Angelina Jolie ignored her dad Jon Voight at a Golden Globes after party

Every few months, a reporter will ask Angelina Jolie’s estranged father Jon Voight if he’s met his grandchildren yet and he’ll say that he hasn’t, but that he hopes to someday. It kind of makes you feel sorry for the guy. He’s 70 and he’s not getting any younger.

Angelina and her dad famously fell out in 2002 after he said in an interview that she had “severe emotional problems.” They had a strained relationship growing up, and Angelina’s brother has said that their dad cheated on their mom before they divorced and was a cruel parent.

The National Enquirer reports in a side article that Jolie ran into Voight at an after party for the Golden Globes and completely ignored his attempts to talk to her. I guess we know it’s not likely he’ll be spending time with his grandchildren anytime soon:

Angelina Jolie gave dad Jon Voight the cold shoulder at the Golden Globes after-party at the Beverly Hilton’s Circa 55 Restaurant on Jan. 11. When Jon approached Angie’s table, she ignored him and continued to chat with a girlfriend. Jon waited patiently for nearly 20 minutes, but finally gave up and moved on.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, February 2, 2009]

This story appeared in one of the Enquirer’s side columns which cover what the celebrities are up to and are generally not that interesting. I’m surprised the Enquirer didn’t run it as a whole feature about how their father daughter relationship is still rocky, but maybe they think it’s old news at this point. It really seemed like Angelina was at least on good enough terms with her dad to make small talk, if not plan outings with the grandkids. Some wounds take a long time to heal, though, and given how much it still upsets just to mention her departed mom she may not be ready to deal with the man who caused her mom so much pain.

Here are Brad and Angelina signing autographs in Paris last night. Credit: Fame

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  1. crab says:

    How come there isn’t a picture of him standing at her table waiting to talk to her?

  2. Kaiser says:

    I don’t feel sorry for him. Voight’s an a-hole. His politics alone make him persona non grata.

  3. David says:


  4. David says:


  5. dr.grrl says:

    shut it david….. unless you come from a “perfect” family (which there are none) who are you to judge?!

    if you are a product of abusive parents, good for you to defend yourself and not subject yourself to further damage.

    family relations are hard enough to deal with let alone when the world scrutinizes ALL that you do. as a product of a broken home, i can tell you on of the hardest things to do is set boundaries, ESPECIALLY involving an abusive parent. there are many emotions involved and it’s very hard.

  6. saintdevil says:


    There’s no way of knowing what happened when Angelina was a kid.
    If Voight was a cruel father she is doing the right thing keeping his influence from her kids.
    His getting older is not really the point.

    However it would be mean of her to keep him from his grandchildren just because he cheated on her mum and went on record for saying that AJ had “severe emotional problems” – at a time when her behavior scarcely allowed any other interpretation anyway.

  7. Baholicious says:

    Her manners are appalling, that much is evident but I guess one doesn’t need manners when one can walk on water…I’m surprised she didn’t just look at him and turn him into a pillar of salt.

  8. geronimo says:

    Gah! Nice bit of ‘poor sad lonely old man’ victim reporting going on there.

    “He waited by her table for 20mins and then finally gave up and moved on.”

    Gimme a break. Sounds made up. And probably by Jon Voight.

  9. geronimo says:

    They should have said…

    “…finally gave up and shuffled sadly away, tears running down his face.”

  10. Ash says:


    Yeah, good on her. That must have been real awkward.

  11. teri says:

    They talk in private and without all eyes on them. This was said by Angelina herself a year or so ago, maybe not the quote but she did say something to the fact.

  12. Susan says:

    She does have emotional problems. And, the fact that she STILL won’t even talk to the poor guy confirms it. He knows her deal and therefore doesn’t fall for the St. Angie routine.

    People forget the morticia look, cutting, heroin addiction.

  13. boomchakaboom says:

    I agree Baho, her manners ARE appalling. I don’t care what the deal was/is with her childhood and mom, the fact that she won’t move on and exhibit a smidgeon of social grace to her father is beyond the pale. So sorry Ward and June Cleaver didn’t kiss her on the cheek every morning as she skipped off to school, but they couldn’t be everywhere at once and Wally and The Beav had dibs. Ms. Jolie will definitely get hers one day. It always comes around. Somewhere in that pack of kids she has, the seeds of unrest are being germinated.

  14. Codzilla says:

    So Angie has the social graces of a teenager? Shocking!

  15. dr.grrl says:

    @ boom

    PERHAPS because of her own troublesome childhood she is more aware of her relationships with her kids?

    every parent i know who comes from dysfunction tries their hardest to NOT repeat the mistakes of their childhoods.. some even go as far as to NOT have kids cause their own families are too effed up.

    god help any child/animal that you may have. you spend more time ragging on people on a blog than you probably do on them.

  16. Me2 says:

    She cut him off when he slipped up and revealed to the press too much personal info about Shiloh’s impending birth than she would have liked, NOT because of his “abandonment” of her mother.
    That didn’t seem to bother her all those years she used his name and connections to gain entre into Hollywood.

    His in-person usefulness ended once she had a few credits under her belt. Now she stays in the press more by being incredibly rude.

    I hope her children treat her the way she treats her father, because from her behaviour and track record, she’s far more like him than she is her ‘sainted’ mother.

  17. bros says:

    calling BS on this one. no one waits patiently for 20 minutes to talk to someone. this just doesnt seem true at all. i also doubt angie would have made that large of a public scene for that long.

  18. linda says:

    i don’t get it, she’s still upset of her father cheating on her mother but wasn’t she the other woman in the jennifer/brad marriage. So its ok for her to break up a marriage right?

  19. tigerlille says:

    A third party never breaks up a marriage, Linda. If you want to blame someone for the demise of Brad and Jennifer’s marriage, blame them, or blame Brad.

  20. daisy424 says:

    Screw me once, shame on you.
    Screw me twice, shame on me.

    Paying child support with little or no contact doesn’t make you a ‘Dad’, it only makes you a sperm donor with a wage assignment.

    IMO, she is protecting herself and her kids from Jon. Get over it, Angelina has.

  21. youallsuck says:

    She is such a bitch and a hypocrite! I hope karma catches up to her one day soon. Get off your high horse Angelina. He’s the only father you are getting in this life, get over it. She looks like crap lately too.

  22. boomchakaboom says:

    dr.grrl: Dysfunctional families are the norm. Coping with family members who caused you pain while growing up (barring molestation or brutal beatings) without making a huge ass public issue out of it takes effort. Actually, non-famous people do it every single day, as they do lots of things that celebrities seem to find just impossible to accomplish. I firmly believe that within Ms. Jolie’s brood someone is watching and learning a whole lot about how to emotionally punish anyone who fails at making them happy. Big wheel keeps on turning and all that.

  23. dr.grrl says:

    i am fully aware of that boom… if you care to read back on my posts i alluded to the fact that it’s hard enough to deal with familial dysfunction, let alone when the world analyzes every single thing you do.

    as a physician who deals with broken people and broken families every day (including celebs) i am fully aware of the load of “crap” that most of us carry. and these people get through each day just like the rest of us…some days are good and some are bad.

    your comments regarding AJ and her kids are based purely on conjecture and a report from a tabloid. YOU are the one choosing to believe her kids are against her, and if that’s how you think, i feel sorry for you.

  24. Mandy says:

    The use of the word “cruel” seems to suggest that Voight’s infidelity was not his worst transgression in the eyes of his family. Maybe he abused Angelina and her brother, or maybe they saw him abuse their mom, or maybe the problem is something most of us would consider insignificant. Whatever it is, if she doesn’t think it’s appropriate for him to be involved in her children’s lives, that’s her prerogative as their mother.

    Personally, I think the fact that Voight keeps going to the media to garner sympathy or whatever is reason enough for Angelina to resent him. It’s just like Lindsay Lohan’s dad. If they’d just grow a set, admit that they weren’t there for their kids when they really needed them, and apologize, their daughters would probably have more respect for them and would be more open to reconciliation.

  25. Lizzy says:

    Me2 – Completely agree. When it suited her aspiring Hollywood interests, her childhood problems weren’t an issue at all. Now that she doesn’t need his help, she cuts him off. Sad for the children who will never get to meet their grandfather.

    And who cares if his politics aren’t suited to yours, or more importantly, hers? That’s a GREAT reason to not let your father see your kids.

  26. Rosanna says:

    She took her emotional problems from her father. All he has been saying about her to the tabloids proves it *grin*

  27. Mandy says:

    BTW, the arrogance of some of these comments is unbelievable! Who the hell are you people to say what is or is not abusive or traumatizing? It’s one of those “you know it when you see it” things. That’s why no 2 post-trauamtic stress sufferers will display identical symptoms, even if the PTSD was triggered by the same event.

  28. Rosanna says:

    Dr grrl you rock! I don’t understand why so many people defend JV’s behavior… would they be ok if they wanted to dump somebody and this person would go around speaking to their neiboroughs and coworkers about it? Or every form of abuse “has to be tolerated” in name of family? Wake up folks: whoever is your family doesn’t abuse you, whoever abuses you isn’t your family.

  29. sassyspank says:

    no one really has the right to comment on this. It’s a deeply personal relationship. If he wanted to make efforts, doing it in public at an awards ceremony is a piss-poor place with piss-poor timing. sounds manipulative to me. Of course, no one sees it that way.

  30. hmm says:

    Jon Voight is a first class wacko and anyone who heard his ramblings during the Presidential race knows he is an extremist. And by the way, when her mother died he still owed back child support that totaled well over $100,000. So spare me the poor me crap that he pulls every award season. Who knows what kind of person she really is but it is up to her whether or not she has a relationship with her father the same way that it’s okay that Aniston didn’t speak to her mother for years.

  31. Judy says:

    Where are the pictures of him standing there?? SOunds like bullshit to me. They have pictures of everything else that night why not this? Voight needs to get a grip, he did things to his kids that they are not going to forgive..too bad so sad, he should have thought about this as he was walking out the door and then he ignored his children for he sure was father of the year????

  32. boomchakaboom says:

    dr.grrl: I never said her kids are against her, never even alluded to such a thing. As a product of an alcoholic household, I do feel somewhat knowledgeable about the cause and effect of a multitude of ill will towards certain family members who behave horribly. Some were the direct cause of the discord, others refused to ever get over it, thereby contributing to the demise of a family unit. As the alcoholic parent descended into dementia and required special care, my long held fantasy of someday getting revenge vanished with the realization that I could either be cruel and satisfy my childhood dream or I could put that aside and do what I saw as the right thing. I chose the latter and found that it brought me peace, which I didn’t expect. It’s nice when spite loses.

  33. dr.grrl says:

    @ boom

    “Ms. Jolie will definitely get hers one day. It always comes around. Somewhere in that pack of kids she has, the seeds of unrest are being germinated.”

    “I firmly believe that within Ms. Jolie’s brood someone is watching and learning a whole lot about how to emotionally punish anyone who fails at making them happy”

    what was your point with these sentences then?

  34. Alex says:

    We have no idea exactly what kind of abusive situation her Dad put her through but, based soley on the fact that he is her Dad, he should be allowed access to her kids and her life? Really!?!

    What ‘healthy adults’ realize is that they don’t have to keep negative, people in their lives. And, if this story was true (which I doubt), it’s her right not to talk to him. There are a few people in my life that would get the same treatment. Why do I HAVE to be polite to someone who has abused me or my trust?

    And Susan – just because someone had emotional issues in the past doesn’t mean they have them in the future. It’s call maturing and healing! By your screwed logic anyone who went through a period of self harm, depression, drug use or other harmful behaviour would ALWAYS have emotional problems. I went through a short period of depression years ago but I’m fantastic now – does that mean I have emotional problems?

    My Dad was a recovering addict (alcohol) – was he a lesser, emotionally damaged person incapable of being a worthy person even though he was sober for over 30 years?

  35. Baholicious says:

    Dr grrl: Your ‘sensitivity’ and ‘lack of judgment’ in dealing with others must make you an OUTSTANDING physician…

    When will people realize that conjecture about gossip is what this site is for?

    As far as I know the Brangelina encylopaedia hasn’t been published yet and until it does, conjecture rules the day – on BOTH sides may I point out.

    And NEITHER perspective deserves nasty little digs about another posters parenting ability, or “god help” any kids they might have, or their family life. It’s weasley. It’s certainly unbecoming of someone as learned and professional as yourself.

  36. vdantev says:

    “Ms. Jolie will definitely get hers one day. It always comes around. Somewhere in that pack of kids she has, the seeds of unrest are being germinated.”

    What an astounding example of projection and loathing. Wow. this opinion and 50 cents will get you a cup of coffee at Barnes and Noble.

  37. boomchakaboom says:

    Geez Louise. I had the impression this is a gossip site, not a whipping post for posters. In light of all the other gentle and sensitive posts regarding Ms. Jolie, I have apparently stepped way out of bounds with my unprofessional, non-physician based opinions. dr.grrl, why the hell are you here when there are, no doubt, countless souls in dire need of your services? I have no client list awaiting my learned perspective on their problems, real or imagined, so I feel free as a bird to just post away as the mood strikes me.

    Can you really get a cup of coffee at Barnes & Noble for 50 cents, or is the opinion like a coupon to go with the 2 bits?

    And Baho, thank you for a bit of real perspective.

  38. Leandra says:

    A cruel parent? Well then Angelina is totally justified in not wanting him in her life. When you add in the other stuff I don’t think it’s fair to judge her cutting him off. We didn’t live it….she did.

  39. jennifurrr says:

    i think she looks really gorgeous in the main photo… it’s a beauty that seems to have gotten better with the more comfortable/ confident she is with herself. honestly i don’t care about this whole dad thing… no one knows and understands until they’ve been through it themselves and in this case no one but her and her dad know. i think she’s a radiant beauty who has found her place in this world

  40. Baholicious says:

    Point is, the woman should certainly expect that she’ll run into him in Hollywood circles. One would think she’d have something figured out; the least of which having her people let his people know that he is not to approach her at ceremonies and events. If he chooses to ignore “the memo,” then he deserves what he gets but I doubt that to be the case.

    She wanted to make him squirm, and in public. Whether she succeeded in that or not, it speaks volumes about her character and what a petty individual she is.

    The real test of graciousness is directly proportional to how much you can’t stand somebody, yet still treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve as a human being. It is not to treat someone like a piece of dog shit (actually less so) by ignoring them, like she did.

  41. heima says:

    If Mr Voight was that abusive when she was a child, could you explain me the reason why she hugs him during the filming of tomb raider?
    So his abusive behavior wasn’t that far in time, isn’t it?

  42. Believe Anything says:

    National Enquirer…Must be True!

  43. drm says:

    I think that people have the right to choose whom they associate with, talk to, etc. Because someone is a blood relative does not mean you ‘have’ to have a relationship with them. I don’t associate with some members of my immediate family because they are nasty, judgemental, hurtful and just plain toxic. Interesting that they are also very religious :) I’m an adult, I can choose. When my kids ask me why I tell them its because when I do spend time with so and so they go our of their way to hurt and upset me so I choose not to put myself in that position. And all of my children ‘get it’ and the two older ones still associate with me…we have good relationships…I don’t want my children to think that they have to put up with whatever behaviour someone inflicts simply because they are related, and if I ever started acting like an unreasonable a*****e I’d expect them to apply that wisdom to me too.

  44. Alecto says:

    She reminds me of michael jackson in the header pic.

  45. NotBlonde says:

    My two cents: My dad is an ass who basically left us with no money and no home. He never paid child support and beat my mom with a chair.

    If he were to ask to see my children (should I have any), I’d let him. I’m not Angelina Jolie, nor do I know her exact situation. It just rubs me the wrong way to deny access to grandchildren who have nothing to do with your past problems with your parents.

    My future kids have no beef with my father. Just like Angelina’s kids have no beef with Jon Voight.

    And just my two cents about marriages breaking up: If there was no third party, marriages would likely not break up in the same amount of time. I remember watching some episode of Ugly Betty (not the best example, but this happens every day) where Hilda was involved with a married man and the woman he was married to asked Hilda to back off just so she could work it out or not work it out, but on her terms.

    A third party gets the ball rolling, I think. Angelina Jolie wasn’t to blame for the break-up of their marriage but it was obvious that she got the ball rolling, no one can deny that.

  46. boomchakaboom says:

    Baho, you have a way with words. Not to mention Miss Manners would no doubt award you with multiple gold stars for exhibiting grace under pressure in any given situation. Kudos to you.

  47. DD says:

    If her father’s a jerk I can’t blame her for not wanting a relationship with him, but I seriously doubt she would let her dad just stand around her. I’m sure she’d at least tell him that she’s not ready to talk to him, but simply ignore him when he’s standing there. I don’t know seems tacky and unbelievable.

  48. boomchakaboom says:

    NotBlonde: my hat’s off to you. You make a very good point. A very good point indeed. I was amazed at the love my parents showered upon my son, since they had never exhibited such emotion to any of their own kids. I’m so glad I didn’t choose to punish them through my child for the pain they caused me. That would have been a total wash all the way around. Instead, we all got some measure of redemption. Redemption is a mighty force, I learned.

  49. DD says:

    True about redemption, but everyone deserves to heal at their own pace without being judged. The man publicly humiliated her in the worst way. Has he even publicly apologized for it?

  50. Ned says:

    It’s not just that is a bitch with the biggest ego.

    Angie was done using him after she got her Oscar, so she didn’t need to pretend to care for him.

    That’s how she is.

    I feel sorry for him for having such a daughter.

    Ryan or Anne or any other person who had to endure Angelina’s huge ego and narcissism, is not really related to her and doesn’t really need to suffer from her cruelty.

    Any person who would invent a last name for himself that means “the pretty”, has to have some narcissistic issues, but her ego, and coldness is really disgusting.

  51. Ned says:

    By the way, she is beginning to look a bit like Michael Jackson.

    Her face is so stetched and chiseled, that it has become grotesque.

  52. Yourself says:

    My oh my, didn’t his co stars say he used to bring her to movie sets? That means he was not completely absent was he? She also said she did not like it when he took her to the oscars. He also drove them to the prom accordign to her brother.

    Besides, till 2002, she had no problem with him, used his hollywood connnections to get roles and an oscar and now she can’t stand him. I don’t like him, but I even like less AJ’s hypocricy. Karma will bite her one day soon. Hopefully that bodyguard releases that book soon. How much can I bet that she slept with the body guard too?

  53. Josephina says:

    I think Angelina loves her father and I think Jon loves his daughter, but there are problems regarding trust and respect for both of them. Had Angelina not reacted truthfully about how much he hurt her, we would not have known there was a problem.

    We have all loved someone who has betrayed us. It is difficult to let that person back in if he/she has not changed the behavior and continues to hurt you. I get the impression that her decision to distance herself from her father was not based on any one act or event, that Jon’s behavior and actions had been continuously hurtful for her. She is not trying to punish Jon. It seems as if she is trying to protect herself from any further pain as she recovers from her past with him. I feel for her.

    Someone earlier posted that forgiveness is key, that it gives you peace. I totally agree with you. However, forgiveness does not necessarily mean that you let that person back into your life and resume the relationship as it was. There are some people that you can trust to let back in, and there are some people where it is best that you peacefully part ways. Being a mother or a father does not exempt you from judgement.

  54. Josephina says:


    Consistently posting negative, spiteful comments reveal far more about your true character than Angleina’s character.

  55. RAN says:

    If those kids (or at least one of them) are old enough to make the very adult decision about surfing the web for, and subsequently being permitted to play with knives, one would think they’re old enough to determine whether or not they’d like to meet their grandfather. I’d bet ‘momma earth’ hasn’t even considered asking them because she now has a way to get back at the old man – for whatever reason. It’s a shame…I agree with the posters above, sometimes grandparents offer a whole lot more to their grandchildren. It’s called learning from your mistakes and most people tend to do this.

    Baho and Boom, kudo’s to you. I appreciate that you post with rationale and without the spiteful ‘clique’ mentality. I tend to agree with your perspectives.

  56. Baholicious says:

    Thank-you Boom, but until you’ve seen me run out of cigarettes you might want to reserve the grace under pressure thing – LOL.

  57. dr.grrl says:

    @ Baho

    what do you do for a living? does it include attacking random strangers on blogs? because if that’s the case, well done by you!

    my comments to boom had nothing to do with and were not directed towards you. instead, you choose to intervene and and insult me and my professional demeanor. what and how i choose to express myself on a gossip website not only has no reflection to the kinds of care i give in my professional or personal life.

    you are certainly opinionated and expressive, i choose to not respond at you for some of the vile and wicked comments you make. too bad for such a conscientious person, you can’t extend the same.

  58. daisy424 says:

    FFS, I don’t view her actions as petty for snubbing her asshole of a father. Just being prudent.
    I have to laugh at some of these comments.

  59. boomchakaboom says:

    Baho, I feel your pain there.

    RAN, thanks for your calm and rational post. Your observations on the kids’ right to make a choice concerning ol’ grandad are right on.

    dr.grrl, I’m curious what Baho’s or anyone’s occupation has to do with anything? Your occupation obviously has nothing to do with the proper use of English, but that doesn’t make you a bad person. What kind of physician might you be, if you don’t mind my asking? That seems like a very personal question even to me, and I’m the one asking it. It’s almost as though the answer might allow me to pigeon hole you, depending on what my preconceived notions of what that particular occupation may be. That doesn’t seem fair, does it? Hmmmm.

  60. dr.grrl says:

    well, i am a OMD/NMD (doctor of oriental medicine and doctor of naturopathy) and i am japanese.

    so if my command of the english language is not perfect, my apologies.

  61. boomchakaboom says:

    I’m sorry but I have no idea what OMD/NMD stands for. Could you enlighten? Actually, I’m ignorant on what oriental medicine and naturopathy consist of, as well. Perhaps you could expand on those fields? I must say it sounds interesting.

  62. Baholicious says:

    Dr.grrl: Holy HISS, lady – LOL. You choose not to respond to me? You just did:

    Baho – 1
    Dr. grrl – 0

  63. Diva says:

    Oh, that evil, evil villainess, Angelina Jolie! The source and deliverer of all the world’s horror.

  64. dr.grrl says:

    what are you referring to baho?!

  65. daisy424 says:

    Hmmm, Jr. High tag team, and score keeping?

    You called it Diva, Angie must be the devil. She turns adult women into school kids………

  66. dr.grrl says:

    @ boom

    OMD is an Oriental Medicine Doctor. I practice acupuncture, herbal pharmacology, and self healing qi gong.

    NMD is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. i have the same training as an MD, but employ a holistic and nontoxic approach towards healing.

  67. Leanne says:

    Josephina__could you please stop your “constantly posting negative comments really show’s your true character” BULLSHIT!!! her dad is all fine and dandy to talk to when she needs say winning an oscar..or when she wants something from him..other than that she has no need for him. Yes he may be a big asshole but he is her dad, thou shall respect they mother and father!! You have to forgive others if you want people to forgive your tresspasses…what goes around, comes around. This woman has absolutly no morals, everything she does is for her selfish self..oh and the poor adopted children (roll eyes) she “saved” bull crap!! they would have had a more stable life being sponsered by world vision

  68. mich says:

    it’s just sad. if she is the humanitarian that she said she is, she could have had given his father more chances at redeeming himself. he isn’t getting any younger, and i hope they get reconciled before he passes away. cause it would be another issue for her to contend with, and something she cannot undo.

    but i guess she’s just human, like anyone else, whose actions may at time be overpowered by emotions. and is the type of person to have long-standing grudges against others.

    on a side note, her coat’s ugly. made her look bottom heavy, when she’s not.

  69. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I don’t have anything to do with my parents and haven’t for over a decade. They are crazy abusive drunks I was lucky to survive them. I didn’t want my kid growing up around that shit and they refused to get help when we performed an intervention, the whole family.

    I’m saying this to say unless you really know exactly what went on in her family, you can’t pass judgement on this. I have extremely good reasons for not having my parents in my life. She might well have very good reasons with regard to her dad, too.

    Suck it.

  70. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    NotBlonde: I said the same thing before I had a kid. Then I saw exactly what she would be exposed to, and said no.

    Sometimes you have to put your kids’ safety and well-being first. I will never apologize for looking out for her.

  71. NotBlonde says:

    Anastasia I’m not getting all up in your business I was just expressing my personal opinion. You shouldn’t have to apologize for any of your choices because you know what is best for your kids in your particular situation. like I wouldn’t want my future kids around a couple of drunks/drug dealers/physically abusive/verbally abusive people. From what I can tell and from what has come out in the media, Jon Voight is kind of a dick but I’ve never heard of him being particularly abusive. I don’t know otherwise and if I’m wrong, I will gladly be corrected.

    It just seems like Angelina Jolie is holding it against him that he left her mother for another woman and calling her crazy when she was a bit crazy. Naturally I don’t know everything about their issues but it seems petty to me from the information I have.

  72. boomchakaboom says:

    dr.grrl: Interesting medical thing you’ve got going on. To address your question to me regarding my statements: I have two siblings, neither of whom ever had children due to our incredibly difficult homelife. They just believed they would make horrible parents and were afraid to go there. I’m the eternal optimist and decided to go for it anyway so I had one child.

    Our parents loved him dearly and turned into the parents (for him) that we always dreamed of for ourselves. It made me happy to see them happy for once, my brother was astonished but enjoyed his nephew and this “new” set of parents we had, but my older sister grew increasingly furious and despised my child, me for having him, and our parents for loving him. When our parents health deteriorated to the point that someone had to show some humanity, my brother and myself were capable of showing it. The sister could never step outside her pain and let it go. She disappeared after our mom’s funeral and I haven’t heard from her in years. So, out of our family of 3 kids, the “seeds of unrest” as I put it, were deeply planted and germinated for years until they burst into full blown animosity when the evil parents exhibited unconditional love for someone else. It was simply unacceptable to my sister and that was that. So, out of Ms. Jolie’s brood of howevermany, the odds are extremely high that some day at least one of them is going to blow it right back in her face, whether she deserves it or not. Because life’s not fair, nobody ever said it was, and being a parent just makes you that much more vulnerable to being hurt like hell by someone you love.

  73. czarina says:

    This story just screams “planted by Jon Voight”. I’m amazed that anyone with common sense is buying this.
    She never really talks about her father.
    Never uses the media as a sounding board for her problems with him, or to make a list of his faults and failures.
    Voight, on the other hand, won’t stop talking about Angelina…and (being an actor) seems to have the “sad-but-stoically-resigned-to-the-cruel-rejection-of-a-beloved-daughter” routine down pat.
    Strikes me as a selfish, self-centered jerk who is using the media to try and pressure Angelina into “making up”…it’s like a subtle threat, isnt’ it? “Give me a nice, public reunion or I will try to harm your reputation by making you look like a cold, unfeeling bitch to your poor, rejected father”
    This guy is complete manipulator.
    He should have gone into politics.

  74. geronimo says:

    @Czarina – I said that ages back but I guess people don’t like to miss an opportunity to weigh in on AJ’s shortcomings.

    Could it be more laughably designed to victimise Voight? A poor, lonely old man trying to extend a creaky hand of friendship to his unforgiving daughter, standing by her table for 20 agonising minutes, being ignored and shuffling off all forlorn and unwanted. Cue tears, pangs of sympathy and self-righteous indignation at AJ the unfeeling bitch. FFS.

    For the record, I don’t think this feud being played out in public does either of them any favours at all. But what’s she supposed to do with a father who won’t keep his trap shut and seems to positively feast off the role of innocent victim?

  75. dr.grrl says:

    @ boom

    thank you for sharing your background here. i understand all to well where you are coming from, both on a personal and professional level.

    the point i was trying to make was illustrated by your own story perfectly. you were able to “be the bigger person” and accept your relationship. not to get personal on a blog, but did any of you seek therapy (either group or individual)?

    i’m sorry these seeds are in your family, but as you and your brother were able to turn the other cheek, why do you assume that trauma will develop in the JP brood? perhaps they will grow into individuals and choose what relationships they want. we also have to assume that BP’s parents are involved in the kids lives and provide that role.

    i hope i am clear, since english is my third language and i am often here drinking my first cup of tea in the morning. and hopefully this response doesn’t provoke the personal attacks i am now expecting from either you or baho.

  76. debra77 says:

    Just did some research. Looked at the past 10 pages (just 10 pages) There are 12 devoted solely to Brad/Angie. Of those twelve post the highest commented post is 95. the least is 14. If you added all the comments made about them it would equal well over 400. Now compare that to the other celeb post. It does not even come close. My point. for the people who say they are tied of them.. You are sure not tired of commenting about them. Few other celeb post get to the numbers theirs does. I guess people are not as bored with them as they like to say.. Just so funny to me. And it is funny how some of you blame them when a blog or magazine chooses to highlight a story about them. IT is their fault. So unreal and funny.

  77. vdantev says:

    So Deb did you REALLY have to post that 18 times on this blog?

  78. boomchakaboom says:

    dr.grrl: Lots of therapy, yep. In fact my sister is a LCSW,an alcoholic and a crack addict with a PhD. Just not a parent. My choices were based in large part because I am a parent and felt obligated to set an example.

    I think providing your kids with an example of HOW to be what you believe is right goes a long way. If you think it’s right to publicly humiliate a parent who’s pissed you off in the past, then you can bet your kids will learn that real fast and not feel any remorse over doing the same to you some day. It’s just a cycle. That’s the seed I’m talking about.

    Damn. This would make a good book.

  79. Mairead says:

    To slag off your family in the press could be considered a betrayal.

    To ignore someone with the purpose of humiliating them in a public place for an extended period of time is considered rude.

    To stand there for 20 minutes whilst being actively ignored is just pure bloody passive-aggressive!

    (I think this story is being totally exaggerated; why on earth would even Jon Voigt stand around kicking his heels for 20 minutes?)

  80. vdantev says:

    To assume an event actually occurred without the evidence to prove it and then pass harsh judgment over the alleged parties is asinine- cathartic but asinine.

  81. Cha Cha says:

    LOL Wow this thread was an interesting read, and here is what my synopsis is of the whole thing, whether this specific event happened or not:

    Jon Voight manipulates the media to get what he wants.

    Angelina Jolie manipulates the media to get what she wants.

    The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

  82. Mairead says:

    Cha cha -good synopsis, but could I add one thing:

    The media manipulates the story to get what they want. They’re not above shaking the tree.

    (not just specifically in the case of AJ – things get edited, massaged and sometimes just made up to sell copy with all celebs. It can happen to “ordinary people” too. In my local press, I read recently where the wife of a suicide victim lambasted the irresponsible reporting of her husband’s financial situation by the media – including the so-called respectable broadsheets)

  83. A.J. says:

    The whole angst-ridden-and-hating-my-father thing is pretty immature on Angie’s part. Her entire image is that of charitable peacemaker and goodwill ambassador; she’s done some truly wonderful and inspiring things in the world- but by continuing this behavior toward her own flesh and blood, she’s contradicting herself and putting a damper on all the positive she’s accomplished. If nothing else, at least be civil with the man who had a part in creating your life.

  84. gg says:

    Bajo, you are my new hero. And it looks like you’re a Nina Hagen fan too. kick ass.

  85. Kristen says:

    I don’t blame her at all for not talking to him. All his interviews he has given about Angelina should be up for Oscar nods this year.

    He’s trying to ride her coat tails… again! I’m glad she kicked his ass to the curb – I would have done the same!

  86. AJ Acosta says:

    I met Jon Voight about 4 months ago, I just mentioned Obama and he went off on about a 20 minute tirade.. I just kind of stood there, and said ya, should be interesting to see what happens during his term and got the heck away.