Benedict Cumberbatch’s handsy redhead is Charlotte Asprey & they’re just ‘friends’

As we discussed on Sunday, our Benedict Cumberbatch has been a bad, bad boy. And by “bad boy” I mean “he probably banged two women within a week. At least.” Benedict was out on Saturday night in London at the Cirque le Soir. He left the club with two women – a blonde who looked like a publicist-type and a redhead who held his hand as they tried to sort themselves out while flashbulbs sliced through the London night. As you can imagine, the Cumberbitches were indignant. Just who did this unnamed hussy think she was?!!?!?!? Well, now we have a name and some kind of denial.

This seems like an elementary case of Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch making the most of his bachelor ­lifestyle…holding hands with actress Charlotte Asprey during his birthday celebrations. Yet, just days earlier, I observed he was scanoodling with stunning 26-year-old blonde model, Katia Elizarova!

Benedict has been an eligible single gent since splitting from actress Olivia Poulet in 2011. The couple had been dating for 12 years. And since then, the 37-year-old star has been linked to Liv Tyler and furniture designer Anna James. But he was pictured enjoying the sun in Ibiza with Max Studio model Katia only last week.

Benedict was seen publicly displaying his affection – stroking the model’s arm as they relaxed by the pool on their break, after jetting to the island for the wedding of pals Seth Cummings and Rob Rinder – which Benedict officiated at. What a talented chap he is.

But just a few days later, Benedict partied at London’s swanky club Cirque le Soir to celebrate his birthday and left at 3am clutching Charlotte’s paw. Charlotte has appeared in Midsomer Murders and Holby City, and is currently filming Dracula. A source close to the stars last night said Benedict has been good friends with Charlotte since they studied together at theatre school.

I’m told: “Charlotte has been friends with Benedict for a number of years now. She joined him to celebrate his birthday along with several of their close pals and some of his family members.”

Ben’s pals included Sherlock fan Stephen Fry (who lasted until an impressive 12:45am) and designer Matthew Williamson, who got really into the spirit of things by painting his face as half a skeleton.

The group downed vodka and Cristal and Dom Perignon champers (with obligatory birthday sparklers), as they played beer pong and enjoyed a burlesque show featuring topless girls, dwarves, fortune tellers, dancing dogs and fire eaters.

[From The Mirror]

Good lord. “The group downed vodka and Cristal and Dom Perignon champers (with obligatory birthday sparklers), as they played beer pong and enjoyed a burlesque show featuring topless girls, dwarves, fortune tellers, dancing dogs and fire eaters.” That might be the most debauched sentence I’ve ever read. As for The Batch’s “friend” Charlotte Asprey… why the hand-holding if she wasn’t going to spend some time with Little Batch? I mean, sometimes heterosexual friends of the opposite sex hold hands and it doesn’t mean anything. But most of the time it means something. It means boning.

As for Katia the Russian model and her boning holiday to Ibiza with The Batch – again, you can see those photos here. I think he’s probably boning her too, and he has been for a while (off and on, perhaps). I think he’s a single guy who is currently enjoying “the spoils” of his success. Plus, it was his birthday (a week and a half ago). He just wanted some birthday booty!

And in more professional Cumberbatch news, season 3 of Sherlock has a new bad guy, a character (familiar with readers of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) named Charles Augustus Magnussen. He will be played by Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen, who is Mads’ brother.

PS… Now that I’m really looking at Charlotte Asprey, WTF is she wearing? Shorts and a tuxedo vest?!

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Yeah, this reminds me of my dad’s best friend. He’s divorced with two kids-the oldest one is three years younger than I am. According to this prodigal child, his father, a few times a week, leaves the house at around two or three in the morning and doesn’t come back until seven in the morning… yeah, I’m gonna go with booty call on this one. For whichever one-most definitely call it on the “Fashion Bitch” (can’t remember her name).

  2. lisa2 says:

    So funny.. I remember reading these same kinds of reports and reactions with Gerard Butler. And the same stories regarding women. Maybe he doesn’t want to get married so badly now because the menu had changed and he has a lot more options to play with

    His fanbase seems very similar to BC’s.. Well I’ll stick to loving my Family men.

  3. Sixer says:

    Ack. Like I said yesterday, yet another one with an image they worked embarrassingly hard to create crumbling into open hypocrisy. I can fancy good boys. I can fancy bad boys. I can even fancy modelisers. I can’t fancy fakes.

    This man is going to my pesthouse. Any suggestions for new CB men? I have only Idris left! I need more!

    • Guest says:

      I know this is a gossip site, and a bitchy one to boot, but I feel this is kind of harsh. He suddenly isn’t a good guy anymore because he went to a friend’s wedding, worked the entire week in between, and then went out to celebrate his birthday with his friends and family?
      He has been photographed with many different women before and nobody thought anything of it. I guess the perception changed with his level of fame.

      Oh, and by the way, his saying that he is not in a hurry to get marry right now is not new. I have read his interviews form 2011/2012 where he says that although he would like to start a family, he is aware that at this point he just doesn’t have the time. And that he is not in a hurry.

      And besides, after doing this Elle interview in Japan, he went on a TV show and was asked about his dreams for the future. He said: To have a family and to keep working.

      So, sorry for the long post, but I think that everyone is taking all of this to seriously.

      • Gina says:

        It’s the Benedict backlash. Everyone loves him until he doesn’t live up to their perfect image of him, ie. dates anybody they don’t approve of.

        I like his cat face well enough, but don’t get the obsession.

      • Sixer says:

        For my part, I would say that’s not really true. I don’t think celebs/actors should bare all for the public. If they want to stay schtum about the private stuff, they can. But mostly they choose not to and bang on and on and Ariston about themselves, their hopes, their dreams. And I do think their public image should at least be related to their genuine selves. I can even like the douchiest of douches, provided they don’t pretend to be anything else.

        What I me, Sixer, personally, can’t stand is a PR image fed into by interviews, quotes, and whatnots for month upon month, that are demonstrably NOT what the person really thinks or really does. Say or don’t say – be private or public. Modelise or stay chaste. Drink and get high or be teetotal. Believe in God or be a “militant” atheist. Or any combination of the above. I don’t mind. But don’t make a fake story.

        I take the PR narrative at face value until it’s shown to be fake. And if that happens, I go off the person.

        It’s not the destruction of MY image of a celeb that puts me off them; it’s the destruction of THEIR image that they’ve employed people to put out there and that they’ve put out there themselves.

      • Guest says:

        I understand what you are saying and I agree.
        But how has he destroyed his PR image?
        What was he trying to project earlier that you now see isn’t true?

        This is what puzzles me. Has he ever claimed that he doesn’t like going out with friends? Or that he doesn’t drink? Or that he is a chaste virgin?

        From what I see in the media (and I doubt any of us have any kind of insider information), he is living his life in the same way he has been doing for years.

      • Anna says:

        I’m with you, Sixer.

        That’s why I never throw shade on Leo’s or Clooney’s womanizing – bc they dont Instagram photos of themselves holding babies and give interviews about wanting to settle down and use terms like ‘future mother of my children.’ Nor do they wax poetic about curling up with a book and a woolly blanket by the fire in a country cabin, only to be photographed going clubbing with burlesque dancers.

        Not that the same person cant enjoy both of those types of activities, but a public image is a tricky thing and needs to be maintained consistently. When the original narrative – created/perpetuated by the Celebrity – gets turned on its head, there’s a certain sense of betrayal from fans and even semi-casual observers.

        (I am a casual observer when it comes to Cumby, but I have my own celebs crushed who, should they start acting in a particular manner that undermined the original image they created that became a foundation of my crush, would kind of break my heart a little)

      • Eve says:

        I’m with Sixer (actually, said almost the same thing a couple of threads ago — not so eloquently though) and Anna.

      • Sixer says:

        @ Anna – yes! On the one hand, the interviews and quotes only ever mention him being serious, work-focused, looking for “the one”, wanting babies etc. Which is fine. But if what he actually DOES is to go modelising and clubbing then there’s a chasm. If he said in interviews, “Well, I can’t find that right woman to settle down with so I’m having a bloody good time while I’m looking,” I’d be fine.

        @ Eve – you did. Eloquently! I think I’m going to go back to my old haunts for men-on-telly to lust after. That is, the pretty academic boys who make it on TV to tell us about science, or history, or whatever. Generally, they’re WYSIWYG.

      • Eve says:

        @ Sixer:

        Nah…stop with the shameless ass kissing. I said something like “Wanna have a casual hookup? Own it.” Not eloquent AT. ALL.

        Anyway, I’ve been developing a crush on Edgar Wright (his Minnie Mouse voice seems to be a problem though) and reviving old flames like Sam Rockwell. And I’m willing to share!

      • Jenna says:

        @Eve: Willing to share?!?! I knew you were going soft!

        P.S. I kinda miss you. Don’t read too much into it though. :P

      • Eve says:

        @ Jenna:

        I’m willing to share these new crushes — Wright and Rockwell and, perhaps, Karl Urban? I kid, I kid. Never Karl Urban.

      • Anna says:

        I havent had a new crush since Bomer, when I did a White Collar marathon over the winter. Right now I am just waiting for the douche shoe to drop on my Hemsworth…(Yeah, I know this isnt a very coherent analogy).

      • Sixer says:

        I will always share! But I feel as though I’m in a drought. Can’t find anyone suitable at all. What on earth is going on? At the moment, I’m in lust only with Idris and one tennis player. Sigh.

      • Jenna says:

        @Eve: Awww, thanks for being loyal. I must admit I don’t know your new potential husbands. Any chance of a Capt. Sexy reconciliation? Or will that happen when the new Capt. Sexy movie comes out?

      • Eve says:

        @ Anna:

        At first I read “I haven’t had a new crush since Boner“.

        Don’t mind me.

        @ Jenna:

        I was *thisclose* to going back to him but then I saw an interview where he refered to Minka Kelly as “my girl”…and that stopped me right there.

        But we’ll have to wait and see — I’m REALLY looking forward to watching “Snowpiercer” (trailer looked awesome and he looks delicious in it).

      • Jenna says:

        @Eve: Oh, oh I understand then. Also, I don’t look forward to seeing her on screen next to my man. Bleh. And I have seen him promoting the film, though not the trailer itself, and I can’t say I’m feeling it. Adorable? Sure. Captain Sexy-esque? Nah. Not really. But I’m going to go ahead and say that you two may a little tryst once the new film comes out. Just for old times’ sake. :P

      • Anna says:

        @Eve –

        I will never say no to a Boner.

        Also, what’s wrong with ‘my girl’? It’s cute. Snowpiercer does look very good, although I tend to dislike ‘darker’ movies. But for the life of me, I could never get the appeal of Evans. He’s not bad-looking or anything, I just… I dont know why but I am mildly allergic to him, even tho I find his neuroticism kind of endearing/funny.

      • Eve says:

        @ Anna:

        Of course there’s nothing wrong with “my girl”, that’s why it pissed me off so much: he should NOT be using that with her!!!

        The bitch who, back when he was not Captain Sexy yet, traded him up for a baseball player (an allegedly STD infested player at that) — and he gladly takes her back the moment The Avengers becomes a huge hit (and I’m SURE that has nothing to do with her wanting to go back to him, right?).

        GAH! The jealousy mosnter is eating me from my insides.

      • Anna says:

        Ah, THAT green beast. Mine’s been tamed… or I guess just got tired of barking at Wagon all the time, never getting an actual silicone bite.

      • V4Real says:

        @Anna I have had a crush on Bomer since the start of White Collar.

        @Eve I read some gossip that Cumby unlike most celebs doesn’t use the “you know who I am card to get girls; he instead just uses his cash.

        Also he said in an interview that he wants to have tea with my hubby RDJ to discuss their take on Sherlock. I’m not too sure if I want that to happen.

      • Lex says:

        Couldn’t agree more with you. After reading all the comments I’m just left thinking “wow….people sure can change their time fast.”

        I mean…he’s a guy!! A single guy! Doing normal single guy things! Sheesh.

      • Jany says:

        I side-eye him about his taste in fashion bitches, but I do still fancy me some BC. He’s a doll and quite innocent I think. I just cheat on him with my other fellows…Works for me! :-)

    • Tish says:

      good thing then that you’re not required to fancy him

    • ele says:

      I think you’ll find you have none left….

    • T.fanty says:

      Poor Drunk Uncle Cumby. Miss Jane is using TommyAnne in the drawing room right now, so maybe I’ll use the dragonfly paddle to administer a little spanking – just to straighten the boy out for you ladies, of course.

    • Leo says:

      @ Sixer – If he said in interviews, “Well, I can’t find that right woman to settle down with so I’m having a bloody good time while I’m looking,” I’d be fine.

      The thing is, he has actually said that in his interviews!
      I think that is the point some people here are trying to make. He has said that in the same interviews in which he stated that he wanted children.

      Just check out and you’ll find numerous interviews where he speaks about dating, not being able to find the right one with the growing fame, perils of fame. Even when he was with his longtime GF Olivia he spoke openly about having a strong desire to have a child, but not knowing if this was the time to have them, etc.

      The clubbing thing – you are all really surprised that a man how owns a bike, enjoys diving, surfing and jumping out of a plane, likes to go out as well? And again, he never tried to hide that. He spoke openly about that.

  4. Nev says:

    It means boning. Hahahahahahaha

  5. Lindy79 says:

    So, did this source come from his PR people or what, in which case it should be “Spokesperson”? “Source” can mean anything, fans on the internet figured out who she was the day after, and that they were friends…is this where they got the information from? What I mean is, he may not have officially commented on any of this.

    Comparisons to Gerry Butler…oh dear. Their careers are very different so unless Cumby wants to be cast in the Ugly Truth 2, he needs to be more discreet about his sex life.

    (I do love his PA/Niece’s face in the picture)

    • lisa2 says:

      My comparison was not on them as actors, but more the way people reacted to each of them at the beginning. The way people had these pet names and how they would talk of him boning them. (I’m keeping it clean).. then all that fawning changed. I just see similar things. I’m not a fan of BC… so I’m on the outside looking in. I actually don’t even post on his threads at all.

      • Lindy79 says:

        No, I totally get what you’re saying.
        I do think that the tabloid antics of Butler did affect his appeal both to fans and studios and thus affected the kinds of movies he was offered. I doubt this will happen to BC but he should avoid becoming tabloid fodder, it’s difficult to be taken seriously as an actor. By all means, have fun boning but do it discreetly unless it’s a relationship situation.

      • GeeMoney says:

        Gerard Butler is GROSS. Hot, but gross. Heard he had a small one too, lol.

    • Miss M says:

      Yeah, I don’t get the comparison either…

      He wishes he had the douchetastic game level and sex appeal Gerry has.

  6. ClaireB says:

    Well, if they’re friends, and there’s a bunch of flashes ..flashing, it’s completely normal they’re holding hands to help each other walking straight.

    (And if they’re boning, good for them)

  7. Birdie says:

    I love BC. Don’t understand why his sex-life is in the papers now, it wasn’t before. He should be more careful!

    • Badirene says:

      Yeah I agree, he needs to go away for a while to build excitement and anticipation for his upcoming films and Sherlock’s new season. Otherwise the backlash will begin in earnest, people will start to tire of him no matter how talented he is.

  8. GeeMoney says:

    Whatever. I think they are just friends. He’s definitely sleeping with the Russian chick, tho.

  9. radiostatic says:

    I don’t understand why you publish stories on this dude just about every day. Aside from not knowing who he is he’s not even good looking. I don’t get it.

    • Noreen says:

      These posts aren’t for you then.

      Honestly, I don’t know why posters like you feel the need to come into a thread that doesn’t interest you only to tell us it doesn’t interest you. Do you know how many posts from this blog don’t interest me?? No, you wouldn’t know, because I ignore the ones that don’t interest me…rather than telling everyone about it.

  10. Justalark says:

    “The group downed vodka and Cristal and Dom Perignon champers (with obligatory birthday sparklers), as they played beer pong and enjoyed a burlesque show featuring topless girls, dwarves, fortune tellers, dancing dogs and fire eaters.”

    Hmmm…Why when I read this line do I hear it in the voice of Stefon from Saturday night live? LOL

  11. els says:

    Actually I understand the rumors, they reflect a very paricular mentality in our society:
    if you’re boning a guy once or twice it’s normal to hold hands and to be protected, but if you’re a long time friend, you’re suppossed to walk like a miserable dog alone in the background.
    Sex buys everything, friendship buys best wishes.

  12. Bej says:

    I’ve often held may gay husband/bff’s hand when stumbling home from clubs too.

  13. Tish says:

    I don’t think he is gonna comment at all with this one. His team is quietly handling it with a Telegraph article (The Elementary Sex Appeal of Benedict Cumberbatch). It was a PR mess for him for just about 3 days, but now they’re milking the opportunity to turn it into good publicity.

    With photos from shooting Sherlock this month and TIFF. Nobody but his overly obsessed fans will bother about the this. It’s getting boring now as is.

    • Lindy79 says:

      There’s a bit of a sting in the Telegraph article, right at the end though.

      “When you then learn that his answer to being asked his greatest achievement was a plaintive: “I wish I could say ‘children’,” you begin to suspect the man of the most shameless manipulation.”

      I doubt that bit would have come from his PR, unless they’re trying to directly refer to the set-up photos rumour. They also, almost sarcastically refer to him as the “sainted one”

      • Noreen says:

        @ Lindy79

        I agree. There’s no benefit for BC in all this. Whether he chooses to ignore it or not (and he should), the fact is it was an embarrassing spectacle. He got played and betrayed by a petulant low-level Russian “model” with an entitlement complex and a massive ego. There is NO way in which he benefits from this.

        As for her, hopefully, this will only serve to further trash out her already horrible reputation.

    • Guest says:

      Yeah, it is really getting old now, and I say this as someone who likes the guy. For the love of God, he held hands with a woman at his birthday party!
      And some sites and posters are making it sound as if it were The Rolling Stones in their heyday.

  14. MollyMaxwell says:

    I know it’s a typo but I have decided that “scanoodling” is my new favourite word. I’m going to try and work it into several conversations today.

  15. MissMary says:

    Totally believe the just friends vibe here. And I also believe Katia leaked the pics from Ibiza or had them leaked and they’re just FWB (though if she DID leak ‘em, I doubt it’ll be for much longer since he’s actually pretty private).

    • Lindy79 says:

      I agree, if that’s the case.

      Clooney and DiCaprio are very clever at this, they own the fact they are not settling down and have regular side-pieces which I’m sure there is a mutual agreement on, and fair enough they aren’t trying to kid anyone. Benny could have been attempting that with Katia, and if so and she has released the pics, it’s backfired on him spectacularly. Unless of course she turns out to be a girlfriend, but I would have thought his PR would have stated that after the Charlotte pics emerged.

      • Noreen says:

        She’s not a GF. No effin’ way.

        She is/was a side piece and she has betrayed him spectacularly with this little Ibiza game of hers. And why would she do that? Why would she sh*t where she sleeps? Think about that. He was cooling to her and she saw the end coming and decided to get a little mileage before it ended? She wanted legitimate GF status and he was turned off? So, for Katia to exploit him like this….revenge?

    • Noreen says:

      I now believe that as well. I’m totally in for this theory. There are several reasons why this is entirely plausible, but the two main reasons are: 1) how the paps were able to get such a variety of shots of them together but not BC with anyone else. He was there with other friends. Yet the focus is on him and Katia. No one benefits from that except Katia. 2) As someone pointed out, she’s in seductress mode in all the photos while BC is neutral at best and aloof/disinterested at worst. Don’t buy that crap about him “stroking her arm”. These photos simply don’t hold evidence of a commitment. And do you think BC would really let the public think his GF is a Russian prostitute? No. The fact that he has never legitimized her is telling.

      I am wondering if Ibiza was going to be the end of this little affair in any case and that’s why Katia desperately called attention on herself. If they’d been seeing each other on the DL before now with no “hints” from Katia and no pap shots, you have to wonder why she was desperately making attention for herself this time. Because her gig was up? Her can of tuna was expiring? This is my theory.

      I need to move on to some more gossip, because this “fashion bitch” is so played-out.

      • MissMary says:

        I mentioned on another thread here (LOL) that a LOT of people think a blind item posted on CDAN re a B list actor quickly becoming A list w/a background in t.v. and a future in films who said (always to a friend, isn’t it?) he prefers to pay for his female company while on vacation since he knows they aren’t attracted t o him for fame, etc, and just there for the money…is BC. The claim was this person spent 25000 this past week alone on “company” and if it IS true, it makes sense b/c Ibiza isn’t cheap. Plane tickets, hotel, meals, pretties, etc… And he’s not going to go the cheap route and neither would his “company”.

        Am I saying it’s them? *shrug* It’d be funny/interesting if it was because well, at least he’s being honest but good lord, choose better.

        If KE was his gf, it’d have been confirmed and announced, if only to protect her rep and to make him look less like a Lothario.

      • Ally says:

        No, that blind item is bull. That’s not him.
        Apart from anything else, she doesn’t need paying for. I think Leon Max takes care of that already.

      • MissMary says:

        @Ally: I’m not really believing the BI either but I find it hella interesting most folks jumped right to BC, lol, esp b/c Katia is such a known famewhore and gold digger.

      • izzy says:

        I dunno about Cumby and Elizarova. I keep thinking she’s just a fling, and they both had fun with it. But, obviously, this isn’t their first ride at the rodeo- that “old friends” and “beautiful language” line doesn’t fly anymore, unless they didn’t hook up until she was “unattached?” Agree he hasn’t come riding to her defense, but maybe that’s not his style and he’s just hoping it’ll die down a bit if he doesn’t stick his nose in it?

        She wasn’t at his birthday party (that we know of?). Wondering if he’s going to show up to her show, although, he’s working now.

        I suppose we’ll see in the future if we’re only just now witnessing the beginning of the Cumberbatch/Elizarova love affair, or if this is just peeling back the wrapper on Cumby’s love life, and soon, he’ll be getting pap’d all over with different women (hope not, he’d be miserable)

      • BY says:


        I don’t really know much about this model girl, but I don’t think these are good enough evidence to call her a prostitute and accuse her of manipulating and exploiting BC.

        “1) how the paps were able to get such a variety of shots of them together but not BC with anyone else. He was there with other friends. Yet the focus is on him and Katia. No one benefits from that except Katia.”

        The thing is, we only have access to the pap pictures that were published. I’m sure the paps took many more pictures than the ones we saw. And it makes total sense that those were the shots that were published: these are the money shots. BC and a pretty girl being intimate is gossip worthy and certain to attract a lot of interest.

        For all we know, some paparazzi decided to head to Ibiza – after Benedict himself told the press he would be there – and got really lucky.

        “2) As someone pointed out, she’s in seductress mode in all the photos while BC is neutral at best and aloof/disinterested at worst. Don’t buy that crap about him “stroking her arm”. These photos simply don’t hold evidence of a commitment.”

        Ah, the always realible and exact science of photo assumption.

        “And do you think BC would really let the public think his GF is a Russian prostitute? No. The fact that he has never legitimized her is telling.”

        We don’t know if she’s his girlfriend. Maybe they’re just having a fling, and if that’s the case there’s no reason for him to ‘legitimize’ her. And if they are really dating, well, nobody is entitled to details about his personal life. Maybe he doesn’t want to announce this relationship to everyone (isn’t he supposed to be a private person?), maybe it’s the early days and he wants to wait. The decision is entirely up to them.

      • Ally says:

        There’s certainly enough info out there on her to say she is very, very keen on publicity and she’s knows how to get it. She has a BF who wins awards for it.
        Secondly, the interview in which he told the press he was going to Ibiza, I think only came out a day or two before he went there. Ibiza is also a large island. It’s unlikely the photogs blindly wandered out there in the hope of finding him.
        He’s mentioned his whereabouts several times in the past and that hasn’t been the result.
        And in terms of the only photos involving her.. I’d hardly call them ‘money shots’.
        They weren’t exactly super intimate or revealing and BC is a big draw.. Any images of him alone or by himself would’ve indeed been a wise inclusion.
        The wedding for example, if a photog was there, why not take more shots of BC during the ceremony?
        Oh and I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but Ivan Massow has sold his pictures to the press. They’re owned by scope now.
        Lovely man.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Ally, agree. He wasnt papped in NY or Japan. There were a few shots of him going into his NY hotel, which were featured here if memory serves, but he wasn’t followed or papped having dinners etc.
        His profile has raised since then but this was when he was doing all the STrek promo so he was becoming known more.

  16. ele says:

    It will be fascinating to see if he’s seen with her again. If he is then he’ll be really tarred with all of this.

    It would make sense to ditch both of these women and keep a cool distance from the press on girlfriends for a while.

    Both of these women will remind the press of the current stories so he has to move on. If he rushes to find a 3rd girl to do premiere’s with I can see even more eye rolling from fans and the press will really go to town.

    • izzy says:

      Oh no worries… I’m sure if he shows up with a girl at a premiere she’s just an “old friend” ;)

      Meh, own it Cumberbatch, you’re single and successful!

      • Ginger says:

        “Getting to know Benedict would be like unlocking a series of doors and finding an unexpected surprise behind each. Which makes him unpredictable and potentially wild when unleashed – another very sexy trait.”

        Oh, dear lord. He’s a human being – he doesn’t shoot rainbows out of his ass. Thanks for the hilarious link.

        True body language experts are really interesting, though – like when they analyze photos between couples. Get a real professional on the Ibiza photos and THEN we’ll have some fun!

    • MissMary says:

      Given how fast he distanced himself from her last year and, according to several witnesses, went out of his way to leave a party (and her!) behind when attention was drawn to them being there together, I doubt he’s going to parade her on his arm any time soon, at least publicly. The whole Ibiza thing smacks of FWB hook ups (a lot of fashion industry types were there, so KE’s presence was not terribly surprising esp as her “sponsor” tries to sell her to the highest bidder to raise her profile in terms of being seen with the “right” people) and the fact he/his PR team hasn’t addressed this makes me think they’re going with the “ignore it and it’ll go away” school of thought. Also makes me wonder if there’s more pics they don’t want out (not like salacious but in a “make it stop, this is annoying!” way) that would be released if they DID address the hook up, so paps could “prove” it, etc.

      Though he’s being discussed in some new article making the rounds, calling him a “sex god” based on some behavioral analyst’s interpretation of his pics and interviews… His PR people are *good*. Spin, baby, spin.

  17. Dingo says:

    “why the hand-holding if she wasn’t going to spend some time with Little Batch?”


    Yeah for Lars Mikkelsen though.

  18. Old Enough says:

    He needs a nice motherly type to be his public date. Non-threatening to everyone. I might be available if asked nicely. Note tongue firmly planted in cheek. I do feel bad for him. Rising fame has its pitfalls.

  19. Maria says:

    I don’t find this guy hot and quite frankly wish he would disappear because he’s so overly hyped, HOWEVER, he’s a great actor (in Sherlock) and from what I’ve seen on my dash—has made comments on wanting children by a certain age.

    He has never said he’s looking for a long term relationship or thrives off monogamy; for whatever reason, women across the globe have lost their damn sanity, and I’m sure are throwing their panties at him–let him do this thing.

    If he weren’t famous, he wouldn’t get half the play he’s getting now; I refuse to knock the man for simply going out and having fun.

    Whether it be a with a blonde model (who’s as basic looking as him) or an older redhead (again as basic as him); he’s single, famous, rolling in money, and entitled to do whatever with whomever he please.

    If anyone who considered themselves to be a diehard Cumby fan is willing to backtrack and say you’re no longer b/c of this, you were not a fan to begin with, you liked the idea of who YOU thought he was—no more and no less.


  20. allheavens says:

    I don’t think the recent so-called PR “misstep” will hurt him, he is single and does not have a steady girlfriend, so let the man have some damn fun. Other than being recently ordained to marry his two friends I don’t think he’s actually taken to the cloth or taken a vow of celibacy.

    You’d think by some of the responses that he’d boned both Katia and Asprey in Trafalgar Square? This is the 21st century isn’t it? Or did I step into a time warp and somehow arrived in Victorian England?

    Other men and women are allowed to date more than one person, have sex with more than one person, so why not Cumberbatch? Maybe he is just living his private life without consulting his PR management team, like a normal person. It is the press and the public projecting.

    For the first ten years of his career he was basically a jobbing actor, well known and respected in the theatre but not really know outside of England.

    He is now famous, by now wealthy, professionally sought after around the world and is considered one of the best actors of his generation; as far as I am concerned Cumberbatch is just living the dream, baby, just living the dream.

  21. Jenna says:

    I love everything on this thread. lol :P

    And gah…it’s so horrible of me to say, but…his friend Charlotte kind of reminds me of Conan O’Brien. =X

  22. princesslizabeth says:

    Cumby aside, the news about Lars Mikkelsen is exciting! I love Mads, so can’t wait to see his brother in action.

  23. Rhiannonkk says:

    I just don’t get the fascination with this guy. He’s so…meh

  24. Dani says:

    I think he’s an amazing actor but his game isn’t that great in the female department. I want to say he can do better than both Katia and the redhead but I actually really doubt it.

  25. Lindy79 says:

    Can I just say, this is something that really made me snort.

    She has on her FB under “AWARDS” In 2009 Katia E addressed the Oxford Union on the world of modelling, it’s pitfalls, rewards and in particular health issues, joining world renowned figures of contemporary society who have the spoken to the Union over the years.

    Firstly, that isn’t an award. Secondly, while there have been many notable figures invited, Katie Price (Jordan), Kerry Katona and O.J Simpson have also addressed the Oxford Union…and Kermit the Frog, but I kind of like that.

  26. Shiv says:

    I do not like that Katia lady at all. Her instagram is vile. She posted a pic of a drunk girl sitting outside a club and wrote ‘classy!’ – her friend then decided to write ‘English I bet’ to which she responded ‘How did you guess ;) ’ Her friend then states i can tell by the fat legs blah blah. She acts so superior to everybody. Yuck!

    • Lindy79 says:

      Oh my god, just looking at that…I’ll admit to doing a slightly judgey face if I see something like that when out but no way would I take pictures, post it on my Instagram/FB.

      I didn’t have a good look last night, the picture of her bent over some slimey looking man’s knees getting hit with a riding crop was enough for me.

    • Ally says:


      So she’s basically saying chunky, pissed girls are bound to be a English. Who the hell does she think she is?

      I guess being photographed bent over the lap of some unctuous bastard and whipped, whilst nearly flashing your arse is the epitome of dignity then, is it?

      • Ally says:

        I noticed she appears to be a regular Daily Mail reader. She seems to have posted their article on that obese care worker who used to abuse elderly patients by sitting on them for either snark at the English or general Lols. Probably a bit of both.
        She’s tagged it “Little #britain”

    • cyrianne says:

      Can you make a link to her instagram^^ since yesterday few people speak about this picture lol

    • Hmmm says:

      @Ally actually, couldn’t make out how to reply to you directly. Anyway…
      I thought the “model” had a law degree? If she really would have one, then she would have known, that she needed a permission of the person which is singly portrayed in a picture, to post it. The portrayed person is no celeb or royal or any other person of public interest. not to mention the fact that this is just an absolute unforgiving behavior, to belittle an other person in such an manner So…
      On an other note does it really say she got a degree or just that she studied it? couse you could studie law for a year or so and writ it in your CV, just to look good.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Haven’t a clue. Wikipedia says she got her Baccalaureate degree (seems to be the equivalent of secondary school but those in the know, feel free to correct me) before moving to London in 2006 to study law, graduating in 2009.
        It also says she wasn’t a full time model until after 2009 but contradicts and says she had been “working for extended periods in London, Paris, Milan and Tokyo” during this time and “Despite (only turning professional after Uni), she had already worked with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry and achieved success as an editorial, advertising and runway model”
        So it seems a little sketchy. She was extremely busy doing all of that and traveling for extended periods of time but not too busy to do a law degree. It could all be PR spin, trying to make her out to be more in demand than she was, and thus making her more appealing to bookers, who knows.

    • maggie says:

      I think she want the name of her instagram profile :) (it will be much simple for her) xX

    • Felice says:

      Wow what a b*tch. No way that BC would like that if he saw that comment. What a horrible judgmental person.

      • Jackie says:

        lol so she’s happy for the English to give her work here (I’m assuming she has a visa?), but she slags us off on her instagram?. charming!. Personally, I think Benedict’s embarrassed by the Ibiza pics, which is why he was holding hands with the red-head, to sort of say ‘I’m not with the blonde!’. Could be wrong, but I’d be surprised if we see him with her again. Especially after reading these comments about her. Hopefully he has better taste!.

  27. EscapedConvent says:

    Burlesque show, you say? Topless dancers?

    You mean Cumby looked at tits?

    (Sob) I don’t even know who he is anymore!

    Seriously, why is this so shocking? I doubt that he was a monk before he went to Ibiza. Still, the “getting ordained” idea is intriguing. I wonder if he might want to take a nun (an escaped nun) to his next wedding? ;-)

  28. Hardie says:

    I don’t think he’s overexposed a lot of people still have no idea who he is. Atleast in America. I do think the press is obsessed with him and blogs like these don’t help. Those pics of him from Spain were wayyyy from last week yet the dailymail decided to publish them almost a week later? Then they just so happen to release more pics after he stepped out the club on sat/sun. I can see why some might think its a PR stunt but I honestly believe the press, especially here in London, are obsessed.

  29. ele says:

    He’s hardly over exposed. Most people still dont know who he is.

  30. Melbelle says:

    This Russian chick seems a bit flaky to me. First a balllarina, then a model, then a lawyer, then an actress…she obviously can’t decide what she wants. In a few years she will bounce off to something else. I was involved with a guy several years ago with the same traits. He drove me nuts and I ran from the relationship. Ben is a smart guy. He’ not going to keep this one around. It’s just a fling, if that.

    • Lacy says:

      THis is what I’m thinking.

      Until we get official word/something definitive (which, we’re not owed, yeah yeah, I know), we may never actually know.

      However, IMO, those pics aren’t exactly “quick fling.” Out to eat, lounging around together, his hand on her arm, hip, the kiss…. It’s not HOT HOT sexy, either, but it does show a level of, at the very least, familiarity, possibly intimacy- more than just “this was a fling, good luck, see you next summer, what on earth are you still doing talking to me?”

      My opinion- it’s more than just a fling. The redhead is a friend, the model is the girlfriend.

      However, just because he’s dating her, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily forever, and as others have said- let the man date a blonde Russian model! If she leaks photos and innuendo along the way, sucks to be you, dude.

      Of course, in a week or 2 if something new comes out, I could be completely wrong!

      • Serena says:

        I don’t think she’s his girlfriend. And I wouldn’t be too fooled by the narrative that those photos might appear to build. I don’t really get much connection from the photos at all.
        And if he’s oblivious to her behaviour and fame hunger, than I’ve been wrong about his intelligence.

  31. mended says:

    i don’t quite get the attitudes of some on here. just because he’s dating a round, doesn’t mean he doesn’t want a family. it’s not all or nothing. and he’s clearly too busy to settle down now anyway, so why not have some fun.

    it’s really no different than us regular people doing the online dating thing, only with rich celebs it’s taking a model to ibiza.

  32. Miss Melissa says:

    Good lord. Can’t the poor guy get a little without an international incident?

    He doesn’t owe anyone any explanation.

    Still think he is adorable. The model is cute. Hope he finds happiness in any case, because everyone deserves it.

    PS, I have no doubt the leak came from Katia. I think that’s pretty sad. But then again, she’s not my problem!

    • Lindy79 says:

      Nail on the head! I don’t think anyone here has issues with him getting some. It’s the sketchyness of Katia most likely doing exactly what he’s said he was worried about (women just wanting to be with him for fame). He prob thought as she was a friend it would be safer bet she wouldn’t.
      Unless it was an agreement, he gets a bit of company and she gets publicity for her new acting career..who knows.

  33. Chrissy says:

    Katia comes off as super sketchy and makes Benedict look shady by association. From what I’ve seen about her well before this whole Ibiza thing, she essentially has her life funded by an older, wealthy man. Apparently she is his “muse”? What are the chances that something ain’t right in that situation? The fact that he would even associate with someone so tacky and classless makes me kind of not want to see his upcoming movies.

  34. Helena says:

    So would it have been better if he’d taken someone totally in love with him for the right reasons on holiday and out clubbing then not seen her for most of the rest of the year due to work? Like – dumping her as far as she was concerned. That’s caused problems before.At least with fwb, he’s not breaking hearts except for a few fans’ who thought he doesn’t have sex unless he’s already proposed to someone. Sheesh ! ..

  35. Leah says:

    People shouldnt be surprised of the sketchiness of katia. Look at benedicts pre fame gf, she is very average looking now all of a sudden he gets famous and models want to date him. It should have raised some red flags with him, he is supposed to be intelligent.

    • Lacy says:

      intelligent, yes, but supposedly, also very naive?

      On the surface, on paper, before you look at anything else, she seems like someone he’d be into: Blonde, model, international, law degree/well-educated, lives in London, they apparently share a friend/acquaintance , she’s in the industry so would possibly understand his circumstances

      I don’t know, I’m sort of interested to see if he and Katia are a long term thing or this really is just a fling and they got caught

      I’m glad he’s finally owning up to the “not enough time for a family” thing.

  36. Chrissy says:

    I think once Sherlock hit, women who never would have looked twice at him started paying attention, and like any man would be, he was flattered. I found it kind of shady that a few months before they broke up, Ben did an interview where he basically said “Olivia and I want kids, just not right now and possibly not with each other.” Who would say that about their significant other in print? If I were her and read that quote I’d be pissed. I’m pretty much positive that he was the one that left her cause he wanted to play the field, but continue playing the “I wanna settle down.” card.

    • Felice says:

      I do not think he’s a player. I think he is just blowing off steam. It is also well known that Olivia left because he was a workaholic.

      • Noreen says:

        A workaholic who kept post-poning making the babies he claimed for years to want so badly. That HAD to have been SO frustrating for her. For any woman (or man) in that situation. “We’ll do it, I swear…next year!” and then next year comes, “Just one more year. I swear! This is GOOD FOR US. This will make our finances more secure. Next year…I promise.” And so on year after year. I know a couple who did this for 15 years–the two of them took turns. When she was ready, he wasn’t ready. When he was ready, she wasn’t ready. Finally she got cancer and that was it for the hope of a baby. They ended up in a sad, dull marriage where they barely tolerated each other. No kids.

        You can’t take your fertility…your relationships…your life…for granted.

    • MissMary says:


      Re the “wanting kids” thing… even when he was with Olivia, there’s a few interviews where he says things like “oh I definitely want kids, I just haven’t met their mother yet” which just rang *weird*. Could he have meant a surrogate or something? Maybe but I don’t think so… It always struck me as someone who wants a family in theory but knows, in practice, it’s not happening for a *long* time.

      • Noreen says:

        @ MissMary

        REALLY? Now that’s odd. Maybe it was during one of their broken-up periods? I don’t know. *sigh* Too much for me to think about and I think I’ve analyzed all this too much as it is.

      • MissMary says:

        @Noreen: From what I’ve heard of late, they broke up and got together several times over the course of their relationship so maybe so. It always felt like such a jab at Olivia to me but knowing how BC has “foot in mouth” disease, it may have just been more of an honest statement, or maybe Olivia didn’t want kids, etc. I think his PR people have tightened his reins a bit when it comes to statements like that.

  37. Jillian says:

    All’s I’ve learned is he’s got some crappy fans? IDK, this is all pretty ridiculous.

    Casually dating ≠ never wants a family.

    Unsurprisingly people usually don’t line-up to date workaholics. Serial dating and hoping lightning strikes is his most realistic option unless he gives up his current work pace.

    The model pics are pretty tame, though. Maybe FWB in the past but these don’t really scream currently hot and are probably the “best” ones.

    I think the poor redhead is really his friend.

  38. lc says:

    The obvious Russian oligarch/mobster/pimp and his mistress/escort trying to buy their way into British society. After the Kate Moss stint that they admitted to, I have no doubts that the Ibiza photos were staged by Leon Max and his call-girl for sale.
    I wouldn’t mind it if BC was going out with a model, but these people are vile, agenda-driven, and quite frankly, how can they be legit in fashion business if nobody even wants to pose with them? I mean even Kate Moss of all people saw through their game. It is sad that the man who plays Sherlock is so gullible IRL and apparently thinks with his dick.

  39. Chrissy says:

    Thank you Lc! When I read the article about Kate Moss snubbing this chick I laughed my ass off. And who is it giving quotes to the paper about the embarassing snub? Why Katia herself! So they wanted their names mentioned in the press as Kate Moss’ friends but when she doesn’t play along they still get their names in the papers because she won’t associate with them. Well played on their part. Any press is good press I guess.
    There is no way that Benedict isn’t aware of how these people operate. Why then would he be on even friendly terms with someone like this chick? The redhead seemed really nice, if there were whispers about her I think most fans would be happy, but all this BS with this shady chick and not the slightest denial from his camp is pretty distasteful.

    • MissMary says:

      His camp has been known to ‘no comment’ or outright ignore rumors and stories they want to just die. They never commented on Liv Tyler rumors and let her camp deal with them, iirc, and something like this Ibiza mess, which is magnitudes more annoying for him (I’d imagine) might just be being left to die, esp if the publicity for KE is at the root of it.

      Though I do wonder if his friends/family/PR/agent is telling him to find another piece for his fun times.

  40. Noreen says:

    Katia has spoken out about Ibiza. Unfortunately, it was something on Tumblr that was from a magazine or online publication that didn’t have a link with it. She is backpedaling/spinning. She claims the photos in Ibiza look sexy but are actually innocent. That they are friends and he is helping her with acting advice. That she has a boyfriend of 4 years whom she lives with. That she wants Benedict to come to her play but he’s “having trouble coping with fame” and is afraid his presence there will cause more rumors and embarrassing press.

    I think she’s a liar.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Wow…she’s a stupid liar. She just made the situation worse. If anything, this would’ve been forgotten (as most celebrity gossip is) by the end of this week, and the ‘Batch wouldn’t have to deal with the rumors too much. If this girl really wants to keep her relationship with him, whatever type of relationship it was-I say it’s the type of bootycall where you’re not supposed to acknowledge in public that you know each other, let alone bump uglies, but whatev…-she just blew it. He obviously didn’t want people to know that they were together since he hasn’t referred to her as anything significant, I don’t think. So yeah, she’s out. He can find some other blonde, fashion bitch to play naked yoga with on his day off, who won’t blab.

      • MissMary says:

        Ah, that’s the thing… It WOULD have been forgotten in a week or so, brought up later in the year when he goes to another premiere with his mom, or one of his bffs (James Rhodes or Adam Ackland, both who have attended premieres with him in the past, several times over, iirc). Katia and her “people” wanted to make sure it didn’t get swept under the rug. Whether this is inept PR on her part (because I doubt she has a full time PR team), an attempt to be “coy” (I doubt it) or just really crappy handling, that remains to be seen, but the fact she came up with this a week after the fact, it screams “Don’t forget me!”

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I would not be surprised that when (not if) they “break up”, we’ll be reminded of this connection for many, many years.

        “And here is Fashion Bitch, on her way into the Whole Foods Store, wearing a fashionably short shorts with six inch stilettos and a cute tank. Bitch is clearly turning to comfort food in wake of her break up from ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ star, Benedict Cumberbatch. The pair, who were quite private about their relationship-with Fashion proclaiming that they were only ‘friends’, broke up three years ago in the summer of 2013. Does the ‘The Fifth Estate’ star know what he’s given up? We’ll tell you. Fashion Bitch, known for being the only natural blonde in the room is as smart as she is absolutely gorgeous. Do all models have a law degree? We didn’t think so. Apparently neither did Cumberbatch.”

        Just say it now….Fashion Bitch needs to hire me as her publicist. I would make a killing.

      • MissMary says:

        @Virgilia Coriolanus: I just snorted my tea, lol. You need to make your services available to her as PR, stat, because whoever she has now (*cough* no one *cough*) sucks.

    • MissMary says:

      Sounds like someone (KE *cough*)wants to keep her name attached but is doing a piss poor job of making sure it’s not as a gf.

      My partner thinks it’s because she was screwing around on a bf or LM.

      Personally, and this is just based on my own guessing and nothing solid and no one has said anything, it sounds as if BC wanted a fun weekend and woo hoo, n ow this mess is in the papers and his lack of response is making KE’s “camp” try to spin it so she isn’t coming off as a gold digger.

  41. Chrissy says:

    I thought that I had heard that her boyfriend was a PR guy but then I heard that she was living with a guy who was basically her sugar daddy and called her his “muse”?

  42. Alex says:

    I’m just….AMAZED! Amazed from reading the comments and how much people are analyzing every tiny little detail. Then making huge assumptions!!

    Plus it seems like after previous stories on Celebitchy and people declaring their love for him on those posts…to now people just being “omg he’s so fake and has changed.” Yikes…what happened?

    Maybe it’s not some huge conspiracy and he does want kids…but he also enjoys being single. Nothing wrong with that, I know a lot of guys like that.

    • I actually didn’t mean to sound so b*tchy in my last post. (Dealing with ants in the kitchen…aargh.)

      I don’t doubt that he wants a wife and kids someday. But the guy is crazy busy right now — I know that. And in the meantime, he wants sex — who doesn’t? But everything I learned about Katia E. was distasteful. Based on what he told me about himself, I thought he’d find her distasteful too. I was wrong. That doesn’t mean I won’t see his movies, because I will. I think he’s crazy talented. But as I said above, it does leave a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Whoops. I guess I didn’t actually post my first reply. Ants will do that to you. Anyway, it just referred back to Sixer’s post at 3. above.

    • Vesta says:


      I’m not at all “amazed” that people here are analyzing details and making assumptions – this is a GOSSIP site after all and in my mind it’s a place where you can freely speculate things…

      Also I don’t feel that people here are accusing him of some “huge conspiracy” and thinking that this is a black and white situation and now he will never want kids.

      In my mind the problem is the IMAGE he has given through his interviews. If one constantly has made statements in style of “I’ve been broody all my life” then I think it’s just understandable that people are making assumptions about his persona. If it was a 37 yrs old woman who was saying “I’m so broody” and then “just having some busy actor’s fun” with a male model in Ibiza…well I would think that there’s something phony about her. But yeah of course it’s different for a man. He CAN want a family and do the usual celebrity man antics and have a (biological) family whe he’s around 50 yrs or something.

      And it’s just that based on his own words one easily thought that he is not some average celeb douche who likes hanging with models. I get it that a single person is having some casual relationships. It’s just his taste and behaviour that seem quite CONFUSING right now.

      (And I basically said nothing new so if someone finds this whole speculating so confusing then please read the thread again. I think all the reasons are already expressed there.)

  43. Serena says:

    Oh, FFS. Could that Telegraph article be any more transparent in its promotion for her?
    Just a way of promoting her play and adding BC’s name to bring more people to the piece.
    So sneaky. The not saying they’re a couple, just saying she’s “known him for a year” but then dropping in the comment about the redhead.

    • Vesta says:

      The Telegraph article is a ridiculous POS. Helping with her acting? What is her role in the play then – having some casual sex ? Uuh, he must be a very strict and oh so hard teacher then!

    • Lacy says:

      I think it was 2 years they’ve known each other (side note: how long must one know Mr. Cumberbatch before they fall into the “old friend” category??? 6 months?)

      Anyway- she denied it, she has a boyfriend she lives with in London (very devoted, I’m sure), it was all very innocent, they were just ordering food, of course (actually kind of believe that… that was some intent Cumberstaring at the menu)

      Then! The whooper, the take home point, the payoff, the pay dirt: Her play, which Benedict (OH SO SADLY BECAUSE HE’S A SPECIAL SENSITIVE SNOWFLAKE) can’t attend because he’s afraid of the ruckus he’ll cause (just imagine KE’s mind going: YES YES RUCKUS CAUSE A RUCKUS and bring photographers!!)

      My thoughts: THey had a fling, they got caught, she had to make a move before he finally did (how many days have we been discussing these pictures? She’s only NOW back from Ibiza? Has she not been paying attention to her social media pages??) Her statement is probably a bit better for her than something Cumberbatch or his people could come up with… I imagine the high points would be: Old Friend. Acting. Friend. NOT DATING. Acting advice. Innocent. Food. FRIENDLY FRIEND. The end.

    • izzy says:

      Oh dear, I didn’t realize there were two articles on the same information! The Mail (I think?) version outright quotes her as saying she’s got a boyfriend and everything was “innocent” and they were ordering food while he was helping her with her acting thing, blah blah blah.

      The Telegraph leaves off everything about the boyfriend/supposed innocence, but does include that he was helping her with the acting… even pretty much slants it to look like they are dating.

      Geez, it’s kind of amazing to see it actually in print- the same situation, the same woman quoted, just two different takes on it, with two entirely different conclusions the reader could reach.

  44. bet says:

    He seems to be a bad judge of character.

  45. Chrissy says:

    @ Somewhere

    “Based on what he told me about himself” you got a chance to meet Benedict? Lucky! I hope things calm down with the ants BTW :)

    @Lacy “intent cumberstaring” made me let out the most unattractive giggle snort when I read it. Thanks for the laugh!

    So in the last week the narrative has gone from “sitting next to blonde in a picture” to “OMG! Pics of them canoodling by the pool and a kiss at a wedding!” To “drunken stumble to car with mysterious redhead” to “OMG more canoodling pics released!!” To this chick finally denying anything happened while simultaneously promoting the opening of her play. Meanwhile, not even a whisper from the Cumbercamp. It must be exhausting to have such an exciting life.

    • I see how that sounds (lol), but I was just trying to point out that HE is the one who created the image. I think Vesta summed it up very well.

    • And don’t forget the topless girls, dwarves and dancing dogs!

      • Katy says:

        Eh, I think that’s problem with my trying and failing to understand all the ‘outrage’ at this.

        If you were talking model after model and weird nightclub after weird nightclub, an actual pattern, then yeah, I could see why some fans would feel betrayed re: image.

        But it’s as if people thought his image was a virgin monk or something, and that definitely isn’t what he himself has projected.

      • Noreen says:

        I don’t personally find hypocrisy in a man who says he wants a family going to a show like this with friends on his birthday. For all we know it was planned for him without his knowledge b/c someone in the group thought it would be a hoot. Or maybe he always wanted to try it and this was a good chance. I don’t know. It’s not my cup of tea but it doesn’t conflict with wanting a family. It’s not regular trips to a strip club—but he could be doing that for all we know, too.

        I do agree with you about the general frustration of being sold an image by any actor/actress and watching their behavior directly conflict this. We are not supposed to care–I get that. But I just hate a liar so much it’s hard for me to turn a blind eye. Especially when they’re asking me to pay hard-earned money for their movies/shows/whatever.

        I still don’t believe that’s BC, though. I don’t believe it yet…anyway.

      • Jany says:


        Virgin monk! Good one, I needed that laugh!

        He may be called Benedict which means ‘The blessed one’, but erm, don’t take it too literal dear Cumbersomethings…

      • Katy says:


        There was a couple of pics going around from inside the club, and he looked really confused, tbh. Made me laugh!

        Cirque Du Soir isn’t a sleazy strip club, bit higher class?

        It’s a circus-themed nightclub and one of the “hot” spots in London (Lady Gaga, Jude Law, Russell Crowe, etc, all papped there).

        Paps stalk the strip and club scenes, so it’s pretty safe to say he’s not frequenting them in London, at least.

        Cumberbatch is also a crap liar, honestly. If he was a better one, he’d have less PR disasters.


        Glad I could help XD

      • MissMary says:

        @SomewhereinSoCal… He seems to like the burlesque clubs/burlesque revues. When he was in NOLA for TYAS, he frequented (by frequented, that’s like maybe three times, lol) Madame Spooky’s show/revue. It was in the papers once but he went a few times and I only know THAT b/c I’m in the burlesque scene in the South and friends with one of the dancers (and for the record, she said he was a perfect gentleman and audience member and didn’t do anything skeevy and gross).

        LOL I wonder if he looks confused in the pics b/c of the dancing dogs…

      • I really was joking — about the dancing dogs, I mean. That was just the icing on the cake.

  46. Katy says:

    The Ibiza pics don’t look “sexy” to me at all. Christ, she’s right near him in a bikini top in one and he could get an eyeful but he’s way more interested in what he’s reading.

    They could be messing around, don’t get me wrong, but these pics aren’t solid evidence of it.

    She looks like she was brought by someone else to the wedding,(the Russian photog guy that was there), which makes it almost funny if she was just hanging on him to set a PR trap.

  47. Helena says:

    What was the uh…supermodel..snort… doing in Galixidi and Delphi when BC was in Greece ? That was before, Ibiza.I read a fan comment somewhere, ” No-he was in Athens”. That’s only about a two and a half hour drive from Delphi.There’s also an airlink. He’s been to Galixidi before and has said that it’s one of his favourite holiday places.Was she getting acting advice there, too ? Or maybe she has a degree in ancient history and was giving him the full tour ? I’m not bothered at all about BC getting some- good for him but this Katia thing is, rather peculiar.
    The Galixidi long weekend wasn’t, publicised.Except by her.She’s the only person who mentioned the time and place. I can accept that lots of women don’t,fancy him but those who do – would you, risk not seeing him again by publicising it ? Of course not. It looks to me like a trade perhaps he, wasn’t aware of or more likely,doesn’t give a toss about ie sex= some publicity for her.There’s no point in famous men saying that they want to be liked/boned for their real selves, if they then hook up with any woman who seems to be playing quite a different game.
    Wants a family but not yet.That seems pretty honest, actually. He seems a bit hyper so it doesn’t surprise me that if he focuses on something whether it’s work or whatever, he gives it his full attention.Maybe thought, ” Holiday.Will get a tan, have sex and enjoy self”.The energy and focus he puts into his work got transferred to the holiday ticklist lol.It was probably his version of ‘chilling out’. When he settles down,he’ll probably be as hyper about that, too.

    • curlsunited says:

      Re.: Galaxidi
      You are so right. I am surprised that everybody seems to have forgotten about that. BC said in Athens during an interview: “I’m sorry, I was on vacation”, and he certainly had a bit of a mediterranean suntan. I don’t believe in that amount of coincidences.
      I am glad though that he seems to have recovered from the weekend and has fun filming Sherlock.

  48. Lindy79 says:

    Just reading the Telegraph article and it has actually infuriated me. It just proves that she has ZERO acting experience and has done no training. The first thing they teach is to flesh our your character, and think about their motivations. She basically confirms that she got it because she is Russian…as is the director so maybe her sugardaddy had a hand in it and pulled some strings. If you want to act seriously, you have to do the work and the training! I would have thought a person with a law degree would understand the need to put background work in.

    When I think about all the actors out there desperate for work and this trick thinks she can just waltz into a play, use her actor friends as cheap classes..Jesus it’s beyond insulting.


    “He asks me all about what my character wears, and even how she dresses her daughter. I said, ‘Well, in a dress,’ and he said, ‘No, that isn’t good enough, what dress?’ ”


    • Noreen says:

      It’s very clear now that–whatever the nature of her relationship with Benedict is–she used him and she continues to use him and she totally set him up in Ibiza. I believe this 110% now. Self-proclaimed “Fashion Bitch” just could NOT keep her mouth shut. You know what the headlines are saying now since this new “interview” of hers?? “Sherlock star teaches acting to Russian model”. It’s appalling. Demeaning, emasculating, embarrassing. I feel really bad for him–regardless of the circumstances by which he got himself involved in this mess. Nobody deserves to be used and then thrown under a bus for public mockery. And this IS a public mockery–when the media’s response to his private life (and it SHOULD have been private) is to run embarrassing articles like “Body Language Expert Says BC is a Sex God”, “Teaches Acting to Russian Model”, and “Lothario Playing Doubles”. He’s too damn good an actor and too decent of a person to have to be treated like this.

      I’m seething, too. :(

      • izzy says:

        The other article is a little bit nicer to him…?

        “He and Katia, 26, met at the Serpentine Gallery summer party in London two years ago. ‘I want to be a serious actress so I need all the guidance I can get,’ she tells me at the BMWi3 Global Reveal Party at Old Billingsgate Market. ‘Benedict is very supportive and gives me lots of tips.’”


        “‘I know the pictures look intimate but it’s all innocent,’ says Katia, who lives with her businessman boyfriend of four years in London.

        ‘It looks like we are having a sexy chat, but we were actually discussing what we were going to have off the restaurant menu.’”

        I say nicer, but I suppose it’s the same thing… only at least it just sounds like a friend being supportive.

      • Lindy79 says:

        If she wants to be a serious actor then she requires more than a “few tips” given on a sun lounger during a holiday. She also says she has done film…eh what exactly? There’s nothing on her Facebook about it and no IMDB profile for her apart from that shitty music video.

        I also don’t believe the “I have a BF of 4 years” she strikes me as only dating people who can benefit her, and if she was and he could, she’d be parading them up and down London.

        I actually don’t give a shit if she was bonking him or whatever, if he doesn’t learn from this and run a mile from her, he’s an idiot (a very talented one). She’s gotten herself publicity off his back and if he can’t see that, I hope his team can. Its the insult to actors who have worked their asses off (he himself has worked his way up, he didnt’ waltz into roles even with his parents connections, I’m sure it didn’t hinder him but he put in the training and worked his way up and is only now beginning to see commercial success in his 30′s), and she just swans into a role in a play.

        SO sorry to rant, this has just gotten me so angry!

      • MissMary says:

        Everything you just said, Noreen, totally cosigned. Ugh.

        I wonder (pure speculation, nothing to shore this up) if BC didn’t know she was still with her “businessman bf” and thought “hey, fwb hook up time” or if it is purely the pics being set up to look like something they’re not. I get zero chemistry from them (Hell, the pics of him greeting Quinto at that party in LA have more chemistry and BC is straight!) and I think his PR is being very smart, not addressing this, and letting her dig her own publicity grave, so to speak.

        I agree the headlines and articles are making him look like a lothario (there’s a very fine line between “Oh, he dates a lot and is a harmless ladies’ man” and “oh my god he’s a modelizing douche”) and it is probably making him (and his PR) cringe inside, but not addressing it means (probably) they are trying to show it’s beneath him to discuss it and that he finds it/her contemptable. Esp now that it looks so much like she IS using him (what is that bs about “oh doesn’t want to cause a ruckus”? Dude goes to plays *all the time* in London. He goes to small venue plays and events without it being a huge scene–he was just at his friend’s piano concert in a very intimate venue and no ruckus was had).

    • Vesta says:


      I like how you have throughly and aptly analyzed KE :) She surely is such a strange case; whenever I read anything about her I’m like what in the world is going on here…

  49. peshewa says:

    On an upbeat note, entertainment weekly has listed Benedict as one of the 50 “New Hollywood” I’m hoping he gets some good advice from Matt Damon on finding a balance and enjoys a great career and satisfying personal life. I find it edifying that he recognizes Damon for that.

      • Helena says:

        Advice from Matt Damon might be useful. Here’s some more:If anyone went out with me on a platonic basis plus saw a large shedful of other women as well,a few of whom might not, be on a platonic footing and who he also tagged as ‘old friends’, he would get a severe handbagging, from me. It’s fine to use the term ‘old friends’if that’s what it is. If that’s an umbrella term though, it labels everyone, including the ones who are, just friends. Wouldn’t, ” Yes, we date sometimes”, be better ? Then those who are just,friends, could relax and know that they won’t get labelled as fwb and have the media on their tails.
        That works only if all the ‘old friends’aren’t. all fwb of course…

  50. Maria says:


    He seems to like the burlesque clubs/burlesque revues. When he was in NOLA for TYAS, he frequented (by frequented, that’s like maybe three times, lol) Madame Spooky’s show/revue.

    Do you have a link?