“Olivia Munn busted out in a questionable dress for Letterman” links

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn wore a weird bustier-type dress to visit David Letterman. [Popoholic]
I have so many fond memories of Mr. Yuk. Is that weird? [Dlisted]
Katie Holmes somehow got a starring role in a movie. [LaineyGossip]
Jennifer Lawrence rides her bicycle solo & dresses down. [Pop Sugar]
“Twerking” is now a real word in the Oxford dictionary. [Buzzfeed]
Matt Damon defends the Ben Affleck Batman casting. [Pajiba]
Jared Leto is looking hot in Soho. He’s so ageless. [A Socialite Life]
Simon Cowell is set to meet his baby mama’s mother. [Celebslam]
Patrick Stewart must be totally high in this video. [The Blemish]
Harry Styles doesn’t care about Taylor Swift‘s VMA diss. [I'm Not Obsessed]
Tobey Maguire takes his kids out to the mall. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Farrah Abraham is working on a tv show, a song & an erotic novel. [ICYDK]
Russian authorities seize painting of Vladimir Putin in lingerie. [Gawker]
Kris Jenner‘s wallet worries about Lamar Odom‘s crack scandal. [Amy Grindhouse]
Here’s a fan-made trailer for Man of Steel 2 starring Ben Affleck . [IDLYITW]
Demi Lovato‘s nude photo scandal is getting worse. [Starcasm]
Rihanna is spending some quality time with Drake. Uh-huh. [Wonderwall]

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn

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  1. blaize says:

    I was wondering when the recent Demi Lovato news would be mentioned here.

    I really hope people here are mature enough to not slut-shame her for it.

    • Lark says:

      ITA. That said, is it really Demi? I’m fairly sure I read that several blogs turned down buying the photos because they could not be authenticated.

      • Andrew says:

        I think some of them are older and have been on the Internet before. Sad though. I like her, she’s much more mature to me than the Selina/Taylor/Miley/Vanessa bunch. Maybe it won’t blow up like it did to Vanessa since she’s (Demi) currently older/mature and kind of past her Disney days.

      • Erinn says:


        I like her for the most part, but I really as disappointed in her when she went on about the whole “sober is sexy” thing all the while, having a coke habit and having a secretive rehab trip. I’d like her more if she was more genuine about the image she was promoting. That, and she needs to get away from Wilmer.

      • Andrew says:

        @Erinn she definitely got on my nerves during her whole rehab stuff (and punching her friend on the plane stuff years ago) but that was years ago (unless there was a recent rehab trip that I haven’t heard about…either way at least she’s not outwardly cracked out like others). And yeah…stay away from the Wilmer ha.

      • RocketMerry says:

        There’s a string of Blind Items on BlindGossip.com that tries to explain the whole messy situation; I don’t know if I believe the story but it sounds… well, likely in Hollywood.

        And if I may, I don’t care about the nude pics, many women do it nowadays and it may even make sense if done between mature adults who understand privacy and intimacy.
        What I care about is that this girl is just 21 and she clearly trusted the wrong people, who did not care about using private images of her and betraying her trust.

        She seriously needs to dump that loser Valderama for good and never see that douche of a predator, who enjoys corrupting young starlets as a friggin’ hobby, ever again.

    • Florc says:

      With all due respect to many regulars ere… This blog is not fully comprised of mature posters. There will always be slut shaming.
      Those in the public eye need to learn to keep their clothes on unless they want the world to see.

    • V4Real says:

      So she’s nude, big freaking deal. If she wasn’t a celebrity we wouldn’t even be talking about it. Not so famous people do things like this all the time. She’s human people and she’s beautiful.

  2. doofus says:

    a. she did something to her face; it looks different.

    b. didn’t KStew wear that dress to an awards show?

    c. she’s got gorgeous hair.

    • Andrew says:

      I read the title as Olivia Wilde, so imagine my confusion when I looked at the face lol.

      Completely random: but Hayley Williams has totally trashed Miley for her inappropriate use of black music culture. I think it’s a great statement on what we’ve been seeing about Miley trying to act like a hip hop star lol.

  3. Birdix says:

    That dress looks like it was made for someone else’s body.

  4. Rachel says:

    Uh oh. CB, I think your boy Matt Damon may have shot himself in the foot with his Batman comments. Fanboys around the world are now booking flights to India to address this slight…

  5. blaize says:

    I would like this outfit better if the bottom part were a lacy pair of shorts instead of a lacy skirt, and the bust is too small for her.

  6. LahdidahBaby says:

    The bustier cups are too small and close together–it’s all wrong on her body and makes her look pigeon-breasted. NOT flattering at all!

  7. Mia 4S says:

    OMG that Damon comment is sooo backhanded! He’s good enough for this character, not a more serious character but this one, sure! :-)

    It’s like another opinion piece I read that got mad at the backlash because Affleck had given many “perfectly acceptable” performances in the past. LOL, ouch! Stop helping!

  8. Samtha says:

    Patrick Stewart is adorable.

    A lot of those pics don’t even look like Demi, and at least one of them is old and was already out there–the one of her with her backup dancers. Whoever is releasing these is slime.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Patrick Stewart is soooooo cute! I could listen to him talk all day about anything!

      I don’t know if he is high in the video, he could have had a bit to drink as well…but I have heard he tends to be a pretty jolly and happy person usually with or without help.

  9. ALG says:

    Olivia Munn does not have the boobs to fill that dress out. NAGL.

  10. Claudia says:

    Demi Lovato has self-image issues, these intimate pictures being leaked could do a number on her recovery. Whoever leaked them is an asshole.

  11. Lisa says:

    Mr. Yuk!!

    lol @ Oxford Dictionary. Oh, good, white people validation.

    • Cowgirl says:

      It’s crazy to me that the word has been around in black culture for what, 20 years? But *now* we can consider it a real word because some idiot try-hard used it? I think I just strained a muscle rolling my eyes. I just can’t even with our society sometimes.

  12. MsAubra says:

    Who keeps giving her acting jobs tho??

  13. mslewis says:

    Re: Olivia Munn . . . I love the lace skirt but hate the bustier. It’s just so ugly and she needs more boobies to fill it out.

  14. Diane says:

    She should have worn black heels. Those heels wash her out. Her upper half is tan but her legs are too pale to pull off the nude heels. dress is not that bad.

  15. Arjuna says:

    Olivia Munn’s dress looks really uncomfortable…aren’t bustiers supposed to boost your yays?…not flatten them down, right?.

  16. Macey says:

    OT but Radar just announced that pimp momma K’s show HAS BEEN CANCELLED..LOL

    Lets hope this is the beginning of the end of their way over extended 15 minutes.

  17. AndreaJax says:

    Yes, Virginia, there is a God. Kris is cancelled. I pity Lamar – now she’ll have more time to work on his profile as crack addict, sex addict, bad husband, possible pedophile and burglar…

  18. carol says:

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with the dress, can someone explain? it doesn’t fit well and the style doesn’t flatter her, but other than that, why is it inappropriate or questionable?

  19. LaurieH says:

    She’s quite lovely, but I don’t care for the dress. It looks cheap.

  20. lola lola says:

    How is this dress “questionable”? I think she looks great. If she had big boobs it would look cheap. We don’t all want to be Pamela Anderson–that’s vulgar.

  21. Stephanie says:

    I actually really like this dress!

  22. emma says:

    Her feet look terrible!

    Patrick Stewart is adorable.

  23. Photo JoJo says:

    I want to hate Olivia Munn so, so much but I csnt. Please, Celebitchies, give me a legit reason to hate her….

  24. Mar says:

    I love her dress but it would look so much better on me!