OMG, Benedict Cumberbatch is on the cover of Time Magazine. Seriously.


Happy Thursday! And then some. The American government has opened again, the world economy isn’t going down in flames and Benedict Cumberbatch covers the new issue of Time Magazine. All of these things are true. This cover is not a fan-made mock-up. The Batch covers Time. Because at this point, absolutely no one can say “Who?” or “Never heard of him.” The Batch is pervasive. The Batch will haunt your sex dreams. The Batch is here to stay.

(Sidenote: I will cover the Katie Couric interview later today, I just wanted to talk about this cover in this post. No thread-jacking!)

As for the photo, it’s really beautiful, right? Benedict Cumberbatch is staring into my soul. He looks… smart, sexy, a little vulnerable, sexy, Cumbertastic, etc. So far, Time has only released the behind-the-scenes story on what it was like to shoot this cover:

In London recently, Paola Kudacki took her young nephews to see Star Trek. Leaving the theater, her 6-year-old nephew remembered Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the role of Khan, saying, “He has such an interesting face.” He does, Kudacki agreed. A couple days later she got the call from TIME, asking her to photograph that same interesting face.

“I was very excited because his career has been so big but it’s just beginning,” Kudacki said. She continued, “I wanted to capture the intensity of his face but also the quietness. I wanted to take a serious approach, very quiet, and intimate.”

The shoot was quick and collaborative. Kudacki planned on photographing a few different looks as she also recognized Cumberbatch for his polished sense of style, saying it’s “classic, simple, but really chic.” While Cumberbatch was willing and even brought his own clothes, his schedule was packed with interviews and appearances in support of the movie The Fifth Estate, in which he stars as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange; so they didn’t have time for the changes. Instead Kudacki kept a few layers near the set that Cumberbatch could easily add or layer.

In the flurry of their work, Kudacki reached over her camera and mussed Cumberbatch’s coiffe. She stole one snap before a stylist restored his careful waves.

Of the resulting image, Kudacki said, “He’s looking into the camera, very confidently, but there’s something kinda broken. It’s kinda like when he says he likes to bring humanity to the character.” She also observed, “I think he’s very respectful of the characters he’s playing.”

With the instincts that triggered that one swift click of a shutter, Kudacki too, respectfully revealed a little bit about the person behind Cumberbatch’s usual dapper appearance.

[From Time]

“…There’s something kinda broken…” And thus, another Cumberbitch was born. The Cumberobsession will overtake every single person. He’s the thinking woman’s crumpet. Hell, he’s every woman’s crumpet.


There’s video too (the video is really big, so I’m sorry):

Photos courtesy of Time Magazine.

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  1. Patricia says:

    He hasn’t overtaken me… yet… Am I the final holdout? He seems like a bro to me, sweet expression but I’m not getting the sexy. Time will tell if he gets me, too…

  2. T.fanty says:

    Hooray! Butter me crumpets, it’s a day of Double Cumby! Work be damned!

    And oh how I love the less-than-perfect-ness of this shot. It’s actually a little Zachary Quinto-esque, in a very good way.

  3. Eve says:


    Sorry, Fanty — old habits die hard.

    It won’t happen again, I promise.

  4. Sixer says:

    HA! You said crumpet. My father CALLS me his crumpet. We will make a Britisher of you yet, Kaiser.

    That cover is weird. It’s like someone has cut portraits down the middle vertically and reassembled CumberMixes with them.

  5. blue marie says:

    It’s not really all that happy considering the gov’t did what they always do, fix it just enough for now and let someone else deal with it later. Whatever, I’m being bitchy sorry.. I am glad that the workers will be getting paychecks again though..

    I saw the cover and it looks like my nephew cut his bangs.

  6. Leah says:

    Time!!!!?? Go Cumby!

    Also, I really like that picture! Almost more than the pimp jackets and constant fiddling with cuff links.

  7. Kit says:

    Now that’s pretty damn impressive!

    Re: the cover… Nice, but if only it were possible to print voices too. Even those (crazy) people who find him hideous can’t resist the voice. Just thinking about it gives me the vapours.

  8. Lindy79 says:

    Not my all time favourite picture of him(I think it’s the fluffy sad non-curl at the front that’s putting me off, it reminds me of the picture where his curl made a little B shape) His eye contact is pretty darn captivating. My god, a cover of Time!

    Go Cumby!

  9. Tish says:

    The porno music of that video is lovely too.

  10. Beth says:

    It’s like a CumberChristmas these days.

  11. frisbeejada says:

    It’s good to see someone on a major cover who has got there on the back of genuine talent and serious hard work. I think he’s going through his ‘Adele’ period, she was such a relief from all the overhyped, undertalented pop bimbo’s, Benedict is like a parallel to her, the real thing in a world of fake PR inflated ‘stars’, not conventionally good looking but incredibly sexy – his speaking voice is glorious – intelligent, charming. Thank you, I think I need to go and have a little lie down now…

  12. Greata says:

    Love his acting….sexy?…not so much…but I will allow you your cup o’ morning Cumby! Pace yourself girlie!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • frisbeejada says:

      Can see your POV, I was incredibly lucky to see him in early 2011 in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein alternating with Johnny Lee Miller at the National. I could imagine a lot of ladies legged it home rather rapidly to jump on their unsuspecting other halves after that one. He has amazing stage presence and in the flesh is, indeed surprisingly sexy, even with ‘auburn’ hair (happen to like) …. no, sorry, have to go and have another little lie down…excuse me while I stagger elsewhere

      • LadySlippers says:

        I am jealous!

        But not so much that I won’t shamelessly ask for a review… Assuming you’ve recovered enough to do so.

      • frisbeejada says:

        never actually recovered from that one he played Frankenstein, I found him incredibly touching as he realises that essentially his humanity is lacking in comparison to the creature he created (Johnny Lee Miller – brilliant!)He’s brilliant at doing that hard edged character with an underlying vulnerability – IMHO it’s a gift only the best actors have, that shaft of light into their soul – sorry I’m getting carried away. There was a campaign to get the National to release the play on DVD, they did televised screenings across the UK but don’t know what happened to it, it might be worth investigating.

      • curlsunited says:

        @frisbeejada: There was an official letter from the NT’s Head of Digital Media:
        “It is currently the wish of the creators and actors of Frankenstein that it not be released as a DVD. This is not in any way about money, but is purely about the quality of the experience and the desire that Frankenstein remain, to some extent, ephemeral – the nature of what theatre is by its very definition. It is something we will always evaluate, but if you are a fan of anyone involved in the creation of Frankenstein or the National Theatre, we would ask that you respect their wishes for this wonderful recording to be seen as it was intended. We hope people can understand and appreciate the reasoning behind this decision and we hope audiences will continue to support National Theatre Live.”

        So, sadly no DVD, but there are encore screenings in cinemas in and outside the UK from October 31. (Lucky me!)

  13. T.fanty says:

    * wonders how long it will be until the fun police shows up, expresses disappointment at his existence and explains that it’s a black-and-white picture because they did a universal poll and everyone in the world agrees that the color of his eyes are overrated. Which explains why his movie that isn’t out in the US yet is this generation’s Ishtar.*

  14. EscapedConvent says:

    I’m shocked! The cover of Time! But what an unfortunate thing to do with the front of his hair. It’s not good. But it’s deliberate. Obviously that’s how they wanted it to look. But the expression is lovely & direct, & he’s gazing right at us.

    If they had fixed that awful stringy hair at the front, I would have said “Bob’s yer Uncle.”

  15. TommyAnnE says:

    Noooooooooooooooo!! This is supposed to be my special week!


  16. Abby says:

    I literally had a stroke from the happiness of seeing him on frickin cover of TIME. I mean come on it can’t get better than this. This cover would hopefully shut all those who keep saying he hasn’t arrived yet.

    As for the picture…these days I like Cumby in anything…I just have this addiction of wanting new pics every week of him. His gaze man *licks the screen.

    @T.Fanty….I just had to compliment you on your marvellous posts. This cover and your comments have made my morning cheers!!!

  17. Jen says:

    God enough of him. He’s a competent actor but not some Mighty Acting God (I actually laughed at him in Star Trek).

  18. Harpreet says:

    Good for Benedict, but I am always afraid he’ll go the Dan Stevens route (Matthew Crawley) and bail on Sherlock!

    Also, while he does have an interesting face, I am pretty sure they’d never say that about an actress. Sigh, Hollywood double standards…

  19. mena says:

    Well Done Cumby!

    Now THIS guy is a busy actor. Show ‘em how it’s done! Professional, hard-working & appreciative.

    Cumby is shooting movies, a TV series & his own projects. He’s flying all over to promote that work at film festivals & TV chat shows. He does magazine interviews & photoshoots. And he still found time to sit for a Reddit AMA.

    Hey Hemsworth, what were you saying?

    • Jen says:

      Why are Cumbersquatch fans so haughty and superior? Do they take cues from the “posh” guy they’re obsessed with? What exactly was the point of mentioning Hemsworth here (I don’t even care about him)?

      Cumbersquatch fans are the WORST, especially because they don’t realize it.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        It’s CumberSNATCH. (That might have sounded haughty.)

      • Abby says:

        And how lovely are you in grouping every cumberbatch fan as someone who takes dig at other actors. People just need one negative thing to trash the celeb and their fans.

        @Mena…I don’t know much or care abut Hemsworth but I will give him the benefit as compared to Cumby he has a family to take care of as well.

        Cumby is a workaholic and doesn’t really need to spare time for family much. All works differently for different people

      • mena says:

        Wow, @Jen. Haughty & superior? Accusing me of being a ‘posh’ sheep when I hardly ever reply in Cumberbatch’s posts? Projecting much?

        The point of mentioning him here is because in Celebitchy’s recent post about his DETAILS interview, Chris Hemsworth came off as a whiner & a complainer.

        IMO, it was a stark contrast worth noting.

        Hemsworth isn’t nearly as busy & doesn’t promote nearly as much Cumberbatch, but jeez that guy sure complains a h*ll of a lot more than Benedict. Why?

        Like a few have mentioned upthread, Benedict is a breath of fresh air compared to overhyped actors and IMO, Hemsworth would be smart to look at how Benedict carries himself.

  20. GeeMoney says:

    OMG! How wonderful for him! He must be thrilled.

    Love him, love him, love him! Wish he was mine.

  21. Miss M says:

    “As for the photo, it’s really beautiful, right?”
    Sending an eye doctor your way, pronto!

  22. aang says:

    LOVE Sherlock, he was great as Khan, but I don’t feel the sexy. In the Sherlock/Watson showdown I would say Martin Freeman is more my type.

  23. Dulcinea says:

    He looks amazing. I hated the Katie Couric interview though, she is so annoying and has an awful laugh.

  24. Yelly says:

    Why do people find this guy good looking? I’m baffled at that.

  25. Sachi says:

    OMG. That cover is beautiful. He’s so gorgeous.

  26. Maureen says:

    Oh. God. This. Is. AMAZING.

  27. Green Girl says:

    I am digging this picture. I didn’t like it initially, but I think it works. It looks like the picture was taken at the end of a long day, but he’s also thoughtful, as though he’s pondering his recent success.

  28. Miss M says:

    And they know he should cover his forehead…

  29. icerose says:

    “And an unpleasant thought has occurred. Is my relentless TommyAnne negativity equally enervating?”

    Well no if you do not like him because of course you see it as fair criticism. If you do like him you are more likely to see it as repetitious.My impression is Tommy-Anne negativity is far more obvious on this site but there are also sites where the Benny comes in for a lot of criticism as well.
    Repetition is drains the mind regardless of the subject.

  30. Timber says:

    He is just plain yuck. Enough already with him!

  31. blended says:

    i’m so proud of our cumby. that is all.

  32. Shannon1972 says:

    I get it now!! I never understood the obsession with Cumberbatch. I thought he was a bit odd looking and I would read these swooning threads and feel a bit confused. That was before “Sherlock”. After finishing my netflix binge of Breaking Bad, I was bereft. I needed something to fill the hole that Walter and Jesse left in my life. Netflix suggested “Sherlock” and I figured “What the heck”? If Netflix thinks I will like it…let’s give it a shot. And about halfway into the first episode, I got it!! I could not look away from his face, and I would get annoyed when he wasn’t in the scene. He is the most interesting and compelling actor I have seen in a long time, and yep, he is absolutely smoking hot.
    I can finally participate in the Cumberbatch obsession! :)

  33. Vera says:

    I think he is amazing, and I like his unique look. There’s plenty of men who are conventionally better looking, but there’s just something about Bennie does it for me. However, I’m just not feeling his hairdo on the cover.

  34. Naddie says:

    He’s like, the perfect man. Yesterday I saw him impersonating Alan Rickman on a rap song and he was just… wow. Funny, but not goofy, confident but not pretentious. Yeah, he’s the 2nd of my list now.

  35. allheavens says:

    The cover of Time magazine is a big deal, so you go boy!

    Man, his PR people must have been in the background during the photoshoot giving each other high-fives and doing the Cabbage Patch.

    The haterade will be strong with the Hiddleston lovers but I’m very happy for him.

    So, I’m just going to straighten my Moriarty tie which I wear every morning with my tutu and “My Little Pony” leggings, as I exit the Womb of Hiddleston Fans Broken Dreams.

  36. V says:

    I have received my TIME magazine in the mail and the cover is Benedict free…perhaps the cover is for the newstands? My cover does have Cumby inside, but the cover itself concerns the US of Texas with a US states puzzle in the shape of Texas.