Lily Collins in white for ‘Mortal Instruments’ premiere: lovely or trashy toga?

Lily Collins

Last night saw the Los Angeles premiere of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which is the latest in a series of franchises that Hollywood would die to make happen. Following the success of Twilight and The Hunger Games, there are now several new young-adult adaptations in the works, but I don’t think any of them are going to hit really big like their predecessors. Remember Beautiful Creatures a few months ago? Yeah, me neither.

While crossing her fingers along with the studio, Lily is aiming for the leading lady vibe (while denying all claims of nepotism, naturally) on the red carpet. Lily had been dating her co-star, Jamie Campbell Bower, for about a year, but they recently broke up, so that must have been a bit awkward last night. Lily wore this rather risque white dress (from a YA standpoint), and it’s not bad, honestly. The cutouts would look awful and trashy with a bigger bust, but Lily doesn’t have much to worry about in that department. Still, I can’t help but think that this dress is just a fancy toga.

Lily Collins

Lily’s sleek hair and dramatic makeup are gorgeous. I can never do sleek hair — it always just looks greasy on me, so I’m envious.

Lily Collins

Jamie Campbell Bower was there too, of course, and his suit looks fine, but the guy needs a serious trim. He was hotter as a Voltari in those Twilight movies, right? Check out the nosering. Dude is no Robert Pattinson.

Jamie Campbell Bower

Jamie Campbell Bower

Ashley Greene wore a white Temperley mini-sheath with some stud detailing. Ashley has recently dropped the dark brunette look and gone for highlights (which suit her even though I’ve dropped out of the highlight phase), but don’t worry — she’ll never be a leading lady no matter how hard her publicist works.

Ashley Greene

In contrast to Ashley, Bella Thorne is probably going to happen at some point, and she looks cute in this Alexander McQueen dress with a stained-glass print. Bella is just 15 but is big on the Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up” show, and I’ve heard whispers of her being a party girl, but we’ll see.

Bella Thorne

Julianne Hough wore boring pants and some fetching curtains that have been turned into a blouse. I know I’ve said this before, but girlfriend lost her style when she broke up with Seacrest.

Julianne Hough

Jared Harris brought a little English flavor to the event alongside wife Allegra Riggio. I miss him on “Mad Men.”

Jared Harris

Finally, you’ll notice that the film shares the same director, Catherine Hardwicke, as the first Twilight movie. As if the filmmakers couldn’t telegraph their strategy any harder.

Catherine Hardwicke

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  1. Anna says:

    I love Lily’s face always, and the dramatic makeup here in particular.

  2. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Lily’s dress looks like toilet paper.

    Jared Harris’s wife is very beautiful.

    That outfit is too much on Catherine Hardwicke.

    Also, I read that Ashley Greene got engaged. Is that true?

  3. original kay says:

    just no.

    great books, for what they were, interesting story behind the stupid teenage romance.

    but this casting is all wrong.

    and actually, I really enjoyed Beautiful Creatures and wish they’d make the next book into a movie (are they??)

    • Mac says:

      They made a Beautiful Creatures movie but it didn’t get much buzz so I don’t think they’re making a second. I like the casting, but no one is showing Robert Sheehan any love in the publicity! He’s a great actor.

    • LAK says:

      I enjoyed beautiful creatures books, but I kept seeing TV show. Ditto this book series.

      The next one is already in production so the studio has faith, but it’ll sink like the Percy Jackson series.

      • Hollz says:

        I’m still not sure how Percy Jackson got a second movie. Love the books, but damn that was a bad movie!

        City of Bones has an interesting concept – but the romance is more annoying then anything else, and the main character, Clary is SUCH a Mary Sue…

      • Alexandria says:

        I loved the Percy Jackson novels but I was so let down by the first movie. I gave the second movie a chance but was even more disappointed by it. It was horrible 😔

      • LAK says:

        I love the Percy Jackson books.

        The problem with book 2 is that it’s primarily filler. ditto book 4. Definitely undeserving of a film.

        As for this series, Clary is so annoying. And i am more interested in all the other characters and their romances than Clary and Jace.

        The truly annoying thing about YA literature is the build up given to the Villain who is apparently the most evil thing that was ever made/created/born and yet they are so easily and simply dispatched. urgh!!

  4. Alexandria says:

    I wonder if Lily knows or cares that her franchise is based off plagiarism. I’d be embarrassed.

    • blue marie says:

      who/what did it plagiarize? I’ve never read it, so I really don’t know..

    • Nerd Alert says:

      Whaaaat? I haven’t read this series (I can’t do anymore tween novels…ever), but a friend of mine LOVES it. Granted, she’s a friend with questionable taste, but still.

      Anyway, thanks for the tip, I’m off to Google!

    • LAK says:

      THG is also blatant plagiarism, so ‘kanye shrug’

      Not to mention that 50 shades book soon to be a movie….

      Honestly, there are exactly 7 stories (or themes) in the world. Everything is plagiarism or derivative.

      Knowing PRETTY WOMAN is a derivative of CINDERELLA doesn’t stop me enjoying both stories. Ditto STAR WARS being derivative of every western that came before it.

      What is objectionable is when the stories are poorly told!

      • Nerd Alert says:

        Derivative is not equal to plagiarism. You point out that nearly every story is derivative (true), but there are numerous examples online where the author of this series basically copies dialogue and narration, line for line.

        A quick Google search of the THG doesn’t turn up the same stuff, only that it takes the theme and idea from others. Same with Star Wars, Pretty Woman. Derivative, yes, (in all cases) but not plagiarized word for word.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I’ve read through the majority of that last link I posted—it has multiple pages, and what I got out of it was this.

        This author (who wrote Mortal Instruments) was writing an HP series that everyone loved. One reader noticed that a passage of hers sounded really familiar, and realized it came from this book by Pamela Dean. If you match up the passages, all this fanfic author did was shorten a few sentences here and there, and change the sequence of dialogue a little.

        Here is an example:
        It’s all spelled out.

        This fanfic author also ripped off a bunch of tv shows and movies CONSTANTLY. Like it wasn’t one line of dialogue from a tv show you thought was cool, it was every single chapter, and no disclaimer or note saying where the quote came from.

        So then the author started writing Mortal Instruments, which from what I’m getting is just the same characters from the plagiarized series, in different circumstances. Or something like that. Fanfic of a fanfic.

        The sad thing is that the author was really nice about it. After being emailed multiple times that someone was ripping her books off (like this author copied pretty much word for word, and then when she finally put a disclaimer she said she couldn’t remember who the author was or what book it came from), she said that if this fanfic author emailed her for permission to use her writing, she’d give it. She’s too nice. I would’ve sued her as soon as I found out.

      • LAK says:

        THG books are plagiarised Battleroyal books. Go find the original books and you’ll see a big chunk of it plagiarised. NOT the films, which is often the comparison made. Books.

        That said, the author made it accessible and built on the original so whilst I find it irritating, I also enjoy it for what she was trying to do, which she did very well.

        to me, plagiarism and derivative are equally annoying, BUT if well done, I put aside my annoyance and enjoy it for what it is.

        Right now, most YA literature in search of a movie deal is ripping off HP mixed with Buffy. A young teen discovering they have some sort of magical ability they were unaware of that helps them fight gods and monsters to ultimately save the world. Oh and their parents don’t understand or are absent. That is the basic plotline of every single YA book series coming out. As it is for this book series. And just to be different, it may or may not be set in a dystopian world.

        I can’t get up in arms about it unless it’s badly written.

      • Nerd Alert says:


        Plagiarism is illegal, and derivative story writing is not. Whether or not you are “annoyed” with it is irrelevant. I think people are just trying to explain to you what the difference is. You seem not to understand that difference. Suzanne Collins’s words were her own, whether or not the idea was her own. She ripped off the style, perhaps, as well, but not the actual verbiage.

        The lady who wrote the Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clary, has a history, which is well documented in the provided links, of taking others’ exact prose and dialogue.

      • LAK says:

        Nerd Alert – i understand perfectly well the difference and their legal standing.

        Since BattleRoyale is in Japanese, it’s easy to say that she only ripped concepts or ideas since translations can bring misunderstandings. However, even with that restriction, reading the descriptions of sections of both books, it’s the same. not derivative or a misunderstanding, it’s the same. She’s changed a few things and widened the scope, but it’s the same.

        BTW, i don’t need to know that the author of Mortal Instruments ripped off other writers because i have read the books and it’s very evident in there. she’s not subtle at all. The series reads like HP crossed with Buffy.

  5. dina says:

    Anyone read that blind about how an actor and his gf broke up recently because the girlfriend found him hooking up with an ex coworker in their hotel room (all signs point to lily, Ashley, and Jamie. fucking awkward if true)

  6. lenje says:

    I will be trashed after saying this: I think, based on LOOK only, she can be considered for a bio movie of Audrey Hepburn. The brows! The eyes!

  7. Pink says:

    I hated her eyebrows. The makeup. Or maybe is her body that looks weird, idk.

    And Jamie Campbell Bower? Not good, not good.
    “Dude is no Robert Pattinson.” … Good for him, can’t stand that guy.

    Bella Thorne looks like a plastic doll here, but I like her.

    Enough with Julianne Hough.

  8. shruti says:

    Julianne Hough looks like a corpse

  9. Mimi says:

    Kinda embarrassed to admit this but there is one YA series I really got into. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead is pretty cool and, sadly, has also just filmed a movie for the first book. I will see it as a show of support for the books but I doubt the movie will be that great. Sigh…

  10. Asdfg says:

    She looks so much better here than she did at the Teen choice awards.

  11. Tapioca says:

    Oh, I almost want Ashley Greene to be a star because Ashley Greene wants to be a star. Imagine how much more tolerable the Twilight promos would have been with someone who loves the attention instead of Sulky McSwearsalot.

    And Bella Thorne is not fifteen, unless it’s a “Courtney Stodden fifteen”.

  12. Lucy says:

    Just pointing something out: Catherine Hardwicke is NOT the director of the film. Harald Zwart is.

  13. SageM says:

    I can’t get past those eyebrows. Every time I see her that’s ALL I see. I don’t mind strong eyebrows but these need tidying up slightly as they risk becoming a mono brow.

  14. Cara says:

    Why no pics of Rob Sheehan’s outfit? Best one of the event imo, not many guys have the balls to turn up in public wearing what looks like granddad’s posh pyjamas.

    I was tracking these event on twitter etc and it…was barely a whisper. Seriously, no one seemed to care and the crowd that was videoed and put on Vine looked tiny. Embarrassing!

  15. Decloo says:

    What’s that dirty smear across Ashley Greene’s foot? She should bathe more carefully.

  16. aquarius64 says:

    Lily has a rap for PR dating her leading men. She did it for Abduction with Taylor Lautner and now with Jamie for this movie. In both cases the break up was before the movie’s premiere.

  17. binturong says:

    Unibrows are cool! Quite a few traditional cultures cultivate them, using makeup if necessary. Check out this honey from Tajikistan:

    I think Lily’s beautiful.

  18. Chloeee says:

    1. Jamie Campbell Bower stole Nicolas Hoults Face!
    2. Ashley Greene has great legs and that’s about it, thank god shes disappearing in 3….2…1…

  19. Ashley says:

    Where is Robert Sheehan????

  20. Stubbylove says:

    Love Jared Harris! He was great as the villain in the latest Sherlock Holmes movie. His accent is sexy as hell.

  21. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Lily is very pretty, but I don’t like that dress.

    And Jamie is very cute, but he needs to lose the nose ring. Yuck.

  22. Tig says:

    @ Hollz and Alexandria- I loved the Percy Jackson books too. I was pretty disappointed in movie 1, surprised to see the second movie was being made, and based on trailer, not surprised with not so good reviews. But how bad is it? Worth a matinee or wait till out on demand?

    • Alexandria says:

      It was just so rushed; all I could say is stuff happened but I felt no connection or emotion towards it and I read the books! I felt no compassion towards the characters or their plights and i loved them in the books. They did stay somewhat true to the book plot but the execution was awful and corny. I wish I could explain it better but the movie just felt shallow…like they got all the surface stuff right but there was no heart. If I was Riordan I’d be pissed even with the extra bank.

  23. St says:

    I don’t care. I loved Mortal Instruments books. Read 3 of them. And I’m waiting for this movie and hope it will succeed. There – I’ve said it. Feel better now.

  24. IWantToLiveInNew York says:

    I am pleased this movie is out (it is right?) cause I am sick of coverage about it.

  25. mrsmc says:

    Lily Collins is a pretty girl but her eyebrows needs to be evened out, whomever is grooming her eyebrows is not doing a good job of it.

  26. Norman says:

    Lily looks stellar, makeup, hair, dress everything and Ashley looks very nice too.