Initial pictures of Liz Hurley’s weeklong wedding extravaganza

As Chic Mommy detailed, Liz Hurley’s wedding to Indian-born Arun Nayar was over the top in England with an initial civil wedding at an castle followed by a week long of festivities in India, and another Indian wedding this Friday to cap it off. Hurley sent all the invited guests to her Indian wedding a dress code and set up a special shop for them at the Hilton in Mumbai so that they can dress according to standards. The men were told to wear turbans and long orange tunics and women should don hot pink saris.

She’s thought to be riding into her Indian wedding this Friday on an elephant, and Bollywood type dance numbers will entertain guests.

At their English wedding, Elton John walked Hurley down the aisle as her father is deceased, and gave a speech which left her new husband in tears. Hurley wore a Versace chiffon gown with a Chopard diamond tiara. (I read somewhere today that she ate one meal for a day for a month and snacked on veggies and vegetable shakes in order to lose weight, but I can’t find the link again.)

Hello! Magazine has 50 freaking pages of pictures from the Glouchester wedding in their upcoming issue, and will have scads more from the Indian leg of the bridezilla tour in the following issue. It doesn’t matter what it cost, they probably recouped most of it selling the pictures.

Here are some candids from one of their opening Indian parties, the “glamorous casual” affair at the Taj Hotel. We’re sure to see more later in the week. The header image is the cover of Hello! and is of their English wedding.

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  1. countrybabe says:

    He’s Cute. I wonder where she found him. A single man his age with no kids?

  2. Mr. T says:

    Eh, overdone. What a waste of time and money. She could have given half of the money spent on the wedding to a charity and done a hell of a lot of good. Instead, she indulges on herself. Poor guy, didn’t know what hit him. Liz will spend his fortune into oblivion.

  3. Actually... says:

    I’m pretty sure he has a kid from a previous relationship…

  4. kailie2 says:

    The reason why it took so long for them to get married is because his wife wouldn’t divorce him (was she Italian?). Liz is such a has-been and the whole thing is sickening in terms of money and attention lavished on these two nobodies. It’s really in bad taste to spend so much money on a wedding in India, with all its poverty staring them in the face. They’ll be divorced in a year or two.

  5. jess says:

    yes poverty is a sad thing
    but marriage is a happy thing

    and who are you to judge how they spend their money?

    you arent their accountant or even a family friend.

  6. Caz says:

    Do those of you who are criticising how much they are spending on the Indian ceremonies actually know anything about Indian culture??? It is standard procedure to have many, many wedding ceremonies and parties in India for the bride and groom and of course, because these two are both wealthy in their own right it is more than expected of them. An Indian friend of mine recently got married and she and the groom spent around £250,000 on the wedding ceremonies in India and she too rode in on a small Elephant which is quite normal I assure you. And all they do for a living is she’s an administrator and he’s in customer service! Its not even like they’re remotely wealthy! And yet the Indians ie their relatives and friends totally expect it of them. The only reason they could afford the wedding is by remortgaging their property and having both sets of parents chip in. Its all about a different culture people, it has nothing to do whatsoever with how rich or self-absorbed Liz Hurley is. She’s just conforming to the new society she’s marrying into….

  7. Pecarrie says:

    And it isnt rare for a man his age to be single / have no kids [but according to another post he may have ben married?]
    A lot of smart men will wait for the woman he knows is right for him, and that doesnt have to happen when your 23.
    In our culture here, people are single-phobes and no-date bashers which makes absolutely no sense– to push into a relationship that isnt your full expectation, or to rush in too early, only does damage to your psyche and spirit.
    Yeah I know, people iwll chime in and say you gain from it well yes you do.
    But you just know when its right and when it isnt absolutely right, however good it may be– and some people have the tenacity and smarts not to settle or cave to their own emotions.
    Just to mention. :)

  8. SarahS says:

    Courtesy of
    Arun is half-German and announces himself with a posh English accent. He is the eldest son of Vinod Nayar, a Bombay businessman, and Gunnar, his German mother who set up a lucrative textiles company in the city 30 years ago. Eleven years ago he met Valentina Pedroni, a blonde part-time model in her home town of Milan. After a four-year courtship they married in Bombay, where Pedroni settled in but soon their marriage was in trouble.

  9. countrybabe says:

    At least they got married.

    Unlike others who glorify bringing alot of kids into an unmarried relationship.

    I don’t know I still wish them luck, they look genuine to me. I’ve always thought Liz was pretty unlike most celebrities who are over rated in looks.
    He must have money, and hey, it doesn’t seem as though she could get any of those other guys to marry her and she’s livin it up.

    I’ve seen Indian here spend alot of money on weddings.

    I think they’re Indian wedding was beautiful, they did a contemporary spin on it as usual.

  10. Mr. T says:

    Hey Countrybabe, excellent point. They did get married and that is a positive thing. Thanks for pointing it out. Too many celeb’s get it on, create a child, and if they are smart, e v e n t u a l l y marry!

  11. He looks better than her in that dress, she looks like an old slapper.

  12. John Lee says:

    Elizabeth Hurley is a Goddess. I would have thought that Keeley Hazell might have won top body in Britan because she’s so voluptuous. But Elizabeth comes off as being very beautiful and classy.

    What was Hugh Grant thinking when he hooked up with that prostitute years ago?

    There was one movie that featured Elizabeth Hurley nude, and that movie removes all doubt just how gorgeous she really is. I believe they have the clips on that big adult “youtube” type site (NSFW).

    She’s a beauty.

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