Brandi Glanville allegedly caused a scene at Nobu when LeAnn, Eddie came over

I guess some of you were discussing this story/situation in the LeAnn Rimes post from a few days ago. Let me start out by saying: I don’t know what really happened. I’m not hyper-involved in the back-and-forth drama of Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes. For the most part, I only decide to cover either of them when I see Radar or The Daily Mail’s coverage, or when we have new photos of one of them. Which is to say that I’m merely working off of Radar’s coverage today, and I’m sure that many people will tell me that Radar’s coverage is supremely flawed. So, with that in mind, Radar claims that Brandi made a scene at Nobu over the weekend when LeAnn and Eddie were trying to have a “romantic dinner” at the same time Brandi and some friends (and Mason and Jake) were eating:

Talk about an awkward moment: Brandi Glanville turned up to the same Malibu, Calif., restaurant where her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian was enjoying a romantic dinner with his wife LeAnn Rimes on Saturday.

According to multiple diners who spoke to, you could have cut the tension with a knife at the upmarket beachfront eatery Nobu. And the chance encounter was not without incident when Eddie and LeAnn crossed paths with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality star, who was dining with pals and the triumvirate’s two children, Mason and Jake.

After managing to avoid each other for most of the night, the new Mr. and Mrs. Cibrian stopped by Brandi’s table on their way out of the restaurant to apparently say goodbye to the kids, who had been criss-crossing from table to table during dinner.

But instead of pleasantries being exchanged, Eddie and LeAnn were “confronted by Brandi who raised her voice and glass of wine at them,” one eyewitness told Radar.

“It was so obnoxious that other people at the restaurant turned their heads to see what all the commotion was about.”

“Is that a hi or a bye,” Brandi yelled at Eddie, 40, and LeAnn, 30, according to another source.

Said the onlooker: “Brandi was holding Jake in her lap when LeAnn and Eddie walked by. It was a very awkward moment and she appeared to cause quite the scene.”

Soon after the incident, the 40-year-old took to Twitter and downplayed the confrontation.

“Just left Nobu Malibu with boys and friends, ran into boy’s dad,” Brandi wrote. “The kids love us all together so lets just stop all the BS.”

[From Radar]

I checked Brandi’s Twitter and that really was all she said about the night. LeAnn also had to tweet something about it too: “Nobu was amazing! Such a romantic night w/ our favorite couple friends.” So… yeah, I don’t know what happened. My guess is that Brandi did say something bitchy or harsh but that it probably wasn’t some major drama or whatever.

But! LeAnn had a message for all of those blogs who published her Twitter photos from the Fourth of July. She tweeted, “I love bloggers who confuse themselves as journalist. Lol….just because you have an opinion doesn’t make it true #alwaysagoodlaugh”. She also retweeted this link, which accuses Celebrity Dirty Laundry of trying to start something between Brandi and LeAnn. I have a brilliant idea for LeAnn: how about you just stop posting photos of your step-sons on your Twitter? How about that? That will give “blogger/journalists” nothing to work with.

Photos courtesy of Twitter, WENN and Fame/Flyet.

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  1. Jane says:

    I would have paid money to have been there to see what went down.

  2. Christin says:

    Your ‘brilliant idea’ is way too logical. If there were no ‘seeds’ (tweets, photos, etc.), there would be no harvest of publicity.

  3. brin says:

    Brandi and her friend Darin Harvey (who was there) denied this happened.
    This is pretty much all Leann has left…made-up tab stories. Guess she is all about the drama cause the music is over.

    • Jane says:

      True. Leann’s life is a total fabrication. The woman is so delusional she and no concept of the truth. I wonder if she is going to milk this one for all its worth.

    • claire says:

      I was thinking about the hi/bye thing. The only way it makes sense is if when they arrived and saw Brandi and her group of friends there, they didn’t say anything, but waved later as they left. Then I can totally get the sarcastic response. It’s silly they show up at the same restaurant as her and can’t say hello. Either way, doesn’t sound like big drama OR that Brandi ruined their date. There’s no way saying that in response to them ruins the kids’ night either.

      It’s so typical Leann though to let the story fester, not address it or deny it and then retweet a different negative story about Brandi. This is how she is “no drama” apparently.

    • Sherry says:

      But it seems like Leann is saying it’s the gossip sites/bloggers who are creating the drama. For instance, did Brandi say anything about Leann posting photos from the 4th? I didn’t hear anything if she did.

      The reality is, Eddie and those boys ARE Leann’s family now. They are a huge part of her life and if she and Eddie ever have kids, I’m sure we’ll see photos of the boys holding the new baby, etc. Just like any normal person who is in a blended family situation would do.

      The bottom line is those boys look happy and healthy in every photo I see of them. Even Brandi has said they love Leann and are happy.

      I think there was a lot of drama in the beginning, but now, I think the situation has settled into a routine and the drama is either tabloid-created, or publicist-created for attention.

      Again, if the boys looked miserable, I’d think things were pretty bad, but they always look happy.

      • Jag says:

        Just because kids smile, it doesn’t mean they’re happy. I had the cutest, sweetest smile you would ever see on a child my entire childhood; you’d never know that I was being emotionally and physically abused by both my parents, and also being bullied by students and teachers at school. I wanted to kill myself in the fourth grade, so a smile is no guarantee.

        Let me say that I do NOT believe those boys are being abused! I’m just saying that they might not be as happy with the family situation as it looks.

      • Sullivan says:

        Geez, some of you sound like you WANT the boys to be miserable with their step-mother. As if it would prove your point that Leann is the Anti-Christ. The kids are probably as happy as they can be, considering the three adults in their lives. Surely, between the three of them, they can manage not to raise serial killers. Oh, and the boys have two families: Brandi and Eddie & Leann.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      Honestly, I would be pissed. Eddie won’t go to parent teacher conferences if Brandi is going to be there and Leann completely cock blocks any sort of successful co-parenting, but they feel free to swing by the table on their own terms? It’s good that they stopped to say goodbye to the boys. It’s sad that they (Leann and Eddie) suck in every other regard.

    • Babalon says:

      “I love has-beens who confuse themselves with relevant artists. Lol….just because you’ve had success doesn’t mean your new album will succeed. #alwaysagoodlaugh”

      My version is so much better than yours, Lele! Girl, bye.

  4. aims says:

    That’s it. If you don’t want people to talk about you, don’t give them a reason to. We’ve all have said that Leann is super inappropriate with her Twitter, regarding her step sons. She has no shame when it comes to painting a picture that they’re a perfect blended family. The boundaries that she has crossed are offensive, and would make a perfectly sane person lose their minds. If you don’t want a shit storm at your front door, don’t invite it.

    As far as being at the same restaurant, I can see where Brandi would be snarky to them. They deserve it, I have no sympathy for the lovely couple, eyeroll. No matter how much time has passed, the Twitter, interviews, ect. Will always reopen the wound so there will never be a healing there.

  5. Jules says:

    Rimes is such an unfortunate looking woman.

  6. marie says:

    LeAnn’s only 30? really?

    if this happened, regardless of who started it, it shouldn’t have gone down in front of their kids. that’s disgusting behavior.

    • aims says:

      I agree. The kids have seen and heard enough, I’m sure.

    • Nalgene says:

      The kids should never have to see this. However, children are not stupid. If a child is sitting on his mums lap and his dad and falcor wife come over and completely ignores his mum, he will know things aint right. The kids didnt have to see a shouting match to know their mum was being dissed there and then.

      I wouldnt be shocked if Leann learnt from the kids that they would be at Nobu at that time and then gathered her entourage for an evening of “lets rub it in her face”

      • briargal says:

        I agree with you about LR knowing Brandi was going out. Brandi tweeted it earlier in the day that she was going out for dinner and movie. And we know that LR follows all Brandi’s tweets.

      • a says:

        @ briargal,
        This is the first that I’ve seen that Brandi tweeted where she was going – although dinner and a movie sounds very general – but I have seen numerous references that LeAnn tweeted earlier in the day that she was going to her favorite sushi restaurant – LeAnn has been papped multiple times at Nobu and Brandi has not, that is not until the night of this incident.

        When exactly were Brandi and her crew going to that movie? They got to the restaurant before Eddie and LeAnn and were still there when they left?

      • my .02 says:

        Even the younger kid is a bit too old to be sitting in mom’s lap in a restaurant, isn’t he? Don’t infantilize the kid, and don’t use him to create an awkward situation (by keeping him in your lap when dad and his new piece stop by to say goodbye to the kids).

        I don’t have any affection for the cheating dog and his new wife, but Brandi sounds like a huge attention whore who gets off on playing the injured party whenever possible. It’s been years now, you should try to get on with your own life.

        It really pisses me off when women who’ve been wronged by a cheating man can’t let it go. That makes you look small and you should go on and live an amazing life and stop trying to score points for the past wrongs. It only makes things more tense for the kids.

      • claire says:

        Kids sit in their parents laps all the time. They lounge on their parents. Why make a big deal out of it? There’s no reason to assume he ate while sitting in her lap and she was spoon-feeding him or something.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        My kids love to sit on my lap, as well as my nieces and nephews. It’s what kids who grow up with affection DO.

  7. Kiddo says:

    How is child protective services not involved with these people? They practically announce their toxic dysfunction on a daily basis.

  8. Lulu86 says:

    you need to post those pictures of Brandi playing tennis, apart from them being ridiculously staged, the kisses she is planting on her son is totally giving the oedious complex. She is just as sickening as Leanne.

  9. paranormalgirl says:

    “he triumvirate’s two children, Mason and Jake…”

    Um, no. Mason and Jake are not LeAnn’s children. They are Eddie and Brandi’s.

  10. mzizkristen says:

    I really don’t understand why some take such offense with Leanne posting pictures of her stepsons. I am a stepmom and I post pics of my stepson, just as I post pics of my bio sons. We are a family. Its normal. Just because she got her man in less-than-honorable circumstances doesn’t mean she has less rights than the average person. Because lets face, each of us has dome some shit others would shake their heasd and wag their finger at.

    • GiGi says:

      Because the children’s bio parents rarely publish photos of them, #1. #2 – LeAnn and Eddie have blocked the children from being filmed while they’re with Brandi. It just smacks of hipocracy.

      • a says:

        @ GiGi,
        If LeAnn converted to Kabbalah and tried to turn Mason and Jake into Kabbalah-ites, I would be the first to say “you need to stay in your lane Bonus Mom.” However, I do not see posting pictures on Twitter as a sacred cow.

        And Brandi does posts pictures of her sons on Twitter, and like LeAnn, Brandi calls the paps to take pictures of her with her sons.

      • a says:

        @ GiGi
        On Brandi’s first season on the show, she was allowed to take Mason and Jake to filming events and at a barbecue at Adrienne Maloof’s home. Jake urinated on lawn and it became a minor storyline. Reportedly Jake was teased over the incident and that is why when he was asked to sign off when Brandi became a full-time Housewife, Eddie prohibited his sons from participating on the show in any capacity I think that he did the right thing.

        @ Jennifer12,
        I can attest that LeAnn does not post pictures and Vine videos to Twitter on a daily basis, and if she was posting to the paid section of her websiteon a daily basis, with all her detractors, someone would be reporting specifics about what she was posting.

      • claire says:

        LOL @ a.
        You can see the stuff on the website. It’s there in thumbnails. Didn’t realize when people commented to you they needed to describe the boys’ clothes, the position of their bodies, the exact activity they are doing.

        You are really getting desperate in your defense. It must not happen right since no one provided the useless detail of the exact color of their shirts in each photo?

      • Jennifer12 says:

        a, Leann does not get the same rights as Brandi. Parental rights are called that for a reason. Leann is not a parent. She is not the boys’ parent. I do not post photos of other people’s kids, including nieces and nephews, even though we are blood related because they are not my kids. Forget who you like, they are not Leann’s children and she doesn’t possess the rights to do as she pleases with them. I was going to look at Leann’s twitter and vine accounts to show exactly how often she posts pictures and well as paps them out, but that calls for energy I’m lacking in. You cannot be serious in your attempts to insist that Leann doesn’t pap them or post photos and videos on a daily basis. It used to be hourly. It’s all out there on the internet. I forget who said that once you’ve seen something, you can choose to do something, but you can’t say you didn’t know but it makes me think of this sad triangle.

      • Hatch says:

        You’re incorrect, the kids were never featured or filmed on RHOBH, so no one pulled the plug on that. During the BBQ when the peeing-on-the-lawn incident occurred, the children were not filmed even though they were there. No one ever signed the release for them to appear on the show, but that does not prevent them from attending events while their mother is filming. Brandi is still free to take them to any and all RHOBH shoots, but their faces will never be seen.

      • a says:

        @ Jennifer12,
        I believe in parental rights, and both Eddie and Brandi have parental rights that supersede LeAnn’s. However if LeAnn is acting with the approval of one of the parents when it comes to setting up photo ops and posting pictures on Twitter that is all she needs. If Eddie is OK with LeAnn posting pictures and Brandi is not, too bad. Now if we are talking about religion and Eddie was OK with LeAnn exposing his sons to a faith different than his and Brandi’s and Brandi objected then I would be on her side there, but I am not too bothered over LeAnn, with Eddie’s approval, setting up photo ops and posting pictures of Mason and Jake on Twitter.

        A caveat, if Brandi did not want her children papped at all nor pictures of them posted on Twitter for privacy reasons, which would also mean that Brandi herself does not post pictures of them or set up photo ops, then I would be on her side because I do think that privacy is a sacred cow. However the privacy argument goes out the window because Brandi herself stages photo ops, discusses her sons on Twitter and posts pictures of them.

        Yes I am insisting that LeAnn doesn’t pap them or post photos and videos on a daily basis, and now you have forced me to embarrass myself because I have to admit that I visit both Brandi’s and LeAnn’s Twitters and sites like The Daily Mail often enough to say with certainty that LeAnn does not post photos and videos of Mason and Jake on a daily basis, or at least not in the recent months that I have been following this Hollyweird Hillbilly saga.

      • a says:

        @ claire
        I was responding to a comment about the paid portion of LeAnn’s website and I have not and will not pay money for access. The allegation is that LeAnn frequently posts pictures on the paid portion of her website and I was expressing skepticism because I have not heard of any interesting incidents regarding them.

        I am not disputing that she posts pictures there but I doubt that it is daily or that the nature of the pictures are any different than what we have seen on Twitter or the pap shots because if they were, I am pretty sure that I would have multiple “lemme tell you what LeAnn Rimes has done now…” stories regarding them.

      • a says:

        @ Hatch,
        I am correct. I did not say that Mason and Jake were filmed, I said that Brandi was allowed to take Mason and Jake to filming events. Did you see season two of the show? Brandi took her sons to a barbecue at Adrienne Maloof’s house – their faces were not seen but they were there. I think that Camille has a similar restriction regarding her kids after her divorce from Kelsey Grammer.

        The audience did not see Jake urinate on the grass but we saw the reaction shots and the discussion about it at the barbecue and afterwards. A short time later Brandi was involved in a big fight with some of the other Housewives and the Jake urinating on the grass and Brandi’s casual attitude about it was put on blast prompting a response from Brandi along the lines of, “don’t talk about my babies, I will f—ing kill you!”

        Ah memories, that was back when I really liked Brandi.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Okay, a. I will agree to disagree.

      • claire says:

        @: whether or not you personally have seen something is pretty irrelevant to whether it happens or exists. The hypocrisy from LR/EC regarding the privacy of the kids, and especially the example of selling their photos on the website, is talked about often. It has no less credibility because you personally haven’t read a story about it. I don’t really see the point in your assertions.

    • Susie Q says:

      I think people have a problem with it because Eddie told Brandi she couldn’t film them on Real Housewives but then Leann posts pics of them all the time. It’s quite hypocritical of them.

      • Tammy says:

        Posting pics of kids is one thing, having them appear on a reality show is another.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Posting pictures AND videos to Twitter, Vine, and her paid website on a daily basis AND having the boys appear on televised interviews AND discussing them nonstop in interviews. Oh-kay.

      • claire says:

        It’s more to do with Brandi’s request that she not post certain things and Leann says, whatever. It’s my family, I’ll do what I want. It’s just insensitive. But Brandi wants to do things and they threaten to sue her.

        Then Eddie makes a stink about how he wants his kids’ to have privacy and limited exposure, but his wife uses them as paid content on her website. For a fee, see more of her private photos, many of which are the kids.

        It’s just hypocritical and seems more a power play against Brandi. There’s also the fact that Leann plays up in the media that she tries so hard to get along with Brandi, but here’s a simple request from Brandi that she ignores and seems to flaunt.

  11. GiGi says:

    Ugh. I have a serious hate-on for LeAnn. But then she also just makes me sad. She must feel miserable about herself.

    Also – I seriously think a lot of bloggers do far more investigating these days than “journalists” – the news media (in the US) has gone to hell. You know it’s bad when the National Enquirer has become a reliable source of hard hitting investigative reporting *side-eye John Edwards*

    • aims says:

      I agree. I believe bloggers put in just as much research and time. I also feel like they’re more honest. They have no one else that they have to be accountable to, giving them more freedom.

    • littlestar says:

      I agree! Nowadays it really does seem like bloggers do more investigative journalism than actual journalists. Blogger sites like Celebitchy talk about Leann’s inappropriate behaviour and SWFing of Brandi. Why don’t other sites (like US Weekly, People, etc) EVER call Leann out on her crap??? There is just too much celebrity butt kissing in journalism.

    • SouthernGal says:

      The bloggers she is referring to are RealiAngel (Jewish Journal) and JustSay Jenn. These bloggers are no holds barred. LeAnn can’t stand them because Angel can’t be bought like these weak ass journalist online. Just Jenn stated LeAnn tried to get her fired from Yahoo when she wrote a harsh blog about her. RealAngel stated LeAnn’s lawyer contacted her boss and sent cease and desist letters as well. So yes, that is why she made that Tweet regarding bloggers. They seem to see through her bulls*it and it pisses her off.

      Anyone with half a brain knows that LeAnn is a drama queen. She thrives on it. The drama she creates in her head with Brandi is pathetic. Read her Twitter and put it together…She stated after her romantic date with friends (that made me laugh because Eddie and her are never alone) that “It starts with You” and then BAM the Radar Online article. That tweet was a setup folks.

      Brandi and her friends that were present denied that anything went down. I believe it because I can’t see Brandi being rude when she’s said nothing but good things regarding the kids relationship with Leann and their father.

      If you don’t like Brandi, so be it but use common sense. LeAnn is a hateful, jealous human being. Her marriage is fake, her friendships are fake and her career is damn near non-existent. The ONLY thing that is keeping her relevant is drama with Brandi. She’s already reduced to singing at cookouts, fairs and zoos (cracks me up when she says she’s touring). Hell casinos don’t even want her ass anymore. Speaks volumes!!!

      • claire says:

        She’s totally fine with the bloggers and tabloid tv personalities who will print her press releases and delusional “truth” without questioning it. That’s somehow journalism in her little uneducated mind. She goes to lunch with them, even.

        But anyone who actually analyzes it, breaks it down and exposes the bull$hit are bad bad people! lol.

      • Dori says:


        I totally agree with you. I don’t have a twitter account, but I have been following LeAnn since the crazy birthday cake for Eddie last year. She is a whacko in my opinion and only thing that makes her relevant anymore is her drama. She keeps it rolling and blames it on the press. She gives them the line and they run with it. She’s as crazy as that cake was. I wouldn’t buy her music now because of her behavior and besides, she mumbles now like she has marbles in her mouth, but I think it’s actually Eddies balls..

  12. briargal says:

    I can totally picture EC and velcro going over to say bye to the kids. Velcro was probably hanging all over her prize hosband!

  13. a says:

    I agree with the writer of this blog that Brandi probably said something bitchy or harsh but other that it was not a big deal.

    Brandi supposedly yelled, “Is that a hi or a bye,” so my guess is that Eddie and LeAnn walked towards their table, slowed their pace and said a sentence or two and kept heading out the door, which prompted the loud “is that a hi or a bye,” comment from Brandi.

    I am sure that was interesting to the onlookers but probably a typical day at the office for that group.

  14. Shannon says:

    I probably would have caused a scene too if I were Brandi. I wouldn’t want that home wrecking tw*at anywhere near me or the @sshole ex. Kids being there or not. Stay the F away.

  15. Cam S says:

    I despise the way Brandi is treated as a Mother and ex wife, but I had to stop following her on twitter. She tweets details about her kids, but then admonishes her followers when they tweet their concern for her kids. She is one big ball of drama, and while I still support her, I am no longer a fan.

    She isn’t sympathetic to me anymore, and frankly seems to relish the drama. She isn’t very bright imo. Also, lately she come offs as down right trashy.

    There was no need for her or anyone from her party to say anything regarding this exchange between her and her former spouse. I would expect her to be the bigger person than Leann, and rise above this petty drama. She seems to care WAY to much what gossip rags and people on twitter think (even insignificant things like her style), and frankly it is reminding me too much of Leann. Sorry, but she dresses trashy. There are ways Mothers and wives can dress and not be prudish, but still be sexy. However, if she is going to dress as a “ho” as she herself calls it, then she shouldn’t care what the public thinks. She tweeted that she “has always worn as little clothes as possible, get over it”. Sorry, but we are entitled to our opinion, even if it isn’t in her favor. Wah, Brandi. Now, go eat a cookie.

    And to be honest, I don’t think her skinny, underfed, wrinkly body looks so hot in “as little clothing as possible” anymore. Put it away Brandi.
    I just can’t with this chick anymore.

    • Jayna says:

      Yeah, I feel the same way. She has posted many things getting people riled up, then it’s shut up about my kids, they are so happy. They all want fame.

      Re her trashy dressing, I don’t really care, and she has said she will always dress like this, the less the better. But I have to laugh at all the people who rail on LeAnn for short shorts around the kids and Brandi is like that and photos are taken, and not a word.

      It’s all a bore anymore. Le will post her perfect marriage tweets and bonus mom tweets until all of a sudden she goes quiet and he’s gone. It will be a long way away. He’s gong no where. Brandi will go through her my boys are so happy, great holiday for them, sweet phase like now, until she needs drama to promote something then she will ratch it back up.

      So this soap opera will continue. I have named their soap opera what friends used to call my relationship drama with my boyfriend at 21 – As The Stomach Turns. Basically, it was the same ol same ol, up, down, up, down, and they were sick of hearing about it. I think kind of how people feel about this group.

      • Cam S says:

        Its the whole “I can’t reach my kids!” drama on twitter and then the “guys geez chill out my kids are totally happy” crap that had me unfollow. So immature on every level. I still love all the “BB’s” on twitter, and can’t stand Rimes, but I would never be friends with or even acknowledge someone like Brandi in my personal life. I find her totally unrelateble lately, and refuse to make excuses for her behavior any longer. Especially when her behavior so closely resembles that of Leann’s.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Give Brandi a little credit- it’s hard to deal with the insanity that is Leann day in and day out and have to deal with her having control over your kids and selling ugly stories about you that people believe just because and that get picked up everywhere. She does get a little snappy, but imagine having to deal with Leann’s attempts to ruin you on a regular basis. However, I agree that her style is horrendous and she is doing herself no favors in terms of some of her lifestyle choices. I wish I could at least be her stylist. Stop the botox/fillers/etc, stop the terrible, brassy blond hair, lighten the makeup and gain some weight. Also, throw out every single item in her closet and start dressing in more sexy librarian clothing, kind of like Sofia Vergara. She has a high school education, so realistically, she’s not going to be incredibly articulate or educated.

    • heidi says:

      You aren’t the only one who has had to withdraw support. Too raunchy on every level to defend any longer. More and more are growing fatigued by her porn star lifestyle and foul mouth.

      • respect says:

        I believe I’ve found the other Princess Ame name…They are changing the game a bit and trying to stay more on the passive side of bats&&t crazy aggressive, but there is always a faintly moralistic twang to it. Eddie Cibrian is a whorse thief.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      Agreed. I bought her last book but that was it for me. Please note this does NOT mean that I am “team Leann.” I think she is an awful human being (not because of the cheating, but because of all the lawsuits).

      I think they are both enjoying the drama at this point, because it gets them attention they’d never get otherwise.

      I do get a kick out of reading the stan comments here, though. People get soooo involved in the story, LOL.

      PS: Also, is that SPANX underneath Leann’s white dress? or is it a slip?

  16. Jennifer12 says:

    Leann really is hellbent on destroying Brandi. I think it obsesses her. She hasn’t been successful so far, and now with everyone calling her out on her behavior and saying Brandi’s star is rising while hers is crashing, I think her entire existence is to ruin Brandi. First of all, every time Leann gives a story to Perez Hilton or Daily Mail, they “accidentally” refer to the kids as Leann’s. Wow, look at what Radar did. Then, after Brandi posts something pleasant on her Twitter, Leann goes for the throat, but is learning to do it through different avenues. How dare Eddie and Brandi get along and try to co-parent peacefully? Leann upped the crazy after Brandi and Eddie planned Mason’s party together. She is at the point where selling ugly defamation stories is all she has left- that and trying to endlessly goad Brandi into a reaction. She was probably having a blast with Darin and all the kids and was friendly towards Eddie and Leann could not stand it. She wants to leave Brandi in the dirt and can’t stand that she’s been unable to. SICK. And people picking up this story and believing it, when they shook their heads over Brandi’s discussion of Leann’s laxatives and Jonathan Jaxson backed up her story. Brandi and Denise Richards are karma at its best. #suckitleann

    • Sonia says:

      Yes! I totally agree. I also think ol’ Ed isn’t going anywhere until the youngest boy is 18 and he is free of child support. You know he isn’t paying, his wife is, so he won’t leave her until then.

      I just think its sad on both sides of the parenting, mom and dad that is, that their kids are being raised so publicly…they didn’t ask for it and don’t deserve it. Ed needs to grow a pair and pull his wife in a bit. She needs to grow up and put the kids first, not herself.

  17. OK says:

    Doesn’t Leann have an album out? Why is she busy planting stories about running into Brandi at a restaurant?

    I don’t doubt Brandi said something bitchy, but is it really news worthy? Leann needs to worry about her career and stop worrying about what Brandi is doing.

  18. Rita says:

    Gawd, I’d hate to live around LeAnn and Eddie. LeAnn drags him to her performances where less than 100 people attend but in her delusional mind she’s performing to a sold-out crowd at Royal Albert Hall.

  19. Christin says:

    That stars shirt still makes me laugh. I cannot believe he picked that shirt or agreed to wear it. Wonder what he wore to the restaurant? Maybe a ‘Sushi Bought Me’ t-shirt? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  20. Rita says:

    I think it would have been a wonderfully snarky gesture on Brandi’s part if she’d picked up the tab for Eddie’s meal and let LeAnn pay for her own. After the smashing success of her book which has sold over 200,000 copies, she can afford it.

    btw- Her books sales are 10 times LeAnn’s CD sales and if you subtract Walmart’s purchase of 7,000 copies at a dollar per and LeAnn’s purchase of 5,000 copies, Brandi’s sales beat LeAnn’s by a factor of 20.

  21. bettyrose says:

    On a different note, Nobu looks nice. Good sushi is easy enough to find out here on the coast, but the ocean front location is cool and the menu pricing really isn’t too bad.

  22. Christina22 says:

    Brandi addressed the issue several times on twitter since this bs story was published. She said there was absolutely no drama, the kids had a great time and there was no sensational story. I do think it’s sad how most articles these days, other then celebitchy and a few others, praise Leann and write about Brandi in a negative light. I think she is a great mom, who went out for dinner with her boys, a couple that had two kids and a male friend of hers, and they happened to run into Leann and Eddie, and that was that. I’m not buying into any drama here.

  23. betty says:

    It amazing how jealous Leann is of Brandi. She reads Brandi tweets and knows her every move. Brandi had tweeted her book sold over 200,00 copies and Leann knowing her album has flopped makes her look foolish after all the rave reviews and hype. Leann planted that story as well as the ones about the holidays pictures to make Brandi look like the villain. She sued the teacher after she called and bullied her but it was the teacher fault because it was recorded. Darin Harvey Brandi friend was there and said nothing happen. ROL and a lot these site tries to promote feuds when there are none. Leann knows her career is sinking further and further in the toilet but she needs a scapegoat instead of accepting HER behavior as part of the cause. You notice the kept husband and father never steps up to defend or deny anything. Just shows how he is lacking as a MAN!

    • BeachBelle says:

      I knew when LeAnn found out Brandi’s book has sold over 200,000 copies and her album bombed not even selling 12,000 copies she would stop at nothing to hurt Brandi. She simply can’t help herself. She will never accept that she got the man but not his children. This so called incident was nothing more than a chance encounter and a friendly one according to people who were really there.

  24. karaokegirl says:

    Another way “stars” could stop the supposed unwanted publicity is to not go to Nobu, The Ivy, Mr. Chow, etc. Its not like the food is all that great. The only reason people go there is to be seen. There’s lots of ways to go out to a nice restaurant where the food is great and there aren’t a million papps parked outside all the time.

    • PhillyGurl says:

      Your right. This was suppose to be a romantic date night for the couple. They could have had an assistant pick up a meal from Nobu and have a quiet romantic dinner at home.
      They’re always out and about getting photos taken of them. Or have an entourage with them were ever they go. You think they would want to be alone together being the kids are with the mom.
      But that would mean Eddie being alone with Leann yapping in his ear.
      Nobody wants that!

  25. Daisy says:

    Ever since I saw those tennis pictures of Brandi purposefully showing her ass to the paps in her tennis skirt RIGHT in front of her little son I lost all respect for her. They’re both gross.

  26. Holden says:

    I could care less about my ex but if she approached me out with my wife and son it would be tense as hell, so I get it.

  27. Izzy says:

    This may be the least important of all points, but to the idiot who wrote the Radar article, those kids are not “the triumvirate’s.” Those kids have one father, and one mother (and it ain’t MeAnn, which is apparently part of her problem in the first place).

  28. Trudy says:

    I think the bloggers comment is about a woman at Jewish Journal.

  29. Sonia says:

    What the heck is a triumvirate anyway? Did Meanne get a thesaurus?

  30. JL says:

    Neither of these women have any claim to fame anymore other than these fights.
    Probably set up, scripted and produced just like the rest of their lives.

  31. ParisPucker says:

    God help those poor children. With these people as ‘role models’ (and i mean ALL THREE) they have a tough road ahead.

  32. Kosmos says:

    I tend to side with LeAnn at this point in time. Brandi has had lots of time to deal with this. I don’t believe she is really over the humiliation that a man would leave her for someone else. She has not handled this whole thing with any tact and acts like an angry child who will keep punishing the other two. I have no problem with LeAnn, although she’s not perfect either, but between the two of them, I find Brandi to be the most undesirable and bratty and personally, I find her unattractive. Her physical beauty is only skin deep and even that isn’t so hot these days, but she seems to have no inner beauty, just appears to be a shallow, perhaps insecure and bitter woman.

    • Josephina says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth!

      Brandi is not capable of ignoring Lee Ann.

      If she was over the sting of being repeatedely cheated on and subsequently left for another woman by Eddie, do you really think anything Lee Ann could say or do would hold any water?

      The answer is ‘No.’

      Anything Lee Ann is doing or saying should be irrevelant to Brandi. On the Real Housewives of BH she can’t control her mouth on the show as well which is why she brings drama. She needs to be trained on HOW NOT TO REACT.

      • ya says:

        Both of them (Brandi and Leann) need training on how not to react.

        I’m getting a bit sick of this story b/c of the dynamics – I just hate that all of the criticism is of the two women, not the man involved (though EC is the only one keeping mainly out of the media), and I hate all of the bashing of the women’s looks.

        It’s just another of those ‘female rivalry’ gossip stories which perpetuate negative portrayals – and criticism – of women in the media.

      • betty says:

        I tend to disagree with you both,.. If Leann was secure in her marriage Brandi would be a non factor.Leann has always been the one competing because Brandi has nothing to prove.She won the “prize” so why the dislike for Brandi. Leann knows her attraction with Eddie was her money not her beauty or winsome personality. Even now she still envies Brandi.Brandi has managed to move on in spite of both of them, while Leann is still playing the victim. She has a new article out about being bullied in the sixth grade. Leann problem is Leann and until and she recognizes it she will always be needy, insecure, and a victim.

  33. skuddles says:

    Brandi made a scene when the kids were present? She must have been loaded.

    • nana55 says:

      The story is false, nothing happened. B was there with boys, one of the new housewives & her hubby, Darin long time friend and his kids. My suspect L put this out, I suspect she had someone do it for her, she never does her own dirty work.

  34. Samigirl says:

    Re: the tennis pics. She was doing a photoshoot recreating another photoshoot. Is it the classiest thing ever? No, but she was having fun, so who cares?

    I don’t see why everyone is making a big deal of her kissing her son on the lips? That’s her child. If you’re sexual using it, then YOU have issues, not her. My almost 6 yo sits in my lap and kisses me on the mouth. And until he is uncomfortable with it, I won’t stop it. Making it more than it is is disgusting on YOUR part.

    • Jessiebes says:

      As I said above, I have no problem with Brandi doing a sexy photo shoot. Or her kissing her kids on the lips.

      It’s just the one photo, that made me go yuck. The one with her flashing her, covered up, crotch from behind.

  35. Sumodo1 says:

    Ooh, Eddie’s eyes are so narrow and red. Peace pipe, much, Eddie? Leann, think of something you can do for Eddie, like an eyelift? He’s looking far older than 40.

  36. SouthernGal says:

    For those that are bashing Brandi for kissing her son on the lips…it is RIDICULOUS. Each one of us have different parenting styles. If you read Brandi’s book, she tells you how she grew up (around marijuana, hippies and seeing her parents naked all of the time)so she could be much worse. Her dressing style isn’t my taste but I don’t bash her because she dresses slutty. Hell I wear 5-6 inch heels daily and low cut tops but that doesn’t make me a street walker. As a matter of fact, I own a business. GASP!!!

    I kiss my children on the mouth and I curse like a sailor. Not a bad mother and love my children dearly. My youngest is almost 9 and I still treat her and love on her like a baby. So according to some of you…I guess giving your child love and affection makes you a bad mother. HA!

    My point is no one is perfect and NONE of us are the perfect parent. We all have flaws so please keep that in mind when you sit and judge a person based on a damn picture.

    • Cam S says:

      If this holds water, then perhaps everyone should let up on judging Leann and Eddie’s appearance? I for one, come to a gossip site for the snark. And Brandi’s clothing (or lack there of) brings out the snark in me. As well as Leann. Fair is fair. Brandi looks like a trashy tranny (actually most cross dressers look better) most of the time and Leann is a “millionaire” that looks like she shops at Forever21.
      People are entitled to their opinions.

      I rarely comment on her kids because targeting kids imo isn’t fair gossip fodder. That, and I’m not a Mother. But, yeah nothing wrong with kissing your kids. However, you can be classy around your young boys.

    • apsutter says:

      Southern Gal, I love you. The criticism of her kissing her son on the mouth is patently ridiculous. Also the constant slut shaming about her PERSONAL sex life is ludicrous. Love people saying she’s a terrible mother because she’s kissed women and had three-somes. Who gives a flying f*ck? Last time I checked adults can have sex with whomever they want without it affecting their parenting ability. So ridiculous.

  37. Boom boom says:

    brandi alienated people when she called on everyone to support her during the fued , then asked everyone to step back after her book sold , just so she can continue to have publicity . she knows that she needs a lull for awhile or people will lose interest . then expect her to jack up drama close to her next book .
    we dont like being manipulated

    • nana55 says:

      That is bull, B has never ever asked her fans to take sides. She has stated over and over again to stop the drama with twitters on both sides for the kids sake. Oh I can say is wow.

    • SouthernGal says:

      Can you please post a link from her Twitter line were she ask her followers to take sides? Perhaps I missed that message (I follow her). If anything, she has asked repeatedly for people to stop the hate and move on. And when did she drum up drama. The only negative thing she recently posted was regarding her not being able to reach her kids. That as during the time LeAnn had them alone while Eddie was in Toronto shooting. As a matter of fact, she tweeted Eddie and not LeAnn but somehow LeAnn got involved. Again, where is the drama? What I see is a mother trying to co-parent but can’t because of an overbearing, jealous, crazy ass stepmother. FACT!

  38. George C. says:

    When did L. Rimes get such a horse face? She has a smoking hot body, but, my goodness, that face!

  39. Chell says:

    I have actually been following both Twitter accounts today (off of work & poolside so this has been very entertaining) and I truly believe this is a made up story & the supposed witnesses came from LR’s camp! If there was an ounce of truth to it I think we would have heard from some reliable sources!
    And the fact that LR retweeted the story on her own twitter TL speaks volumes to me. Why bring this attention to it?! And LR’s responses to others after being called out on this is another thing!!! If the girl had a brain she would have tweeted that this story was untrue…but instead she makes ignorant comments about how sick SHE is of this situation. The girl is SO transparent! It amazes me that someone that is allegedly soooo busy & is such a star & has soooo many projects going can spend hours on twitter stirring the pot & causing drama! Clearly her husband isn’t around, she has nothing going on, her album tanked & she is a giant nobody that people are rolling their eyes at & laughing at her high school behavior!

  40. Ravensdaughter says:

    Remember last week, when you CB ladies asked to request more Emma Thompson and less Kardashians? Let’s add a NO Brandi rule to that. Fantastic! Thanks…

  41. Christin says:

    I have witnessed women of questionable maturity level stare and / or laugh at their current man’s former girlfriend or ex-wife when they see her in public (and sometimes the guy will join in). The best action is to ignore it, but I could envision someone as direct as B calling it out – if it actually occurred in this situation.

    In this case, I personally think little to nothing happened, but I do think some petty non-verbal cues from someone in the happy couple’s party could have led to a comment.

  42. jemshoes says:

    If I had a Twitter account, I think I would tweet to Leanne, “I love D-list celebrities who think they’re A-list … LOL. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t make you relevant.” #LeannRimesAlwaysAnAttentionSeeker

    • Chell says:

      Lol!! And then she would block you like she blocks everyone that isn’t kissing her delusional ass!!!

    • Vesper says:

      D-list celebrities aren’t worth $32 million, haven’t spent 20 years touring, performing and making albums, and they most certainly haven’t won 19 awards (two Grammys, three ACMs, a CMA, 12 Billboard Music Awards, and one American Music award). Even today, in the world of country music LeAnn is considered as having one of the most talented voices…EVER. (I’m talking real country not pop country).

      As for Spitfire, it received critical acclaim globally, which is far different than commercial success, something the “masses” on many of these blogs cannot seem to comprehend.

      • nana55 says:

        LMAO u drink or have to be on drugs, SPITFIRE BOMBED

      • apsutter says:

        Sad news but the “list” that a celeb is on has nothing to do with past successes. Leann may have A or B list name recognition but she is basically black-listed within her own damned industry. That is D list if I ever saw it. It doesn’t matter how well reviewed your album, movie, show is if no one bothers to buy it or listen to it. She’s no longer with Curb and no other record label will want to touch her with a 10 foot pole= top of the damn D list.

      • Mela says:

        Two words for ya “has been”

        Besides, isnt the point of being on a record label and making an album is that you can SELL it to people who want to BUY it and to make $$$?! She probably didn’t even break even on the cost to produce it. Nobody makes albums so they can be reviewed, people make music so others buy it and listen to it.

      • BeachBelle says:

        That was then, and this is now. In 2013 she is a very disliked D lister at best, and her latest and “best” album of her career just bombed big time.

      • Zooyork says:

        Leann has been a has-been forEVER now.
        And she’s not worth 32 million anymore, lol
        She made herself d-list. Crud is z-list

      • Jennifer12 says:

        D-list celebrities call the paps wherever they go, plant tabloid stories, show up anywhere and everywhere in bikinis, are on twitter/vine almost nonstop, chat with fans as though they’re personal fans (and I mean like, dirty sex talk), go to lunch with fans, talk about the guy they stalked with fans, allow fans to hang out with boyfriend’s kids, call paps to watch them grab a married father’s dick in front of his kids, make out with married guy for pictures in front of his little kids and their teammates, post photos of kids who aren’t theirs, sing at fairs and zoos, and sell less than 12,000 albums.

  43. Vesper says:

    LeAnn didn’t post pics of her stepsons on her twitter account, she posted a pic of her “family” celebrating July 4. There is nothing inappropriate about that. 50% custody means BOTH parents have the right to decide what to do on their time with their kids, and that includes taking photos. Eddie doesn’t use twitter, but LeAnn does. They are a married couple, and most of LeAnn’s pics or tweets reflect the family element that she became a part of when she married Eddie.

    As for CB’s comment “stop posting photos of your step-sons on your Twitter…That will give “blogger/journalists” nothing to work with”. Are u kidding me? Bloggers and commenters on these blogs have been tearing LeAnn apart for the last three years, there is absolutely nothing she can do that is not criticized. But, when Brandi does the same thing, people make excuses for her.

    • Mela says:

      Leann is annoying and offensive on her own, with or without comparing her to Brandi. Leann’s definition of step mom and mom, and how she goes about step parenting are incredibly offensive to a lot of women. She is extremely defensive about her step parenting skills and comes across pretty arrogant and defiant too. None of those adjectives are conducive to joining together a “blended family” born out of an affair. Whatever she has been doing is clearly not working, she even she calls her family “not so blended.” something has got to give, they all, Leann included, need to try a new approach.

      Perhaps CB is right and Leann should start with creating more privacy for her family by stopping with the paparazzi, twitter and vine pictures to insolate her and the boys from the criticism it creates. Im pretty sure Leann would be just as “happy” with her life if stopped posting so many pictures of her step sons online. She should still experience happiness. People found happiness and survived for millions of years with out “sharing” their happiness on twitter so I’m sure Leann would be just fine. But, she acts like being able to post pictures of other peoples children on twitter is one of the 10 commandments, her birth right and and the only path to happiness.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Leann posted pictures of Mason hiding in a closet, Jake playing the drums, Jake setting up a drum kit…. and she didn’t post pictures of the kids?

  44. anon says:

    I have a question and a comment. Both of these women are drama queens regardless of the relationship. One is no better then the other

    Nw my question is why are we so harsh on Leanne and are not on Miranda lambert and Blake Shelton. Both have admitted to a relationship before he was out of his marriage. He also was not separated. Very interesting how we have so many double standards

    • Jennifer12 says:

      People are offended by Leann’s behavior post affair. Stalking and harassing Brandi, trying to act like the mother or third parent to Brandi’s sons, overstepping boundaries, being mean and vicious but acting like it’s all Brandi’s fault and being caught time and again by her own tweets and texts. That’s why.

    • Vanessa says:

      There a big different between Miranda and Leann first of all Miranda hasn’t spent the past oh five years harassing Blake ex wife . Miranda doesn’t have her paid minions and her fans harassing Blake ex wife and Miranda didn’t write a whole album about her affair with Blake . Miranda and Blake have been trashing about their affair but for the most part Blake and Miranda don’t really discuss their affair . That all Leann ever talks about Leann actions after the affair has made a lot people upset from the way she use her stepsons as props to clean up her crap image . After the boys mother ask her not to

    • OK says:

      Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton haven’t been doing interview after interview after interview for the last 4 years explaining their affair. They aren’t posting inappropriate photos of on twitter.

      That’s why.

    • Zooyork says:

      We are harsh on Leann because of how she has acted after the affair- the gloating, taunting, smugness and most if all, how she has tried to expropriate Brandi’s children.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Just one example: Leann bragging on Twitter about teaching Brandi’s sons the lyrics to her songs off Borrowed, which is about the affair that smashed their family apart.

      • respect says:

        Did Miranda steal Blakes ex’s dog and call it hers? Thats about what Le is doing with B’s kids. She’s so convinced that we’ll all love her if we know her truth that she’s been shoving it down our throats for years. Unfortunately, the truth and wewe rarely exist in the same breath.

  45. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    It looks like Leann gained some weight and looks so much better (except for the last picture where she looks like Eddie)

  46. Nava says:

    I know when it’s Monday on CB (singsongsey) Because there’s (almost) always a Brandi/LeAnn story. :-D

    Please correct me if I am wrong. Didn’t Brandi offer a $10,000 reward for the return of her lost dog? Even though she says she’s broke. I mean if I had $10,000, I would use it to hire a Family Law attorney and figure out what options I had regarding this mess.

    It makes me kind of believe that Brandi is okay with the circus that goes on in Ediot’s home when he has his sons…just my observation and opinion.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Well that could’ve been a ploy to catch a dog thief.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Wasn’t it a while ago that Brandi said she was broke? Since then she seems to have done pretty well.

      Anyway, there’s a middle ground between being OK with the Rimesian circus (or even enjoying it) and dead-set against it, isn’t there? With a girlfriend of mine– although not physically abusive, her ex-husband was a manipulative nightmare. But she said he was the children’s (beloved) father and, as such, she was not willing to alienate him from their lives or put her children through some ugly custody fight. So she kept on dealing with him and let a lot of bs roll off her back.

      Surely Brandi finds LR and The Ediot personally loathsome. If they were employees/friends/distant relatives, it would be simple, right? Dump ‘em and never look back! But as the only father her sons have… knowing they love and need their dad, it’s a way different story. They’re not being abused, they’re safe, loved, taken care of. Sharing child-rearing with your morally challenged ex and his ridiculous new bride seems like a messy, murky situation with no clear winners or losers, so good for Brandi for continuing to try. She may not always do it gracefully, but I give her credit for trying.

  47. Jayna says:

    Question: Has LeAnn ever mentioned in her tweeting going to a boxing class other than this one after Brandi’s tweet and Perez’s. She says she’s been boxing for three years. Just wonder how often she has tweeted about being at class other than this one that she just happened to tweet after the Brandi/Perez deal.

    Next question. The time LeAnn tweeted about her pole dancing class the day after or so Brandi’s episode of pole dancing, how often had she tweeted about her pole dancing classes other than this pure coincidence of tweeting rushing to class after Brandi’s show and from what I’ve seen never mentioning it again.

    Yet she is so offended by people calling her out and insinuating she is tweeting in response to a Brandi connection to that activity. LOL

  48. MegG says:

    I wish mass media or someone would ask her about her psycho behavior. If it wasn’t for this site, I probably wouldn’t know about it here in Australia. Here I think people only remember “Can’t fight the moonlight” song, unless you follow blogs like these.

  49. crtb says:

    I will never understand the sympathy people on this site have for Brandi. She is an fame whore that stays relevant by causing drama with her ex and his new wife. He marriage is over and it is time to get over it, move on and find her own happiness. She is lucky to have a step-mom who loves her kids. She could have a new wife who doesn’t want her ex’s kids around. Her book was so inappropriate. Waaaay too much information! She was able to get on a hit TV show because of her situation. She has bleed “the cheated- on wife” for every penny. I am sick of hearing her drama.

  50. Chell says:

    I follow LR’s twitter for a good laugh & have NEVER tweeted her. Well yesterday when she tweeted about boxing not to long after BG’s tweet about the boxing match & I couldn’t help myself and the only thing I tweeted was “SO transparent #pathetic”…I was blocked within 2 hours, LOL! Guess I hit a nerve?!
    I find it amusing that an “A list” star has this much time on her hands. To even call her D list is insulting to all the other D list stars out there!

  51. Christin says:

    Whoever said this is like Groundhog Day (same stuff over and over) was so right. More matching shoe photos from a post-workout food shopping trip with the pal/assistant on the DM site.

    I still wish we’d see some pap pics of Ed’s daily routine. How does he fill his day???