Gwyneth Paltrow: ‘We’re human & the sun is the sun – how can it be bad for you?’

Gwyneth Paltrow seems to have two new interviews this week, one with Good Housekeeping and one with Cosmo UK. It’s weird to me that Gwyneth is still giving interviews after her total media over-saturation for like three solid months while she promoted her cookbook and Iron Man 3. By the end of those dual publicity tours, I think even the most ardent Goop-supporters were totally over her. But still, Gwyneth doesn’t realize that she loses fans every time she opens her mouth. So let’s just enjoy these new little pearl drops of Goop:

Gwyneth on her best decision to date: “To marry my husband.”

Best achievement to date: “My children. I was really lucky to have two healthy children, and I enjoy the process of raising them and watching these amazing human beings start to come out and be themselves.”

Her best Saturday morning would be: “Sleeping in and then having a really lazy day with the family, cooking, laughing and hanging out.”

Her most treasured meal: “It was a meal out with my whole family. My dad was still alive and my grandparents were there, and we were visiting my brother who was at university in New Orleans.”

Smoking: “I smoke one cigarette a week. The girlfriends I smoke with know about it, but I would never do it in front of my kids.”

She doesn’t believe sunbathing is bad for you: “I don’t think anything that is natural can be bad for you. I try to get at least 15 minutes of sun a day… We’re human beings and the sun is the sun – how can it be bad for you?”

Botox: “I don’t like Botox. I think on some faces it works, but it’s when you can really see it that it starts to look fake. I think people look at tiny patches of their face and try to fix everything – they’ve lost the plot!”

Guilty pleasures: ”I love Starbucks; I’ll have a cappuccino. My guilty snack in the UK is cheese, and in America, things on buns: A lobster roll and French fries, or a turkey burger with cheese.”

[From Various Sources]

There are lots of “natural” things that are bad for you, so I don’t understand the argument of “the sun is natural, natural things are always fine!” I mean, I sort of agree with her about the sun too, but I don’t have a family history of skin cancer either, so I’m not going out there, trying to convince people to follow my lead. But you reach a certain age, and you should be wearing sunscreen and you should stop sunbathing too, but I guess Gwyneth thinks those kind of rules are just for peasants. Plus, Goop needs all of the Vitamin D she can get (for real).

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  1. Maria says:

    15 minutes a day is not bad at all, especially if it’s in the early evening/late afternoon, anything more than that definitely requires sunscreen.

    I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I can see what she means (pray for me).

    I still loathe her ._.

    • Liv says:

      I kind of agree with her, too.

      You have to be careful when sunbathing, but I don’t stop doing it just because everyone freaks out about being young. I use sunscreen for my face every day though, even in winter.

      • Jo says:

        I’m the same way. I wear sunscreen on my face all year, rain or shine, and it does wonders for my complexion. I do wear sunscreen on my entire body when I’m in a bathing suit and exposed to the sun for a long period of time. Black doesn’t crack but it definitely peels!

    • chaser says:

      I’m with you. Dislike her immensely but I actually agree with humans needing a litte sun (and I’m a pale arse from oz).

      And yep, she sad 15 mins and she didn’t include the term sunbathing.

      • Sabrine says:

        She is talking about 15 minutes in the sun a day and I think she’s right. You need some sunlight. Her comments seem fine to me, nothing over the top.

        One cigarette a week though doesn’t sound good at all. You’re still tied to the unhealthy habit, even with one a week. If you’re thinking about it, wanting it, then give it up.

    • balehead2012 says:

      I agree with her about the sun, I don’t see anything bad with what she said. Vitamin D really is good for you. She did say 15 minutes of sun, so I don’t see the problem with that. I find the other quotes OK, too.

      I don’t loathe her and I don’t especially like her either :) I just don’t think we have to criticize her for every little thing she says.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I agree! As much as Gwynnie makes me roll my eyes, she sort of has a point about the sun. We need it for Vitamin D production and – while I don’t sunbathe the way that I used to – I don’t run and hide from it either.

      Everything in moderation, basically.

    • Turtle Dove says:

      The sun is an excellent source of viatamin D and helps with the absorption of iron, which, as Kaiser noted, she needs. Goopie needs to take some K2 with that as well.

      Paging Dr. Goop. Not everyone can tolerate the sun. To blankly state that the sun isn’t bad for you is dumb logic.

      • Charlotte says:

        Yep, we need vitamin D for sure, but as noted, there are better times for the sun. I’ll go out in it in late afternoon for a spell, but I’m allergic (I have an albinism) and have to be very careful. Blanket statements are fine when you’re a ‘nobody’ but you do need to be a bit more guarded when you’re a public figure. Not that I know anyone who would take advice from Goop.

      • DEB says:

        Turtle Dove, you are so profoundly and woefully ignorant. Read up, woman!!

    • SW says:

      I agree with he 15 minutes thig too. She can be so full of it, but once in while she actually gives good advice! Lol

    • Kelly says:

      Oh Maria, I said a prayer AND lit a candle.

    • Side-Eye says:

      I think people have a habit of tearing Gwen apart too much on this site at the drop of a hat, but I do agree with her. (Also…is is bad that everytime I hear stories like this about people not being able to be out in the sun, I check my melanin privilege? I’m quite dark-skinned.)

      • A says:

        Dark skinned people need to protect their skin against sun damage too.
        We are not immune to skin cancer, wrinkles (but mostly sagging) and hyper pigmentation is no fun.
        In many ways our skin is very sensitive, even more so than others because many of us think our skin protects us against the suns damage.
        Skin cancer is very common among those with darker skin for this very reason.

      • LAK says:

        My siblings and i are various shades of dark, from Halle Berry shade to Noami Campbell shade, and we all burn in the sun if we don’t have sunscreen on. We also get heat rashes despite the sunscreen.

        I’m inclined to think there is more to sun/skin sensitivity than good old melanin [or lack there of].

    • Babalon says:


      15-20 minutes a day over 20% of your body in mild sunshine is beneficial. You need that Vitamin D for so many reasons.

      But she obvi needs someone to explain the ozone layer (or lack thereof) to her.

      She sounds like a simpleton. Girl. Just. Stop.

      • ncmagnolia says:

        Agreed. I am vitamin D deficient and I live in a part of the country where searing heat is unavoidable. I wear sunscreen, but my body needs the rays, medically speaking.

        What to do? I get 15-20 minutes per day just watering my patio plants. Goop may be right, but I must agree with the rest of you. Simpleton in every other way.

      • MyCatLoves TV says:

        Thank you! I was reading to see when *somebody* would happen to mention that the ozone of 2013 is quite a bit different than it was when our caveman ancestors were doing their thing under the natural sun. I have loved being tan since I was a kid but I don’t consider it a good idea whatsoever. It is a choice I make and the consequences are mine as well.

    • SheilaSheilaSheila says:

      Her armchair nutritional and medical advice is dangerous. How can the sun be bad for you? That’s a lousy statement to put out in public. Ask my friend who’s in his 20′s and has gone through horrific, painful, potentially lethal treatments for metastatic melanoma. Ask scientists who study the depleted ozone layer. She needs to be more accountable, given the amount of publicity her asinine pseudo-science statements receive.

      • Emily C. says:


        People need to look at what she actually said. She said the sun can’t be bad for you because nothing natural can be bad for you. Let’s stop pretending that this woman has two little grey cells in her head to rub together.

      • Joy says:

        Yeah I agree the take away from it is oh the sun isn’t bad for you. Personally 15 minutes and I’m already burned. I realize as a pale non freckled ginger I’m in the ghostly minority but I will continue to cover myself in sunscreen

      • L says:

        Yea, considering skin cancer is on the risen women under 40, she needs to sit down and stfu.

        All natural is all good. Whatever. Icahn give her about a hundred ways something natural can be bad for you

      • Leen says:

        She could have been more specific of when to go out in the sun (before 10am and after 4pm, because the rays are most dangerous between that time frame). I have vitamin D deficiency and Doctors have all said that all need 15-20 mins in the sunshine. Actually a significant amount of the population is Vitamin D deficient because of precautions and whatnot and that’s not great in the long run (lack of vitamin D contributes to low iron production and anxiety issues).
        Everything on earth can be good and bad for you. Drinking water in excess after strenuous exercise can cause an imbalance in potssium and sodium production and yes can even kill you.
        I’m not a fan of goop, but for once I’m not going to rag on her for the sun comment.

    • SheilaSheilaSheila says:

      Double post! Sorry.

    • Paula says:

      Most people get plenty of sun/vitamin d without seeking it out. If you have a deficiency, you’d know. Natural is better? What an absolutely ignorant and BS thing to say. Arsenic is natural. God. I cannot roll my eyes enough at this woman.

    • Nina W says:

      She just can’t help sounding pretentious, can she? She should emphasize how important it is to protect your skin from excessive sun exposure regardless of skin tone or type. Children especially need to be protected. People should wear sun screen and hats and not lay about naked baking in the sun.

    • cocomama419 says:


      I abhor the idea of agreeing with Goopy in anyway. But people are putting words in her mouth.

      There’s a big difference between 15 minutes of vitamin D enriched sunshine and oiling up on a lawn chair and cooking like a rotisserie chicken for hours.

      • SheilaSheilaSheila says:

        “I don’t think anything that is natural can be bad for you. I try to get AT LEAST 15 minutes of sun a day… We’re human beings and the sun is the sun – how can it be bad for you?”

        Not to quibble over various interpretations of The Goop’s dumb quotes, but I feel strongly that no one is putting words in her mouth. I did add caps in the above quote, though.

        Her comments are reckless. I’m a light-skinned, freckly, strawberry blonde and I scorch like an unhappy lobster in the direct sunlight. I take vitamin D supplements & special order all-natural sunscreen, because most store brands give me tiny, itchy, raspberry-colored hives on my face. Not a good look.

        Skin cancer treatment is crazy-painful, scary, financially-depleting and deadly. I have friends in their twenties and thirties who’ve gone through hell to rid themselves of melanoma.

        Natural clearly does not automatically equal good for you. We f’ed up the ozone layer and now the sun’s rays damage us even more quickly than generations past. I hope The Goop never takes her kids hiking. Don’t eat berries from a poisonous plant. Don’t substitute poison ivy for toilet paper. Don’t hang out with venomous snakes. And for heaven’s sake, protect yourself from the sun.

      • SheilaSheilaSheila says:

        Also, there’s one response to counter 90% of the horsesh*t medical & nutritional advice she gives: SCIENCE.

  2. brin says:

    Please stop talking…you sound idiotic.

    • just me says:

      she does sound idiotic..especially the b.s. about smoking one cigarette a week and that the girlfriends she smokes with know about it. huh???? no one cares if you smoke so just own up to it and stop making it so juvenile sounding.

      • Angie says:

        Does this idiot have even one fan? I despise her and all the stupid things she says. The part about smoking one cigarette a day… Who cares and so what if her girlfriends do or do not know. Many woman in Hollywood smoke as a way to keep their weight down.

  3. marie says:

    oh honey, you’re an idiot.. sun poisoning is a very real, very painful thing. I’m pastey, almost translucent and continued sun exposure is very harmful for my skin. every time I go to my dermatologist they’re removing one mole or another. I still go out but I have to lather on the lotion. (I can get lobster red in under 20 minutes)

    • Erinn says:

      I’m in a similar boat. I’m super pale -Irish/Scottish heritage (both parents grandmothers were directly from Ireland/Scotland).

      I actually get a horrrriiibbblllleee reaction when I get out in the sun. I guess it’s a sun allergy – not professionally diagnosed (never saw a derm about it) though my Dr. does believe it could be that. I end up breaking out in weird itchy, painful hives. I also burn up super quick.

      And with an aunt with skin cancer, I’m not about to go sunbathing unless I’m incredibly shielded with sunscreen and reasonable clothing. It sucks because I spend all week in the office and I like to get out in the fresh air on the weekends.

      • Lucy says:

        I agree, in general I think the sun is super harmful if you’re out laying around for hours on end sunbathing, if you’re popping into the grocery store or something like that the 5 minute exposure won’t kill you. It also does depend a lot on your skin and genetics. My husband is Cuban and he can lay around on the beach and nothing will happen to him whereas I’m Eastern European (Romanian) and after 10 minutes I look like a lobster, people from Africa, South America and the Caribbean have different genes that make them more tolerant to the sun

      • Nina W says:

        Even people with darker skin have to protect themselves from the sun nowadays, pollution means more harmful rays hit our skin. Everyone should wear sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc. you can still be in the sun but protect yourself even if you tan beautifully.

  4. kibbles says:

    Gawd. She’s an idiot who lives an unhealthy lifestyle of smoking, sunbathing, snobbery, and starvation. No one should be looking up to her for diet, exercise, or lifestyle advice.

  5. spugzbunny says:

    1 cigarette a week? You crazy Goop

    • c'est la vie says:

      It goes along with her daughter’s one coke a week rule.

      They really live life on the edge in that houehold.

      And since she smokes, can’t the kid have a little more leeway, considering how bad smoking is for you.
      How about two cokes per week?

    • mandalala says:

      If she used to smoke, I don’t see how she could do that. It’s so hard to quit, so so hard. Just having them around is hard. I’ll bet she smokes more than that, and says this, so when she does get caught, she can be all, “oh this was just my one for the week. This week!”

      • Thiajoka says:

        I think you’re right. As an off-and-on-again smoker, it’s just best to not have them around at all. And if you’ve beat the habit so much as to only need or want one a week, why indulge that? It seems silly to have one ciggie a week if you’re not really addicted to nicotine.

        Totally think she smokes way more than that.

    • erika says:

      crazy? nope, but i’m sensing her problem is some off-set to Tourettes syndrome, she just can’t SHUT UP!!!

      note to journalists: STOP asking her questions, esp anything related to breathing/being alive.

      she is BS 100% – now she’s spouting about her naughty habits (you know, the naughty stuff us pheasants over indulge in everyday) and how for some reason, it’s NOT bad for her?

      1 cig a week? BULLS*t!!! nobody who smokes at ALL has ONE CIG A WEEK!

      NOW she eats carbs (buns), cheese and pop? wtf!?!? i was told by her to collect all those food items and burn them at the stake!


      and P.s.- you DON’T look all that great for 40 something, you’re boney, frail, weak hair, too thin and an obnoxious bitch to top it all off

  6. Tapioca says:

    Well, on the one hand we DO need a certain about of sun exposure to produce vitamin D – in the cloudy, overcast UK we have an increasing problem of black and arabic communities (especially muslim women wearing the hijab) being deficient – but on the other she’s a woman with armpit drapes, so take advice from her at your own peril!

    • AfroLondongirl says:

      Really? What evidence do you have for that? I’m off to Google to do some research. I’m British and have never heard of such a report or finding.

    • michkabibbles says:

      i can understand that women in hijab can have vitamin d deficiensies, but why people with dark skin in general? even on cloudy days they’re absorbing vitamin d when they’re outside. people of color tan just like whitey whites (i’m a whitey white with a chronic vitamin d deficiency from use of sunscreen).

      • Poink517 says:

        I’ve heard that lighter-skinned people absorb vitamin D from the sun faster than those with dark skin. It makes sense, if you think about it, from an evolutionary standpoint – people from regions further from the equator (places where te sun is less strong) tend to have lighter skin. Now, I haven’t read this in a scientific journal or anything, and I’m not an expert, but it does make sense. So I could see where people with darker skin living in Britain could have trouble absorbing vitamin D – the sun may not be strong enough for their skin type.

      • Kelly says:

        As you get older, yuck, your body does not absorb Vitamin D as well. I was prescribed Vitamin D by my doctor, and within a couple of weeks my knee joints didn’t bother me.

        It’s a good thing to take with regular Vitamins especially if you use a lot of sunscreen.

      • LAK says:

        Poink517 – It may make sense, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

        The amount of Melanin in your skin does not stop skin function like ability to make Vitamin D unless you block the skin’s ability to do so by putting a barrier between the skin and the sun’s rays eg clothing or sunscreen.

        If increased melanin stopped Vitamin D skin function, there would be a permanent epidemic [or threat of the same] of Rickets and or Osteoporosis in the darker skinned races.

      • Leen says:

        It’s weird I agree. I’m Middle Eastern and when I moved to England, I became vitamin D deficient… So there’s that. Although I did take advantage of the sun wherever I went. Mind you in England I was RARELY exposed to full on normal sun. I was in the north, where the sun set at 4pm in winters and i was always covered up (it’s damn cold there), with my umbrella (rain), and whatnot. Only time I wasn’t when that one week of beautiful sunshine popped in summer. So there’s that. =/

        This is my own speculation but I think darker-skinned people are used to more sunshine and thus don’t absorb as much Vitamin D as light skinned people. Thus it’s always a shock when they move to a country where you barely are exposed to the sun. I mean I’ll be honest I never EVER went outside without my coat+umbrella+hat in England during autumn-winter-spring (and even summer), so not sure when I would have been exposed to the sun as I usually do in the Middle East.

  7. Jaded says:

    She probably has one f*ck a week too.

  8. Faye says:

    You only need to look at her skin to see what’s wrong with being in the sun (unprotected). Besides, she looks like she spends more than 15 minutes a day in the sun, and you can get Vitamin D from vegetables and supplements.

    I always enjoy guessing which Gwyneth we will see in interviews. This time it was homebody wife/mother Gwyneth, I see.

  9. allons-y alonso says:

    Oh, Goopy! Come down to Australia, stand in the sun for 15 minutes on a hot summer day and then get back to me.

  10. Faye says:

    Just had to add – I had to laugh at Gwyneth and her smoking friends, and Gwyneth’s “never in front of your kids.” I’ve met parents like that before, and it never fails to amuse me. Even as a teenage nanny I could have told her not to bother. Kids always know what you’re up to. Especially with something like smoking where they can smell it on you. Don’t be surprised when they take it up on the sly too.

  11. Carol says:

    My doctor wants me out in the sun, with sunscreen, 15 minutes a day to get vitamin C. She says everyone in our area is deficient, and we don’t absorb it from supplements as well. I don’t see the problem here.

    • SamiHami says:

      Your doctor probably said vitamin D, not C. But it is true that there is a silent epidemic of vitamin D deficiency especially among women. A few minutes a day in the sun, with sunscreen is undoubtedly good for you. But excessive time in the sun, or not using sunscreen? Not good.

    • Lucrezia says:

      Sunscreen blocks UV-B rays. UV-B rays are what stimulate vitamin D production. Did you mean without sunscreen? If not, your doctor is an idiot … slathering on the sunscreen and then going outside for 15 minutes would do absolutely nothing.

      Edit: wait, I just realised I was assuming you’re somewhere cloudy. Sunscreen doesn’t block all UV, so if it’s ridiculously sunny (e.g., midday in an Australian summer) 15 minutes in the sun WITH sunscreen might be enough.

  12. MissMoody says:

    Those 4th of July pictures of GOOP out with her hubs can’t be doing Tracy Anderson any favours. G’s bum is nonexistant! And after all that talk about how perfect it is thanks to the Anderson Method *eyeroll* If that’s what my behind is going to look like with Tracy, then I’ll stick to YouTubing random (free!) workout vids after my weekly visit to McDonalds thank you very much

  13. LadyL says:

    Sunscreen doesn’t interfere with the production of vitamin D. But then again ,why would this shallow know-it-all know anything.

  14. Lucy2 says:

    Vitamin D good. Skin cancer and sun damage bad.
    I think I get what she’s trying to say, but as per her usual, she doesn’t say it well.

  15. It'sjustBlanche says:

    I’ve worn sunblock my entire life and I’m 48 and don’t have any lines on my face. My boss actually accused me of having a facelift. Sunblock really can work wonders.

    Oh and a little retin a helps too.

    • lana86 says:

      great for u! how much SPF do u use? and what age did u start?

      • It'sjustBlanche says:

        Really young and the highest SPF I could find. Keep in mind that thirty years ago it wasn’t as good as it is today. Younger women can probably do a lot better. I got called “nurse legs” a lot because I lived on Florida but everyone I grew up with is wrinkled now so I guess i can deal with the “horror” of being pale.

      • Amelia says:

        I’m a big sunscreen user, too, every day on my face, even in winter. Anything with a stated SPF over 50 is a waste of money. And if you’re trying to protect against age spots or melasma, you need a sun block, like zinc oxide in it, as opposed to a sun screen. Oil of Olay makes a great daily moisturizer my derm recommended with zinc oxide in it. Smooth as silk, doesn’t clog pores and totally blocks sun.
        I’m sure Goop wouldn’t like it because its around $15 at CVS or Walgreens as opposed to $200 in France.

  16. DanaG says:

    It depends on when that 15 minutes a day is if it’s summer in the middle of the day no. And sunscreen should be used from babies up the damage happens when you are kids and just continues to get worse if you keep sunbathing without sunscreen. Sunbeds are just as bad a young girl in her twenties thought it was a better option and ended up with a melonoma and died before she was 25! Everything is fine in moderation something Gweneth hasn’t done when you look at her skin. Of course her kids know she smokes if they didn’t they do now. LOL

  17. SamiHami says:

    She thinks that nothing natural can be bad for you? I can think of a number of poisonous plants that would kill if ingested. Bee stings are natural, too. If you’re lucky they are just a bit painful, but if you’re not they can be deadly. I certainly consider that “bad for you.” Natural does not always equal healthy.

    She really should learn to think before she speaks.

  18. Jennifer12 says:

    I slather myself with SPF before I even crack a window open and do the same with my kids. I don’t like the sun, but I make sure to be covered before I go out.

  19. pao la says:

    Is she for fuc*ing real?
    natural things are always good?
    Ask Madame Curie if Radon was good to hang out with? Or see if you like having skin cancer because the sun is so good?
    I just can’t with this woman. she just makes the most stupid statements ever and she’s not even funny. I think she just wants to have reactions off people and i don’t even know why i’m writing a post about her since i really can’t with her.

  20. Micki says:

    15 min in the sun doesn’t sound that bad. And I don’t think she does it at noon either. Don’t get the outrage.
    She “had to” specify WHEN to do it and what kind of skin products to apply so that there’s no outcry.
    People who hide too much can end with Rachitis and used to in the past when there were no Vit. D pills.

  21. Lorif757 says:

    Right, because those poison mushrooms that grow naturally in the woods are actually good for you.

  22. Thora says:

    There are no safe levels of smoking. Why take the risk for one lousy cigarette a week?

  23. Bird says:

    I think 15 minutes of sun a day is a great idea, but I also like Gwyneth, so my judgment is obviously impaired.

  24. hi says:

    i guess she’s never heard of melanoma

  25. lisa says:

    based on her leathery skin, she hasnt been stopping after 15 min

    • mimi says:

      Judging by her skin, I would have imaged she would figured it out by now that she should STAY AWAY from the sun.

      Perhaps if we all ruin our skin, and age prematurely, she would not feel bad about it. Her comments are odd at best.

  26. fabgrrl says:

    Well sure 15 minutes are fine, probably necessary, in many cases. But her “sun is the sun” statement is idiotic.

  27. Rey says:

    That may be well and good in England sweetheart but move to Australia the skin cancer Capitol of the world and then tell me how not bad for you it is!

  28. Jayna says:

    They say you should get 15 minutes of sun a day for Vitamin D and I thought I read without sunscreen for that 15 minutes. I will have to research that. And also some sun a day is good for you depressionwise. Think of the people with SAD in gloomier areas.

    She’s not wrong. It’s laying out like Jen Aniston consistently for years and baking in the sun hour after hour now in her forties that ages you and I would imagine puts you at risk for skin cancer, even slapping on some sunscreen every so often during the day, which comes off if not reapplying.

  29. Mercy says:

    (their=)Marriage over in 5,4,3,2….EXECUTE!!

  30. Itwillrain says:

    After a certain age (maybe post-40?) your body doesn’t work as efficiently to produce the vitamin D with sun exposure. At that point you should look into supplementation. It would be best to get your vitamin D level tested first, but beware insurance companies don’t usually cover it without the doctor providing a diagnosis code to justify it, and it’s an expensive test.

  31. junegorilla says:

    “At University”? Really? I hope that you and Madonna brush up your phony accents and slang ’til they are spot on! Asshole. She is an asshole.

  32. catt says:

    I bet it is one cigarette a day not a week. And even that would be hard!

  33. Lassie says:

    She is sliding down Donatells Versache look alike territory. Plus, deep hot oil condition that straw on your head, Goopy. Looking a little haggard.

  34. Cora says:

    Apparently, Goop hasn’t heard about the ozone layer – it’s depleting. Hence, more harmful rays are getting through to our skin than ever before. The sun is a lot more dangerous than it used to be. The sun may be “natural” but thanks to human recklessness, our “natural” ozone protection has weakened. Now those oh-so-natural harmful rays are getting through at higher rates than they should.

  35. ahhd says:

    I think she a line of sunscreen,supergoop im sure i saw that somewhere.

  36. Sumodo1 says:

    Kaiser, thank you for the Goop Report. It made my day!

  37. Nicolette says:

    The sun feels much stronger than it used to. I could be out for hours tanning years ago, and it seemed the best time to get sun was between noon and about two. Now I get a tan walking down the street within much less time, 15-30 minutes, and at any time of the day that the sun is out. A friend of mine has a really nice tan just from her walk to work.

    I have a fair complexion, and burning has always been the painful road to tanning for me. Fell asleep in the sun in my teens and had second degree burns on my face, talk about painful! I take being in the sun very seriously, and allow a little time for tanning and then get out the sunblock. I especially use it for my kids.

    My hubby has a darker complexion and always just tanned really nice. He got his first really bad sunburn about a week ago. He never had to use sunscreen and kind of blew me off when I said he should, now after suffering through that, I think he’ll listen next time.

    Goopy probably never has been through a bad burn or I doubt she’d say that. Irregardless, I wish she would just shut it already.

  38. Mingy says:

    LOL @ her craving for cheese in the UK..and America it’s burgers…I guess America has no cheese and UK has no burgers?!

  39. Ginger says:

    I have bipolar disorder and my doctor actually told me to get out of the office on work days and walk on my breaks. I do this every work day, twice a day. On my days off I walk the dog very early in the morning because it’s too hot in the afternoon and evening (in the Summer anyway). My doctor is really into cancer screening as well so for him to endorse a little bit of sun exposure for me as an antidote to depressive episodes says a lot. I don’t agree with Gwyneth one hundred percent, I do think the sun is bad for your skin and causes skin cancer. BUT if you wear sunscreen and a hat, all of that happy stuff one should be fine.

  40. UsedToBeLulu says:

    Humans evolved to need sun, and we have (usually) very efficient adaptations to avoid over exposure. Sun exposure is so important, that people in colder climates have lighter skin so they can absorb it faster. There is nothing wrong with the context of what she said, and there is no reason to only start protecting skin as you grow older. In fact, older people need the sun even more than younger as their ability to absorb vitamin D from foods decreases with age.

  41. OriginallyBlue says:

    Why did I think she was an only child?

  42. Glaughy says:

    Cue all the people on here saying they/their mom/their neighbour is Gwenyth’s age and has way better skin than her…

  43. Photo JoJo says:

    Hi GOOP,

    I got malignant melanoma at 37, after dousing myself in sunscreen nearly every day. This is why the sun (a giant ball of radiation) is not good for you.


    • Ravensdaughter says:

      I’m with you. I had a mole taken off my back when I was 35-malignant melanoma. If not for the wisdom of a woman’s health doctor, things could have been much worse. |
      Apparently the number of diagnoses of MM is going up, but the cancer is getting caught very early because people are aware of what to look for and do try to avoid the sun now-not so as recently as 20 yrs ago.
      It irritates me to no end when celebs make pronouncements about things they know nothing about. I hope people listening to her (and hopefully NOT buying her nutrition books) see her for the self absorbed flake she is.

  44. antisocial says:

    I don’t care if its 2 sea shells tied with seaweed, natural or not could she please invest in a bra?

  45. Stef Leppard says:

    “…at university in New Orleans.”

    Why does she pretend to be British? Why?

    • MorganM says:

      Because she thinks it is posh. Which actually makes her seem lower class, if you think about it. People who are really secure about their origins don’t pretend to be something else. Gwyneth is American whether she likes it or not. So is Madonna.

  46. Mia says:

    15 minutes is actually the amount needed to get your full dose of vitamin D. Granted all of your skin doesn’t need to be unprotected for that, just a small patch. I don’t think there was anything wrong with that statement. I personally find just a little time in the sun completely recharging.

  47. MorganM says:

    Her face looks….very different, all of a sudden. What happened?

  48. Jenn says:

    I agree about the sunshine, if nothing else a walk in the park, or just sitting in the backyard gets the Vit D. I let the dogs run around during this time.

    This is about all Gwen and I (and my own doctor) agree on, because she’s a little cookoo.

  49. Maum says:

    Re this ‘in the cloudy, overcast UK we have an increasing problem of black and arabic communities (especially muslim women wearing the hijab) being deficient – but on the other she’s a woman with armpit drapes, so take advice from her at your own peril!’

    A v pale skinned friend of mine is married to a man from the Middle-East (Jordan). Her son (4) has recently been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency.
    He plays in the garden outside but now has to take supplements etc but a Vitamin D rich diet.

  50. Emily C. says:

    Family history of skin cancer or no, everyone is capable of reading the science behind things. And the idea that nothing “natural” can be bad for you — jeez. Could she be any more willfully ignorant? Go roll around in some poison oak, Goop.

    Gwyneth Paltrow is so incredibly stupid. Every time she opens her mouth, she says something even stupider. It’s kind of amazing.

  51. Ag says:

    Oh, Goop. Read something once in a while that isn’t your own website. Then you’ll understand things.

  52. sassykassie says:

    Nothing’s that’s natural can be bad for us? Poisonous berries, mushrooms, radiation, snake venom… yep, they’re natural so they must be good for us! What a moron!

  53. Mew says:

    Yeah the sun is there. It doesn’t mean it wouldn’t or couldn’t be harmful. It also depends a lot of the skin. Better not overdo (or underdo) anything in life. Anyway, pretty meh interview.

  54. Jane says:

    I would not take advice on skincare from her of all people. Her skin and hair look horrible, but I guess her diet contributes to that as much as the sun exposure.

    Goop, girl, you are talking to the wrong people.

  55. Lia says:

    Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, lightning, etc. All natural. All not good for you. Just because the earth and / or its surrounding celestial bodies put something out there, it doesn’t mean it’s good for the life on the planet. How did she become such a flaming twit? Didn’t she have the best education money could buy?

  56. mimi says:

    Her remarks are not just problematic, and silly, they could actually bring people to cause damage to themselves.

    Sunbathing is why so many people have damaged skin, pigmentation, pre-mature aging, spots and other skin problems, it could cause skin cancer of course.

    The damage that can be causes nowadays from sun exposure is much worst than 10 and 20 years ago and sun screen is not as effective as covering up with long sleeves and a hat.

    People should really avoid the sun. Period.

    I am not sure if she checks the appearance of her skin every now and then, but she should be the first to recognize how sun exposure aged her, and made her skin looks pretty crappy.

    I know women who religiously avoided the sun, including covering up in the summer and wearing a hat everywhere: their skin is flawless, they look 10 years younger than their age and their skin is milky and gorgeous in texture.

    If more women thought about it in their 20s and 30s, they would not NEED to consider botox and all the rest, because they would have preserved their skin in a much much better shape.

    All those Hollywood actresses, except for Scar-Jo and perhaps one or two, have terrible skin, because they think tanning makes them cool and makes them look prettier.

    Well, by the time they reach 32 years of age, their cleavage looks like a 40 years old woman, and their faces are beginning to looks so much older.

  57. tmbg says:

    They make a certain type of chemo from the bark of the Yew tree. And hey, Cobra venom is natural too!

    I don’t think 15 minutes in late afternoon sun is horrible, but it’s not for me. Every time I feel the rays hit my face, I keep thinking of all of the damage it’s doing. I take a really good multi-vitamin that is expensive, but as of my last bloodwork, my vitamin D levels were normal which was a shock because I don’t go in the sun. I hate summer and would prefer to live in a cool, dark place until summer’s over. :P

    Pale, translucent people like me never turn a nice shade of tan anyway. We just get lobster-like.

    As for GP, I think the smoking is taking its toll on her skin. She smoked regularly for a few years and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s still doing it daily and not once a week. For all of the exercise and supposed healthy eating she does, her face doesn’t really glow. I don’t know what J. Lo does, but she is on the right track because even without makeup her skin is always smooth and glow-y.

  58. Matty strom says:

    Well I guess she’ ll end up with skin or lung cancer. Nice condition(s) to add to her other problems such as brittle bones, vitamin deficits et cetera.
    Sadly enough a lobotomy wouldn’ t help her since there’s nothing to operate on.

  59. Hannah says:

    Ha just as I read this the radio in the background announced an important government PSA re number of skin cancers this year here, how bad sun is for you and to wear sunscreen.

    It’s literally the first day of sun we have had in months.

  60. d b says:

    I agree with her about the sun — a few minutes’ exposure daily is good — the human body is designed to produce vitamin d. Supplements are ok, but certainly not a substitute. I hate that sun exposure has been demonized to the point that people are afraid of it. Wear sunscreen and get out there.

  61. moon says:

    Next Goop featurette: How to Grow a Brain, the 100% organic vegan way

  62. L.E. says:

    Poison ivy. Poison ivy is all natural (with no added preservatives)and it is still bad for you.

  63. Mimi says:

    Hey what ever happened to that thing on her face? You know…it was like a pink bubble somewhere on her forehead I think

  64. Meanchick says:

    As bad as that outfit in the first pic.

  65. magpie says:

    She’s been smoking for years, I don’t believe the 1 a week thing at all.

  66. xxx says:

    Yeah I live in Australia where we have some of the strongest sunshine in the world and huge campaigns about covering up – “Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide” or: “Slip on a shirt, Slop on the 30+ sunscreen, Slap on a hat, Seek shade or shelter, Slide on some sunnies.”

    HOWEVER, recent research has shown that some of us have gone overboard with this and are now Vitamin D deficient. Which is crazy in such a sunny country. They recommend at least 10-15 minutes a day in the sun, without sunscreen. And that’s only if you fit a bunch of requirements, some locations and people need longer.

    So, no shade for this particular comment.