2013 Emmy nominations: Cumberbatch, Damon, Hamm & much more!

I’m sorry, I needed a moment to recover after I heard my lover’s name on this morning’s Emmy announcements. Not only is my love, Benedict Cumberbatch, nominated in a big category, but he’s up against CB’s true love, Matt Damon. The bitch-fight will be EPIC. Damon-loonie versus Cumberbitch? Hair-pulling, scratching, biting. Epic.

You can see the full list of 2013 Emmy nominations here. I’m not going to cover every category. I’m trying something new this year, I’m just going to give a list of random thoughts:

*Yay for Kerry Washington – she scored a lead actress nomination for Scandal. Good for her. Unfortunately, Julianna Margulies did not get nominated for The Good Wife, which sucks because she works her ass off in that role. The show wasn’t nominated for Drama either. So yeah, last season did kind of suck.

*Homeland is well-represented: Claires Danes, Damian Lewis, Mandy Patinkin and Morena Baccarin all got nominated, plus the show was nominated. Last year, Claire and Damian took home the big trophies – can they pull it off again?

*Game of Thrones finally got some acting nominations (other than Peter Dinklage). The Khaleesi got nominated! So did Diana Rigg! And of course Dinklage too.

*The Emmys still love Downton Abbey. A bunch of acting nominations for Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery and Hugh Bonneville.

*Elisabeth Moss got two major noms: lead actress in Mad Men and lead actress in Top of the Lake!

*Benedict Cumberbatch in Parade’s End versus Matt Damon AND Michael Douglas in Beyond the Candelabra. This is Cumby’s second Emmy nomination!!

*Jon Hamm, of course. Christina Hendricks got nominated from Mad Men too.

*CB will be happy with how many noms Breaking Bad got! I think Cranston might actually win this year (because it’s the final year, etc). Update: I confused Cranston’s losing streak at the Globes with the Emmys. Cranston has won three Emmys. And no Globes.

*Lots of love for new show House of Lies. I haven’t seen it yet.

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  1. Jen Ash says:

    Fun Fact: Peter Dinklage’s mom was my music treacher in elementary school. I remember I was in 3rd grade or something like that when Elf came out and all she did was brag about her son. It was so cute, she was so proud. I’m so happy for his success.

  2. ncboudicca says:

    I love Cumby, but I really have to pull for Behind the Candelabra. Hard to choose between Douglas and Damon for me.

    • Lindy79 says:

      Was just going to post this. It’s a tough call as I genuinely loved Parade’s End and BC was phenomenal in it but it’s Michael Douglas for me, I’ve said that since I saw it.

      (I would still put Cumby over Matt Damon…just barely)

      I enjoy Downton when it’s on but honestly, apart from Dame Maggie, none of them really deserve nominations when put against some of the other nominations and others that are left off (thinking Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy as examples), imho.

    • T.fanty says:

      I don’t know. I loved Behind the Candelabra, but Parade’s End was superb. That’s a tough call.

      Of the Candelabra boys, Douglas should win. He was perfect.

      Eta: thinking on it, this has to go to Douglas. Damon and Cumby were both excellent, but they weren’t outside the box performances, like Douglas.

      And I mind Cumby losing to MD a lot more than when he lost to Kevin Frikkin Costner.

    • Sixer says:

      Much as I love Cumby and Parade’s End, I’d have to go with Douglas too. Rebecca Hall’s was the something-extra performance in that series (even though they were all great). Douglas was just so unexpected, which I think makes him the most deserving.

      • T.Fanty says:

        I adored Rebecca Hall in that series (I adore her in general). She was outstanding in it, which ultimately became problematic as Valentine was SUCH a wet blanket. I was rooting for Sylvia all the way.

      • Sixer says:

        I suppose I was rooting for her to at least walk away happy! She was absolutely fantastic in that role. I also thought Rufus Sewell was great (suitably camp and Gothic) and McAvoy’s wife, whose name escapes me – loved her too.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Anne Marie Duff. She’s just been cast as Lady M opposite Ethan Hawke in the Lincoln Center’s fall production of the Scottish play.

        I liked her in P.E. I really thought the actress playing Valentine was the weak link, and I can’t figure out whether it was the actress or the role – which was fairly crappy – the Virgin Suffragette. Sylvia was the truly progressive woman in the text, and nobody wanted to acknowledge that. Stoppard should have known better.

      • Sixer says:

        Anne-Marie Duff. Thanks!

        My husband’s reading over my shoulder and he says “that’s because she played it like that idiot girl in the vampire films”. I think he’s probably right. She was just um, well, poor. And eclipsed by every other actor in the whole thing.

      • T.Fanty says:

        True. And let’s not forget Roger Allam, who chews the scenery in the best way possible. He owned every scene he was in.

      • nc_magnolia says:

        Sixer and T.Fanty-

        Must agree with you both.

        I was rooting for Sylvia, as well. Thought Valentine was so miscast and such a dud. To be fair, it would be almost impossible to come close to the electricity Rebecca Hall and my future lovah Ben have together and individually.

        I was a complete sucker for PE, but think Behind the Candelabra will probably sweep the awards.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Speaking of chemistry..I see on instagram that Alice Eve is posting a pic that may or may not be him…fan girls are speculating again.

      • Janey says:

        @T.fanty – everything you said about Sylvia. YES!! THANK YOU!

      • LilyRose says:

        Rebecca Hall should have been nominated alongside Cumberbatch. She played Sylvia with such aplomb and charisma. I felt bad for her and wanted her to get what she wanted in the end. In comparison, Valentine felt very young, sweet but not an interesting character. Yet Tiejens was all stoicism and no passion.

      • Ally8 says:

        @Lindy79, they would make a cute couple. Wasn’t his last long-term girlfriend a Brit blonde too?


      • Charlie says:

        Why would they make a ‘cute couple’? And the fact Olivia was blonde has very little to do with anything. And AE’s behaviour on instagram is nothing short of embarrassing.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I’m inclined to agree with Charlie to be honest. Whether it’s him or not (I see talk on there it’s some guy she was at Mick Jagger’s birthday with last week), she seems to be posting pictures knowing they’ll provoke a reaction. The ones at Glasto were so obvious, then refusing to confirm or deny anything when the comments went nuts, and yes I agree that people’s private lives are just that but the moment you post pictures to your open instagram, you invite it, and I believe she knew exactly what she was doing. That coupled with the stories of her not being that nice and being a bit fame-whorey in the industry makes me think she’s taking advantage of his celebrity. Freeman has said a couple of times in interviews that BC is very/too trusting which leaves him open to this kind of thing. Who knows if he even knew those pics were out there…he’s normally quite private about stuff like that which is why he doesn’t have twitter/instagram etc.

        Rant Over

  3. alison8761 says:

    Happy for BCumbs, but seriously, no Tatiana Maslany? they nominate Lena Dunham, but not a woman who believably plays 4+ characters on one show?

  4. Tish says:

    What a birthday present for BCumbz.

  5. Eleonor says:

    Matt Damon deserves that award.

  6. GeeMoney says:

    Yay for Cumberbatch! He’s so wonderful.

  7. ds says:

    Moss was really really good in Top of the Lake and I loved the series

  8. Algernon says:

    House of Lies isn’t new. It’s two seasons in.

    I was glad to see Top of the Lake got nominated. That show was seriously good. Elisabeth Moss’s Kiwi accent was crazy good!

    Also excited for Scandal!

  9. Bridget says:

    Some of the nominations are surprisingly spot-on, but Girls? I’m pretty sure no one that voted actually watches the show because its just not good. The first season was funny, but the second was truly, truly bad.

    I LOVE that Emilia Clarke is on the list! And Connie Britton and Anna Chlumsky! Also, I must get a new hobby as I have watched almost all of these shows.

  10. Anna says:

    House of Lies is really good. Baccarin nomination is ATROCIOUS – as is she on Homeland. Come on, people! Yay for Scandal and Kerry. So wait, did Cumby get a nom for Sherlock as well? Seriously you guys, Cumby is gonna crush the internet for the next 6 months or so.

  11. Nerd Alert says:

    Team Damon, but I’m more interested in the comedy series. Modern Family! Veep! BBT! Michael Bluth [Bateman] for Arrested Development! LOUIE! Plus they picked the right hosts of SNL to nominate for this past [crapfest] season. OMG and Tony Bourdain nominated for the Taste…random but I love him so I’m on board.

    I’m glad the Emmys have their shit straight, unlike the Grammys, IMO.

    • BeesKnees says:

      I would love for Louis C.K. to win for hosting SNL. Not only because it was a great episode and the Louie/Lincoln skit was great, but it would mean that he would have won over Justin Timberlake hosting, and we all know Justin thinks he deserves an Emmy every time he hosts. I, for one, think hosting SNL is about the only thing JT is good at these days though, but I still would love for him to lose.

      • Nerd Alert says:

        I could not agree more. Louie is probably my favorite comedian, and his SNL ep was one of the few worth watching. I hope his own show wins, too. You’re right that SNL is the only thing JT is good at anymore, I always say he should just become a cast member. But other than that I don’t like him and the Emmys have contributed greatly to his smugness.

    • emmie_a says:

      I’m love Louie but I love Michael Bluth more!! I was surprised to see Jason Bateman on the list but I hope he wins!!

      • Nerd Alert says:

        Oh man, I couldn’t pick Bateman over Louie, but since Louie CK is nominated more than once, I still hope Bateman wins. After all, it’s Louie’s writing that makes his show, not his acting. He pretty much plays himself, which is hilarious.

        I wish more of the Bluths were nominated. What about G.O.B.?? And Jessica Walter is always underrated as a comedic actress/voice. [Archer, anyone??] I think Portia and David Cross do great on the show, too. Hopefully next season.

      • dizzylucy says:

        I wish the show as a whole had gotten nominated, but yeah, they need more of the actors up there, especially Jessica Walter. She’s insanely good on that show. I’d also add Kristin Wiig as the young Lucille, because man, she nailed it.

  12. Ivy Christina says:

    So happy for Benny boo. But he wont win. I feel bad for being negative but I want to be a realist to. I thought last yr was his year but he got nothing. Maybe next year for sherlock series 3? Interested to see if he will be nominated for a golden globe again this yr for parades end.

  13. highclassbooker says:

    It’s time to stop nominating the casts of Downton and Modern Family, those shows have long since declined and single performances were never what made them good. No Jaime Lannister?! And Tatiana Maslany was robbed. Lena Dunham gets nominated for something and Tatiana doesn’t?! Huzzah for Cumbersnatch! Have you seen these pics, btw?


    So awkward…

  14. Mary says:

    I loveeeeee Cumby and want him to win badly but douglas is taking this. Douglas performance was spot on and perfect. Cumby performance was amazing to but I think douglas knocked it out of the park.

  15. Mrs. Darcy says:

    The Emmys are just too predictable now. Don’t get me wrong, I love Breaking Bad, am a couple of seasons behind on Mad Men but love Hammdong as much as the next gal. But Downton Abbey being nominated is a joke, it is trash television in the U.K. now, no one takes it seriously. And the actors are squeezing out far more deserving candidates from less awards bait-y shows – Robert Carlyle in Once Upon A Time for instance will seemingly never get a nod and he makes the whole show worth watching even when I’m getting annoyed with it, he is insanely good. The Good Wife did stutter a bit this season but Julianna still rocked it, would have preferred her over Lady Mary. And sorry but if Nashville is getting nominations then so should less normal Emmy-type shows like Supernatural and Justified, they have consistently good performances and are not just fluffy soap operas like Nashville.

    • CG says:

      Thank you! And can I add: I’m seriously disturbed that Jeremy Irons, Francois Arnaud and The Borgias didn’t get nominated? Seasons 2 and 3 of The Borgias were outstanding. Jeremy Irons should have gotten an Emmy just for his performance in the Season 2 finale (yes, I realize that was a year ago but I’m still mad about it). And Francois Arnaud carried Season 3. Why no nominations????? Ugh. :(

  16. bet says:

    The Parades end role is so hard to play. Cumbrbatch did wonders with it but I;m sure the scenery chewing roles will win instead.

    • Mrs.Darcy says:

      Did Parade’s End go down well in the States then? (aside from the obvs. Emmy nods) – it was pretty slated in the U.K., must admit that I watched about 20 minutes and gave up, I wouldn’t mind trying again at some point though if it’s worth it.

  17. Jackson says:

    Yaay for American Horror Story! Boo for no Walking Dead!

  18. T.fanty says:

    Yay for Elizabeth Moss. I watched Top of the Lake last weekend and LOVED it. The actor playing Matt Mitchum also deserves a nomination. It’s a great mini-series.

  19. Sachi says:

    Shame that some shows were snubbed when IMO they were more deserving of the spots. There is probably a “popularity vs. quality” criteria that gets checked. Some shows are good-great (Parks & Rec, Justified, Shameless, New Girl) but don’t have much audience, thus don’t get a lot of love on Awards season while others are sh*t but get massive praise and hype just for being popular.

    Downton Abbey for best drama series? Really?! LOL. Only Maggie Smith deserves the nomination.

    Modern Family for best comedy? That show hasn’t been funny for the last 2-3 seasons. But it will most likely win everything. Again.

    Nikolai Coster-Waldau should have been nominated. Jaimie Lannister’s character arc in GoT is freaking glorious and he killed it every single time.

    But great to see Amy Poehler nominated. I hope she wins.

  20. Marty says:

    I still don’t get how Sons of Anarchy continues to get overlooked, the past two seasons have had some of the best acting on televison.

  21. Lucie says:

    Downton continues to get nominated because its still popular. We all know how the Emmys love the popular tv series. Maybe thats why downton is not taken seriously @ the BAFTAs? Who knows. I loved downton in the beginning but the show has seriously declined for me. But it continues to get more attention than it deserves IMO. Heck it was even mentioned in Iron man 3.

  22. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    Glad to see so much love for Veep. JLD, Anna C., and Tony Hale plus series–well-deserved!!!

  23. Londongal says:

    I walked past Martin Freeman of ‘Sherlock’ today. He is WEENY, like, 5″7 weeny. Just a bit of trivia there!

    • alison8761 says:

      I think he’s even shorter than that. Weird fact about me, whenever I see someone who is around 5’6, I think, “This would be like meeting martin freeman” and I just can’t fathom it. I do that with other celebs and heights too, just for reference, but it’s weird. I think we’re made to believe all men are around 5’9-5’11, and the women are 5’5-5’7.

      • Londongal says:

        SO true! I measure everyone by my favourite tall male celeb, Gerry ‘Portaloo’ Butler (story there!)as he is one of the rare occasions of me meeting an actor and them being taller than me. Hell, I even had a small heel on and he was STILL taller, about 6″1 1/2/ 6″2. Cumbers is wee by the Freeman logic. Still, whoever cast ‘The Hobbit’ got it right, he’s perfectly proportioned! :-}

  24. Amerie says:

    Congrats to Benedict Cumberbatch. I will be rooting for him. And not to seem like I’m jumping on the bandwagon here but Downton Abbey? Really? Like others have mentioned I loved the show to at first but now?? No. I know Cumberbatch took alot of heat for his comments about Downton last year but I gotta side with him about those comments.

  25. Thiajoka says:

    I don’t think it’s fair that Ryan Murphy gets to put “American Horror Story” in the mini-series category every year. It’s in effect a series, albeit with a different location and characters every season. Same actors, for the most part, and it’s really not fair to other honest-to-goodness mini-series which are one shot nominations.

  26. Naomi says:

    Top of the Lake was one of the best shows I have seen. Elizabeth Moss was fantabulous! Holly Hunter had me going from laughing to crying with her portrayal. New Zealand is sooooo gorgeous. Such a twisted tale! Loved it all.

    Orphan Black was a lot of fun. Nice to see what Tatiana does with all those roles. Can’t wait for season two. I wish she had been nominated as well.

  27. Naomi says:

    House of Cards is great. I love Kevin Spacey and I didn’t recognize Robin Wright until the credits rolled by. I love her character and their relationship. I watched everything over a couple of nights I was so engrossed.

  28. Paula says:

    Yay for Kerry Washington love her. Not a big fan of her character on the show but her performance is superb as Olivia Pope. Also Yay for Benedict. He’s one of my favorite actors. Great to see him getting the attention he deserves.

  29. MonicaQ says:

    Douglas and Damon ftw. Even if “Behind…” seemed like an Emmy Grab Movie, it was a good movie.

  30. Crumpets & Crotchshots says:

    Was Orange is the New Bkack on time for this years Emmys? That show deserves attention, and lots of it.

    Love Parades End. Sick of Downton Abbey. Firmly believe that this will be the year Cumby rakes in everything.

  31. Maria_Spain says:

    Im feeling bit**y :p for The big bang theory Mayim and non kaley?(6)

  32. Axis2ClusterB says:

    Nothing for Justified, of course. One of the consistently best shows on television – writing, directing and acting – but the same damn shows get nominated every year. I don’t even know why it continues to bum me out.

    • Katie says:

      I think the drama category is just too deep! And ones like Breaking Bad and Mad Men (except for last year) always take up spots.

    • Linda L says:

      Absolutely agree. You could put TO and WG in a room and have them read greeting cards- and it would be riveting.

    • dizzylucy says:

      I actually got the full nominations list and did a word search, because I was damn surprised Justified did not get a SINGLE nomination. No acting. No writing. No direction. NOTHING. Did the voters not watch Raylan deal with what happened to his father? Did they not see Walton Goggins outlaw monologue? Did they not get the crap scared out of them by Mike O’Malley?
      Did they not see the entire episode Decoy, which was one of the finest hours of TV ever?????

      I’m going to put on my 10 gallon hat, pour some whiskey, and cry a little for Justified. And Tatiana from orphan Black.

  33. Axis2ClusterB says:

    Also, Walton Goggins was flat out robbed in the Guest Actor in a drama series, for his spot as Venus Van Damme on Sons of Anarchy.

  34. Qia says:

    I am sick of downton abbey!! Maggie Smith is the only one keeping that shows heartbeat alive! Here in the UK we dont take that show seriously. Yes to the rest of the world the UK does make bad shows to.

  35. CC says:

    I have no issues with this list. Not a Cumberloonie (ok, I have no idea who he is) but I’ll take your word for it that he’s good at it.

  36. BeesKnees says:

    This may be a controversial opinion, but I’d like to see Kevin Spacey win for House of Cards. I really enjoyed the series (I may be a little biased because they filmed some of it in my hometown of Havre de Grace, MD). I like Cumby as an actor, but Michael Douglas deserves to win for Behind the Candelabra (my ideal would be a tie between him and Damon). I am so bummed out about no nominations for Tatiana Maslany or for Jordan Gavaris who plays Felix. That was such a fun show and Tatiana did a great job playing so many roles. I will be rooting for Kerry or Vera. And I conquer with everyone saying stop all the Downton Abbey and Modern Family noms!!

  37. Denise says:

    Benedict getting nominated = :-) for me.

  38. Katie says:

    I am excited BC got a nod, but that role was so quietly acted that I don’t think it will be enough to win, especially since he’s up against MD from Candelabra.

    I hope Elizabeth Moss wins. She has become really phenomenal in the last couple years on MM. The season finale? OMG. Heartbreaking.

    And I am holding out hope for my man Jon Hamm to finally freaking win, but it doesn’t look good. Hopefully after next/last season of MM he will finally be recognized for the fantastic acting and depth that he brought to the role.

    • emmie_a says:

      I’m surprised Christina Hendricks got a nomination. This season didn’t seem to have enough Joan.

      And it will be an all-time huge disappointment if Jon Hamm doesn’t win at least one Emmy for Don Draper. I mean I can even see the difference in his face when he switches from Don Draper to Dick Whitman mode. He doesn’t even have to say a word and you can just tell how he is thinking. That’s good acting in my book!

      • Katie says:

        I know, Jon Hamm has been consistently wonderful in the role. I’ve been rewatching all of Mad Men and holy smokes I’m still blown away by the show. In fact, I think I appreciate it/love it more now that the story has gone where its gone.

  39. Lb says:

    I hope Breaking Bad wins everything. Most importantly, best drama and writing, though I would love for Cranston, Paul, Gunn and Banks to win.

    • Mrs.Darcy says:

      I would not be surprised if it did, it’s no doubt going out with a bang and seems popular with pretty much everyone who watches it.I feel bad for Jon Hamm at this stage though, he has to hang on in there on more year, then maybe he’ll have a shot once Walter White is out of the picture.

  40. MissM says:

    House of CARDS got all the noms, not House of LIES. Two different shows. Cards is great, Lies is only so so (but I do love Ben Schwartz in an unhealthy way).

  41. Oh wow. Major bummer. The Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels my two favs, get NO nominations…

  42. Kate says:

    Justified is the best writen drama that manages to bring dark humour in its stories better than any comedy. But it’s completely ignored for shit like Homeland or Newsroom. Ughh.

  43. audrey says:

    Did Glee get better. Surprised by the nominations, thought it was pretty much over

  44. alison8761 says:

    oh man, the in memoriam this year is going to be so sad.

  45. Samtha says:

    Boring. They nominate the same shows and actors every year when there are other, more deserving ones they could choose.

    The only bits of interest in there are the Scandal noms, Jason Bateman, Cumby and House of Cards.

  46. Apsutter says:

    The Emmy’s just prove year after year that Emmy voters do not watch comedies. BBT and Modern Family every single year while Parks and Rec gets shut out? F-ing ridiculous

  47. emmie_a says:

    I’m cracking up at the headshots on emmys.com… work it Mayim Bialik! and Jon Hamm turned the sexy on…

  48. s says:

    benedict forever!
    also WTF is matt damon wearing? what is that? is this for a movie?

  49. Isabel says:

    Huge GoT fan, but honestly, I don’t find Emilia Clarke’s acting that strong, sometimes I find it actually painful to watch, eventhough I love the char.

    Cersei (bored and bitchy), her incestious brother (he is funny, arrogant and sweet in his own way at the same time), King Joffrey (the little dude taunts me SO BAD I want to climb in my computer and slap him HARD), all time favorite Tyrion (don’t even have to explain it) and underdog Brienne of Tarth (strong yet very weak and sensitive) are way better portrayed imo.

    Especially Brienne really is amazingly done; give Gwendoline Christie a nomination! Maybe her role is too small, or I have no idea about acting talent :P

    American Horror Story’s season2 role of Jessica Lange brought me to tears. She is amazing and deserves every award.

    • Noreen says:

      I agree about Emilia Clarke. Her performance is always too try-hard, too technical, too “drama school grad” for my likes. And despite how MAJOR a character Dani is, I find EC lacks the fire, depth, and charisma to do her justice. Picking her for an Emmy nom over all the other, far more deserving, colleagues really smacks of a popularity contest to me. Like homecoming queen gets the attention while it’s the science and math geeks who work their asses off. That’s my feels on it.

    • Spooks says:

      I completely agree. But, I dislike Dany the character itself too.
      Jack Gleeson is amazing, I think Alfie Allen is very good as Thenon, Charles Dance, Nikolaj, Gwendoline, Michelle… there were soo many actors who deserved it much much more.

    • Milly says:

      I’m a big GoT fan too, and I agree about Emilia Clarke acting. I wish people give more attention to Jack Gleeson /Joffrey too. What about Maisie Williams/Arya? She developed her complex character so well and this is so difficult for such young actress. And I wish I could give a Emmy to Michelle Fairley/Catelyn Stark for her acting during the Red Wedding episode. Even her face changed during that scene. She became unrecognizable at the end.

    • M.A.F. says:

      I don’t mind her acting but I was surprise not see Michelle Fairley on the list. If Jake Gleeson keeps doing what he is doing then he has to be a shoe in for next season.

  50. Sharra55 says:

    I’m thrilled that American Horror Story was nominated. But no Walking Dead or Hannibal!? That’s really sad. The Emmy’s are too mainstream and predictable!

  51. lenje says:

    Dunno if anyone has mentioned it, but a big YEAAAAAA!! for VEEP’s nomination in Best comedy Series!

  52. taxi says:

    Parade’s End was a bore & so was BeneBatch. I expected to like it much more than I did, probably because watching tormented virtue got tiresome & made it hard to sympathize with the misery. The suffragette was annoying. Yes, we all get the point about the end of an era, hypocritical morality, stunted development, etc, but the storyline dragged.

    House of Cards was wonderful. Nobody does nasty like Spacey & Robin Wright back on screen was a treat.

    Candleabra blew me away-didn’t expect to like it so much. Both Michael & Matt were phenomenal. Douglas will probably win because of his medical issues. Strong comeback after serious illness is always good for some extra votes.

  53. savanna says:

    House of Cards, not lies. But YAY for Spacey!!! And a big yay for Netflix. It’s the first online show to get nominated and that makes it pretty damn legit.

  54. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Meh to everything BUT the Game of Thrones noms- about time!

  55. Ruth Dunbar says:

    No Justified and no Hannibal, so the entire thing is null and void.

  56. Jackie says:

    No love for Dexter? Jennifer Carpenter deserves a nom. Better yet, a win.

  57. manta says:

    Don’t care that much abaout the nominations in fiction categories, I’m the kind of person that discovers shows after they stop airing. I just hope Stephen Colbert and his team will win in the variety category.

    I’d love to watch him brag about his triumph!!I’d laugh so hard.

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