Robin Thicke’s gross pick-up line: ‘I just love the fact that you’re so young’

Last week, this sketchy photo of Robin Thicke was making the rounds. At first it just looked like Robin was posing with some random blonde at a VMA after-party, but then when you looked closely at the reflection in the mirror, you could see that Robin was groping the blonde. The blonde is named Lana Scolaro, and Lana thinks she’s super-famous now. She gave an interview to Life & Style (via Page Six) where she tells the real story of what went down. Hint: it’s grosser than we originally imagined.

Robin Thicke did more than just grab blonde Lana Scolaro’s derrière as shown in a photo taken at 1Oak’s VMA party last week, the 20-year-old claims in the latest issue of Life & Style. Scolaro says she hooked up with the “Blurred Lines” singer, 36, while his wife, Paula Patton, was just a few feet away and that he approached using the line, “I just love the fact that you’re so young.”

“His hands were everywhere,” Scolaro, who says she met Thicke at a party a week earlier, tells the magazine. She also claims Thicke told her Patton was “chill” and encouraged Lana to talk to her.

Scolaro says she later accompanied the couple to a bash at a suite in the Greenwich Hotel, where Thicke followed her to the bathroom. She tells the mag, “He turned off the lights so no one could see us, and he started making out with me. He was grabbing me. He was like, ‘I want to get you into bed!’ ”

But an insider tells us Thicke and Patton were together all night and that neither is concerned about the story.

[From Page Six]

Again, I have to think that many of you are right about Robin and Paula’s marriage – they’ve been together for a long time and maybe they have some kind of understanding. Perhaps it’s an open marriage, perhaps Robin is allowed some strange, and if that’s the case, I sort of hope Paula is getting some strange too, just to make it even. But all of the stories seem to be about Robin and his wandering dong, which makes me think that Paula either isn’t fooling around or she keeps her game on the downlow much more than Robin.

As for his gross pick-up line, “I just love the fact that you’re so young”… I would heave a little if a man said that to me or anyone around me. GROSS.

Here are some photos of Robin doing some “happy family” photo ops in Miami over the past week:

Photos courtesy of Twitter, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. lucky says:

    is that a bulge? Or bathing suit material?

    • Jen says:

      When he has his sunglasses on he looks exactly a younger Simon Cowel. I hope she is proud of herself for putting herself out there for all of family and friends to see that she laid down for this guy. I hope my daughter never does anything lke that to degrad herself and lose her self respect. They both are disgusting.

  2. WendyNerd says:

    Chris Brown still wins for “I promise I won’t beat you” but… yeah… that’s pretty bad.

    I have also always figured they were “open”, as it were. Whatever, not my marriage. But it’s still nasty for him to be going for girls that young and here’s one of the many reasons: pick one old enough to have some sense and discretion.

    • Lindy says:

      I think a girl old enough to have some sense and discretion would be less interested in going home with him and his wife.

      Besides, she’s over 18. Old enough to join the army, old enough to f*** Robin and Paula. Or to sell them out, as the case may be.

    • Jayna says:

      Like Lamar with the attorney in her thirties or however old she is? Jeez, even an attorney turns into a fame-ho and sells her story. That party girl has probably been with so many men already. She is from a well-to-do family I guess since they loosely called her a socialite. I would have thought she would not have wanted to sell a story to a mag.

      What is sadder to me, while it appears they have an open marriage and were looking at her for a threesome possibly, I don’t know, the fact that Paula and Robin are out together and he’s off with this chick in a bathroom grosses me out. But I guess if Paula and Robin invited her to go along with them to the hotel suite party that Paula was in on it. It looks like Robin was doing some trolling for them that night. Yuck.

      • TG says:

        I keep meaning to look up where this attorney went to school and where she works because she does not sound like the intelligent attorneys I work with who went to top schools. I bet she has some online degree or something.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I think both Paula and Robin get some strange on the side. It was on this site, at least six months ago–there was an article about either Paula or Robin. But that was one of the first times their open marriage was discussed–a poster said that they thought the Thicke’s had an open marriage because one of her friends got propositioned pretty heavily by Paula. This person said that she was an aggressive flirt.

  3. LadyMTL says:

    Ew, this guy is revolting. I was never a fan but now I’d like to shove him back under whatever rock he crawled out from.

  4. brin says:

    Threesomes. He is a sleazy douche.

  5. Aussie girl says:

    What’s with the shirt? Must have an average bod or man issues. Been sun smart doesn’t suit him

  6. TherapyCranes says:

    The way he’s grabbing her ass totally creeps me out. Is he trying to use her as a puppet? I’ve never heard any of this guys’ songs but he seems so scummy.

  7. Libby says:

    I used to have an open relationship once upon a time. It had its good points but also afew issues.

    As long as Paula is making this choice from an empowered and liberated place, they’ll be fine. I just hope its not one of those ‘hes going to cheat anyway’ deals. Or even worse, emotional detachment.

    I love Paula, I saw a raw interview she did and she was smart, fun and very kind to a seeming rookie reporter.

  8. Flea says:

    “Thanks. And I just love how you poof your hair up to hide all that scalp.”

    Can’t believe he’s only 36. I thought he was in his 40s.

  9. LahdidahBaby says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Thicke and Simon Cowell must have been separated at birth? both sexual opportunists, too. awwwk. Creeps of a feather.

  10. Lex says:

    He is probably really sad his major fame has come at this late stage when he can’t openly be the lothario he would like to be.

    • erin says:

      I totally agree!!
      On a different note: I hate those sunglasses. They make him look like a douche.. well fitting then..

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        I prefer to call a sleazy guy like Robin a Dick ’cause douche is a holy sacrament that cleanses my goddess parts. Seriously, I’m just not down with using the feminine as an insult for grossness. To me, it’s like saying “That’s so Gay.” or calling someone a pussy. Am I the only one who thinks this?

        I know errybody seems to use the term ‘douche’ as a pejorative for a sleazy, skeezy guy, and that is completely their choice. Whatever floats your boat, and I agree those sunglasses are totally creeper couture.

      • MistyNinja says:

        @sloane wyatt

        I use the insult Douche because Douching is the absolute worst thing to do to your vagina. Just like guys I call douches are the worst thing for vaginas. I never use the word starting with cu or pussy to describe someone. Because anything that can push out a baby is no wimp.

        So when I call someone a douche I mean keep that thing away from your genitals ladies.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Thanks, MistyNinja.

        You’re right that routine douching is really bad for your vaginal health; I hadn’t looked at it from the perspective that a douche guy was the worst thing to have in your vagina.

        Let’s see, how to say this without over sharing – once a month chemical free douching meant downtown was only a day away, so I never got why douche was used as an insult.

      • nicegirl says:

        @Sloane Wyatt, I totally agree! I always say “breast up” instead of that stupid sac comment used.

        Let’s get rid of the word douche (all female bashing words!)as an insult! Not sure of another insult to take it’s place, though- what do you think of “he/she’s an unwashed jock strap”?

        We’ll work on it . . .

        Now, what’s the word for a male dog? just DOG, huh . . .

    • Lake Mom says:

      His dad is just as skeevy…hitting on much younger girls in the grossest way. Ugh!

  11. renee says:

    I couldn’t place who he reminded me of. I just realized that it’s Simon Cowell…not a good look.

  12. Nicka says:

    Supposedly his wife and him like to have threesomes. If that’s the case, hey more power to them. It’s not my life or my marriage. If you believe the blinds lately, Paula and Robin were looking for a 3rd at the party, found Blondie McRaccoon, and Robin set off to make it happen. Paula called it off for some reason, they left together (and without a 3rd), and this public shaming is part of blondie’s revenge plan since she didn’t make the cut. It all sounds plausible considering the rumblings for years about their bedroom preferences. Robin’s behavior at the party would coinside with the idea that his wife and him were trolling for strange, while the fact that he left willingly and alone (with his wife) when Paula called it off is telling. In the future, they need to go back to picking more discreet and perhaps older 3rds. Of course blinds are subjective, but it does seem plausible.

    • Cazzee says:

      Excellent analysis!

      And good advice, too, about being more discreet. They’re consenting adults and everything, but they do have a child together – and if this stuff keeps getting out, in a few years he’s going to start hearing things at school.

    • Carolyn says:

      agree – good analysis.

      I thought his obvious pickup line would be “I know you want it”.

      He’s lucky he has one stellar hit. There’ll be no major follow-up. Too old and too sleazy.

      Older people forget that young ones these days take pics with their iphone and go straight to the media. Silly man.

  13. TG says:

    I am someone who didn’t know much or anything about Robin Thicker or Paula Patton. I just know that the impressions he made in the few interviews I have heard over the years was that he was devoted to his wife. She seemed to be in love with him too and she is super hot, although those bangs are doing her no favors. They make her look hard and tough. Anyway I loved his Blurred Lines but since his VMA’s performance all this nasty stuff had come to light and it is disappointing h. Also so ce I can’t stand Justin Timberdouche I was happy to see Thicke getting all the attention and showing what a copycat Timberdouche is. I had the same bad experience with Phelps and Ryan Lochte during the Olympics. Many of is couldn’t stand Phelps and was happy to see someone best him in a race but once that interview of Lochte was played and all his subsequent interviews he came tumbling down the pedestal I had placed him on. So Lochte and Thicke are not dumb and not worth my respect.

  14. Evie says:

    good GAWD this guy skeeves me out. ::shudder::

  15. Beep says:

    In the last Pic he looks like Rob Kardashian. The current, fat Rob.

  16. doofus says:

    While I don’t doubt that they do have an “understanding”, most often those “understandings” come with the caveat that the partner who strays is DISCREET about it so as not to embarrass the couple or the spouse who allows it.

    what happens is that, due to the freedom to stray, the person who does so gets careless, because they’re essentially allowed to do it in the first place.

  17. JudyK says:

    What a degenerate creep, and they have a creepy marriage. Why be married.

    He turns my stomach.

    • Jay says:

      Dislike him as you wish but every time I see “why be married” in response to relationships like this it kind of bugs me. Like marriage is just about sexual exclusivity or has to mean the same thing to everyone? If I had to pick the most important reason I married my wife, it wasn’t the promise of sexual exclusivity. I can conceive of a someone having a relationship where sex is not a big deal and is merely recreational, but there are other things that the couple alone share that make them bound to each other.

      • drdoolittling says:

        Of course a man would say that, lol. I agree with the other poster: why get married? I’m guessing a business arrangement but it just makes no sense TO ME why you would dedicate yourself (not married but don’t most vows have something about monogamy?) to another person but continue to have sex with other people. Its just weird Imo.

        But it’s not my marriage so whatever floats their boat. I mean, if people bitch about gay people wanting to get married, why not this?

      • Jay says:

        “Of course a man would say that, lol.” Oh, come on. I’m echoing the sentiment of my wife, too. (She’s smart, strong, independent and a medical professional, incidentally.) Can you really dismiss the message based on such a superficial judgement?

        Who knows what *their* marriage vows were? Like I said, it’s not one-size-fits-all.

        Anyway, I think you’re missing my point. It seems bizarre to me when people think of marriage as being some sort of property rights contract. “Do we need to communicate, understand each other, support each other? Nah, just as long as you don’t go sleeping around, to Hell with the rest of it.”

        The thing I value most out of my marriage most is the communication and trust, not the exclusivity. So, if there was something she wasn’t getting out of the marriage, I presume we would talk about it. …is it still just like a guy to say something like that?

    • TherapyCranes says:

      Wow. I agree with Jay. There are other reasons to get married. I am a WOMAN and I’m backing up the MAN saying that. Stop being sexist.

  18. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Lana Tuscadero is probably suffering some major remorse after realizing she hooked up with ‘that guy’ wearing a shirt in the pool! Eww!

    No amount of tabloid cash could erase that image of Thicke’s man boobs and puffy gut slithering against her.

    Robin is so gross that I can’t seem to restrain my snark.

  19. Annie says:

    I will never understand open relationships. What’s the point of being with one person AND everyone else? What’s the point of finding someone if you still feel like boning other people, and how many people can you be attracted to?? Plus, it doesn’t work. It’s just two people who want to be single and play the field but still want to keep the safe option. It’s dumb.

  20. Aura says:

    So weird- I followed this girl on Instagram a while ago after seeing her on the Rich Kids of Instagram page. Her lifestyle is insane!

  21. lolita says:

    I have to say I’m a little bit traumatized after reading all the blind.reveals on CDAN especially about robin,I always found him likeable on that real husbands of Hollywood (guilty pleasure. Don’t judge) but now I feel like I need a shower

    • Original A says:

      CDAN is a fake though, he got exposed by the NYDN. He goes back and changes stories on his website. That said there have been rumors for years about these two and some of it was from their own interviews. It is likely they like threesomes….people talk.

  22. Mandy says:

    Eh, for some reason he doesn’t bother me. Did anyone here listen to his interview with Howard Stern? He didn’t really grow up in an ordinary household. His dad (Alan Thicke) had a revolving door of young, hot girlfriends his whole life. This is what he is used to. I say if Paula doesn’t have a problem with any of this, why should we?

  23. Fabgrrl says:

    Meh. If that’s Robin and Paula’s thing, so be it. Maybe everything was going to plan until that photo was taken and Paula was like, too much exposure, we’re going home. I’ve known a couple in their 30s, with a young child, who like to bring 20 something girls home for fun. And I was a 20 something girl at the time….

  24. Diana says:

    And people here were saying this dude was better than JT. I mean, Justing is a mayor A-hole but boy can he perform! This dude was so bad at the VMA’s it was simply embarrasing, while JT’s performance was one of the best of the night.

  25. Felice says:

    I like older guys but I just threw up a little. Never bring up age in an inappropriate fashion if you date older or younger.

  26. mommak918 says:

    Gag. Sooo, I was a Robin Thicke fan…
    All his music has a certain ‘sexy’ level to it. But, with the VMAs…this picture and this story has me grossed out. He isn’t sexy. I don’t get the button down shirt in the pool or the sunglasses…lol or the hair.
    My husband is 36 and looks amazing. Robin looks sad and try hard.

    Oy, amazing how things can change so quickly….
    The performance @ the vmas and his beetlejuice outfit were enough to make me change my mind.

  27. Kiddo says:

    His hair in that photo jump is terrible. And, once again, I’m missing the appeal. He looks like a younger version of Simon Cowell.

  28. Jinx says:

    Let’s skip to the “bottom” line. Miley can’t actually twerk. If you’re going to “culturally assimilate,” at least do it correctly. Y’all should go to YouTube and search ‘best twerking.’ You’ll see what I mean.

  29. Claudia says:

    Memories. The creepiest line is “you’re really mature for your age…” which I got from 20+ year old men trying to pick me up when I was 13. And I’ve always looked younger than I am.

    This girl seems really opportunistic. I think she turned a grope (i agree it’s gross) into a lot more story (the pickup line, the making out) for more coverage

  30. jESSICA says:

    Any cuteness, sexiness I thought he had has completely gone out the window since the performance at the VMA’s and now this picture.. sorry but gross me out..

  31. Hannah says:

    I Was never a big fan but I liked him. After the vma and this pic he is just a sleazy old man to me. What’s more he will always be the poor mans Justin timberlake talent wise.

  32. Bread and Circuses says:

    I choose to ignore the sleaze and focus on how darned cute his kid is. What a little sweetie!

  33. Emily C. says:

    Did anyone actually expect a guy who sings a rape ballad to be anything less than a complete douche toward women? This is actually not nearly as bad as I was expecting, considering who it is.

    • Jay says:

      Help me out… I keep seeing this comment that it’s a song about rape so I looked up the lyrics and it doesn’t seem deep or coherent enough to be about anything in particular other than a guy trying to pick up a girl. What’s the bit that makes this clear to people?

      • Jay says:

        Hmm. My previous post didn’t go through. So, to keep the reply shorter and filter-friendly: Thanks for the link. I had hoped that the interpretation was obvious (so that the criticism would be justified) and that I’d just missed it, but it’s not obvious. This is an interpretation that requires some assumptions.

        At face value, there’s nothing in the song that suggests it’s non-consensual. The line before the first underlined one is “so hit me up when you passing through [and]…” It’s an invitation, which she’d have to “hit him up” to accept. It seems to me like the guy is singing about trying to figure out whether or not she’s into rough sex. Though yet another interpretation I’ve seen is that he’s singing about getting her to cheat on her husband (who is presumably more bland).

        Like I said… it’s too vague to be about anything in particular so it becomes an ink blot test. Or like when people can only hear the alleged backwards messages in a song after they’ve been told what they should be hearing. I agree it’s sexist and demeaning language, though.

        And, TRULY, I don’t actually like the lyrics or the guy, so I’m not trying to defend him. I just like to think for myself and not just take other people’s word for things.

        It’s enlightening to read the comments on that article and see what some other perspectives are, though. Particularly the one from the survivor.

      • Joh says:

        The title… Blurred lines…
        The line being blurred is the girl saying no and the guy hearing yes….”You Know You want it.”
        That is actually the scenario of many rapes.
        Many, many, many rapes….. ESP date rapes!
        Given The benefit of the doubt it is a catchy little piece of fluff about pressuring a girl into sex….
        Pure class.

      • Jay says:

        @Joh: I’ll grant you the song is crass, but rape is about non-consensual acts and I don’t see intent to commit non-consensual acts in the lyrics. The guy is claiming mixed signals in the song, and is whining about it, and yeah I could see how alarm bells might be going off in the girl’s head, but, as you say, giving him the benefit of the doubt he doesn’t ever state an intent to act without her consent, and there are a couple places where he seems to be leaving it as an invitation. So in other words I feel the song is about as creepy as his pickup line that this article is about, but it takes a leap to be *certain* it’s about rape. I can 100% understand a girl in that situation not wanting to stick around to find out, though. Fair?

  34. xxx says:

    Well I have yet to hear of an open marriage that survives long term…May be fine now but in the long run someone will end up with a bad deal in the end (the wife) and he’ll never stop. I think he’s deluded himself into thinking he has talent, I don’t like the word celebutard but there’s no other word. I highly doubt he has anything to do with the music he sings.

    • Jayna says:

      He does have talent. He wrote songs for others for years and then slowly, album by album, has built a nice R&B solo career of his own. This song isn’t his usual style, but he wanted to make a lighter, fun album, which Blurred Lines brought his first cross-over hit on pop radio, too, but he’s been around.

  35. Maggie says:

    His marriage is his business. The guy just simply creeps me out.

  36. CatJ says:

    Someone on Gawker wrote in regarding the lyrics of Blurred Lines, and she changed it to read:
    Lil’ fuzzy thing, try to domesticate you
But you’re an animal, you know it’s in your nature.

    I’ll let you outside now

    Hey hey hey
And you can pee on things

    Hey hey hey
Then you can have a treat.
    ‘Cuz you’re a good dog!
    know you want it (treats).
I know you want it.
I know you want it.
’Cuz you’re a good dog

    Now when the song is running through my head, I use these lyrics, and crack myself up.
    Helps me overlook the creepiness of Robin and Thickheadedness.

  37. phaksi says:

    I loved him so much when he didnt do a gazillion interviews. He needs to stop talking and let the music speak for itself

  38. Louise says:

    This man has such a punchable face

  39. Saffron says:

    Meh, he an his wife obviously have some kind of arrangement..whatever floats their boat. But I think it’s universal that everyone thinks this guy is sleazy and skeevy. He makes my flesh crawl.

  40. Bridget says:

    Um, that was totally a ”couple” pickup. Seriously, ”you shoukd go talk to her she’s really nice?”

  41. betty says:

    I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. This couple has been together since high school and know each other quite well. I read in an interview that they communicate with one another about what’s going on in their lives. When she wanted to bare her breast in her movie with Denzel he said fine and she had input in his new video. All men aren’t insecure and jealous about their wives and the same goes for the wives. They appear to work as a team. What might seem bizarre for others works for them. They have been together for 12 yrs and that is saying a lot for a couple their ages. It shows they both have staying power. Groupies will always be there but they go home to each other.

  42. Jayna says:

    I knew I had read or heard him in an interview saying they don’t have an open marriage and talked about why not. So I’m shocked this girl came along with them to a hotel suite party. That’s small enough where Paula couldn’t have been blind to what was going on. But, I mean, he didn’t invite her home for both. He said he would call her when he got back from a trip to hook up.

    “We have the most emotional [relationship], the biggest fights. Stuff gets broken all the time. That’s what a lot of my last album “Love After War” was about, all the fighting. She’s a very intelligent, passionate person. We’re both A-type personalities so we butt heads all the time. Luckily, we just had a 3-week period where we got to be in Europe and Paris and vacation together that we hadn’t had in years. Right now love is in bloom. We work it out. I think it’s actually listening to the other person once in a while and what they’re saying.

    On If Paula Ever Gave Him A Pass In Their Marriage To Hook Up With Someone Else
    She didn’t have to. We had some great party years, she knows how to party. She might tease the idea, but I know she doesn’t want that. She may make it seem [like that], but I know she doesn’t want nothing like that.[...]She’s got to star with all these good looking men in the movies and powerful actors and stuff, so I don’t want to open that door to making any of that okay.

    She’s the same with everybody. She’s always very happy, very light, very friendly, but she always makes sure it’s a respectful relationship. I used to be really jealous about that stuff, but as the years go by you know who your person is and you know how they come home to you. [We've been together] about 20 years. We were 14 when we met. One of the deeper songs, one of my favorite songs on the album is called “For the Rest of My Life,” and it’s about how her and I fell in love when we were teenagers. It’s really nice like a wedding song.”

  43. Really? says:

    This is really gross…on one hand, he’s wearing his wedding ring, and the other hand seems to be firmly implanted all deep up in some skank-arse…can’t figure out if this photo was an accident or planned…it’s like ever since Californication, all the douche-bag cheaters united and came out of the wood work.

  44. lady_luck says:

    He makes my skin crawl. No end.