Duchess Camilla thinks Carole Middleton is ‘loud, pushy, greedy & low-class’

The American tabloids have been trying to find a scandalous angle on Duchess Kate for several years now. Personally, I think a more thorough tabloid investigation into Middleton finances would be an interesting place to start, and I really can’t get enough of Kate’s dodgy uncle Gary. I also think it would have been funny if the tabloids had gone harder on the “Prince Harry and Kate seem suspiciously close” route too. But no one ever takes my advice, so I end up reading a lot of stories about Kate fighting with the Queen, or William wanting Kate to be more like Pippa (as if), none of which is all that believable.

And then, magically, this Star Magazine story fell into my lap and I wonder why no tabloid ever made this catfight happen before. Instead of making Kate the central player in some (manufactured) drama, Kate is relegated to a bit part player in the larger conflict between… (wait for it)… her mother, Carole, and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla. I guess Camilla is Kate’s step-mother-in-law. Kate is tight with her mom, obviously. And Kate is also close to Camilla. So what happens when Camilla and Carole are catfighting? So, as we await the birth of Baby Crumpets, let’s all sit down and listen to this fascinating (and almost entirely BS) story about how the Duchess of Cornwall flat-out hates everything about Carole Middleton.

Duchess Kate is stuck in the middle of an all-out rivalry between a pair of grandmothers desperate for dominance. Kate’s mom Carole and Camilla have been at each other’s throats, leaving Kate feeling helpless and alone.

“Camilla and Carole have never liked each other, but the animosity between them has ramped up since Kate got pregnant,” a palace insider tells Star. “Both think they have the greater right to be prime grandparent for the baby, and it’s led to gigantic fights – often in front of Kate!”

Prince William’s family may have accepted Kate as their own, but Camilla has no intention of extending Carole the same welcome – and wants to keep her low-class breeding as far away from the new heir.

“Camilla thinks Carole is tacky and common,” says the insider. “She thinks that if Carole influences the baby it will end up picking up her terrible habits, like chewing gum at public events and being loud and pushy. Camilla is from the nobility herself and wants to teach the future ruler of England how to fit into that world, not Carole’s world of party-planning companies and grasping greed.”

Another source reveals that Carole has long been a thorn in the Queen’s side.

“The royal family is completely embarrassed by Carole’s behavior. She started demanding that everything be gratis the minute Kate started dating Prince William. She would call up the salon she went to at the time and say, ‘Since my Kate is dating William, I wouldn’t mind a little royal treatment.’”

She also started cultivating a rep as a momager-in-training. “Carole is pushing her other daughter, Pippa, to marry nobility as well. She’s like the British version of Kris Jenner! The royals only tolerate her for Kate’s sake.”

Meanwhile, “Carole is well aware of Camilla’s snobbery toward her but says she finds it rich that Camilla, who cheated on her husband with Prince Charles, thinks she would be a good role model. After all, this baby will be the grandchild of Princess Diana – the woman whose marriage and family Camilla destroyed. Carole says Camilla isn’t even a blood relative to the baby and needs to back off.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Damn, Camilla is going to need to put ice on that BURN. Part of this I’ll buy – mostly because I believe the English aristocracy is full of snobs who will write people off for chewing gum (I’m clutching my pearls as we speak). That being said, Carole Middleton IS rather vulgar and like the English version of Kris Jenner, and I wish more people would figure that out. As for Camilla… yeah… she should butt out. I guess she feels like she’s helping Kate, but she’s really not.

PS… Still no word on the royal baby this morning. The UK papers are FREAKING OUT though. They picked up my conspiracy theory that Kate may give birth in Berkshire, and sources now claim her due date is today, not last week. We’ll see.

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  1. Spooks says:

    I actually quite like Camilla, but when someone uses low-class as an insult, it angers me so much. If this story is somewhat true, of course.

  2. Sue says:

    Ha, Ha, Ha….. This coming from a woman who had an affair with a married man….. How quickly we forget……

    • dorothy says:

      Agree! She literally broke up a family. Quite frankly, I veiw Camilla as being more common than Carol.

      • Collar says:

        This. Atleast Carole hasnt been pelted with bread and fruit on the streets. Lets not forget that her inserting herself into the Royal marriage didnt just break it, she drove Diana half mad. I imagine divorce didnt even become an option until Diana found her own voice. So those early years were just a very young mother believing that the guilded cage was for life. Screw Camilla!

      • Babalon says:


        Duchess Lumpy needs to shut it. I hate that she’ll even be touching Diana’s grandchildren. Yuck.

      • FLORC says:

        Alright. This is crazy. I hate it when the mistress gets all the blame. Charles was the one stepping out on Diana and Diana was absolutely sleeping around on Charles. Just because Charles did it first doesn’t give Diana a free pass to sleep with at least 1 married man that ended his marriage publicly. And the affair did not drive Diana nuts. There were many factors in play and Charles just being distant.
        Both Charles and Camilla exercised poor judgement, but now they are together, in love, and W and H love how Camilla makes their father so happy.

        To hate Camilla with all the good charity work she’s done while being assaulted with random items on the street and in her car is petty. She’s showed grace under fire. Diana’s memory is glorified and she was no saint and Camilla is not the evil temptress that ended the marriage.
        Get your facts straight people. If you’re going to call out Camilla for ending a marriage and tearing apart a family you have to call Diana out for the same stuff with multiple men.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        The Rottweiller is back! It took years to make her legal. Plus they always talked about how “earthy” Camilla is. I can’t get past her destroying Diana.

      • m says:

        @FLORC I totally agree! Besides Camilla and Charles were together before either of their marriages and he was not allowed to marry her, because she was not blue-blooded enough. The prince of wales has always been allowed to take a mistress and he stayed with the one woman he has always loved, but couldnt marry. I think the Spencer family is at least partly at fault, they were as ambitious as the Middletons and didnt tell Diana that hers was a marriage of convenience and breeding.

        I highly doubt that Camilla loves Carole, she is quite rough around the edges, but I’m sure Camilla is completely polite so her personal feelings hardly matter.

      • Noodles says:

        @FLORC, Exactly! My, my we forget Diana’s late night hang up calls on a married man (which drove his own wife mad). She had multiple lovers while in the relationship, as well.

      • Emily C. says:

        @FLORC: I completely agree.

        Camilla did not hold a gun to Charles’ head. And Charles and Diana’s marriage was a total mess from the start — they were utterly unsuited for each other. Diana was also very, very far from a saint. And she was “destroyed” by a combination of the papparrazzi and her own poor judgment, if anything. She loved hanging out with gross incredibly wealthy sheiks.

        The idea that a woman is a “homewrecker” is obviously insulting to the woman, but I find it even more insulting to men. Men are not little boys who can be easily manipulated and need not be held accountable for their own actions. It is impossible to “steal” someone’s husband unless you do something like tie him up and drive off with him in the trunk of your car. It is impossible for an outsider to “wreck” a home. Charles chose his actions, from marrying Diana in the first place to not having the guts to divorce her as soon as he realized the mistake he’d made.

      • Elle Kaye says:

        @Florc, she was a teenager when she married him, and he was in love with another woman. How do you imagine that marriage was for her? I’m certain she was pressured by family. She did what she thought was expected of her. I would hardly look at her as a bad person. He was much older than her and he should have known better. I don’t blame her for finding love with another…after all, that is exactly what her husband was doing from the start of their relationship. It must have been a terribly lonely existence for her.

      • Reece says:

        FLORC, how dare you be rational and look history from more than tunnel-visioned viewpoint.
        Esp on a story stemming from Star Mag.

      • FLORC says:

        @Elle Kaye
        “How do you imagine that marriage was for her?” I don’t know what you mean? I don’t think she should have married Charles. I don’t understand your question I guess.

        Diana was a good person. Very empathetic and while her loveless marriage was stifling she threw herself into the charity work that no one wanted to do. She was amazing in that context.
        Diana was not naive and 19 for her whole marriage though. She grew up and grew up smart! She knew it was wrong to sleep with married men. She knew it was wrong to only date and sleep with men for the luxurious lifestyle while talking so much trash about them to her friends. These are facts and i’m not pulling them out of thin air.

        I’ve said before that Charles was a jerk to say the least. He knew better and yet he still cheated, but Diana knew better as well. Her memory has been whitewashed to only show the charitable side and that’s fine. But when calling out Camilla for sleeping with Charles like she was the sole reason that the marriage ended and was a wicked woman out to hurt Diana is crazy. Especially when Diana was far worse in terms of more men, manipulation, actively stalking exs and scaring off their wives or gf’s.

        Diana was an incredibly complicated woman. So complex and we’ll never know it all, but to accept her and remember her you have to accept the bad with the good or you’re creating a different person entirely.

      • m says:

        Di could be an incredibly nasty person when she wanted to be. She thought that Charles was sleeping with the nanny when he wasnt, and in the middle of crowded party, she told Tiggy (very loudly) “Im sorry to hear about the baby”. She left Tiggy in heaps of tears by insinuating that she had gotten pregnant and got rid of Charles baby. Diana was a good person but dont underestimate just how mean she could be.

      • molly says:

        quite agree, she is very common.

      • Sachi says:

        Someone correct me on this, but wasn’t there a story about Diana throwing herself down the stairs to get Charles’s attention? I think she was pregnant with William at the time.

        She was a problematic child with a lot of issues due to her parents’ divorce and her mother running away with another man. The grief manifested in her meanness towards other people, especially her nannies.

        And she pushed her stepmother down the stairs and admitted being satisfied about it. Sick. After their father’s death, she and her brother Charles kicked out their stepmother and threw her clothes into the garbage. Nasty pieces of work they were/are, and had a dysfunctional family to boot.


        Diana had a lot of issues and bordered on being unbalanced. She did a lot of good for other people but she was not innocent. She never was.

      • FLORC says:

        Oops! Let me get my tin foil hat back on… There we go. Hmm… Carole is clearly trying to be friends with Camilla, but she’s too busy beating her step sons with their mothers old jewelry. The horror!

      • FLORC says:

        That’s it. That must have been an awfully confusing time for her with no support from your family and the world watching. Still, with Sachi’s post we’re reminded of just how awful a person Diana was capable of being. Diana was put in a terrible situation and we could play the what if game forever, but she was proud of her bad deeds. She was as kind as she was mean.

        Every time I think of a woman falling down a stair case while pregnant I think Gone With The Wind. So sad when she lost her 2nd child. I can only find evidence to support that from a movie made about diana’s life. She did routinely cut herself or cause break items to get charles to notice her. The famous incident on the flight where she destroyed the bathroom is still well documented.

      • Iggie says:

        FLORC, where is your PROOF that Diana was involved with a married man? First I heard of it. I did read that one of her biographers said if she so much as had lunch with a guy or even shook his hand, or photographed in the same photo as a man, people assumed they were together, yet she never was with anyone bar Hewitt and Dodi. I think you should stop believing all the lies about her. Its not cool to automatically believe tabloid stories about a woman who is no longer here to defend herself.

      • Cathy says:

        Iggie- the married man that Diana had an affair with and it broke up his marriage was Will Carling. (I think he played Rugby for England)

    • CL says:

      I am showing my age here, but I remember when audiotapes of Charles and Camilla’s phone conversations (while he was still married to Diana) leaked, and in them, Charles told Camilla that he wished he was her tampon. High-class indeed!

    • Jennifer says:

      YES!! Just what I was thinking.

      And guess what! Camilla is NOT William’s mother. She’s such an a**hole.

      • FLORC says:

        But William and Harry have said publicly how much they adore Camilla. And it’s not just for show since she is always there when the cameras aren’t rolling. They even support eachothers charities.

        For people to come out and slam Camilla just shows your ignorance of the entire situation and how you must get all your news from the tabloids. Diana before she passed was quite skilled at manipulating the public for sympathy.
        Isn’t there a Kardashian post you should be spreading your hate on?

      • dholmas says:

        I totally agree with you.

      • Allie May says:


        Is this a Camilla Lovefest?

        From all that I have read, those that represent the Royals have worked long and hard to completely wipe out Diana’s memory. WHO is keeping her memory alive? I have only heard of one concert that Wills and Harry attended in her memory. Is there more being done?

      • stinky says:

        FlorC…. is it surprising in any way that Camilla made sure to engratiate herself to the two children??
        Please. I’m not read-up on it all, but yes i am old enough to remember the Royal wedding and all the scandals to follow.
        I’m not saying Camilla was an evil witch – but i’m quite sure she made sure to be as sweet as pie to those two boys. NOT surprising that they are fond of her now.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Yes. Thank you. Pot calling kettle. Or maybe she just envious of Carole’s great gams?

    • OutstandingWorldCitizen says:


      I guess all the stank has aired out however I will always be Princess Di fan. Like most of us, we have not forgiven her but have moved on. :) Diana was publicly humiliated by her husband and this woman. Camilla might do herself a favor and shut it. If this is true. Just saying.

  3. Suze says:

    No baby so we get a bunch of bullsh*tty stories instead.

    I buy that Camilla and Carole are from very different backgrounds and dont have anything in common (in that English class-type way). Camilla is all horsy and Carole is not…

    But I really think that’s as far as it goes. I so doubt that anyone is wringing their hands over a possible gum-chewing baby.

  4. Eleonor says:

    While I hate seeing people chewing, sorry it seems to watch cows to me, I think you have a point with the Kris Jenner comparison: this is the woman who has taught to both her daughter “the best thing you can do in life is to marry a rich and famous man”.

  5. Birdie says:

    That is quite rich coming from her!

  6. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    I have no real affection for Carole Middleton, but I truly and purely loathe Camilla.

    • txfollower says:

      I SO agree with the person who says that she hates that Camilla will even get to touch her grandchildren. I agree, neither Charles, nor Diana were perfect in this marriage, but Camilla and Charles BLATANTLY cheated together….ugh. I cannot bear the fact that bow-legged Camilla gets a title! blech.

      • Michelle says:

        I think Diana cheated because she was alone. Her husband abandoned her and never loved her from the beginning. She was very young and naïve. I do blame Charles more than Camille though.

      • madchen says:

        This idea that Diana was ‘young and naive’ is absurd. She came from that world. She was raised among a certain class of Brits and thoroughly understood how things worked. The Spencers knew the royal family fairly intimately. It was expected that she’d marry REALLY well. Nearly all of them from earlier generations, especially the men, cheat and it was accepted. There was no love here. It was a very friendly business arrangement.

      • Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

        If it was so friendly and everyone knew the score, why did Charles and Diana divorce? If Diana knew exactly what she was getting into, why not just ride it through to the throne?

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        @madchen, I think the idea that she “knew what she was getting into” is absurd. She was 19 years old, from a sheltered background, not especially sophisticated or well educated and her favorite author was Barbarba Cartland. She was immature, in love, and she hoped her husband would love her back and be faithful to her and show her some support as she navigated through the unprecedented amounts of attention and invasion of her privacy. Charles never for one minute intended to honor his wedding vows. He was having an emotional affair, if not a physical one, with Camilla through his engagement to Diana, through his wedding and the entire duration of his marriage. How was she supposed to know there would always be this other woman in the marriage and that she would never have a chance to make it work?
        She didn’t handle certain aspects of it well at all, but I think she was too young to get married, especially considering the immense public nature and all of the pressures of this particular marriage, and she received no nurturing, mentoring, love or support from her so called husband and his family.
        This was certainly not all Camilla’s doing. Charles was to blame. But Camilla participated in it, sending him the gift of cuff links with interlocking Cs right before is wedding and all of that. She should have stepped aside and given him some chance to build a marriage, but she didn’t. I don’t care what she has done since, I will always think of them both as selfish, callous and cruel.

      • Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

        I agree with you, GoodNames. Well said.

  7. yuck says:

    How strange will it be if Kate gives birth tomorrow, which is the 32nd wedding anniversary of Will’s parents? One for the books, for sure.

  8. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I think that Carole Middleton (actually the whole family) is “low class, pushy, loud, and vulgar” as well, and I don’t have a quarter to my name.

    Low class and vulgarity doesn’t have to do with how much money you make or the things that you have, it’s your *gasp* behavior in public and in private.

  9. crab says:

    I always wondered about woman in London, what if they don’t look good in hats? I look horrid in hats and never wear any even in the winter!I buy coats with giant hoods on them! Just wondering! :)

  10. Micki says:

    Camilla has survived a lot stronger adversity than what Carol Middleton can offer.
    I’ll put my money on her because as an actual member of RF she has more leverage and despite the past will get back up IF she ever needs one

  11. KLO says:

    I think this is all true. :D

    Camilla is probably just jealous of both Carole and Kate. They`re prettier and more popular than her.

  12. Kate says:

    I can believe parts of this.

    Camilla has never been the type to disguise how she feels about anyone and Carole is tacky, routinely embarrassing and exactly the type of person Camilla would think is a waste of space. But the class angle seems to have been dredged up just to cause controversy. There’s plenty of blue bloods who are just as tacky as Carole (and Pippa) Middleton, and before Camilla married Charles she had a rep for not giving people like that the time of day, whatever there lineage. Now that she’s a future Queen she has to grin and bear them, but Carole won’t have any real influence until Kate is Queen, so I doubt Camilla cares if she pisses her off. Whatever Kate thinks of Camilla, she and William get a lot of help from Charles, so she won’t make a fuss.

  13. Ekemezie M.J says:

    I dont think this woman has something more to say, than to resurface of the internet…

  14. Guesto says:

    Utter bullshit. That is all.

  15. chloe says:

    The English Kris Kardashion (oops Jenner), haha I’ll think that every time I see her. As for Camilla that baby is Diana’s grand child not hers (okay it’s her step grand baby, I hope she respects that. Sorry Diana was my girl.

  16. Talie says:

    THe only reason I know this is slightly true is because The Daily Beast did a story at the time of the wedding saying that Charles and Camilla were not looking forward to socializing with the Middletons. Yes, they are total snobs, but I’ll take Carole and Michael any day. Ambition isn’t a bad thing.

  17. aquarius64 says:

    Camilla got some nerve. People haven’t forgotten the dirty, back alley way she got into the Royal Family. I think what really burns Camilla is her current title, Duchess of Cornwall, is her Scarlett Letter: a daily reminder that she backstabbed a beloved princess and came close to being the reason Charles wouldn’t get the throne. By practical purposes Camilla should be called Princess of Wales openly, and she can’t because her adultery with the prince still leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. Even when Charles ascends to the throne Camilla will be Princess Consort not Queen Consort. The thought of commoner Kate most likely getting the princess and queen titles during Charles’ and William’s reigns must make Camilla’s blueblood boil.

    • EllenOlenska says:

      and come to think of it, should Charles die relatively quickly after ascending, Camilla may not enjoy what happens when William is King and Carole is the royal mother in law…

    • Ennie says:

      When Camilla met Charles she was flirtingly telling him how her great grandmother (or something like that) was the preferred lover of one of his ancestors (not so long ago).
      Yes, Alice Keppel was the favourite of some king, probably the son of Victoria. She was married and her husband was happy about it, just like Camilla’s was. She was even called to his deathbed, and his wife the queen had to be in a corner to let the favorite in.
      So the roles repeated. So much class.

    • madchen says:

      Camilla’s wealthy and none of this will matter much in the end. As for the rage directed at her … they all cheated. There was no ‘dirty back alley’ shenanigans. If Diana had not wanted to build her own life away from the tiny circle of “The Firm,” it’s doubtful she and Charles would have ever divorced. They just would have had affairs, volunteered for good causes and smiled for the cameras.

    • jwoolman says:

      If it’s the love match that it seems, maybe Camilla really doesn’t care what title she gets. Maybe she’s just happy that he gets to grow old with Charles at her side.

  18. Gina says:

    Camilla really should not throw stones at anybody, she’s not well-liked over here, and her position is precarious at best, despite an extensive PR campaign.

    What has Carole Middleton done that is vulgar? I think she’s held herself well. She hasn’t given any interviews or talked about the royal family publicly. The Windsors are hardly above reproach with the tampon talk, toe sucking, extortion, Hitler costumes, breakfast tupperware, strip pool, etc.

    Now Kris Jenner is the nastiest, vilest piece of work out there, vulgar is too nice of a word to describe her. I just don’t see the connection.

  19. Janet says:

    Well, I have a few choice words for Camilla, and “classy” isn’t one of them.

  20. savanna says:

    “They often fight in front of Kate!” Honestly when was the last time those three women were even in the same room together? Come on. But this story is hilarious. And Kaiser you made the PMK/Carole comparison months ago so you win life.

  21. Celeste says:

    Is it bad that when I read the header, I wondered who Camilla was?

  22. JL says:

    Both Carole and Camilla need to get over themselves and think of what is best for the (coming) child.

    It really serves no purpose to bicker over lifestyles, a child can adjust to different situations pretty easily.

    It burns me when someone pulls the “blood relative” card on a stepmother/grandmother.

    Yeah it’s much healthier for a child to have grandpa and grandpa’s wife Camilla…and no grandmother figure. Family functions and all other kids are saying grandma and grandpa but not Carole’s grandbaby.

    Carole better make sure she doesn’t bite the hand that feeds her since she’s milking it for all it’s worth.

    I don’t recall Diana, Fergie’s or Sophie’s parents acting in such a manner. Yeah it’s low class.

  23. Jade says:

    Why are we even believing this story? There’s nothing else to conjure/talk about while waiting for that baby, is it?

    I don’t think Camilla really cares for the throne at this age though I think Charles wants her to be accorded Queen status. Anyway I have an easier time believing the entire royal family including the Queen can’t stand Carole but is civil to them.

  24. Tara says:

    Camilla is no saint and while Carole may not be sophisticated she at least started a multi million dollar business. Besides what about the hordes of European blue blood mothers who shoved their daughters in front of Wills and Harry? This is just pure classicsm.

  25. anoneemouse says:

    THIS from the woman that is ‘loud, pushy, greedy & low-class’

  26. Suze says:

    I won’t stand between people and their Camilla snark, but I’d bet a week’s salary this particular story is completely untrue.

    • bluhare says:

      Agreed, Suze, although I do think that it may not be too far off the mark in terms of Camilla’s opinion. If that makes any sense. I just don’t think she’d be impolite enough to say so in front of people she doesn’t trust.

  27. Colu says:

    I know this is off topic, but can someone please explain to me why Camilla and Kate will one day be Queen when the Queen’s husband is Prince Phillip instead of King Phillip?

    • Tara says:

      Phillip is a prince and not a king because he is married to a queen. He is an aristocrat but foreign born and not in line for the throne. He is Queen Elizabeth’s prince consort. Camilla is the Duchess of Cornwall and not in line for the throne. When Charles is king Camilla will be princess consort, not queen. duchess Kate will be Queen consort when William is king. If she is still living when one of their children is crowned then she will be Catherine, the Queen Mother, just as Queen Elizabeth’s mother was after the king died.

    • Emily C. says:

      Because back in ye olden days, “King” trumped “Queen”. But the English people wanted an English (or at least British) monarch no matter what, even when the heir was expected to marry someone outside the country. Therefore, the law was changed so that if the heir was a woman, the man she married would be “Prince Consort” rather than “King”, so they wouldn’t end up with a Spanish or French or etc. king.

    • inthekitchen says:

      I think it’s also because king outranks queen and you can’t have the spouse of the ruler outranking them.

      ^^^ oops, what Emily said :)

    • Colu says:

      Thanks for all your replies! I’m from the US and the changing of the titles is ultra confusing to me :|

      So would Diana have been a Queen or a Princess Escort had they stayed together/had she lived? Can someone tell me why Camilla with be a Princess Escort while Kate is set to be a Queen Escort?

      • LAK says:

        If Diana had lived AND stayed married to Charles, she would have been Queen Consort because that is the title accorded to the wife of a King.

        However, since she divorced Charles, had she lived when Charles became Monarch, she would not have had a title upgrade.

        In the meantime, legally Camilla IS PssOW since that is the highest title of her husband, but due to the still rabid distaste for her role in the CD marriage, she goes by the lesser title of DssCornwall.

        This is also the reason she won’t be automatically Queen Consort. Technically ie legally, there is no reason why she can’t be Queen Consort as it is her right, but i think that will be a very short reign if they push it.

        When Charles married her, there was a suggestion that it would be more a morganatic marriage thus circumventing the need to define titles, but over time that was changed to Princess Consort and there is now a very determined campaign to make her Queen Consort.

        Camilla is a very good and visible example of how much the RF depends on the goodwill of the people. This is what our friends in America don’t always understand when discussing other members of the RF. Camilla should be Queen Consort automatically, but public will is refusing it.

        If Kate is STILL married to William when he is King, then she will be Queen Consort.

      • Colu says:

        I understand now! Thanks everyone!

  28. Dani says:

    I think I might be the only one who doesn’t mind Carole. But then again, I’m from NY and women like her are a dime a dozen. In her defense, she hasn’t said a bad word about anyone/anything pertaining to the royal family. I would barely even call Camilla royalty. She only made it that far because Diana stood up for herself and then unfortunately passed. She seems like one of those women who try SO hard to replace the boys actual mom. And if we’re being technical, Carole has more of a say in this kids life than Camilla. It would only burn someone when pulling the ‘blood relative’ card if they didn’t do anything out of place.

    • Suze says:

      I see a lot more snark directed at Camilla than Carole on this thread, actually.

      I bet the Middletons will have about as much say in the kids life as the Spencers did in William and Harry’s life. Actually, the Middleton’s will have as much influence as William wants because he calls all the shots in this relationship.

      As for this particular story, I don’t believe a word of it.

  29. janie says:

    Camilla played a part in the divorce. Diana was no innocent, that’s history. I do think she really cares for both boys. I know nothing about Carole? Pippa on the other hand is a piece of work. Her party planning book was a joke! She actually tells one how to ‘make’ toast? That says it all.

    • JL says:

      Good point, Diana had her fair share of affairs too.

      It is what it is at this moment. people need to get on with life and deal in today.

      I still hate it when people throw all this up over a baby, who’s married to whom and who’s “blood” true or not because a child growing up in that just can’t be healthy.

      Will grew up in all that and I sincerely hope he tries to change it for his child.

      God lets hope a girl DOESN’T grow up to be like Pippa.

      I’m betting money Carole and Pippa pap themselves with that baby the way Kris Kardasian wishes she could with North.

  30. Lola says:

    One homewrecker badmouthing someone else … It’s unbelievable!

  31. Madriani's Girl says:

    Camilla thinks Carole is “tacky and common” yet she herself spent HOW MANY YEARS sleeping with a married man? And before he got married, SHE was married!

    Also, Carole is a BLOOD relative of the baby and Old Horseface isn’t, so Carole wins.

    I totally buy that Camilla thinks she’s better than Kate’s mother because she thinks she’s better than everyone. I don’t know what the Queen thinks of Kate’s parents but I do remember reading many stories over the years that the Queen does NOT like Camilla, so there you go.

    • LAK says:

      HM likes Camilla. Camilla is actually a very down to earth person.

      She doesn’t care for titles and the royal life and escapes it as much as she can.

      The rest is just tabloid projection.

      • FLORC says:

        I appreciate what you’re trying to do LAK. Sensibly lay the facts out there for people to know, but it just doesn’t work here.
        Diana will forever be the pure as a snowflake, saintly mother of the princes. Camilla is the witch that weaseled her way into Charles’s life and through an affair tore his heart away from Diana. And the evil stepmother to William that is trying to destroy momma middleton who only wants the best for her daughters.

        It’s amazing how history is rewritten. Diana was so masterful in the tabs and manipulation that the seeds she planted are still growing today. And for the record. I admired Diana, but I take her as she was. Not just the wonderful bits, but also the terrible ones too.

      • JulieM says:

        I agree. Yes, Charles and Camilla both really screwed things up. But from what I read about Camilla, she’s supposed to be very funny and earthy, with a husky voice. Probably due to her previous smoking habit. I was always a fan of Diana, but I think Camilla gets a bum wrap. If Charles had had the balls to marry her 35 years ago, a lot of pain might have been averted. And Diana might still be alive. Charles and Diana were doomed from the start, two highly insecure people who were completely incompatible. Sad business, all of it.

  32. Madriani's Girl says:

    I think Kate gave birth weeks ago and is pulling a “PSYCHE!” on the British tabs.

  33. Mia says:

    This from a woman who cheated with a man throughout the entirety of his marriage, broke up a family with two young children, and caused one of the biggest public divorce scandals ever seen? I have never liked Camilla and never will. She should just gallop her horsey self on back to the stables and keep her opinions about class to herself.

  34. mslewis says:

    I don’t believe a word of this and I’m really sorry that there are people on here who do believe it.

    Camilla has managed to get the two Princes to like (if not love) her and Kate seems to like her also. Why in the world would she fight with Carole and call her names? It just doesn’t make sense. And, if Camilla is doing these things, why would it cause stress for Kate? Kate adores her mother and is very close to her. It would be a losing situation for Camilla to do this. I call bogus to all of this.

  35. Emily C. says:

    Star just loves to write fanfic pitting women against each other. It’s a misogynist rag and as believable as the Weekly World News without being funny.

    • Jade says:

      I agree. It doesn’t mean that I condone her affair with Charles, I’m just able to move on since the Queen and the two princes seem to be able to accept her and move on. Camilla knows she is not popular and that some people will never forgive her, so she is likely to be overcompensatingly nice and civil to everyone and possibly low profile in the palace. So it’s probable that she will not get between Kate and her mother. Female in laws are rarely close anyway, maybe if they stay together then both will go crazy on each other haha.

  36. booboobird says:

    i just can’t with those Middleton signet rings. sit down already!

  37. Murphy says:

    Carol Middleton will never be forgiven for chewing gum that one time.

  38. ldub says:

    I also think it would have been funny if the tabloids had gone harder on the “Prince Harry and Kate seem suspiciously close”

    I really want it (the baby) to come out ginge. man that’d be EPIC.

  39. buell says:

    Sounds like she forgot to take her horse tranquilizer.

  40. angela says:

    People who believe this story obviously want to believe badly of Camilla. the Star and the Globe are always full of S*** about Camilla. And I agree with a previous poster that it is disappointing that so many people on here so want to believe it, they don’t question the source. Kaiser you should know better. stirring up hate

  41. Aeryn39 says:

    @FLORC – +1000! Exactly what I was thinking!

    Although I think this story is bogus, I too think the Middleton’s will have more influence on Kate’s baby than the Spencers had on William and Harry. To me, William seems to prefer their company to his own family. He ditched Christmas with HM at Balmoral. I don’t know, I just have this feeling that the Middletons totally kowtow to him and that he really likes it.

    • FLORC says:

      Agree. I’ve said before how William prefers the Midds to his own family because they treat him like gold. His family treats him like a son, grandson, cousin…. an equal. He’s got a ego and the Midds stroke it.
      How long Kate stays at her parents will be interesting. The baby has a staff of nannies waiting for it. Then boarding school. This is tradition and won’t be broken. My guess is William will take heat that Kate is still at her parents with the baby and it looks bad PR wiseW hen she moves into KP the nannies will take over.

  42. Kaboom says:

    In good news it’s only Camilla though that you could ride in the Kentucky Derby.

  43. Ginger says:

    The royal family will have to deal with the karma of signing off on William marrying a “commoner” in the first place. Too bad now you have to deal with people chewing gum and talking loudly. (GASP!) And Camilla deserves the burn in my opinion. I am and will always be a Diana fan. I can’t wait to see her grandbaby! I still recall the excitement of watching her wedding to Prince Charles and the births of both of the boys. It’s been an honor to watch them grow up. I find it rich that they could cast dispersions on Kate’s family when the royals have always had their fair share of scandals.

  44. Lola says:

    At least the Middletons aren’t evading taxes like Charles and Camilla. She’s an old poo. I hope Diana haunts Camilla. hee hee

    • FLORC says:

      You can’t know that. The books to PP are sealed and will never be known. There seems to be an awful lot of shady practices within the Middleton’s finances. It’s more than likely they are hiding a lot of money. And if Diana’s ghost is as vindictive as Diana the person was she is trying.

  45. MousieBrown says:

    Camilla was a cold-hearted woman who deliberately (with Charles’ approval obviously) befriended teenaged Diana before the wedding so she could stay close to things.

    Diana wasn’t perfect but she didn’t deserve what those two hideous ugly people did to her.

  46. Sarah says:

    I think we have finally found the one thin on which Camilla and Diana would agree!

    • phaksi says:

      Lol. A lot of people on royal blogs think the Middletons would never have gotten a foot in the door if Diana was alive

      • Beatrice says:

        Interesting comment. I’m no Camilla fan, but something about the Middletons’ reputed social climbing ways always made me wonder if Diana would have gently steered William to some other more aristocratic woman.

      • LAK says:

        Beatrice – there is an interesting titbit told by the American Lady that Diana nannied for. it tells you alittle about Diana’s pride in her own status even though she was still very much a Spencer at that point.

        Apparently the American lady assumed that her nanny was nice enough, well brought up girl, but probably middle class or improverished hence the nanny job.

        Some of this attitude/impression transmitted itself to Diana, who allegedly ‘accidentally’ left her cheque book somewhere her employer would find with it’s prominent display of her title AND the fact that it was a *Coutts bank cheque book.

        *Coutts is the Queen’s bankers. They are a private bank that cater to extremely wealthy clients.

    • Ollie says:

      Diana was an aristo, a real Lady. Yes she was warm and charismatic, but she was raised as an aristo… all this class-thinking was in her soul and blood.
      The daughter of an air hostess for her golden boy, her Future King? Befriending Carol with e? Noo way.

      Just talk to an english aristo… they laugh at the Middletons. No one would allow their son to marry in such a (nice or not) family. The class ridden sytem is still strong in the UK.

      • aquarius64 says:

        Really? Here is the States Carole Middleton would have been called “Pimp Mom” like Kris Jenner if she operated here. It must really burn the aristos they have to bow and curtsy to Kate, especially whey she becomes Queen Consort. And Pippa? She’s got title chaser written all over her. I’m surprised some British DJ or pop artist hasn’t done a parody cover of Kanye West’s “Golddigger” in her honor.

  47. LadyL says:

    Camilla is a minger. She’s looks as ratty as my old bath mat. If Carole Middleton was anythig like Kris Jenner, her daughter wouldn’t have graduated from college and managed to keep her private parts private.

    Down her all you like. But, Kris Jenner and White Oprah are truly pimps. They’ve been instrumental in encouraging one daughter to pose in Playboy and cultivated a drug addict, respectively.

  48. LadyL says:

    And Camilla’s son Tom has been caught white nosed deep in a Columbian blizzard. Rehabbed here in the States for the cocaine and booze. Trashy- yes indeed.

  49. Hayley says:

    Charlie probably checks her out when she’s around and Cammie is jealous. Considering what Camilla did, she has no room to be talking about anyone else being low class. Carole isn’t a beauty by any stretch, but she still isn’t the dog-face that Cammie is. PS… Side-by-side pics of Camilla with Kate are really not a good idea for Cammie. Really.

  50. MsAubra says:

    She really does look like Paul McCartney in drag

  51. GirlyGirl says:

    Tough talk from Charles’ homewrecker whom he wanted to be the bicycle seat of.

  52. LT says:

    Ktx – um, what money in Dallas and Houston ISN’T “new money?” Oil money ain’t old money. And I say this as someone who loves Texas.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Ahem, Ktx, LT, would either of you be able to point me out to the aforementioned “new money” in Houston? As long as they don’t act like the KKlan, I’m down. I have an uncle who lives there, so I’ll have a home base while I scoop out someone who will buy me diamonds like I was Elizabeth Taylor.

      I know how they do it in Texas, so tell ‘em I bake and cook beyond their wildest dreams….I have a good recipe for a Lane Cake.

      But, AFTER college, because of course. (God I feel like such a golddigger typing that, even in a joke :) )

    • Amelia says:

      Frankly, given the age of the US, what money at all isn’t new money?

  53. Kim says:

    Classless is sleeping with a married man (Camilla). Carole is blood, Camilla is not, Kate will side with her mom every time as she should. Camilla is a hack so jealous she wasnt Charles first wife and the the people dont like her like they loved Diana. I think its such a slap in the face that to his sons that Charles married her knowing the pain she caused Diana.

    • LAK says:

      The public may hate Camilla, but the people directly affected by her do not.

      Harry is on the record defending Camilla, saying all this wicked step-mother stuff is tabloid projection, that both William and he love Camilla ‘to bits’. He goes on to say she’s made their father very happy and that’s why they love her.

      And if you are going to call Camilla classless for sleeping with a married man, then you have to call Diana the same since she did the same, *caused one divorce, **caused anguish to several wives and ***girlfriends without a care.

      *Julia Carling actually called out Diana for her relationship with her then husband and subsequently threatened to name Diana in the subsequent divorce proceedings.

      **Oliver Hoare’s wife who ended up calling the police because Diana had taken to crank calling their home….

      ***Dodi had a live in girlfriend who was very public about the fact that Diana had moved in on her fiance.

      One can argue that it was the men in these situations who should have known better, but given Diana’s own anguish at her faithless husband’s behaviour, SHE should have known better.

    • bijlee sucks says:

      wrong. Camilla was with Charles long before Diana

  54. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    Major kudos to FLORC, LAK, Sashi and a few others with actual detailed knowledge about the acts and omissions of Charles, Camilla & Diana. Reading the uninformed, romantic imagining of the Diana shippers here made me think for a moment I’d wandered into a Krisbian nest. Especially imaginative was the fairy tale notion Diana would have encouraged William away from vulgar social climbers like the Midds. Gee, could’ve fooled me considering Diana spent her last days being pawed by a coke head greaseball playboy (with a live in gf stashed in LA) with a voraciously socially ambitious rich daddy hoping to advance his social cred in British society. In full view of the international press to the squirming embarrassment not only of her hated ex in laws but also her teenage sons and their prep school friends. It was excruciatingly embarrassing for them, as was her public interview confessing her mad love for the boys riding teacher. Wake up and do some reading before you get on this site & trash Camilla/ship Diana. Start with Tina Brown & Sally Bedell Smith.

    Finally, I don’t think Camilla gives a flying F **** about Carole or how the baby is going to be raised etc. And re the gum, Camilla likes a ciggy herself & I believe Carole was trying to give up by using Nicorette? Maybe this is one thing she empathizes with …

    I can’t hate on these women.

    • FLORC says:

      Bored SHW
      Thanks. And i’m ragging on Diana a lot here, but only to balance the tables when people aren’t accurately remembering both parties. What people are missing here is not only is this story from STAR mag and never to be believed, but Camilla just doesn’t care enough to be petty like that. Camilla still does great charity work and Diana was amazing in her work. I’ll state facts to give people perspective, but I also can’t really hate these women.

  55. Carrie says:

    I realize I’m about the 11,0000th comment on this page and no one will even read this, but I have to say I’m bothered to read comments that Camilla has no rights because she isn’t a “blood relative.” What world are we living in? My uncle married my aunt when my cousin was in high school. He walked her down the aisle ten years later and the days her children were born have been the happiest in his life. He is as devoted a grandfather as I have seen — and his parents were equally devoted to their great-grandchildren. They saw no separation because they weren’t blood members of the family. The children are blessed that there are so many people who love them, and I would be the first person to step in and say something if someone dared say they aren’t proper “family.”

    As many of you have commented, Camilla has been a part of Charles’s life since before his marriage to Diana and a part of William’s and Harry’s lives for a very long time (officially and unofficially). Who’s to say she is not thrilled at having a grandchild? That she separates this child from the others because she’s a stepmother/stepgrandmother? I would think it sad if it were the other way.

    Just my two cents.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I definitely agree. My mom’s side of the family is like this. When you marry into our family, if we like you, then you will be part of the family-whether that marriage lasts or not. I have an “uncle” who has been divorced from my aunt for over twenty years, but he still comes over to every family reunion and hangs out with the family. We call him “uncle”, because he is our uncle.

      Or Fathers who aren’t really our fathers, but have stepped up and became men who had five kids, not just “I have two kid with my wife and three stepkids”. My “stepdad”, my Dad never introduces me as “my stepdaughter”…I’ve always known, but never computed that he was my stepdad…he was always just my dad.

      As you can tell, it kind of drives me crazy when people start getting into half siblings,etc. Where I live there is such a huge emphasis on it….especially at school. I don’t get it. Family is family, blood related or not.

  56. Scarlet says:

    Well…the Charles and Camilla story isn’t really that simple. They loved each other since they were young (early 20′s), but he wasn’t allowed to marry her because she wasn’t a virgin. Because he was going to be king, it was his royal obligation to marry, so finally he did. He chose someone quiet and well bred and a virgin. He didn’t love Diana, and while cheating is NEVER ok, Camilla was the great love of his life.

    Diana was a compassionate woman who charmed the world – and we owe her a debt for acts like being willing to hug and aids patient at a time when others would refuse to even touch them. But she was also a troubled woman, who was stuck in a loveless marriage with a man who was in love with someone else. Charles and Diana weren’t the happy couple some of you seem to think. They were never going to be.

    Camilla has been painted as a home wrecker, but that doesn’t capture the whole of the story. Again – cheating – never ok, but boy, when you have that big love of your life, they loom impossibly large. The need to be with each other can be all consuming – half of all Hollywood moves are based on this premise after all.

    With Charles completely head over heels in love with another woman for decades, his marriage to Diana never had a chance. Its just a shame he wasn’t able to just marry the woman he loved and avoid all the pain that came after.

    • Onyx XV says:

      You are absolutely right! This is the story I’ve always heard. Camilla and Charles were the loves of one another’s lives and they were not allowed to marry initially, due to archaic royal protocol. Hence, poor innocent Diana got led to the altar like a sacrificial lamb.

      Having said that though, I bet Camilla IS right about Mrs. Middleton.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Ever since I heard the story, I’ve always felt bad for both Diana and Charles.

      Diana’s family was the second coming of the Boleyn’s and the Royal Family was just trying to avoid another Wallis Simpson and abdication. I guess it’s a different time and a different lifestyle, but I have a feeling that if the Queen would’ve endorsed Charles’ abdication, I don’t think he would’ve ever married Diana. I think it was drilled into his head that he had to marry “right” for the family. That sort of thing is hard to get out of. Neither of them did right by each other, Charles especially, but it’s just a shitty situation.

      I bet the Queen was kicking herself when he ended up marrying Camilla after all.

      • LAK says:

        When i first heard about Wallis, i thought it was the most romantic tale ever. However, as an adult, i think it is horrendous. Poor Wallis. Imagine someone giving up an Empire [for it was still the an Empire then] for you. What a terrible burden to bear.

      • LAK says:

        Virgilia Coriolanus – Wallis came from a world where to marry well was the only way a girl could get ahead. All her contemporaries followed this path. Wallis came with an illustrous name but no fortune. Further, she wasn’t a beauty so her clothes and presentation were her weapons to advance herself.

        In those days, marriage wasn’t the monogomous, lovestruck, romantic affair we have today. It was a cold blooded contract of property and the siring of heirs. Once married, everyone had affairs.It was the norm in high society.

        Edward liked married older women because they were ‘safe’. And infact, many of the husbands were proud of the association as long as Edward and their wives were discreet.

        Both Wallis and Thelma were married, a fact that is often overlooked in the rush to vilify Wallis for ‘stealing’ Edward from Thelma.

        As for the Nazi sympathy and racism, context is key. The entire establishment was sympathetic to Hitler and the 3rd Reich. Only Churchill spotted the danger and regularly spoke out about it. Churchill was ridiculed for his stance for a long time. Everyone, including the royal family ie The Queen’s father AKA subject of THE KING’S SPEECH were sympathetic and wanted appeasement. Lucky for all of us that Churchill was voted in a second time, and was able to convince everyone otherwise, BUT only after Hitler’s ambitions were crystal clear. Once war was declared and eventually won everyone rushed to cover their tracks and pretend they had opposed Hitler all along. The ultimate whitewash.

        Racism was the standard norm for establishment; even Churchill was racist. He was vehemently opposed to [and voted against] home rule of the colonies and believed steadfastly in the British Empire.

        Wallis and Edward are forever tainted with these accusations unlike their contempoaries because they were never given a chance to defend themselves and to whitewash their histories like everyone else. There was also a concerted campaign to paint them in the worst possible light so that the new King could look good in comparison.

        The interesting thing about Churchill is that after his exemplary war record, and certainly his death, he has been completely whitewashed, so many of the disquieting aspects of his history aren’t highlighted or discussed.

        Ditto the Queen Mum and King George VI.

        History as they say, is written by the victors. There are very few historically significant people who are as truly awful as the history suggests.

    • mslewis says:

      And that is why William received no flak from Charles when he fell for a “commoner.” There was no way Charles was going to let William suffer the way he had to suffer. I think he would have been delighted with any woman William fell in love with so he would have at least a chance of a happy future life. It was unfortunately obvious from the beginning that Charles did not love Diana. Remember the infamous “Whatever in love means” quote from Charles when asked if he and Diana were in love? That made me cringe and I was not surprised when their marriage ended. Plus, she was way too young and inexperienced in life. She probably bored him to tears. People need to get over what happen, it was a very long time ago, and just enjoy Diana’s grandchild being born.

    • Tara says:

      I am sorry but the whole thing about Camilla being the great love of Charle’s life is a ridiculous rewrite of history. It is designed to make the two of them look like star-crossed lovers instead of two adults who were determined to have their way no matter who they hurt. Its funny how time and money can get you respectability. First of all Charles and Camilla were friends with benefits for years and it was pleasant but casual. charles was timid in bed and responded better to sexual partners who were experienced, take charge and bold. Unfortunately most girls were so glad to have a go at the future king that they didnt let go of their inhibitions and just have a good time. The results were usually less than stellar for both of them. Camilla, however, figured out early on that Charles enjoyed sexual encounters with women who were comfortable with themselves, had a sense of humor and didnt mind doing some of the teaching. She and Charles were a perfect match sexually but everyonr who knew them from that period would have never called it love,

      Camilla’s first husbamd was a wealthy, upper class playboy that everyone in London wanted a shot at. camilla had a crush on him and went after him with a vengeance. According to one friend from those days Camilla decided to use sex to keep his attention on her because she felt less glamorous than other women he knew. Does anyone else see a pattern here? Also the woman Charles really loved was a blonde that he would never would have been allowed to marry. When Charles wed Diana Camilla was convinced the gorgeous princess would finally be the one to end her trysts with him. She actually had a lunch date with Di early in the marriage when she asked Di if she liked outdoor sports or not. Well Di despised hunting and fishing and barely tolerated horses, which Charles and Camilla loved. Camilla saw her chance to keep up with Charles and when he returned her flirts at a dinner party she was shocked but utterly thrilled to realize that Charles hadn’t fallen under his new wife’s spell. The rest is history. Diana was no saint and she cheated with other women’s husbands. But nothing can change the fact that in those first two years when Diana was a shy, trusting woman completely in love with her husband he and his MARRIED mistress did many things to crush her hopes and ruin her marriage.the pain Diana was going through was not enough of a reason for Camilla or Charles to do the right thing. What excuse is their for that?

      Are Charles and Camilla in love? I think without a doubt they are but it certainly happened along the way and with some pretty shameful behavior thrown in. But they seem very well suited and Will and Harry seem to genuinely like her. She makes their father happy. But it makes me shake my head when people make excuses for Camilka or accept the fact that she is unable to accept most of the Middletons because they are common. Having the married, future king of England tell you he wishes he were your feminine hygiene product is common. Waiting for your lover’s wife to drive their kids back to school on Sunday afternoon and then sneaking over to the house is common.using the suffering of others and sponsoring their charities when you couldnt be bothered before you married the son of the queen is common. Acting like the dead mother of your stepchildren should have somehow quietly accepted a cheating husbamd is common.

      Some may think i am a Camilla hater but i am not. I think few people are as wise in their youth as they are in later years and mistakes shouldnt imprison you. But there is also no need to whitewash the truth. I have read many well researched royal biographies and i dont like to rely on trashy tell-all books or gossip rags in order to form my views so i hope no one yells at me. Sorry about the typos.

      • CC says:


        Who was the blonde Charles really wanted and why couldn’t he marry her?

      • cocomama419 says:

        Tara you took the words right out of my mouth! The Charles & Camilla were star crossed lovers angle originated during the time their whole affair came to light.

        Every time I hear the “Charles should have married Camilla first, he really loved her ” I dry heave. She was mad about her 1st husband and put up with his philandering for a time. But when she got feed up with that she turned to her old friend the PoW to to have a little fun of her own because she know he was still hung up on her sexually. And when the Diana came along she made sure Charles stayed hers.

        Not painting Diana as a saint, but I believe that if Camilla would have just let Charles go, Charles would have been the husband Diana needed in her early years. Their probably would have still been affairs on both ends, but I they would have come together over their difficult childhoods, dedication to their causes, and their boys. With Charles intellect & charm and Dianas emotional sensitivity & media savvy they would have been assets to each other.

      • Allie May says:

        Well written, Tara! From what I have read, those that represent the Royals have worked long and hard to completely wipe out Diana’s memory. Nobody seems to notice that.

    • Sachi says:

      I think Charles and Diana’s marriage also set a precedent for the royal marriages that followed. No other royal house wanted the issue that the Windsors dealt with following the breakdown of Charles and Diana’s marriage, so all the other heirs to the throne in Europe were allowed to marry for love.

      Haakon of Norway threatened his parents that he’d give up his position as future King if he was not allowed to marry a woman who had a child out of wedlock and had a wild past (raves, parties, drugs, etc). So his parents didn’t object.

      Same for Prince Felipe of Spain. It was Letizia Ortiz as his wife and future Queen, or he’ll give up the throne. Considering his father is a womanizer (even today) who has caused his mother a lot of grief, his decision to marry for love is very understandable.

      The development of the women’s roles who married into the royal family also took more time. This was the opposite of what happened when Diana’s charisma and work ethic outshone and overshadowed Charles, he didn’t like it, and it added more tension to their marriage.

      Most things that other royal houses do nowadays when it comes to the future King/Queen’s marriage is in consideration of Charles and Diana’s failed marriage and all the issues it brought. No royal house wants a “Second Diana”, both in the misery her marriage brought her and the larger-than-life persona she became.

      • Tara says:

        Absolutely, and Will was also paying attention. Some people snub Kate and say ‘well she will never be like Di’

        Tthank God for that. Di was one of a kind and had a beautiful soul but she was caught between a crushing set of circumstances and her own mental, emotional and psychological demons. She deserved better.

      • Tara says:

        To CC: for some reason your reply link doesnt work for me so i jumped down a bit. The blonde was rumored to be Anna Ward who is 7 years younger. That was when he was in his early 30s. But she was ineligible because she was not a blue blood nor a virgin. Interestingly that is the same reason he couldnt be with Anna Wallace, a Scottish beauty he fell hard for in his early 20s. She is considered to be the first girl he wished he could argue with his parents about. She was bold, unflinching and had such a temper she was known as Whiplash Wallace, not exactly queen material lol!

      • Ennie says:

        Tra, I was curious about these women and looked for oics, and I found that one of these two Annas ended the relationship with Charles after he took her to a party and then he “abandoned” her because he spent the evening talking to… Yes, Camilla! She left the party in a borrowed car, she was so humilliated.

    • DiamondGirl says:

      Not true at all – Charles thought he was too much of a catch to settle down right then, so when he left for military training or something, Camilla married someone else.

  57. Jamie says:

    coming from the mouth of the horse face that had an affair with a married man pffffffffffffffffffffft please! Camilla has any room to talk ,she’s just jealous because Kate is young beautiful and well liked. Can’t stand that old bat!

  58. piggy says:

    Duchess Camilla thinks Carole Middleton is ‘loud, pushy, greedy & low-class’. Unlike her daughter, who is quiet, pushy, greedy & high-class.

  59. Jenn~~ says:

    Yes…. and this woman has always been so FULL of class. Y U C K . I love how she will always go down in history as a HOmewrecker :) too bad so sad

  60. rudy says:

    At this point, it doesn’t matter when the due date is. That baby will come out when it is damn good and ready.

    This will be the most talked about baby in history.

  61. rudy says:

    @ All Diana bashers:

    regardless of all the wonderful and awful about Diana, she was mentally ill. I do not know her diagnosis but definitely eating disorder, body dysmorphia, depression, dysthymia, bipolar, who knows.

    Mental illness is NOT a choice. The throw of dice in Diana’s life would sink even a ‘normal’ person.

  62. skeptic says:

    Guess I’m being silly, but I feel sad that it’s not Diana sitting next to Kate instead of horse face.

  63. LT says:

    I can’t hate on Camilla – although I loved Diana (and I did – I stayed up all night to watch the first royal wedding and collected all things royal as a child) and was devastated by her death, I think that Charles and Camilla truly love each other. I think it was a bad deal all around, but I can’t hate on her. I love Kate, love ‘em all.

  64. Flower says:

    This article is total BS it amazes me that so many are allowing themselves to be manipulated by some hack writer at a garbage publication like Star.

    Baby Update: Apparently Kate and William travelled back at Kensington palace last night, maybe the crumpetling is just about toasted and ready to pop up.

    However if Carol’s reported statement about the baby being a Leo is true then it wouldn’t be expected to arrive until Tuesday/Wednesday of next week at the earliest.

  65. Sloane Wyatt says:

    This article is very silly!

    I have nothing against either Camilla or Carole. Camilla was with Charles well before Princess Diana. Carole is thrilled to have elevated her daughter Kate, and by extension, raised the Middleton’s profile as well. Both are admirable.

    However, I’m a true Princess Diana fan. Di’s heart was broken at an early age, and then her marriage escalated that primal hurt. Yet in the midst of all the acting out, Diana would secretly take the two young princes out into the night and hand out blankets, food, money, and the mightiest gift anyone can give – her touch. She was the epitome of a decent human being. Princess Diana, in spite of her own well documented messes, was real and loving.

    I cried when she died, and Di will always hold a place in my heart.

  66. Jade says:

    If the “love story” between Charles and Camilla was fake, Charles would not bother marrying Camilla. Why would the heir marry his “villainous mistress” especially after Diana’s tragic death? It would not make sense to the public and to the Queen. The Queen would have arranged for another suitable royal to marry Charles if she was afraid that a solo King would look scandalous or weird. Hence, the fact that Charles married Camilla makes me think that these two share more than a sexual connection and maybe the Queen and the two princes saw that too. My only wish is that Diana could have moved on and find her happiness too…

    • Tara says:

      No one is arguing that C&C are not in love. They are well suited to one another, enjoy the same activities and friends and trust one another completely. But i can assure you that this undying love theme happened along the way and was cemented firmly in place after Diana’s death. After that train wreck of a marriage was forced on Charles the queen lost the moral right to demand that Charles do a repeat performance so they let him marry the one he wanted to be with. The queen is rigid but she is not cruel and she loves her children.

      Besides, i hate to say it but Charles did not have the personality to put it round that he was open to the possibility of a new lover. He had left his playboy days long behind and so why look to anyone other than Camilla? She made him happy, she was intelligent and quick witted and she sure as hell never challenged him on any level. She is like your favorite slippers at the end of the day. Nothing wrong with finding a port after a long storm. But Romeo and Juliet this was not. charles was asked by reporters after his honeymoon if he was in love. He said “Yes, whatever that means.” He was being honest and that statement included the woman waiting for him behind the stables, as well.

  67. skinanny says:

    Camilla was carrying on with Charles before, after and during his relationship with Diana. She is the lowest class of all!

  68. Fargus says:

    I’m no fan of Camilla’s ,It’s for Diana, I have great admiration but Camilla probably can see things from the inside and knows William settled for Kate, it wasn’t about love and in a few years,the marriage will end in Divorce and Kate and her horrid tacky family will all be ousted from royal life.

  69. Amelia says:

    Fargus,I have no idea where you get your info but it sounds ridiculous. William settled??!! That’s why he spent years dating Kate! How would you know they’re not in love when they seem blissfully happy and truly in love? And Kate’s family is certainly no more tacky than Diana’s brother selling tickets to see the Spencer ancestral home and Diana’s grave. The Middletons worked hard and made their own way…that’s to be admired, not admonished. Your prediction of a divorce in a few years sounds as batty as The Star article.

  70. Stanhope says:

    Camilla is a slut who had a years long affair with a married man when she herself was married. Put her in fancy duds, give her a title and she remains queen of whores.

  71. DrM says:

    Oh really who cares? I’m sure they all get along fine in their way..and why on earth should the Middletons finances interest any of us? Here’s to Kate and Wills having a healthy happy baby and a good marriage…would be nice to see history NOT repeat itself.

  72. aquarius64 says:

    I often wondered: how could divorced Charles married divorced Camilla and keep his place in the line of succession? Wasn’t that the big meltdown in 1936, when single Edward VIII turned Duke of Windsor wanted to marry divorced American Wallis Simpson? And doesn’t the sovereign and the British Parliament have to sign off on a royal marriage, especially the one getting married is a future monarch? I remember some proclamation posted that said the queen granted William permission to marry Kate.

    • Lucrezia says:

      Basically, times change and divorce isn’t viewed like it was back then. No specific laws were changed to allow the Charles-Camilla marriage.

      Edward technically didn’t HAVE to abdicate. There was nothing outright forbidding the marriage – he could’ve stood his ground, and forced the bluff of the various governments (note: all of the governments in the Commonwealth Realm have to agree to the marriage, not just the UK government). But public opinion was against him, so he abdicated to avoid the drama of a multi-country constitutional crisis.

      When Charles married a divorcee it wasn’t the same kind of scandal. The governments weren’t threatening to resign en-masse. If they HAD resigned, public opinion would’ve turned against the governments (for wasting the voters time over a non-issue!)

  73. Rondha says:

    William dumped Kate at least three times and tried to date other ladies, but went back to eazzzzzzzzzy topless, bottomless nude sunbathing Kate, she was always available and he’s rather lazy with a weak ego, Carole and Kate counted on that, they knew he’d fold even if they waited him out a decade. He settled for her and dated her ten years off and on. As the Church elder said, I give this marriage 7yrs. Kate PR needed improving her image after her sleezy topless and bottomless nude bathing photos that hit the world’s press.
    As that British Church Bishop said when he heard of the engagement. “I give it 7yrs.”
    She can’t even handle royal life within the Royal Family, she lives mostly at home with her mother.
    She and William don’t even live together much, he goes and sees her at her mothers.

  74. Rondha says:

    I heard the same about Charles and Diana when they were supposedly the golden couple for almost a decade before the truth came out. Truth hurts.

    Oh you missed those nude topless and bottomless photos of Kate?

  75. allheavens says:

    Let’s simplify, they are and we’re ALL @&$holes in this ridiculous little melodrama.

  76. chalkdustgirl says:

    @FLORC Diana “grew up and grew up smart” because she had the rug ripped out from under her once she realized her marriage was basically a sham and she was nothing more than a Barbie doll and baby oven. If you’ve seen her interviews, it was nothing short of Hell.

    Camilla AND Charles were both wrong; however, I think Camilla should have the brains AND THE CLASS (ahem) to keep her faux royal mouth SHUT about Diana’s daughter in law.

  77. xxx says:

    See, I don’t get the whole Carole Middleton hatred thing. I haven’t heard anything about her apart from gossip in tabloids – and seriously, are we taking that as gospel? People assume she pushed her daughter at William, and I think they just met at uni. People make a lot of assumptions actually. I’ve never even heard her speak or seen her do an interview. All I’ve seen is her out and about doing entirely appropriate things. She has a job, she is a good mum, she’s close to her family. I don’t see where the devil horns come in. How is she in any way comparable to “momager” Kris Jenner?? I just don’t see it. Yeah, maybe there’s some truth to the rumours that she’s a bit pushy but there’s an equal chance that there’s not. I just don’t think we should take it as gospel that she’s this awful, pushy, social climber that she’s painted to be. I actually suspect that deeply ingrained British snobbery issues come into play with this portrait of her.

    • LAK says:

      Actually there is alot of evidence, visual and anecdotal, of her being a pushy social climbimg mum over the years, BUT there is also alot of class snobbery.

      Being a climber isn’t exclusive from also being a successful business woman who loves her family.

  78. skeptic says:

    Someone throw the old bag a bale of hay; maybe then she’ll shut up.

  79. Lorrie says:

    It’s hysterical that while this article accurately points out how tacky and common Carole Middleton is…the obvious thing left out is that so is her crude,exhibitionist daughter,Waity Kate.

    Let’s see now…Kate used to be a frequent public drunk in the 9 long years she chased William,partied with him and generally didn’t loosen a grip on him {except when he dumped her}. There are plenty of photos of it all.
    She also didn’t start a life or career of her own, she stayed glued to William. Now that is a horrible example to young girls.
    Carole pimped Kate out to William. Carole bankrolled her daughter {“never mind a job dear,I’ll send you lots of money… just stick to Willy Boy like flypaper !”}. Waity was also a crotch flasher who went without panties in public. Pictures of her drunk and legs up in cars are really hideous. Kate’s current fake-prim front that she puts on since the wedding is a fairly good acting job, unless she’s in another dress that’s too short {often} or the wind is blowing her dress up again.
    Kate continues to,{including while she was pregnant}, allow her dresses to go up in the wind. Never mind any hem weights because Waity is a true exhibitionist. Her nude photos from France are another example. How much can she get away with and the tush-kissing,sycophant articles just keep rolling on ?
    And William is a dope. This family of creeps sucked him in and his creep wife
    and all of them have his royal nuts in a twist. He’s even staying over with Carole now ! Never mind acting like a married couple ! Run home to Carole, who steered the whole mess before Waity was even intentionally sent to the same school that William was.

  80. Cathy says:

    I agree, there is something odd about Carole Middleton. There is no doubt that she is a social climber but after seeing her on the news after coming out from seeing Prince George at the hospital I do have to wonder if she is really the business woman that she is made out to be? It makes for a nice story – stay at home Mum wanting to start a business at home on the kitchen table. I watched her on the news and have to wonder? Would she have turned up at a business meeting with ratty hair, too much eye liner (piggy eyes anyone?), way too much muddy foundation and flapping her hand around like she did on that day? Or would a successful business woman take time off work to play baby nurse? It’s all a nice story but would it be closer to the truth that someone else runs the business and Carole is just a figurehead? Or does she really run it (hobby business?); would a hobby business be able to fund the large house, numerous holidays, designer clothes etc? Is the business funded by something else? Uncle Gary?