Miley Cyrus will stop being sexy at 40: ‘That’s when I heard people don’t have sex’

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ new album, Bangerz, has finally arrived after an endless build-up of twerking, tongue, and gross Terry Richardson collaborations. All courtesy of Larry Rudolph, diabolical genius. I’m looking quite forward to seeing the sales figures. Miley’s team believes that tweet count and YouTube clicks are proof of success, but I want to know who will actually buy this album. Even those people who like Miley’s new singles are probably sick of her by now. Would you buy a concert ticket to watch her shake her thang surrounded by teddy bears? Me neither.

These are photos of Miley during her live performance on the “Today” show. Both Miley and one of her little people have their cheeks hanging out on network television. Do you enjoy cake with your breakfast? Help yourself. Miley also humped a mushroom.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Have you noticed that we’re taking mercy upon your poor eyes? We’re trying to blur as much as possible when it comes to Miley. Sadly, we can’t blur video, so I’m only linking to Miley’s two musical performances because of the ass cheek quotient.

Miley sat down with Matt Lauer for an interview. He asked if her new sexual side was “a phase” that she’ll outgrow. Miley’s response is pretty damn funny: “Well I heard when you hit 40, things start to go a little less sexual. Probably around 40. That’s when I heard people don’t have sex anymore. Probably around then. [In response to Matt's age, 55] Oh well then, you’re really definitely. not. sexual.” If it was anyone else besides Lauer, I’d think Miley was being rude, but Matt deserves a hard time. Here’s video of Miley’s full talk — fortunately, both cheeks are firmly in a chair the entire time.

Ha. Miley might be getting sexy right now. In the wake of her SNL gig, she found herself a rebound dude. Radar Online says Miley left the show’s afterparty to meet up with Theo Wenner. He’s the guy who photographed her for Rolling Stone. Theo is also the ex-boyfriend of Liv Tyler, and here’s a pic of them together in 2011.

Theo Wenner

Who knows if this is really a thing between Miley and Theo. It’s probably just a hookup. Miley also did a photoshoot and interview with The Mail. I like the shoot even if stark white backgrounds make me think of Uncle Terry:

Miley Cyrus

On her short hair: “I’m trying to break out of that long hair, big boobs stereotype that women feel they have to conform to. I mean, we’re not living in the freakin’ 1950s — short hair is OK. Have people really got so little imagination? Every morning I look in the mirror and I feel like a blank canvas and I choose who I want to be. In a normal job you have to live by someone else’s rules, but I’m in a job where my work is play and I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not.”

On humping the foam finger: “Everything I’ve ever done was how I felt at that exact moment. You have to have confidence as an entertainer and I believe — I know — that no one can be a better version of me than me. Sure, I could put on a gown and have some beauty pictures taken of me, but where’s the honesty in that?”

Getting naked is so artistic: “In my video for ‘Wrecking Ball’ I am naked and vulnerable and crying because it’s a song about how it feels when everything around you has been destroyed. I’m very confident being naked. I feel that stripping off is a way of expressing purity of emotion.”

She’s so vital & important: ‘I want to be memorable. That’s what my fans want too. Everyone’s talking about me, waiting to see what I’m doing next. And, yeah, I like things to be bright and colourful and fun, but then I make ‘Wrecking Ball.’ which is darker and grey. And then I’ll maybe go back to running around being crazy. I want to keep people guessing.”
She’s still a role model: “For me, role models are people who are good people. I stick my tongue out because straight photos are sooo boring. But even if I do stick my tongue out, that doesn’t change the quality of the human being inside. I’d rather be honest and upfront; being a good person isn’t about sitting with your legs crossed. I’m just being who I am, which is the best example I can be.”

What’s she reading now?Fifty Shades Freed [the third book in the Fifty Shades series]. I’m more excited about the psycho ex than anything else, but all of it’s great. I also read a lot of weird yoga books.”

[From Daily Mail]

Miley is still mistaken about her importance relative to the world around her, right? I guess that happens when people are kissing your booty all day long. I think she genuinely doesn’t care what we say about her as long as we’re saying something. There’s something enviable in that attitude, but we’ll see how well Bangerz does in the coming weeks and months. The tour should be a major spectacle to endure.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, The Mail & WENN

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  1. aims says:

    not only is she classy, but she has brains too! Who knew!?!? I guess I better enjoy the next five years before I hit 40. Then it’s nothing but no sex and scrapbooking for this girl. eyeroll.

    my apologies to the scapbookies out there

  2. Patricia says:

    I think she’s freakin hilarious about the sexy-until-40 thing. And I loved the confidence and spirit she shows in the interview. The butt is a bit much but I truly do appreciate that she is pushing boundaries on the portrayal of young women in the media.

    But I’m watching from afar. I mean, I’m 30. There’s no way I’m going to her concerts or buying her album or anything.

  3. Dinah says:

    Can’t she stop being sexual now so she doesn’t ever reproduce??

  4. Eve says:

    Child, for the love of everything that’s holy…please shut up.

  5. Syko says:

    She’s not sexy now. And not real bright either, everyone knows women get sexier in their 30s, as their libodos reach the peak.

    Oh to be 20 again and such an expert on everything!

  6. Mew says:


  7. pao la says:

    White canvas? seriously? i think you can say that about Kate Moss and only a few more others. People who can actually be different every day depending on what they wear, the makeup they have on and most of all their attitude and sometimes they do it WITH CLOTHES ON! but Miley dear..there’s nothing else you can do with that chipmunk face apart from sticking your tongue out. All that effort in being a slag is just taking you to that side of showbiz where no one will notice you anymore once you’ve decided you’re tired of being naked. People watch you because you’re the epitomy of the ‘train wreck syndrome’. People find amusing watching other people getting ridicolous beyond believe. Darling please leave the big quotes for those artists who actually have something interesting to say.

  8. Dommy Dearest says:

    But… she isn’t sexy. I find Jack Nicholson sexier than I find this twelve year old boy sexy.

    Are we positive she has lady bits!?

    That bitch. She has now put her slime all over one of the greatest symbols from my childhood. Where is Yoshi to eat this idiot?

  9. HH says:

    I actually really like this photo shoot. But her an Rihanna must be drinking from the same water.

  10. minime says:

    Is this what happens when you’re too cool for school?

  11. Skins says:

    Another example of what a stupid, ignorant lowlife she is. I don’t really see her having much of a future in show-biz. People will watch out of train-wreck curiosity, but when it come time for people to actually pay to see her perform I think she will be out of luck. As far as talent goes, I just don’t see it with her, average singer (at best) can’t dance, doesn’t write any of her songs(that is where the money is) Just this years white-trash flavor of the month

  12. OriginallyBlue says:

    Ugh. She is anything but sexy right now.

    I will be so happy when someone finally puts her in a time out.

  13. Spooks says:

    She is very delusional, but even with that, I could have forgiven her if she didn’t make fun of mental illness.
    Some of those quotes make sense, though, and she can sing. Her SNL Wrecking Ball performance was really good.

  14. Kiddo says:

    On the one, totally dissing Lauer. On the other…well, I don’t know, dissing Lauer was pretty damned funny, I’m sorry pretty win/win.

  15. TheOriginalKitten says:

    She’s an idiot but that comment was hilarious and honestly, at 20 that’s totally something I would say. However, at 34, I know better ;)

  16. LadyJane says:

    (Celebitchy – can we start ignoring her please? Move along. PLEASE.)

  17. ctkat1 says:

    Theo Wenner is the son of Jann Wenner, founder and publisher of Rolling Stone magazine.

  18. KP says:

    She’s rocking some serious Zack Morris hair in these pics.

  19. claire says:

    I really can’t stand her, but the fact that all eyes are on her and Lady Gaga is becoming a non-entity, well….I’ll give her props for that.

  20. ashley says:

    Miley,please find your own style. Rihanna is written all over you.

  21. Merritt says:

    She is not sexy now, so she doesn’t need to worry about 40. She is a clueless and immature child.

  22. bettyrose says:

    Not quite there yet, but so far my experience has been that sex just keeps getting better with age. I expect the last 50-60 years of life to be one big sexfest.

  23. BeckyR says:

    Looks like she has had her teeth done. Veneers. She comes across as very self important.

  24. Au de toilet says:

    Welcome to the freak show…

  25. Crabcake says:

    lol! That’s an amazing answer. I think she was offended by him asking such a question and totally turned it around on him… and she did it seamlessly. Is she that smart though? I don’t know, but that was gold.

  26. apsutter says:

    There’s a simple explanation for everything she’s saying: She’s a 20 year old dumb*ss. She really hasn’t learned anything about life or aging and she REALLY doesn’t even know her own body yet. Just wait till she hits late 20′s/early 30′s and realizes how much more confident and sexier you are as a fully formed accomplished adult and not a kid.

  27. acemom2 says:

    Dear Miley:

    1) Sit DOWN & stfu.

    2) You have no clue what you’re talking about – people stop having sex at 40? This is news to me…..

    3) Put your goddamn tongue back in your mouth & keep it there. Also, cover your friggin bits/biscuit & try to find some self-respect.

    Sincerely: a 44-year old woman who plans to get laid tonight! :)

  28. Madriani's Girl says:

    She is so full of sh*t that she squeaks going into a turn. NO ONE ever told her you stop having s*x at 40. She just said that because she knew it would get her more attention.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      Eh. I don’t think she put any real thought into that number…it was a stupid question and she dumped it in Lauer’s lap. It’s actually the only mildly amusing thing she’s done since this circus started.
      Everyone knows that sex really ends at 55, and only if your name is Matt Lauer. ;)

  29. K-MAC says:

    LOL!!! I am 44. This girl is a tool. Wait till she gets to her 40s. I will laugh my ass off listening to her talk about how stupid she sounded at 20.

  30. Madpoe says:

    People stop being sexy when they TRY to be sexy. You being pimped slapped by that mushroom would’ve been sexy to me!

  31. gritsngreens says:

    She just says this crap to get attention. Like a toddler having a tantrum in Walmart, or a naked photo shoot of trailer trash… This is me not clicking on any more posts about this idiot.

  32. Chinoiserie says:

    I have always tough that she is rather stupid so her behavior or comments are not surprising to me.

  33. gg says:

    I guess she never got the memo that women’s sex drives ramp up around age 40 and it’s usually the best sex of their lives?

  34. only1shmoo says:

    Wow. I didn’t realize that short hair was non-conformist until now, *slow clap*, Miley’s so avant garde, isn’t she *eye roll*?

  35. moon says:

    Miley disgusts me. Not just her porny ways, but that misplaced holier-than-thou smart alec attitude.

  36. bangarang says:

    1. Samantha Jones would beg to differ

    2. Did this girl even finish high school, she seems so uneducated in her opinions of mental illness and sex.

  37. Theresa says:

    This girl is a walking version of “Opposite Day” from Spongebob. Whatever you say you expect from a person like her is what she won’t give you. Expect classy, mature, respectful behaviour, well, damn she’s going to take her clothes off, spit in your eye and stick her tongue out at you. She is showing herself to be an un-inventive, derivative, rebellious brat that simply says no to everything expected of a young woman her age and passing it off as art.

    She isn’t any different than most of the sheltered and spoiled of her generation. Little girl lost, seeking attention, feeling good when people are talking about ya, thinking being a rebel is so cool… I think she feels she’s some kind of current leader of anti-establishment, unfortunately, to do this in the arena of pop music, it’s so establishment to be anti-establishment that she ironically is providing the public exactly what they expect of one-note and one-hit wonders. Even our outrage is predictable and repetitive.

    That she thinks she’s breaking ground, creating indelible imagery, becoming an icon as a preening popstar gives her away as completely unaware of what being iconic means.

    We can continue to mock her, but in the end, she’s as deaf and blind to criticism as she is to good taste. There is so much good music being produced and available everywhere that her little hits mixed amongst all the other musicians isn’t notable or unusual. She’s not dominating anything but messageboards and forums, along with the stupid human trick vids and cats wearing hats riding roombas. Hardly an accomplishment to brag about.

    If archived materials and our memories have taught us anything it’s that the list is long, very long, of once famous people doing things that got themselves talked about once upon a time. Pity the fool that will have embarrassing photos, videos and interviews to constantly remind them of how ridiculous they once looked and sounded following them into old age…

  38. H. Scott says:

    Is she trying to be sexy?! That’s not what I thought she was doing at all.

  39. mytbean says:

    I saw a headline somewhere that said something along the lines of [Miley, the biggest troll ever…” And suddenly I got it. She WANTS to make us cringe. She finds our reactions to her gauche behavior hilarious. She’s treating us all like a younger sibling, getting her kicks by chasing us around the house with limp, drowned earth worms just to make us scream.

    And for some reason that shtick doesn’t disturb me so much. At least I hope that it’s this… otherwise it’s just so sad.

  40. lucy2 says:

    The more she talks, the more I realize how uneducated and isolated she is, and how that’s feeding into her thinking she’s the first to do everything – cut her hair short, wear skimpy clothes, act out for attention. She’s never had any normal school/social experience, and never had parents who put any limits on her so she’d learn how to behave. It’s not at all surprising she’s acting this way, and not at all original either.
    I doubt it will all end well for her. Most people who live that way crash and burn quickly. The attention they so badly crave (to make up for something else that must be missing) doesn’t last forever.

  41. Ellen says:

    Miley thought sex stopped at 40? I think we just got a sneak peek at what went wrong with Tish and Billy Ray’s marriage.

  42. Jen34 says:

    I get that she was offended by Lauer’s question and had no clue how to respond.

    But she needs better handlers. This just isn’t going well.

  43. lbeees says:

    Liv Tyler is so beautiful.

  44. Quinn says:

    In her defense, women from her hillbilly holler are probably all done brangin’ the sexay at 40. :(

  45. Andrea says:

    Is anyone else offended that she is now mocking little people too?

  46. Nikki says:

    You need imagination for short hair?
    With my long hair I get to decided between types and numbers of braids, curly or straight, one ponytail or two, updos or leave it long…
    WTF do you do with your short hair Miley? Slick it back? Tons of imagination there.

  47. Holden says:

    Holy crap, I had no idea. I’m 38, guess I better get the twerking going around the house.

  48. Leila in Wunderland says:

    “For me, role models are people who are good people… I’d rather be honest and upfront, being a good person isn’t about sitting with your legs crossed.”

    I do agree with her point here. I’ve never liked our culture’s idea that in order for a female celebrity to be a ‘good role model’, she has to dress modestly, obstain from nudity and semi-nudity, and abstain from suggestive dance moves. If a celebrity breaks those rules, she is automatically a bad role model corrupting the innocent virginal youth of society. Classifying women as good or bad based on sexual purity or modest clothing is a form of slut-shaming.

    But Miley isn’t a ‘good role model’ anyway, because she promotes Molly and because of her othering of different groups of people. Personally, I think it’s a bad idea to hold celebrities up as role models anyway though.

    As recently as last year I beleived that people stopped having sex after 50, until someone told me otherwise. I was shocked.

  49. Jayna says:

    She was just being smart-alecky with Matt because he asked her when she was going to give up the new sexuality thing with her music. People are so stuffy these days. Gee, Miley, give a very serious answer to Matt’s stupid question to make the masses happy.

  50. MaryBeth says:

    I don’t typically use the word HATE but I officially hate HER!

  51. Mayda says:

    shes so pretty. I cant wait till she grows out of this.

  52. Maritza says:

    I’d say menopausal women are the ones least interested in sex. So 40 is kind of early. I like Miley’s music, she’s just another teenager expressing herself, she’ll get tired once people start ignoring her. It is sort of what happened to Lady Gaga, people just got bored of the crazy outfits.

  53. Greata says:

    Fame, wealth, a pulpit, and ignorance. A deadly combination.

  54. parispucker says:

    what no one seems to be talking about is the fact that she uses little people as circus acts on her stage — *that is SO offensive!* in such a tacky, poor taste way.. I have a cousin who is a little person and she gets so upset when she sees displays such as this. True that they volunteered/got paid to do this show but it’s so degrading to be prancing around like that and celebrated for being ‘entertaining’ that way — just because they were born as a small person. It makes me sad and angry at the same time… she is adding NO VALUE to culture, just dragging it down by behaving this way. Let her flash in the pan extinguish soon, please – it honestly can’t come soon enough…

  55. Asdfg says:

    Her whole interview is a big WTF. Like a, “did she really just say that?” kind of WTF.

    I heard her speak for the first time yesterday. The news had a clip of her on the Today Show. Her voice is awful….. She sounds like a 70 year old trucker who’s been smoking for 60 years! I laughed. I was not expecting her voice to be that deep and harsh. Her speaking voice sounds nothing like her singing voice at all. It’s kind of hilarious.

    My voice isn’t the greatest either. I actually HATE my voice, laugh, etc. But damn….

  56. Nicolette says:

    Miley the more you open your mouth, the more you reveal to the world just how ignorant and stupid you are. No honey, you do not have ALL the answers. There’s a little expression I love, it’s called ‘Live and learn’. You obviously have much to learn. Your ‘facts’ are wrong, and not even close. I’m past 40 and my libido is just fine thank you.

  57. Flounder says:

    I get it. I’m not a fan, but I appreciate that someone her age would feel and act the way she does.

  58. MourningtheDeathofMusic says:

    I’m about to turn 41. Got laid twice this week. Maybe even tonight (if my husband 12 years younger than me has the energy).

    Bite me, Miley. Bite me.

  59. penguin says:

    Well she already has the derriere of an aerobic shy 40 year old.

  60. kiyoshigirl says:

    What does she think her father’s doing when he goes out and has an affair? I suppose she thinks he’s reading poetry to his lover, or maybe they cook together, or garden, surely they’re not having sex. This girl is pathetically immature for her age. Although she says she’s trying to break out of her teeny bopper phase, she’s proving that she’s far from an adult. Give it another five years Miley. Maybe you’ll learn a few things between now and then?

  61. JuliaGulia says:

    Oh damn. I’m 41 in a couple of months. Guess I better put it away, and tell that cute 24 year old I met at the weekend it’s just not going to happen…

  62. Claire says:

    Some of the comments above are so funny. I guess when you are young you kind of get the impression that everything wrinkles up and wilts – she’ll learn. But being unclassy, trashy is something I can’t excuse her for. She needs to have a holiday

  63. loie says:

    The fact that she thinks 50 Shades of Grey is great makes me dislike her even more, which I really didn’t think was possible.

  64. Jennifer12 says:

    This chick is an utter and complete moron. She’s way too busy telling the world how free and happy she is and how she treats everyone well and that her endless stripping off for whatever male photographer wants her to means she’s an icon and none of us get her. I’m sure baring her rear and those of the dwarfs around her was just her being free and open and not at all some pointless embarrassment of people with an issue.

  65. TwoHearts says:

    Not sexy after 40? No sex after 40? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha *inhale* hahahahahahahahahahaha. Everyone is a know-it-all idiot at that age but not even her youth can excuse that level of dumb.

  66. Jeje31 says:

    Why does she think sexy is looking, acting and sitting like a teenage boy . Her body language is so boyish and childish. I listened to her cd and it seems the only good song are the ones she released already.

  67. snowmogal says:

    No sex after 40? Might as well put one foot in the grave. By the way….50 plus and having more sex than I ever did in my 20′s…but than I wasn’t putting myself out for every Tom, Dick or Harry. Love to fast forward her life and see what her words of wisdom are at that point. Me thinks she will be used up, washed up way before than.

  68. Mary says:

    ill be 55 in a couple weeks and I say girl your cute but you have a LOT of growing up to do.

  69. Meggin says:

    Ugh, I hate to tell her this but she’s not sexy now at 20 lol. She’s completely ignorant.

  70. Fan says:

    Why how old is January Jones? Is she nearing 40?

  71. Norman says:

    Academics or empirical evidence based science of any kind is not one of Mileys strong suits.

  72. homegrrl says:

    I’m 45 and grey stripes or whatever that book is called…that pales in comparison.

    I can cut her some slack, 40 seemed so old back then. I had no idea. C’mon, none of us knew.

    BTW Here is my new quandry. She sounded AMAZEbalz live on snl, esp wrecking ball Loved it. I tried to buy on Itunes, but the chipmunk effects were horrendous. Does anyone realize how good she can sound live? Usually it’s the other way around…what’s going on here?!

  73. Loli says:

    Maybe we’re all taking her too seriously? I mean, c’mon. It’s not like she’s defending a thesis about the age of not being sexy anymore.

  74. KM says:

    Oh bless her adolescent little soul. She’s so young, she thinks 40 is old.

  75. aquarius64 says:

    Let’s see what the sales of Bangerz are going to be. They’re hyping big numbers now for pre-sales, but how much of that is PR spin from Team Cyrus? Until the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) verifies the sales and awards single and album gold records(or higher) for Bangerz, I’m not buying the hype.

  76. Aud says:

    Her mother’s over 40 and seems to be having plenty of sex.

  77. homegrrrrl says:

    Seeing her live inspired me to go to Itunes. It beyond sukt. Couldn’t even spend a buck anna quarter. Snl was awesome, she will make bank

  78. misstrishm says:

    Well so far her antics have worked her CD is number 1 on Itunes but it’s the Delux addition. Good music has long since gone by the wayside. :(

  79. Mandy says:

    all of you women are so jealous of this girl it is so hilarious. you are like a group of mean girls in high school, except your even worse you hide behind a computer and bad mouth a girl who is probably half your age and dissect her a rip her apart over and over. if you really don’t like her stop talking about her and obsessing over everything she does and says. if your really that sick of her then prove it! stop trash talking her like your life depends on it. I’m assuming the majority of you are older, over weight, unattractive, single, and lonely. I am 23 in an amazing relationship with the father if my child and attractive. and I want you to know you all remind me of all the girls in my small town that I have never met or heard of but get told talk trash about me constantly like I am a celebrity. Women like you are embarrassments.

    • bendgal says:

      Hey Miley….er I mean Mandy! I didn’t know you read Celebitchy! Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether it’s positive or negative. People can also give supportive feedback or talk trash about celebrities, just as you have talked trash about all us non celebrities in your post. Hypocrite.

    • Missykittens says:

      Mandy… projecting much? If people trash talk you, it’s rarely because they are jealous. That’s just what you tell yourself because you don’t want to deal with the more likely possibility that you are doing something to alienate people.

      Miley sounds so immature. “I heard you don’t have sex at 40″… seriously? She is so ignorant…

    • MourningTheDeathOfMusic says:

      Just a wee bit overprotective there, aren’t you, Mandy?

      The last I checked, the site name was, Celebitchy. We don’t serve up rainbows and unicorns; least none that I’ve seen.

      You hags been hoarding the rainbows and unicorns? Damn women….

      Miley, publicly, stuck her foot deep into her mouth. People have a right to respond with their opinion just as much as Miley had the right to make herself look like a giant tool when she [repeatedly] says what she does.

      If she would have ran her mouth in a private conversation and then that person went and blabbed, it’d be mildly different, because it was said in confidence. We still may not agree with the mother-load of tosh that comes out of her pie-hole, but we have to respect that it was her private opinion and her trust was betrayed by the person she spoke with.

      But our favorite train-wreck-of-the-month seems to enjoy spouting off in a public forum, opening herself to criticisms. Like the old adage: Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

      Our age, physical form, or relationship status does not invalidate what we say in response.
      And on a side note: It is extremely shallow and ignorant of you to make such a statement. As if being 23, self-proclaimed attractive, and in a stable relationship with your baby-daddy somehow makes you more sage on the subject of Miley’s asinine comments.

    • Anne Baker says:

      Please post a picture of yourself. You sound amazingly beautiful and stunning.

    • Leila in Wunderland says:

      Ok, Mandy’s ‘You must be jealous, overweight, and lonely’ comments were catty and hypocritical, but she does have a valid point about the bitter mean girl culture that we all live in.

      It’s not just women and girls though. Guys can be prissy, nitpicky, douchebaggy, e.t.c. online to. I’ve seen guys be downright nasty bullies on the internet.

      Also, there’s a difference between criticism and just expressing one’s opinion and being bitter, bigoted, and a bully. Most of the stuff said on this site falls into the former category. Every now and then people will actually be bitter, bigoted bullies, and when that’s actually the case, it’s perfectly fine and normal to call people out on that. :)

  80. Moi says:

    Hopefully she was kidding or she is the most ignorant 20 year old around. I will be 40 next year and sex is better than ever!

  81. MegG says:

    What makes her The expert on the over 40s and their sex lives?!

  82. shump says:

    Miley is clearly trolling middle America.

  83. Diana says:

    I think she got the idea, actually from Fifty Shades of f*ck. There seems to be a pattern on that piece of crap trilogy that if you’re over 30 you’re oooooold.

  84. HiHa says:

    If only she’d know the things she’s gonna know at 40, (right) NOW..
    She would go crawl up somewhere,not before cutting her tongue off.

  85. Jane says:

    Question of the day…how much Molly did she take before this gig? Certainly more of her brain cells have burned out.

  86. chloe says:

    fifty shades? really?what the fuck…

  87. LaurieH says:

    If she wants to believe there’s no sex after 40 – okay. She can believe that. At the rate she’s going, she won’t live to 40 anyway.