“Are Anne Hathaway’s wide-legged pants really that terrible?” links

I must be smoking crack too, because I don’t think Anne Hathaway’s wide-legged pants are all that awful. Not super-flattering, but I “get” it. [Moe Jackson]
Lindsay Lohan’s rehab urges her to extend her stay. [ICYDK]
Denzel Washington denies reports that his marriage is on the rocks. [Wonderwall]
“Princeton Mom” got a book deal. [Starcasm]
Rihanna showed up 3 hours late to a concert. Again. [CDAN]
Britney Spears’ sons are looking a bit more grown-up! [Bitten & Bound]
The Canyons trailer is out. And it looks… bad. [Jezebel]
Kanye West threw a fit after Kris Jenner showed Matt Lauer a photo of baby Knorth Kardashian. Yeezus is angry! [Bossip]
Daft Punk has their own line of condoms now. [PopBytes]
Diane Kruger is a huge Don Johnson fan. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Aw, this kitty just wants to play the ukulele! [The Frisky]
Photos from Maison Martin Margiela’s Ligne 1 “Artisanal” Collection. [OMG Blog]
Alyssa Milano needs a bra. [Yeeeah]
James Franco is going to get roasted on Comedy Central. [Life & Style]
Canada’s First Couple are honeymooning in Italy. [The Loop]
Bolt-ons can improve your sex life? [Limelife]
Dear Courteney Cox: Stop with the plastic surgery. Enough. [Hollywood Rag]

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  1. Bianca says:

    I hate palazzo pants with a passion.

    Also, that picture of Courtney Cox made me really sad. I used to think she had delicate, beautiful features. She really disfigured herself. Depressing.

  2. Reece says:

    Ahh palazzos…It’s like a skirt but not. Skirt pants. Skants! Pirts? lol

    Edit: Britney Spears’ son in a Catcher in the Rye shirt? REALLY???

  3. Spooks says:

    Oh, Annie’s back. I love her.
    The pants are not that bad, but they don’t go with chucks and that T-shirt.

  4. Janitra says:

    Hot mess there is nothing sexy about her or her pants.

  5. Madpoe says:

    Those pants are also an instant tent should the need arise. You know, block out the paps and such. Or it could be kite.

  6. Kim1 says:

    Denzel is a cheater but his marriage is not on the rocks.As for Courtney she denied having surgery

  7. Tiffany27 says:

    Those look like perfect pants for when it’s that time of the month. I’m not hating.

  8. marie says:

    wow, those things are butt ugly but probably comfortable as hell. I like her shirt.

  9. Kiddo says:

    That kitten is adorable in the ukelele video, but her owner is insufferable. Watch it with the sound off.

  10. bettyrose says:

    Can LiLo afford to stay in rehab past her court ordered 90 days ? Are they offering to comp her stay if she takes them up on the advice to stay longer?

  11. Raised Brow says:

    Buckle-up Chucks??!!??

  12. j.eyre says:

    I have always preferred palazzos in a really thin fabric. I don’t think linen is their best face, they do better with a Diaphanous quality when you move.

    And now for that Princeton mom:
    “In this ‘politically correct’ world where the topics of marriage and motherhood for educated girls are taboo… ” this is such a load of crap. In no form of reality is marriage or motherhood taboo for any woman. There is nothing political correct about it. All my education, all my years earning my own way and all anyone outside my family wanted to know was when I was going to settle down. I was a spinster before I got married (archaic definition is any woman unmarried after the age of 30) and I told everyone who would listen. I even made up a t-shirt that read “spinster” in rhinestones.

    • MJ says:

      Spot on. About the pants and the other BS. I’m 31 and married and people won’t stop asking when I’m going to have kids, even commenting on my “biological clock.” My husband never hears it, however.

      • Noodles says:

        I married at 22, was pregnant at 23 and had my first at 24 (second at 26). Most other moms acted as if I were some trashy leper instead of someone who had children early rather than later.

        You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

        Also, Courtney Cox? Gorgeous woman who could have easily grown old gracefully. So sad that she did this to herself.

  13. Sara says:

    So unflattering to all shapes and sizes.

  14. Annie says:

    Normally I love wide legged pants but not so much in that tent fabric.

  15. Thiajoka says:

    Love the pants, love the kitten, love the ukelele player and love her song.

  16. Bijlee says:

    They’re beautiful! I want a pair. Omg they just look so comfy and you don’t have to worry about your skirt flying everywhere when the wind blows. Love them.

    Wait in the last JLaw post wasn’t she wearing pants like these? Like aren’t these supposedly in style?

  17. mkyarwood says:

    I think they’re too short. Makes them look dumpier… I like a fitted top to my super wide leg pants, 30′s style

  18. Raquel says:

    They are pretty awkward…wide pants aren’t bad, but hers toe a line where they should have just been made into a skirt. Then, again, I haven’t a clue when it comes to fashion.

    I actually like her a lot–I never got ‘Hathahate’…it seemed a little bit of a silly trend to me.

  19. Launicaangelina says:

    Anne is channeling early SATC Miranda Hobbs here! That’s not a compliment, even though I love Cynthia Nixon.

  20. DreamyK says:

    Courtney looks horrific. I just really don’t think there is any other word to describe the enhancements she’s subjected her face to.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I know Arquette was probably difficult to be married to in the sense that he seems like a big ol’ kid, which can be cute for like, a second. But I think he REALLY loved her and I know he thought plastic surgery was ridiculous.

      She seems to be having a crisis. If she can’t love herself with her natural beauty then maybe she just needs a dude to give her that support. I don’t know…this is tragic.

  21. L says:

    It’s the material (linen) and the godawful pleats (PLEATS) that ruin those pants.

    Makes them look like tapered wide leg pants instead of a true palazzo . Awful.

    • Barhey says:

      I totally agree. I think they can be pulled off, but in a really careful way. These look wrinkled and sloppy and are a weird color with that t-shirt. Also, chucks = never. A nice pair of wedges or something would make them hit at the right length. They hit too short as is.

  22. Meanchick says:

    Courtney Cox. What. The. FUGGITY?

  23. anneesezz says:

    The whole outfit is a mess. I loathe when people deliberately try to look bad in a hipstery way. Those dirty sneakers don’t help.

  24. Itwillrain says:

    Wow Britney’s boys look like they have interesting personalities, both of them. ;) Britney’s looking great here too,..first time I’ve seen anything other than a dead look on he face for years!!

  25. Luxe says:

    Courtney…no no no!!! I always thought on Friends her features were the most naturally striking of the three women (Kudrow was 2nd), but this just makes me sad. I am pretty sure towards the end of Friends is when she started fiddling with her face, but over the life of Cougartown, it has only become more and more obvious. She is almost total cat lady.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I’m speechless….WHY???

      She is looking like Lara Flynn Boyle :(

      How does this happen? I mean…did she have an allergic reaction or is this just too much filler or what?
      Is this what it looks like before the swelling subsides?

      Other commenters have said that they’ve had great results with botox/fillers so how do you go from “great results” to looking like a monster?

      This makes me so sad…she was GORGEOUS.

  26. lisa says:

    it’s not just anne’s pants

    it’s the pants with the sneakers. she looks like she was dressed by FEMA

  27. Meggin says:

    I think they could be pulled off… but this pair in particular is awful. I agree with a person above They are all wrinkled and sloppy and yes, the color is awful. If they were slightly more narrow and black with a better top it could be cute!

  28. JudyK says:

    Yes, they are “that terrible.”

  29. Itsa Reallyme says:

    Kanye is mad that Kris showed Matt Lauer a pic of the baby——

    If she had shown it to the media, I would agree that he should be upset. She showed it to one person though. Grandma’s do that! I can’t stand Kris but I’m on her side on this one. How stupid.

  30. DottieDot says:

    You mean Anne Hathaway’s long legged culottes? Baw Ha Ha Ha! Dislike.

  31. jes_sayin says:

    Not just the pants… the shirt is awful too. The ‘boat neck’ just doesn’t look good on anyone. It’s just aging.

    (Remember Angelina’s green dress? Another unfortunate boat neck.)

  32. anet says:

    I think Anne Hathaway is a good actress, cheesy…melodramatic…but a quality actress never the less….and yes the pants don’t do her justice. comfy though.

  33. Stephanie says:

    She needs a strappy heeled sandal. The shoes make her look like a clown. Do not want.

  34. Theresa says:

    That photo of Courtney must be Photoshopped to look bad. These photos from 2 days ago on Just Jared show a very “normal” looking woman.

  35. Andrea says:

    So I’m Canadian and was… ‘who the hell is canada’s first couple’…and then an ‘oh’. Lol.

  36. Mew says:

    In a good fabric, these sort of pants are the best, most comfortable summer wear ever. And good looking too. However, Anne’s versions are not so flattering.