Damien Lewis, Claire Danes kind of hate each other on the set of ‘Homeland’ now

Did you know there are some Homeland fans who believe that Damian Lewis (married!) and Claire Danes (married!) were having some kind of torrid affair as they worked on the show? If they weren’t both married to other people, I might think it was happening, just because they really do have so much chemistry together. Although, I have to give a lot of credit for that chemistry to Damian – he’s had chemistry with all of his leading ladies, from what I’ve seen. (Sigh… I was a shipper for Damian and Sarah Shahi when they did Life together!)

As for Damian and Claire’s on-and-off screen chemistry, Damian even joked about it at the Emmys last year, just after both he and Claire had won their respective lead actor trophies. Damian jokingly told reporters backstage that he and Claire were “going to go away to a romantic island together, just for the weekend. When that baby is a ginger, you guys are going to have a field day.” I really do take it as a joke – I mean, come on! Would Claire really get pregnant with Damian’s baby?! WOULD SHE?! But the Enquirer says that now that Claire has gotten that baby out of her, she and Damian no longer have their explosive (double-entendre!) chemistry. BEWARE – there might be some minor spoilers in this story:

Claire Danes and Damian Lewis play star-crossed lovers on “Homeland” but the real-life chemistry between them seems to have fizzled out completely. The tension between Claire and Damian is evident as the series shoots its third season on location in North Carolina.

“Claire and Damian really got along for most of the first two seasons, but lately they seem to get on each other’s nerves – and then some,” a source confided.

The new season opens during a global manhunt for Brody, who swears he had nothing to do with the terror attack. Lewis has already hinted that this will probably be the last season for his character. Behind the scenes, a lot has changed for Claire in recent months. She and Hugh Dancy welcomed their first child, son Cyrus, in December, and she’s not trying to juggle work with motherhood.

“As a first-time mom, she’s understandably stressed out,” noted a friend. “She basically just wants to get her scenes done and get back to little Cyrus. But Damian is very light-hearted, always joking around with the film crew and getting his picture taken with the locals when they’re on location. And that’s caused a lot of friction between him and Claire.”

Producers are hoping the bad blood doesn’t cause a distraction on the set, and they’re relieved the third season’s story lines will keep their characters far apart.

“It’s ironic- a lot of people fell in love with ‘Homeland’ because of the amazing chemistry Claire and Damian have on-camera. Maybe it’s good they aren’t working together much this season, because that chemistry is in short supply now.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

I think if you just look at this report at face value – that Claire is more interested in being a mom right now – it makes sense. It’s less about whatever chemistry she and Damian have and more about her trying to juggle motherhood and this physically and emotionally demanding Homeland role.

As for the SPOILERS… is Brody/Damian Lewis really leaving after this season? I think I’ve heard that rumor before, and while I think it might make sense within the story to kill off Brody at some point, it seems like the wrong thing to do for the longevity and structure of the show. Although I’m still waiting to see how they explain all of the shenanigans last season. I do believe the conspiracy theory that Abu Nazir always meant to be caught, that he entrusted his organization to Brody and that Brody was just play-acting his angst and crisis for Carrie so she would protect him. I will say this though – I’m pretty much “over” Brody’s whole family at this point. I don’t care that much about Dana anymore, and if WhatsHerFace wants to get with Brody’s BFF, so be it, just let them go away together with the kids. Just leave me Brody, Saul, Carrie and OMG, I really, really hope that Rupert Friend is coming back. I LOVE HIM.

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  1. GoldenState says:

    All I know is that Claire Danes cheated on Ben Lee…..which means I hate her. And her movies are banned from being shown in the Philippines because of her disparaging remarks about Manila to the press. American idiot.

  2. MissMoody says:

    Claire Danes has always struck me as one of those actors that believes that acting is some elevated art form that only the gifted partake in to enrich the world around them and uplift the common man. Like, your playing dress up. As for the show, if I never see another member of Brody’s fam again, happy days but I assume they will play a big part re: how they handle the repercussions of Brody’s suicide vid. Whatever. Just give me lots of Saul and I’ll be glued to my couch

    • Myrto says:

      At this point, I’m ony planning to watch Homeland for Saul.
      The wole Carrie/Brody relationship horrifies me and Brody’s family bores me to death.
      I’m glad they intend to kill off Brody in the third season because that wouldn’t be realistic for him to still be alive after 5 seasons.

      • littlestar says:

        Do you think the show can make it to season 5? Season 1 was amazing, so was season 2 (although maybe a tad bit over the top). It’ll be interesting to see how season 3 plays out. But after that, where can they take the show? Can they keep it up, the non-stop action and cliff-hangers? I LOVE this show like crazy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it only lasted one season more after season 3.

        Side note: It’s funny that the lead actors of my two favourite shows are married to each other in real life (Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy from Hannibal).

      • MissMoody says:

        @ littlestar. I share your concerns about the longevity of Homeland but I feel pretty confident that they can expand the story, so to speak, and run with that. For example, they could follow the formula that the Killing is using now whereby the lead actors remain season to season but they focus on a different (murder) case. As long as Carrie and Saul are still around and still working for the CIA, they can play around with the Big Bad. It’s certainly possible and a good way to go but whether the show can successfully make that transition remains to be seen

      • Myrto says:

        @littlestar: in an ideal world, American shows would know when to stop and wouldn’t drag things on forever. I think the show should have ended after two seasons already (or at most that a third season should be the last one), like the Israeli tv show it’s based on, but just because they run out of stories doesn’t mean they’ll end the show, as long as it’s successful.*sigh*

    • Maya says:

      There’s nothing wrong with an actor seeing their job as something more than just “playing dress up”. Acting IS an art form, and it can actually be a very meaningful one. Like, why is it a bad thing if Claire Danes takes her job seriously? It’s her JOB, after all.

      • MissMoody says:

        Not a bad thing she takes her job seriously. She just comes across as one of those actors who thinks they are contributing to world peace or something you know, just by saying a few lines and emoting in front of a camera. Acting may be art but do you need to be particularly talented and train for years to become an actor? Nope. Just a nice rack will do

      • Nonnymaus says:

        @MissMoody. Actually, most actors DO train for years to pferfect their craft. Maybe you go to see a theatrical production or three once in a while, there’s more to dramatic arts than bad dramas and reality show.

  3. Teresa__Maria says:

    Rupert Friend is back for Season 3, it is confirmed

  4. Micki says:

    …”he’s had chemistry with all of his leading ladies”…
    So he’s excellently cast and is an excellent actor on top of it.

    I was told I was King-Konging on the top of the mountain the whole first 3 months with my second baby… I know I was stressed but didn’t believe it was that bad. Apparently it was.

    But I think she’ll get a grip. I’ve seen again “Temple Grandin” and liked her a lot in it.

  5. Lucy2 says:

    Work long hours with the same group of people for a couple of years and there’s bound to be some annoyances. Plus she’s probably tired and stressed. If it’s even true at all.

  6. dahlia says:

    ha! I thought him and Shahi were hot too on Life. They had one scene where he washed her off fully clothed in the shower cause she got gassed or something-and it was really sexy for a ginge guy I don’t even find attractive,

  7. Faye says:

    I miss “Life.” That show was killed off too soon. He and Sarah Shahi were so great together; they had great friend chemistry and good “chemistry” chemistry.

  8. Deanne says:

    Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory (his wife) always seem to have to try lots to look like the perfect couple but mostly there doesn’t seem any chemistry and it all turns out looking desperate. He’s got quiet rep as a bit of a playah and spent months last year not wearing his wedding ring in public. So maybe. But now his ego has taken over BIG TIME and McCrory is getting more media attention wrapped on like a limpet to him she’ll probably stick it out even if Danes and him did have a thing early on. Bit sad really, especially for Dancy (Dane’s husband) as he doesn’t seem to buy into the Homeland hype the way McCrory has jumped onto the bandwagon. I never really saw the chemistry (espesh Season 2) – and the Lewis majorly suck kissing as he practically ate Dane’s and Bacarin’s faces must need constant towel downs and touch-ups by on-set Make-up. Yuck! I think the Homeland bubble has burst with over-hype and most will look back (soon) realizing most of it wasn’t really all that, afterall. Damian Lewis can climb right back up his own ass and take his wifie with him. Hopefully Danes and Dancy can do right by the baby without the need for a paternity test. It’s all a bit too keep up appearances all round for the sake of image and careers on red carpets, really. Damian Lewis has probably moved onto Andrea Riseborough now, anyway. And YES – lots more Rupert Friend, please!

  9. LadyL says:

    Maybe she’s mad he’s leaving the series that might result in either her part getting bigger or the series folding earlier than it would have with him.
    Filming a series a few months a year is a very cushy job. Get over it!

  10. Moec23 says:

    Can’t stand Claire Danes. Can’t respect a woman that cheats with a man ( billy crudup) who has a pregnant girlfriend ( Mary Louis Parker).

  11. tracking says:

    Babies that age go to sleep early. I’m always sad the nights I get home from work and my baby just wants to go straight to bed. I’d be seriously annoyed with any colleague who delayed my getting home!

  12. Shelley says:

    Yep, there are selfish predatory women, just as there are selfish predatory men.

  13. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    1. Chemistry — Danes and Rupert had major major sizzle in their dynamic last season and I predict wild hate sex in early episode.

    2. Danes character is attracted to tortured, complicated men — “Quinn”/Rupert is perfect for her.

    3. Dana– have not been rooting for terrorists to off a main characters daughter this much since Kim Bauer on 24.

    4. Love seeing Rupert’s effortless transition from Pretty Boy in movies to major bad ass. And speaking of asses, we need more, much more footage of his naked one! He is YUMMY.

  14. drea says:

    Damian and Sarah! Oh, I loved them and that show. But it fell apart in the latter episodes of season 2 when they started rushing the conclusions and Sarah got subbed by Gabby for a bit. I think they should have gotten another season, or at least a TV movie, to resolve everything properly.

  15. Trixie says:

    Rupert Friend. Yes, please and thank you.

  16. frankly says:

    I think “Life” ended chiefly because of the writer’s strike. For some awesome Lewis, watch “The Forsyte Saga.” It is on Netflix. So good.

    • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

      Rupert Graves is also in that and he is adorable.

    • Holly says:

      I also think Life took a hit because Shahi became pregnant and was written out for a while, especially since it was so early in a new series. I love that show, but it definitely was struggling for direction by ty the last third of the episodes, but I attribute that to the strike.

      Word to The Forsyte Saga! It was nice to see him play a completely different type of character.

      Danes hardly makes a secret of acting like a tool and narcissist, which is, by most accounts the complete opposite of how Damien acts, so I can absolutely see them not getting along. Also, has Claire ever had any female friends of note? Not that she has to – it’s just a curious thing I’ve noticed… and she’s insufferable when talking about going to college (like she was one of the first people ever to attempt such a thing) and rivals Natalie Portman on that!

    • teena says:

      omg, he’s so creeper in TFS. He has a great charisma in other parts, but he plays that creeper so perfectly. The wife was so a bitch too, what a pair. lol

      • pwal says:

        Which wife, because if you’re talking about Irene, I agree 1000%

        The Forsyte Saga brought forward my inner conflict regarding period pictures. While I love the plush, ornate surroundings/clothing, I hate the behavior/decisions that the female characters make and Irene topped the list. As I remember, Irene allowed her mother to talk her into a marriage with Soames, even though Irene knew that it wasn’t right. And Irene did work, so she could’ve supported herself, but apparently, working wasn’t a life ‘suited’ for Irene, so she entered into a marriage where the man was clearly the only one who felt something.

        Soames did some $h*tty things, but I didn’t buy that Irene was so tortured and plagued by Soames, therefore it justified her taking up with his cousin. Soames was no peach, but Irene wasn’t even on par with waxed fruit.

        At any rate, Damien did a good job in Forsyte Saga; I honestly sympathized with Soames even though, again, he did some $h*tty things.

      • PoliteTeaSipper says:

        Read the book.

        And btw, Soames rapes Irene, so not sure why he could be found sympathetic.

  17. the original bellaluna says:

    Yes, his whole family needs to be…gone. Dana’s irritating; his wife is shrill, greedy, and status-hungry; and his son is basically a non-story.

  18. tifzlan says:

    Saul Berenson. All day, everyday. Who cares about the rest?!

  19. d says:

    I thought there was some controversy during some awards show where Claire Danes didn’t think Damian? Or she didn’t clap for him or something? At the time, people were all, what’s up with that? And then it went away? Anyway, also, didn’t Danes admit she’s manic-depressive? I always thought she had some thing that accounted for her kind of skittery behaviour.

    • Deanne says:

      She didn’t thank him and relations seemed frosty at the Golden Globes (when they both took their respective categories). Later that month, upon her taking her award at the SAG Awards (Lewis lost to Cranston – rightly imo), Danes celebrated with a pretty expressive kiss with Lewis. Many commented at the time that it was too full-on in front of McCrory (wearing her usual rigored smile) and Dancy (absent) seemed an afterthought mention at the end of her acceptance speech as they tried to hustle her off. As I recall, in the speech, she had Lewis as “her moon and stars” or some such.

  20. ViktoryGin says:

    Damian was absolutely pulling their leg. His sense of humor us very incisive and dead pan. I love him, but if you’re unaccustomed to it it can read as borderline offensive. Claire’s a new mom and she’s an aries. I can see her operating in major mother bear bitch mode. Hormones.

    I thought I read an article some few months back that jad announced that Showtime signed Lewis up for 3 more seasons, so it doesn’t make sense to me that they would kill him off if this were so.

    Co-sign on the Forsythe Saga. He so adept ay playing an asshole aristocrat. Perhaps not much of a stretch ;-)

  21. Sara says:

    This is totally made up. They haven’t even shot together this year. He’s filmed scenes in Puerto Rico and she’s filming in Charlotte.

    • Annette says:

      I have to butt in as my husband and best friend are working on that series. They just left PR after filming for two weeks or so and prior they had started up in Charlotte. We don’t have many cast interactions but I recognized several key characters together one day so I’m certain they have begun filming together.

  22. nikko says:

    I totally agree with you on the conspiracy theory, I think they did some research on Carrie before Brody made even got involved w/ Carrie (can’t think of her character’s name). I also agree regarding the family, time for them to go. I don’t know why they focus so much on the daughter anyway. Hopefully next season we won’t see that much of them.

  23. Noodles says:

    Huge Homeland fan here. Did anyone here learn about Damien Lewis through Band of Brothers?

    In season 1– with the unsuccessful sex attempt with his wife, I couldn’t get his BoB character (Winters) out of my head.

  24. Chuzpah says:

    Its all about Saul for me – I would be perfectly happy if both the mains were killed off asap.

    He repulses me ( I dont know why!)

    Her cry face cracks me up

    • yoyo says:

      Here! Here! I loved homeland initially but then it turned into a soap opera. There was initially a neet balance between the thriller element, political shenanigans and the characters personal lives but then it all turned into the brody and Carrie Love boat – very disappointing. It just got so ridiculous phone calls disgussing murders not being tracked or listened to, cas coming into the CIA compound without getting searched etc… Oh and of course, I thought Carrie was playing Mata Hari (sp?) but no she was SERIOUS! Very disappointing. I love SAul though and can not wait for F Murray Abraham to show up. Hope they bring back the old Carrie (not the hysterical one, the competent rogue impulsive agent) Am real happy half the cast is dead (if they could have had Dana in there too it would have been great!) and that Brody is on the run, hopefully we can get back to the thriller/conspiracy element and get some intelligence back into this series. I want to know who is the mole! (crossing my fingers for a great season 3)

  25. TheRealTea says:

    I lost all love for her when she cheated on Ben w/ Billy Cruddyup (<– typo & it STAYS.) who was w/ mary Louise Parker, who was pregnant by him….he left her for Claire. Very ugly….

    u have to be pretty damn narcissistic to go all the way there & ruin 2 relationships. One of which involves a child. Mary was 8 months pregnant when he left her & moved in w/ Claire….not too mention poor Ben Lee…

    Billy was fresh off Almost Famous at the time, he thought he was gonna be huuuuge! HA! Nobody wanted to touch him after that. Took Claire quite awhile to come back as well.

  26. hownowbrowncow says:

    Claire Danes is a Cheater Cheater Pumpkin-Eater. Seriously, once I can understand, but when it becomes the overwhelming theme of your life, you’ve got a problem.

  27. Tiffany :) says:

    I love Saul, just had to put that out here.

  28. Ruffian9 says:

    Interesting. I loved Season 1 (rented it recently), and I heard that Season 2 isn’t as good. Is it worth seeing, Celebitchy?

  29. raincoaster says:

    Claire Danes can move her eyebrows? I would have lost a bet.

    About 15 years ago I was in a restaurant and she sat down at the next table. She was literally the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen in real life, and I’ve seen a lot of beautiful women. If you think she’s pretty on tv and movies, you should see her in real life. I’m sure the 15 years do add up, but when you start from that peak, you’re still going to be better looking than anyone else in the zipcode.

    She SHOULD take it easy on the botox, tho.

  30. Hannah says:

    Well she has cheated a lot with men in relationships in the past. Maybe she came on to him and he rejected?

    I’m just assuming Damien is awesome and wouldn’t cheat!

  31. Kittenilla says:

    I always thought she was so homely back in her My So Called Life days and then some. She sure is pretty now though.