Suddenly I really love Gina Carano and want her to be happy, and to turn up to future red carpet events looking spectacular. Team Gina!

  116. Maxine says:

    Timeline help please. . . . on Monday it’s reported that these two are a couple. Then Tuesday she gets her nails done, and then Wednesday they hike and shop? Or was that Tuesday as well. . . I’m confused? Nails, Hiking and shopping were on on the same day or some of this was Tuesday and some of this was Wednesday.

    Also why is her fourth nail on her left hand black – I don’t know her so is that a “thing” with her?

    • Noreen says:

      Apparently she did indeed do a few different things on one day and a couple different things on another day, and he was with her on 1 of those things each of the days…one day was the hike and the next day was the grocery store. That explains her being in different places and in different outfits. It seems that she was literally followed by paps from place-to-place on at least 2 of those days.

      I noticed her nails. too. She’s almost 28 years old and that thing with the nail polish seems very high-school. Not even college — HIGH SCHOOL. So does the way she dresses and does her hair. I tend to believe that most celebrities live in a perpetual state of arrested development because they start off in show-biz young and seem to sort of miss the normal things that teens do and so they end up having an extended teen life, often well into their 20′s. I don’t know this girl so I’m really, really not saying this to insult her, but she comes across as very. very high school to me…including the way she clutches on her very new boyfriend. Maybe I’m old-fashioned? I’ve never clutched onto a man like that only a week or two into our relationship. But when I was in high school girls clutched onto their boyfriends super fast (and most of the boys hated it, too–made them feel smothered).

      • Maxine says:

        By the way Noreen, I’m curious what you’ll think about her twitter picture from about 3 weeks ago where she’s staring at the superman poster. I don’t know her either but THAT definitely seems highschool to me. . . . would also love thoughts on this picture in the context of the timeline we’re working with. Were they already dating at this point? Did PR folks see this and think – THIS could work?

      • Noreen says:

        @ Maxine

        She’s silly and school-girlish. That’s what I think of the Tweet in the context of what we now know.

        Yes, I think they were in contact for several weeks leading up to, and through, his overseas MOS stuff. While he was with Gina.

        I am now about 99% of the belief that he was lining her up to replace Gina for several weeks before he went off for MOS. I very much believe the “insider gossip” that they met, exchanged numbers, exchanged flirty texts for a while, and that she was “giddy and nervous” not knowing if he was serious…until he returned from overseas and went straight for her.

        This is the only explanation for the timeline. And it’s a plausible explanation for why this normally private woman is suddenly not shy at all with being seen getting papped and kissing his arm and holding hands and all the rest. Because she wanted him for WEEKS and finally got him. Girl is beside herself.

        Don’t believe her sour faces in the pap photos. Girl is LOVING this.

      • Maxine says:

        Noreen – THANK YOU! You said what I wanted to say – - – all of it. That is all.

    • Downton fan says:

      Its called an “accent nail” do a google image search :)

    • lenje says:

      Having fun with nail colors doesn’t have anything to do with maturity.

      And as for the picture showing Ms Cuoco staring up to Man of Steel poster — I really don’t understand why everyone is convinced that it’s a clue of the beginning of their relationship. I think she was joking when tweeting the picture, you know, posting silly things.

      Whether the relationship is real or not, both parties can benefit from the attention. It’s silly for spectators to invest on their love lives, especially if no one is hurt by this (both are single, no children).

  117. Leah says:

    These photos are so lame, cheesy and fake. Also she looks into him, he looks as stiff as he does with every woman. He just doesnt have chemistry with any women. Tom Cruise 2.0 indeed.

  118. lisa says:

    i like her but her name is like a random grouping of scrabble tiles

  119. aquarius64 says:

    Judging from the comments here and other sites, the majority of the populous is not buying “Haley”. I think the PR gods not only didn’t hit the bullseye they missed the target completely. Somebody didn’t think this through.

  120. anet says:

    Way to go, Super Steak. Next time, try getting a gal that doesn’t look….as feigned as she does. She’s not a very good actor….for a try hard. Rediculous. NEVER going to see Man of Steel.

    His big, voluptuous hips say it all. B.T.W.

  121. Dollypars says:

    I wonder how many people here are familiar with Henry Cavill Cougars fanpage? In case your not familiar with them. They are mean and nasty women who trashed talked Henry’s ex-girlfriends from Ellen to Gina so I thought they are going to do the same with Kaley but to my surprise they stated on there HCcougars fanpage that they are not going to comment on Henry’s personal life anymore? Hmmm all of a sudden henry’s people are all protective of his private life which I find it odd cuz they didn’t do this with Ellen and for sure not with Gina?! I guess we don’t need to be genius to figure this all out… All his fanpage claimed they are not affiliated with henry but I think they are on payroll, including the cougars who I believe their job was to get rid of the girl that won’t help to advance henry’s career….Now they have to be nice to Kaley. Henry needs to win her 1.4 million followers on twitter….He used Ellen and Gina to gain popularity and now Kaley!… Job well done Henry!

  122. Kiki says:

    I love Kaley Cuoco, I reall do. But obviously Henry Cavill does not appreciate how truly hot he is. I think he is waaaaaaay out of her league. So maybe him dating her as a PR move does make more sense now.

  123. Joseph says:

    This pisses me off. Henry is sending the message that being gay is something shameful and should be hidden, a dangerous message to be sending to young people. No, Henry, lying about yourself and using other people is what is shameful.

  124. MT says:

    personally I dont think he’s gay. those old pics he’s like 18 & acting silly like most teens with their buds.
    I do however think he is doing this ram dating (girl to girl- a month apart–disappointing & not very classy) because he is insecure. he has already said he had issues with that. It appears “he thinks” part of his worth is measured by being with someone. why I have no idea!!!!
    This Coocoo girl is a step down if you ask me. i agre with someone above–looks like some agency is trying to bulk up her career. Sad that HC would be involved in that crap; if the case.