Dina Lohan attends Lindsay’s film premiere, demands special treatment at benefit

Here are some new photos of Dian Lohan at last night’s NYC premiere of The Canyons. Lindsay Lohan was unable to attend because she’s still in court-ordered rehab, although LL is supposed to be out tomorrow (we’ll see). As you can see, Dina looks like she poured herself a few drinks before pouring herself onto the red carpet, and Lindsay’s former lawyer Mark Heller is propping Dina up in a few photos. Speaking of Dina being a hot mess, Page Six had this funny/sad/Lohantastic story this morning:

Dina Lohan isn’t afraid to show up uninvited. Lindsay’s mom crashed Saturday’s Art for Life benefit in the Hamptons. “She showed up with a friend and said they bought tickets, but they didn’t,” confirmed an insider. “Organizers seated them because they didn’t want drama. She was on a pretend phone call with ‘her publicist.’ ” Once inside, Lohan didn’t lie low: She asked a guest to move so she could put her purse on their chair. “My Prada deserves its own seat,” she was overheard sniffing. While posing for a photo, she told a guest, “I don’t have Instagram. My daughters do. They post pictures of themselves all the time. I’m like, ‘OMG, stop doing that!’ ”

[From Page Six]

What’s funnier, Page Six’s shade about “her publicist” or Dina’s insistence that her Prada (KNOCKOFF) purse get its own seat?

Anyway, getting back to Lindsay – yesterday, Page Six reported that Lindsay will be out of rehab tomorrow, and that “European trip” she’s taking might begin in Venice, because The Canyons might have a screening at the Venice Film Festival. That should be a WRECK. And Radar had this weird/funny/Lohantastic story about how Lindsay is TOTALLY DONE with Samantha Ronson:

Lindsay Lohan’s made her list of who is in and who is out and checked it twice and RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that her long-time friend and ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson did not make the cut.

As the troubled starlet prepares to leave her court-ordered rehab, she has been working with counselors to create a safe environment for living on her own without the support system of the treatment center.

A source close to Lindsay told RadarOnline.com that the plan is her on-again off-again girlfriend Samantha is definitely not going to be involved in her post-rehab life.

“Based upon past experiences of what happened when Lindsay gets out of treatment and goes right back to bad influences and behaviors Lindsay has said that she is going to keep Samantha out of her life.”

The professional DJ and Lindsay have had a volatile relationship over the years, and the source said Lindsay wants to avoid getting in trouble again.

“Lindsay is trying to avoid exactly what happened last time and that means making sure people like Sam and some of her other friends aren’t around her anymore.”

Lindsay should be finishing up her 90-day sentence this week and will get to work promoting her upcoming movie The Canyons and then filming her reality show but hopefully without her past bad influences.

[From Radar]

I’m sure Sam Ronson is going to be totally broken up about this, considering Lindsay basically crack-stalked her for years after they officially broke up. Lindsay went out of her way to move into rental properties close to Sam, to go to parties where she knew Sam would be, and to show up unannounced at Sam’s house at all hours of the night. And now Lindsay is taking the “high” road, y’all. The Cracken wants her stalking victim to know that she’s totally over that.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Melissa says:

    She’s even more insufferable than Lindsay. I really wish and want her to go away.

  2. lisa says:

    this is brooke mueller in 20 yrs glomming off her kids, assuming she lives

  3. JL says:

    Glad to see all that treatment and the concept of “King Baby” sunk in so well.
    Lindsey doesn’t have a chance in hell.


  4. Aussie girl says:

    It really sounds like Lindsay planted the story about Sam. It’s Lindsay’s style to blame others and at the same time get back at Sam and her family for wanting nothing to do with the sell her crack to smoke some crack Lindsay. As for her mother I have no words

    • RF says:

      Michael planted the story about Sam.

      From Rumorfix:
      Michael says he and his son, Michael Jr, went over the list with Lindsay and a therapist. Some of Michael’s choices for the Toxic List include Lindsay’s ex, Samantha Ronson, her ex assistant Gavin Doyle, socialite Courtenay Semel and stylist Sema Conde.

      • Ok says:

        RF — the toxic list ?? Yet her parents were mysteriously missing from that list, eh??

      • Hannah1 says:

        Why are the lohans still shitting on Sam. When was the last time we saw them together? Last time I heard sbout Sam she was dating some other girl. I didn’t see her around when ll was partying before rehab. I think Sam has just become the lohan family scapegoat, it seems like everytime they want to blame someone they blame Sam despite the fact that Sam hasn’t been around ll for years.

      • Bess says:

        Michael Lohan always resented Samantha Ronson. I don’t know why gossip sites continue to give him a forum to spew his propaganda.

        Without a doubt, if Lindsay doesn’t cut her parents off, she will relapse.

      • Justine says:

        Michael Lohan has some kind of obsession with Sam to still be talking about her. I saw that Sam went to the wedding of her ex girlfriends sister last weekend. That family is real hollywood establishment, of the grammy and oscar winning type. ( She dated producer David Fosters daughter). Apparently that family really loves her but the vagina kicking convicted fellon hates her. This makes me think Sam is actually alright.

    • RocketMerry says:

      As Kaiser wisely wrote “The Cracken wants her stalking victim to know that she’s totally over that”.

      Sadly, this is typical stalker talk: they can proclaim to be totally over you to everyone who’ll listen and then friggin’ tail you – spy-style – while you’re driving to the store, call you and hang up, talk to people you know to find out about things you do/say (yes, all that actually happened to me). Insane.

      Poor Sam needs serious protection.

  5. Emma says:

    I am on your side Lindsay. I think you can do it! Hi 5s to ongoing sobriety!!

  6. Jano1981 says:

    Oh. Now the other story about Lindsay staying in rehab a few extra days to transition back to the real world make sense! I bet she wants to get out of most or all of the promotional work for that Canyons masterpiece.

  7. Marjalane says:

    As much as I loathe Lindsey Lohan, I can’t help but appreciate how much her revolting mother had to do with her growth as a pathetic loser. Screw these events that don’t want “drama”. They need to toss that reptile out on her skanky ass.

  8. The Original G says:

    IMHO, if this story about Sam is true, this just attention seeking behavior on Blohan’s part. Notice me Samantha!

    She’s still a drama queen.

  9. bowers says:

    I will watch The Canyons.

  10. Kiddo says:

    I don’t know if Samantha was a bad influence, but I do know that Dina is the absolute worst influence.

    • ZinJojo says:

      Oh, I think The Canyons is a must see trainwreck of a movie!

      Lindsay seriously needs to put her mother on the bad influence list, but that will never happen. How long until she’s back to her cracknanigans?

    • Kaligula says:

      Terrible influence indeed. And this is why I forever will have empathy for Lindsay, no matter how absurd her behavior seems. She clearly is internalizing the anger, frustration and confusion that she felt/feels towards her parents, but especially her mom. Dina is incomprehensibly narcissistic and clueless. I have a parent like that and I know how it can mess up a persons life. DINA: JUST STAY HOME! YOU ARE NOT THE STAR! I HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU BUT NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOU out and about and photographed at these events! Plus that dress is crap. Dina you are pathetic. Wake up.

  11. Deidre says:

    Oddly any Lohan, Kardashian and Hilton is the Yuck friend everyone eliminates from the top of their ‘Pray God.. you are dead to me’ list.. but eventually these beasts of annoyance make the news, involving you in some whay.. or shows up where you are privately enjoying yourself, uninvited, and demands the best, wants you to grovel in awe and pay for her time for you are making a profit by their famous brand association.. even if name-fame is mostly criminal, abusive and notorious and always gets their way if tossed out, give them a special bottle of the good stuff as they leave.. or they will throw a fit and call you cheap and jealous haters..

  12. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    Dina’s dress kind of looks like the inside of a coffin. How appropriate.

  13. Willa says:

    Serious question. Did her mother have a carrier before Lindsey’s fame? And how does she get her Prada purses now? Crappy interviews about her daughter?__

    • Mia 4S says:

      She described herself as a former Rockette…and by that she meant she snuck into the side door during a performance at Radio City Music Hall. ;-) There is apparently no record of that career. Shocker.

      No her career was manager. Managers collect 15% of everything their client earns. Now it can be worth to have a well connected or business savy manager helping you out…but Lilo got stuck paying this loser. She has no other income, so she pimps the kids for a percentage. Gross right?

    • jwoolman says:

      Dina apparently was selling perfume in a department store when she met Michael. She starting trotting all the kids around for modeling jobs when they were babies. She hit paydirt with Lindsay. Natural redheads are quite desirable in kiddie commercials and tv shows- they show up far more often than expected according to their percentage in the population since they stand out. Lindsay was probably photogenic and comfortable with the cameras also. She wasn’t a standout talentwise as an actor, but quite adequate for a kid actor. Back then she also could remember her lines, before the booze and drugs.

  14. grabbyhands says:

    If Lohan is serious about getting the bad influences out of her life (unlikely), the first two names to go on the bad list should be her parents.

  15. s_s says:

    I wonder if Dina made the cut…

  16. MellyBee says:

    Dina’s dress looks like her breasts are leaking her filthy black soul down the front of it!

  17. Hannah says:

    OMG. Step AWAY from the tanning bed. You’re starting to look like Tan Mom.

  18. dorothy says:

    Talk about an elephant in the room. I almost feel sorry for Dina, it’s just so pathetic. Why did she think she should be there? This is why her daughter is the way she is, a mother trying to live her life through her daughter at any cost. Hope Lindsay has her mother on that list of people to stay away from.

  19. vketjo says:

    I just bet you her extra 3 to 4 days is court ordered because of the mess up that took three days to fix transferring from Betty Ford to Cliffside after Betty Ford kicked her out for being a pain in the Ash ! So to get in the Full 90 sentence it will be up to weekend…..Makes more sence then this load of bull hockey……

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      I’ll bet that you are absolutely right.

      As for cutting out SamRo, sounds good to me. Then she won’t stalk the woman anymore (ideally). I really don’t have any hope for her, because Hollywood is full of destructive hanger-ons. I hope she has at least one straight friend out of the bunch.

  20. Quinn says:

    I truly believe there is a special place in hell for Dina Lohan and parents like her. Your role as a parent is to protect and cherish your child like no one else on earth. This disgusting woman makes me sick, and actually gives me a sliver of sympathy for Lindsay. Ugh. Which makes me hate her even more.

  21. Suzy from Ontario says:

    Ugh, I really cannot stand Dina Lohan. She’s such a disgusting excuse for a mother and a human being. Narcissist much? Sheesh!

    As for Lindsay saying she’s done with Sam, the Enquirer recently had an article about how Lindsay wrote Sam a letter from rehab that Sam returned unopened: http://www.nationalenquirer.com/mike-walker/last-dj-sam-kicks-lezzie-lilo-letch

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      Now THIS I believe… Samantha was one of the most stable, healthy influences in Lindsay’s life. Lindsay really settled down for a while after they started dating–but then the Cracken went full Bunny Boiler, and Sam (eventually) wised up and scraped her off.

      Good for Samantha, maintaining healthy boundaries.

      • Bridget says:

        That’s not saying much. Lilo became such a mess on her own that I think people forget what Sam was like… Sam was most definitely into the party scene and handsomely profited from her notoriety as Lilo’s girlfriend,and her DJ fees skyrocketed. Does no one remember the photos of Lilo passed out in the car with sam smiling behind the wheel? Just remember, that whole crowd, Sam included, was bad news, though Sam at least had a chAnce of becoming a normal person.

      • Amanda says:

        @bridget. Sam dated Lindsay 4-5 years ago. Its a long time ago and she is not the one who keeps bouncing from rehab to jail, so in my opinion its not fair to make her out to be some problem based on no evidence other than having dated lindsay lohan many moons ago.
        It has struck me as perhaps its the other way around i.e that LL was bad news for Sam. Thats why i assume her family had the good grace to ban Lindsay from their life and actively dicouraged sam from being with her. Sams family is very rich so i do not think she needed Lindsay from a financial perspective, what she got from lindsay was a certain type of tabloid fame and notority. Perhaps she wanted that at the time, i dont know, but judging from how quiet she has been since they broke up i would say the attraction of that quickly waned. Sam never speaks about lindsay to the media and thats more than you can say about some of lindsays nearest and dearest such as her parents.

  22. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    Her mother (and father) should be the first 2 names on the list. Sad that she is going back to that. I don’t have high hopes for her successful recovery – not with that woman around. She is disgusting.

  23. Ms D says:

    Step One to staying sober, Linds: TELL YOUR MOTHER SHE EITHER GETS SOBER TOO OR SHE’S NOT WELCOME IN YOUR LIFE!!! You will not stand a chance in Hell of sobriety with an influence like that around. ‘Come on baby, let’s celebrate, one drink, one snort, it won’t hurt you…’ That’s how it started, right?

  24. K-Rock says:

    Shameless. What the hell did she do to deserve movie premiers and red carpets?? Her daughter is in rehab yet she still goes to the premier? It’s not like she was accompanying her daughter who was actually IN the movie. Insufferable. I can’t stand this woman!

  25. Lulu86 says:

    this woman is like Kris Jenner without the business savvy. And she needs to stay out of the sun ,s she looks like an orange leather bag.

  26. Dawn says:

    And people wonder what happened to Lindsey…look at her awful parents. I hope Lindsey can escape the control of these two but I don’t see it happening and it won’t be too long before she is right back at it. And I agree that the only difference between she and Kris Jenner is one has a brain (an evil brain) and the other doesn’t. Shameful.

  27. Garrett says:

    Wow she looks horrible. As for the whole cutting Sam Ronson thing, I’m not buying it.

  28. logan says:

    She didn’t even wait until Lindsay is out of rehab to start the crazy train rolling. What’s with the big comb over?

  29. Noodles says:

    Everyone should go watch the Parent Trap remake and Mean Girls and just look at how much potential was just lost.

    While I think she is a huge trainwreck, I hopehopehope that maybe, somehow, she can pull it together.

    • Ok says:

      Noodles — while it is really nice of you to point out that she is a good actress, we are not talking Shakespeare and John Barrymore for heaven’s sake.

      She is (er, was) an above average actress that started out young. But we are hardly being robbed as a society because she is lost in her addictions.

      The one main person that is missing out on life and Lindsay’s talent is Lindsay herself.

    • choppersann 13 says:

      I just watched mean girls last night.. while I don’t think she is an Oscar worthy actress it did make me sad to see the damage she has done to herself physically… she was an absolutely beautiful girl

      • Scarlet says:

        She had some talent but those movies were 10-15 years ago. The requirements for a teen actor in disney movies are different than for an actress that is pushing 30 in grown up movies. There is much more competition for actresses in that age range so you have to be really talented, look after yourself AND have good work ethic.

  30. Bonnie says:

    Kaiser you are right about Sam Ronson, Sam Ronson has a girlfriend. She is dating a really pretty make up artist who works for Madonna and Jessica Alba amongst others. They been dating for a year so i think this story makes no sense whatsoever as i highly doubt her girlfriend would want her to hang out with Lindsay.Lol!

  31. Leah says:

    The Samron thing is so funny. Pretty sure there was stories that said LL was writing her love letters from rehab just a month ago, in the story they said samron didnt want any part of it, not even friendship. So now Lindsay has *cut her off*.

    • Bitca says:

      In real life (ie not PR Life) the “Sam Ronson: NO!” makes perfect sense. May not be Sam’s fault—am sure she’s a nice, sober, & clean-living DJ—who never used bad stuff around Lindsay, & would be a famous top$$$ DJ even had she not been involved w/L Lohan. Whatever.

      Point is, for a LL (theoretically) trying in earnest to live sober, Sam is an emotional ‘trigger’ who as lover or friend, has always sent her into sh*t-faced, disastrous histrionics. Any attempt to placate Lindsay on Sam’s part is counterproductive; she’s dealing with an almost-30 who has an emotional age of 16. Addicts tend to cease developing at the age at which they began getting wasted, & cannot move past that stage until/unless they stop.

      That is of course not Sexy enough for good gossip, but most people to whom LL gravitates/or those who move into her gang are enablers, or triggers. Her manipulative, gold-digging a-hole dad is one of the latter; lovely Dina multitasks.
      BTW–1st time ever: based on the Dina pic, Lindsay may finally look younger than her mom right now ;-)

  32. Mia 4S says:

    So there’s a report from a gossip columnist who attended the premiere (sorry not linking, I’m not playing the game) stating that Lilo is circling a role in Ben Affleck’s next directing project…gee I wonder who told him that (Hi Dina!). Hahahahahaha!

    I mean, it’s hilarious. Even if he thought about it for a moment Jennifer Garner would murder him…literally murder him (and yes I know what literally means). ;-)

  33. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Difficult to tell Brandi glanville, Dina and Chelsea Handler apart.

  34. Shelly says:

    Only Dina Lohan would think that she’s an adequate substitute for her daughter. Ugh. She probably loved the fact that Lindsay couldn’t be there so that she didn’t have to take a back seat to her.

  35. Daria says:

    90 days is just not long enough to change for an addict, LL has been partying and doing drugs for so long, she needs at least a year in rehab & quitting the movie business to really focus on getting healthy. I think she’s booked a flight out to jump right back into her old habits, just overseas and more hidden.

  36. Kelly says:

    Every time I see her I think of the Big bad Wolf.
    “My grandma, what big teeth you have!”

  37. Leslie says:

    Toxic Dina and toxic Michael should be locked up and kept away from Lindsay. Isn’t she their only source of income–selling interviews about her?

  38. Scarlet says:

    I don’t usually comment on this mess but this is really funny. Didn’t Lindsay stalk her after the breakup? Move in next to her? Have crazy meltdowns when she dated other girls? Yeah, that’s a real life changing decision…dropping someone who doesn’t want to have anything to do with you. What a delusional girl she is. On another note who is the little troll next to dina?

  39. fabgrrl says:

    Not to be crass….but I would have totally farted all over that chair and said, “All yours.” if she told me to move for her purse.

  40. Jen says:

    Sam Ronson has been out of Lindsay’s life for years by Sams own choice, why on earth would lindsay have to cut her off when she herself said in an interview with Piers Morgan before she entered rehab that she doesnt see or speak to Ronson.

    I dont know who the source is but they appear to have forgotten about this interview. Eyeroll.

  41. e.non says:

    oh please… if this was a hamptons event, there’s no way lohan would get away with taking a chair for her bag. that place is overflowing with narcissistic, self-entitled a-holes.. who would have dumped the bag on the ground and seated her/himself.
    dina fits right in.

  42. Dana says:

    I’d still take Dina over PMK any day.

  43. bettyrose says:

    The hell?!? Why would they have a premier ONE DAY before LiLo was able to attend?

  44. Anastasia says:

    Dear God. Those crepey arms with that fabric. It made me shudder.

  45. Holden says:

    I was thinking about this yesterday, this is Dina Lohan’s dream come true. Lindsay is locked away in rehab, so she gets to walk the red carpet in her place!