“Sienna Miller is wasted” morning links

- Sienna Miller got totally wasted [PopBytes]
- Best & Worst of ‘Idol’ Auditions [Television.AOL.com]
- Sundance’s 12 most anticipated movies [Cinematical]
RIP Ricardo Montalban [The Blemish]
- Brooke Hogan and her enormous boobies [Candy Kirby]
- 10 year-old reporter goes to Washington [Black Voices]
- Sharon Osbourne gets a cash settlement from The Sun for talking smack about her family and she didn’t even have to beat anyone up [Radar Online]
- Paula Abdul looks to have had a recent nose job [Cityrag]
- Gwyneth Paltrow bought Madonna sex toys (shudder) [Celebedge]
- Ben Affleck and his mom pick up Violet from school [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
- What’s Kim Kardashian Doing With Brandon Davis? [Bastardly]
- Oprah freebased and got her boyfriend hooked on crack! [The YBF]
- Online Predators – Just an Urban Legend? [ParentDish]
- Video of Ann Coulter blaming the ladies on The View for how arrogant she was (link leads to automatic video) [The Insider]
- Alyssa Milano got the blunt bang cut several months too late [Use My Computer]
- Run DMC inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What takes them so long? [Agent Bedhead]
- Javier Bardem out with his mom at a soccer match in Barcelona [Busy Bee]
- Jenny McCarthy in a faux demonstration that’s really a promotional stunt. This bothers me for some reason [Bitten and Bound]
- Amy Poehler’s Non-’Office’ Non-Spinoff Exactly Like ‘The Office’ [Defamer]
- Sharon Stone out with her much younger boyfriend [Evil Beet]
- Obama on the cover of Time [Concrete Loop]
- The Oscars won’t announce the presenters ahead of time this year [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
- Death Row Records: everything must go! [Rhymes with Snitch]
- There is Nothing Sexy About The Dirty Dancing Workout Video. [Best Week Ever]

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  1. Jessica says:

    I think Paula has had a nose job recently… Her nose looks rather Paris Hiltony!

  2. Tess says:

    I just looked at the comp shots.

    Paula didn’t gain a thing but she shaved some of the character off her face.

    I’m beginning to think that celebrities don’t really die in the normal sense, they just keep on downsizing themselves until there’s nothing left.