LeAnn Rimes confirms, Nobu run-in with Brandi Glanville was ‘awkward’

I didn’t even realize it (how is that?!), but LeAnn Rimes appeared on Monday’s episode of The Talk. I watch The Talk sometimes when I’m at the gym. I can’t say it’s a good show or even a so-bad-it’s-fun show. It’s just boring and monotonous and Julie Chen plucks my last nerve. So what a perfect show for LeAnn to appear on as she tries to half-heartedly promote Spitfire, which was absolutely a FLOP. First, LeAnn spoke to the ladies about the pregnancy rumors (spoiler: she’s not pregnant) and she also “confirmed” the Radar story from two weekends ago about Brandi drunkenly causing a scene at Nobu:

Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes are not on the best of terms and the country singer confirmed the tension in their relationship on The Talk saying that their most recent encounter was “awkward.” As RadarOnline.com exclusively reported, LeAnn and her hubby Eddie Cibrian ran into his ex-wife and children at a tony Malibu restaurant Nobu and the confrontation was made for TV style drama.

After managing to avoid each other for most of the night, the new Mr. and Mrs. Cibrian stopped by The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill star’s table on their way out of the restaurant to apparently say goodbye to the kids, who had been criss-crossing from table to table during dinner.

But instead of pleasantries being exchanged, Eddie and LeAnn were “confronted by Brandi who raised her voice and glass of wine at them,” one eyewitness told Radar.

“It was so obnoxious that other people at the restaurant turned their heads to see what all the commotion was about.”

LeAnn played a game called ‘Rimes on the Record’ with the ladies of The Talk where she addressed a series of reports and whether or not they were true or false.

As for the run-in with Brandi LeAnn was succinct.

“Awkward,” she said when asked about the incident. She confirmed our story, saying “No wine was thrown. I’ll leave it at that.”

According to our eyewitness at the restaurant Brandi yelled at the couple as they left, saying: “Is that a hi or a bye?”

The Spitfire singer also address a slew of other reports on The Talk, saying that she is NOT pregnant, despite looking healthier and like she’s put on a few pounds.

“I am not pregnant. I’ve been pregnant in tabloids like five or six times now. I should have had several children. I eat a hamburger and then all of the sudden I’m pregnant!

Is she doing a reality show?

“We have been in talks about a show…a unique show, it wouldn’t be like a strict reality show with cameras following us around…people think they know all about our lives. We have been dabbling in that idea of something that would be unique.”

[From Radar]

Does anyone else suspect LeAnn (or Team LeAnn people) of being the source for Radar’s reporting of the original incident at Nobu? As I said at the time, I have no doubt that Brandi said something rude or made a minor scene, I just question the whole idea that the whole restaurant was ZOMG scandalized by Brandi snarking on LeAnn. As for the continuing stories about LeAnn’s faux-reality show… I’m starting to wonder if she and Eddie have gotten any interest whatsoever from any cable channel. I’ll buy that LeAnn and Eddie have taken meetings and that they’re actively shilling this BS, but I don’t think anyone is interested.

Here’s LeAnn’s performance on The Talk. This song sucks:

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. brin says:

    She’s toxic. She also vomits up the same bullcrap in every interview.

  2. E says:

    She twits ceaselessly and now she doesn’t want to talk about it? If I was in that panel -The Talk- I would be furious.

  3. SmokeyBlues says:

    Why does anyone give this woman a forum? Stop interviewing her, it only adds to her determination that she is some big famous wonderful beautiful celebrity when really she’s just tabloid fodder.

  4. Carol says:

    Given Oprah’s latest scoop I am surprised she’s not buying it for her network. You know things are bad when Lindsey Lohan gets a show and you can’t get yours on the air.

  5. Lassie says:

    She looks like a dude in that grey tye dye thing.

    • Raquel says:

      She needs to chill out on the botox, too. I took one look at her and thought that she was in her mid-fifties, at least. I mean, only women who are at least that old use so much botox that their faces get frozen solid like that, right?

  6. Cirque28 says:

    How does saying “it was awkward” benefit the children, oh Saint Rimes?

    If you completely drink the LeAnn kool aid (and those people are few and far between), the boys have an unhinged alcoholic for a mother. So wouldn’t a loving stepmom want to protect them as much as humanly possible from the repercussions of that difficult situation rather than chatting about it on the world stage?

    Also, Julie Chen: wow, that’s a lot of spackle.

    • heidi says:

      But remember Brandi says the kids aren’t allowed to use the computer for adult searches. Besides they may see their mother falling over drunk on the tabs covers this week.

    • Joanna says:

      All she said was, “It was awkward, I’ll leave it at that.” I don’t think Brandi’s kids will be scarred for life by that. It was very tactful not to elaborate. maybe she’s realizing the best thing to do is to just be quiet.

      re julie chen. I think she’s gorgeous, she doesn’t all that makeup and extensions.way overdone

      • Cirque28 says:

        No, the boys won’t be scarred for life, but why are their mother’s alleged antics even a topic on a talk show? LeAnn could have made “no Brandi questions” a condition of her appearance– if she was as protective of the boys as she claims, she would have.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Um, repeat after me: I prefer not to answer the question. Was it the worst thing she’s ever said? No, but she is the source for the negative stories. She hides the ugly things she does, and then tries to play the saint during interviews. Hence, running to blogs and tabloids with nasty stories that blame Brandi and that keep her in the news, and then acting like the nice girl when she can’t hide.

      • Sullivan says:

        Yeah, she didn’t say much about it except it was awkward. Probably because it was, well, awkward. The boys were there, front & center, so they already know it was tense. Some people are so concerned about the stepmom ruining the kids’ lives, but don’t seem worked-up about what Mumsy is doing to them. All three of these parents suck. The only good thing is they seem to take turns at sucking.

      • Hakura says:

        I agree with Sullivan.

        Loathe though I am to say anything even remotely in Leann’s defense, but I saw nothing wrong with what she said. It was awkward, then she made it clear she wouldn’t answer anymore about it. I don’t find that some great, horrible sin for her, as a ‘step-mom’.

        She makes plenty of others to get up in arms about, this just isn’t one of them. & Brandy is more than a little guilty in this particular mess. Though L&E are idiots for going to her table in the first place, even for just a moment.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        She sold the story to Radar and then played it off like she was above it on TV. Don’t sell stories about your stepkids’ mom and then pretend to be the one who won’t discuss it. She uses the publicity, but she is savvy enough to have gone underground with it.

      • Cirque28 says:

        Hakura, I’m not up in arms– I was trying to speak to LR’s hypocrisy. Her Serene Highness pats herself on the back for rising above the fray (for the boys’ sake, doncha know), except she’s still at it. She’s supposedly very different than Brandi on this issue, but the only difference I can see is that LR is passive aggressive where Brandi is direct.

        It’s exquisitely easy not to talk to the press about someone. (See: Angelina Jolie.) Just don’t talk about them. Don’t make secret calls to the tabloids about them. Don’t sorta say something snarky when you’re asked and then laugh like you’re just kidding. Tell your publicist the topic is off limits. Or, if not, then stop trying to get credit for your tact and restraint.

      • Hakura says:

        @Cirque – Point taken. =) & you’re right, of course.

        But if not for the whole ‘thing’ between she & Brandi (which is mostly Leann doing whatever she can to ‘fan the flames’, these days), no one would be the least bit interested in her.

        I’m sure if she made it clear from the start that she wouldn’t be answering *any* Brandi related Q’s, she wouldn’t even get booked on most of the few she’s managed to get.

        It’d be like the equivalent of Lindsay trying to book jobs while saying she’d ‘only talk about ‘The Canyons’ & future reality show, & would answer no Q’s about her addiction/rehab/criminal record. xD No one gives a flying f*ck about her, aside from those things.

      • Cirque28 says:

        @Hakura: True, true. If you took away the glories of stepmotherhood, Brandi, and her ridiculous inspirational (mis)quotes, the poor thing would be mute.

        BTW, I meant to say before that I appreciate and enjoy your use of italics. I, too, love to use them. Because seriously, certain words just need to be emphasized. :)

      • Hakura says:

        @Cirque28 – Wouldn’t that be a glorious day, when Leann became *mute*… Unfortunately she does most of her ‘talking’ through typing on twitter, so we’d still never hear the end of it. (Anything happened to her hands, & you know her first purchase would be 1 of those ‘voice typing’ programs that types what you say…)

        Lol! I’m really glad it isn’t annoying! I’m totally addicted to using italics. I guess because I put emphasis on certain words when I ‘think’ my response. (& we all want those who read our comments to be as close to ‘hearing’ it as possible) xD

        I’ve gotten *so* used to using them here, that when I was typing up a letter to a friend the other day, & actually *wrote* the codes out w/o realizing it >__<

  7. Kara says:

    She looks deranged, cheap & tacky in these pictures. (I thought people w lots of money can afford stylists so they never have to look bad?) Eddie looks “meh, so over this…le sigh.”

  8. OrangeBlohan says:

    So sick of this joker trick!

  9. Kaye says:

    That header picture belongs in the Celebitchy Hall of Fame archive along with the Bieber car seat photos and the Lindsey Lohan pink fur pout pics.

  10. Jayna says:

    I agree. I have no doubt Brandi was sarcastic and a little loud and made it awkward.

    I also agree she is throwing this reality-based sitcom out there in every interview and no one is interested. If she does manage to get it made, it will be on an obscure channel and tank like Paris Hikton’s last show did.

    I didn’t watch her interview because I could care less what any of them have to say anymore about this triangle in interviews. LeAnn has the same old tape off
    my mouth, victim, blah, blah. Gag me. Brandi is a trainwreck. Eddie comes out smelling like a rose because he says nada.

  11. JL says:

    OMG someone loosen up the reigns on that girl’s face. It’s pulled so tight it looks clownish!

    WTH has she done to her face? It is not attractive that tight.

  12. Quinn says:

    Why must I see this face anymore??? WHYYYY????

    It is NOT 1997!!

  13. Jane says:

    What still totally pisses me off about this whole thing is the fact that the ladies were stroking her ego congratulating her on the CD and not pressing any hard-nosed questions. Why is it that A list celebrities get the beat down for their indiscretions on TV (Hugh Grant back in the day comes to mind–when he WAS an A list celebrity) and Leann gets off Scott free? I mean, does her team have some power over people threatening them that they are not allowed to ask questions concerning her law suits etc.? Then threatening with what?
    Could this be the reason why she struts around like a deranged self-entitled brat all the time thinking her $hit don’t stink? No one calls her out on these things…ever. It literally makes no sense to me. The CD is just the worst piece of c*** out there and yet shows are treating it as if it is her masterpiece! The women on the Talk were whooping it up as if they were seeing a legend perform.
    I continuously have WTF moments with this woman. On a somewhat non-related topic…did anyone catch her frig-butt humping vine video? She looks likes she is auditioning for a stripping job.

    • a says:

      If LeAnn is asked questions about lawsuits she will give her side of the story and then next thing you know she will be accused of unfairly using her access to the media when the other side does not have the same access.

    • Zinnia says:

      The vine was another case of SWF. Brandi had a tweet a couple hours before about a “twerking” class. LR
      just had to show her “skillz”. You can judge her efforts.

    • candigirl says:

      Rimes is well known for suing several people, including her dad, her manager, her record company, her dentist, a mother of four/special needs teacher Kim S.and Kim’s daughter. Leann has also sent legal Cease and Desist letters to several people threatening to sue them, including Brandi and the writers of this blog. She is well known in the industry for having deep pockets and a law firm on retainer which she uses on a whim when she is bored and angry. Leann is a bully and people are threatened by her, they are told not to ask certain questions. Apart from that, she has her former child star status and is now a freak with a scary plastic face and a train wreck life. People love a good down fall and she loves the attention for it.

  14. Kiddo says:

    Ever since someone here mentioned the Grinch in regard to that photo, every time I see it, I get an earworm of You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch stuck in my head.

  15. OK says:

    It says a lot that she allows Brandi questions during her interviews. Isn’t she the bigger star of the 3? By her allowing Brandi questions or even questions about her “family” she causes people to look into the story and those who may not know the story will do a google search and it doesn’t help her hence her album sales. She needs to fire her PR people. She’s such a disaster.

  16. Katrina says:

    I’ve scheduled a doctor’s appointment as I’m obviously very ill…I love and listen repeatedly to the song ‘What Have I Done?’ off of Spitfire.

  17. Jennifer says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! I don’t even care about the story- I just LOVE the derpy pics of Leann.

  18. Apsutter says:

    She really is throwing everything at the wall and hoping it sticks. She has sang like seven different songs from that crap album trying to drum up interest lol. I actually like The Talk. It’s not annoying like The View and they have good hosts. Aisha Tyler is awesome but Chenbot is always the worst.

  19. crab says:

    Two douchebags that deserve each other!

  20. K-Rock says:

    I love the thumbnail pic so very much! haha It’s up there with baby Beiber and puckery orange Blowhan!

  21. Mimi says:

    Is Julie Chen a robot… she creeped me out in that clip lol.

  22. UsedToBeLulu says:

    I can totally believe that Brandi gets loud and obnoxious when she drinks. And yes, her drinking is a problem to her children and they are likely to remember incidences like these for the rest of their lives.

    LeAnn inflicts her own brand of damage to those kids. I don’t know who is worse at this point.

  23. Jennifer12 says:

    Brandi may have done herself no favors that night she was drunk and photographed, but it doesn’t take away from what Leann pulls. Because there is so much floating around the internet about what she has done to Brandi and because she reads everything about herself and it’s hitting her that Mason is getting to an age where he can start seeing it, she’s gone underground with her bullying and sells stories to the media while incognito. Then she responds to what she’s put out there by playing the “I’m too classy for this” nonsense. She’s still the same miserable, evil person but she’s learned that it has cost her a career and public image, so now she’s a lot more careful about people knowing what she’s capable of. Ilana Angel nailed it: for some reason, no one will call this woman out on her actions, even though her career is at a standstill.

  24. Amber says:

    This woman is a pathetic home wrecker. I don’t blame Brandi one bit for causing a scene. I would have done much worse had she pulled her whorish ways on my family.

  25. Relli says:

    I saw blurb about this a few days ago and I think probably on Radar and my first thoughts, REALLY!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Monday was a pretty big day in terms of current events and news in this country and yet STILL she finds reasons to talk about herself and something happened a few weeks ago, that most people already forgot about, REALLY!?!?!?! Jeez, she really is narcissistic.

    The Talk is so lame I watch it occasionally downstairs at the deli because for some reason the guys always have it on. The last snippet i saw they were all pulling their fake hair out.

  26. EG says:

    Sigh. LeAnn has no sense of decency, and never will. These awful pics of her scream insecure, try-hard narcissist. I hope that karma catches up with her one day…

  27. Rita says:

    She’s played-out her game. Nothing left but regurgitated crap.

    Receptionist answers phone at two-bit talk show:

    “Good morning, how may I direct your call…please hold.”……”It’s Rimes again, does anybody want to talk to her?”

    The sound of slamming doors….

    “I’m sorry Miss Rimes, everyone’s on vacation. Try back next month…..if you absolutely feel you must.”

  28. Mela says:

    Leann Rimes is such a bitter biatch. She just seethed with bitterness when she responded to the question about Brandi. She always puts down Brandi, this time labeling her interactions with Brandi as awkward. Leann reeks of animosity and hostility towards Brandi, especially with her tone of voice and facial cues (rolling eyes, smug smile etc).

    Leann really needs to let it go, holding onto to those feelings of hatred really poison a person’s soul and it is never been more obvious than in Leann Rime’s case. While I see Brandi trying to play nice here (labeling the same interaction as fine and pleasant for the kids, she judged the interaction based on how it made her kids happy and left any personal opinion of Leann and Eddie out), Leann holds onto her hatred for Brandi like a life preserver. You can see the toxicity overflow in Leann. She is a very hard-looking woman, and her life seems stressfull.

  29. Cam S says:

    She is such a narcissist that you would think she’d get offended by being constantly asked about the 1st wife. I would. I’d avoid the topic and draw attention back to my album.

    • claire says:

      It’s a front. She LOVES to talk about the affair and Brandi. Heck, it’s even been said in some of the print interviews about her. Journalists have stated she starts spewing it all out before they even ask her about it.

    • SouthernGal says:

      Her disdain for Brandi is always obvious in every interview. She is jealous to the core. A secure woman wouldn’t feel the need to constantly put down the person whose life you’ve wrecked. Sad that she always “THE VICTIM” when most of the drama is created by her. Had she closed her legs (and mouth), stayed as the jump off and not become d*ckmatized…none of this would have happened.

      Karma is getting her good too…starting with destroying her natural beauty to morph into a statuesque model, marrying a serial cheater and always having to worry about when will he cheat, a failing career and a jobless money hungry hubby. I’m sure she spends her days thinking of creative ways to keep him happy. As I stated on a tweet yesterday, HAPPY people don’t feel the need to share their happiness or prove to anyone how happy they are with one another because you are too busy enjoying life. She just proves day in and day out that her life sucks. There’s not enough money in the world that would make me want her life.

  30. Rita says:

    For those suggesting LeAnn should have made this interview a “Brandi-Free-Zone”, let me ask this.

    What else would she have to talk about? I mean, what subject could she possibly broach that would gain anything other than a yawn or eye-roll from the audience.

    She’s a d-list hustler with nothing of interest in her life.

    • Christin says:

      Does anyone else think that when the ex-wife/bonus mom topic doesn’t get any more audience or headlines, that Eddie may end up being shelved?

    • SouthernGal says:

      Exactly Rita!!! Instead her promoting that awful album during her media tour she instead talks about “her truth” and Brandi. The only way for her to stay relevant is to keep Brandi’s name in her mouth. No one cares about what else is going on in her boring life.

    • PhillyGurl says:

      My question is why would they treat her like that was the first time she was on “The Talk”? That was her third visit.
      And I might be wrong but Leann did tweet that she pretty much sold the reality show to someone a while back. Now Leann say’s she’s shopping it around. Which one is it?
      She’s confusing sometimes.

    • jaye says:

      I’m usually just a spectator on these Brandi/Leann posts because I find them entertaining, but here’s my two cents. Rimes’s conflicts with Brandi are the only thing remotely interesting about her. Do you think The Talk or The View would have her on if that weren’t the case? It’s really all Rimes has going for her and she knows it. IMO, that’s why she passive aggressively keeps poking the bear. I know Brandi is a loose cannon and she doesn’t do herself ANY favors by engaging. They both need a LONG twitter vacay or at least stop talking about their situation ON Twitter. It’s all very cringe inducing. At this point, no one is innocent. They are all behaving badly.

      Wow…I had more of an opinion on this than I thought, lol.

  31. Raquel says:

    No pity for the awkwardness…you cheat on a man’s husband, and YOU avoid HER. Those are the rules. You are the one responsible for adapting your schedule and making so very sure that YOU and HER never meet. If it costs you money, you do it. If you are having fun at a bar, and see her come in, you quietly leave. If you liked to shop at a store she frequents, you find a new store. Without hesitation. Because those are the consequences of your homewrecker whore actions. So, she shouldn’t have even stayed in the restaurant, in my opinion.

    If you don’t, you don’t even have class by homewrecker whore standards. Only a stupid bitch like Rimes would want to ‘say goodbye’ to Brandi, like she was a member of Brandi’s family or something. The girl was courting a fight for the publicity, and she got what she wanted.

    • Mela says:

      ITA. I really think that Leann doesn’t view herself as a homewrecker.

      • Raquel says:

        True, she definitely strikes me as one of those classless twats who somehow thinks that the morality of sleeping with a married man is suspended if his marriage is on the rocks and he says he doesn’t like his wife (as opposed to those married men sniffing around for an affair who say they love their wives).

      • Jayna says:

        Few do because married men tell them all kinds of info on why they are cheating and how miserable they are. The guy feeds them info about the wife and the other woman hangs on to every word as validation she is the one for him. You don’t think they say, I have an amazing wife but I need some strange, do you?

      • Raquel says:

        The parentheses was sarcasm, aimed at the women who validate what they do by saying that their cheating lover tells them he hates his wife.

        It’s hard to communicate sarcasm in writing.

    • claire says:

      By Brandi’s account, when they walked in and saw her, her friends and the kids, Eddie came over to say hi to the kids. Leann didn’t say hi ’til she left.

      Either way, it’s awkward. But it would be even weirder if these two walked in, saw them, then turned around. That’s a bit of a strong reaction and kinda immature. Especially for the kids to witness.

      • Raquel says:

        Doing an about-face and leaving would be awkward, but that isn’t what I meant. Not drawing attention to yourself and finding a quiet way to slip out is what is appropriate…not trotting over to say goodbye. I’m not giving LeAnn half-points for appropriateness for not being such an idiot as to say ‘hi’.

        She brought the confrontation on herself.

    • candigirl says:

      Leann has a hard on for Brandi. She is totally obsessed with Brandi and takes every opportunity to get Brandi’s attention.
      When Brandi used to drop off and pick up kids from Eddie’s home in person, Leann would wait in the drive way for her, in skimpy clothing doing work out moves trying to get noticed. It’s a SWF sexual attraction.

  32. bettyrose says:

    I never alert the world to where I’m having dinner if I don’t want to have awkward encounters.

  33. april says:

    I just saw that LeAnn was on Wendy Williams this week. I missed it and went to Youtube and found the interview. It must have been a repeat from a month ago. I was shocked at how much Wendy liked Leann. If you want to see the interview go to Youtube “LeAnn Rimes on the Wendy Williams Show.”

    I thought previously Wendy was quick to villify “homewreckers.”

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      I don’t think she “liked” her, I think she was happy that she got the interview and tried to be fair to her. Wendy doesn’t bash guests that come in on her show to their face. I have no doubt she will be critical of LeAnn in many future hot topics.

      • claire says:

        I thought that was the case too. But then I started seeing mention of Wendy’s after-show discussion and finally watched it the other day. She says she likes Leann and that Leann just needs to stop responding to Brandi. She totally put it all on Brandi and disregarded all the instigating that Leann does. It was ridic.

  34. Amelia says:

    She must agree to talk about Brandi to get booked on these talk shows, I’m guessing. What else would she talk about?

    And she really, truly needs to invest in a good bra. The implants she got look like two kittens fighting under burlap in that blue dress.

  35. Jennifer12 says:

    Psychopaths are manipulative, with a need to control and the ability to charm. That is Leann to the core. She is manipulating and playing a game when she’s on interviews. She twists things. I would bet she charmed the pants (literally) off Eddie. She wanted him, she went after him, she got him. She’s been charming the boys, her in-laws, Brandi’s old friends. Everyone just becomes Leann’s puppet- but it doesn’t last forever.

  36. Janey says:

    I am not going to write anything nasty about Leanne ever again until she does something as disgusting as getting so black out drunk that 2 men have to hold her up while her bare breasts falls out of a sheer dress and her tampon is showing.I just can’t be on Team Brandi again after seeing those photos.No excuse for a 40 year old mother of 2 to act that way.

    • Vanessa says:

      Leann has done something more digusting than having a drunk night on the town . Leann cheated on her husband and broke up a family with two small kids and continues to harrasses and bully her new husband ex wife . Brandi may be a mess when she drinks but atleast Brandi has a enough morals doesn’t go around sleeping with another people husband or suing a teacher and her daughter and having a heartless soulless posse .Bragging about how they are going to take away woman and her six kids house leaving them homeless By your account Brandi is the more disgusting because she got trashed last week .but Leann has spent her whole life being nothing but a bully with money

    • candigirl says:

      Trying to run down with your car, the mother of two little kids and the wife of the married man you are cheating with in order to “say hi” while you are stalking her and moving into her neighborhood so you can continue to stalk her and screw her husband is pretty disgusting.
      I’d probably get very very drunk often if a multimillionaire psychopath were still stalking me four years on in an obsession with my every move and using my kids to try to hurt me every week. I’d need constant therapy, rehab, a body guard and a concealed carry permit.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Brandi did herself no favors that evening. However, it doesn’t cancel out Leann’s endless stalking, bullying and harassment. Just the way she tries to co-opt Brandi’s kids is revolting and evil. Doing something dumb (Brandi) versus years of doing evil things (Leann)? That’s what it comes down to.

  37. MicheleBB says:

    Since Leann claims she takes the “high road” always, why not just say the run-in was fine, no drama like Brandi did. Saying it was awkward just extends the drama on all sides. But Leann WANTS the drama, only thing keeping her relevant now since Shitfire bombed.

  38. Rita says:

    Y’all heard that expression, “She can’t give her music away”?

    Well, in LeAnn’s case its true. On twitter I saw a picture of a girl holding LeAnn’s CD next to the shipping pack it came in. The girl tweeted,

    “OMG, thanks country music association for the free CD. I never ordered this”

    Now, if you think LeAnn was finally able to “give away her music”, think again. LeAnn had to pay the postage.

  39. Deidre says:

    She’s wasting her natural born devoted talents by keeping some super rich, famous old man happy for the big bang– pow! How sudden, unexpected, you’re gone, what shall I do.. boo hoo, mourning, black fashionable widow weeds for a week.., please honor our silence and time of grief.. after he’s buried time decency.., then the reading of the will with his kids, who now even like her.. uh.. so they don’t worry on the inheritance.. Why waste it on Eddie.. oh yeah.. he’s doing her job..

  40. chalkdustgirl says:

    Jesus, don’t make me look at these tye-dye pictures anymore!

  41. skeptic says:

    Ok, I know it shouldn’t be about looks but in this case, I think the outward appearance is a perfect reflection on what’s inside…..so let me say, this is one UGLY woman.

  42. Ming says:

    her eyes give away her truth. evil and bitter.

    she keeps speaking about brandi because deep, deep down, she knows in her gut she regrets her choices.

    a person who truly has no regrets lives without giving a f&*k what anyone has to say. leann survives on the approval of others.

  43. Sue says:

    Brandi had the upper hand in this battle but due to her recent behavior she has lost it. Can you imagine her sons looking at pictures of her drunk, showing her breasts and with her tampax showing. Pretty sad. I can just imagine LeAnn and her husband making fun of her. She really needs to pull herself together – until she does LeAnn will look like the sane one.

  44. Mia says:

    Was it as awkward as her face? Or was it as uncomfortable as everyone else in Nobu felt when they had to see her horse face in public while they were trying to eat?

  45. brasileira says:

    She looks like the Grinch.

  46. Deanne says:

    The thing that really strikes me about LeAnn after seeing her behaviour on Twitter and in interviews over the last few years, is that regardless of Brandi and the whole affair thing, she’s just not a good person. She’s a really spoiled, hypocritical, entitled individual. If Brandi weren’t in the picture for her to talk about and malign, she’d still live her life as if she’s the “only one that matters”. She’s so full of herself, that she’s still trying to promote an album that failed in a major way commercially. I don’t care about critics not panning it, the public did not go out and buy this record, because the public don’t like LeAnn. She has promoted the freaking thing for almost two years. .She strikes me as one of those people who always has a “victim” that they direct their negative attention toward and encourage others to as well, because she has to constantly maintain herself as being better than someone, regardless of her failings. I don’t think that there is anyone that she would not throw under the bus if they didn’t tell her what she wanted to hear. She says she’s not part of the “drama” and then stirs the pot constantly. I’ve seem Brandi interviewed where she doesn’t mention LeAnn, but I’ve never seen LeAnn interviewed where she doesn’t mention Brandi. LeAnn shares a publicist with some very high profile celebs and these talk show hosts go easy on her because they don’t want to get cut off from the real celebs. Hence the fact that her nuisance lawsuits are never mentioned and they don’t bring up the fact that her cheaters anthem album bombed. It all just feeds the beast that is LeAnn and allows her to delude herself and the small group of fans she has left, that she’s still relevant.

    • candigirl says:

      ITA with your very thoughtful and well written analysis, especially: “she’s just not a good person. She’s a really spoiled, hypocritical, entitled individual.”
      This really struck me as true. M Scott Peck wrote about this kind of person in the book “People of the Lie.” Most people are a mix of good and bad, and trying to improve their lives. But when you have an entitled spoiled former child star like Leann, all bets are off, because she has been treated so differently her whole life. Leann and her enablers, have come to believe that she is different, special and that basic human values of right and wrong don’t apply to her. So they excuse away or deny the really evil things she does, like putting another woman’s kids on bikes on a busy street with no helmets on and proudly tweeting pictures of it or taking the kid to the emergency room for stitches and not calling the mom, but tweeting pictures of it to the world. The people around Leann: her manager, her family, entertainment reporters are only interested in making money off of her. So they know that they have to excuse all the bad stuff to get their checks. They have no real love for her and don’t treat her with compassion by being honest with her. This honesty would humanize her, and help her to become what she so desperately wants to be, happy, fulfilled, connected in a real way to people. This would mean that she would listen to the truth about her hurtful actions and try to change herself, instead of begging for everyone to hear her narcissistic, delusional ‘truth.’

      • Deanne says:

        It would be sad if she weren’t hell bent on destroying others. Knowing that she and her posse are thrilled to bits that the special education teacher and her daughter, not to mention an entire family, are being terribly hurt by her money and vindictiveness, strips any humanity away from her. I actually think she’s surrounded by people who do benefit financially by being in her good books, but who are themselves morally bankrupt individuals who basically define cognitive dissonance. You are so right about how having people who keep you in check, improves your life. When you are surrounded by fakes who care more about your wallet than your mental health and you are already a narcissist, it’s a recipe for disaster. Her “friends” all seem vicious to the point where I wonder what has gone on in their lives to get them to the place where they are happy to see a family suffer.