Riley Keough is so scared of Twihards, she’s reunited with her ex, Alex Pettyfer

Before Riley Keough was even a twinge in Robert Pattinson’s sparkledong, Riley had a temperamental relationship with Alex Pettyfer. They met while working on Magic Mike – their characters dated and then they began dating in real life. Some claimed that they had gotten engaged. Some claimed that Alex always has chaotic, difficult relationships with women. Some said Alex wasn’t into Scientology (which Riley may or may not practice). Anyway, it seemed like Riley and Alex were done months ago, if not last year. But that was before the Twihard hordes descended, demanding Riley Keough’s scalp after it was reported several times that she and Rob Pattinson have been hooking up. Now Riley needs a dong buffer.

Looks like Riley Keough can’t help falling (back) in love with Alex Pettyfer. On Monday, Aug. 12, the 24-year-old actress — granddaughter of the late Elvis Presley — was spotted cozying up to her ex-fiance, Magic Mike actor Pettyfer, at the L.A. premiere screening of Lee Daniels’ The Butler, hosted by Purity vodka and Fiji water.

“There was definitely warmth between Riley and Alex,” an onlooker tells Us Weekly of the apparently on-again pair, who split last year. “They were laughing together and smiling at each other.”

Another eyewitness notes that they were “holding hands” in the VIP area. “They definitely came together,” the observer says, adding that Keough was wearing a ring on her left ring finger.

The stars — who appeared together in Magic Mike — first stepped out together in October 2011. Six months later, Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter debuted an engagement ring from her British beau. “They have been inseparable since they started dating,” an insider told Us at the time.

Before the year was up, though, the engagement was called off. Since then, Keough has been linked to Kristen Stewart’s ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson. As Us Weekly revealed earlier, the longtime pals were “hanging out and hooking up” for a while after the Twilight actor’s breakup from his former costar.

“She’s the first girl he’s liked since Kristen,” one insider told Us of Pattinson and Keough, who was in The Runaways with Stewart. “[They're] having a lot of fun.”

[From Us Weekly]

I think I’ve said this before, but I think Alex is really sexy. He’s a total douchebag, of course (even Channing Tatum thinks so), so it would definitely be a shamef—k situation, or what Riley is doing here – a dong buffer. Riley needs people to think that she and Rob are not serious at all. She needs to not be attacked by crazy Twihards. Thus, she called on Alex to help her out.

Here are some photos of Alex at the LA premiere of ‘The Butler’ two nights ago:

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Mika says:

    I don’t know much about Riley and Alex but I think they would make a cute couple.

  2. Anna says:

    Ugh, he is such a sh*t-head, he wouldn’t even make my shame-f**k list.

  3. Lark says:

    Riley and Alex look good together. Alex is incredibly good looking. I think Alex can come off as a major douche, but I do wonder if he got kind of unfairly branded with the douche term to an extreme. Was the Channing thing for real? I thought it came out he was filming another role during part of the Magic Mike promo, but the tabs spun it into a Channing and Alex catfight to explain why he missed some events instead of the boring “he’s working.”

    I definitely think Sparkles is hooking up with various girls, although I’m not sure I buy Riley was one of them anymore. People pointed out her rep denied it up and down and her PR person even told Gossip Cop that she and Sulky, not Sparkles, were close friends. So who knows what went on there.

  4. Olivia says:

    Alex was at coachella with Riley, Kristen and Rob. Riley is actually close to Kristen and she was never dating Rob. Thie was all a complete fabrication by the tabloids.

  5. Tig says:

    He doesn’t make a cute couple with anyone. If she’s back with him for real, poor her.

  6. Annabelle says:

    I still don’t know what to believe about the Rob/Riley hookup rumors. I guess I just don’t understand what motivation Us had to push a story in the face of hard and fast denials from Riley’s rep. No matter, if Riley is back with Alex, I feel sorry for her. He’s looks lovely but he’s a total asshole.

    • mimi says:

      I think these Riley/Rob hook up rumors started at X-17 when they posted the pictures of the red haired woman inside Rob’s pick up truck. Initially X-17 had no idea who she was and labeled her “mystery redhead”. A “fan” actually started the rumor by claiming it was Riley based on the hair. X-17 believed it enough to ID the woman as Riley. The fake story then grew legs and spread all over the internet. US Weekly is either receiving and choosing to believe fake sources or they’re too stubborn to admit they were wrong all along.

  7. Olivia says:

    I think Rob and Michelle Rodriguez have a thing going on.

  8. blue marie says:

    well, the twi-hards would really like to turn Rob into Edward eh? scaring all the ladies so the poor boy never gets any.. calm it down you weirdos.

  9. Jennifer12 says:

    I believe this. People, it’s a MOVIE, they’re actors. People fall in and out of love. They’re not really Bella and Edward. Come on.

    • Lark says:

      The reason people were doubtful about Riley and Rob was because Riley’s rep went hard in denying and even emphasized that Riley was close friends with Sulky, not Sparkles.

      I actually think Sparkles is hooking up with Michelle Rodriguez like people above said. He’s been photographed out with her a few times apparently, and she’s not a lesbian. Kstew was kind of butch, so I could see him going for Michelle who is also kind of butch.

  10. Kate says:

    Why is this guy considered goodlooking is beyond me. He was completely overshadowed by Timothy Olyphant in that film they did together and Tim is old enough to be his father.

  11. aquarius64 says:

    Here’s something…why doesn’t ROB go on the record and say it’s not true? He knows his friend is getting savaged yet he does nothing. I’m sick of these actresses being forced to defend their reputations by having their publicist make a statement or arrange to be seen with another man. The same happened with Katy Perry. It’s not just Rob it’s a whole lot of actors. It’s good PR for them to have blogs and mags write they are nailing every woman in sight.

    • Anname says:

      Do you really think that Rob likes the fact blogs etc write about who he is sleeping with? He know it hurts his career to have all that constant chatter. But honestly do you expect him to comment on every rumor – it would be endless. And do you expect that any comment he makes would actually stop the chatter? It just invites people into the discussion. Riley denied that rumor over and over and people STILL believe it.
      And what happens when he is actually involved with someone and doesn’t comment. He doesn’t comment on his private life and that remains very consistent. You clearly disagree with his decision, but I understand why he handles things that way.

      • Olivia says:

        It seems not commenting doesn’t help him anymore than commenting does so he has to decided whether to answer the questions or take the hook up hits which take focus away from his work. His fans don’t help the frenzy because they were so desperate for him to not be dating Kristen and now they are desperate for him to show he has moved on. Seems hook up rumors are th the price of fame for him.

        Obviously he does comment on some aspects of his private life. He made damn sure people knew he met beyonce. His publicist jumped all over that he talks about his private life, he just won’t address his relationships whether true or false. His choice so those are the consequences.

      • Anname says:

        Olivia, I know you are a huge Kristen Stewart fan and love to shade Rob as much as you can, but you are wrong here.

        Rob’s team did not refute the Beyonce thing, Death Grips posted the pic online a few weeks later and Gossip Cop grabbed it from there. If Rob was so worried about it, it would probably would have been addressed much sooner.

        Also, I will be more specific in my words, Rob does not comment on his private relationships. He is more aware than anyone of what the consequences of that are, I’m sure. Let’s not start labeling fans and assuming that all Rob fans hate Kristen, because you are prime example of a Kristen fan who hates Rob. It’s tiresome.

      • Olivia says:

        Before the picture came out, you think death grips went to gossip cop to refute the story or do you think that was beyonce who did it? Death grips won’t even show for a concert yet you think they talk to gossip cop? Hilarious! Tha was all Rob!

        I am a Kristen fan? Really? Or am I not a good enough Rob fans because I don’t think he is perfect? You must be from his mommy brigade!

        Rob is seasoned enough to know the hook up rumors are out there because of his choice. I am sure he is fine with all the gossip, otherwise he would change tactics.

      • Original A says:

        @Anname. Be fair. There are tons of Rob stans that shade KStew way worse than the mild criticism Olivia is directing towards Rob. I read the Gossip Cop article with the photo, and in it they mentioned they had debunked it before the photo surfaced and that it was more proof for them. Anyway his pr guy obviously was not okay with rumors of him being drunk around Beyonce, so Olivia and Aquarius have a point in that it’s weird he’ll address that but not issues involving his female friends. I’d understand it more if they were randoms, but these women are friends.

      • Anname says:

        OriginalA, agree with your point that the criticisms are mild. What annoys me is Olivia’s criticisms and false insinuations (in recent related threads too) are made because she seems to think it makes Kristen look better in comparison. It just hit my irritation point today. I don’t feel the need to run over to the new Kristen thread to criticize her b/c I think that would make Rob look good, you know? I don’t care that she doesn’t like him, I just don’t get the need to use that dislike of Rob to defend Kristen.

      • TinyPixie says:

        The Team Kristen and Team Rob stan wars are truly idiotic.

        Both are terrible actors, nothing to get into a lather about.

        Even Stephenie Meyer is over Twilight, wish their fans would too.

      • mimi says:

        @ TinyPixie

        If you are so over Kristen, Rob and Twilight and think they are terrible actors as you claim, then why are you bothering to read stories about them AND bother to comment on them? If you are so disinterested in them, wouldn’t it be easier not to continue to follow them so closely? Just a thought.

      • TinyPixie says:


        Because this is a gossip board, not a fan board.

        Commenting is allowed on people you are not a fan of, yes?

      • mimi says:

        @ TinyPixie

        Of course commenting is allowed but it seems like a waste of time to spend on people you can’t stand unless you’re the sort of person who loves to publicly insult others on the internet.

      • TinyPixie says:

        You got me, Mimi!

        I leave you to your Twilight board.

    • Kizzy says:

      I love you, Tiny Pixie. Will you please accept the other half of my BFF necklace?

    • Jan says:

      Why do you feel Rob should talk to the public about his private life? Hence, the word private. It is none of anyone’s business who he dates but his. You remember Kristen’s public apology and you she how that turned out. No way Rob is going to discuss his personal life to the public.

  12. Dani says:

    I think Rob should just date me. Aside from the fact that I’m married and pregnant, I’m much less of a headache than the other two.

  13. Adrien says:

    She might have escaped the Twihards but by hooking up with Alex Pettyfer, she’s going to upset every YA book/movie adaptation fans.

  14. Fabgrrl says:

    That boy is handsome! I’d hate-f*ck him.

  15. lisa says:

    riley used to be so pretty, she aged quickly

  16. Feisty says:

    She looks like Liv Tyler to me in those pictures

  17. Jennifer says:

    I’m going to post the same thing as always.

    Use whatever reasons to believe or not believe CB’s analysis, but don’t use what publicists say as the basis. Their job is not to tell us the truth. Their job is to help shape and maintain a public image for their client. They will tell the truth only when it benefits their client.

  18. quinn says:

    US says Robsten may just reunite after all.

    • Another Ann says:

      Well, they had to come up with something. US had egg on their face when they published Rob/Riley story just after a pic of Riley with Alex came out a couple of weeks ago. And then this newest Riley/Alex sighting. It became pretty clear that the whole Riley/Rob story was bogus, so the web of lies continues.

  19. Tig says:

    @Anname- don’t bother going there- someone has already dragged Rob’s name into KS ostensibly becoming an on-line Bruin.

  20. sauvage says:

    I think he would have made a great Finnick in “The Hunger Games”.

  21. RidiculousRumors says:

    Wow the author who posted this story is either really stubborn and delusional and/or just doesn’t want to admit they were wrong about the Riley/Rob rumors. Seriously enough already with the fake Rob and Riley rumors, its getting old.

  22. lamgirls3 says:

    God yes! I LOVE him!!!! First saw him in Beastly and have loved him ever since. Loved Channing in Magic Mike, but Alex was my fave!