Did Kate Middleton really change her university plans to stalk Prince William?

Long before Kate Middleton ever became The Duchess of Crumpets Cambridge, she was the girlfriend of Prince William, always taking him back after he repeatedly dumped her to pursue other women, always changing her schedule around to suit his needs, always and forever Waity. During that 9-year time period, Kate and the Middleton family developed a close relationship with The Daily Mail, specifically reporter Katie Nicholl. Throughout the years, Nicholl has gotten a lot of good tips and information from the Middleton Camp. Nicholl was put to good use during various crises as well, like when William dumped Kate in 2007, when Kate’s dodgy uncle was caught in a tabloid sting and when anyone complains about Kate’s lack of work and love of vacations. Nicholl always gets strategic leaks to “defend” our Kate, and as always, royal propaganda is royal propaganda (or in some cases, Waity propaganda is royal propaganda).

So it’s not surprising that Nicholl has another book coming out. She released a book around the time of Will & Kate’s engagement, and she had correctly predicted the engagement announcement too, so she’s been proven “right” (or at least willing to correctly parrot whatever talking points were handed to her by Carole Middleton). So if we take Nicholl’s words as de facto Middleton propaganda, what are we going to learn from Nicholl’s new book, Kate: The Future Queen? Well, some interesting little tidbits are already leaking out, like how Kate flat-out stalked William:

Kate and William met before university: Kate and William first met in the summer of 1999 in the ‘den’ at the prince’s country estate, the new book reveals. Two years before she went to St Andrews, Kate was introduced to the Glosse Posse, a group of friends who regularly met at Highgrove, in Gloucestershire. She was introduced to the group by her Marlborough College friend Emilia d’Erlanger. In the book, Kate’s house mistress Ann Patching explains how: ‘We all knew as teachers that that year group was moving in Royal circles, that they were friends.’ The book also reveals how while working in the summer before she started at university, Kate told a colleague how she had already met the Prince ‘once or twice’.

Kate stalked William all the way to university: The new book untangles the tale of how Kate came to choose St Andrews for her university – starting at the same time as William and on the same course. It has previously been put down to mere coincidence, but it seems Kate deliberately plotted to be there at the same time as the prince. Jasper Selwyn, a careers adviser at Kate’s former school, Marlborough College, and Joan Gall, her house tutor, confirm in the book that her first choice was not St Andrews at all, but Edinburgh. Despite achieving the required grades for Edinburgh, one of the country’s top universities, she changed her mind after William’s own choice of university was made public. In a bold move, Kate turned down the place she had been offered at Edinburgh, decided to take a gap year, just as William was doing, and reapply for St Andrews – a risky strategy as there was no guarantee that she would get a place.

In 2009, Carole basically told William he needed to propose to Kate: Katie Nicholl reveals how ‘jittery’ Carole, worried about the absence of a ring on Kate’s finger, took Prince William aside to press him on his plans. The meeting took place when William visited the Middleton family just before Christmas 2009. A family friend tells how Carole expressed her fears to William. But he assured her that not only would there be an engagement and subsequent marriage, the couple hoped to have children – and he promised Carole that she would be fully involved in their upbringing. Another of the Middletons’ friends, former neighbour George Brown, says: ‘It was a condition when Kate and William got married that Carole and Michael would be a part of the grandchildren’s lives.’

“Secret charity work”: In another fascinating insight into the Royal romance, the book reveals that although Kate has taken on a higher public profile since her marriage, she in fact began doing secret charity work six years ago. In 2007 the Queen quietly suggested to William that Kate get involved with a charity, and they both considered it an excellent idea. The Middletons’ family firm, Party Pieces, already had a connection with Starlight, a children’s charity which grants terminally ill children a once-in-a-lifetime wish. Kate arranged to meet the charity’s chief executive officer Neil Swan to see how she could help more. He said: ‘Kate was working with Party Pieces at the time and she came up with a clever idea for a party bag that doubled up as a colouring-in gift. She also designed some Starlight-themed crayons and other bits and pieces to go in the bags. To us, she was just Kate, and we would go and have meetings with her at Party Pieces, and sometimes she would come to us. She came up with lots of creative ideas for parties that we were arranging for sick children, and she did a lot of work below the radar.’

“Secret charity work” Part II: It is also revealed that Kate made numerous secret visits to the Naomi House children’s hospice in Hampshire. She would drive to the hospice bearing gifts for the children, and would spend hours reading and playing with them.

Kate was “humiliated” in 2007 when William went out partying with other women: The couple’s relationship was briefly put on hold after Kate confronted William about his partying, the book reveals. She was left ‘humiliated’ after pictures were published of William with two girls at a nightclub in Poole, where he had been posted for a tank commander’s course. There had also been earlier reports he had been dancing with another women at Boujis nightclub, in London.

[From The Daily Mail)

You’ve got to love the spin on some of this stuff. The Queen was “concerned” about Kate and “suggested” that Kate begin to do some charity work and William thought it was an “excellent idea”. Of course. Another way of saying it would be “The Queen thought William’s girlfriend looked like a lazy, work-shy, vacation-loving party girl and the Queen told William that his girlfriend needed to tighten up.”

But the stalking stuff is really interesting, isn’t it? Kate and William had met in 1999… and she didn’t make much of an impression on him. So she tried to follow him around on his gap year and he managed to dodge her. Then she followed him to university and they met again their first year and she still didn’t make much of an impression. And then she walked a runway in her panties and that was it. Until he repeatedly dumped her and she kept taking him back. So, basically, Kate stalked him for three years and then waity-ed for nine years and she finally got her man. Score?

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  1. Lulu86 says:

    This is not a secret, it had been long said that Kate had purposely gone to the same uni in hopes of getting William. Her family are the biggest social climbers in history.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, I knew about this and I’m not even a big royal watcher. Except the version I read had Carole as the mastermind of timelines and stalking, with Kate being sort of her pawn.

    • Arock says:

      In that case, well done. Might as well be successful at it.

    • Mel says:

      But how would her going there influence William?

      I am sure MANY girls – and their mothers – adjusted their plans to pursue William. Did it work? No.

      For whatever reason, he chose Catherine.
      For whatever reason, he stuck with her.
      (Because Carole’s “telling” him he needed to propose could not have really achieved anything, hadn’t he had the intention of marrying her.)

      I don’t find either of them particularly enthralling (although I do think Catherine is beautiful), and God knows I am far from being a “royalty” admirer.
      But the fact is William chose HER – not any of the other girls that went to St Andrews to hunt him down – and married HER.

      • HH says:

        @Mel – That argument only works in Kate’s favor to a certain extent. It’s been reported that William pursued at least a handful of women from his social circle with no success. They already had money, titles, etc. without the baggage. William had nothing to offer them but loss of privacy and vast amounts of responsibility. Needless to say, they weren’t interested. Now this isn’t to say that William doesn’t like/love Kate, but I wouldn’t be too quick to paint her as his first choice. This can be further evidenced by Harry’s comments last year when he stated it’s about finding someone willing to take on the job. Harry has all of the perks without the responsibility. Will’s situation may have been even more “bleak.” I put this in quotes because we all know they both have women fawning all over them which is a nice perk, but not all are suitable for the royals.

      • lisa says:

        yeah, it’s a juicy story but MANY females have put themselves in the path of this prince and others. you cant make someone like you. she isnt a ravishing beauty (not hating, she’s perfectly ok), how could she even be sure that he would give a hang she was there?

      • Mel says:

        @HH – Oh, I am not saying she was his first (or even second or third) choice!
        But she WAS a choice.
        And – as Lisa puts it – you cannot MAKE someone love you, let alone marry… unless you have really, and I mean REALLY, good dirt on them. ;)

        I do believe she is beautiful, but I must say I often wonder WHAT exactly made him choose her, of all the women he had at his disposition.

        Still, he DID. For whatever reason, he did.

      • Mel says:

        @Lisa – Yes, exactly! As I said earlier, I do find her (face) beautiful, but to pack her bags and go to St Andrews with a PLAN to snatch William sounds like wishful thinking. And I am sure many other girls did the same.

        But, for whatever reason, she DID catch his eye – or whatever it was that she caught :) – and didn’t let go.

        Unless they performed a voodoo spell or something on him, I can’t see how she could have forced her way into William’s affections.

      • Maria says:

        I agree with Mel. I’m also not a royal follower but I’m tired of this portrayal of Kate as this Waity person. How about the Monaco kids? Do they work? I also only see pictures of them at fashion shows and parties…

      • LAK says:

        Maria – Monaco isn’t subsidised by tax payer money, so they can do whatever they want.

        The BRF isn’t the only royal house which is subsidised by taxpayers. All the ones that are, have to answer to their public eg Spain.

      • Denise says:

        HH nailed it. It’s a job, first and foremost. The relationship is superceded by performing 24/7 as a royal. And this is utterly unappealing to their peers. Kate was not a peer, she was in an aspirational position. People don’t realise this.

      • m says:

        Maria- the Casiraghis do work. Charlotte is a showjumper and the face of Gucci. Andrea works for the government although Im not sure exactly what he does, and he is quite the humanitarian. Pierre runs his fathers buisnesses.

    • imqrious2 says:

      Then again, to be fair, a LOT of other girls/mothers plotted the same after William let it be known where he’d attend school lol.

  2. Lilyvanilli says:

    Nothing new here, recycled old stories I’m afraid.

  3. Cathy says:

    Who cares? This is ancient history and makes no difference, but I’m sure the author will make a lot of money off of book sales.

  4. Anna says:

    JUICY! If it’s true, I gotta give her points for her game. But I still want this to be a true-love fairytale :)

    • T.Fanty says:

      And sadly, it’s now starting to read like a high-end Kardashian storyline.

      Pimp Mama Karole!

      • Anna says:

        Oh yeah, that part’s been coming through for some time now.

      • TG says:

        I was initially annoyed that the Kartrashians would dare to compare themselves to the Prince and Princess but I have come to the realization the PMK and Carole are cut from the same cloth. I mean both Kim and Kate moved in with mommy after baby. It doesn’t get any more co-dependent than that. I bet Carole won’t give 2 cents about Pippa’s engagement and subsequent grandchildren, just like PMK could care less about Khloe and Khourtney and their offspring. I expect to see baby North shoved in front of Prince George in about 18 years.

      • Florc says:

        This is a long time coming. It’s old news to some, but others only know their history from the engagement on so post-whitewashing. The dirt was think and the coincidences were sketchy.
        I love how a poster put it ages ago.
        William was the prize car, but needed a lot of maintenance. All these women had their hand on William hoping to win him in the end, but as they realized they were putting their lives on hold and how he wasn’t all that good of a man they slowly walked away. Kate was the last one left with her hand on the car so she won.

        Assuming Kate will maintain her blind eye and separate lives along with no huge Middleton scandals to muck up the RF’s pr this couple will last.

  5. Des says:

    I dunno. It sounds like girl had a plan and she made it come true. That’s a go-getter in my book. Her chosen career isn’t for me but if that’s what she always dreamed of then there’s nothing wrong with her working to make it happen. And it’s not like the Royals are anybody’s victim.

    • Tapioca says:

      Hey, you could argue that it’s harder to become a princess than it is to become a doctor/investment banker/lawyer, as there are so few princes to go around!

    • Feebee says:

      I was just going ask why she never gets any credit for perseverance… for setting a goal and achieving it despite a number of umm… road blocks. She’s got some smarts… she did get into St Andrews after all and completed her degree.

      If true, her “secret” charity work is tainted for me because it’s connected to Party Pieces. If they already had a relationship with the charity and Kate was ‘working’ at PP then it wasn’t really a big out of the way sort of thing to do for charity was it?

      • Dena says:

        I have always maintained that she has a lot of traits and characteristics that would serve her well in the corporate sector. Tenacity, grit, resilence, perserverance, etc. What is frustrating to me ( and probably her critics) is that she has only used her academic background and characteristics to bring William to heel. I am not putting down.stay at home moms or even people who admire her solely for her looks and clothes, but as a women in her position she could bring a lot of focus to an area in need. I have suggested moms, kids, babies, etc.

      • Dena says:

        Using my phone. Sorry for typos or errors.

    • Mirna says:

      Lol! So true – there are Kardshian-types in every walk of life, unfortunately.

  6. MisJes says:

    This is old news. For many years it has been widely acknowledged that she basically stalked the Royal Family and social clawed her way into their circle.

    It’s not even surprising. The only part that surprises me is that people think her marrying into the Royal Family was a magical fairytale that she innocently stumbled into. Not so.

  7. Amelia says:

    On a slightly different note, I don’t know why the author is insinuating St Andrew’s is a step down from Edinburgh University – whilst Edinburgh is a fantastic institution, St Andrew’s is the oldest in Scotland and ranked 4th in the UK (by the Guardian). It’s not as if Kate gave up a huge opportunity to pursue her Prince.

  8. Sandy says:

    No one held a gun to his head and made him date her or marry her.

    • emmie_a says:

      True true — But he strikes me as a little lazy. Or maybe it’s just that he’s always had things done for him — but it seems like she was convenient so he started dating her and was comfortable with that but then was told to marry her so he did.

  9. DanaG says:

    Yep heard it before and it should be added she wasn’t the only one who had the bright idea. She is just the one who managed to snag him.

    • k says:

      I was just going to say that I’m sure many other women attempted this scheme.

    • Florc says:

      Kate did in the end snag William as a husband. I’ll give you that. There were many stunning women with titles and proper upbringing that were all heavily involved in charity work that were close to their hearts. They all seemed to choose a life of freedom and if some stories are to be believed a life to find a man who wasn’t a playboy.

      This articles covers what we already knew. Kate inserted herself into situations to get william’s attention and no matter how poorly he treated her she waited for him.
      Some could argue he married her for love or because she had proven herself to not change him into a faithful man. Either way. She’s got the job for better or worse.
      I, personally would be horribly unhappy if my husband and I were never under the same roof, he took many guys only frat vacations with pretty blondes, and only wanted me on his terms. Retail therapy only heals those wounds for so long.

  10. Taylor says:

    I’ve been hearing this story for ages. Nothing new. I’m more interested to see how the baby will look in several months.

  11. Vera says:

    Oh well. Old news, but he fell for it.

  12. Samtha says:

    Does anyone else think she looks like Lauren Conrad a bit?

    Women have been marrying for social status and wealth for thousands of years (mostly out of their control), so it’s hard for me to muster up any kind of emotion about this. She wanted him, she got him. She’s a wealthy princess now and her son will be king someday. I suppose it was worth it.

  13. The Wizz says:

    Well played Kate, well played.

  14. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    The happiest I’ve ever seen Wills with a truly happy smile (not the royal cheese grin) is the photo with two tarts back in his college days.

  15. MegG says:

    Why was Kate’s mother so desperate for her to marry William? It sounds desperate and stalkerish. Reads like something out of 1950. Why are there some women still teaching their daughters that marrying rich is the only important thing? Reminds me of Anna Nicole and that super old guy.

    • Mel says:

      “Why was Kate’s mother so desperate for her to marry William?”

      I don’t know that she was, but if she was… what do you think her reason might be?
      Because her daughter would be set for life – along with all of her family – and live in gorgeous palaces, among the finest things, receiving adulation for what is essentially very little effort – not to mention that her (and thus Carole’s) offspring would one day (which I don’t will come, but I may be wrong) would sit on the throne.

      I’d say even many not too materialistically oriented mothers would be tempted to embrace the idea of their daughter marrying the future heir to the throne of Great Britain.

      • nicegirl says:

        RIGHT?! How is this concept hard to believe? MANY OF US WOMEN, our entire lives, have been encouraged to meet, date, and marry men of wealth, status and means. My mom ALWAYS said, “It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor man.”

        I remember thinking that was horrid . .
        so, I DID NOT end up falling in love with ANY rich men, LOL! what is up with rebellion???

        I cannot throw any hate on Kate for her success at landing the man – I am pro female! EVERY man has his man challenges (as do all of us women!), a Prince is not always a prince – if you get my drift -, he is also a man, in all of his manly glory. So she has got to deal with him just as much as any other man, eh? At least our girl gets some perks!

      • bluhare says:

        I suppose it depends on Carole’s motivation, doesn’t it? Did she do it because she only wanted the best for her daughter, or did she do it because it would benefit her as well?

        Based on events since the wedding, my money’s on the latter.

      • Mel says:

        “Did she do it because she only wanted the best for her daughter, or did she do it because it would benefit her as well?”

        Of course it’s impossible for anyone but Carole to tell (and often even the individuals in question are confused about their own motives), but many mothers really do believe that a “cushy” marriage – one of material prosperity, first and foremost – really IS the best for their child.

        I have an aunt who is like that. She is a genuinely good and kind person; but if her daughter had an opportunity to snatch the future heir to the British throne – and then didn’t – the poor daughter would never hear the end of it.
        Because she would really think it WAS in her daughter’s best interest.

    • Trudy says:

      so much of this royal history repeating it self, mothers have been marrying their daughters into the royal family for centuries. most of these girls werent poor either and the men married them for money and the girls marry for social status. kudos to kate if this was her plan from the biginning. but i dont understand the fawning over her like she is special. any girl the princes date are always gonna get intense media coverage. another thing, william seems extremely demanding and you can tell she lives her life just to please him.

  16. FartSack says:

    Ya gotta hand it to her for having lofty goals!

  17. Maddy says:

    For someone who clearly wanted to be Queen (You don’t chase the heir to the throne around for years if the idea is con rather than a pro in the relationship) I’m surprised she’s turned out to be so work shy and lazy.

    She would’ve been so much better chasing some less important wealthy young aristocrat so she could spend all her days shopping and get her sausage curls redone without anyone having a thing to say.

    • emmie_a says:

      She spent all her time and energy ‘working’ to get William. That was her one real job and now she’s done.

      It almost seems like getting her Prince was a family affair — like it wasn’t only Kate doing the hard work. A lot was going on behind the scenes w/her family??

      What happened with the charities mentioned in the article? Is she still active with those?

      • Suze says:

        I want to know more about the “secret” charities too!

      • Florc says:

        It might still be a secret emmie!
        All I can say for sure is that Kate has only a few charities as a patron. Some do not need her at all. Some do. The ones that do will see her once a year for an hour. The ones that don’t throw lavish galas so they see her more often.
        Then there’s the charity that had to cancel it’s fundraiser because of lack of interest. They actually lost money having to cancel. It was widely spoken that if Kate said she would be there or offered a written note with her plain donation or donated something nicer they would have been successful.
        And yes, she didn’t have to donate at all, but she or her staff picked possibly the plainest item.
        So if this is how she treats her public charities I’m better her private charities are all forgotten about.

    • Mel says:

      “She would’ve been so much better chasing some less important wealthy young aristocrat so she could spend all her days shopping and get her sausage curls redone without anyone having a thing to say.”

      Maybe. But in that case there would be no public adulation – and no mention in history books.
      Which, I suspect, is a very juicy bait.

  18. LAK says:

    To be fair, there was a spike in admissions from females to St Andrews when his university plans were made public, and remained high during his entire time there. Many girls (and their mothers) had the same idea. She’s simply the one who succeeded.

    • Suze says:

      Yes, true. She ran a good game and it worked.

      I’ve said all along that Kate is fairly calculating and very smart – and I’ve gotten grief here for those comments. There are people who really believe that Kate just happened to meet William at uni and fell madly in love with no plan and no guile.

      Personally I find her planning and patience to be an interesting facet of her personality. Others want to believe in an uncomplicated love story.

      • LAK says:

        What I also find silly is the idea that love can’t be calculated. History (public and personal) is littered with examples of people who target their love interest, present themselves as the ideal of said love interest, and hold on, no matter what.If they know what buttons to push to hold onto that person, so much the better.

        The fact that William kept breaking up with her, not once or twice, but repeatedly, is testament that he was not entirely sold, and a testament to her patience.

        I think that where her own goals are concerned, she could out do all of us in single-minded pursuit of those goals.

      • Suze says:

        I agree with regard to love and calculation – those are the interesting stories. By far the most interesting part of the WillKat story, to me, is the hidden part. The official version is a big old yawn.

        I remember when the engagement was announced the palace said that thy had been dating for seven years, knocking a few early years off the relationship (probably to downplay the the Waity label). It’s interesting that Kate had Wills in her sights for even longer than we thought.

      • Abby says:

        While I love Will and Kate everything – the engagement, wedding, baby, etc… this wasn’t a romantic fairy tale and i never thought it was. I think of all the books I’ve read about the scheming that went into becoming royalty throughout history… it’s really not a surprise. Good for her for achieving her goal. And people are right–whether or not she stalked him, EVERYONE wanted him for a while… and he picked her. Hopefully they both have what they wanted.

      • carol says:

        I would like to pick her brain on how to use her skills in the corporate world ! I’m terrible at that type of strategic thinking and goal planning

    • moon says:

      St Andrews’ Art History department is still full of desperate rich girls waiting to find their rich prince. William wasn’t the only royal at St A’s, just the most famous.

  19. chloe says:

    Sounds like Will married his stalker a little crazy, but he does look genuinely pleased with his son so I hope nothing but the best for them.

  20. Allie says:

    Really all I want is for her to ditch the skinny jeans and wedges. Please Kate-y?

    • Sassy says:

      Yes, she would look fabulous in high end tailored slacks. That skinny jean look is very dated. I think that Valentino clothes would look good on her. Jeans are for hiking and outdoor activity and look ludicrous on most people unless they are on a horse or mucking a stall.

      • carol says:

        is it really a dated look? I think it looks pretty normal and average, what one would wear out and about

      • TG says:

        I must be really low class because I think jeans, at least the right pair, look fabulous on everyone. I am always looking at people and their rears in jeans and I would say that Levi’s makes the best affordable jeans and pretty much universally look good on everyone. On the higher end I would say 7 for All Mankind look good on most people too. Of course their are hundreds of both high end and low end and there is a jean for everyone. I spend more time getting ready for work on Jeans Friday than I do any other day of the week. I do however remember back in the day when women/girls would pour themselves into a pair of Guess Jeans no matter how ridiculous they looked and this was the day before the skinny jean. Of course, I was too poor to afford a pair.

      • ataylor says:

        Jeans are for HIKING? Me thinks cargo pants would be more appropriate for that activity.

        Jeans are everyday wear where I’m from. From high-end brands for work and “going out” to lower-end brands for casual “hanging out” wear and errands…

        Tailored slacks would really stand out. The only people I know that wear slacks are bankers and lawyers…

  21. bw says:

    she just really scares me….a conniving manipulator – when i look at her pics now I see the eyes of a psycho

  22. kibbles says:

    I wouldn’t dislike the idea of her plotting to become princess if she actually had other goals on her plate during her 20s. Like, if she had worked full-time as a teacher or for a non-profit, I would have no problem with the fact that she chased after a rich guy and was waiting on the side for him to propose. Tons of women do that all the time. Hey, if Kate or someone like her were to put out a book on how to get the guy you want, I’d probably read it for some tips. She definitely had enough game to manage to catch his eye in college. The pathetic part is that she waited around doing practically nothing but vacation for 9 years after college while he cavorted with other women and took his time to propose. It’s okay for a woman to marry up, but it would have been nicer to have a princess girls could look up to as a modern woman who at least used her college degree to work for a few years before settling down to give the prince his heirs.

  23. janie says:

    Who cares? They seem happy & in love.. That’s all that matters, really.

    • Florc says:

      There’s an allure here.
      Yes they seem happy and in love at times… So did Charles and Diana. That story gave many 20/20 hindsight and now we’re not wearing our rose colored glasses. We can see the cracks.
      This book just plays into that a bit.
      But hey! For you they seem happy and in love so you shouldn’t care I guess, but this is why it’s interesting for others.

  24. MademoiselleRose says:

    It seems calculated in this day and age, but in history it was entirely normal for this type of plotting and planning. She did a good job pulling it off though, considering she didn’t run in his circles. I suppose the plotting implies she may not really love him, rather loved the position.

    It will be interesting to see in the years to come if she’s willing to go the distance and stick it out now she’s got what she wanted.

    I don’t have a particular position on her; don’t love her, don’t dislike her. I don’t think she has much charima though, she’s pretty ordinary. Maybe in person she has more to offer?

    • Suze says:

      I wonder, too, if her personality has to be seen in person to be understood. She doesn’t project a lot of warmth or vivacity through photos.

      I don’t think that her planning means she doesn’t love him (she seems to look adoringly at him on some shots). It just means that she worked hard to get him and keep him. What remains to be seen is if she can work hard to keep it all going – wife, mother, royal duties – for all the years to come.

  25. la chica says:

    At the end of the day they seem and have always seemed truly happy. That’s all that matters to me.

  26. Suze says:

    I do find it funny that Carole Middleton was putting conditions on the marriage. It makes the whole WillKate marriage sound so negotiated – almost to a medieval degree.

    • LAK says:

      Isn’t it the father’s role to take the BF aside and demand to know their intentions??!!

    • emmie_a says:

      It sort of shows that Carole is just as manipulative as Kate. Carole wedged her way in to (probably) fill a huge void is William’s life and thus used her status to promote her daughter’s interests (which were hers as well!)

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I don’t get that from comfirmation that Carol was concerned about where their relationship was going. In a situation where her child (albeit grown) has been in a long-term relationship, I would think that it would be normal for a mother to give the guy a side-eye and a “what’s up?” Forget his position and all that jazz, she still is just mother looking out for her kid. I think my mother would’ve had subtle remarks, questions, and “a talk” too after that many years.
      I don’t know maybe you mothers out there feel differently?

      • Sachi says:

        The thing is, from the stories of William and Kate’s relationship before engagement, William didn’t treat Kate well.

        William has cheated on her several times. Yet Carole (and Michael) told Kate to go back to him time and time again.

        If Carole were truly a supportive, protective Mother Hen, she would have told William to f*ck off for hurting her daughter and encouraged Kate to just pursue other things and be with someone else. But she didn’t. Carole told Kate to hang on, take whatever William gave her including the cheating, mocking her family, and humiliating her, and still refused to budge because the goal is to marry the future King no matter what.

        Carole sounds more like a ‘stage Mom’ than a loving mother. It was Carole’s ambition, not Kate’s, to marry into aristocracy/royalty. Kate is the ship and Carole the captain.

      • emmie_a says:

        It depends on how you read Carole. I think she’s just as calculating as Kate. Kate becoming a princess has helped Carole’s social status not to mention her pocketbook and her company.

      • Maria says:

        Sashi, completely agree with you. My mother never pushed me to date a certain type (even when that type showed interest)and of someone treated me badly she and my father instilled in me that no man is worth it. But granted, I didn’t have what she had one the line: unlimited money, unlimited connections, a crown of England and my future child being the head of it all.

      • Florc says:

        Nail on the Head!
        Carole never took her eyes off the prize and not only encouraged Kate to stay with a man who misteated her so horribly, but also to change herself to appeal more to him. My mother taught me to find someone who loves me for me, but to first love myself. Not to stay with someone who doesn’t respect me and change myself until I’m what someone else wants.
        That’s the worst part to ths whole thing imo.
        Many forget this.

  27. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    Huh. I thought it was common knowledge to everyone but the People Mag readership that she was a single-minded game player. She definitely wasn’t the first girl I’d heard of who was at a nice university strictly for her MRS degree.

    I really interested to see what happens if William never becomes king. Because what becomes of her and her ambition then?

    • Tara says:

      If that happened I don’t think Kate would be too upset. More free time, more time with Will etc but less responsibility. I don’t believe she wanted to be queen, I think she wants to be William’s wife – a bit of a difference. She probably spent her childhood reading all of the crappy princess/noble prince stories and loved Will the way I loved George Michael in the 80s. She achieved her goal and I believe she is quite satisfied now. I think she will always find reasons to love her husband although he strikes me as a possible cheater.
      I think Will is a bit of a prick but there is something about Kate that he genuinely responds to, all snarky comments aside. I also think he is not in love with her yet. They are best friends and partners but one day in the future he is going to look at her and realize that the woman he needs most has always been there. But for now he is going to play a lot of polo, catch some randoms anytime Harry can quietly arrange it amd try to keep Kate happy. He wants the best for her and is protective of her. But I think Kate may have the last laugh. She might be stronger than she appears. God knows she’s patient.

  28. Bess says:

    Given that three out of the four 1st marriages of the Queen’s children ended in scandal, humiliation and divorce, I am surprised that Carol wanted her daughter to marry into it.

    Also, Carol seems to have the street smarts that Kate lacks.

  29. MegG says:

    But I thought guys hated women without a life of their own? And how will it work out if you’re trying to fit into what a guy wants just to get married? She’s lucky it worked out. Any normal guy would get turned off if you haven’t done anything for 9 years!!

    • Suze says:

      You silly billy!

      Those modern notions are just for the masses. British royalty plays by the old rules .

      Actually, they are almost alone in that, too. The other European consorts have had professional lives before they married their princes (or princesses). Maxima (Netherlands) was an investment banker, Mathilde (Belgium) was a speech therapist, Daniel (Sweden) had his own business and Letizia (Spain) was a reporter.

    • LAK says:

      That seems true until you see all the men who have married a second (or several times later) to a woman who is several notches below them in intelligence or doesn’t challenge them in any way and caters to their every need.

      Everything the first (usually accomplished) wife never is/was.

  30. The Original Mia says:

    Eh, old story. Revamped to include the silly story of secret charity work. Come on, Nicholls. The proof is out there and you wrote it.

  31. Mo says:

    Yes. Because she was the ONLY girl – or boy for that matter – that enrolled because Prince William would be there. Girls wanted to date him and boys wanted to befriend him. Enrollment went way up when his attendance was announced. Bottom line, once they met, they hit it off and got to know each other. Next!

  32. jasmine says:

    She didn’t do anything that original, Felicity did it first…she probably watched it and thought it was a smart idea…

  33. Joy says:

    I recently read another VERY royal friendly account of their “love story” and it only described one brief little break they took and then he realized he couldn’t live without her and blah blah. Funny how it was really way more than once.

  34. Sachi says:

    Nothing new with this story. I’m just surprised at how soon it came out.

    Kate followed William around even before University. Didn’t she try to get into some trip William was taking during his gap year but she missed it? She socialized with the same people in William’s circles so she could get his schedule for the school term and could chase him around.

    The only people still clinging to the fairy tale that William and Kate just happened to meet, and fall in love, are people outside of the UK who only paid attention to Kate when she got engaged and have concluded that Kate is purity and innocence personified, and she’s oh so classy thanks to the media’s whitewashing of her life.

    What I find disturbing are the stories of how Carole would decorate Kate’s bedroom with candles whenever William would come and visit. Carole was encouraging her daughter to have sex in their own home, to the point that she was setting the “ambiance” herself. It sounds so gross for a mother to be so involved in her daughter’s life that she’s making it her business to plan her daughter’s sexual activities.

    Also that rumour that Carole allegedly told Kate she’d be “damaged goods” if she didn’t get William to propose and nobody else would want her.

    They did everything they could to land William. They succeeded. Congrats to them if they truly think it’s worth it.

    • Suze says:

      OK, that candle story is both funny and gross. I swear, the history of three people in a marriage repeats itself.

      Instead of Chuck, Cams and Di, we have Wills, Kate and Carole.

      • Sachi says:

        Nail on the head, Suze. Carole is the main draw for William. Not Kate. Carole is the nanny that William still needs.

        I was reading a website about how Kate plotted to get William and one poster there said Carole has William’s photo as her cellphone wallpaper. If true, then yikes. Creepy.

        Also, the Middletons once prepared a huge Christmas spread/feast for William only for William to blow them off.

        He also dumped Kate over the phone while she was at the one job she managed to land for a short stint. Her coworkers spoke up about it aside from the info that Kate set up her own schedule and wouldn’t come to work if William didn’t want her to/told her to drop everything on her schedule and cater to him.

        It sounds like the family has gone through so much sh*t just for William.

    • LAK says:

      Oh i remember the thwarted Christmas tale where the middleton’s rented a house in Scotland at Christmas assuming William would join them, but then he cancelled.

      The irky part for me was that Carole had assigned the biggest room in the house to Kate and William and decorated it herself with romantic stuff like the candles etc….

      If my mother did that on my behalf, I don’t think I’d speak to her again.

      And the story about Carole’s screen saver has been around since before the engagement. Imagine having your daughter’s BF’s face as the screen saver to your phone rather than your daughter, your other kids or even your husband!!!!

      • Sachi says:

        And people still get outraged when it’s suggested the Midds and the Kardashians have similarities?

        Carole and Kris could be long-lost cousins the way they ‘pimp’ their kids.

        Also, Kate must have only been a teenager when Carole started all of this “land a Prince” project. Kate was early twenties when William started visiting her family and holidaying with them.

        Carole doesn’t sound as loving and supportive a mother once you consider that Kate was very young when Carole got it in her head to push her daughter to chase after a Prince. I doubt Kate had a lot of choice on the matter and I don’t think Carole would have been happy had Kate refused to go after William and said, “Mum, I wanna be a doctor and would have no time to go after a Prince”.

      • Green Girl says:

        “Imagine having your daughter’s BF’s face as the screen saver to your phone rather than your daughter, your other kids or even your husband!!!! ”

        I have been giggling about this mental image for a good five minutes now. It’s especially funny when I think of my mom having my husband’s picture. Thanks for the chuckle!

      • BlackDaren says:

        Sachi, people get outraged because we all know how the Kardshians got famous. So enough with the Kate/Kim comparassions. The Kardshians are vile people and social climbers. Its embarassing for any person to get compared to them. It doesn’t matter if its Kate or any other woman. Its an insult to get compared to them. The Middletons atleast made an honest living. They worked hard for their money. People alwasy say the Kardshians work hard but they don’t. Exposing your daughters sex tape, running a sham reality tv show, running a fake wedding it not work. No matter how much you all try to defend the lowly Kardshians, they truly are very lowly people. The scum of the earth in my opinion.

      • Sachi says:

        BlackDarren – Kardashians are social climbers, true. But what do you think the Middletons are? People who caught a lucky break and stumbled into aristocratic circles one day? LOL.

        The Middletons are uber social climbers. They’be been hustling into elite circles way before the Kardashians.

        It’s incredible how you can say the Middletons are self-made millionaires and worked hard for their money given the fact that their finances have never been released and nobody knows exactly how much profit Party Pieces makes every year. They could be money-laundering schemers and nobody would know. All we have to go on are claims that Party Pieces make them millions of $$ annually.

        Of course anyone will look better than the Kardashians. They’re bottom of the barrel. But that wasn’t my point. I’m not talking about having sex tapes to jumpstart your career. My whole point was that the Kardashians and the Middletons both had the same goals: fame and money with greedy, pushy mothers who would do anything to secure wealth and status for themselves through their daughters.

        And comparing Kate to Kim doesn’t make one a “defender” of the Kardashians nor does it make one jealous, hater, or other juvenile descriptions of anyone who doesn’t hate Kim K or worship the Middletons.

        And it’s your opinion the Kardashians are “scum of the Earth”. I think they’re gross and trashy but I consider Hitler, murderers, and rapists to be ‘truly’ scum of the Earth. Not some famewhore celebrity and her coattail-riding family.

    • Liberty says:

      she missed Prince William by a couple of weeks when she decided to do charity work in Patagonia, Chile, just amazingly enough like him (maybe LAK can confirm this) – during their gap years when she was applying to get into his univ

      • LAK says:

        yes she did. Then she signed on to his Florence tour group, but he cancelled and didn’t go.

        This book finally names the connection that enabled all this planning namely Emilia d’Erlanger who has been a friend of both princes since their teens, if not younger.

        Kate befriends her, she’s introduced to the Princes’ circle and from then on in, she can make plans according to his plans. That Op Raleigh gig would have been planned a long time in advance, but getting information via Emilia, is neatly done.

  35. Lovereaction says:

    I do not see this end well, actually.

  36. Talie says:

    Jesus, if she really was that ambitious then she could’ve been the next Marissa Mayer.

  37. bettyrose says:

    This raises two questions in my mind:
    1. If they’re so tight with this Nicholl woman, why is she confirming widespread suspicions that cast the Middletons in a very unfavorable light?

    2. How does such an unequal relationship work? If not only Kate but her entire family lives only for him, how can William respect them?

    • d says:

      That’s what I was wondering. It’ll be interesting to see where these two are in a few years. Hard to imagine this union lasting a lifetime. The Palace always wins though. No matter what machinations the Middletons engage in, the Palace people have been around long enough to know how to come out on top.

    • Nat says:

      1. Maybe because if people believe that Kate stalked William, they would also have to believe that she really did do some charity work, or be seen as cherry picking their facts? For me, the truth is in the details: what’s numerous? Two visits? Three? Or was she genuinely dedicated?

      2. I think William’s too lazy to care about respecting people. He just wants people to do what he tells them to do.

    • Paulina says:

      IMO Something has gone down with KatieNicholl, she is revealing what she used to poo poo. She was the Middleton’s and Kate’s number one pusher during the dating years. This is what happens when climber reaches their goal and doesn’t give honor to the one person who helped build your image in the press Kate. Katie Nicholl’s worm has turned and imo more books are coming, which will be worse than this one, which basically goes back and forth between good Kate-Schemeing Kate-Carole

  38. TG says:

    @Emily – I agree. The secret is the charity work didn’t happen. I mean Waity was in the middle of training for a charity rowing race and she pulled out of it the minute the Prince came calling. Anyone who would do that has no commitment to charity and does not strike me as someone who had spent years doing charity work for no credit.

    • LAK says:

      Also, don’t forget that her official biography on the BRF’s website has used information from as far back as her school days to pad out her CV/extra curricular activities. No mention of charity work though we do know that she was on her school hockey team.

      I think when you are a grown up, at least approaching 30, your school achievements stop being a part of your CV,no?

      And yet, no mention of charities, not even as an interest or an ambition in the style of ‘world peace’ by every beauty contestant.

    • bluhare says:

      I remember reading about the charity rowing thing she pulled out of. Her excuse was that now that she was back with William, there would be too much attention on her if she continued. But if it’s for charity, is there such a thing as too much attention?

      • yellow rose says:

        That was disappointing. Kate had been an athlete and seemed so determined to do that race. She and William got back together–and she quit the team all of a sudden–and I can’t help wondering if he didn’t ask her to give it up.

      • LAK says:

        If i remember correctly, excuse given was that the paps were too much and the palace had advised her to pull out. Something the Palace later denied.

        Then it became public knowledge that she was back with William and on holiday. again.

        In as much as the palace has tried to make it clear what help they have or haven’t given her over the years, it’s never stopped the palace from being scapegoated by Kate and the Middletons to their own ends. ditto the paps.

        Which isn’t to say that we can’t blame the Palace or the paps for any number of things, but where Kate/Middletons are concerned, it’s always doubtful when that excuse is used. There is usually a different story underneath.

  39. bluhare says:

    I’m really surprised everyone thinks stalking is OK in this case. Because it was successful or because it was Kate after William?

    If a man was doing this to a woman . . . inserting himself everywhere she was, he’d be called a creep, perv, or something else.

  40. Elena says:

    I have friends and acquaintances who went to St. Andrew’s at the same time as Kate and William, and it was basic knowledge that Kate had done a fair bit of “stalking” to land a place close to William. What annoys me most – as a History of Art grad who has laboured through numerous internships and museum positions to finally land a job in the field – is Kate’s applying to History of Art just to be in the same course as William (not because she actually cared for the subject or indeed was at university to learn her chosen career path). A colleague of mine is a curator at the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace, and said that Kate has never even set foot in the gallery (which is filled with some of Britain’s greatest treasures). Some arts dedication there, and indeed, makes her degree at St. Andrew’s seem more like a finishing school than an actual university education for a 21st-century woman. I don’t see that as something for young women to aspire to, frankly.

  41. Denise says:

    I finally looked at the Party Pieces website, what a crap site, at least for what I was expecting. Barbie paper plates. You can see where Pippa gets her talents.

    Punctuation errors on the homepage and shockingly, a contest to win Waitrose food, the supermarket who inexplicably replaced Delia with Pips as a main contributor to their food mag. The Middletons are gross social climbers.

    And while I’m on a snark roll, from these photos would you ever guess this is a couple in their very early 30s? As an expat living in the UK I will never understand the rapid aging that occurs here, it’s obviously not a poverty issue.

    • CC says:

      It’s because Wills and Kate smoke cigarettes a lot. (I hope they’ve quit for George.) Also the duo were regular fixtures on the late-night drinking & clubbing scene in London (e.g. at Boujis)for almost a decade. That kind of lifestyle takes its toll on one’s looks.

      • yellow rose says:

        Eh, I don’t know. I’m the same age as William and Kate. I don’t have the forehead wrinkles that she does, but I don’t think she looks that old. While most of my friends who are early 30′s look our age, some have some wrinkles like Kate. And they haven’t been partying it up or living in the sun or smoking. Genetics plays a huge part. Will looks older, but that’s because he’s losing his hair. Imagine him with a full head of hair, and he’d look more youthful. (Btw, I live in the U.S., so I can’t speak to the “rapid aging” that Denise sees in the UK.)

  42. someone says:

    For all of you saying she stalked Prince William, you do realize she dated another guy during her first year at St Andrews? It has been acknowledged she dated Rupert Finch before William at St Andrews. If she was so intent on stalking William why did she date another guy and take the chance William wouldn’t want someone else’s sloppy seconds?

  43. Lark says:

    I wonder if Kate thinks it was worth it in the end? Also, Wills is a big boy and can make up his own mind–despite being stalked, it was his choice to marry her.

    • LAK says:

      His choice true, but did circumstances AKA pressure from various sources helped along by Kate’s media tour push him in that direction?

      It’s common knowledge that his family gave him an ultimatum ie marry her or dump her, but dumping her would mean no more ‘cosy’ dinners with Carole at Middleton manor.

      Further, whilst he hates the media, he is very sensitive to it and will often respond. All the not-so-subtle articles during Kate’s media tour telling the world, but really William, what a loss it would be if he didn’t get back with her. She was painted as the perfect princess, with pictures of her looking stunning every week in the papers with eligible men by her side. It didn’t matter that most of the men were William’s friends, the point was the message being sent to William which was that Kate was quite the catch.

      Paradoxically once they did get back together, the media articles changed tone to say that having strung her along for so long, getting back with her meant he had boxed himself into a corner and breaking up with her THIS TIME would make him a cad. forever.

      It’s an echo of how Charles was persuaded by media [as well as family] that Diana was the perfect catch for him.

      And we know how that turned out.

      • Annikins17 says:

        Not quite the same in my opinion.

        C&D came together as a potential couple only in the summer of 1980, courted part time for a few months before an adroit press campaign, including the delightful tidbits we owe to the Spencer family (I mean how many uncles can actually attest to the virginity of their nieces?) “convinced” Charles he (as you said it) had to propose pronto (early 1981). Diana certainly had a hand in it (maybe advised, maybe not) because at barely 19 she managed to snow this 32-year old fairly sophisticated man of the world into believing that they had enough in common to actually have a shot at having a satisfactory marriage.

        By contrast, W&K dated (perhaps on and off) but for extensive periods, lived together (as friends or more) for extensive periods, went away together, attended oodles of private events together (friends’ weddings, etc.) and in other words got to know each other the way most “regular” couples do.

        So, I think they both went in with their eyes wide open. So they have a far better chance of having a successful marriage than C&D ever did.

  44. Susei says:

    wait and see. i have this feeling this marriage won´t end well.

    My version:
    In a few years they´ll have two kids and will be fulltime ribbon cutters. William will be unhappy with his life because he hates his duties and all the cameras. He looks like a guy who will have a really bad midlife crisis with a lot of women and stupid actions.
    Kate has to accept that royal life isn´t that easy. She will hate all the work. Now she attends only movie premieres and galas. But the normal shedule of a working royal isn´t that glamourous. There will come a lot of silly/ boring/ uninteresting “jobs”. Always the same procedure (smiling, hand shaking, smiling, taking flowers, smiling, playing happy couple/ family, smiling, planting a tree, smiling, holding a speech, smiling, small talk with strangers, smiling, photo opportunity, smiling, driving to the next apperance)

    … and the royal kids will be mostly with their nannies. It´s no fairytale life.

  45. Jessica says:

    In a lot of ways it’s gotta suck to be Kate Middleton. To know your husband spent years desperately clawing around looking for a better wife candidate, and had no takers so finally settled on you. Ouch. She really did land him simply because he’d exhausted all other options, and unfortunately for her he wasn’t even slightly discreet about it, so it’s a verified part of history now and it will still be when/if they are King and Queen. And now she has to move in the same circles as all the women who were further up his list and all Williams friends (who don’t just know how it went down, many of them were the ones tasked with putting out feelers to find him a Waity replacement). I wonder if that isn’t the real reason she hides out with Mummy and Daddy. I have a feeling she thought the marriage would change everything, but inside those social circles that doesn’t grant her any prestige.

    • bettyrose says:

      The only difference between Kate and every previous wife of a king is the Internet. It’s not like the monarchy has been full of beautiful love stories prior to these two.

    • apsutter says:

      Agreed. I do feel bad for her in a lot of ways. She has been humiliated by the press and William for years and money/power is absolutely no substitute for real love and support from your partner. Even though she’s fabulously wealthy and has a relatively easy life I wouldn’t trade places with her for anything. I’ll stick with my average joe bf who makes a decent living but we both absolutely adore each other. I can’t imagine being stuck with a man who thinks so little of me

  46. PHD Gossip says:

    I think she landed him because she was so steady. No drama kate after the monarchy almost imploded with Diana’s instability. That was her supreme attraction to the Royal family. Call her lazy, call her common, call her dull but stable she is.

  47. HK9 says:

    It’s been well documented the lengths she went to to acquire him. However a lot of women do it for so much”less”. I know acomplished women who have chased their intended to other countries, had abortions for the men they eventually married, changed their hair/weight/clothes for the man they wanted and most of this was an unsuccessful exercise and not one of them ended up with a title much less end up being the consort to the future king of england. All this trouble was just for your average man!!???!!!

    I can’t count how many speechs at a wedding started with ” while it wasn’t love at first sight for – the bride/groom knew they had found the one”. In every relationship, somebody gets a little ” stalkrerish” , someone’s relatives advocate for the match and support it and somebody goes the extra mile to make it happen.

    Let’s stop acting as if women don’t do this every day. I for one am much too lazy to do all that Kate did to get her man, and I wouldn’t want her life(I like my privacy too much) but to have the whole world know each little cut & indignity you’ve endured for your relationship and you get up and keep on truckin’ you must admit, there’s a strength & tenacity in that which is a little scary. Which is why she is a Duchess and I am not.:-)

    • Green Girl says:

      Is it strength and tenacity, or is it really just desperation? I see it both ways, actually. Yes, Kate has the endurance of a marathon runner, but I think she was also desperate to keep Will. Can you imagine being humiliated in the papers by being called “Waity”? I don’t admire her for this, but she really did put up with a lot of garbage before they finally got married.

  48. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    On the one hand, Kate seems like a totally useless person to me — no goal in life other than to land William, no personality, no thoughts of her own, no friends of her own, lazy, insecure leading to an eating disorder, willing to be a man’s doormat, unintelligent and barely able to string a coherent sentence together (“Can you . . . um . . . test the smell . . . um . . . of the tea . . . by smelling it?”).

    But on the other hand, what if she was a smart and hard working person, like a doctor? And what if she and William really loved each other? Wouldn’t it be sadder if a dedicated doctor had to give up her life to be with the man she loved? That would be much sadder. So in a way, this is a better situation. I just don’t like to hear Kate praised for doing nothing more than styling her hair and wearing a size 0, as if that’s some kind of accomplishment and role model for all women — that’s insulting to women. But it’s probably better that William marry a dumb woman with no career who is willing to be his doormat, than a smart and accomplished one, who would care that he ignores her or forced her to give up a career.

    • Hello says:

      I wonder if people in Denmark were saddened that Crown Princess Mary gave up her career to marry Crown Prince Frederick?

      • Sachi says:

        Mary’s degree in Commerce-Law didn’t mean she was a lawyer. She didn’t get a job in Commerce, either.

        Mary’s CV is only slightly better than Kate’s and well-padded by the Danish Palace PR machine. She had no actual career even though she was already in her 30s when she met Frederik.

        Mary had 7 jobs in 5 years. She was job-hopping from one entry-level job to another, never getting promoted nor achieving anything important at any of her jobs. She was also in debt with credit card companies before moving to Denmark and depending on Frederik financially.

        Think of her as Kate’s more street-smart cousin for getting the ring in 3 years to Kate’s 10. Their time as royal GFs were practically spent the same way: being at the Prince’s beck and call and transforming themselves into their idea of an elegant, sophisticated royal, ie. weight loss, skin treatments, etc. Like Kate, Mary fed Fred with images of a loving family, an adored grandmother, and a “normal” life.

        If any Princess should regret giving up her career, it should be Letizia of Spain or Masako of Japan. Both were highly successful women who gave up prestigious jobs only to be treated horribly by the institution they married into, used as scapegoats by the media. They must love their husbands, not their titles, to take on such a misogynist media and monarchy.

      • StaCat1 says:

        Sachi is right. Mary was hardly on a career “path” when she met Frederik..but BOY did she hustle when she met him in the pub during the Olympics. Girlfriend definitely showed ambition to get herself moved to Europe FAST.

    • loira says:

      That can be said about practically any consort prince or princes, from Japan to Denmark, to Spain to England or Sweden.
      Why the fixation on Kate?
      Hey even some first ladies and husbands take on the role of consort of politicians and support their partner in his/her job, putting aside their own.
      I think

    • Lovereaction says:

      Actually you are right. Only the women with no life on her own can take on a royal life. The norwegian prince married the same useless creature as well and it turnes out good for them.

  49. Trudy says:

    the new born prince will be stalked by women when he is older as well. anybody ever watched ‘the other Boleyn girl’, about how anne Boleyn’s family schemed to get the girls at court then got them to flirt with the king then for one sister to bed him while the other one teased him and held out until he decided to marry her.

    of course we all know that ended badly and they fell harder than most other royal schemers. and the scheming has to continue because divorce is no problem nowadays.

  50. iseepinkelefants says:

    I knew about her changing her plans to St. Andrews and then trying to stalk him in South America during gap year, but I didn’t know they met prior to St. Andrew’s. How pathetic that he met her numerous times and didn’t show any interest until she walked out in that skirt thing.

    As for the charity bs, yea right whatever spin you want to put on it doesn’t change the fact that in those 9 years the only charity do she seemed to take part in was that rollerskating atrocity. IF she had been doign charity all along the paps, who were constantly stalking her, would have known. Nice lie Palace PR machine but some of us don’t have that bad of memories. I remember those 9 years, you’re not going to fool me.

  51. Flower says:

    I wonder why the Middletons ‘journalist in the pocket’ is actually saying flat out that Kate and her mother connived to trap William, it certainly isn’t putting either of them in a good light.

  52. MegG says:

    I still don’t really see the appeal in marrying just for money/ title. Especially how that worked out for princess Diana.

  53. Xantha says:

    I’m not sure how can anyone say that Kate has game. If any of the other aristocratic women had taken up William’s offer, she would be a footnote by now.

    Yeah there were other women trying to do what she was doing but really, she just got lucky that over time fewer and fewer women wanted him. Not much game needed there.

    • Xantha says:

      And it seems like the press is starting to turn on William and Kate just a bit. I mean the Daily Mail is one of their biggest ass kissers and they are now bringing the past back up the unwhitewashed version. Sure they’re promoting a book but I thought the whitewashing would continue for a few more years.

  54. poppy says:

    So it’s perfectly acceptable for William to choose Cathrine but not for Cathrine to choose William -before knowing him? This article seems as if written from the viewpoint of a 1960′s housewife -bashing females. So what? she wanted to go to the same university that the future King of England was going to attend? Wouldn’t the future king’s presence lend that university positive notoriety? And after all, she did the hard academic work to gain acceptance to those institutions – she earned the choice. mileyrobinthicke/gaga/”50 shades”- all more objectifying.They’re the true antithesis of female individualism and progress and not the paradigm where I want my daughters residing.

    • brumhildawayne says:

      No offense, but chastising women for not shying away from their sexuality seems a little 1960s housewife, too.

    • Flower says:

      The main point was that she had accepted a place at Edinburgh a much more prestigious university but flipped them the bird when it was announced William was going to St Andrews. If it was all about being an independent modern woman (cough) getting the best education she could and actually doing something with her life then she would have stayed with the Edinburgh choice.

      Instead she chose to throwing herself in the path of the future King every chance she got, not to mention where William went other upper crusties were sure to follow making the fishing pool that much bigger for the Wisteria sisters if her first choice in the nobility stakes fell through

  55. lola lola says:

    Why does these kinds of stories always make the woman the ‘evil stalker’ while the man is the hapless doofus? Isn’t this a little 1950s for Celebitchy?

  56. Winnie says:

    Also guys another thing is William wouldn’t be seen dead with Kate, I mean he didn’ want to be photographed with her compared to how Harry is happy to be seen with Cressida Bonas so early on in their relationship. Even at Diana concert William didn’t want Waity to sit next to him but Harry sat next to Chelsy. It just show’s Baldy settled for Kate as no one else was interested hence why he didn’t want her on his arm or to be seen with her during early stages for like 6 years. Its really so sad and think it will end in tears as already you can see Carole heavily involved in taking care of George and Kate as William doesn’t support her in anyway I think especially emotionally. I also wonder what really goes on and wonder what the men in grey-suits will do when they get to KP.

    Also knowing how badly Baldy treated waity, not being pictured with her, or on his 21st birthday having Jecca his made of honour and sitting with her while Kate sat at at the below salt table, friends and even Harry calling her limpet is just painful so I think she doesn’t love him either but wants to please her mother and is in love with being with a prince and being a princess as can’t believe how she has taken to the job of been a duchess, its like she trained for it for years.

    • Apples says:

      During Diana’s concert, William and Kate weren’t currently dating- he invited her anyway given their history.

      • Paulina says:

        Yes during time of Diana Concert, Kate was DUMPED. She took the scraps Willie boy threw her, attended the Concert as a friend… and not only was she invited but also her family. Look at the photos, Carole, Pippa , Jim, the entire Midds clans sitting to the side behind William. Also look at many of the photos, Kate is NOT watching the Concert, she’s watching William, practically the entire time. CREEPY. (So is Carole getting plenty of eyeing of William during the Concert.)
        Then the next morning after the Concert she’s seen leaving the Palace in the same clothes, she went did the deed, but was still dumped, it was a few weeks later he finally took her back when she was at a party and was on him so agressively ,that the people at the party told them to get a room. (Yes, she’d definately fit right in with that Kardashian clan. ) Then after that spending the party weekend in his room , reports came took her back. Yes girl knew her game. IMO Carole was the heart of the relationship, Kate was the body. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Creepy.

  57. apsutter says:

    She had the grades to get into Edinburgh but decided to forget about her own plans to follow around a man…what a feminist icon. *I’m seriously eye rolling so hard at her right now I think my eyes might fall out of their sockets.

    • poppy says:

      how do you know that was the reason she didn’t choose Edinburgh?
      Because this article (and others) speculate that snaring a prince at St.Andrews is the reason she didn’t attend Edinburgh. It is this speculation that portrays the female as the cunning, stalking seductress with designs on men. You are looking at my comment through the exact paradigm that I am referring to! i’m not a feminist, i’m an individualist, I do not think of women as a homogeneous group that needs defending but also do not attribute (very)dated stereotypes/motives to women.
      The truth is: no one knows why she didn’t attend Edinburgh.

      • kiyoshigirl says:

        Totally agree with your viewpoints here. A lot of this is over blown, much ado about nothing. These are two adults who made adult decisions to date, marry and have children. Our opinions mean nothing to them, nor should they. We all choose our paths. They chose theirs. These never ending, salacious books and articles perpetuating the antiquated stereotype that a woman has to trap a man are ridiculous. If over a period of 10 years there were ups and downs, offs and ons, good times and bad, I would suggest that is no different than any other 10 year relationship. I find it ironic that she is being judged for being less than a feminist because she didn’t race to the alter before a “certain” age. Surely she lived her life and did her own thing over those years. The fact that she chose to do them alone rather than run into the arms of whatever man that pursued her says more to me about her character than if she had. Everyone loves a fairy tale, and apparently everyone loves a soap opera too.

  58. Aurelia says:

    Ha,this journalist isn’t the only one the Midds have on speed dial. They paid for an artcile in 2013 in British GQ Mag dedicated to saying what a “mans man” gaydar destroying James the brother was. Snort, snort. It was a scream. It listed all the young phillies he was down with. Spose they have to pay Donna Aire too to appear like the perfect family.

    My 72 year old mother informed me James’s boyfriend and sometime flatmate at the cheslsea pad is the Australian, recently out swimmer Ian Thorpe.

    No wonder it was a bit of a squeeze when Karole and Mike came to stay.

  59. StaCat1 says:

    This is true of most of the crown princess in Europe right now..if you go down the line–most of them went OUT OF THEIR WAY to make sure they threw themselves in their prince’s radar/path. Stalking of Crown princes is hardly Kate’s domain. this is not news..nor nothing new.

    • Paulina says:

      The difference is Most of the current Crown Princesses, had their OWN lives and were living it when they just happened to meet their Princes. None of them had plans to meet a Prince nor did they have pushy mother’s telling them to stalk their Princes from the time they were teens. Kate is in a lower class all by herself in terms of stalking and scheming from day one.

      • StaCat1 says:

        I can’t say Mary of denmark or Mette Marit had their OWN lives. Kate totally made sure she was in William’s sights-but she is FAR from the first. As I said hardly new or news, imo.
        Diana did the same. She was already in the social circles so it was easier for her.

        Mary knew princes would be the pub the night they met and she plotted that course. She dropped any ambitions she had in Australia and worked hard to move to Europe asap to be near Frederik. If you look at her “arc” from life in Oz to denmark- it’s an amazing lesson in spin and rebranding.

        Letizia, Masako and Maxima are the three, from what I have read, who truly had ambition outside of landing a wealthy and royal husband.

  60. Aurelia says:

    Gad and remember when Willie middleton threatend to leave University? It was Waity Kaity (aka Karole) who convined him to stay put. I guess it meant kate would have had to leave uni as well and keep on stalking him.

  61. jemshoes says:

    Kate and William got married, and they’re now happy first-time parents — what’s the point of dredging up this kind of stuff? At the end of the day, William needed a certain kind of wife to be his partner and helpmate in the position he has and if Kate was Waity then what she did only proved her tractability and complaisance, and her reward is what it is: a life of true privilege, position and comfort. I don’t envy or admire her, or blame or judge her.

  62. Paulina says:

    Many of us who have followed this faux romance from the beginning knew that Kate stalked William. This girl was obsessed, she followed him to Chile, in her year off from University before making contact w him, but the Palace pulled him out of there two weeks b4 she came in, so she missed him, but when she arrived, she still thought he was there. There is more, her boyfriend before William lived on Diana Spencer’s family Estate, and was part of William’s circle. This chick was boinking her way to William. IMO.
    She’s just like a Sports groupie, chasing athlete’s to marry only she chased a Prince. She and her mother are cold, calculating climbers and all of the Aristo set was well aware of Kate and steered clear of her for the most part. Pippa can’t bag an Aristo, because everyone knows about this climbing family. The Middleton’s and Kate are just BritishKardashian’s, except the Kardashsians probably have more money in the bank.
    Tacky Middleton’s,Kate and her mother worked on weak William like a two spiders. Now it’s three in the marriage Kate-Carole-William. Kate knows she can’t cut mummy loose because William is also emotionally dependent on the mom in their relationship. Without Carole in the mix, this union won’t last , mark my word. Kate is just a empty WAG, smiling and telling Willie boy anything he wants to hear; while Carole keeps that emotional family connection going for him, he craves. He was played masterfully by two grasping, clutching, scheming spiders, Carole and Kate.

    • Winnie says:

      Wow Paulina you hit it on the head!

      And when I saw the pics of Kate looking at him forever at Diana concert its creepy, she is fucking crazy and obsessed with him. Its also creepy how Carole is the brain and mouth piece for all her girls telling them what to do and how to land an aristo however like you said no one will touch Pippa and remember the gun incident in Paris? Lord have mercy, Alex Loudon must of thanked his lucky stars as his family even said she aint marriage material. Also Carole worse then Kris Jenner IMO as sent Kate to William and Pippa to the prince of the north Earl George Percy and his family now keep Pippa away from him but I have heard she still beg friends him to go to events with her just in-case there could be something as let me tell you this she will drop Nico no-title in a heart beast. Sheesh

      Also Willy dont really want to be near Kate or live under same roof as her hence why she runs to mummy dearest, things aint going well. And when Carole dies who she going to run to, Pippa flat arse pancake and Nico Jackson house when he becomes her hubby?

      Apparently when she had morning sickness she drove herself or with her mother with paps waiting at hospital, she defo called them and maybe wanted the world to now Willy is never there for her and wanted him to be by her side hence the whole fiasco and him coming from Northumberland after party with the boys. Thats when I realised they were living separately and baldy wasnt really working as RAF! Royals need to be abolished when Queen Lizzie dies in my opinion! END THIS FARCE!

      Also Pualina I think its more than social climbing and more politically motivated to get William to do what Carole and Michael want trust be there is a long game strategy here like the Boleyns, disturbing right?

      Also after William humiliated her, and still not loving her right or being there for her surely Kate dont love him too, or she delusional and can ever forget what he has done to her! Its creepy and sad!

      Watch this video from 1:20 and tell me what you think, as at 1:50 I think he ignores her as she tries to get his attention and at 1:20 she doesnt know what to do as no one tells her to shake hands with people or walk behind William and his mentors!