Katy Perry spends 90 minutes on hair & makeup before leaving home: excessive?

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has a new interview with Women’s Wear Daily to promote her latest fragrance, Killer Queen, with Coty. Katy made the shift to Coty after growing frustrated that many of her fans complained that they couldn’t access her last fragrance, Meow. Surprisingly, Katy appears fairly business savvy in this piece, and she seems self-aware enough to realize that she’s been packaged and marketed as a pop star. Yet she claims that she can get away with her excessive costuming because of raw talent. Okay, I’ll admit that she’s got a pretty good voice, but her lyrics are … juvenile and hilarious. Oh well. She’s not building bridges — she’s a pop star.

Yet I’m getting ahead of myself and have neglected thus far to discuss the top photo, which shows Katy on Saturday in Stockholm, Sweden. As you can see, she’s is hustling towards the building’s entrance while hiding her visage, and Katy’s often photographed this way whenever she’s neglected to “put on her face.” In this interview, Katy talks about just how long it takes her to properly get ready for the cameras — 90 full minutes, which explains why she usually looks like her makeup has been applied with a palette knife. Damn, 90 minutes? That’s some seriously high maintenance stuff:

Katy Perry

She’s not worried about longevity: “This is how I view my career: not as a ticking bomb. A lot of people do things out of fear. A lot of people make choices [based on thinking] they won’t have a career in five years. I know where I am, I know what I do is worth something and does not have an expiration date on it. I’m not making choices — in any capacity of my life, with any kind of endorsement, with any kind of product — out of fear.”

Her new Coty fragrance, Killer Queen: “Killer Queen has been in my vocabulary since I was 15, because of the song ‘Killer Queen’ by Queen. Freddie Mercury painted the lyrics of this woman who I wanted to be. She seemed very powerful, and she captivated a room when she walked in. I named my company Killer Queen after those lyrics. I feel like, after all this time, it was appropriate to use that name in association with something I did. I feel like I’m falling, finally, into that woman Freddie painted. Killer Queen is powerful, edgy, sophisticated — and that’s exactly where I’m trying to be now with my music. There were two different aspects in creating the fragrance. It’s almost like [using] two different parts of your brain — the packaging and bottle and marketing, but essentially all that doesn’t matter unless you have the juice.”

Likewise about her own “packaging” & “marketing”: “I spoke one time at a songwriting thing and the kids were asking me questions about being an artist. [I told them] all of the costumes and the glitter and the glitz and glam is great, but if you don’t have the talent, you just look like a freak.”

Her own beauty routine: “I’m a product wh-re. I have a [beauty] regimen that spans an hour and a half, and nothing goes out of order.” She chuckles and admits that’s hard to do ‘if you’re sleeping over at a new boyfriend’s house.”

She keeps social media in perspective: “I’m very particular about my Twitter. I like Facebook, and I use it and I appreciate it, but it’s mostly just to let everyone know what’s going on, what’s coming up. My Twitter is like a smorgasbord of things I like, things I don’t like, what I want to say, what I want people to hear, if I want to be funny or retweet, talk to my fans and have impromptu Q&As. It’s also a way for me to announce things, to share things. It’s like picking up the phone to your closest friend, because it’s so easy and so direct.”

Will she ever design clothes? “I would like to [branch into fashion], but this circus act can only juggle so many balls. It’s to be determined, but we’ll see how it goes. It’s a long process, and I want to find the right place for me. There are a lot of people I really look up to in fashion — [like] Alice + Olivia and The Row — and I like that price range, too. I love what Victoria Beckham did, but I also have to figure out with myself what actually is the market I want to be in. Is it a high fashion market or is it an accessible market? Nothing is [currently] being created; there aren’t even sketches on the table, nor a contract.”

Her 2013 Met Gala gown: “That was true punk. And when I woke up really hung over the next day, I saw I was on WWD’s cover.”

[From WWD]

LOL at Katy declaring her Dolce & Gabbana “Joan of Arc” dress to be “true punk.” I am actually quite surprised that Katy hasn’t designed her own clothing line for tweens with a cotton-candy theme. Kids would eat that crap up, and their parents would buy it if Katy kept things G-rated. Or Katy could design her own line of sports bras. I’d probably try one out and then get angry about spending so much money for something with a huge bounce factor.

Anyway, I still can’t believe Katy wastes 90 minutes doing her hair and makeup. If she did this every day, that would be 547 hours per year. In a lifetime … I don’t want to even think about it. Seriously, I feel like a troll now with my air-dried bedhead and 5-10 minutes per week of makeup. But hey, that’s a lot of saved time!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

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  1. carol says:

    a simple, quick lesson with a makeup artist and hair stylist would have her routine down to 45 mins or less imo

  2. Jane says:

    Totally excessive. Perhaps she likes staring in the mirror at herself for that long.

  3. Quixotic1205 says:

    Probably needs 90minites and she’s probably downplaying it (google: Katy Perry no makeup).

    • Das Spleen says:

      I’d never stoop so low as to call someone dumb and ugly but…fancy needing 90 minutes to make your self presentable to the world. And worse still being stupid enough to admit it.

      • Ella says:

        In defence of Katy Perry, she might just be one of those people who (like me) isn’t very beautiful naturally and needs a lot of help. I’m about Katy’s age, but due to illness parts of my brows thinned out really badly and I have really dark circles under my eyes. I painstakingly apply concealer and blush etc. and fill in my brows, and I can make myself look totally normal and pretty, but it takes me forever. It’s a cause of some embarrassment for me, but I’d rather look my best than skimp on the routine. I know Katy doesn’t have my excuse, but I do think she is one of those people for whom hair and makeup make a big improvement on nature. That said, I do think she wears too much makeup, and I wish she’d opt for something more rosy, healthy and natural-looking, rather than black hair and false lashes and craploads of eyeliner.

    • eferqf says:

      Even if you spent six hours putting on makeup to look just like katy perry, it would be worthwhile.

  4. Hannah says:

    I think it’s difficult for her in that even when she is all red carpetted up she still looks quite like a normally pretty girl? I am not being mean or saying she’s not pretty. I think she looks great and I would love to be able to lose weigh and keep my bum an boobs the way she does. I just mean no matter how much time she spends she isn’t ever going to be described as stunning.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      ITA with your assessment of KP’s looks.

      This morning it took me 30 minutes from start to finish. It usually takes me around 45 minutes on average, but it depends on what I’m doing with my hair and makeup, 50 minutes is the most I’ll ever spend. 90 minutes seems insane to me but what do I know..

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree. She isn’t ugly, but it seems she literally “puts her face on”. Painted on eyebrows, shading to add cheekbones, a jaw line, nose definition, false eyelashes, overdrawn mouth, etc.

      It is one thing to go that far when you are going to a red carpet event, but doing all that to just go out in public is just too much. When I see her on a date with John Mayer wearing tons of make-up, it kind of makes me worry about her self esteem.

      • Meegs says:

        Ninety minutes is a huge amount of time. But in her defense: I love to put on makeup, simply because it allows me to be creative on a daily basis. I get to draw with any color I want, and make myself into a sex goddess or a beach bum-ette depending on the the look I am going for. Think about those women (and men) who work in a store like MAC — they adore makeup, it’s fun, it makes people feel good. It’s also their job to look good and especially “made up”. That is Katy Perry’s job as well. She gets paid massive amounts of money to look perfect daily. That’s the deal.

  5. Annie says:

    I understood her regime is mostly about skin care, not make up? I’ve seen her in person when she’s not working and she doesn’t wear a lot of make up but she does have gorgeous skin, so if that long regime helps her stay fresh and have great , healthy skin, then sign me up. It’s not excessive at all if you take care of yourself, which I personally try to do a lot and then get criticized by people who haven’t been to the dentist in over a year… It’s like, we all have our rituals and things we do to take care of yourself, and if you don’t take care of any aspect of yourself at all, and get things done in 5 minutes, don’t complain later when you look in the mirror and see the product of your lazyness and neglect. I think it’s great that she wears creams instead of botox or that blood thing Kim K does to herself. Compare skins. Katy’s is great and Kim looks super plastic.

  6. Apsutter says:

    I don’t see it…her makeup always looks terrible but she does have beautiful hair. I love that red dress she’s wearing.

    • Ella says:

      Her hair isn’t real … when she doesn’t wear extensions, her hair is about shoulder length and very thin. It also looks totally fried and unhealthy due to all the coloring she’s done to it. So basically, when you see her with long, flowing locks, it’s just as fake as her face with all that makeup.

  7. Madison says:

    90 minutes!! Who even has the time for that. I spend about 25 minutes, and that includes shower, shaving, hair and light make up!
    I wonder what this girl looks like when she just wakes up in the morning!lol
    That must be the biggest shock “if you’re sleeping over at a new borfriends house”
    He would wake up in the morning and wonder who the heck was in his bed!!

  8. Tessa says:

    Does that include showering and getting dressed? If it does, that’s only about 15 minutes longer than it takes me, which isn’t bad because she’s a celebrity. No matter how hard I try to go faster, I can only get ready in about an hour and fifteen minutes. I don’t do very much with myself, jst blow out my hair and do my makeup pretty regularly. Nothing excessive.

    • Misery Fox says:


      Getting ready for going out takes me more than an hour. Drying and styling my hair and applying my heavy smokey eye make-up (what can I say, it’s a look) takes a while.

      Now, during the week when I go to work it takes me less than 30 minutes to blow-dry and apply make-up, but I also look kinda crappy at those times.

      To the people that say she looks horrible without make-up: not everyone looks great without some help. (I personally think she’s not ugly at all btw).

      I only look halfway decent with make-up on. Without I’m butt-ugly. Should I therefore not wear any make-up because it’s false adverstising? Ever think that just maybe, not-so-pretty girls like to look pretty once in a while?

      • Nicolette says:

        +1. Takes me more than an hour too. Between showering, shaving, shampooing, conditioning, makeup, blow drying/ironing it adds up. I’m at about an hour and 15min. Days I don’t wash my hair (it’s better for my hair not to everyday) and just touch it up my time is cut down significantly.

        I never go out without some makeup on, and no it’s not false advertising at all. Some girls are blessed with natural beauty and can walk outside without a stitch of make up and look fabulous (I envy them) but I don’t know that they are in the majority judging by how lucrative the makeup industry is. :)

    • Hautie says:

      I do 90 minutes everyday too. It can take up to two hours if I get distracted. But full makeup, hair and dressing… easily 90 minutes.

      But I am old school. I don’t roam out of the home looking like hell. Ever.

      I do the entire beauty routine, if I am going to walk out the door into good sunlight. :)

      But that is me. I prefer to look my best. And sadly it is going to take me that full 90 minutes, to pull my sh*t together.

      • heatheradair says:

        I’m with you — if I count shower/hair/skincare/makeup/getting dressed, that’s 2 hours (which is why I stretch out the hair-washing as many days as possible). If I was doing that DAILY, I’d lose patience. BUT — 90 minutes (in my family) isn’t crazy — it’s just the start-to-finish (plus blow-drying) time. Adds up.

  9. SageM says:

    I’m not surprised after seeing the picture of her without makeup.

  10. Itwillrain says:

    She doesn’t really have a good voice. She sounds bad live…at least every time I’ve heard her. Like a lamb bleating off key.

  11. DanaG says:

    90 minutes really? Some times I see her and it looks like maybe 5 tops on her makeup. That is a heck of a morning routine could explain why she keeps going back to John Mayer it’s easier then shocking a new boyfriend with her morning face. LOL All pop stars have a shelf life and she certainly has one.

  12. Hubbahun says:

    Don’t think it’s excessive when appearance is such a big part of her work – now if it took ME more than twenty minutes, that’s excessive :D

  13. Yellowshaba says:

    I don’t blame her for having to take so long with her beauty routine. I mean have you seen her face sans make up? And I think she over exaggerates her own talent. Hate to be so mean in the morning but Her cause is lost on me

  14. Carolyn says:

    I’m in the minority here on Celebitchy..I think she’s pretty with minimal makeup. Feel sorry for her that she feels her public image requires her to put so much makeup on to face the cameras.

    Imagine how much time Gaga spends getting ready. It must be exhausting being these ladies.

  15. Samigirl says:

    If it’s taking her 90 minutes, she’s doing it wrong. I can exfoliate, moisturize, full face, and hair in a half hour. And I look fabulous.

  16. Bijlee says:

    15-20 minutes. I don’t do much either. I put sunscreen on my face, brush teeth, brush hair, occasionally floss. Oil cleansing method at night. Saves time and money. No makeup, nothing. Skin is perfectly healthy. Not blemish free, but eh. If I groom my eyebrows and the Tom Seleck (damn you Indian genes) it adds 10-20 minutes…usually I let them stay all bushy. My glasses are the coke bottle type ones so they cover them up, it’s not a big deal.

    ……yes the fellas are tripping over themselves to get my number.

  17. Jess says:

    She does a great job of covering up her acne scars, and that takes some time. I usually take 10-20 minutes to do a full face of make-up, but if I’m being photographed I spend a lot longer making sure every mark is hidden because the scars are really obvious in decent quality photos, even if you’re wearing heavy coverage foundation.

  18. Samtha says:

    It takes me about an hour or so to do full makeup. Which is why I almost never do it. :)

  19. Katie says:

    It sounds like she’s talking start to finish, which is pretty much how long it takes me to get ready for work every day. Granted, that includes showering and getting dressed, so I guess it takes me about an hour and 15 minutes if I just focus on skincare, makeup, and hair. On the weekends, it takes me about 45 minutes to get ready.

    I refuse to give another woman crap about caring how she looks when she leaves the house.

  20. Merritt says:

    If she spends the entire 90 minutes doing just that, then it seems excessive. If she does other stuff while she is getting ready, then no.

  21. Lizzy1013 says:

    She said CAMERA READY! Not going to the grocery store ready! Not every day ready! And that probably includes a makeup artist and hair stylist, so 90 minutes is pretty good.

  22. the artful dodger says:

    If that includes a shower then I don’t think that is excessive. Plus, she is a celebrity she has to look bang-on for most of her life.

  23. Yelly says:

    She probably needs that amount of time.

  24. ALG says:

    She has horrible skin, though. She may need that long to keep it under control, although God only knows what she could be doing to it for 90 mins.

  25. RHONYC says:

    “I rarely spend more than 20-30 minutes on beauty.” ~ Dita Von Teese


    *drops mic* ;-)

    • Kim says:

      Dita just has it down after years how to apply that much makeup really fast. The amount of makeup she wears would take a normal person 60 mins. So its not like she wears less than Katy or other famous women, just after years of practice doing it herself (not a makeup person) she can do it in 30 mins.

  26. Adrien says:

    Dita Von Teese spends less time to fix herself up and she looks more high maintenance than Katy. I’m sure there is a way to cut the time. Katy should be an expert by now. Maybe she has bad skin.

  27. JL says:

    She said beauty regimen, if that includes washing, bathing, creams, hair dried and styled and makeup then that’s not so bad.

    If she has thick hair like mine it’s 25 minutes just to dry it all.

  28. A says:

    Long hair does not suit her, it drags her face down and makes it look longer.
    She should stick to above shoulder length hair.

  29. Emily C. says:

    Meh, it’s her job, and she’s well compensated for it. She’s talking about getting ready for cameras, not everyday things. Though she’d look way better with way less makeup.

    I never put on any makeup, but if I were offered a few million for a job that included a persona with makeup pancaked on, I’d do it.

  30. jacquie109 says:

    I don’t know, it takes me about an hour to do full hair and make up. I have really long curly hair that has to be blown dry and then straightened and that takes about 45 minutes, if I want to add some loose curls or pin it up, it can take an hour from start to finish and then I take about 10 to 15 minutes with my skin, washing, toning,moisterizing, and properly applying my make up. So 90 minutes doesn’t really seem like all that long.

  31. F5 says:

    so why she looks so budget.. Q_Q

  32. Kim says:

    We have all seen what she looks like without makeup so I would believe she needs 90 minutes or more to get ready. She is not a looker.

  33. Cooloo says:

    90 minutes doesn’t seem excessive to me. I’m sure she doesn’t take that long every day, but if she’s getting ready for an interview or show taping, then I can understand. And I think she might be including her shower time in there. For me, if I’m getting ready for a big night out, my shower time plus hair and makeup and getting dressed would easily take an hour and a half. Especially when doing hair like Katy Perry’s, I think she must put them up in hot rollers a lot, and those are time consuming.

  34. MsAubra says:

    I’ve seen her without makeup, so it’s TOTALLY believeable!

  35. Jag says:

    Didn’t even read anything other than the headline and my answer is: it’s none of my business. lol

  36. onegirlup says:

    If I’m getting ready to just run an errand or for something menial,it takes me about 30-45 mins to shower, dry the hair and get out the door… purse, keys, lock the door etc.. BUT if I’m going “out” like for the evening, to a dance club etc.. it can take me up to 2hours. I like to take my time getting ready so I don’t get all hot from the blow dryer and curling iron.. PLUS I have to decide what to wear. Just curling my hair takes 30 mins alone if I’m going to do it right.. I have LONG hair. I usually take forever picking out what to wear because nothing looks good enough. You know how it is. I could speed it up but if I’m curling my hair it has to be at least an hour and a half. That’s just how it is because I refuse to get all sweaty rushing around after getting cleaned up with a shower. Good things come to those who wait. My hubby will agree to this %100. Giddy Up!

  37. msw says:

    I personally wouldn’t spend anywhere near that long getting ready–I take a while washing my hair because it’s super long, but my makeup is on in less than five minutes, if I choose to wear any at all. (Yay self-esteem :) )

    But maybe that’s just what she likes to do to relax. I’m not going to judge her for that.

  38. ataylor says:

    Meh. That sounds rather normal to me. I also take around 90 min. Mainly because I like to take my Sweet.Damn.Time.

    I like long showers. I also have long hair. I also used to work in the beauty/skincare industry so I had access to lots of lotions and potions (skincare-wise) that I grew very attached to and apply religiously…and slowly & gently. Makeup-wise, it depends on what I’m doing that day. Makeup for the office can take 10-15 min (20 if I stop to dance around to an awesome song or two on the radio). Weekend days 5-10 maybe, depending on what I’m doing. Going out hair/makeup? Um…that depends on how complicated the look I’m going for is.

    My college roommate used to get up at 6 a.m. before her 9 a.m class, to get ready for class. That’s right, 6 a.m. — she would spend almost an hour getting dressed and then two hours in front of the mirror carefully applying makeup and syling her hair. Short 10 minute showers and then she PARKED herself in the mirror (thankfully we had duel sinks) applying mountains of makeup — and she went for the “natural” look. No distractions, like stopping to dance to music or stopping to chit-chat. There was some serious dedication involved in her process.

    I was more wash-n-wear-and-rolled-out-of-bed (ponytail, slap on some gloss, neutral eyeshadow and tinted moisturizer/spf, t-shirt, flip-flops, and walk out the door) when I was in college. I remember once I even took a final exam in my flannel PJ’s (8am math class) and a sweatshirt in the winter.

    Thankfully we lived across the street from campus. lol.

  39. Janey says:

    I bet most female celebrities take this long to get ready.They just don’t admit it.Have you ever seen them without make up? I know Sofia Vergara must need that much time atleast.All Katy did was tell the truth and try not to pretend that she is a natural beauty.Nothing wrong with being honest.

  40. drdoolittling says:

    If you need 90 minutes to look good, perhaps depending on your looks is not a good idea.

  41. Andrea says:

    This is why I never wear makeup, plus no matter what I seem to wear, I get acne or my rosacea gets worse from it. Makeup is full of nasty stuff.

  42. Steph says:

    I can get it done in 10 minutes flat (including my waist length hair) but there *is* something wonderfully girly about spending oodles of time on the whole ritual of it all, isn’t there? Sometimes I quite enjoy taking my time, deep conditioning my hair, doing the moisturizing face masque and fancy eye makeup, making sure the hair is perfect — not for anybody in particular but just because on occasion it is fun. But spending 90 minutes EVERY day would be a huge drag. It would take all the fun out of it. And she’s a pretty girl — I’m sure she doesn’t need all that prep work.

  43. jemshoes says:

    Honestly, it sounds routine for a celebrity. And she probably does it because she’s hyper-aware of her skin (she struggled with acne, so says her Proactiv endorsements), and camera flashes bring up everything. I’d wear a makeup mask / war paint, too, if I was pap’d the way she is.

  44. Mew says:

    Getting ready for the cameras? Does that really mean she’s putting on the makeup, or that the makeup artist is doing it for her? But yeah, 90 minutes for doing that is understatement. 90 minutes for that full clown face alone and another hour for the hair sounds more like it. That’s the exact reason why I’ve come to lately hate doing photoshoots – it’s a full day job just to get ready.

  45. Kosmos says:

    I think this is normal for some women. It can take that long to apply everything and also style hair. I do not think it’s excessive. Yes, I’m sure she cuts it short if she’s not alone, but I totally understand being able to take your time if you’re wearing full makeup & doing hair, so I don’t feel anyone should be bad rapping her for this…

  46. silly you says:

    this comes as no surprise. and the ghost freddy mercury should haunt this b*ch for naming her lame perfume after one of queen’s greatest songs.

  47. silly you says:

    this comes as no surprise. and the ghost freddy mercury should haunt this idiot for naming her lame perfume after one of queen’s greatest songs.

  48. Claire says:

    She has such a great figure – those boobs!

  49. Lauraq says:

    I don’t wear makeup, but if I’m washing my hair it can take me awhile to get ready. I have thick curly hair, which first retains EVERYTHING. Rinsing the shampoo and conditioner out of it takes forever alone, let alone drying it. Plus I like to let it air dry for ten minutes before taking the blowdryer to it. I think it cuts down on heat damage. Then the flatiron…Yeah, I can take awhile to get ready.