Alex Skarsgard thinks ‘Americans are too uptight’ about drinking & partying

Sometimes I do wonder if America’s puritanical strain has a larger effect on not just how Americans think about sex, but how we think of all vices. Take America’s relationship with booze: the relationship is pretty tortured, especially in the past 100 years, with Prohibition, the rise of speakeasies (and the mob), teetotaler presidents, drunk drivers and the changing landscape of an average American’s relationship to “social drinking”. I do wonder how people in other countries see us. I was reminded of that with this story about Alexander Skarsgard. Alex grew up in what he has consistently described as a very bohemian, artistic, pro-nudity, alcohol-soaked household in Sweden. It’s just how he was raised – to drink, to be naked, to hang out with friends commune-style. So when he boozes it like always, should we worry?

Alexander Skarsgard’s taste for alcohol may be getting out of control.

“While Alex loves to have a good time, his drinking has his friends and his handlers worried,” a source tattles. Alex insists that it’s just part of his culture. “He says Americans are too uptight and that he has no intention of reeling it in.”

However, his friends think that Alex still isn’t over his ex Kate Bosworth, who recently wed director Michael Polish. In fact, the very weekend Kate said “I do,” Alex went on a boozy binge at a Swedish soccer game, where he initiated a drunken, curse-filled cheer.

“Alex likes to party… he says no one needs to worry and he doesn’t need help… not yet, anyway.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

It didn’t even occur to me that Alex’s drunken football chant came on the same weekend that Kate Bosworth got married. I don’t believe it occurred to Alex either. I mean, you’ve seen the video. He didn’t seem depressed or out of control or anything. He was a drunk soccer hooligan, leading a chant for his team and it was glorious. While I do wonder if it means *something* that Alex hasn’t really had a long-term steady girlfriend since Kate Bosworth, I also don’t think he’s weeping into his beer about The Bos. He’s too busy drowning in biscuits of all sorts.

As for American-versus-Swedish drinking styles… I have no idea. For my birthday a few weeks ago, I bought myself a six-pack of beer. And I still haven’t touched it. I’ve been without alcohol for like two years (minus one incident with wine on Thanksgiving). I didn’t stop drinking because of puritanism or whatever. I just stopped drinking because I was tired of the empty calories and I hated being hungover. Prohibition for all!

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  1. Lucy2 says:

    Nice try, Kate Bosworth’s publicist.

    • Maureen says:

      THIS. Just smacks of a planted story.

    • Anna says:

      Dear god yes. Now can we please get a naked, boozed up Viking up in this place?

    • KB is the source says:

      yeah I am with you about this she is the only constantly over showing how in love they are like she is trying to prove to herself that she is over him and what he is missing.
      He was in Sweden and it was HIS BIRTHDAY WEEKEND Of course he partied hard with his friends and with Swedes that means alot of Alcohol. It has nothing to do with her who looking for a house in Los Feliz who got married the weekend after the ex who does that other than to proof that they are not over.
      She totally was the source for that piece. SIT DOWN KB

    • KB is the source says:

      @Lydia I don’t think so! Why would you even get married around the same weekend as your Ex. Wouldn’t you want to start a Fresh and choose another month there are 12 of them. Would she go May which is around went she said they were love at first sight sh*t, the story that they broke up came out early August and her and him shortly after. Then again why would you even be looking in Los Feliz area when you grew up in Cali again Fresh start wouldn’t you go look somewhere else it just seems like she is trying too hard to proof she is over him and then do things like married the new guy 1 wk after her Ex Bday. She source this story

      Alex seems to be doing his thing he is getting it on with women but not forcing anyone to view it and doing his man thing if he was really not over her wouldn’t he be parading different women every week. Swedes drink alot so saying he was drunk at the game is like saying the sky is blue.

  2. Nya says:

    Why is Kate wasting her time feeding stories to Star?

  3. Abby says:

    OMG – who keeps putting this out there? Kate? Is that you?

  4. Gwen says:

    However, his friends think that Alex still isn’t over his ex Kate Bosworth, who recently wed director Michael Polish. In fact, the very weekend Kate said “I do,” Alex went on a boozy binge at a Swedish soccer game, where he initiated a drunken, curse-filled cheer.

    *SNORTS* AS IF, Kate Bosworth’s PR-people, AS IF! Alex has been going to Hammarby games for years and years. Getting drunk at a game has NOTHING to do with Kate getting married.

    One thing is his use of alcohol – who knows. I don’t see him being very different from so many other Scandinavians personally. It’s another to say he’s hung up on Kate. I’m guessing she’s the one hung up on him since we still get stories about him being hung up on her. I wonder how her husband feels about these stories? Does it make him think twice? Like when they’re looking for a new house in Alex’s neighboorhood? Creepy..

    • Stef Leppard says:

      Did they really look for a house in his neighborhood?? I don’t blame her. If I went from ASkars to creep Michael Polish I’d be stalking the Viking dong as well.

    • gefeylich says:

      Well, my only concern is that his excessive boozing might eventually ruin his amazing face and body (SHALLOW).

      Also, European drinking is different than American drinking, mostly because drunk Europeans either reel home on foot or take public transportation, unlike Americans who consistently get behind the wheel and kill other people. I don’t think Skarsgard is taking this into consideration. I’ll bet he has a driver when he’s here anyway, or sleeps it off at his friends’ houses when he’s shitfaced, so he fundamentally doesn’t understand why Americans get so twitchy about the issue.

      In all, hey – it’s his liver. But I still am concerned about the face.

      • Tessaa says:

        He hasn’t even said any of that, it’s just the usual made up stuff from the Star…

        Also, he’s about to go on a month long trek to the antarctica so I’m guessing his organs are fine. In fact the guy on the expedition blog has commented on his “excellent physical condition”, so I’d say his face is safe LOL

  5. T.Fanty says:

    I think he’s right about the drinking. In Europe, drinking is very casual – it’s a social thing. I grew up going to the pub on Sunday lunchtimes. In America, people tend to either barely drink at all, or binge drink (big generalization, I know, but I’ve worked in bars for ten years now, and I think it’s true). It’s a different culture and the American media treat casual, yet steady drinkers as latent alcoholics.

    • Raven says:

      I agree, in Europe drinking is much more casual. Unfortunately, our society is controlled by media and perception. Skars seems fine to me, but who keeps floating these ridiculous he “still misses Kate” stories. He never really seemed that into her in the first place and dumped her twice. Hmmmm….. I can’t think of anyone with a vested interest after TWO years…

    • ag-UK says:

      I agree. I am American and live in London. I think I tend to drink more here than I did in the US as it’s part of the culture. People drink wine with meals, even lunch which you would never really do in the US also a big pub culture. Also here when it’s dark at 3p and raining hey what else is there to do LOL

      • Applapoom says:

        I have to say though, there is a massive problem with alcoholism in the UK especially London it is not necessarily good. Government considers it a big problem and people give me the side eye that I don’t drink at all (hate the taste).

      • T.fanty says:

        I do agree with the binge-drinking problem in parts of the UK and I think it’s a revolting problem. That said (and I’m not implying that’s what either of you ladies are doing) is that often social drinking is conflated with the binge-drinking crowd and alcohol is universally demonized because of it. I think that problems with drinking come from the perspective that it’s all or nothing and that is prevalent in some cultures as excess (such as the UK example) or absolute abstinence (which I see a lot of over here). And it’s one of those subjects that people get defensive about because of the easily tossed-about judgement of denial and alcoholism, and that’s what I’ve experienced in the US.

        The problem is that alcohol can be a crutch and as Lucrezia points out below, some cultures resist clearly defining problem behavior with it. To me, to stigmatize alcohol as the problem when people drink is kind of missing the point.

      • jennipurrr says:

        I was shocked at the amount of vomit in London. My personal fave was the deposit right outside the British National Museum. It wasn’t even a weekend.

    • Flora says:

      As at tee-total living in London, I find
      the American way of social drinking a lot more desirable than the binge-drinking culture we have here in Britain.

      It’s pathetic that people lose all self-control and self-respect on a weekly/daily basis. Alcoholism really isn’t anything to glorify, not even if it comes in the shape of a very fit Swedish demigod. Alex has been occasionally aggressive when he is drunk.

      Considering that his mother is a recovering alcoholic who lost her marriage mainly due to this disease, he should pipe it down a bit.

    • Lucrezia says:

      As an Aussie, if I side-eye someone’s drinking it’s never because of how much they drink or how often, it’s about how they drink.

      I know two people who flat-out shouldn’t drink: one is aggressive, the other blacks out and behaves totally irresponsibly. Here, they’d both be filed under “can’t handle their drink” rather than “alcoholics”.

      I know two others who used to drink alone. That definitely raised some alarm bells within our group, and we were kind of wondering if they had a handle on it. But in both cases it sorted itself out naturally: one got on a full-blown health kick, the other dumped the boyfriend that was making her unhappy. With the lifestyle changes, they both went back to a more normal, drinking-only-while-socialising model.

      I suspect that in the US, all 4 would be seen as latent/potential alcoholics, even thought none of them were actually addicted.

      • Shoe_Lover says:

        Don’t side eye all people who drink alone. I work in finance which is a tense environment with some huge bullies and some days all I want to do when I get home is have a glass of wine and watch some Ab Fab, SATC, Hart of Dixie or something else fun. I don’t drink a whole bottle though.

    • Spooks says:

      In my country, you can order alcohol everywhere. In cafes, restaurants. Pretty much everyone I know has a small vineyard and makes their own wine. The thing is, drinking is a social thing. Nobody ever drinks alone or with the purpose to get drunk.

      If anyone is interested, an American expat living in Croatia talks about our way of drinking:

    • Anna says:

      We always have booze in the office (welcome to Russia!) BUT – my former boss in the US actually had a full bar installed and stacked in our offices, and at my very first job in NYC we used to send interns on beer runs on Fridays. Oh, and liquid lunch was de rigueur.

    • ag-UK says:

      @T.fanty- I totally agree. I am a lightweight I could not keep up nor do I want to. I don’t like being hungover either. It is all or nothing and the fact that people don’t eat either it’s like they say oh it’s 530p the pub closes at 11p so I can’t miss anything. As if you can’t have drinks in 2 hours AFTER dinner? I work in the city and what you see walking/staggering around on Thursday evenings.

      • Spooks says:

        I drink very very rarely. Almost never. I just don’t like the taste of it.

      • T.Fanty says:

        @Ag – UK. I know that well. I used to take the train home from Liverpool Street every night and it gets ugly fast.

        I like to drink. I like the taste of it – many of my friends are big wine connoisseurs and I love trying new cocktails, and drinking good wine with interesting food. I also have a LOT of bartender friends, and think nothing of going into a bar by myself for a quick drink and a chat when I have an evening free – because Mr. Fanty works nights and often sleeps when my kids do, I sometimes get bored and go out for a couple of pints. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a woman just as much as the drinking culture, but when I do that, I get side-eyes and the occasional snide remark. It’s incredibly judgmental.

      • bob says:

        @TFanty We call the last train from Fenchurch Street the ‘Vomit Comit’.

        I agree with aussie lady above it’s about how you drink, I like a few bevvies, I like to get absolutely plastered at times, and I don’t like this disappointing Rioja.

      • Shoe_Lover says:

        people who go out and get p!ssed on an empty stomach are idiots. As are the people who drink to get drunk. I have a 4 drink maximum when drinking in public. two if the drinks are really strong or I’m having cocktails. there is no need to be staggering along the street vomiting

    • jennipurrr says:

      I’m Canadian and had a Swedish roommate in University – when I went to visit her we went to a party at her Uni. The school actually issues coveralls in a different colour for each faculty (psychology, biology, etc) and the intention is that you wear this while drinking so you don’t ruin your clothes. I almost went there for a semester, let a boy talk me out of it, EPIC STUPIDITY on my part. I am filled with regret.

    • Leen says:

      I don’t know, I think alcohol in America is seen very differently here where people don’t see it a big deal in Europe. But again Europe is no uniform country, each European place sees it differently.

      I lived in the UK and I am now in America and I can see the difference is huge when it comes to alcohol. In the UK, I would drink quite a lot and no one would bat an eyelid (it’s not unusual I would drink during lunch, then again during dinner, then go out). In America, it’s completely different, people can be a bit uptight about their alcohol.

      ALthough I don’t deny there is the problem of alcoholism in Britain, for me, being not uptight about alcohol has allowed me to develop a much healthier relationship with alcohol. I can go months and months without drinking (and I do because I don’t drink and drive and when I am not in university, I usually drive every day). And when I can, I let out all my partying and binge drinking another time.

  6. Yellowshaba says:

    He always wears long in seamed pants which made me assume he needed the room, after seeing his FF on true blood stills i realized thats what i get for assuming.

  7. Tiffany27 says:

    Has he had a serious relationship since Bosworth? I know she’s a famewhore and basically calls the paps to take a sh*t, but I think he really liked her.

  8. GiGi says:

    Drinking here used to be more accepted – liquid lunch, anyone? But once drunk driving appeared to be a very real issue, all drinking was targeted.

    My mom used to work in Sweden and says that people drink more, in general, there. But no one drives drunk. Everyone walks everywhere – which is great, but not always practical in the States, especially outside of the cities.

    I see both sides. I don’t care how blitzed you get or if you drink with lunch – just don’t be an ass and get behind the wheel. Please :)

  9. Lily says:

    Alex’s mom was an alcoholic and now she runs a rehab clinic. She was just on Swedish tv last night talking about it. I’m sure he knows how to handle himself.

  10. Vesta says:

    Ha ha, Alex’s little boozing sounds perfectly normal to me…

    Seriously though, I haven’t had an impression that Americans on average are particularly uptight about drinking. I’m aware that there are religious groups like Mormons who are strict (due to their faith), but outside that… to me it looks like you’ll find a vaste scale of attitudes.

    As for Prohibition movements, I believe quite many countries also in Europe (for example Skarsgård’s Sweden) have had those in some forms.

    The US hasn’t maybe as strong pub/drinking wine with food – culture as Europe, but as for actual drinking statistics I don’t know if the US is that much “behind”. If someone has facts, tell us…

    But mentioning Kate Bosworth though…UGH. The bad thing is that I could actually like Alex much more, even love him IF he hadn’t dated Kate Bosworth, who to me is a super boring, weak actress try-hard.

  11. Elephant says:

    “It didn’t even occur to me that Alex’s drunken football chant came on the same weekend that Kate Bosworth got married.”

    It didn’t occur to you because it wasn’t the same weekend. The football game was a week before the wedding. So.

  12. Stef Leppard says:

    He can drown in my biscuit.

  13. MonicaQ says:

    Americans have far more of a problem with nakedness (him going full frontal was like “OOO MY GOD DID YOU SEE? /spoken of in hushed whispers”) than drank.

  14. RHONYC says:


    your 6-pack story is too cute! ;-)

  15. Anki says:

    Most swedes grow up with an open mind towards drinking, nudity and such. Our short summers are filled with celebrations of every kind and skinny dipping in the midnight sun. It’s awesome really.

    • Maureen says:

      Most Americans don’t care who loves to be naked and where. I think that because we just don’t CARE, the false assumption is made that we “have a problem” with it. We don’t. We just don’t care that Europeans love to do it in the moonlight (which I agree sounds pretty awesome). I personally have no problem with it because I go to Russian and Korean bath houses. I also don’t see the problem if others don’t want to get naked in bath houses. Whatever happened to individual choice? Why all the labels? Those who do it are labeled “open, liberal”, and those who don’t do it are labeled “puritanical, conservative, inhibited”. Who cares!

      • TinyTurtle says:

        Not in the moonlight, the midnight SUN
        My husband is from Denmark and in the summer there it still looks like 3 in the afternoon at midnight.
        It never get truely dark in the summer, just dim.

        Unfortunately in the winter it gets dim about 11am then pitch black by 3pm again.

        The joke about Sweeds in Denmark is they all come over to drink in the summer (way cheaper) then fall in the canal and drown. (and this is said with a scoffing air) lol
        I would say most americans don’t really differentiate between sweeds, norse and danes but they sure do amongst themselves.
        I have known a selection of people from all three countries and they all turn their noses up at the others, too funny.

        Now if you want to know who can put it away, it’s the Fin’s
        My husband was in upper management at Nokia (Finnish Company)and he said the Fins would all be quiet, humorless working machines, but then as soon as work was done they would all go insane, getting falling down vomiting drunk every night, acting really crazy.

  16. Izzy says:

    Skarsie, you are welcome to come on over and loosen up my morals. ANY TIME.

  17. Kkhou says:

    If anyone wants to read a really fascinating book on the rise and fall of prohibition in the United States, check out Last Call: The Rise And Fall of Prohibition by Daniel Orkent.

    It is a really good read, and a fascinating look at the social and political forces behind prohibition that you can still see present today. It explains so much.

  18. dcypher1 says:

    I think you can party as long as your responsible about it. Just don’t get all Lindsay Lohan about it and your good. As long as your still going to work and showing up on time and you know your lines who cares. I also don’t think he’s crying over the bos she wishes.

  19. Marigold says:

    Hmmm…maybe he should try to sell that yarn to 18-22 year olds across the country…

    Uptight might apply to some people in some areas but it’s much too broad an analysis for an entire large population country. Come to Boston or NYC and try to tell me people are uptight about drinking or partying. And I’m not just referring to college campuses. People who make generalizations about the US often forget that we simply are not homogenized. It’s one of those things that I have had to explain in my travels time and again.

  20. bettyrose says:

    Red wine isn’t empty calories. In fact, a meal of red wine and dark chocolate is anti-oxidant rich and nutritious. Combine that with nudity and hot viking sex and your body will be forever grateful.

  21. Melissa says:

    I actually agree but then again I am Irish

  22. Minx says:

    I love his man.

    Missing KB? Riiiiiight. That is all.

  23. Ginger says:

    Yes, America can be sort of Puritanical and we were founded by Quakers, etc. so that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. However…if you watch certain American TV programs or have gone to college here you may have a different perspective. All you have to do is attend New Years Eve on the Las Vegas Strip or Mardi Gras in New Orleans to see how American’s party in person. I’ve gone through my party phases in life (in the U.S.)and had some great times and some not so great times. As an older adult, I gave up alcohol three years ago. Sometimes I miss having a glass of wine or a beer but I don’t miss throwing up or being hung over. Alex is a European in a different country and culture. He should at least try to get used to it if he wants to stay here. I personally love Europeans way of life for the most part and there are definitely some lessons that could be adopted by Americans. I don’t think we are all that uptight about partying. BUT nudity, sex, etc. definitely so. Why? I’ve never been sure of that. We seem to be a violence soaked culture but heaven forbid we see someone naked. I like the Monty Python school of humor…nudity is funny! And as Americans I think we work way too hard compared to most countries and cultures. I think we could all use a vacation. Let’s sit by the ocean somewhere and sip cocktails!

  24. Jen34 says:

    MADD put an end to the drinking culture in the US. When I was young my parents had people over every weekend, and the alcohol flowed. Nobody drank responsibly.

  25. sahab says:

    totally agree with him. I remember being a teen and wondering why all the teenagers in American dramas were so dramatic about someone getting drunk.

  26. lori says:

    Having lived in the US for a couple of years….I found it to be a very all or nothing culture in many regards. Not just drinking.

  27. Decloo says:

    I’m sorry to bring this up but we are going to need to prepare ourselves. Alex has thinning hair and he’s going to start losing it pretty soon a la Jude Law. We’ve definitely still got some time but we all need to be realistic.

    • trixie says:

      Well, I still find his dad sexy so I think I’ll be fine lol

    • Minx says:

      That’s assuming we have a problem with hair loss. I don’t mind Jude’s loss of hair at all. It was a bit of a shock to see that he’d become paunchy though. He looks more like someone’s dad than the resident hot guy, IMO. Not that dads can’t be sexy!

      Alex’s dad is still hot, so I don’t foresee any problems. They’ve tried to “ugly” Alex up in two movies now (Disconnect – bad hair and a fake belly; The East – Charles Manson/Jesus hair and beard). The attempts failed miserably both times.

    • Vesta says:

      FYI Just got home from a modest little pub night and just HAAAD to see some Alex… He’s the type of man I def luuurve when under the influence hah ha ha
      In the morning it will be a different story but no remorse (feeling regret about Alex – what a joke :) )

      It’s ok if he loses some hair like his dad cause I always & ALWAYS love Stellan (And it’s not like i have any problem with a completely natural thing like men having a balding gene anyway)

  28. cc says:

    An alcoholic is an alcoholic – American or otherwise.
    He does drink excessively ALOT. He parties at the Chateau Marmont in LA on a regular basis because they don’t allow paps. At 37 he behaves like a frat boy with an attitude that it’s all so liberated and European – he’ so much more chic, sophisticated and self realized than the rest of us uptight plebes

    • cr says:

      They don’t allow paps in the CM, but they hang around outside. So if he were really at the CM all the time we’d have more photos.
      Does he drink a lot? Yes. He’s never denied or hidden that. Drinking a lot in and of itself doesn’t make you an alcoholic. If that’s so there are lot more alcoholics in the world than there really are.

      • cc says:

        plenty of photos and even some youtube videos. just bcuz he’s never denied drinking doesn’t mean he isn’t an alcoholic – my dad’s one – he loves to smile and say it’s ok bcuz he’s irish – maybe, but a charming alcoholic all the same

      • Just me says:

        a lot of people are alcoholic and denied it and even their entourage don’t see the obvious :
        This list is intended to be used as a guide and not as strict diagnostic criteria.[1]

        1. Drinking patterns

        When they have one drink, they experience a craving to have more and cannot predict what their alcohol intake will be
        They obsess about the next time they will be able to drink alcohol
        They behave in ways that are not characteristic of themselves while drunk and continue to repeat these behaviors and patterns
        Surround themselves socially with heavy drinkers
        Getting drunk before arriving at social engagements
        Setting drinking limits (e.g., only having three drinks, only drinking three days per week) and not being able to adhere to them
        Driving drunk and not getting arrested or involved in an accident
        Always having to finish an alcoholic beverage or even another person’s unfinished beverage
        Using alcohol as a reward
        Having memory lapse due to excessive drinking (blackouts)
        Taking breaks from drinking and then increasing alcohol consumption when they resume drinking after a long period of time
        Not being able to imagine their life without alcohol in it

        2. Denial

        Have difficulty viewing themselves as alcoholics because they do not fit the stereotypical image and because they feel their lives are manageable
        Avoid recovery help

        3. Professional and personal life

        Well respected for job/academic performance and accomplishments
        Can maintain a social life and intimate relationships

        4. Double life

        Appear to the outside world to be managing life well
        Skilled at living a compartmentalized life (i.e., separating professional, personal and drinking lives)

        5. Hitting bottom

        Experience few tangible losses and consequences from their drinking
        May hit a bottom and not recognize it clearly

    • Nya says:

      He probably is a lot more chic and sophisticated than a random chick on the internet speculating on someone’s alcoholism based on random paparazzi pics.

    • trixie says:

      You are aware you are projecting this stuff on him with very little factual base, aren’t you?

      I hope you also don’t REALLY think the Star is a believable publication.

  29. els says:

    I have witnessed the game of alcoholism in this life and I never want to be near it again. Seeing Skars’ pictures on the Internet is fine, but if I ever were near him when he is drunk I would be disgusted…even if he is an adorable drunk, even if he’s hot as hell.
    All the things this guy does while drunk I do them sober and it’s still fun (including going wild at football games) and I remember everything the next day.
    And if you have alcoholism in your family history you don’t fucking touch it – maybe it’s too paranoid and unfun attitude, but it’s better than alcoholism. And I’m European too and I’m also from a culture that loves to ‘drink and have fun’. Alcohol becomes a problem when you can’t ‘have fun’ without it.
    To each his own.

    • Oops says:

      I couldn’t say it better. I’m french so culturally have few drinks is not a problem but the truth is that a lot of people are alcoholic but refuse to see it and it’s awful (at least three members of my family were alcoholic and died because of that) and I can’i undestand how he could drink so much when his mother was an alcoholic.

      • cr says:

        His mother is also an addictions counselor, so if she was worried, and the family was worried, I think they’d do something.

        @cc: Once again, if he were really at the CM all the time there would be more pics. There aren’t. There are plenty of photos, but they’re over a long time frame.
        He’s been twice since he’s been back in LA, and once or twice before TB filming ended. Hardly all the time.

        And I agree with trixie, I think you’re projecting because of your father’s history. I’m sorry that your father’s an alcoholic, but that doesn’t mean everyone who drinks and/or gets drunk is. Projection is a normal thing, it doesn’t mean it’s always accurate.

        Also, he’s going on a month long trek to Antarctica. No alcohol. If he really were an alcoholic do you think he’d do this? Or be allowed to do it?

  30. bijlee says:

    uh yeah he’s honestly a fugly douche. sorry.