“Honey Boo Boo Chile is retiring from the beauty pageant industry” links

Honey Boo Boo

Honey Boo Boo is retiring from beauty pageants to focus on her show … and to be a kid! My daughter’s shirt looks like that after school too. [PopBytes]
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Vanessa Hudgens wears an ugly, nude-colored jumpsuit. [Amy Grindhouse]
Kim Richards of RHOBH talks about rehab & her amazing journey. [Reality Tea]
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Here’s a whole list of things to avoid being a tool on social media. [The Frisky]
Is Britney Spears‘ larynx collapsing from singing too much? Poor Brit. [OMG Blog]
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A 40-foot “dragon” skull washed up on a Dorset beach. Holy crap. [Limelife]
Jennifer Lopez & Benny Medina picked up some property together. [Life & Style]
Growing your own salsa unfortunately doesn’t mean planting a salsa tree. [The Loop]

Honey Boo Boo

Honey Boo Boo

Honey Boo Boo

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  1. Sixer says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. I’m just going to the foot of our stairs.

    Forgive my Brit ignorance, but who is that child?

    • Jules says:

      Someone who should not have a TV series.

    • e.non says:

      she’s representative of one of the most disturbing and depressing programming trends in the united states.

      finding a category of dysfunctional people — kardashians/hoarders/bridezillas/teen moms — and giving them a nationwide platform to display their dysfunction.

      although, believe it or not, this family is one of the more together ones profiled.

      • GeeMoney says:

        Dysfunction = entertaining. It’s the truth.

      • GiGi says:

        I agree… I was super Judgy McJudgerson about them at first. And it turns out they are a very cohesive family unit. They support gay rights and they *gasp* actually do things together.

        They may be hicks/hillbillies/white trash – whatever, but they actually do seem to be a loving and supportive family.

      • Nudgie says:

        I was also impressed when I read (I’ve never seen the show but read stuff the web sites write) that the mother (June?) has put away most of their money for the future of the kids.

        Amazing when you consider how much money White Oprah and PMK has p*ssed away for their own needs and image.

      • Raquel says:

        “I was also impressed when I read (I’ve never seen the show but read stuff the web sites write) that the mother (June?) has put away most of their money for the future of the kids.

        Amazing when you consider how much money White Oprah and PMK has p*ssed away for their own needs and image.”

        That is my problem with the show–the family is not a bunch of bad people. They are quite functional, albeit from a poorer and less educated background than the average viewer sneering at them. It’s a very stupid, very mean-spirited thing to put these people up as some kind of a national joke

        I realize that the family probably isn’t in the dark about the nasty nature of the show, and is consenting to it for the money…but still, the fact that people watch this shit says waay more nasty things about the viewers than the family itself.

      • jwoolman says:

        I wouldn’t put the dysfunctional label on them at all. Mama June is a smart woman and has her priorities straight. She practices what she preaches, too – even before the show, they were into sharing what they had. She says very sensible things to her kids about bullying and intolerance, and she’s gentle herself. She’s stayed frugal and knows the show money is a nice nest egg but they try to live on current income. I’d love to see her work with a nutritionist to come up with healthy changes in diet that wouldn’t require more money and wouldn’t make her family feel deprived. I can see Mama June doing really well in little “healthy on a budget without the family rebelling” segments. She’s interested in losing weight, and says just extra activity over the past couple of years has made her 100 lbs lighter. That’s a reasonable weight loss rate, and means she’s currently eating less calories than she’s burning. I’d like to see Mama June live a very long time and would be happy to have her and her family as neighbors. Can’t say that about many “reality stars”.

    • FLORC says:

      She’s the youngest member of the closest, most well-adjusted family on reality tv. It’s not pretty, but that family honestly loves each other and are handling and investing their earnings from that show wisely.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I know. Every child, including baby Kaitlin (sp) all have money in trust for their future. Mama June said that the money is theirs and since they won’t be on television for very long, they are making sure to bank every penny. They still live on Sugar Bear’s salary and June’s couponing.

      • FLORC says:

        It’s really amazing how grounded and more financially responsible than most families are let alone the crazy ones that go on reality tv. Didn’t rosie offer them a new house and they refused to move out of their home? They loved it, tran tracks and all, but wouldn’t say no to an addition.

      • Mita says:

        Well I would quit Pageants too if I made THAT much money! You spend more money ON Pageants than winning Pageants. If I were Honey Boo Id be living it up at Disney Land every day!

    • Jane says:

      She is a poor example of a spoiled brat of a child here in the US who should not have her own show. I shudder to think that people could imagine that all American children are like this.

  2. dorothy says:

    Her whole family should retire from TV. It’s so amazing to me that people watch that program. It speaks volumes as to peoples intelligence, or lack thereof.

    • Side-Eye says:

      Well, I don’t think it’s the epitome of good television but I think they’re a much better family than the Kardashians.

      • NeNe says:

        @ Side-Eye:

        If they are, it’s not by much!!! :) )

      • Meaghan says:

        I totally agree. Everyone seems to be hating on them but they seem like a MUCH better family then the Kardassians. Do people hate them so much because they are overweight? Because of their red neck roots? I don’t get it. What have they done that’s soooo horrible?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Meaghan, I was horrified when I heard about her giving her 6 year old daughter “go go juice” for the pagents. It is a combo of Red Bull and Mountain Dew. In one episode, they gave it to her after she ate 15 packets of sugar!

        Also, the 6 year old’s catch phrase was “a dollar makes me hollar”…which was said in a stereotypical way and kind of stinks of prostitution.

        They might not be as bad as the Ks, they might love each other, but I think they are also capable of some pretty awful things.

      • dorothy says:

        Agree. Kardashians are horrible as well.

      • Meaghan says:

        Tiffany – Okay, well that makes a little more sense. She ate packets of sugar?!?

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        @Tiffany :) : (Ooh that made a funny face) I kind of take that saying as being ignorant of what it means rather than willfully risque. But maybe I give them too much credit.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Meaghan, yeah 15 packets of straight sugar plus the Go-Go Juice. The little girl was spazzing out and wiggling on the floor. Silly, sure…but I just worry for her health.

        I dont think they are evil or anything, I just worry for the kids because it kind of seemed like it was a stunt for cameras, as was a lot of what they did. Not only is the sugar overload super unhealthy while juvenile diabetes is on the rise, I just worry for Boo Boo when she gets to be 12 or 15 years old. All of this footage lives on. While the exaggerated “redneck” jokes are funny now, I worry that after the show has wrapped that she will be teased endlessly by her classmates.

        A child doesn’t have the understanding to know about the consequences of strangers seeing you in a bad light. They don’t understand the compromise and the vulnerability that comes into play when people think they “know” you. In general, I think kids should be left off reality tv.

      • lisa says:

        being better than the kardashians is not much of an endorsement, is that really the best we can do? it is like being not quite as bad as stalin

    • Bijlee says:

      They’re a nice family. They aren’t all that bad. There’s MUCH worse on tv than them.

    • diva says:

      It’s no worst than any of these other reality shows. All these shows are trash. I’ve seen a couple of honey boo boo shows and they are dumb but not as bad as some of these other shows.

    • Erinn says:

      Ha, well. I watched it last night with the fiance before bed. Not because we were looking forward to it, just out of morbid curiosity. We laughed SO MUCH. Not necessarily at things that were intended to be funny.

      As trashy and gross as they are, they seem like a very tight-knit family who loves each other.

    • Decloo says:

      I was totally disgusted when I heard they were getting a show. Flipping channels, I paused on it and couldn’t turn it off. Not because they are a train wreck but because they are really funny. And nice to each other. They are loving and supportive of each other. Then I read that Mama June has put all the money they have made in trusts for all her daughters rather than spending it all and living high on the hog (or roadkill, in their case).

      • Tiffany :) says:

        That is fantastic that she is putting the money in trust. However…it really isn’t that much money. I think I read that their entire family gets something like $20k for the first season, then got a raise to $40k later. That split among 5 or 6 people after taxes isn’t that much money.

        I just really hope that the children in the show are able to grow up without being ridiculed by classmates. When you are “in” and making money people kiss up to you. In 4 or 5 years, it might get more challenging for them.

    • Garrett says:

      I was just going to say that. It amazes me how people find this family so interesting.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      Oh dorothy… Really? Because I watch them and I am a Psychiatrist with a couple of other advanced degrees from my days as a professional student. I think I’m plenty intelligent, thank you very much. Try not to judge people too harshly just because they fail to live up to your expectations.

  3. NeNe says:

    It’s about time. Now, I think it’s time for the whole family to just go away. They are so friggen annoying.

  4. fabgrrl says:

    Good. She is getting a little long in the tooth for “baby-fat cute”.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      As if she could compete in a pageant any more!
      The kid is pretty huge now.
      And I am not saying it to be mean, it is the truth. It’s sad.
      It really scares me because of the health problems.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        Exactly. Not being judgy, it’s just the truth. And it’s sad. The kid has genetics against her, as well as the mother feeding her a godawful diet, and now she could never win a pageant. Also, all that sugar is setting her up for diabetes and all kinds of health problems. June doesn’t know any better.

  5. Side-Eye says:

    Sometimes I fear that I’ll be a Tamara Mowry. Not that that’s bad necessarily.

  6. Redhead says:

    America (USA) is facinated with hillbilly reality shows right now. Swamp people, Hillbilly Handfishin’ (that was a show, no joke), Pawn Stars, etc.

  7. Tiffany says:

    How can your larynx collapse when you lip sync on your entire tour. Just wondering.

  8. NeNe says:

    @Phat girl:

    It’s good/bad manners to state my opinion. If you don’t like my posting, just don’t comment on it!!

  9. Winnie says:

    I don’t watch it. Probably because I live in Kentucky and hear enough of the stereotypes without shows like Honey Boo Boo reinforcing it. /:

  10. Noodle says:

    I really hope they take the time she’s gaining and putting her in a fun after school activity– preferably something active that doesn’t focus so much on external appearances.

  11. Apsutter says:

    Too MUCH singing? Ummmm yeah…

  12. Mabs says:

    Okay so she’s retiring…that means no more Honey Boo Boo right? RIGHT? No more headlines? No more using stupidity as a form of entertainment?

    Pfft, I know…keep dreaming.

  13. clash says:

    “retiring”? more like “getting too fat to be able to walk without assistance”. that garbage pile of a family needs to be shot into space.

    • Hakura says:

      @clash – ““retiring”? more like “getting too fat to be able to walk without assistance”. that garbage pile of a family needs to be shot into space.

      What a rude comment… The girl is 7 years old! Regardless of what you (or anyone) think about the show or the other cast members, she’s just a little girl. You could have pointed out that she was gaining weight without saying she’s ‘too fat to walk‘, then calling she & her family ‘garbage‘. Jackass…

    • jwoolman says:

      She’s heavier than she should be, but not at a point where it keeps her from being quite active. A decent pediatrician would advise just upping the activity level if possible (she’s already pretty active), slowing down on the junk food so she doesn’t get more calories than she burns, and let growth slim her down as she gets taller. No competent doctor would serious recommend a real “diet” for a child her weight and age. Just a slight shift in eating habits. She’s healthy and happy and doesn’t need anything more drastic. Mama June strikes me as someone who is quite willing to change her mind about things as she gets new information. All the sugar and caffeine overload was very typical on the pageant circuit and likewise the high sugar diet (sodas etc) is very common in her area. That doesn’t actually cause diabetes – type 1 is built-in, tendency toward type 2 is probably also built-in but symptoms can be moderated or prevented by diet and exercise. But still most likely the tendency toward diabetes makes weight gain easier for type 2 diabetics. In any case, our knowledge about such things is not at all complete. We do know that fitness is key in general for good health, unless you’ve made a very fortunate choice of ancestors. A mistake in the past was to look only at overweight people who were ill. Once they started looking at healthy overweight people, a different pattern emerged. You can be fit and overweight.

  14. DEB says:

    How disturbing is it to see a gut on a 7 year-old child, from drinking “go-go juice,” made by her mother using Mountain Dew and Red Bull?! She oozes diabetes from every possible pore. Jesus.

  15. Katie says:

    lol Too much “singing.” More like too many dr*gs…

  16. lisa says:

    im not sure how she got in pageants to begin with

  17. rianic says:

    Mama June and Sugar Bear did a fundraiser and provided toys to 170 families for Christmas. They’re pro gay rights, won’t let their children put others down, turned down “freebies”, and all the money has been out I to trust for the girls.

    I love that family. They may be a little rough around the edges, but they love and support each other.

    • Rooski says:

      Do they? They’ve literally sold their children to the public. That child is seven years old. She does not, and cannot have the cognitive ability to understand how this show will impact her future. It may be fun now, but what about when she’s in high school? What about when she goes to college? Her boogers and farts and jokes will follow her for years. But hey, as long as it entertains US, right?

      Just take a look at the comments. Talking about her fatness, her mom, her dad, the ‘scum’ and ‘trash’ that they are. This seven year old is being ridiculed on a national stage because we have nothing better to do than laugh at a child.

      And lest you be defensive about the point of the show, TLC’s promos (in South Africa anyway) have a pig in a tiara on them. A pig in a tiara.

      Doesn’t take too much to figure out what, exactly, they are saying about her.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Retiring from the pageant business? Why-because she’s past the cute toddler phase and rocketing into the overweight adolescent phase- that is neither cute nor profitable?

  19. Lark says:

    US Weekly went there with the Eva Longoria/George Clooney story! Please cover it.

  20. judyjudy says:

    I read this title not as honey boo boo chile (like child) but honey boo boo Chile (like the country). For a second I thought there was a South American version of this red neck show….


    I’m a little slow today.

  21. Anastasia says:

    Yes, they are tight-knit, but I’ve watched them and they grate on my nerves. I guess mostly because the parents do nothing to teach their daughters how to act.

    That, IMO, is not doing part of your job as a parent. But then, they aren’t good role models for how to act most of the time, anyway.

    I don’t harbor any hate for them, but if the “fame” hadn’t come along, they sure wouldn’t be setting up any of their kids for success in life with the way they act.

  22. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    let’s see…..
    1.The Kardashions …glorifying being a whore and doing anything for money
    2. Housewifes of herever….there’s so many….glorying being a whore and doing anything for money
    3 Shah’s of Hollywood…..or any other reality show that’s E ! on line runs…glorying ..no morals and doing anything for money…..
    Then you have Honey Boo Boo….and Duck Dynasty …and Swamp Whatever …and the Bravo and TLC shows show Shows that are all about making fun of southerns and southern living….

    NOT FUNNY……REALITY SHOWS is a Misnomer there is nothing REAL About any of them…

    • Tiffany :) says:

      So true. I have known writers, editors, and camera men from reality tv.

      One camera men said to me, “The family I just filmed had the SWEETEST children. I feel terrible because I know in editing, they will make them look monsters.”

      People think of reality tv like a picture…but it is more of a mosaic and usually heavily scripted. (People even do multiple takes for mundane things like ordering food at a restaurant.)

  23. libraesque says:

    how this kid ever got into the pagent game and stayed in it is beyond me. I’ve never seen the show, but I just googled her image……lawdy,the pagent boo boo looks NOTHING like the unattractive, unkempt real boo boo. I’d like to start a kiddie beauty pagent where the contestants are not allowed to wear make-up, fake teeth, fake hair, spray tans and whatever other crazy crap they do. A pagent with natural, normal looking kids, with a strong focus on talent, art poetry, dramatics, etc.

  24. lola lola says:

    Someone please make this show & its participants go to the Corn field!

  25. jwoolman says:

    I’m so glad to hear Mama June is retiring the kid from pageants. June was always more sensible about it than most, she said the little girl really liked the talent part best and she always enouraged a much more relaxed attitude toward the “beauty” part. June is a champion couponer, and the savings from that apparently provided any needed financing. But I always hated seeing the kid in the baby hooker makeup etc. I can understand why June thought of pageants for her- the kid is outgoing and obviously enjoyed it, and it’s a culturally common thing in her locality (repulsive though I find the kiddie pageants myself). But there are other outlets for her energy and enthusiasm for performing. June is stashing away show money for the kids, so she might feel more relaxed about future opportunities for her little performer. Also if people pointed out the truth that pageant kids actually have to unlearn everything to have a chance at real modeling/acting jobs – Mama June would listen.

  26. Jenn says:

    Mary Louise Parker is about my age so she should know you gotta take the good and take the bad. You take them both and there you have the facts of life.
    Stop being a whiner.

  27. KierneM says:

    As far as activities go, I happened to catch about 10 minutes of ‘Honey Boo Boo’ and she was at a skating rink with her dad, just being a kid and having a blast. Made me want to call in sick to work, jump through the TV screen and join them! :)

  28. Jag says:

    I hope the family can now settle down and find a good, healthy eating plan so that Honey isn’t given the horrible amount of sugar and caffeine that her mother was giving her. She has gained fat since I last saw pictures of her, and that isn’t normal for a child who is eating well. I’m glad that her mother had the foresight to give them all nest eggs; she’s smarter than I gave her credit for, since I was being stereotypical and thinking she was dumb because she was so obese. That was wrong of me to do.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      wait… obese = dumb? Are you kidding me?

      One of the most brilliant (and I mean BRILLIANT) women I know is obese. Obesity has no bearing on intelligence.

      • Jag says:

        You are exactly right. I let myself fall into a horrible stereotype about June. I considered her dumb because she let herself become so obese when most people would know the correct way to eat. I actually didn’t have children because I was worried about not being able to give them the proper diet that I received by my mother. She cooked nutritious meals for us 3 times a day until we started school; then she made 2 a day. I knew that I couldn’t do that, so never had children because I didn’t want them to suffer nutritionally. So June giving her daughter such a bad diet, and giving herself a bad diet as well, made me think her less intelligent. I was wrong.

      • TinyTurtle says:

        the whole reason you didn’t have kids was because you thought you couldn’t provide proper nutrition?

  29. Mrs.Darcy says:

    I have to say I’ve only seen snippets of it online, but the little I’ve seen has me in the pro-Honey Boo Boo camp. Is it exploitative? Probably, but the family are being smart about it seemingly.

    I agree they seem down to earth and live a normal life (for them). The kid seems far happier than the Real Housewives kids, they always seem miserable – the four yr old on RHOBH having the lavish b-day, and she was miserable the whole time because it was all designed to make her mother look good, not be a kid’s party. Most of those shows always highlight the selfishness of the parents, most of them end up bankrupt at some point from living beyond their means, at least this one is saving for her kids and giving them a real uprbrining.

    Taking this child out of pagaents is probably for the best because it would start to impact on her self esteem eventually since she is a bit chubby. I would wish that they would not feed the kids all the crap but members of my (in law)family are just the same, people just don’t change their habits unless they want to.

    I really think people getting all high and mighty about this show need to watch more than a minute of it, these people are certainly less offensive to me than the Kartrashians, they are just vapid famewhores and I don’t get why anyone finds them interesting.

  30. dd says:

    I’m not into the pageants, but, Honey Boo Boo is quite good at them. She has stage presense galore and she’s very pretty in her makeup and costumes. She looks totally diff in glam get up. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, I’m just stating a fact. The kid is a winner.

  31. Jessica says:

    One word.. “Chunk” from the movie the Goonies..

  32. paranormalgirl says:

    Seeing so called adults slamming a seven year old child because of her weight and/or appearance is, in my opinion, disgusting. Says a lot when grown ups have the need to mean girl a little kid. It’s that old fake concern trolling. They’re not worried about her. They don’t care about her. They just get enjoyment out of saying mean things about her whilst hiding behind the concern facade.

  33. GirlyGirl says:

    She wants to concentrate on the family business of eating and gorging while producing CO2

  34. Dommy Dearest says:

    They should stop filming everything and focus on losing weight and eating better.

  35. jenn says:

    Now that she is leaving pageant world, is her show really expected to last much longer??? Let’s hope not…… If they keep it on, maybe it would be a good idea for her mother to concentrate on making her healthy, instead of a huge unhealthy joke.