Katia Elizarova (Cumby’s Russian girl): ‘I enjoy being a fragile little thing’

Over the summer, the Cumberbitches were hyperventilating at the thought that Benedict Cumberbatch was banging/dating a Russian model/actress named Katia Elizarova. Katia and Benedict had been seen out together a few times, and it even seemed like he brought her along to Ibiza when he officiated his friends’ gay wedding. Plus, Katia and Benedict were “caught” looking kissy and lovey in Ibiza too. Since then, it seems like Katia is flying her famewhore freak flag, because she loves talking to UK journalists about Benedict. Apparently, he was giving her “acting lessons” but the Ibiza photos were completely “innocent,” Katia claimed: “It looks like we are having a sexy chat, but we were actually discussing what we were going to have off the restaurant menu.”

Well, if it sounds like Katia is rather Kardashian-like, you would be absolutely right. Katia is taking part in a new reality show called “Meet the Russians”. She gave an interview to The Standard and wouldn’t you know? Benedict’s name just happened to come up. Also, Katia seems to be saying that all Russian girls love a good sugar daddy. Oh, Cumberbatch. I can’t believe you fell for this crap. Some highlights:

Ekaterina Igorevna Elizarova is Russian. Her father is an “entrepreneur”, her grandfather was the head of the KGB and her great-grandfather was married to Lenin’s sister. She is a model. Her favourite restaurant is Novikov in Mayfair and her favourite place to hang out is the Saatchi Gallery, partly because, as she says, “it’s just round the corner from me”. She lives in Chelsea. Obviously.

“I do fit the stereotype, don’t I?” she laughs, when we meet at the gallery. “Blonde Russian model living in Chelsea? When I go to a photoshoot the photographers often flirt with me but then they say: ‘Ah but I can’t afford you, can I?’ They expect that I swim in diamonds and pearls!” And she giggles again.

Elizarova, known as Katia, very sweetly insists she is appearing on the new Fox reality TV series, Meet the Russians, to dispel clichés. For example, she says, “I’m 27 and I have to work for my living. I wouldn’t think of buying a T-shirt from Prada when I could buy one from Zara.” As for her apartment, “Well, it’s big enough for me and my cat.” (Balthazar, hairless). “My friends all say I have soft spot for hairless, wrinkly things. Like Russian men!”

Her father, always Western in his outlook, started to “buy and sell things” in the Soviet Union, which, she says, didn’t go down too well. Is he an oligarch? “No!” She laughs. “Absolutely not.” I wonder if being an oligarch is a bit like being a hipster — a label no one would put on themselves? “Some Russian guys do like to think they’re oligarchs and when they do say that, you know they aren’t.”

While she has modelled for Versace, Chanel and the rest, her main work comes as the “muse” of the anglophile Russian billionaire designer, Leon Max. She is adamant that it is her own hard work that keeps her here in Chelsea. “I do actually help my grandmother, and if Mum and Dad do need anything I will help them out. It’s a Russian thing: we do help our parents out. It’s maybe a difference with Eastern European girls. Family ties do not break. I feel a bit sorry for that in England.”

It begins to rain and she seems oddly impressed when I offer to hold her umbrella. Her biggest disappointment with English men is their manners —we’re terrible, I’m afraid. Russian men far better. Even Benedict Cumberbatch? Elizarova was photographed kissing the Sherlock Holmes star in Ibiza recently. “Why do you ask me about him? Oh no!” She tells me she will not answer questions about him, but does say that he has “very nice” manners. Russian women, she explains, like to have doors opened for them and bills paid; they reserve the right to be a “fragile little thing”.

“I find it really upsetting when women tell men off for offering them a seat on the Underground. Feminism doesn’t mean you have to be aggressive to people who are nice to you. I enjoy being a fragile little thing — why not?”

And don’t get her started on English women and alcohol — she is teetotal. “Oh my God, Oxford Circus in the evening!” She gives a horrified intake of breath. “When I see those girls, it’s shocking. You wouldn’t catch a Russian girl walking in bare feet because she can’t be bothered to wear her heels any more, or falling on the pavement and being sick. Drunk men can lie on the street, because boys will be boys. There are some borders women should not cross and that is one of them. It’s just so unattractive.”

Over sushi, we fall to talking about the relative gender relations. Does she find English men weak compared to Russian men? “Weak? Definitely. You will never hear an Englishman say: ‘Don’t worry, I will take care of everything’. With Russians, this is the way. The men take the hit.”

Still, she hopes that Meet the Russians — which will be shown in her homeland as well — will show the Russian audience that it’s not all jam in the UK.

She describes the litany of horrors in provincial Russia, including corrosive home-made narcotics, chronic insecurity and mass unemployment. “You can see why girls want to escape from their depressed towns. But when they come to the West, they often expect their men to be like their provincial men: yes, he might beat her, but he would make sure that there was a roof over her head and that she was protected. There is a saying in Russia, ‘esli byët, znachet lyubit — if he beats you, then he loves you’. So when an Englishman asks for half of the rent, she thinks… ‘Uh-oh, maybe I was better off in Russia!’”

Britain, however, has changed her. “I can’t see myself with a Russian man any more. With Englishmen, I like the freedom that I am given. It’s much more responsibility and I know I have to be stronger. But I can do so much more. In Britain, it is more like teamwork between a man and a woman whereas in Russia everybody is doing what they are assigned to do by nature.”

[From The Standard]

She is disturbing! Her views on gender relations, her ideas about being “fragile” and letting men take care of her… I get that there are a lot of Russian women who think that way, but maybe they wouldn’t say out loud in an interview. What really disturbs me is the thought that Katia is working this angle on Benedict. And it might have worked. God.

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  1. Hello Kitty says:

    Oh, Cumby. You’re so much better than this.

    • Huh says:

      But he isn’t!

      That’s the thing that drives me around the bend about the new fandom for not-conventionally attractive male stars – which wouldn’t be possible if there wasn’t an internet. All of this stuff is projected about a man having incredible depth or erudition or integrity because he’s frankly way the hell homely and overrated (Hiddleston) or has a face that looks like it was bashed in with a cast-iron pan (Cumberbatch, and I adore ‘Sherlock.’) Or looks like he’s always thisclose to a total crying fit – Redmayne.

      The fantasy is always that because these guys aren’t known to be in a ‘pussy posse’ a la DiCaprio, or to pay off/contract with women, like Clooney, they are ‘good’ and ‘nice’ and deep. It’s a total fantasy! THIS is who he wants to sleep with. A sexist, smug, preening total idiot. THIS is who he **chooses** to be with!

      Women never, ever get this benefit of the doubt, and are not presumed extra gifted or deep because they’re not traditionally pretty. Never.

      • Sixer says:

        But where’s the fun if we can’t set them up and then knock them down?!

        Since you mentioned HiddlyAnna, the Coriolanus trailer is out and I am hoping for a post (hint, hint, Kaiser) because I actually liked what he said!

      • teehee says:

        Very great points! I never realized that but have personally experienced it… getting all into a guy and then finding out bit by bit that’s he’s totally no smarter or credible in the morals department than every other chump…. ya think i would have pulled the experiences together and figured this out– but nope you did for me :D lol I guess our hunger for an honorable man is jsut so extremely high, that we cant wait to slather on the praise. We WANT to believe and trust and love men, really we do…. dont we… LOL :)

      • Jen says:


        Just because he looks like a lizard and has a British accent doesn’t make him somehow special.

      • A says:

        I want to make love with your comment! You are so right and I have been saying this for years! But nobody believes me! They keep projecting this shit on homely men. They can’t help themselves! They must believe or their whole world goes ka-blam!

      • TG says:

        Love your comment! I agree completely though it is always disappointing to see someone you have built up in your head come crashing down. I have never commented on a Cumby article because I know those Cumberb*tches will attack me and also I know I have irrational love for other not so good looking celebs as well.

      • RocketMerry says:

        True! Human beings are human and all alike in their desires, expectations and failures. Even if a man is not used to being able to be arrogant with his desires because of his appearance, it does not mean that his nature is superior to that of all other men.

        On a more apologetic note, I’ll cut Cumberbatch some slack here; just ’cause, you know, I’ve been out with some hideous men, and I sure as hell hope people wouldn’t judge me too harshly for that.
        Maybe he just wanted to get in her pants for a few nights. Which would be human.

      • Vesta says:

        The fantasy bubble bursted already a while ago during the late Ibizagate, but since it was a FANTASY bubble in the first place, I decided that I always blow a new big shiny bubble for my Cumby.

        In my new bubble he realized that he made an unlucky drunk mistake, and then had a epiphany that he really……truly, deeply and madly loves me – yes, ME, ME, MEEE!

        *sends a smack of a kiss to my ABSOLUTELY PERFECT gentleman*

      • T.Fanty says:

        @ Vesta

        *flexes slapping arm*

      • QQ says:

        Bwaahahahhhah Huh Called him Homely Jen said a Lizard OMFG I wanna kiss you both so hard, i cant get into these Cumberbatch threads cause im always Like: ARE YALL FUCKING SERIOUS OR JUST TROLLING ME?!? this man is pasty and clammy looking has weird brows, then there is the nose and chin or lack thereof situation?! IDK!!

        Im sure he is a Lovely person but every single time i see his pics i think ya’ll just bullshitting me Andy Kauffman styles and im just not in on the joke or something

      • Miss M says:

        @Huh: Thank oyu for bringing common sense to the CumberCollective community… They are blinded by their love for the Lizard!

      • Faye says:

        @Huh – Damn, girl. So much this. Your post was so spot-on.

        I actually think guys who are not good looking and become famous are worse man-whores. They probably never got the pretty girls in high school, so they make up for the lost time and bruised teen egos as adults.

      • n m says:

        Beauty and brains aren’t mutually exclusive. I am conventionally beautiful and a member of Mensa. Insecure, ugly betas like yourself tend to say this kind of thing to make yourselves feel better and are the reason women don’t get along like men do.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        LOL @ “insecure, ugly beta”. Oh I’m sorry, were you being serious?

        @Huh-GREAT comment.

      • liltiger says:

        I don’t usually post but I usually love the comments on Celebitchy because they are so funny.

        I do agree with Huh even though I’m a huge fan of Cumby and Sherlock.

        The only thing that gets me is when someone says that they don’t get why he is liked/adored since he’s so ugly etc. I want to know is, are you saying only conventional men are supposed to be universally adored? So anyone who looks different than the conventional should be shunned? They do not deserved any adoration?

      • Stef Leppard says:

        Wait… Redmayne isn’t “conventionally attractive”? I think he is…right? I can see why Cumby is considered to be so attractive and also that he isn’t conventionally handsome, but Eddie is hot!

      • littlestar says:

        @Huh – thank you thank you thank you!!! That is why I almost never read posts on Cummberbund (or whatever his last name is lol). There’s nothing special about him. I just don’t get the fan girling over him. So he has an accent and says “clever” things? Who cares. Obviously he’s not all he makes himself out to be if he’s dating such a disturbed young woman.

      • Suki2 says:

        @NM …a member of Mensa ‘like yourself’? Oh honey.

      • Green Girl says:

        SO MANY good points this thread. So damn many!

        Yes to Huh, and yes I think Cumby is taking advantage of his fame. He was in a very long-term relationship for a number of years, and now that he’s available he’s making up for lost time.

      • WendyNerd says:

        Exactly. I’ve actually got huge lady boners for both Cumby and HiddlyAnna, but I don’t assume they’re good people. It’s ridiculous. Being “unconventional” does not equal being a good guy.

        It’s like this weird backlash to teen idols. A lot of women who realized that the pretty boys that sang saccharine love songs who they idolized as kids were in fact knee-deep in groupies and have the sensitivity of a toothpick but don’t want to give up those ridiculous romantic notions they had as kids just project them onto the ones who don’t look like Justin Timberlake now.

        Fact is, most entertainers are assholes. Especially the ones who have any level of success/fame. And they will go for the vapid supermodel because they want a hot piece or a trophy that they can just throw expensive shit at rather than have to actually, you know, deal with a real challenge intellectually or an emotionally involving relationship (not that all supermodels are vapid or all famous guys are like this. But this one is clearly one of the vapid ones and this is clearly one of those relationships).

        Just because a dude is a good actor doesn’t mean he’s a particularly deep person. His entire point in life is to read words someone else has written.

        I would like to bang Cumby and Hiddles. But I’ve also accepted that Cumby would probably just bitch about how hard it is to be privileged and only be interested in my boobs and trying to get me to do something gag-worthy in bed. Meanwhile, Hiddles, when not talking about Shakespeare, would talk about how his favorite band is The Beatles, his favorite Bruce Springsteen song is Born in the USA, his favorite superhero is Superman, his favorite movie is Citizen Kane, his favorite show is Mad Men, and his favorite actual, personal opinion about anything is jack shit.

      • Green Girl says:

        Yeah, I think some fans might be crushed to learn he’s, you know, a guy who is just getting super-famous and can get whatever he wants.

      • drea says:

        AMEN. We see a lot of women get torn down for being with a certain celebrity guy. The attitude is always, “She’s not good enough for him!” and “How can he be so blind?” But the truth is, these are the women these men want to be with. We love to rag on the women, how come we don’t question the personalities of these men quite as much? I guess it’s hard to accept that the celebrities we fangirl (and imbibe with all sorts of lovely, imaginary qualities) just aren’t the people we think they are. As they say, water seeks its own level.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think it applies to men in general, not just celebs.

        When I was younger, I foolishly thought that the nerdy looking guys were some how more “good” than the jock types. When you think like that, you can put yourself in vulnerable positions because you give trust where none has been earned.

        Always good to keep in mind!

      • Hakura says:

        @Huh – Congratulations! You win the thread! I was so happy to read your comment… I love CB, but have never understood the worship of ‘Cumby’. I just… Couldn’t see it. & you made countless good points.

        @TheOriginalKitten Re: n m‘s post – I almost stopped reading after she declared: “I am conventionally beautiful and a member of Mensa“, then continued to act superior by way of being a complete bitch. I just think it speaks of ‘try-hard’ when you have to go around proclaiming “I’m a gorgeous genuis!’ in gossip threads… Does she want an award, for us to say ‘Congratulations’?

        And the “Insecure, ugly betas like yourself” thing was hilarious. ;)

      • T.Fanty says:

        As Chris Rock says, “a man is as faithful as his options.” I think that’s applicable here, in a roundabout way.

  2. T.fanty says:

    Women like this make me want to slap someone.

    • Sixer says:

      Moi aussi.

      I should imagine Russia is glad to be rid of her.

      Is it only me who is almost as disturbed at the thought of Cumby hanging out with the skeevy Leon Max, though? Is it only me who finds him skeevy?

    • starrywonder says:

      Man she sucks (not in a good way)

      • T.fanty says:

        Let’s hope also in the good way. At least then *someone* can benefit from her existence.

      • Janey says:

        My presumption about her was that she did suck the good way and DUC was thinking with his little brain. I was willing to get on the Katia E train, just because of all the stuff thrown her away about Ibizagate. It takes 2 to tango and all that. And yeah, yeah the pap photos, but what did Cumby expect? She’s a hungry for fame model, actress, whatever. He also proved he’s not exactly above it all with the hand-holding redhead the day after the ibiza photos. I’m still all about DUC, doing dumb stuff just makes you human and I’m unable to clutch my pearls about a 37 year enjoying their new “sexual currency” when they’re single and not, apparantly, hurting anyone. This interview just makes me sad, though – he’ll beat you, but hey he pays the rent! Makes her whole “muse” status extra disturbing.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      This could be one of the most infuriating interviews I’ve ever read.
      Man, she just sounds….terrible.

      Although, I’m chuckling at the masterful Bitch Face she’s giving off in these photos.

      • curlsunited says:

        I misread the Standard’s headline as “Crème de la Gremlin”. No kidding.

        The whole interview made my curls stand on end. And let us not talk about ‘It was a wedding, you know, everyone was jolly and happy and, you know, things happen…’

      • LilyRose says:

        Sigh, the internalized misogyny is strong with this one. But having grown up in a deeply macho culture does that to people. I’m South American, and though you find pockets of thoughtful, progressive ideas of gender roles you find so much of this beat=love shit too.

        Sad, indeed.

    • Leah says:

      Yeah… Not sure how I feel about her.

      She’s given a few other recent interviews, apparently, that are circulating. Mixed signals on what she and Cumberbatch really had in Ibiza, and overall, I think she’s a bit of a product of her culture.

      Whatever Cumberbatch did or did not have or do with her, they’re linked.

    • j.eyre says:

      I am trying to think of blistering things to say here but I can’t seem to stop smacking my head against the wall long enough to type them.

      She seems just lovely, Fanty. When we get the boys together, let’s make sure their SOs come too – so much fun!

      • T.fanty says:

        It’s a sad day when I wish my CB lover had a woman more like Remora.

        On the upside, FB will let us lock her in the not-fun dungeon and assume it’s a complement. I have to surrender Toby to occupy Remora.

      • Anna says:

        As a Russian reading this, this interview gives me the hives. Literally. Especially because what she says about gender relations in Russia is so true, and something I have to fight on nearly daily basis. Except that she trivializes and almost glorifies it, with the whole ‘those weak Anglos dont pick up the tab!’

      • T.Fanty says:


        I’m sorry for your countryfolk. Right now, you are pretty much Russia’s most redeeming feature.

      • Anna says:

        Thank you, Fanty, tho if this is indeed true, I wish better things for my Motherland.

      • j.eyre says:

        Yes, but Anna is my girlfriend. You have to keep Katia, Fanty.

        (are you really giving Toby up to Remora? At least I have Tommyanna to occupy me today. And what is a “not fun” dungeon?)

        Anna – not comparable but I am a woman from California and living in LA. We aren’t exactly represented with our best face forward in the media either.

      • T.Fanty says:

        To respond;

        - I offered Toby up as a gesture of good faith. If the bewildered retriever is still playing in the doggie shower while you frolic with Hiddles, Dark Lady style, I’m snatching Toby back. I need him today. This post just makes me want to put DUC back in the time-out corner until the truthiness of @huh’s comment fades from my mind.

        - The not-fun dungeon is just a room. With a lock on the door. Close to the attic. And no curious sofa.

      • Anna says:

        Ladies, ladies – there’s enough of Anna love for both of you (and Sixer, darling!)

        Miss Jane, I think you comment on media rep. was re: my comment in the lower thread, on international visibility?

        My beef wasnt even with the media, per se. For every ditzy bimbo Cali gurl (ok, maybe for every 5) there is at least one – a well-spoken celebrity, activist, politician – who elevates the discussion, raises the bar, restores credibility.

        But for every patriarchy-endorsing ‘Russian model’ there’s… yet another patriarchy-endorsing Russian model. And nobody else. So I wish the ones who do speak and are listened to would stop spouting harmful regressive sh*t.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Sorry if I was a little offensive, Anna. I was being my usual, flippant, indelicate self.

        Below somewhere, I posted the extraordinary open letter by Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, defending her decision to hunger-strike against her prison conditions. For every regressive, brainless model, there’s also a powerful and eloquent voice of dissent, reminding us what is really at stake in these debates.

        Also, let’s not forget that for many of these second-rate “models,” much of this philosophy comes from the necessity of finding a husband (or some comparable) source of income once the looks dry up. We can’t all rely on our common sense, intellect and work ethic to see us through, evidently.

      • Sixer says:

        @ Fanty – we Britishers are so fond of knocking our own country that we forget others don’t. However, indelicate you might be – but offensive? Never.

        (Oh. But now I’m being offensive and looking as though I’m speaking for Anna. Sorry, Anna! You can have all my sweeties and my best ball gag).

      • Anna says:

        Miss Fanty, where were your being offensive? Or indelicate? (seriously?) I only saw a lovely compliment directed my way :)

        Sixer, darling, but how will I go on all my Russia-defending rants with a ball gag?

        ETA – TF, did you mean the countryfolk comment? Yeah, we’re not doing much to redeem ourselves en masse… I fight the small battles on the ground and simply try to provide context on the Internets. The anti-gay law has a strong context component. But things that KE says – she of money, privilege and influence – no context can excuse. She knows better. She should.

      • Sixer says:

        But my ball gag is my PRECIOUS!

      • Eve says:

        @ J.Eyre:

        “Yes, but Anna is my girlfriend. You have to keep Katia, Fanty.”

        Ex-f*cking-cuse me? Anna has already declared her undying love for ME. Meeeeeeeeeee.

        Although, in light of recent events (she called Brody a hasbeen — she was right, by the way — and I finally expressed my opinion on HAMsworth’s acting), she may have changed her mind.

      • j.eyre says:

        @Anna – sorry about the delay, I had to deal with the Heir and Heiress. Uh! Children are so demanding what with wanting to be fed AND educated.

        You give me credit I don’t deserve; I am far too lazy to have read all the comments before I spout off. I was actually attempting solidarity with you. I am represented by the Kardashians so I understand wanting to not be lumped in with the others.

      • j.eyre says:

        @Eve – Stop.Wait.WHAT?!? No, Anna is mine and I have the bite-marks to prove it. If she wanders into your yard for the afternoon, fine, she’s too wonderful to keep penned up. But make no mistake, that little minx is mine. And Anna loves everyone – it’s her thing. Mine is slightly more… physical.

        Brody is not to my taste.

      • Anna says:

        @Sixer – oh you did NOT just say this. You have nooooo idea how good my PRECIOUS impression is. People majorly freak out.

        @Miss Jane – thank you for the solidarity either way :) I get way vested into these subjects somehow. Things I clock on, on CB: anything with RUSSIA or HIDDLESWORTH.

        @Miss Eve – Still love you. Everyone is so lackadaisical with Remora snark. Miss Jane has gotten so genteel and delicate, it’s abhorrent. Sixer loves everyone. Fanty… Fanty is more concerned with her hedgehogs than irrational celebrity judgement. It’s us against the world, baby.

      • j.eyre says:

        @Eve -Sorry, apparently I meant to say “take her, she’s all yours.” And take Brody with you.

      • Eve says:

        @ Anna:

        Awww…that’s the only reason for loving me? Our common hatred towards Remora? :cry:

        I’m an olive-skinned, petite, long-haired with big brown eyes Brazilian girl, you know? It’s not like I don’t have other qualities.

        @ J.Eyre:

        Oh why, thank you!

      • Anna says:

        @Miss Jane – “I am going to choose to believe they are in love because I want nice things for them…Remora is beautiful.” CB, Sept 24.

        Apparently you’re only rough on me in the attic and on Hiddles when he isnt quick enough with the biscuits. I give, and I give, and I. give.

        @Miss Eve – I am ALL over that. Also, you smart :) And were the first commenter I read on here, and the reason I came back :) And then I couldnt leave bc Miss Jane got me over a barrel…

      • delphi says:


        As another Anna who happens to be of Russian descent, I found her comments so freakishly WRONG. I can just hear my gran, her traces of an accent, “Russian women do not cater to any man. He caters to her. Any woman who thinks otherwise is a fool. We are strong…because no man can be.”

        Tomato, tomaaaaah-to. *facepalm*

    • Vesta says:

      T.Fanty, I volunteer – slap me! If you slap her she’ll think you love her, and I don’t want that to happen…

      But man, after I read her comments I rolled my eyes so hard they are like a fast-speed Ferris wheel now, and I can’t stop it :(

    • whipmyhair says:

      I’ll back you up!

      Slap her and then manicures? Wash the fragileness off you.

    • LAK says:

      So i live in rbkc, and you see all these blonde Russian girls enacting what Katia is talking about. It’s fascinating to watch. The girls are pretty successful too.

      Anna on here has restored my faith in decent Russians girls, but Katia type Russian girls are normal in rbkc.

      • Anna says:

        Thank you :)

        What I really feel bad about is that most Russian women have to deal with those ‘submissive gold-digging mail-order bride’ stereotypes on regular basis (especially abroad) – doesnt matter if they are smart, accomplished, financially independent. And Katia, as one of the very few internationally visible and vocal Russian women, actually promotes those stereotypes! I mean, COME THE F ON!

    • Brooke says:

      LOL. I’ll hold her, you slap! Whoa, just read the interview, she is a piece of work. Run Cumby run!

    • Lindy79 says:

      THIS. The Cumby stuff aside (seriously what in the blue funt was he doing even hanging out with someone like this??) her views on British men and women make me want to throw something. It’s baffling that a near 30 year old supposedly in possession of a law degree is capable of this.
      I hope whatever associating he had (I’m hoping it’s in the past tense)is long over now she’s shown herself to be nothing more than a fame hungry sell out, if not then well, we know he’s a hypocrite so here’s hoping that his total silence and lack of presence at her shitty play mean he’s gotten burned but learned his lesson.

    • Eve says:

      @ All the above:

      Are YOU GUYS still wondering why I CB-divorced him?

      It was not the fact I was jealous he was (maybe still is) dating a model. It’s because he seemed to have picked the worst one he could find.

      That and his friendship with an ultra-conservative, fox-hunting asshole whose name escapes me right now.

      EDIT: Ivan Massow (google him if you’re interested — he’s vile). He’s the guy sitting on the far left (next to Elizarova):


      • T.Fanty says:

        @ Eve,

        No, us guys don’t wonder why guys like you divorce those guys like Cumby. I think I speak squarely on behalf of the guys on this board when I say that we just miss you.

      • Sixer says:

        I’m new and I miss you, Eve. And look! No Fountain of Wayne-ness at all today. Huzzah!

      • Eve says:

        Awwww…*blinks bashfully*

        I love you guys. watching CumberKhan has almost brought back, but then…*this* happens.

        @ Sixer:

        Yeah for no Fountain of Wayne-ness so far (which is odd, non? Elizarova ALWAYS brought her to these threads, under another monicker, if I’m correct). By the way, you GUYS are getting my excessive use of “you guys”, right? He he he…I’m such a bitch.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Of course we are. We love you being a bitch almost as much as we love Cumby being a bitch (please note indiscriminate use of a clearly gendered epithet there).

        It’s sad that this has resurfaced and reminded us of the latent Tory twat incipient in our darling Drunk Uncle.

      • Anna says:

        Eve, nobody else helps me hate on Remora when you’re gone! Everyone’s so meh, ‘I guess she makes him happy’ about her >.<

        PS – just replied to you on the Remora post!

      • Sixer says:

        @ Eve – if the shanks ever get old, you can always borrow my taser.

      • Eve says:

        @ Anna:

        I left another one, to kiss you back (and yes, because I noticed another one of my spelling mistakes/typos).

        @ T.Fanty: Ha! That hissy fit she threw over the most innocuous thing (like another said on that thread) almost made me punch a wall.

        @ Sixer: Thank you, but shanks are so much more effective.

        P.S.: I took an anxiolytic (had a panic attack during the night), I’m kinda drowsy so spelling mistakes and typos are forgiven, right?

      • Anna says:

        [overshare alert] I have cramps and I dont have painkillers so I am drinking vodka (in the office). It’s all good.

      • T.fanty says:

        Changing the subject ENTIRELY, Anna, I just clicked on your name and found your blog, which I can’t wait to read. Miss Jane had one, too, as does Boudicca (although her link doesn’t work on my phone). I love being able to check out everyone I like!

      • Anna says:

        OMG, hopping right over! I remember trying to click on Miss Eyre way back when but the link wasnt working so I gave up. But I’ve been reading Miss Eve’s lit site, and will surely check out Boud when she gets on here (been a while since I’ve seen her). Thanks for showing me the way! Now, where are YOU?

      • Eve says:

        @ Anna:

        Uh? I don’t have a blog of my own. What other Miss Eve have you been seeing, lady?

        *crosses arms and pouts*

      • Alison says:

        A) he never dated her.

        B) Ivan Massow is NOT a friend of Benedict’s. he was just another guest at the wedding and Ivan actually sold his photos of him to the press. So I’m sure Ben has no time for him at all

      • Eve says:

        @ Alison:

        Come on, now…they’ve been (very likely) having sex on the DL. Maybe not dating per se, but sex? I’ll bet my ass they’ve had (or are still having). Accept that as something normal, something almost EVERY famous, sought after, known as a sex symbol actor would do.

        As for vile Ivan Massow — he (Massow) posted that picture of his Facebook page. Other outlets/gossip blogs re-posted said picture crediting his Facebook as a source (I don’t think he actually sold it — it’s not like he needed the money).

        My point still remains: Cumberbatch should have known better (regarding the people he’s been associated with).

      • Anna says:

        Eve, no, not your own, but I am positive your Ava was linked to a fiction writers’ site, and it was great. No? I am like 99% positive it was you. I feel like such a CB sl*t right now. Btw, for anyone interested, I am putting up a couple of anti-patriarchy-in-russia missives over the next 2 weeks, lemme know if you want me to ping you :)

        PS – my GOD you have a sexy pout!

      • Eve says:

        @ Anna:

        I swear that wasn’t/isn’t me — especially because whenever I post online (and I only post my comments on other people’s blogs — like Pajiba and My New Plaid Pants), I either post as “Eve” or “Eveday”.

        Trust the 1% — that wasn’t/isn’t me. If it was, I’d admit it.

        P.S.: Stefon is a very popular character. I can’t be the only one who uses it as an avatar.

      • Anna says:

        oooooooh dear…. you’re the only one I’ve seen using Stefon but it’s not even that…I am positive it was your name. OMG, if this ends up being Miss Jane, she will wear out her riding crop on me. SH*T.

        Please hide me away in the warmth of your bosom and Amazonian rainforest???

      • T.Fanty says:

        No, Miss Jane is the literature site. She actually writes a blog as Miss Jane, which is a bit fabulous. Eve just rules the roost here.

        I’m going to read yours this evening. Just curiosity: are you born Russian? You mention being an expat.

      • Eve says:

        Awww, I can protect you from J.Eyre, but I don’t live anywhere near the Amazon (or you mean *my* “Amazon rainforest”? Still wrong, since I’m currently rocking the “Kojak” look).

        There are beautiful beaches here where I live, though (meaning, I can wear my bikinis, and you wouldn’t believe how incredibly small they are) ;) .

        P.S.: Can you link me to it? I’m curious now (if it’s just a coincidence, an impersonator or if I suffer from a double personality disorder).

      • Anna says:

        Eve, can we just skip the bikinis altogether?

        Fanty – that lit site is nothing like Miss Eyre’s site… tons of different writers publishing fic stories of all kind… [I need more vodka. I am out of vodka. It's 3C outside and we have a stupid law that says you cant buy vodka between 11pm and 8am...]

        Have I been lit-crushing on Miss Jane all along? I dont know how to feel about that…

        ETA1 – Eve, it’s http://fictionique.com/

        ETA2 – Fanty: born and raised a Russki, but a liberal feminist American Western-Euro social-democrat by coming of age + educational and professional life.

        Form day 1 I never felt like an expat or immigrant (well, I wasnt one) in the US. But I do in Russia. Till I go to The Country. Then the soul of Russia flows thru my veins.

      • j.eyre says:

        Fictionique was the site I had linked to my name prior to place de plume. Ficitonique is still very much alive and vibrant with many wonderful contributors.

      • Eve says:

        @ Anna:

        Well, I guess we could…but the bikinis are so sexy/cute and I promise you some don’t leave much to the imagination (I’m practically naked when I wear them — they only cover the “essentials”).

        Re: blog — definitely not me. I’m too lazy to run my own blog.

      • Anna says:

        Miss Jane – so what you’re saying is, I have been loving you all this time against my will? Figures…

        Miss Eve – are you in Brazil or Portugal? If P, then whereabouts? And you better not be lazy w me…I sure wont be with you. Miss Jane will tell you – I am a hard worker.

      • Eve says:

        @ Anna:

        Brazil (unfortunately — it’s not like I’d like to live in Portugal, but it’s at least closer to the places where I’d love to live).

      • Alison says:


        A). The whole thing has be carefully orchestrated on the part of her BF t make it seem like they were. Believe me – it’s quite openly been brewing for months now. She wants people to think something was going on. It’s clearly worked.

        b) Massow is not a friend of Ben’s. And he has indeed sold the rights to his photos to the press. If you look at the copywrite – it says ‘scope pictures’ which is a press photo agency.

      • Katie says:

        @ Eve

        BC was at a wedding and hung out with whoever seemed friendly. I dunno, I’ve done it. Don’t think he really knows Massow.

        I did feel bad for the two people he said he was really friends with though, the grooms. Both are lawyers. If my wedding was made a spectacle, I’d be upset.

      • Eve says:

        @ Alison:

        Fair enough — but I still think they’ve done it on a regular basis (or are still doing it).

        @ Katie:

        I hope you’re right. That guy (Massow) is truly vile.

      • Anna says:

        @Eve – goooot it. Randomly, my blog (the one linked here) shows up a whole bunch of visits from portugal today (like, weirdly a lot) and none from brazil (ever) so I was connecting the dots…wrongly. Sherlock would be so ashamed!

      • EscapedConvent says:


        Oh my G, you guys! This is the most delightful exchange, all of it. Eve, do ~you guys~ in Brazil, Beautiful Nation of Ass People, all have the tiniest bikinis ever made? (I’m afraid if I move there I will need more fabric.)

        I will stick my neck out here & say that the phrase “you guys” just never gets old *sides hurt*.

        Oh, one more thing about Brazil–I used to have cable with Time Warner, & I called them because mine wasn’t working. When the repair GUY came to the door, my jaw hit the floor. He was the most gorgeous, strikingly handsome dude I have seen in real life in ages. His name was Felipe, & he was from Brazil. I was so tongue-tied I could barely squeak out what was wrong with my cable. I’m sure he thought I was intoxicated or altered in some way.

        What I want to know is: Why are we not all living in Brazil? & can you fix me up with this mouth-watering Felipe? :-}

      • Eve says:

        @ EsCon:

        I’m so sad to tell you this: the “Felipes” are the exception here. Not the norm.

        Also, there’s a LOT of male chauvinism here (of the worst kind — just read my reply to Side-Eye downthread, the part where I talk about domestic violence here). There’s a lot of homophobia, too. Not to mention the huge, embarrassing social gap so…you’re lucky to have been born in Europe/USA. Trust me on this.

        The good thing: here, the standard beauty is a woman with a curvatious body, big ass and thick thighs (I laugh so hard whenever I read/hear the expression “thunder thighs” as a pejorative term — because here women hit the gym to GET THEM, the goal is to have muscly, strong thighs!).

        The Brazilian models who are successful abroad (the super slim/skinny ones — the high fashion ones) only become famous here after they’ve “made it in the US/Europe” — they leave Brazil, become famous elsewhere, then they come back…that’s when they finally become famous here (and even then the average Joe still has no idea who they are). But Brazilian women, the ones most Brazilian women want to look like and the men ogle (the women you often see on male magazine covers), they look nothing like the Brazilian models who work for Victoria’s Secret). They usually look like this:


        P.S.: I’m not a huge fan of this body shape (especially because I’m short, so I prefer having skinny legs — but I know my body type is not the popular one around here).

      • Eve says:

        @ EsCon:

        Re: Brazilian bikinis.

        They are small. Really, really, really small.

        A Brazilian woman (who created the brand Rosa Chá) once said about selling/exporting Brazilian bikinis to the US: “We have just to remember that the size ‘big’ here is their (American’s) ‘small’”.

        My favourite brand is Cia. Marítima though. Most of the bikinis I own look like this (string bikinis):


        I’m dying here because I found the one above — while googling for pictures to show you — gorgeous. But it’s unlikely I’ll ever find it on stores here (it’s probably from a past season).

      • EscapedConvent says:


        Oh…not so many Felipes, eh? Well, that’s disappointing, you guys.

        I had hoped that when I landed at the airport in Brazil (after being on a plane on which the pilot was Felipe), I would be dizzy from trying to figure out which Felipe was which.

        I pictured it as the Brazilian Felipe version of Being John Malkovich. Everyone would look like Felipe. All the GUYS that is.

        Hmmm…I actually do have the thunderthighs which might qualify me for Brazil….

        & thank you for enlightening me on the model/beauty situation there!

        But very sorry to hear that the domestic violence is so extreme. Still going on, all over the world.

    • CL says:

      You realize that if you slap her, it means you love her? ;)

    • Chrissy says:

      Looking forward to the next BC article so we can stop looking at this (censored).

  3. GeeMoney says:

    I hope the sex was good. Because she’s… BLECCH.

  4. Badirene says:

    This will be good! Grabs popcorn and sits back.

  5. Allie says:

    That interview was exhausting.

  6. Wellsie says:

    She looks pretty sturdy to me…

  7. TG says:

    She isn’t even attractive but neither is he IMO. It looks like she is telling everyone what game she is playing. The golddigging game.

  8. crab says:

    OMG if he beats you that means he loves you??? I am tongue-tied!!

    • whipmyhair says:

      Therefore if a man doesn’t beat you; he hates you.

      I hope everyone is evaluating their relationships right now.

    • Gabriella says:

      That entire quote was so disturbing to me.

    • Hakura says:

      @crab – I was so shocked by that comment.. just… I mean, that she would even SAY it in an interview, describe it as “There is a saying, in Russia…“.

      It was so insulting to me as a woman that she subscribes to & projects that BF*ckingS mindset, I can’t imagine how insulting it is for Russian women (or those of Russian heritage) who *aren’t* like this (like the lovely Anna, here on CB ♥) to see yet another Russian woman in the media projecting (even promoting) this, causing people to make assumptions about ALL Russian women.

      I was surprised when that aspect of her interview wasn’t mentioned in the 1st comment. After the ‘Anti-gay Laws’ of recent news, this is making Russia look even worse.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        I agree. All her “This is Russian, that is Russian, it’s Russian Russian Russian…”

        Did Russia appoint her spokesperson?

        Also, I have to say that if my ancestor was the head of the KGB, I would have to be brain-dead to brag about it, or mention it at all.

      • Anna says:

        Thanks for the shout-out! Sadly, there are even worse ‘conventional wisdom’ sayings in this neck of the woods…

      • Regina Lynx says:

        THIS. So much. I live in a country right adjacent to Russia and I have a handful of Russian friends, both male and female, all articulate, down-to-earth, modern and broadminded. Nothing of the negative what this ‘fragile little thing’ is saying applies to them, but quite the opposite: while the men are, indeed, chivalrous, there’s absolutely zilch that would suggest they link beating and love.

        I find comments like these especially burdensome because they only reinforce the negative stereotype a lot of my countrymen and even some of my close friends have of Russians. The contrast between their stereotypes and my everyday experience could not be more staggering.

        Imagine if a Black/Mexican/Pakistani/etc. woman had said that? That all Black women take beatings for love? That all Mexican women love a good sugar daddy? That all Pakistani women are willing to compromise everything just to get a roof over their heads? I mean, really. Some might, but not all.

        Katia, you need to back off!

      • Hakura says:

        @EscapedConvent – Agree entirely, especially regarding being an idiot to even mention (let alone brag about in a magazine) the fact that she had a relative high-up in the KGB. Just another example showing her twisted state of mind regarding what’s positive & negative.

        @Anna – ♥! I don’t doubt that at all. It has to be really infuriating for you to hear this getting such press, adding even more shade on people’s ideas of what ALL of Russia is like for women. =( I HATE to admit it, but I’d be guilty of the same assumptions, if I hadn’t been exposed to those like you & Regina Lynx, & the others here dispelling that idea.

        I’ve read all your other additions to this story’s comments (& would’ve said something, but so many others beat me to it.) Getting to hear your opinions & experiences really fleshed this story out, for me, who has no real knowledge of culture in Russia (beyond what most people know, I live in Baltimore MD, US). Thank you for your contributions & honest expression of your experiences =) This sort of thing is why I love CB, all the different walks of life & experiences (expressed by those able to use proper grammar & punctuation xD).

        @Regina Lynx – Like I just said to Anna, hearing about different experiences, like yours with your Russian friends, really fleshes this whole story out for me. ♥ I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for them, hearing this BS getting such widespread press/exposure. I’d be furious (even more so than I am, not even Russian or of Russian heritage/with Russian friends), simply as a woman. It’s so sad that she speaks so ‘easily’ about domestic violence, as though it’s just another ‘thing’ to be brushed off as unimportant. While I am angry with her, I also know I probably shouldn’t be, that this attitude was created… & feel sympathy for her.

      • Anna says:

        @Hakura and Lynx

        I want to clarify my frustrations a little bit.

        On the regular basis here – in Moscow, in a very progressive, cosmopolitan workplace – I am told ‘all women want X, all women are supposed to be like Y, all men have to do Z.’ I have heard the beating=love saying pronounced in full seriousness, as well as the ‘if the b*tch dont spread, the dog wont climb’ one – yup, basically saying that rape happens bc women let it. I went on a date with a guy whom I know for a fact I was out-earning at least 2 to 1, and I knew there wouldnt be a 2nd date bc I wasnt into him, but when I tried to pay for my beer, he acted like I just insulted his family, ancestors and descendants 10 generations out. Not the polite American ‘no, no, please, I got it’ – like it was a blood offense. I have many more examples of men and women – including in my own family – very much living up to the stereotypes espoused above.

        But here’s the thing: most of them dont know any different, and even if they do intellectually, the environment, the overwhelming external pressures suppress their better impulses. My own sister – western-educated, and professionally promising – fell victim to that.

        Katia really DOES know better, knows different. She is smart, educated, lives abroad. But what does she do with that knowledge, with that awareness? She trivializes it. She makes a joke of spousal abuse and indicts men as weak for being respectful. Maybe she really does want a man who will pay for everything and take care of things so that she can be fragile. Fine, that’s her choice. But for so many women, especially in her country, it is not a choice. It is not even an option. So she publicly endorses these very harmful worldviews and it is despicable to the core.

        And by the way, she basically does call herself an expensive wh… Let’s analyze that interview:

        The guy (photog?) says he cant afford her, she laughs it off not because she finds the premise offensive, but because he presumes that she is swimming in diamonds and she isnt. What she’s saying is – I an not THAT expensive. So…if he could afford a diamond swimming pool, how would that photoshoot end?
        And yes, she says she has embraced paying her own bills and being independent, but the undertone is less of a philosophical change and more ‘nobody gave me a tub full of diamonds – and if someone did, I’d love to go back to being a fragile little thing.’

  9. blue marie says:

    she’s a model? I’m not trying to be ugly (read: bless her heart) but she’s a bit plain looking.

    I’m also not sure what stereotype she’s talking about? I’m friends with a few Russian women who work hard for everything they have.. I gave up reading half-way through.

  10. Sadie says:

    Sad thing is: she’s a product of her culture, as we all are.

    This interviewer obviously was leading her too and she never saw it at all. At all.

    Even worse? There are so many sound bites that can give the anti-BC crowd ammunition for days if not weeks……. (She likes hairless wrinkly things?!? *groan*)

  11. Tara says:

    If he beats you he loves you??!
    I want to love this idiot so much right now.

  12. A says:

    Cumberbitches – This is what your man had sweet cumberlove with. Allegedly.


  13. Allons-y Alonso says:

    Where the hell is Eva Cox when you need her to intellectually slap some sense into someone!?!?!?!

  14. BandicootCrumplesnitch says:

    What the WHAT? Girl. Come on over here to the US to see how women b*tch slap other women who poorly represent our gender.

  15. Megan says:

    I don’t get the appeal. She sounds like she has the personality of a kardashian, and on top of that she ain’t no Adriana Lima.

    Hope it was worth it Cumberbatch!

  16. Side-Eye says:

    Well, to me it sounds like she grew up in an environment where domestic violence was the norm and poverty kept a lot of people in the cycle, nothing to really despise her over, unless I was some weirdo who thought I had the authority to dictate who or what my fantasy man should be interested in. Plus, she even says shes trying to change now.

    • Claudia says:


      Newsflash people– not every country’s culture is like yours. I was born in a caribbean country, and in a lot of Latin America you see male chauvinism in varying degrees. It’s a lot better now than it was when I was a little kid, but it’s there. My family moved when I was just out of my toddler years, and when I went back briefly in my teens and attended school… it was a huge culture shock in many ways. No joke, males were constantly trying to control me and somehow thought that was acceptable (we’re talking male school *friends* trying to dictate who I should talk to/be friends with/what I could wear). It was worse with my neighbors, and even worse still, from other girls.

      In any case, she ends up saying that she prefers British men and the teamwork there seems to be between men and women, as opposed to the defined gender roles in Russia. Did everyone miss that while they were tripping over their love for Cumberbatch?

      • Side-Eye says:

        “In any case, she ends up saying that she prefers British men and the teamwork there seems to be between men and women, as opposed to the defined gender roles in Russia. Did everyone miss that while they were tripping over their love for Cumberbatch?”

        THIS. I’m a huge fan of the guy, but I think it’s pretty hilariously hypocritical how the same people attacking every girl he might be hinted at dating are the ones who act like they’re oh so above the tumblr teeny-bopper stans they like to constantly mock.

      • Eve says:

        @ Side-Eye:

        “I’m a huge fan of the guy, but I think it’s pretty hilariously hypocritical how the same people attacking every girl he might be hinted at dating are the ones who act like they’re oh so above the tumblr teeny-bopper stans they like to constantly mock.”

        I’m not sure if this was somewhat directed at me (better put: if I’m among these hypocritical fans you’re talking about), but here it goes: I don’t think I ever attacked Elizarova. In fact, I actually defended her on one of the first threads — here on CB — about their (possible) hookup. I actually blamed him for not admitting their relationship (whatever kind of relationship was/is).

        But she sounds exceedingly stupid in this interview, in my opinion.

      • Alison says:

        That’s a ridiculous generalisation, Who has been ‘attacking every girl he dates’? Utter rubbish.
        Quite clearly, this woman is on a publicity drive and that’s the issue. Not some ludicrous internalised jealousy.

      • Side-Eye says:

        @Eve, Well, let’s just going with the age old saying: “if it don’t apply, let it fly.” If you’re not a member of the group I’m mentioning(and yes, it was general because I don’t really keep track of the names on here, although I often see people talking about how “omg woman x isn’t smart enough for him she isn’t good enough, etc. etc.”) then there’s no need to get offended by it. And it’s MY OPINION that the people who bash her/others that he’s suspected to have dated and then turn around and tumblerites they think themselves so above are hypocrites. And I also find it pretty odd that on a site that supposedly is so filled with woman who want to fight for the rights of one another, that the context of her comments on gender roles–the fact that she’s seemingly been raised in a culture where domestic violence is normalized and things are very different from here in the west–have not been taken into account, in favor of bashing this woman and simply calling her stupid. But, you know, that’s just *my* opinion.

      • Side-Eye says:

        @ Alison, It seems that every woman that dates a site favorite is on a “publicity drive”. They also never seem to be smart or interesting enough for the Celebitchy crowd.

      • Alison says:


        That’s totally irrelevant to Benedict. I don’t know way goes on with other ‘favourites’ here but this is rather obviously a ‘publicity drive’. Are you seriously telling me you don’t think she’s working on her publicity? Not trying to up her profile? This has been playing out for ages and she has been dropping hints for ages via her FB fan page. There’s a huge list of dodgy and suspicious things which point towards a plan to up her profile. And now the constant mentions of him in the press and the “things happen”. If you really don’t think that she’s out to raise her profile, then I really don’t know what to say to you.
        This has nothing to do with him dating her. I find it slightly strange that you’re ignoring the fact that she is startlingly desperate for attention and instead deciding to lump what we’re saying here in with some loopy twaddle on Tumblr?
        This makes no sense. Please don’t paint a picture of women he may date getting ‘bashed’. That quite clearly isn’t the case here. She says horrific things and now for maximum publicity she’s dropping some hints to stir up press attention that something went on with him. She’s despicable.
        I feel bad for him and I hope her attempt at fame dissipates ASAP.
        If you don’t find her crass comments on domestic abuse in poor taste – there’s loads more we could address. How about, “there’s a place in the world for starving children”?

      • Eve says:

        @ Side-Eye:

        I’ve never said you didn’t have the right to an opinion.

        And I wasn’t offended by your comment. I just said I wasn’t part of the group who thinks no one is good enough for him (whether said group posts here or on Tumblr).

        Re: Elizarova’s cultural background. I’m from Brazil and, in more ways than I’d like to admit, misogyny here is as strong as it seems to be in Russia (if not worse).

        Even so…I refuse to see that as normal — every hour and a half, a woman dies in Brazil as a victim of domestic violence.

        She’s supposed to be educated enough to see through her country’s mysoginistic bullsh*t (just like I do regarding mine), yet she sounds like she’s trying to justify it. I find that stupid, especially coming from someone who’s graduated from Law School.

    • Anna says:

      I’m not getting the ‘trying to change’ vibe. More like the environment is changing her – and yet she still looks down on this environment for making the men weak, cheap and unchivalrous and for the loosing of family ties and so on.

      I am all for understanding and respecting foreign culture. I am a Russian who came of age in the US and is now back in Moscow. The thing with cultural relativism though is that it is often used to excuse abuse of certain groups and individuals.

      • Sadie says:

        Agree 100%.

        I am an American that has lived abroad and she wasn’t showing her host country much respect.

        Great point Anna.

      • melior says:

        Anna, I’m a feminist but I think in this respect she has a point. We thought for fairness and equality but we ended up with weakness, irresponsibility and selfishness from both genders. It’s feminism misunderstood. I’m starting to think there’s no correcting mother nature.

      • Anna says:

        @melior –

        with all due respect, I have objections. first of all, who is ‘we’? I am guessing women, but where? I will assume somewhere western and progressive. Like, the US.

        ‘we’ have thought for fairness and equality – and ‘we’ women in the US still make less than 80% to every male dollar for doing the exact same job, with the same level of experience. ‘we’ do the majority of housework and child-raring (according to pretty much every academic study and sociological survey) even when employed outside the home, and even when ‘we’ are the primary breadwinners in the household.

        How is this weak, irresponsible or selfish?

        The fact that women are still far from equal, that they are still earning less, that they (and female physiology) are slighted by medical research, that they are discriminated or harassed in the workforce despite study after study showing that companies with more female executives perform better, that a woman consuming alcohol and being sexual and wearing anything but a burka – including a burka – greenlights rape or at least excuses for it — these arent achievements of feminism. This is evidence that feminism hasnt gone far enough.

        PS – mother nature says men produce sperm and women have make eggs and have a uterus. that’s it. it doesn’t dictate that the sperm gets to control what happens with the uterus. that the uterus sits in a cave all its life. that the sperm gets more resources. that a uterus can be beaten as a proof of love. that a uterus is inferior to sperm. lionesses are the primary hunters in a pride. elephants live in matriarchal groups. Is mother nature sending conflicting messages?

      • Regina Lynx says:

        The thing with cultural relativism though is that it is often used to excuse abuse of certain groups and individuals.

        I think that that’s what it’s mostly, if not all the time, used for.

        I’m unabashedly anti-culture relativism, because I think it’s bullcr*p. I think that there are major differences between cultures – and I even go so far as to claim that some cultures are simply ‘better’ than others. Actually, I’m ready to claim that my culture is pretty damn near perfect. Not 100%, but close.

        *waits for backlash*

  17. ag-UK says:

    Well you didn’t see / read the follow up on the Times. Again mentioning him and remarks like “oh if he tells me something I will memorise every word ” or something like that. He says he’s single and yeah he def. was banging her that’s for sure but I am disappointed he is just like all the others but you would think IF you want some model get one that can actually support herself and doesn’t sound like a moron. I have alot of friends in fashion and NEVER have come across her face. I would sort of be embarrased.

  18. Allison says:

    Well, if there was something going on with Cumby, I’m guessing this interview will officially end it.

    You hit it Benedict. Now quit it.

  19. EscapedConvent says:

    Wow, she sounds stupid *and* pretentious. A manipulator, but not a smart one.

    Maybe a woman is better off in Russia, even though “If he beats you then he loves you”?

    What was that Cumby said about the word “Bitch” setting feminism back years? Maybe “Fashion Bitch” didn’t bother him. Ah, well….

  20. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Katia, I ain’t saying you a gold digger, but your eyes are on the prize with a locked laser beam stare.

  21. MissMary says:

    He flat said he is single during an interview this past month… I wonder if this is why, trying to head off a famewhoring bootycall? Usually he never comments. Besides she allegedly had s live in.

    • Tish says:

      Visit her instagram (katiaelizarova) there’s a lot of intimate photos of her and Blair. Family dinners, lazy sundays. Blair Metcalfe (search for the guy), also tweeted this horrible article.

      • Leah says:

        Which makes me kinda…wonder, I guess… if he knew she had the boyfriend?

        IF IF they actually did the deed.

        There are a lot of what-ifs, I suppose- for all we knows there’s an understanding or open relationship… who knows.

      • Tish says:

        IF they did which I don’t think they did.

        Cumby js not a celibate monk and he’s not above FWB’s. I actually believe that he had this arrangement with Alice Eve at one point when he broke up with Olivia and Lydia Hearst when he was in LA. But like Steve Mcqueen (who is no bullshitter) and a lot of his colleagues have said, he has dignity and correctness like Tietjens. Dumb or not, I believe that. That’s the only thing I believe about the guy. He may have anxiety issues, trust issues and a shitty circle of friends and whatnot but I don’t think he will sleep with a taken woman. No matter how beautiful she is or how she insisted. He’ll be too worried about his morals and about his image (he wants to be Damon). It’s just unfortunate that this girl is milking it. Think he has learned his lesson now to distance himself to such ambitious/opportunistic people.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Considering he tweeted this (did he also tweet the Times one in which she says something along the lines of “oh it was a wedding…things happen” and thus seriously implying that something did in fact happen),it isn’t a huge stretch to think he’s encouraging her, in order to boost her profile. After all he’s in the PR game, maybe he’s willing to let things like this go knowing it’s boosting his girls profile…although it’s interesting she says her flat is big enough for her and her cat, which is a complete contradiction to her initial denial that she lived with her BF of 4 years.
        If they’re playing a PR game, they really need to remember their stories.

      • Abby says:

        Tish I agree with you…Cumby is no saint but him being with this low level, attention seeking, dumb chick is beyond believable.

        I for once can even buy him being FWB with Alice Eve considering he attended MIB 3 and The Raven premiere with her. He never attends these kind of hollywood functions unless he is involved in the project but going with her to both of them made me feel there might have been something. Again doubtful…..but with this chick NO WAY would I buy it.

        Him kissing her wasnt a big deal…some of my boyfriends friends (girls) also kiss him when they greet…which is actually fine by me.

      • Leah says:


        If they were going to do a CB post on this mess, I figured they’d go with the article you’re referencing where she makes that coy little statement about “things happening” at a wedding. That’s definitely trying to heavily imply that something did, indeed, happen.

        She seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.

  22. Tish says:

    She also admitted she has a boyfriend. And no, apparently they were invited as separate guest.

    If she’s a friend she would have known better than to “kiss and tell” because Cumby’s so protective about his privacy. I’ve given her the benefit of the doubt but she just sounds disgusting and sad.

    And isn’t it telling that he didn’t attend her play even though he had a lot of nights off? He even opted to spend time with Anna Wintour than to be seen at her play. Good job! He’s avoiding her like the plague and don’t even acknowledge her in the slightest! Haha. She just sounds more ridiculous by the minute.

    Also, I can just see Cumby rolling his eyes from all this comments from her.

    I hope we don’t have a Meet the Russians recap every week.

    • ag-UK says:

      +1 and he def. reads or is made aware of some of the things on line.

      • Tish says:

        It’s best to keep his mouth shut about her. I do think he has severed ties from her already after all these “speculative sh*t” she has brought him.

        I’ve also noticed that this didn’t cover The Times article? UGH. So we’re going to have another post about her tomorrow? I wonder if she’ll tweet about this! Haha! She falls under “any publicity is good publicity” obviously.

      • Leah says:


        Is that the one where she says everyone was in a “happy and jolly” mood and “things can happen” or whatever in reference to ibiza? That one is the one that really made my eyes roll.

    • curlsunited says:

      You got it all wrong. He didn’t attend her play because he didn’t want to “cause a ruckus”, in Katia-speak. :-)

      (Or did he? Backstage? He seems to be good-natured and a bit naive, so I wouldn’t put it past him)

      • Tish says:

        LOL! There were like 20 chairs reserved for the audience in her play. The theatre is big but they just used a part of it because there were no people attending. And she would have tweeted or instagramed it by now if he attended. Oh, she’ll never miss a chance!

      • ag-UK says:

        I think he is def. naive. He doesn’t really have a clue, if he had dated several women in his early years he might have worked on his bull….t detector. The review of the play wasn’t very good. I don’t want to see her big head on a daily basis I will have to delete this from my favourites.

      • Vesta says:

        @agUK – I kind of want to lean on your theory that his bulls..t detector isn’t fully developed. It actually makes sense, knowing his past.

        @curls – I think if he’s in any contact with this airhead because he wants to be good-natured, or these type of “things happen” more often, then he’s just naive beyond belief and I doom him. I’m a strict b1tch, you know ;)

      • curlsunited says:

        @Tish: Small audience, depite all the (self)promotion? What a pity.

        @Vesta: I put your bubble thing and the slapping thing down to a post-flu feverish delirium. Don’t be too strict with poor old sweet and naive Cumby.

      • Eve says:

        @ Vesta:

        I think if he’s in any contact with this airhead because he wants to be good-natured, or these type of “things happen” more often, then he’s just naive beyond belief and I doom him”.

        Or maybe the sex they’ve had (are still having?) is just too good to pass.

        Ok, I’ll try to explain myself via someone’s quote. An Isaac Bashevis Singer’s one:

        “A man must have some contact with humanity, whether he wants it or not. I would say that the best contact with humanity is through love and sex. Here, you learn many things about life, because in sex and in love human character is revealed more than anywhere else. Let’s say that a man in society can play a very strong man, a dictator, but in sex he may become reduced to a child, or to an imp. The sexual organs are the most sensitive organs of the human being. For example, the eye will not stop seeing if it doesn’t like what it sees, but the penis will stop functioning if it doesn’t like what it “sees.” I would say that the sexual organs express the human soul more than any other part of the body. They are not diplomats. They tell the truth ruthlessly.

      • Vesta says:

        @curls – You’re right, and I’ve been delirious (still am). To be honest I’m not throwing the towel in with him.

        Yes, I know for sure this woman is a fool who tries to fame-ride on BC, but there’s also LOTS of media trash involved – so who knows what happened/did not happen.

        HE still hasn’t said anything, so this is just basically the same old Ibizagate part 4. Yawn-ish.


        Please, put your trademark rags on, go out and generate some new gold nuggets.

        Slick suit pics will do if you're too busy for anything else!

      • Leah says:

        What I find interesting is how there haven’t been any more “sightings” of BC out on dates. I don’t think he’s a monk, I wouldn’t be surprised if he IS out there dating/picking up women… yet nothing in the tabs/papers/social network

      • Vesta says:


        Oh, Eve, you *poofed* in just when I was already beginning to soften, and forgiving him in my fever delirium. And with an impressive quote by Singer!

        You’re determined to get me CB-divorce him too, aren’t you? And damn you, you’re so devilishly good at proving your point.

        But you’re kind of guilty for my naive faith too. I was considering to ditch him after Ibizagate, but then, you know, I saw all these pictures, and I was weak….. :(

        I especially remember one particular STID a$s-shot YOU left here. AN A$S SHOT! That’s my achilles heel.

      • Eve says:

        Oh, sorry for that (the ass shot). Totally understand your weakness — I’m Brazilian, I’m a natural born ass admirer so I feel your pain.

        But hey, you can still love his acting! In my opinion, he’s a phenomenal actor…no shame in loving that about him.

        ETA: you edited your comment, my reply (downthread) made no sense anymore. Had to cut and paste it here.

      • Vesta says:

        @Leah – I don’t think he’s a monk either, but maybe he just learned his lesson and now picks up grain that actually do keep their mouth shut…

      • Julia says:

        I really don’t understand the desperation some people have to believe that something actually happened with this awful woman.
        But what I do know is, the public are incredibly easy to manipulate and you’ve completely played into her hands. Exactly what she wanted you to think when she was working out what to say.

  23. Bianca says:

    She’s trolling us all, right? This is one of the most infuriatingly dumb interviews I’ve ever read. Wow. I’m almost impressed.

  24. Lizzy says:

    Is it just me who picked up on the KGB grand dad and the Lenin brother in law thing?

    It might be that her views are screwed up but it also reeks of attention seeking. Nobody cant be this ignorant to the fact that stating such things in the western media will have an enormous backlash/coverage.

  25. Ncboudicca says:

    So many things wrong I don’t even know where to begin with this chick.

  26. betsy says:

    She seems horrible. Benedict has sh*t taste in women.

  27. Dulcinea says:

    I watched “how to marry a millionaire” last night, she sounds just like the girls in that movie. ugh, disgusting, this is 2013 not 1965!!

  28. KLO says:

    She was just being honest. I have been around russian women a lot and this is what they are taught at home. It definitely does not mean that russian women are like that in general. It just shows a little bit about the culture.

    And I am sure she exaggerated a bit to seem cooler. I am sure of it.

  29. Cody says:

    Maybe Benedict likes his women like this, navie and ignorant. He might suffer from the My Fair Lady syndrome. He is Professor Higgins and Katia is Eliza Doolittle. “Shall We Dance”

  30. Abby says:

    She is such an attention seeking whore (pardon my language) I just cannot stand her.

    He should go back to Olivia or Anna Jones rather than being with this dumb chick

  31. Karen says:

    “If he beats you, he loves you”

    ????? What the f*** is wrong with this girl. He’ll beat u, but you’ll never have to pay a bill so it’s ok??? Ugh, im so annoyed at the world right now!

  32. Faye says:

    If Cumby goes for this kind of thing I think it says more about him than it does about her. She was raise with this mindset, so culturally it’s ingrained in her. What’s his excuse?

    • Tish says:

      Her mom and Olivia seems to be tough women. Don’t see him going for this BS. So they may have banged (or so she says but she keeps on changing it) but that doesn’t mean he wants his women this way. Even Anna James looks assertive. Lydia too, I’ve seen interviews and she’s no fragile little thing.

  33. Amanda says:

    I can’t believe all the people shocked by this. Maybe they just haven’t spent much time around Russians and Eastern Europeans? My best friend in college had recently immigrated from Bulgaria. She thought the exact same way, and so did her Bulgarian boyfriends. We used to argue about it, but it didn’t change her upbringing. Now she has a hard time dating American men.

    • Lindy79 says:

      My cousin is married to a Lithuanian girl and she actually said the opposite to this twit. She said Irish men treated her way better than anyone she met at home.

      If British men are so “weak” and don’t pay for anything it makes me wonder why she’s so keen to be associated with one.

      URRGH this has made me so angry. I’m all for chivalry and men treating you with respect but expecting them to pay for everything doesn’t equate to that, especially if you’re going to make comments about them being physically abusive.

      *hears sound of Emmeline Pankhurst spinning like a top in her grave*

  34. Miss M says:

    A lot of men think the same way too… Case in point: my ex. Well, he didn’t pay everything for me. But once his female friend decided to quit her job, he drove her everywhere, let her stay for free at his place because she NEEDED HIS help. A friend of mine said something that I was shocked: if you don’t let your man pay things for you, he will find another woman who he will…
    Shocking, but true… At least, in the light of recent events…

    • T.Fanty says:

      I agree. And it’s on a spectrum. My lovely husband used to worry because he didn’t make enough for me to be able to quit my job and stay home to spawn things and bake stuff. It took him years to let go of the insecurity that he felt about it, even though he’s been nothing but supportive and proud of my career (I also suspect that seeing the fruits of my spawning and baking labor probably helped the process).

      For so many men, masculinity is defined through their capacity to take care of/manage their women. And there are a lot of women out there ready and willing to accept that definition.

      • Sadie says:

        T.Fanty hits another nail squarely on the head.

        Men (often) want to provide and it bugs them when they feel they cannot adequately do that job. Even while being super duper supportive of us…. Puts them in an emotional bind… (Which from the sounds of it — many if you ladies are more than happy to make the emotional binding into real physical bindings. Complete w/ cat o’ tails….. Hehe)

      • Miss M says:

        T.Fanty: That’s about right! Second American boyfriend in a row who has a similar behavior and it’s probably because they feel insecure that a woman can pay as well. Then, they follow the pattern to go and find women who depend on them.

        BC could be this kind of man too, so stop blaming the Russian chick.

      • T.Fanty says:

        I don’t think he actually is. I think he was just thinking with Little Cumby. He’s an only child and seems a little spoiled, so I suspect that his ideal woman is probably one tough chick who is able to run his life a little.

        It’s tough finding a man who can handle a career woman. Also, I don’t respect men that let me walk over them, and had a string of boyfriends who just wanted me to walk all over them (which I gladly did). I like strong men, but they often do come with a lot of cultural baggage. It’s hard.

      • Eve says:

        @ Miss M:

        “BC could be this kind of man too, so stop blaming the Russian chick.”

        Yes, that’s why I CB-divorced him. I blamed the whole Ibiza fiasco almost entirely on him.

        There’s a Brazilian saying I like very much: “Dize-me com quem andas e te direi que és” (tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are). It’s the equivalent to the English “Birds of a feather flock together”, but I find ours more objective.

      • Ag-UK says:

        @Eve – I like that one will use it in the future but unfortunately in plain old English. I also like when someone shows you who they are believe them

      • Eve says:

        @ Ag-UK:

        You mean you’re going to use our Brazilian version instead of “Birds of a feather…”, but in English (“tell me who you hang out with…”)? If so, thank you. I’m flattered.

        But I’ve just noticed I wrote it wrong. It’s “Dize-me com quem andas e te direi quem és” (the translation to English remains correct, though). I honestly love this quote.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Don’t you and Miss M start agreeing with each other. It’ll upset my sense of cosmic balance and harmony in the universe.

      • Anna says:

        EEEEEEvieeee! In Russian it’s ‘tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are’!!! I can read a bit of Port :)

      • Miss M says:

        @T.Fanty: awwwwwwww… I was shocked that she agreed with me too. Don’t you worry, you cosmic balance and harmony in the universe will be fine soon!

        @Eve: I often say here: tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are, just like Anna said.

  35. Thinker says:

    Anyone else think she bears a striking resemblance to Michelle Williams? Especially the angle in the second photo where she’s giving the coquettish look down her nose.

    Seriously, can’t believe I read: “If he beats you then he loves you” – in an interview! To go in print! What a nutcase. Russian parables show Russian culture needs serious work. It is NOT what nature intended.

  36. Delorb says:

    Has it ever occurred to some of you that nothing actually happened between them, but its not stopping her from insinuating that it did?

    They meet and kiss hello. She twists it into something else. They check out a menu near the pool. She twists it into something else.

    I think its telling that soon after those pictures were leaked, he shows up with an old friend at his birthday party. Subtly showing us that nothing happened in Ibiza.

    One article by this woman we barely know and all the things we know about Benedict go out the window. Shame on some of us.

  37. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    Everyone else has parsed this interview beautifully, but I haven’t seen English manners brought up, so I’ll do it. I don’t know who the heck this girl is hanging out with, but I have never met an Englishman with bad manners or who would treat a lady like she says she is treated. She has to be one of those people who moves somewhere new and chooses to see only the negatives so she can remember how wonderful home was.

    I don’t think worse of Benedict, though. I just think he has to be a very naively nice person to have given her the time of day.

    • Lindy79 says:

      I’ve also never seen women having a go at a man for offering his seat on public transport, just gratitude.
      She’s a mess of contradictions, she enjoys the independence but also wants men to dance attendance and pay for her and they are rude if they don’t.

      Her sweeping generalisation comments about binge drinking and lack of family values piss me off more than I can say and I’m not even British.

  38. Sephora Wilson says:

    I think at the end of the day attraction is subjective. What person A might find attractive in Man A, Person B might not be attracted to. Vice Versa. So I can see why women lust over him. I do think he is attractive but thats just me. There are alot of pretty boy hollywood men that women find attractive but I don’t. So I still don’t see why there is even a debate on his looks. We are all attracted to different things.

    As much as I love Benedict he does seem to come off as “not aware”. Even MF said this about him. I don’t know if thats due to the environment he was raised in or what. Who knows.

    I also want someone to straight up ask him about those photos. I know someone asked him about the leaked photos of the wedding and he responded.
    It would be so funny if the question caught him off guard like the wedding photos did.

    And it looks like Katia won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Some people thought this was dead and gone back in July. No. Remember last year when everyone was pairing him with almost every woman he was seen with? She was one of them. The Russian princess is here to stay folks.

    • ag-UK says:

      Did he actually resond? I don’t recall reading what he said then. No she has a couple of things coming up talking to the house of commons(from the article) etc… so she will def. try to keep the profile up. I just don’t want to read about her a nobody on a daily basis.

      • Sephora Wilson says:

        A video on youtube when he is at TIFF the subject came up on the carpet about the gay wedding pics that leaked of him officiating the wedding.
        Look on youtube under “Benedict cumberbatch on officiating Gay wedding”

        And I agree I rather not hear about her at all. Unfortunately this is not the end of her coverage.

  39. Lisa says:

    I agree with this part: “Feminism doesn’t mean you have to be aggressive to people who are nice to you.”

    Too many feminists take the righteous indignation thing too far. I don’t know if they behave this way in real life or just on the internet, but it gives the rest of us bad names. Then they whine (angrily, of course) about stereotyping.

    • MissScarlet says:

      Cumby actually said that he was ‘surprised’ that someone would release a photo from a private event. I think at this point, he needs to realize that the level of his fame has risen almost to ‘living in a fishbowl’ levels. People are thirsty to ride his coattails now, and he needs to act accordingly. I’m a fan of his work, and I’m sad to see this happening to him, but the babe in the woods routine is doing him no favors. He is very intelligent, but not necessarily street smart. He needs a woman who lives a ‘civilian’ life, who has her own accomplishments and doesn’t seek fame.

  40. Anita0614 says:

    The family story looks shady: “…her grandfather was the head of the KGB and her great-grandfather was married to Lenin’s sister’.
    Lenin’s sister Anna was married to Mark Elizarov (he died in 1919!), but they had no children!
    There is no any Elizarov in the list of KGP heads, it’s easy to check.
    Taking into account that KGB is an equivalent of gestapo, the organization that killed and prosecuted millions of innocent people, there is nothing to be proud about, if her grandfather was any kind of boss in KGB. From the latest: http://latitude.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/09/23/life-in-a-russian-prison/
    I’m Russian too and I agree with the comments, made by Anna above..

  41. Shiv says:

    Her Times interview yesterday…

    I’m sure after this, she drove to Easton Heston and advise the Russian Billionaire, Leon Max, that she no longer wants to be the face of his fashion house. I’m sure she then update her twitter bio from ‘London loving Fashion B….’ I’m sure her numerous social pages are not littered in her over indulgent social gatherings and fashion shoots. I’m sure she was misquoted in the interview she conducted some days ago where she belittles English men and English women.
    This one is a walking contradiction.
    As for Benedict Cumberbatch, I’m pretty sure it was him at the height of his fame who publicly made the press aware he was in Ibiza for a wedding and then chose this lady as his tag along so I feel he has no one else to blame for the constant name dropping… It’s a shame aswell as he is a wonderful actor, one of the best in today’s industry. He is perceived as being fiercely protective over his private life so unsure why he has chosen to go down the route of someone who promotes her interviews via her Facebook and is now in a reality show.

    What is with the latest remark..we were at a wedding, these things happen. Has she just admitted it??

    • MissMary says:

      According to KE, she and her partner were invited as separate guests (I need to source that but I think it’s in the interviews just out) and she did previously deny anything happening with BC in Ibiza. Given that, last year when they were linked, he went out of his way to NOT be seen with her (and she was reported in several rags as following him out of an event and returning alone a short while later, looking pissed off), I think she’s grasping right now in the face of his and his team’s denial-via-silence/rejection-via-silence. “Oh I have a boyfriend but *coy, inept remarks about BC…*”

  42. matia says:

    Her worldview sounds like my 80 year old grandma

  43. Ravensdaughter says:

    She’s not even pretty. What did she put in Cumby’s Kool AId? (I know that sounds childish, but SHE’S NOT WORTHY!!!!)

  44. matia says:

    Her worldview sounds like my 80 year old grandma. But I agree with her on drunken antics being unattractive.

  45. Lily Ad says:

    My goodness, that idiot just set feminism back about 200 years. Cumby’s PR team probably won’t be too pleased with this because his intellectual, progressive, “I don’t like the term ‘Cumberbitch’ because it’s so derogatory” cred is going to take a real blow if he keeps sticking it to a reality star who endorses abuse towards women. I’m willing to bet we won’t be seeing them together in public again for a while, or else someone isn’t doing their job right.

    • Eve says:

      Unfortunately, Cumberbatch’s PR team doesn’t seem to have any control over his penis’s decisions.

    • Leah says:

      I dunno… does anyone actually still think they’re dating/banging?

      And perhaps Cumby’s penis has yet to catch up to his feminist leanings… there’s only so much the little guy can handle, and he only just recovered from the hair dye incident.

      • Eve says:

        “I dunno… does anyone actually still think they’re dating/banging?”

        I do (relax, people, it’s just the impression I have). He’s been too silent and she looks triumphant.

      • Leah says:

        Well, yes, good point I guess… but I’m not sure. I’d definitely buy that they were banging at one point, and maybe had a FWB thing going on, but not sure it’s on the regular? That would take the supposed PR boyfriend out of the picture? And if BC’s going for “under the radar love connection,” it’s kind of ruined when she seems perfectly happy to engage in discussions about him with anyone who asks.

        Also- didn’t he point blank say he’s “not in a relationship at the moment” at TIFF? Although, we all know actors never lie.

        However, yes, he’s been distinctly SILENT on the whole situation, allowing for ALL of the information to come from her. Which, is kind of interesting, and allows for some GEMS. Also- I figured this would have blown over by now… the pics came out back in July, but it’s still hanging around and he’s STILL quiet about it. As someone else said, almost wondering what his comment would be if someone point blank asked him about KE. Although the “not in a relationship at the moment” sort of leads one to think he’d deny it and go with the “just good friends” party line.

      • Lily Ad says:

        LOL that might be an interesting PR move, blame it all on the damage caused to his old fellow.

        Seriously, though, I don’t think he is and I believe this is her milking it for all it’s worth, but you never know.

      • Vesta says:


        I think this case just has FAR too many unclarities and shady details, that I personally could make a final conclusion.

        I have gone back and forth, many times, including today, but at the end I always find myself thinking: I just don’t know what happened.

        And whatever was with her, I’m hoping he could have some proven action with someone else right now, since she’s such a bore after all…

      • Leo says:

        I for one don’t think they were ever dating. Shagging/FWB? Maybe, probably. But the way she talks about him in the 2 Times interviews makes me doubt even that. “He promised me he would come to my play? Maybe I will manage to have dinner with him? When I see him, I take in every word he says?” This sounds like a fangirl, not a girlfriend or even FWB.

        And she does really have a boyfriend, strange as it may be. Check her Instagram, FB, their friends FB. Their families spend holidays together, there are pictures of them waking up together, their friends comment what a nice couple they are and the list goes on.

        Another thing – BC has been in London this entire year. His fans spot him literally every day, sometimes even more. He was seen on dates with other women, with family, with friends, doing all sorts of things. Never with her. And believe me, the rabid fangirls would have spotted her.

        And he went out of his way to visit every concert and go out every night with his friends this past month, but he didn’t have time to come to her play once? A bit odd.

        In fact, this wedding shindig is the first time he was seen with her in more than a year. A bit to strange for me.

      • Leah says:


        Yep, agree. She is kind of a bore! Too many what-ifs and don’t knows to really figure the situation out.

      • Katie says:

        Highly unlikely.

        Even if BC didn’t get it, you bet his PR told him Katia set him up. He’d have to a literal doormat to still associate with her.

        PR-wise, silent is his best bet. She got the pics, so she won there, but he shouldn’t give her more attention. If he comments on her, it’ll go right to the top of his Google search results.

  46. doofus says:

    apparently, the standards for being a “model” have slipped and you don’t even have to be pretty. or look like a woman.

    seriously, she is NOT attractive and she’s got a really obvious (bad) nose job.

    • Ag-UK says:

      I guess anyone can say it but doesn’t mean its true. Chanel I beg to differ she has done some shows in Epsom from her bf blog or some image I saw. I just wish she would go away and he get back to acting and stay on the down low until the end of the year. I am almost tiring of him and I def heart BC.

  47. MissMary says:

    I’m halfway wondering if the interview was set up to make her look bad, or if she’s really that inept and flaky. Oh, who am I kidding…she always comes off as inept and flaky in interviews, the few she’s gotten… My partner suggested she knows her time is WAY up on any hope of making it in the modeling world so now she’s jumping on the coattails of those models who came out this past year with the big reveals about the cruelty in the industry. Then she opens her mouth and this mess comes out.

    • Sadie says:

      @MissMary — I wondered the same damn thing as the interviewer seemed to me to go in with an agenda. What better way to get your work noticed????

      Also, KE seems bound and determined to milk any advantage in regards to getting her name ‘out there’; even if it means implying something happened when it probably didn’t.

      • MissMary says:

        There’s no doubt she’s fame hungry and it really seems like she’s milking a tenuous connection to BC for all it’s worth. The less he says, the worse she looks so mazel tov to his PR and him for keeping their lips buttoned. It really strikes me like she’s trying to come off as a wounded party in advance, like if he DOES say “yeah bitch be crazy” or something less frank lol, she can be mopey and “I’m so delicate!”

  48. marina says:

    I thought she sounded kind of funny. And frankly, I agree with her as far as women falling down drunk in Oxford Circus or Washington Square Park or wherever. It’s not attractive. I like when someone offers me a seat on the subway too, even if I don’t take it, it’s nice when it’s offered. She may not be beautiful, but some people like to have a conversation with their significant other.

    • Lindy79 says:

      What I take issue with is her attitude that its ok for the men folk but not women

      • tara the original says:

        its because women should be smarter than to act like a drunken a-hole in public. drunken naked vomiting women OR men is never attractive and unfortunately i can attest to the fact that the Brits certainly can party hard

      • Lindy79 says:

        I agree that it’s never attractive and I’m not condoning it but it should be same rule for everyone not one rule for men and another for women, same goes for men sleeping around are playboys but when women do it, they’re sluts. It’s the same mentality, women should be perfect “fragile” little angels.
        To me it proves that she is still very much in the mindset of her upbringing and how women should be treated and while she says at the end that she now enjoys the freedom, I honestly don’t think she believes it.

  49. allheavens says:

    @Huh, Jen, Teehee, QQ, A

    Why do you feel the need to tear someone down because of how he or she looks? It is the most trifling argument one can present and you couldn’t find more projection unless you were in an IMAX theatre.

    Cumberbatch is a grown-ass man with a penis. Who he sticks it in is his business. It doesn’t make him a bad person, a ridiculous person or a good person, it just makes him human.


    • Huh says:

      You have a great deal of misplaced emotion about this. I’ll leave it at that.

    • Katie says:

      Being super serious for a second here, it’s because of rampant objectification. Get ‘em on that pedestal and then kick ‘em off.

      I know some point back to his image, but having a fling doesn’t equal not wanting a family. A parade of only flings, yes, but let’s be real: he’s not anywhere near Leo or Clooney territory here.

      • blended says:

        exactly katie. the things people project onto their favourite/least favourite celebs says far more about them than the celeb. let the man have his fun.

      • Leo says:

        And since being superserious is mentioned – I don’t understand what would people have him do? How is he going to marry and have a family unless he dates? I see his current line of though perfectly normal – yes, he would like to have a family, but he can’t have it right now, so why not make the best of it.

        Oh! And he quite honestly said in an interview about a month ago that his biggest dream is to have a family.

        And I bet if he were to whine about how much he wants to be a father every time a camera is present, people would turn on him and start calling him pathetic.

      • Alison says:

        I really don’t think anyone’s begrudging him fun ora fling. I think people’s issue here is this atrocious woman so hell bent on fame and willing to sell him down the river to get it. That’s what people have a problem with. Also – her BF is her publicist and they have lived together in Chelsea for 4 years. So there really is no substance to these rumours that have been generated and purposely reignited by her this week to promote her reality show. I have said this several times but I don’t expect anyone’s going to take any notice.

      • Leo says:

        Yeah, I’ve mentioned the boyfriend as well.

        I’m really curious – how do people who believe that BC is still dating her and has been for some time explain the boyfriend?

        As strange as it is his existence is probably the only proven fact here and people willingly disregarding it.

      • Katie says:


        People have already complained about how he’s “baby obsessed” and comes off as desperate to be married actually.

      • Eve says:

        @ Aliso, Katie and Leo:

        Full disclosure: *I* believe they’ve had (or maybe still have) sex on the down-low. Not exactly dating, but I think they’ve been “intimate” at some point.

        Nothing wrong with that. He’s a famous, attractive man on his late 30s, he’s single and he’s playing the field.

        As Alison pointed out upthread, her BF is also her publicist and probably orchestrated the whole thing, especially those “candid” pictures at the hotel in Ibiza. So…he could be perfectly ok with her sexing Cumberbatch up as long as that raised her profile. Or maybe they have one of those “open” relationships.

        My point is: The fact she has a boyfriend of 4 years (according to Alison and others) and the fact she could be having sex or a “friends with benefit” type of situation with Cumberbatch are NOT mutually exclusive. These two things could have happened/have been happening for a while.

        I’m not disregarding the “boyfriend” at all, I just think he’s not exactly an impediment to her having a fling with Cumberbatch.

        Also, do you all think her BF, being a fame hungry publicist who’s willing to sell/promote a possible affair between his girlfriend and a famous actor (whether a fake one or not) is that much in love with her? Methinks he’d be okay if she started dating Cumberbatch (and he remained only her publicist).

        P.S.: @ Leo (below):

        Nobody here called him a brainless lothario — nobody. Naïve maybe, but not brainless. And I for one don’t think he’s been naïve at all — just that he’s made an unfortunate choice (for a quick, meaningless hookup). He thought she’d be quiet about it but, as it turned out, he was wrong.

    • Leo says:


      I should have guessed, anyway. First they complain about that, then he cools it down a bit (after maybe having heard the things that were said) and now he gets called a brainless lothario.
      Talk about projections.

    • Katie says:


      I agree with you mostly.

      I don’t think they’ve been involved for a while. The guy gets snapped even getting his hair dyed but never with her outside this and a charity event.

      My guess: a one-nighter after said charity event a year or so ago.

      KE got invited to the same wedding he did, saw her chance and took it.

      She clearly knows the photographer and would have gotten a smoking gun pic if they were still involved. Not pictures of him looking more interested in food.

      I personally don’t think he should acknowledge her, and that’s not just the PR in me talking. Can’t say they’re dating because it’s not true. Saying they had a fling or past relationship makes her look bad. Not that she needs the help, but still.

      Obviously, I could be wrong, but that’s what it looks like to me. No way he’s involved with her now even if I am, as he knows she staged this. Everyone and their mother does.

  50. betsy says:

    So did she set up those ibiza photos?

    Was it a way of getting him to admit he was dating her?

    Were her comments on weak british men more to do with him being too weak to admit he was seeing her?

    • Chrissy says:

      I’ve thought from the moment the Ibiza photos came out that it was all a setup by K, her BF and/or her “mentor” to garner some publicity for the play, the reality show and whatever other mess she gets involved with. Obviously don’t know what the K+B involvement was, but B does seem to be naive and he got played.

  51. EleanorRigby says:

    I don’t comment often here because I’m usually ignored but here I go:

    He’s allowed to have sex with whomever he wishes. He’s not in a committed relationship and he’s a 37 year old man, we all agree on this. This will be difficult for the segment of his fanbase whom are very young and naive but for most of us here who have actually gone through and completed puberty, we get it.

    The fact that out of all the women this man could have this is one with whom he choses to associate with (even if it’s just for sex) says more about him that it does about her. Of course she’s going to take advantage, what else does she really have else to sell?
    I agree with whomever said it’s too late, he’s associated with her. He is at the apex of an A-List career. He can do whatever/whomever he wants but there may be consequences. He has sold an image for a few years and this is incongruent so there’s going to be a lot of dissonance. DiCaprio and Clooney haven’t spent the past 2 years whining about the “mother of their children” and “filling their house with love” whilst cavorting with models/escorts.

    He’s trying to back-peddle now. Karon and the team have their work cut out for them. Normally, this kind of thing would go away but this girl is TOXIC. Better judgement next time, Ben. Love your work btw.

  52. Aria says:

    All your comments made my day. Thank you very much.

    I have no love for BC but I expected he would have chosen someone better like Jessica Chastain, not a Russian model with no brains.

  53. Ag-UK says:

    @eve- yes it’s better than Birds of a Feather sounds too sweet/nice the other I like as it sounds like a semi shady remark. Must cut and past and put on my phone for easy access

  54. WendyNerd says:

    I never got the appeal of being delicate. Delicate, last time I checked, meant vulnerable and/or breakable. Being broken is painful.

    Seriously, what is the appeal of being easily endangered and useless? What purpose does that serve? I don’t have a problem with someone opening a door for me, but that doesn’t mean I want to be “delicate”. I know what that’s like. It sucks.

    • Random Dude says:

      In some men it triggers the need to protect and take care of vulnerable girl. Evolution I guess. Some men like “delicate” girls. And some girls even pretend to be. ;)

    • Catriona says:

      Ditto. I’m sorry but I HATE it when a girl is intentionally being inept or being completely spoiled or acting like a child who is learning everything for the first time, so that they can boost a guy’s self-esteem or make a guy feel “superior”. Puhlease. Girls like that are the reason why men make insipid and erroneous statements such as, “Scientifically, males are far more superior than females and they NEED us to take care of them.” I don’t know why but Im under the impression that she and Lord Reptilian’s relationship was that he is the mentor she screws around with and she would probably willfully act like a ditz taking everything he says as gospel which further inflates his already swollen ego. I’ll stick with Michael Fassbender who likes his women, “strong” and “confident in their own skin”. He seems to be a lot better at detecting BS than Sherlock Holmes, himself. :-P

  55. LilyRose says:

    BenC seems rather paternalistic to me. They seem like a match.

  56. Jenn says:

    Opening a door, or holding an umbrella is just being nice, heck I do that for my husband as much as he does it for me. I don’t need a man to take care of me.

  57. Flower says:

    That dense child has been told she’s pretty way too many times and as for Russian women, wow is she ever wrong. I know and have known several Russian women in my life and in no way do they act like how she describes them. As for British women, well my mom is British, and she is one of the strongest willed women I have ever known and she is a lady to the core of her soul.

    Cucumber has questionable choices in gf’s and so does Hiddles. Have to wonder what the two of them talk about when they have relationship troubles.

  58. Hazura Jane says:

    She looks like a Hungarian schoolgirl in Chicago, circa 1984. Like eventually she’ll be a 150 pounds and able to go bear hunting with a switch.

  59. Saffie says:

    I don’t think this lady is going to age very well. And she looks quite sturdy.

  60. Alexandra says:

    She’s not very attractive is she??? And she sounds like a twit…..

  61. GeeMoney says:

    My last comments on her and Ibiza-gate… this girl has taken fame whoring to another level. I can’t fault her too much, though (as much as I hate to say it). Her Wikipedia bio has gotten bigger, now she’s on a reality series, and EVERYTIME she mentions Benedict’s name she gets press.

    She may be pretty awful but she’s pretty smart.

    Anyhoo, I feel bad for Ben even though I think he had some form of a relationship/agreement/something with her. I think he was in on the Ibiza thing to a certain extent, and then she took the photo op and publicity and RAN with it. And then she gave that awful interview to the BBC about going to the “Cumberbatch School of Arts (which was hysterical but sad at the same time).” I bet he wanted to punch her and then die of complete and total embarrassment after he read that.

    I think he just didn’t realize how far she would go to become famous, and she ended up burning him in the long run. Which is comical in a sense, b/c you would think that he wouldn’t be that naive. Fame brings out the worst in people, and there are people lining up at one’s doorstep to try and use who they can just get a little bit of what they have. Oh well. Lesson learned.

    I still like him anyway. Hopefully he’s more choosy about his flings/friends/people he surrounds himself with in the future.

    PS – And she is NOT attractive. He needs to call up Anna Jones and see if she’s still single, because – DAMN.

    • GeeMoney says:

      Also – And for those of you who think he’s probably a dick (or some type of sleazy guy) for getting involved with her, more than likely, he isn’t. He’s a funny looking guy who’s now famous and can bang whomever he wants. And he’s got pretty girls sliding up to him left and right. Can you blame him? Cut him some slack. He’s probably just enjoying himself for now.

      More than likely, he’ll probably end up with someone like Olivia eventually.

    • Eve says:

      @ GeeMoney:

      To be fair, she said he was giving her acting lessons/tips.

      The “Cumberbatch School of Dramatic Arts” was a sarcastic caption by BBC America’s writer:


      So…in a way, even more embarrassing than if she had said that herself. They’re clearly mocking him.

    • blended says:

      @julia then you must not know what human sexuality is all about. sometimes you just want something lustful. no harm no foul between consenting adults. and i must say you are being unfair to models if you think they are all just mindless objects.
      also, you are naive if you think a man wouldn’t succumb to beautiful women throwing themselves at him.

      • blended says:

        i commented in the wrong place. was meant for ‘julia’ above.

      • Julia says:


        My last comment for some bizarre reason, wasn’t published and I’m not sure why. Not very helpful, but he we go again.

        I think you’re reply was both generalising and patronising. I perfectly understand human sexuality thank you and what I take issue with is your suggestion that models are put on a pedestal by ALL men. That’s ludicrous. It’s an awful dumb, frat boy idea of men that just simply isn’t true.
        At no point did I say that all models are mindless objects so I don’t know where you got that from.
        But the truth is, all they do is pout at a camera and wear clothes. That is it. The is no sweeping objective beauty to them. They are no more beautiful than any other woman on an individual level, so to assume that all men are desperate to sleep with models per se, is erroneous and pejorative. An intelligent man will engage with a woman he finds attractive and interesting in their own right, whether that is for a ‘lustful encounter’ or a lasting relationship. He is not impressed or impassioned by their profession alone. Beauty is subjective and everywhere. A man with a brain sees this.

      • blended says:

        @julia. your long comment just goes to show further how naive you are thank you very much. and yes you implied that models are pretty useless other than looking good, i.e mindless objects.

      • Harriet says:

        You are being incredibly sexist to pigeonhole all men into gormless fools who are all overwhelmingly impressed by models.
        You charmingly said “every man would bang a model”. That’s highly ignorant and a ridiculous generalisation. There’s no implication that models are all mindless objects (you do like her generalising, don’t you?). What they do as a profession is not alone impressive to men who are intelligent and discerning. The act of modelling itself is not remarkable or difficult and as women, they are no more impressive or attractive than a woman you could find anywhere.This is NOT implying that they are all mindless objects. Obviously.
        The idea that all men are dumb frat boys who will drool at the very idea of getting to sleep with a ‘model’ is ludicrous. Men with taste see things far more objectively than that – it takes a little more to impress them (even for fleeting encounters) than a woman who gets photographed fora living.
        That’s obviously what Julia means and I totally agree.

      • Chrissy says:

        @Julia and @Harriet agreed! thx for replying

      • blended says:

        rolling my eyes SO hard right now. women are so catty when it comes to models i.e. “their jobs must be so easy. all they have to do is look good and OMG they aren’t even that pretty.”
        just because this particular model in question is flaky, doesn’t mean they all are. and you guys are obviously living in a dream world. poor cumby has the weirdest fans. i genuinely feel bad for him that he can’t even have a model as a fwb without being judged.

      • Harriet says:


        Are you actually trolling now? “Catty”? No, it’s not catty. It’s a fact. I’m not remotely envious of any models if that’s the predictable and trite direction you’re headed with this. It looks like one of the dullest jobs, in fact. What Julia and I have both said is MODELLING IS NOT ADMIRABLE or difficult. This is pretty much fact.
        It’s not tough. And we were saying this in reponse to your ridiculous sweeping statement delcaring that “all men want to bang models”. That is simply not true and far from all men are impressed by models ‘per se’, and stating this is not saying that all models are objects or flaky. It’s saying that many men are intelligent enough to not simply have their heads turned by a MODEL. Not sure how much simpler anyone needs to be here in spelling this out. Incidentally, however hard KE is attempting to paint it differently, the only FWB she’s gained, is the newspaper and press coverage. So you can stop ‘rolling your eyes’ now.

      • Harriet says:

        Furthermore, there’s nothing ‘weird’ about what’s been said here, so i don’t understand why you’re trying for the OMG you so weird angle. Perhaps you should stop being so argumentative and address the fact that you seem to be incapable of understanding how we don’t agree with your offensive assumption of all men. That’s it.

      • Katie says:


        I think I get what you mean?

        KE is far from stupid. I hope I haven’t implied that here. I was aware of her before BC.

        KE has a law degree for real, has practiced and is scheduled to address Parliament regarding the abusive treatment of underage models this year.

        Part of the reason her career may have stalled out is because she’s been outspoken about old men groping young teenage girls for years. That doesn’t make you popular.

        I suspect she’s fostering a controversial image because her shelf-life as a model is ending. It’s sad in a way but not surprising.

  62. Naddie says:

    When I expected him to come up with an Eva Green… This happens. I’ll pretend I’m not judging.

  63. EscapedConvent says:

    Wait—she’s a teetotaler?

    Well that won’t work with Drunk Uncle at all.

    • Vesta says:

      I believe that particular difference has a lot to do with their alleged “romance”…

      You know all that EsCon; how being drunk clouds your judgement etc. At that state you just…Oops, no no no no, what am I talking, YOU couldn’t possibly know that! And I’m still not gonna blurt out your Secrets, so – NO ONE here heard NOTHING, capisce?

  64. als says:

    Wow, this girl is amazing!
    She’s skinny, blonde and willing to manipulate men with her alleged frailty. C’mon Skarsgard, you know you want in!
    I’d like a Cumberbatch – Skarsgard fight over her, lets’ just hope they do it in public…and what if she has a secret Russian boyfriend that shows up as well?…and Matt Damon should totally step in to protect Cumby’s love (’cause that’s how friendships are built)…C’mon guys, Katia is sooo worth it, she’s so delicate and beautiful, she deserves a man that will fight to protect her!

  65. dagdag says:

    Why are so many here bashing Katia?

    Her speaking about gender relations in russia descripe the behaviour of about 90% of the world population.

  66. Flower says:

    I have had the pleasure or should that be the utter fascination of watching these Russian/Eastern European ladies work a man and let me tell you the ‘dollskis’ are untouchable. It just leaves you laughing at how utterly blind men can be when it comes to slatherings of ego rubbing flattery and eye batting. I live on the floor above two of them and I must say they are actually very smart, funny and interesting to talk to they both have degrees and good jobs but the hunt for the rich/smart/successful husband is uppermost on their minds.

    I might add I’m close to the age of their grandmothers so pose no threat, that’s probably why we click.

  67. blended says:

    i hope his good pal caitlin moran gives him an earful about this girl. i can only imagine what she would think if she has read this article.

  68. Cici says:

    After reading the article I had a 5 minute argument with her in my head.

  69. ag-UK says:

    don’t think so. I am sure all friends or acquaintances. I can hear the line BC’s mother said in Caitlin’s article “can you find him someone suitable” her eyes must be rolling.

  70. Brat says:

    They’re not dating and she’s an opportunistic liar. That’s about it. Time to move on and never speak of her again.

  71. Flower says:

    Some guy in one of my classes, creepy older man suffering from short man syndrome told us that he has his Russian gf call him “papa”. Found that hilariously creepy. Wonder if Beneflakes makes this girl call him Papa?