“The trailer for Eric Bana & Mark Wahlberg’s new movie might make you cry” links

Eric Bana & Mark Wahlberg made a movie together & it looks much better than I was expecting. I actually got teary. [Moe Jackson]
Valentina Pinault’s side-eye is epic! [ICYDK]
Teresa Giudice is the second-highest paid Real Housewife. [Reality Tea]
Paula Patton and her son Julian in NYC. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
This NSFW song is the most ridiculous thing ever. [Gawker]
Kate Upton looked great in an LBD. [IDLYITW]
Photos of Minnesota’s first day of gay marriage! [Jezebel]
Do you accept Riley Cooper’s apology? [Bossip]
Artwork for Lady Gaga’s “Applause”. [PopBytes]
Donnie Wahlberg posts a shirtless pic of himself. [Seriously OMG WTF]
A list of weird/embarrassing turn-ons. [The Frisky]
What’s cuter, a man dancing with a raccoon or the fact that they’re dancing to Aretha Franklin? My new favorite video. [OMG Blog]
Kelis needs a makeover! [Yeeeah]
Patti Stanger has had two breast reductions. [Life & Style]
All of the movie references in The Simpsons. [The Loop]
Rob Lowe & Rashida Jones are leaving Parks & Rec. [Limelife]
Miley Cyrus needs to stop with the grill. [Hollywood Rag]

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  1. V4Real says:

    God I love me some Eric Bana. I wish he had more break-out roles. He started out good but then he sort of fizzled out. Loved the lone gunman role he played in Black Hawke Down. That was a great movie. This one looks interesting as well.

    Can someone please answer this question for me; was that really his dong that we saw in Chopper?

  2. Rhiley says:

    Saddness about Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe leaving Parks and Rec. I just started watching that show on Netflix and it has become my new favorite.

  3. Gee says:

    Every once in a while I’m reminded that mark whalberg really can act.

  4. Bijlee says:

    Yup year of historical films. Like I said in the abscam thread there seem to be a lot more than usual.

  5. Nev says:

    Queen Zahara still has the best side-eye!

  6. Kyla Randall says:

    Lone Survivor just might save Taylor Kitsch’s movie career.

  7. Samtha says:

    The book this is based on made me cry. I can’t imagine the movie.

  8. skuddles says:

    The man dancing with his raccoon vid is awesome!! :D

  9. Andrea says:

    Eric Bana stole Troy away from Brad Pitt for me years ago. Was I the only one?

  10. Mel says:

    Every time I read Michael Murphy’s MOH citation I cry like a baby.

  11. I Choose Me says:

    Looks good. Solid cast. Ben Foster’s intense gaze does funny things to my lady parts.

  12. Leek says:

    That book, Lone Survivor, was so incredibly heartbreaking. It’s a great read if you want to understand what it takes to be a Navy SEAL. They pretty much kill those boys and bring them back to life. It makes enhanced interrogation look like fraternity hazing. I had a new respect for the military and the people in the Middle East caught in the middle of a battle that will see no end.

  13. Di says:

    Teary eyed? please… I guess that only happens to Americans, who haven’t gone out of the US, and actually seen the world…

    • Vesta says:

      Well, I’m not an American but I think I understand if this trailer got someone teary eyed. Firstly I felt it was stylistically quite a moving trailer. Secondly, those soldiers are human beings in a very difficult situation (which they personally didn’t cause).

      It’s definitely not easy there for anyone, regardless of nationality.

    • Claudia says:

      I resent your generalization, which is ignorant, although I agree that there wasn’t anything tear-worthy in this trailer (although it does look like a solid movie).

  14. Thiajoka says:

    We’re having extreme raccoon problems lately–at least one has dug into our eaves and is living in the attic, but I’m thinking there might be some babies involved or some babies on the way for one to den up in an attic.

    When it first started coming around, it was absolutely not afraid of anything I tried to do to get it to leave–if I shooed it with a broom, it tried to grab the broom away, etc. So we bought a trap and have been trying to catch the damn thing for 3 weeks now–it keeps outwitting me by changing it’s path and time of foraging or by figuring out how to not set the trip wire.

    Last night, it set the trip wire, but still got out of the cage; I can only assume it did this by shaking the cage and digging the ground around it until it managed to work the door open–all I found in the cage this morning was a pile of dirt and grass with the wire tripped and the door down but not latched like it would be if something hadn’t manipulated the door. We can’t get the attic cleaned or the work done to fix the holes until we catch at least the mama raccoon.

    Anyhoo, long story long, my friends keep sending me this video with the hillbilly guy dancing with what is obviously his pet raccoon to MY favorite Aretha Franklin song. One included a note asking if I planned to hire this man to lure my raccoon out. I have some really great friends. LOL.

  15. InVain says:

    I did think Cooper’s apology seemed sincere. He seemed embarrassed and emotional. I hardly ever accept these admissions/apologies from athletes because they’re always sooooo canned, but he seemed forthcoming and honest. What he did is unacceptable, but I do accept his apology and I like what Michael Vick had to say about it as well. Hopefully he learned something from all of this.

  16. Das Spleen says:

    Good to see a film about the righteous Afghanistan conflict rather than the dubious Iraq one. Makes me wonder why Hollywood has wasted so much time and money on movies about the Iraq war. In hindsight it seems a no brainer that films about the war in Afghanistan would’ve done better at the box office.

  17. Happy21 says:

    I will be watching this movie. I’m not big on these types but the cast looks solid as does the story. Plus there is lots (and lots) of eye candy ;)

  18. RPG says:

    Marky Mark, Speed Racer and John Carter all playing Navy SEALs. I’ll be crying all right…with laughter.

    C’mon, Eric deserves a better cast than this.

  19. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    lol – Mark Wahlberg looks like he should be teaching biology at a Vermont college wearing Birkenstocks and rocking a Phish bumper sticker on his car…