Terry Richardson called out for ‘near-pr0nographic’ shots after Miley Cyrus shoot


I don’t expect this Miley Cyrus post to make waves like most our recent discussions. The Miley news simply isn’t coming down in the downpour we’ve grown accustomed to these days. That should soon change. The above image comes from rapper Future’s Instagram. Miley has appeared as a “naked alien” in his new music video. I think this picture shows him looking at her. I don’t know. They’re being very cryptic about it, but the video drops on Friday. Miley is supposed to be nude except for body paint. Of course.

Let’s do some bullet points.

* Miley’s still working it even if she’s not giving dumb interviews right now. Bangerz is dominating the music charts in 70 countries. She is #1 on the US charts and #1 on the UK charts. Yes it’s depressing. Yes I am still surprised.

* CNN is preparing a special program called “The Life of Miley Cyrus” that will air this Saturday. Miley takes over cable news? Great.

* The Mail performed an amazing exposé of Terry Richardson. Read it. It covers what we’ve already heard from the likes of Jezebel and goes from there. It’s refreshing to see how his reputation is spreading. If it took Miley degrading herself yet again for Uncle Terry, then I guess it’s worth it.

* Miley is still getting hot and heavy with Liv Tyler’s ex boyfriend, Theo Wenner. Radar Online says they talk several times per day and are “definitely dating.” She is “definitely completely in lust with him.

* Scientists are very upset about Miley Cyrus’ tongue. Slate magazine devoted a good 1000 words by quoting various dentists about the white coating that disturbs us all. They detail a bunch of scary sounding causes for white tongue, but I think it comes down to Miley being dehydrated (too much Molly?) and not brushing her tongue. Isn’t it amazing that Miley’s tongue is the subject of so many theories? Crazy.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of Terry Richardson’s revolting diary, Future on Instagram & Miley Cyrus on Twitter

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  1. Dawn says:

    What is going on with all these young people who were Disney stars? The minute they grow up it seems they all have terrible issues…see Britney’s picture and Zac and whoever else. Wow.

    • bns says:

      Britney has a mental illness and Zac Efron struggles with addiction. Miley is just an attention whoring asshole. No comparison.

      • Natasha says:

        Yes, they both may have those issues, but those issues are symptoms of a deeper issue. What is happening to these child stars to cause these issues in their lives? Also take a look at Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato, one became extremely sexual as a teen and the other had a mental breakdown. Both of these girls were Disney stars too!

      • Erinn says:

        Natasha, if you’re going that route, take a look at actors as a whole. There’s plenty of cases of mental illness – many of them outside of Disney and child stardom. It could be argued that a certain type of person is more drawn to showbiz, or are more creative. I don’t think you can chalk all mental illness and addiction up to some form of trauma.

        I suffer from depression, and could possibly be Bipolar II (haven’t been checked yet) and I had no childhood trauma.

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        Britney Spears and Demi Lovato were mentally ill before Disney. I think with Demi Lovato the pressure to be perfect just made things worse for her.

        And Vanessa Hudgens ‘very sexual as a teen’? She took naked photos at 17 or 18 and sexted her boyfriend. That’s normal behavior- it’s normal for teens to experiment sexually. The average person has already had sex by the time they’re 17.

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        @Very Verytas: Are you sure that she’s the one who made the naked and vagina pics public?

      • PoliteTia says:

        Wow ‘BNS’ that is real harsh
        Miley who name was changed from Dawn to her NICKNAME has not had to opportunity to discover herself
        She only knows life in the lime light. She really thought when Hanna Montana was over she still was a star
        Miley could not believe it when she appeared in public, after the show ended, that ‘paps’ didn’t flock around her.
        Miley is a 20 yr old 12 year old child

      • Hakura says:

        @PoliteTea“Miley who name was changed from Dawn to her NICKNAME…

        Her real ‘given name’ was ‘Destiny‘, not Dawn. And Miley decided to legally change it when she was a teenager, but had been known by the nickname ‘Miley’ (from being called ‘Smiley‘ starting as a child, which turned into ‘Miley’, & just stuck.)

        Miley is a 20 yr old 12 year old child…

        Miley may be a 20 yr old (who is emotionally a *16-17* year old teenager), but she is *not* a 12 year old. Justin Beiber is a much better example of that, being a 19 year old 12 year old. Miley is in no way unaware of what she’s been doing. Is it sad? Definitely. Does she have issues? *Definitely*. But she’s not some ignorant little thing being ‘controlled’.

    • nicegirl says:

      lots of love to you, Erinn

    • d b says:

      @Dawn I’ve wondered about that too — given how small the pool of child actors really is, it is remarkable how many of them become fecked up adults. Or kidults.

    • Bridget says:

      Because child stardom is kind of an awful thing. They’re making adult money and often supporting their own families, and they’re making a lot of money for the people around them. They become like little adults – the goal is to keep them working amd keep them making everyone money, and they’re surrounded by people that constantly tell them ‘yes’ while these child stars are surrounded by a bevy of temptations that would be hard for most grownups to say ‘no’ to. No one’s around to tell them to take a break if they need it, to tell them not to go to that party, that they need to do their homework rather than get the tutor tp do it. They’re children who aren’t taught any real life skills, who equate attention and spotlight with love. It’s a recipe for utter diaaster. Could you imagine being 14 and the breadwinner for your whole family (who has most likely sacrificed to help make your career happen) and tell them that you don’t want to work? Tell the studio, the writers, the crew, everyone who’s job depends on you, that you want to stop? They work these kids until they’re broken, and then the drugs amd alcohol finish the job.

      • Homegrrl says:

        It all comes down to parenting. People turn out the way they do because of the formative years. We can’t’ collectively blame stardom or the media, or whatever. It’s how how parents modeled behavior, and the amount or hopefully lack of abuse/neglect.

        I have family in the “industry” who parent their kids very conscientiously. We can’t blame “disney” or “what MIley Cyrus does on the VMAs”. That silly business at best, stupidity and blaming at worst. If a kid turns out to be super overtly dysfunctional, blame parenting not the “the industry”.

      • Hakura says:

        @Bridget – I agree with you entirely, in your breakdown of what a child star comes into contact with. Exposure to too much, too soon, & a lack of proper parenting, all end up in the same hole at the end of the equation.

        @Homegrrl – I understand your POV. But your family in the industry who are good parents are unfortunately the exception, & not the rule. I agree that it comes down to the parents. But I don’t think an industry, which is not created with concern for the welfare of it’s employees (like this aspect of the entertainment industry) should have anything to do with children.

        I know it’s not a realistic opinion, I just agree with everyone regarding how often it seems to end up badly for those exposed to it as kids.

      • jwoolman says:

        Miley was obviously self-driven- she saw her dad on stage and loved it from a very early age. She certainly was not financially supporting her family, her folks were not the Lohans. Her dad is frugal and was/is quite rich. That’s why she has tons of money now- it wasn’t siphoned off by greedy relatives. But having access to that much money at a young age probably isn’t a good idea for anybody. Notice that the former child entertainers really start acting bizarre once they have legal access to a lot of loot and can no longer be grounded by a parent (which by the way Miley was quite a bit- her upbringing was actually rather normal by Hollywood standards). But she also worked very hard in her younger years – The Mouse especially worked her into the ground, she sometimes looked exhausted, but she also looked happy and obviously that’s exactly what she wanted.

        The Mouse keeps popular actors and singers extremely busy with appearances on tour and in his amusement parks. This may also be a factor once kids in the Mouse’s stable turn 18- they get away from the Mouse and the endless rounds of planned activity, no longer have schoolwork, and can actually party party party for once without parental or studio interference, and have to plan their own career.

        But since Miley always was self-driven and actually does have talent besides acting in the child porn she seems to be doing now – my guess is that all this is more of a temporary aberration. She’s no longer on a parental leash, has gobs of money and ambition, has discovered the joys of recreational drugs (although she does seem more selective than most), and is probably still reacting to a bad breakup that played out in public. Hopefully she will come to her senses before any permanent damage is done, but she actually has decent family support and isn’t entirely self-focused so I wouldn’t worry too much.

        I’ve seen college kids go wild also once they no longer live with their parents, and they are inhibited from Miley-scale antics mainly by lack of money and the need to spend a lot of time on coursework if they don’t want to have to get a (gasp) job. A student with a typical schedule can easily put in 60 to 80 hours on classes (just like their professors do, but without the resiliency of youth). They tend to be unthinking like Miley in many matters, also, such as why it’s a really bad idea to blast music 24/7 in a neighborhood filled with small children and adults who have to get some sleep. I live down the street from college-owned houses and sometimes my house literally shakes from the bass levels, and I get a tad seasick because my stomach oscillates along with the house. It gets so bad that once I even called campus security to ask them to please stop by the offenders’ house and have a little chat with the kids about such things… If the kids had been living at home, their parents would have read them the riot act long before it reached that level. But away from parents, they don’t think that far ahead.

  2. whatsyourbeef says:

    I hatehatehate The Daily Mail but, for once, they’ve done something right. Hurrah!

  3. G. says:

    It’s sad because she’s such an a-hole and it makes me not want to support her music. I actually like a good portion of her album, but no way am I buying it.

    • PoliteTia says:

      Miley does have a great voice, but like you, I refuse to buy her music.

    • Homegrrl says:

      I can embarrassingly say I tried to buy the album when heard her live on snl. The album is chipmunky auto tuned. LIve, I swear she sounded great, maybe it was the backup dancers? I just listened to wrecking ball, but the other party song is just too stupid, the lyrics are so kindergarten but wrecking ball, could have been good.
      seriously, the album is horrendous on itunes. HOw could it be #1? REally the dawn of the dead for music It’s really the end of my belief that this generations will have good music to remember

  4. Allison says:

    Ugh. That article about Richardson…ugh. And that “outside myself” feeling that Jamie Peck describes is characteristic of sexual abuse and rape.


  5. klue says:

    That dog kissing Miley on the lip better go see his vet. That’s dangerous

  6. lucy says:

    Why have you censored her tongue?

    I don’t get it.

  7. Emily C. says:

    I would love for this to bring Terry Richardson down, but it will not. He made his money from exploiting young women; everyone has known he exploits young women forever; Hollywood and the music industry admire him for it. The only thing that would bring him down is if he stopped making money.

    • Regina Lynx says:

      ^ This.

      This man has been doing whatever the eff he pleases for decades now, why would he stop? Is the fashion and/or entertainment industry going to stop using his services? Nope. As long as the dough keeps rolling in, so will he continue exploiting. I think it’s more like a club of ugly, creepy old men, where they all look out for each other.

  8. Andrea says:

    Can i ask about the blurring out of the tounge? It’s just a frickin tounge.

  9. blue marie says:

    I love Future’s hair and jacket in the top pic.

    Terry Richardson is a disgusting perv, I loathe this dude. I don’t know that I’ve seen his early photos, has he always been this way?

    The white on Miley’s tongue could be something as simple as thrush, I try not to look so I have no idea.

  10. MissNostalgia says:

    And her co-star on the CNN show will be her nasty looking tongue. Ugh!

  11. HB says:

    Terry richards website is filed with out and out pr0nography. Shows pictures of two women posing with his genitals. Isn’t this the guy who takes pictures of the obama s? Public information. What is wrong with these celebrities? Eyes Wide Shut?

  12. Faith says:

    I saw pictures of his older work, I was actually disgusted! I am a liberal lefty training actor and those shots still shocked me. What’s more depressing is apprantly he used to hire drug addicts as his subject and when you see the work its so exploitative.

  13. Marty says:

    I think we all need to take the time to give mad props to Bedhead for having the patience and amazing eyeroll range/stamina to keep writting these Miley articles. You are a better person than me Bedhead!

  14. MonkSolo says:

    Don’t be let down by her recent chart success. 270,000 copies is less than 1st week sales for her earlier Breakout CD. Many artists have done better, including Taylor Swift, Timberlake, Katy Perry, etc.

  15. claire says:

    I’ve never seen anyone say anything positive about his work. Except for the people he’s photographing. Even in photographer forums, this guy gets pretty trashed for his so-called “talent.” Universally, this guy just weirds people out.

    • Becky1 says:

      I’m amazed that he’s had as much success as he has. He’s not a very good photographer. I don’t find his work shocking-to me it’s just ugly. Nudity can be done in a much more interesting and artistic way. His photos are really unappealing.

  16. Willa says:

    It really WAS just porn! Perv!!!!

  17. tifzlan says:

    I can’t believe people are publishing entire dissertations on Miley Cyrus’ freaking tongue. This is the world we currently live in, people!

    And yes, i am quite aware that i’m contributing to the problem but hey, we all have our vices right? Celebrity gossip just happens to be mine….

  18. Gabriella says:

    It’s funny how now I seem to loathe Miley Cyrus as much as I loathe Chris Brown. I know the first is relatively harmless compared to the latter, but CB’s actions were never excused like ‘Oh he’s just being Chris Brown, y’all!’. I don’t know, I just find it very annoying how Miley Cyrus takes everything I’ve been actively fighting to make less ‘taboo’ and uses it as shock value; like nudity, mental illness, marijuana and the black woman’s body. She does the same with little people! Reading that LP girl’s open letter was simply heartbreaking. I actually rewatched the VMA performance just to see the bears on her show and I tried to imagine what it must have felt like to be in their position. They’re artists, performers, who had the once in a lifetime chance to share a stage with one of the greatest performers of their generations. But they’ll never be recognized for it, because they’re just walking around in a stupid bear costume. Whilst Miley surrounds herself with props (people!) that emphasize how blonde, tall and skinny she is, she gets praise and money for it. She may think she’s doing them a favor, she may play the ‘diversity’ card, but I see it as it is: straight up shock value, which only perpetuates the taboo. And don’t even get me started on the tongue? When did obnoxious became a profitable shtick for a popstar?
    All of that bullsh-t and not a single gram of talent in her. You may disagree, Sinead may disagree, but IMO this girl has no talent whatsoever.
    I know the world is not fair, but when this girl makes its unfairness so obvious, I feel startled that the world not only does not see it, but buys it.
    Sorry for my rant, I just need to get this off my chest and I didn’t know where else to share my feelings for Miley.

  19. lisa says:

    when can they get a pic of her that doesnt look like a cartoon beaver?

  20. Sheila says:

    I think no other albums but her dropped at same time that week, so likely why she looks like the BIG new thing. But I really think the interest in her and her music is already wanning. It’s like BOOM, SOARE and then DOWN-DONE. Seems like the attention span of the public is getting shorter and shorter. Look at Justin Bieber, in just a few short years he is a major punchline and once touted the new young thing. Miley is not LIKEABLE and that is a BIG MINUS for her. A couple of hit songs and she thinks we LIKE her, but um, no, songs are good to hum along to, but she herself is not likeable at all and that will be why she will ultimately become a who-cares or a ridiculed celeb.

  21. Justme says:

    Everytime I see Miley’s gigantic teeth, I want to hand her a carrot to gnaw on. She has seriously big chompers, distracts from her entire face!!!!

  22. Haley says:

    okay, seriously, can we be mature here? it’s called “porn/pornography” not “pr0n”. come on.

  23. Bea says:

    it’s disturbing how so many disgusting men are still supported by the entertainment industry – Roman Polansky, Woody Allen, Terry Richardson. They only recently turned on Graham Overden. This has got to stop! no one deserves a free pass because they have a certain talent. well not that I consider Terry talented.

    • Nicolette says:

      Pedophiles and creeps run rampant in Hollywood. What shocks me is how the parents of all these kids just look the other way, all for the chance at fame. Is it any wonder so many child stars grow up to have serious mental/drug/alcohol issues? One can only imagine what they have been through and have suppressed for so many years.

  24. Itwillrain says:

    Thank goodness he’s finally being called out in more mainstream media.

  25. Jaded says:

    And to think that he’s Justin Theroux’s BMF (Best Male Friend). I hope Jennifer Aniston reads this and sees the disturbing photographic evidence of TR’s sickness. Some of those girls look about 12 years old. He apparently gets off on violence (numerous photos of women with black eyes and bruises…) and worship of his own c*ck. Sad, sad, sad that Miley has aligned herself with this gross sicko. Where are her parents in all of this? Why are they “proud of her”? If I had a daughter like Miley I’d be utterly devastated and heart-broken. She exemplifies the worst of celebrity depravity, self-obsession and stupidity.

  26. Benny Profane says:

    I think it is important that we stop miss using the term “pornography.” Pornography is not pictures of people undressed or in various stages of undress. Pornography is pictures of people engaged in explicit sex acts. Let’s stop blurring the line.

    • Jaded says:

      It’s “misusing”, not “miss using”. And did you look at Terry Richardson’s photos? It is not people undressing, it is total pr0n. Anything and everything goes with him, and I think it’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as what he’s done on film and video. So we’re not labelling him a pr0nographer because he photographs Miley licking a wrecking ball semi-nude, it’s because he photographs himself and many others in obscene and demeaning sexual acts, often with underage girls and often of a violent nature. He is what he is, a pr0nographer.

  27. mzizkristen says:

    She skeeves me out with all the dog pics. She is so nasty I would not be shocked if bestiality rumors surfaced.

  28. Dani2 says:

    Well shit, how DID he get to where he is today? It’s not even good photography!

  29. Leila in Wunderland says:

    Wow. I didn’t know who Terry Richardson was until I heard about him on celebitchy, and at first I thought the reason why people had a problem with him was because he has taken lots of naked photos of women. I haven’t seen his um, work. When I saw the headline of this post, my first thought was “Pornography is not a crime, people. I’ve been drawing, writing, and reading porn since I was 14.”

    But then I read the Dailymail article and the Jezebel article. I did not know what a freak this guy is. Now I understand the ‘creepy uncle terry’ comments.

    • bijlee says:

      …are you serious? sweetheart get out of your bubble. I cannot believe it took that long (and the freaking daily mail) for you to realize what a f-king creep this guy is. looks like someone thinks they’re so open minded that they become ignorant. miley cyrus probably thinks the same way as you.

      …wait a minute, now i get it.

      • Andrea says:

        wow u sure are cranky aint ya

      • bijlee says:

        @Andrea …yes, when it comes to uncle terry yup I am a cranky raging b-tch. Leila castigates anyone who dares to voice something that could be considered anti-nudity without realizing that there may be legitimate complaints regarding the topic. The fact that it took her THIS long to realize what a creepy, pedophile, loser, weirdo Richardson is…well it’s just appalling because such details regarding his disgusting ways have been posted MULTIPLE times on these threads.

    • Emily says:

      I was unaware how disgusting he was until this article also.

      I keep reading posts on here about being “sex-positive” and “femninists” but honestly, if its been established he is such a wretched human being… Why don’t these girls stop f*cking him? It’s that simple. If these women would stop having sex with him and putting his repulsive penis in their mouths, he would have zero power or relevance. Bye bye Terry.

      Every picture I saw of him having sex with, receiving a blow job or hand job some “model”.. None of those girls were familiar faces, so what good comes out of spending any time letting this dirt bag take their pictures anyway? The only publication I read his pictures were featured in was his friend’s magazine that I’ve never even heard of.

      Sorry, I’m not anti-sex or anti-feminism but these girls need to remove their heads from their asses. His reputation and work speaks for itself and he should be avoided so that his creepy ass can fade away.

      • bijlee says:

        And this is victim blaming. Good on you. Terry Richardson is a f-king creep. I don’t blame young girls that work for him. I blame people who don’t HAVE to work for him to move forward in their careers for enabling him. I blame GQ who doesn’t need the guy for hiring him. I blame terry richardson for being a major creep. He’s a grown man, he should know better.

  30. Asdfg says:

    Thanks for the warning! At least give a NSFW note.

    TR is a skeevy pervert.

  31. Shiela says:

    I didn’t realize this many commenters here have a negative opinion of pr0nography. I thought most of you were so-called ‘sex-positive’ feminists.

    • bijlee says:

      dear shiela or leila, whatever it may be. There is a whole school of debate about pornography and a frightening history behind it. Accepting pornography as a whole is not being sex positive. Not judging what people consent to in their personal lives is. Sorry, but most posters on here can accept things with a critical eye and use their best judgement to what regards something is and isn’t okay. They probably won’t judge you for watching certain types of pron or suggest that you not do it, but they have the right to be critical of porn as a whole.

      And to be frank, the number of people I find on the internet that say pron where women are raped is okay since it’s pron and is simply a fantasy and the women are consenting. Well it really DOES bother me. I think frankly that that’s a disturbing idea.

      • Shiela says:

        Actually, I hate pornography. I just thought most people on here were of the opinion that it is liberating to women. I suppose I am what people call a conservative, rather than “sex-positive,” feminist. I’ve read many articles and comments on here that seem very comfortable with pornography, and am struck by the negative attention regarding Richardson’s photos.

      • bijlee says:

        …yeah terry richardson is a f-king creep. There is good reason that people are so negative towards his photos.

  32. Emily says:

    I made the unfortunate, awful choice to look further into Terry Richardson’s photography and I’m officially scarred for life. Apparently he has sex with or gets hand jobs and/or blow jobs from most of his subjects and takes pictures of it while it happens.

    There are no words for how disgusted I am right now. He is repulsive.

    I wonder if Miley was dumb enough to mess around with him.

    I’m still cringing.

    • Asdfg says:

      Not only that, he also gets models to dress up wearing fairy costumes and children accessories while they give him bjs/hjs. He is sick.

    • Hakura says:

      @Emily – I’m w/you, girl. I did the same thing, a few months ago… Sweet Jesus. The man is abso-f*cking-lutely disgusting. I can’t say for sure how old the tons of models he photographed in various positions w/his (apparent life obsession) c*ck, but I can tell you NONE of them *looked* 18. He really has a ‘thing’ for young girls. You can’t help but think… ‘Hollywood has made him into such a big name…How many ignorant (or god forbid, NOT-so-ignorant) parents would take their young daughters to him, just to have his ‘big name’ on their portfolio?

      I know these celebs aren’t responsible for the decisions of their fans. But are they to the point where they honestly don’t even *care*? Knowing he’s a predator/freak, & that promoting him the way Miley has will result in others seeking to work w/him… Is her bottom line more important than the results of her promoting him? Or is she too stupid to even realize what those results will be?

      I’m a very liberal person, & think there’s nothing at all wrong w/nudity as a whole. As an artist, I feel the body is a beautiful thing, & can be portrayed as such in many ways. It’s how it’s used, & how the subject(s) feel, that matters. The women in Terry Richardson’s pr0nographic pics I had the misfortune to see, looked like they were jaded, or doing something *only* bc they felt like they had to. It was awful.

  33. poppy says:

    a lot of his success has to do with the kind of “craft services” he provides his clients. drugs, prostitutes, privacy -and the whole “work” excuse.

    • Hakura says:

      @poppy – I think you may have nailed it… He makes the experience more like a ‘skeevy party’ (with drugs/alcohol/prostitutes/a lack of professionalism) than a ‘work experience’… Probably including the whole ‘I won’t tell if you won’t‘ attitude.

      TR keeps his word & doesn’t ‘tell on’ his celebrity clients…So they have a good time, then tell other celebs about it. It’s the only thing I can come up with that makes any sense, given that he’s not even remotely a talented photographer (from an artistic standpoint).

      But I don’t know which happened first, his ‘fashion career’ or managing to get pics of celebs. His lack of talent makes it hard to believe the ‘fashion’ career came first… but nothing makes any sense with this freak.

  34. Lauraq says:

    My boyfriend has a white tongue. It’s because he never brushes it. He says his gag reflex keeps him from doing so. His breath is fine, so I let it go.
    I have no problem with 19/20 year olds with prancing around practically naked. Let them be young. The tongue thing is annoying though. And she does come across as incredibly bratty.

  35. Ann says:

    Old ugly medium talented men bulling young women to take off their clothes in the name of “art”. Too bad a lot of these girls don’t get that they’re playing a losing game. I personally would give the death penalty to any woman who voluntarily has sex with that reanimated roadkill Richardson.

    • Hakura says:

      @Ann – “I personally would give the death penalty to any woman who voluntarily has sex with that reanimated roadkill Richardson.

      I don’t know, I think the act of having had sexual contact w/that disgusting freak would be punishment in itself…

  36. MegG says:

    Wish I could take medicore pictures and call myself an artist and make heaps of money

  37. MegG says:

    Why hasn’t this guy been sued?

  38. frisbeejada says:

    checked out the Tumblr picture – its yet another celebration of assault on a women – typical porn – but why does he look as if he has Johnny Depp tatooed on his chest?

  39. Sam H x says:

    Sadly, it won’t stop him from getting further work however it will raise awareness of his disgusting behaviour. Miley thinks she’s cool and edgy by taking photos with him. Also turning a blind eye to his behaviour, ignorance is truly bliss in Miley’s case. All unknown models should have a clause for refusing to work with him, period.

    Considering Roar did big numbers when it come out, so I won’t be surprised if Prism surpasses Bangerz with bigger numbers.

  40. mkyarwood says:

    Sex is fun. Nudity is fun. Our inability to translate these facts into real life is what leads to this crap. In the end, I think it’s fine that she’s exploring herself as an ‘adult’, but it’s NOT FINE that she thinks sexualizing childhood is okay.

  41. kim says:

    My goal is to never hear another song from he. .. here’s hoping. I need quick reflexes to walk out of stores and turn channels.