Lady Gaga wears black leather catsuit & big ombre wig in NYC: cute or try-hard?

Here are some newish photos of Lady Gaga over the past few days. It’s a slow day and I just figured, hey, Gaga is doing all of these ensembles and wiglets for us, so we might as well give her some attention. I have to admit, the long-haired, pale-brown wig is probably my favorite thus far. I like when Gaga goes with a medium brown, and the length suits her face. As for these outfits… I don’t get why she needs huge sweater or black leather catsuits in AUGUST. It’s really not that cold in NYC. At all. Is this a drug thing? Or did she just want to wear her cute outfits and she didn’t care about the temperature?

As for the rest of Gaga’s shtick… well, now that proper critics have gotten a chance to watch her “Applause” video, everyone is like “So, she’s going to keep doing all of this derivative stuff, right?” Here’s a good article picking apart all of the “references” and “homages” Gaga made in “Applause”.

Other Gaga stuff… apparently, she’s behind a new “burqa swag” craze amongst the youth. Like, people want to wear burqas now that Gaga has made burqas “cool”. Gaga has also been tweeting a lot, of course, and trying to pump up her YouTube pageviews and iTunes downloads. I mean, you wouldn’t expect her to shill so hard at this point, but a lot of people do it so I guess it’s fine. Gaga also wrote an anti-bullying treatise on her Born This Way Foundation site:

I’ve said this to the fans time and time again, whether it be in person or in tweets, as well as the through the message and campaign of the Born This Way Foundation. My mother and I are passionate about tolerance, acceptance, and kindness, and I’ve made it a point early in my career to make it known that this is what I stand for as an artist.

While it may be difficult at times to hear the things that people say and write about me, or the nature of the industry that builds us up to tear us down, I feel the need to address you all here on behalf of the Born This Way Foundation.

Sending threats of any kind, using hateful or abusive language, and the provoking of others on the internet is not supported by me or anything that I stand for. What I’ve seen transpiring is wrong and upsetting to me, and I’ve made it very clear how I feel about equality and compassion.

I know how angry you feel sometimes, and I know that when they say things about me you feel that they are saying them about you as well. But music is about love, and is about sharing in the magic of theater. Although pop culture and society have become more negative and critical of the artist over the years, by engaging in this negativity you are allowing it to spread.

I ask you to take a pledge with me to continue the change toward positivity, and to recognize that this behavior is wrong. We are stronger than this. We know what we stand for, and what we stand for is bravery. I know this because what I see on the internet is not what I see at my shows. People deal with their insecurities in many different ways. The anonymous nature of social media has made it easy for many to vent their anger by bullying others with no recourse or accountability. But this is not a healthy way to handle your emotions.

This is exactly what my mother and I aim to teach with the Born This Way Foundation. Promoting skill building and mental health awareness that provides another outlet for your feelings. Put it in your art, put it in your music, put it in your creativity. Stop the Drama, Start the Music.

I also ask that Twitter and other social media platforms support this effort to monitor and control abusive and threatening language, as I don’t know that I am powerful enough to stop it myself. Please represent me and our community with the values we cherish and live by.

I love you.

[From the Born This Way Foundation site]

While I’m not the person who usually takes Gaga at face value, I’m taking her at face value one this one, sort of. I think the lunacy of her Little Monsters freaks her out sometimes, and she feels the need to come in as Mother Monster and tell her fans to settle the f—k down. Of course, she doesn’t always practice what she preaches here, but…? I don’t know. I think her fans can get pretty crazy and she’s trying to reel them in.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Erinn says:

    I kind of like the long hair on her. The wig is over the top, but something reined in a bit and a medium brown shade could suit her.

  2. GiGi says:

    I can’t stand her. It was fun to watch her 5 years ago but today she is so desperate and thirsty for attention.

  3. Eleonor says:

    This comes from the same woman who has asked to one of her twitter follower to enter in her building, to get a picture of Perezhilton…

  4. Joanna says:

    She has a nice body and doesn’t look half bad with a smile on her face. I hope she loses her ego, she needs to. I’m afraid for her mental health.

  5. claire says:

    Do you even have to ask? She’s the epitome of try-hard.

  6. dorothy says:

    Agree with Gi Gi. Liked her at one time, now I’m just tired of the GaGa circus. Try-hard too much always looks desperate and pathetic. Give it a rest.

  7. gg says:

    I adore the black catsuit.

    If that is a new message to her fans to stop creating drama on twitter – uh, she needs to practice what she preaches and stop inciting a frenzy over BS that Perez Hilton does. She’s entirely personally responsible for the latest drama. I suspect cocaine had something to do with it because it’s that nuts.

    Gaga, stay off the coke – it makes you a raging paranoid psychobitch.

    • MonicaQ says:

      She completely started that Perez Hilton business on twitter and when blogs pointed out what her fans were doing, only now does she step in. She didn’t when stuff when down with Adele because she had her foot on the neck of “pop” music.

      After that last single, pop music just sat up, kicked her in the cooter, grabbed it’s coat and said, “Call me when you’re sober,” and left.

      • blue marie says:

        ha ha ha, I just snorted so loud folks are looking at me.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree with most of what you said, but I have to point out that Gaga DID tell her fans to be nice to Adele. I think she did a post somewhere and also spoke about it in a radio interview.

      • Hakura says:

        @MonicaQ – LOL@ “kicked her in the cooter” xD But seriously, +1. She’s trying to play things both ways, getting to enjoy the ‘power’ (that she oh-so-interestingly refers to in her letter/cooter-covering press release) she has over a hoard of nut jobs, but then trying to present herself as Saint Gaga, the ‘pop star w/a humanitarian message to spread, to show the world how she intends to ‘turn the other cheek’ & accept ‘attacks’ towards her w/ graceful moral superiority. (But only *after* she’s had a chance to enjoy reading her loonies horrifying people by making *death threats* against someone’s *child*…)

        It just makes me wish that someone wearing her ridiculous shoes would give her a swift hard kick in the ass/cooter. X_x

  8. blue marie says:

    this chick is always, ALWAYS try-hard.. well, she needs to try harder cause I’m not buying the crap she’s shilling..

  9. Diane says:

    I like Gaga. Scientology would drool to have her on board. Do you think all this fame has gotten to her head? She will never live a normal quiet life in stained sweats relaxing in a walk to the corner store incognito

  10. d says:

    Ug, those catsuits. Like wetsuits: crotch rot.

  11. nikzilla37 says:

    It’s still hot and humid in NY right now. Why is she wearing these outfits?

  12. The Original G says:

    Like Gaga is the only deriviative performer around? Snarf!

  13. dahlianoir says:

    She should have stopped at “Telephone”.

  14. Jayna says:

    She stirred up her Little Monsters and incited an online frenzy by them with her crazy I’m-being-stalked, I’m-going-to-be-shot-in-the-head-like-Lennon by Perez antics, even allowing security to let a Little Monster in to check out Perez in her building.

    Once the backlash hit, that he was just looking at many apartments with his mom, baby, and realtor, and that her LMs went crazy threatening to kill him and his baby, she writes this self-serving letter? Where was she when Kelly Osbourne was getting death threats and she was asked by Sharon to write a letter to her monsters to tone them down? Nada. She only stepped in about Adele much later when she had backlash for not stepping in sooner by the Little Monsters attacking Adele. Now she writes a letter? Call me jaded.

  15. Lindy79 says:

    Can anyone explain to me how she is able to walk around in ridiculously high heels after having major hip surgery?

    My sister had knee surgery over 2 years ago and still now struggles to wear heels, and while I know that the knee is more closely connected to the foot, her hip alignment is going to be affected.

  16. Asdfg says:

    I know it’s a wig but I would kill for that hair.

  17. Jayna says:

    I don’t think this wig color is flattering at all. It washes her out or doesn’t go with her skin tone. I liked her cinammon brown hair color wig when she was copying Lana del Rey.

  18. diva says:

    She only reels her fans in when she thinks it makes her look good. she provokes them.

  19. tifzlan says:

    This burqa swag bullshit pisses me off so bad. I’m a Muslim woman, and for Gaga to sexualise the burqa in the way that she has is such an insult and a slap in the face. For ignorant kids to think the burqa is “cool” is rubbing salt into the wound. We don’t need Gag to “liberate” or “empower” us. Just eff off, Gag!

    • Nicole says:

      Too bad. Unlike some women, she can wear what she wants. That’s what freedom is all about. You’re free to be insulted and I’m free to to be empowered by it. Mmm freedom. Tastes so good.

      • tifzlan says:

        Way to miss the entire point of the post AND be a jerk about it. I know it’s a really difficult concept for you to grasp, but most Muslim women -gasp!- choose to cover themselves, be it in a hijab, niqab or burqa. We don’t need non-Muslim women, who have never lived a day of their lives in our shoes, to tell us what is and isn’t freedom. Muslim women, like you and many other non-Muslim women out there, have brains too! AND we use our brains to think and form opinions on many different issues and subjects! Amazing, i know.

        I AM free. Maybe not by your standards, but i am free. And i don’t need you, or Lady Gag to validate my freedom. What i do need is for you and Gag to stop talking about issues you clearly have little to no understanding and knowledge of.

      • Nev says:

        Too bad?

        Is that what you wrote? You sound so glib!!!!

        BAD FORM. ewww.

      • some bitch says:

        Spoken like a truly arrogant American. Well done.

    • Jazz Fab says:

      another Muslim woman here and I co-sign with you. Lady Caca’s Burqa song is so rude, disrespectful and hostile toward Muslim women. I’m really tired of all these white, non-Muslim Western women who take away our voices and identities and erase us with their crap songs.

      If she wants to support Muslim women, maybe she should actually work with Muslim women artists in her videos or music. But that’ll never happen in her world, she’s too busy being a racist narcissist bitch with her head stuck all the way up her ass.

      • tifzlan says:

        “I’m really tired of all these white, non-Muslim Western women who take away our voices and identities and erase us with their crap songs.”


        The burqa isn’t even hers to reclaim anyway. But of course, she won’t take her seat and actually listen to our voices, telling her why what she is doing is wrong, rude, disrespectful and offensive. It’s all about being edgy and outrageous for her.

    • some bitch says:

      I’m a Christian lady and totally agree with you. Gaga’s take on the burqa (and female sexuality in Islam, I guess) was SO shallow, ignorant and a try-hard move to be controversial that thankfully fell flat.

      • tifzlan says:

        It fell somewhat flat, i guess. I mean, this post says that kids are going crazy, buying burqas and trying to make a statement so i’m really annoyed about that. But yes, the media never picked up on it, which i’m really thankful that they didn’t.

        Also, she wears a sheer, see through version of a ‘burqa’. Like, wtf are you doing. No. NO. That’s offensive as shit, and the fact that she thinks she is justified in doing so because she thinks she’s empowering Muslim women and being a voice for the “voiceless” makes me so, so sick.

  20. Haley says:

    does anyone else kinda miss Gage’s Fame/Bad Romance eras? I do. it’s kind of sad how she went from being virtually untouchable to picking twitter fights with Perez Hilton (although I have to admit that I think her reaction to perez being in her apartment building was justified, if everything she was saying is true). I miss her really crazy outfits and her pure pop songs.

    • Jayna says:

      I loved that era, her videos, songs. She was refreshingly different. It all went downhill after that.

      • Haley says:

        me too. and I get that her shtick would’ve gotten old (how many shocking outfits can you wear, controversial music videos can you make, etc) but I feel like if she had just toned it down a little and took a break, people wouldn’t have gotten tired of her so fast. I think she felt like she had to constantly outdo herself and instead of making several great albums/videos/etc she comes off as very desperate and try hard now. it’s pathetic.

  21. yolo112 says:

    Uuhhh, isn’t she ALWAYS try hard?? I feel like everyone could have benefited from a longer hiatus.

    Leather catsuit > meat dress, I suppose.

  22. Jayna says:

    Whoa, I didn’t know Gaga was this desperate to get this song up the chart and her video with her ploys to get more views, etc., and her LMs attacking Billboard for calling her out. Like she posted a link where fans could watch the video up to 150 times to get views up. Some of the tweets to him by LMs was hysterical.

    • TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

      This may be redundant, but i can’t imagine during the big 80s great acts like Madonna, Michael Jackson, U2, INXS,Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston etc. resorting to this kind of desperation to sell their music; their music stood on it’s own.
      She needs to figure out how to make better music, if she can, or just quietly retire with her millions.

      • YEP_ITS_HER says:

        Madonna and Michael were of course great pop artists. True musical legends. But at their height of fame they both resorted to all manner tactics and manipulations to garner public and press attention.

      • Caz says:

        Madonna totally manipulated things for “shock value” for the first part of her career. Her performance for Like a Virgin at the MTV Awards, the Like a Prayer video (including the song being used to promote Pepsi before a massive backlash stopped it), the Sex book, the Justify My Love video, the fake relationship with Warren Beaty to promote her role in Dick Tracy…it was never-ending.

  23. Happy21 says:

    I’m intrigued by her current ‘look’. She is kind of all over the map with her style and she seems to have toned it down slightly with the wackiness. Interesting, very interesting. Perhaps she will go for a different ‘look’ for each album? She has so far…

  24. Karen says:

    Everytime I see applause, I read it as applesauce

  25. Angelica says:

    I don’t care for her public persona, because it would only work my nerves. I love(d) her music and I don’t care what anyone says, girl has a great body. I’m rooting for you Gaga. Get your shit together, girl!

  26. MissMoody says:

    I think Gaga’s lost the fashion plot. Her recent affinity for black and white outfits has me seeing Marina Abramovic (to be expected I suppose, since Gaga is “inspired” by her) and perhaps most troubling, Kim-Kardashian-As-Imagined-By-Kanye-West.

  27. Adrien says:

    She looks cute with the huge Kim Basinger hair.

  28. Leigh_S says:

    At first look, I thought the picture was LiLo and didn’t understand the connection to Gaga….

  29. Kittypants says:

    She’s a lot less attractive and talented than she thinks she is.

  30. Dawn says:

    I think she has a far better voice then lots of people out there and should just sing and stop with the rest of the nonsense.

  31. All Mark says:

    I hope she turns it around. I like Gaga …

  32. LaurieH says:

    From a publicity standpoint, GaGa made a strategic mistake: too much too soon. When you walk around with a teapot on your head, wear a meat dress, arrive at an awards show in an egg, clodhop around in Zanotti shoes (no doubt inspired by Tim Burton), wear a bra to a baseball game, plagiarize past artists while constantly praising yourself as the world’s most earth-shattering artist ever…..well, there’s nowhere to go but down. Sure, she could try to step it up a notch, but at that point people will just dismiss her as a delusional freak desperate for attention. She could just keep doing the same stuff, but people will just get bored. She could dial it way back and start dressing/acting normal, but then there would be nothing to distract people from the fact that her music sucks. With her generation so desperate for fame and fortune, surely someone else will come along and take her spot….like a pop-culture Pez dispenser.

    • Hakura says:

      @LaurieH – I agree, especially with the sentiment that (at least a lot of) her shenanigans were due to her (&/or her management’s) lack of confidence in the actual *music*, so they employed the age-old tactic of trying to substitute the visually notable for the audio’s lack thereof.

      Like going to an (actual) art show dedicated to a specific piece (hanging on the wall or sitting be it a sculpture or whatever), only to have the artist run out dressed (or not…) in some insane outfit, waving their arms & yelling “Look at me! Look at me!” in such a way that its guaranteed to steal attention away from the actual piece (& it’s quality or lack of it).

      • LaurieH says:

        GaGa has a serviceable singing voice. It’s nothing special, but it’s good. She also has songwriting potential, but on this I am conflicted. Either she is so convinced of her artistic talent that it doesn’t occur to her that the songs that pop into her head are just subconscious manifestations of songs she’s heard in the past – OR – she’s well aware of her lack of songwriting originality and her desperation for fame and adulation (stemming from deep insecurity) drives her to distract people with crazy outfits and outlandish behavior.

    • Jayna says:

      I agree. I always said she got a lot of praise and attention and developed a big head, I felt like, and from about Alejandro, the last single from The Fame Monster all the way through the Born This Way era she went overboard at 300 miles an hour, I’m doing choreography, I’m directing my videos that were a mess for the most part, wearing anything and everything everywhere, the bra at the ballgame, at the airport, on and on. Even her Marry the Night, which had the potential to be great live, she would do the oddest things on performances and just went flat. She took Madonna’s career and tried to condense everything into one album shockwise as far as videos and antics, whereas Madonna really album by album progressed. Remember True Blue, sweet songs. Madonna honestly mixed it up and left you wanting more, not overloaded, until maybe Erotica which was her first misfire as far as the Sex Book, Erotica video, the S&M movie all at once, but that was like nine, ten years into her career.

  33. e.non says:

    she must be so friggin relieved that the gossips haven’t abandoned her…. oh for the days of actual talent that didn’t have to rely on pathetic “LOOKATME ..MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME” stunts.

  34. Madpoe says:

    It is freakin’ 90 degrees with high humidity in NYC this week! what.the.frack!?!

  35. Poppy Q says:

    I`m sweating like a pig just looking at those pictures.

  36. ms. deneuve says:

    Looks like someone was rummaging through Beyoncé’s trash = Secondhand hair. and while she was at it she crafted a “catsuit” out of the bags.

  37. Jayna says:

    This blog laid out the tweets back and forth between Gaga and Perez and the vile tweets from her fans to Perez threatening him. Wow, some of those tweets are insane. Basically Perez I think infers she has an addiction going on.

  38. Jag says:

    Incredibly try-hard, but I like the hair with the leather catsuit. Apparently it’s ART to wear a long-sleeved, full body leather catsuit in hot weather.

  39. MBP says:

    As a person/performer/performance, I’m SO done with her.
    However I do quite like Applause despite my best efforts. The video for it is…meh.