“Liam Hemsworth’s leading- man vehicle bombed at the box office” links

Liam Hemsworth’s leading-man attempt Paranoia bombed at the box office. And he hangs out with Kellan Lutz!!!! [LaineyGossip]
Here’s more about Lady Gaga v. Perez Hilton. Blah. [Dlisted]
Robert Pattinson on the set of Maps to the Stars. [Pop Sugar]
This shows that Prince has a great sense of humor. [Buzzfeed]
Flesh-eating squirrels? No thank you. [Pajiba]
Chloe Sevigny’s shopping outfit is so avant-garde. [A Socialite Life]
Channing Tatum’s new look is so terrible. [Go Fug Yourself]
Oprah won at the box office. [Moe Jackson]
Madonna was barely clothed for her 55th birthday. [Evil Beet]
This is an interesting blind item. [CDAN]
Selena Gomez’s show is not Disney-approved. [The Blemish]
Selma Blair’s new hair color makes her unrecognizable. [I'm Not Obsessed]
Paulina Gretzky got engaged this weekend. [Popoholic]
Kingston Rossdale looks so much like his dad. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
This is a really freaky story! [ICYDK]
No, seriously: how is Bob Filner still mayor of San Diego? [Jezebel]
Duck Dynasty star is designing a line of prom dresses. [Reality Tea]

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  1. Side-Eye says:

    This is the most butter-faced, cave-man looking, non-acting dude I’ve seen since Taylor Lautner.

  2. Abby says:

    He CANNOT even give more than 2 expressions. Don’t know how he still gets movies?? Both Hemsworth brothers are highly untalented.

  3. Tig says:

    Pls not again! Liam is all of 23- he’s appealing on screen, and can act. I get the hope that he would put young- ish butts in seats, but he was with Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman- the TV bits I saw looked like the “young man vs Wall Street” all over again, so maybe it wasn’t marketed like it should have been. But pls don’t write him off just yet!

    • Bijlee says:

      Dude honestly he’s had a lot of chances and most of his movies went staright to dvd. I highly doubt this kid is talented he’s just been lucky enough so far to establish a demographic of fan girls he can appeal to. The hunger games role is the BEST role he’s gotten on yet. He needs to do a few indies and establish himself but I think he compares his career to his brothers a lot. He wants to be leading man status but there’s just not enough room for him especially when his bro looks just like him an has wider appeal.

      I kinda hope he becomes the male Jessica alba. Stars in a bunch of awful movies and the turns fatherhood into a sweet little business….that would e kinda awesome.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Unfortunately these young actors are learning the hard way that being handsome, being in a high profile relationship and part of a YA franchise does not compensate for talent. People want substance for the $10 they pay. When studios see a hot actor can’t open a movie, he’s unemployable. Studios will not wait for them to develop talent wise; they will get someone who already has the goods.

      • Caz says:

        True. There’s a big difference in an actor grouped with a few hot and/or more talented actors who collectively lift a movie or franchise to greater success than would be expected.

        The problem is when studios/agents/actors think such success is automatic when the actor is more on their own. Some people need to learn their pecking order.

        Anna Kendrick is a good case. Not sure she can carry a movie but she’s quite good in movies with big casts where she’s not the main focus. At least she got the Cup Song to her own!

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      ‘No, I rebuke you, Satan!’
      -Armie Hammer

  4. brin says:

    Sheesh…even Kellan Lutz doesn’t hang out with Kellan Lutz.

  5. mia girl says:

    Thanks for the Prince link.

    He just made me love him all over again.
    So funny… plus it gave me a chance to watch the skit again.


    • Macey says:

      That Prince skit was too funny.

      and Prince is just so much awesome wrapped into one awesome package. Can’t say I was feeling the new song tho.
      I do love what he’s done with his music while thumbing his nose at big industry labels. I can see more artist going this route if they can ever get out of their contracts.

  6. Laura says:

    Said it once and I’ll say it again

    ‘Hollywood stop trying to make the lesser Hemsworth happen.”

  7. mslewis says:

    This was his chance to become a leading man but it appears he cannot open a movie. I think Hollywood will give him one or two more chances and then he will become the next Taylor Lautner . . . just another pretty boy with muscles.

  8. Lark says:

    Yikes. Hasn’t Liam had a few movies go straight to DVD too? I mean a bomb is understandable, or a hard sell movie bombing is also understandable, but all of his movies have been easy-sell commercial mainstream flicks. For a while though, I thought he had potential to be a new action man. He still may have that opportunity. As far as Lutzy, I have a soft spot for him despite his ridiculousness.

  9. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Okay, this is a general shoutout for CB, as I have had the worst morning ever….so thank you all for cheering me up. I will need it again tomorrow, which will be even worse….

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      Aw, sorry you’re having a bad today and I hope tomorrow IS better, not worse. ♥

    • j.eyre says:

      We’re on it, VC. I will start writing stuff down for tomorrow.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Thanks both of you…I just don’t even want to go in tomorrow.

      I’ve been studying for all of July to test out of two classes-math and english. I just took the english exam today–I know that I won’t pass that one (you have to get an 80% minimum to pass). They gave us a sheet of paper that listed the materials for the class–we had to read three books, write a three page paper, and apparently memorize the entire textbook. Literally.

      There were no instructions on what to do with the text book, so while I read some of the stories and poems–it’s a freaking huge textbook, that covers ALL of the literary time periods. And the first 5-7 pages of this exam covered things that was from the textbook. We had no guidance on what to study from the book (especially since my friend who took the class told me that they never use the book), and so I just feel so bad knowing I did all this reading and writing, just to have to take the class anyway.

      And tomorrow I have to go in and do the math exam–which I know I’m going to fail, because I have to be spoon fed math. So I just can’t wait until tomorrow morning is over, to be honest. I just feel awful right now.

      When I get home tomorrow, I’m going to lay in bed and read celebitchy and watch Scandal. And eat tons of my moms birthday cake.

      • Bijlee says:

        I’m going to be having a bad and stressful week too. Hang in there! What kind of math are you taking? I may be able to find some online resources to help you out. Khan academy is always good, but I’m sure there are others you can turn to as well. I know your exam is tomorrow, but this can probably be useful in the future too.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        I’ve been there, just do your best and forget the rest. That’s what my first piano teacher told me and though it didn’t work on improving my mood or confidence, I appreciated that her intentions were good, anathema or not. Some pep talk. You’ll feel better tomorrow, whatever the turnout and after that, good or bad, it never happened. You wouldn’t believe how much things never happened.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        It’s just Algebra 2, but I am just mind blowingly bad at math. I mean you need to talk to me like I’m an idiot when it comes to stuff beyond basic algebra. I passed Geometry with a mid to low c because I do all the homework and do decent on quizzes (we get to use notes)….

        I just hate it…I would rather study for a history exam, anything else, other than math. Ugh.

      • Bijlee says:

        @VC okay well first things first. Just breathe. It’s okay if you don’t do well and have to take the class anyways. It means your brain just doesn’t believe that it understands it yet.

        Math is one of those things where you have to read and reread the fundamentals before moving on. That is the basis upon which all of math is built. Being spoon fed at first is perfectly fine. Practicing what you’ve been spoon fed so you understand fully is ideal. Repeat things and get good at them.

        It won’t fully click at first but it may later. Khan Academy has some good lectures that walk you through these concepts. My tip is take your time. Try and go through the all lectures, but at your own pace. You can stop and replay a video if you don’t understand or go somewhere else to read about the same thing.

        Reading in math is crucial believe it or not. Read that textbook and don’t be afraid to ask your teacher questions on things you don’t understand. I always read aloud to myself in a British accent when it’s something particularly difficult to understand (it helps me). ASK QUESTIONS! Do not be afraid if you think it’s dumb. That’s always my biggest fear. But I’ve learned that I’m only learning for me and not to impress anyone so might as well let the world think I’m stupid. I’ll be understanding the concept better and that’s ALL that matters.

        Math is like a language, you have to memorize definitions and theorems. A combination of rote memorization and constant practice and learning to derive equations or prove theorems for yourself is IMO the best way to learn math. Memorization does help, but only if you try to understand what you’ve just memorized. That’s what people miss out on memorization. You have to try and understand what you’re memorizing; otherwise it’s useless. And put it into practice! One way I find helpful is having a sheet of useful equations (you’ll find this particularly helpful when you study trig) and just using those when I do my homework. That way I know I’ll glance at it ALL the time and it’ll be in my head. I won’t have to put a ton of effort into memorizing it. I’ll actually use it when I can.

        There’s quite a few good books that are good. I never use them, but try the dummy series. They helped in my freshmen physics II class to understand concepts I was iffy on. You probably know quite a lot of this, but I hope it helps if you don’t. I’ve been a math/physics tutor at my school for 2 years now and I’m majoring in physics as well. Trust me when I say when you work hard at mathematics and end up doing well, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.

        Math is it’s own art form and just as abstract as fine art. It relies on a few fundamentals and people just build upon them and use those tools to discover new theorems. It’s amazing and worth it.

        Is any of this helpful?

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        That was very helpful…especially the tip about Khan Academy. I’m about to sign up for it now, and I’m going to show it to my mom. It looks like a really good site–I’ll especially show it to my mom because she’s starting college, first year.

        But yeah, I hate math, and I won’t lie, my hatred shows. I don’t try my complete best all the time, as it just doesn’t interest me at all.

        I’m feeling a bit better now–I guess I’m just a little upset that I’ve spent all month studying for these exams, and my school is just awful with telling you what to expect on them. When I was going into 9th grade, I tried to test out of English 9. They gave me a textbook, told me to read a play from the textbook, read three other books that they provide and “know all grammar and usage”. So I did all the reading, looked up some grammar on the internet…

        When I go to take the test, there is maybe two pages out of a fifteen page packet about the actual reading, and the rest is all grammar. I was so mad, I couldn’t see straight. That’s what bugs me about the english exam. They don’t ever even hint as to what you need to know. The english textbook was at least 500 pages full of poems, short stories, and plays. THIS is why I hate my school.

        I’m doing online school this year and I just can’t wait.

        But thanks for your encouragement…I just need to get through this last day and enjoy the rest of my summer…

      • Sarah says:

        Bijlee, I hope you are studying to be a teacher! Those are excellent suggestions. Best of luck VC, listen to Bijlee!

      • Lucrezia says:

        @ VC: If you take a (giant) step back, what have you learnt from the testing-out process so far? That your school gives crappy instructions: they want things they didn’t specifically ask for. That’s actually a REALLY important life lesson. It’s going to happen to you over and over again – in college, and in your career.

        To do well, you’re going to have to:
        a) learn to read between the lines & work out what people really want when they’ve given you vague instructions. (Asking a friend, or going by past history can work … but won’t work all the time!) and
        b) learn not to let stress affect you when you’ve guessed wrong.

        (Personally, I still suck at B. I’m hoping I’ll figure it out by the time I’m 60.)

  10. MonicaQ says:

    He’s not Thor, dooooon’t care. Come on November. Gimmie mah lightning daddy.

  11. lenje says:

    I’m already fed up with Miley’s tongue, but she’s been kind enough to show up in the premiere, show support in her twitter, and insist that they’re still together in radio talks — amid all the humiliating news of him cheating.

    This said, I still probably want to check out Paranoia for Gary Oldman. The guy deserves love.

    And since this is a post of links, can we also add the news about Bradley Cooper hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio’s mom? I find it hilarious at first, although of course you can be good friends (and hang out) with your friends’ parents. It’s actually quite endearing, but I’m sorry, I still can’t stop giggling.

  12. Moec23 says:

    Oh oh!! Chloe Sevigny visited a really cool clothing consignment shop in Charleston Wv 2wks ago!! I guess she’s filming a movie near by :) Tried on clothes and even let the owner take her pic in a crazy vintage coat! Owner of the shop said she was awesomely cool, super down to earth, and very very polite and pleasant!! All the more reason to love her!! <3

  13. Kim1 says:

    RIP actor Lee Thompson Young dead at 29 from suicide best known as Jett Jackson on Disney show

  14. kim says:

    Lol Im not attracted to his looks at all…not my type. I prefer guys that don’t seem like a total princess too.

    As for the movie…he’s not really leading man material.

  15. Joan says:

    He fit the image of Thor, that was good casting. Can’t say much about his acting, as I haven’t seen many movies of him yet aside from Thor and Avengers. And that role doesn’t really require acting skills. Oh, I think, he was in Star Trek too. He’s goodlooking though. That’s all I can say about him yet, would be unfair to judge him now.

  16. iheartjacksparrow says:

    You mean that incredible artist Amber Heard couldn’t pump up the box office for Paranoia? And I sure hope Johnny doesn’t demand that she be in the next Pirates film to make her CV look better.

  17. LaurieH says:

    In defense of Liam (and Johnny and Matt, etc…) everything is bombing at the box office this summer and the blame can not be placed on the lead actors. Movies are bombing because….how do I put this diplomatically? (Oh yeah, I don’t)…they suck. It used to be that Hollywood created (or sourced from books, history, etc…) really original stories. Now, it’s just remakes, rehashes and variations on a theme (seriously, how many vampire/zombie movies do we need?) Maybe it’s the economy (though Hollywood always manages to insulate itself from that) but it would seem that some brainiac decided the best way to maximize profits is to just to rework tired, old stories with the belief that the idiotic masses won’t know the difference. Well, we do know the difference and it sucks.

  18. Apple says:

    Was Paranoia a remake of some other movie? Because it reminds me of another movie that I’ve seen…

  19. John says:

    His tastes in scripts sucks as bad as his taste in women

  20. Poppy Q says:

    The guy has zero charisma, Chris is the real star of the family.

  21. menlisa says:

    RIP Lee Thompson Young.
    So heartbreaking.

  22. dina says:

    you can insult Lautner as you like, but only time will tell what will happen next.
    Lautner not have powerful patrons & older brother, a movie star, but he’s got charisma, hard work, a good heart and a huge army of fans who never did envy and do not offend who else.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Seriously? Where was that “huge army of fans” when Abduction was in the theaters? $28 million domestic, $82 million world wide is classified as a BOMB for an action movie. His age is not an out; Jennifer Lawrence has a Golden Globe and an Oscar on her mantle at 22. That was due to turning in a solid performance; not patronage. If you want to cry patronage, the fact that the producers of Tracers have Twilight ties certainly helped him get the lead. And once again he’s dating his co-star to get press notices. Bets are going down that she’s not going to last past premiere weekend. Some say – moi included – it’s a location fling. As for Tracers, it’s already branded as a cheap knock off of Premium Rush.

      Right now Taylor is doing mall appearances in the Philippines for Bench, a clothing line based there. Big step back. Not like Robert Pattinson, who’s getting $12 million for being the face of Dior Homme. What’s worse, those fans had to PAY to see him, with cash or purchase of the line’s product. He’s been trying to get into Fast and Furious 7 since May; if that were a done deal his team would have announced the casting by now. The fan girls are not going to be enough for him to maintain a long career; he needs to broaden his appeal and his skill set, and fast. Studios are not going to wait for him. They want somebody that can make money for them NOW.