Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t afraid to shill hard for ‘The Fifth Estate’: nice or gross?


Does this ^^ promotional image kill your Cumberboner? It should. It almost killed mine and I’m a ride-or-die Cumberbitch. I would still hit it even if it was wearing the Assange wiglet, but seeing Benedict look THAT pale and albino-ish is really disturbing. Which is fine, because some of the on-the-fence Cumberfans will back off of my man. This photo comes from The Fifth Estate Twitter, which is really good at baiting Cumberbitches. They also posted a scan of Benedict’s Vanity Fair thing – go here to see. It’s just a tiny little feature and he’s said all those quotes before.

Benedict has a new interview in The Independent, but these days The Independent is subscription only for online readers, so if you have a subscription, go here to read the piece. Here are some highlights from a secondary source:

Benedict Cumberbatch is ”thrilled” with ‘The Fifth Estate’. The 37-year-old actor plays real-life WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the upcoming thriller and he admitted while he enjoyed the role, he was ”terrified” before he watched the finished movie for the first time.

He told the Independent Radar magazine: ”I’m thrilled with it. I’d seen it in the States and I was terrified. I cannot watch myself for the first time, especially playing someone who is so removed from me – because of everything, the appearance, the accent. Everything about him is different.”

And despite the film being criticised by Julian – who himself actually wrote to the ‘Sherlock’ star in an attempt to persuade him not to accept the role – Benedict has defended it against claims it is a character assassination.

He argued: ”I think [director Bill Condon] has made a beautiful film – it’s incredibly balanced. It’s entertaining as well as intriguing. ‘And what it should do is ignite a debate – that’s exactly what should happen. And hopefully it will do that.”

Whereas that movie had its own challenges, Benedict also acknowledged the difficulties of playing dragon Smaug in ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy after he filmed with the motion capture technology used by his co-star Andy Serkis’ role as Gollum.

He explained: ”A serpent with cold blood and a backbone – who is twice the size of the Empire State Building, breathes fire, is 400 years old and lives on a pile of gold in the middle of a mountain – is a little bit difficult to bring any reality to.”

[From Contact Music]

It seems like Benedict is taking a page out of Company Man Tom Hiddleston’s book – don’t be afraid to shill. Don’t be afraid to promote your film exhaustively if need be. A few months ago, people thought The Fifth Estate could possibly earn Benedict an Oscar nomination. But critics saw it during TIFF and while they didn’t hate it, by and large they all agreed that the film (and Benedict’s performance) wasn’t all that award-worthy. So Benedict is in that awkward position of promoting a film which has already been largely dismissed, and no one is really expecting much from the box office either. I like him more for being willing to shill. So professional. It’s been a while since he’s given a bitchy interview too, which is a shame. A good Downton Abbey smackdown would really liven up this promotional tour.

In other Cumby news, Martin Freeman (Dr. Watson to his Sherlock) did a Q&A with college students over the weekend and he spoke about Benedict. Because of course he did. Martin said: “Benedict and I do have this chemistry on set, you know, that doesn’t even particularly have anything to do with good acting – even though, obviously, he’s a brilliant actor – but there’s something more personal about it, you know, it’s like love… Oh God, why did I phrase it that way?” Martin loves Benedict. Sherlock loves Watson. It’s all good. All is right with the world.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Twitter.

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  1. umyeah says:

    Sorry. But, he’s very unappealing. No, thanks.

  2. aims says:

    The picture scared the sh*t out of me. Weird

  3. Sixer says:

    Worryinvly, I am not averse to the pic.

    Um, Benny, you didn’t really need a film to ignite debate. What with this being the most debated topic going. Nice try, though.

  4. blue marie says:

    nope, still picturing a brick wall, creepy

  5. T.Fanty says:

    I loathe the pic. It’s like when the DM puts together the eyes, nose, ears, cheeks of thirty different celebs to photofit the ideal man. It’s creepy and inhuman.

    Which is everything our darling boy is not. I’d still hit it, but I might have to keep my eyes closed this time.

  6. MissMary says:

    He’s doing his job–actors are paid to promote their films/shows/whatever as part of their price, even if they think it sucks (which I don’t think BC does–I think he really supports this one).

  7. LadySlippers&Loons says:

    Water on a roaring fire. No worries ;-) it’s only temporary. As I always keep embers on hand so if we see Khan or Sherlock (or any of his other yummy characters), I can fan the flames again.

  8. Leah says:

    I’ma just put this out there… shilling hard would be new-found ~accidental, gratuitous ass shot/shirtless scene. “oops, oh my… what just happened to my THIN WHITE SHIRT and where did all of this WATER come from… whoops!” Don’t act like you’re too good for it, either, Cumby. Deleted shower scene? Mmm hmm. I’m sure that was instrumental to Khan’s characterization. I’m just sayin’.

    However, on a more serious note- I do appreciate the fact he’s still supporting the film. I do admire his work ethic and commitment to professionalism. Cute things from Martin- glad they get along so well!

  9. Green Girl says:

    This should be called “When bad wiglets happen to good people.”

    That being said, I like it that he’s still giving the promotion his all. Look at how certain actors do very little – if any – promotions for their film, especially if it’s already been panned. Cumby stands by his work, which I think is an admirable thing to do.

  10. Tish says:

    He looks so weird in that photo. Ugh.

    I feel bad for Bill Condon. He’ll be the one who’ll be taking a great hit for this. At least Cumby is still getting praised and may luckily get a double GG nom (with Parade’s End) just because he’s so hot right now. Plus, he still has three films coming out and Sherlock to “cleanse the palette” so to speak. Condon should really go back to screenwriting.

    • icerose says:

      He was already nominated for and Emmy (or whatever the USA television awards are?) and lost. And he has got some not so good reviews. Variety said it was a very caricatured performance. But yes after the luke warm reception at TIFF he needs to sell the film.Its getting a lot of PR with TV spots and posters UK wise where it had a better reception. So maybe he is angling for Bafta.

  11. Shw says:

    I am really coming around to him as Assange, which does disturb me slightly, mostly because I can now see why people compare him to an Alien. (A sexy, sexy alien)

    Oh Benedict! Just an hour with you.. I’d make you tea and banoffee pie, and if I was very very good you might even let me stroke your thigh a little bit.

    I think tonight might be a night in watching ‘Parades End’.. Sounds more interesting than writing job applications, which is what I am supposed to be doing.

    • Kronster says:

      I could join you in watching “Parade’s End” and drool over my baby Tietjens. *sighs*
      Shall I bring the lemon sherbet and waffles? (for whatever reason I want those badly) :D

      • Lucrezia says:

        LOL! I was totally diagnosing you as pregnant (and suffering bizarre cravings) until I suddenly realised American sherbet = sorbet/ice-cream.

        (In the UK/Commonwealth, sherbet is a fizzy powder that really would NOT go well with waffles. I was making the “ew! why would you even?” face you’d make if someone told you they were craving ice-cream and cabbage.)

      • Kronster says:

        Glad to know I’m not pregnant )))

        *whispers* Although after watching Cumby’s shower scene over and over again I wouldn’t be surprised if I were :P

        Cabbage and ice-cream actually doesn’t sound that bad, lol :D
        I once ate cabbage sandwich with milk-shake. It was pretty good *hides in embarrassment*

  12. grabbyhands says:

    Meh, he’s an actor-it’s part of the job to shill for your projects.

    And box office is hard to predict sometimes-just because the critics didn’t love it, doesn’t always translate into box office bomb.

    Oy, that wiglet. Proof positive that he should always be a brunette.

  13. Simmie says:

    I could do with less Cumby and much much more Daniel Bruhl. But I’m probably the only one, so I won’t hold my breath.

  14. T.fanty says:

    The Little Favour trailer is up. Did they make him wear the chambray shirt?!! I’ll bet Wanda had a hell of a time scrubbing out the bloodstains. Sadly, as this isn’t a horror film, the jorts did not make an appearance.

    • Tish says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s his chambray shirt #8 that got bloody. Poor shirt, poor Wanda.

    • Leah says:

      Blasphemy!! The Jorts are amazing!!

    • EscapedConvent says:

      The jorts are locked in the Jort Vault for the season. There are several pairs, for back-up. Cumby got so anxious about something happening to his one pair (when they went askew) that he thought he had better stock up.

      Of course, he can afford high-end, custom-made jorts now. Next spring, batten down the hatches when he launches Jort season with his Leisure Jort Suit.

      • curlsunited says:

        The Jort Vault! Heavily guarded by some of Wanda’s most malicious barn owls, after Cumby put a Doubling Charm on his only pair of jorts after Glastonbury.

        There has to be a white t-shirt vault as well. At least I hope there is. The thought of Cumby hand washing his one and only trademark white tee and then wearing it always and everywhere, from Top Gear to Vanity Fair photo sessions or interviews in Hotels near Covent Garden, is heart-wrenching. (Blatant waste of time, as a journalist, to jot down “white t-shirt”)

  15. ycnan says:

    This man is so UGLY. It does not matter how he is styled. Egad. But to each their own!

  16. Vesta says:

    Oh my… As much as I love Cumby this looks like an earless albino rabbit mutation with blue eyes and some lipstick on.

    It’s a freakish picture, but I guess it has shock value (if that’s want they want).

    I’m just going to think about Martin Freeman today…

  17. lolalola3 says:

    Totally professional. I have great respect for that! Unlike JT out playing golf the weekend his crappy movie opens.

  18. SE says:

    I think that photo is super-photoshopped; it hardly looks like him. I still heart him, though. And the Sherlock curls and mention of his luscious voice in the comments made me happy. :)

  19. curlsunited says:

    It would take infinitely more than a white Assange-style wiglet and blue contact lenses to kill my Cumberboner – speaking as the girl who watched “The Last Enemy” the other night and found him disquietingly sexy even when wearing baggy beige corduroy trousers, a beige trenchcoat and carrying a grandfather clock. Btw, he is auburn as Stephen Ezard, so this should be his natural hair colour.

    • T.Fanty says:

      You made it through The Last Enemy? Even a Cumby/Carlisle combo couldn’t keep me interested in that. Two episodes in and I lost the will to live. And I even sat through the Cumby movie on the boat.

      • curlsunited says:

        Yes, I did, and I’m proudly wearing my beige “I made it through The Last Enemy” t-shirt today (it comes with a grandfather clock and an enormous pair of boxer shorts).

        Episode 3 and 4 weren’t at all bad. I had the strangest vampire-y feelings when Ezard was forced to donate blood, but this might have been due to the enormous amounts of red wine I was consuming.

        I have yet to see the movie on the boat. Lots of water, non? Unfortunately I am prone to seasickness.

      • Janey says:

        Is the boat movie “To the Ends of the Earth”? The only positive I could garner from that is that DUC gets his arse out. And he swans about in a big coat near the end, always up for a bit of Cumby faffing about in a greatcoat.