Did Chelsea Handler’s bosses finally tell her to STFU about Angelina Jolie?


I’ve lost count of how many times Chelsea Handler has lost her mind whenever Angelina Jolie’s name is mentioned in an interview, or by a passerby, or when the vodka starts speaking to her. Chelsea used to have an “Angelina is a f—king c—t” section of her stand-up act, she consistently mocks Angelina and Brad’s children (even making blatantly racist comments about them), and nowadays, whenever Chelsea is interviewed on TV or in a magazine, she says variations of “Angelina seems like a demon” and “Angelina is evil incarnate.” Chelsea does this all while polishing her Jennifer Aniston BFF Badge, and many believe that Chelsea actively worked to dethrone Courteney Cox as Aniston’s BFF (CC and JA barely spend any time together at this point). Oh, and Chelsea really started going after Angelina when Chelsea joined CAA. What I’m saying is that Chelsea’s Angelina bashing works for her on several different levels, professionally and personally.

But what if Chelsea’s Angelina-bashing had larger consequences? What if Chelsea’s bosses were like, “Ugh, this woman is making us look bad. We might want to work with Angelina at some point, damn it”? Well, maybe then someone would finally tell Chelsea to simply STFU about Angelina.

CHELSEA HANDLER’s TV bosses have told her to stop picking on Angelina Jolie – or there will be BIG trouble! For years, the sarcastic comic, 38, has publicly ridiculed mom-of-six Angelina mostly out of loyalty to her best friend Jennifer Aniston – but now it could cost her big-time.

The ENQUIRER can reveal that her relentless barbs have gotten out of hand recently, rubbing her bosses the wrong way. Chelsea has not only belittled Angelina’s relationship with Brad Pitt and accused the pillow-lipped beauty of undergoing too much plastic surgery, she’s also mocked the United Nations goodwill ambassador’s humanitarian work.

And that’s apparently been too much for Angelina’s high-powered showbiz allies at Comcast, which oversees both Universal studios and Handler’s “Chelsea Lately” show on the E! Network. So corporate honchos have stepped in to muzzle Chelsea.

“Angelina has a lot of support at the top and they’re dying to lock her into a long-term contract,” noted a source. “They don’t like the fact that Chelsea has really been saying some horrible things about her.

“For starters, she’s been accusing Angelina of being a plastic surgery-obsessed phony whose looks are fading fast. Chelsea also believes Angelina found the way to Brad’s heart through kinky sex, and that’s the only reason she was able to ‘steal’ him from Jennifer.

“But perhaps worst of all, Chelsea has dismissed all of Angelina’s humanitarian work, saying that she’s only involved with good causes because it helps her image.”

Those hostilities have apparently tested the patience of the corporate honchos, who are rallying around their darling.

“Universal wants to create a home for Angelina, and that means she can’t have any hostility coming her way from other employees, including Chelsea,” explained the source. “That’s why they read her the riot act.”

Handler’s hatred of Jolie began after the ‘Tomb Raider” sexpot was accused of seducing Brad Pitt on the set of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” in 2004, when he was still married to Aniston. In March of this year, Chelsea called Jolie ‘‘a de­mon” on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.” And in previous years, she’s given interviews blasting Angelina as “a homewrecker” and other things not fit to print.

But now, Chelsea has apparently accepted the fact that she needs to tone down her act.

“Chelsea’s not happy about it,” said the source, “but she’s been banned from spewing any more anti-Jolie gags, at least for the next couple of months.”

[From The National Enquirer]

I doubt Universal/Comcast wants to lock Angelina into any kind of long-term contract – Angelina seems to work on whatever she wants to do, and at this point, she’s actively pursuing a secondary career as a director. That being said, it wouldn’t surprise me if somewhere, some Comcast executive is reading some assorted Handler quotes and thinking to themselves, “Good lord, this chick really needs to STFU.” And you know what else is interesting? It’s like it never would have occurred to Jennifer Aniston or Aniston’s team that Chelsea has made Jennifer look bad. By having this open, public friendship with Chelsea and using Chelsea to make ad hoc person attacks, Jennifer is the one who looks like petty and like she’s far from over it.

Meanwhile, Angelina is still going “Chelsea what? Who is that?”




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  1. Just says:

    I hope so, its like she doesnt have much to talk about…

  2. Cecilia says:

    No. This was already called out as absolutely false, so I expect her to keep bashing away.

  3. Andrea1 says:

    Naaaah I don’t believe this story
    And that Angie’s picture its priceless I love the expression on her face.

    • PrettyTarheelFan says:

      I love that she was willing to go full out, real, genuine gut-busting laugh on a red carpet. The eye wrinkles, the upper lip lift..

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        Yep, I’m no Angelina fan. I don’t like the way she got her hook into Brad Pitt, but to her credit, she has kept a low profile, she spends her free time working on worthwhile projects to help the less fortunate. Over the years Jennifer Aniston’s behavior and that of her friends has started to make me a bit more sympathetic to Brad and Angelina, although I hate cheating. I’m not an expert by any means, but I don’t see any evidence that Angelina has had any plastic surgery work done. The fact that she was so proactive about potential cancer tends to make me think she cares about taking care of her body. The only other thing I could say is that attacking someone’s children (if Chelsea has attacked the Jolie-Pitts kid)is despicable.

      • Sal says:

        Zwella Ingrid, I’m not sure what you mean by “got her hook” into Brad. Brad and Jennifer had been long broken up, there was no affair. That was debunked ages ago. But its been proven that Aniston is a homewrecker who seduced Justin on the set of Wanderlust and broke up his 14 year relationship with Heidi Bivens. Aniston is a homewrecker. Angelina, is not.

      • Andrea1 says:

        Exactly! You can tell its genuine.

      • Sharon says:

        TO Zwella Ingrid:
        What do you mean you don’t like how she got her hook into Brad?!

        BRAD went after Angie.
        BRAD declared she is the GREAT LOVE OF HIS LIFE, and that he is the happiest he has ever been in his entire life, since he has been with Angie.

        ALSO Brad’s marriage was over when he got with Angie.

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        Yeah, it’s interesting to me how most people assumed that Brad and Angie had gotten together before he and Jen had called it quits. But even if they had cheated, Brad was a consenting adult equally responsible for what happened.

    • Mrs Odie says:

      The cosmetic dentist who did her full set of upper and lower veneers should put this in his portfolio.

  4. Evie Rose says:

    That’s a horrible picture of Angelina. Yikes. I call BS on this story, since nobody can control Chelsea Handler. Nobody!

  5. Xantha says:

    I don’t know if this is true or not, but I’m sure Angelina will continue to not give a fuck about Chelsea. And really,why should she?

    • Cameron says:

      I don’t watch her show but I gather she stopped the bashing or we would’ve heard about it. That’s the only time she gets press. I love Angie’s non reaction to it all. That must bother her the most.
      But, really I doubt Angie knows who she is.

      • Meandyou says:

        She stopped the bashing after Angelina came out with news of her double masectomy. Maybe she reflected and decided she doesn’t want to be a c-nt to Angelina anymore? Maybe she does have a tiny shred of empathy in her dried up body after all.

  6. Tiffany says:

    I always thought that the insults started flying because Chelsea was trying to become friends with Angie and Angie was not interested. It is no secret that she is trying to get a movie career started. Maybe being friends with Jen was the next best thing seeing as they have a lot in common.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Tiffany, who wrote: “I always thought that the insults started flying because Chelsea was trying to become friends with Angie and Angie was not interested. It is no secret that she is trying to get a movie career started. Maybe being friends with Jen was the next best thing seeing as they have a lot in common.”

      It was only after Chelsea and Jennifer Aniston became fast friends–after their ‘private’ Thanksgiving trip to Cabo–that I noticed the vitriolic increase in Handler’s attacks against Angelina Jolie.

      But what really surprised me was Jennifer Aniston’s guest appearance on Handler’s show shortly after their ‘private’ holiday trip (and Handler’s first ‘Angelina Jolie is a C–t, oh yeah and her mutant kids too!’ stand up routine), all smiles and laughter when Handler introduced her after an ‘Angelina Jolie is a Bi$ch!’ opening monologue.

      It seemed to me at the time, and apparently to a lot of others as well, that Jen was sort of ‘endorsing’ Chelsea’s new hateful routine by her appearance. Jen ‘had’ to have known how it would look … right?

  7. Green Eyes says:

    Wow! What would she have to talk about then? I’m not a Chelsea fan, dont think she’s funny. Ironic though out of the 3 faces… Angelina’s moves more. Think Chelsea needs to heed her own advice.

  8. Diana says:

    I agree that all this anti Jolie hate spewing does not do JA any favors. It’s pretty childish!

  9. Mandy says:

    Gurrrr!!!! I think we ALL need to tell Chelsea to STFU..about everything.

  10. claire says:

    I like her show. I think she’s funny, but her obsession with Angelina is just creepy. Move on. Get over it.

  11. Anna says:

    Chelsea has said some really disgusting things over the years about the Jolie-Pitt. It’s embarrassing that she’s continued this on for years, I’m glad someone’s finally told her to shut it.

    • Cecilia says:

      Chelsea has said disgusting crap about a whole lotta people. That’s her schtick & she’s schticking to it. That said, this is a really bad pic of AJ. It looks like her face is having a hard time moving & it seems her hair is sliding to the back of her head. Maybe just a bad angle.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Cecilia, who wrote: “Chelsea has said disgusting crap about a whole lotta people. That’s her schtick & she’s schticking to it. That said, this is a really bad pic of AJ. It looks like her face is having a hard time moving & it seems her hair is sliding to the back of her head. Maybe just a bad angle.”

        I’m curious … do you really ‘not’ know many of your comments about Angelina Jolie are passive-aggressive in an off-putting ‘underhanded compliment’ kind of way? Or are you simply a self-appointed ambassador of ‘Goodwill’ from either Female First or Ian Halperin Undercover?

      • Cecilia says:

        I find it curious of you to scrutinize my comment in the manner that you do. I happen to have mixed feelings about AJ & no amount of policing by you is going to change that. As for FF — that site is totally bogus & it’s on you if you continue to frequent it. I have no idea who Ian H. is.

      • Sal says:

        Lol Cecilia, its been shown on here over and over and over again how Handler has NEVER been as vitriolic to ANYONE ELSE as much as she is to Jolie. So don’t play dumb. Btw, the pic of Angelina is stunning. But the first pic of Aniston and Handler really makes Aniston looks like a masucline stuck-up poser with her nose in the air like that.

  12. Toot says:

    Enquirer probably made this up from the connection of Unbroken being made with Universal. I just love Angelina even more because she’s never addressed Chelsea in anyway, at least publically.

  13. Bopit says:

    I can just see how many shits Angelina gives lolz.

  14. Barbara says:

    Chelsea is a real live mean girl….

  15. RN says:

    I don’t care for Chelsea’s particular form of “comedy”. She’s a less-busty and more inebriated version of Jenny McCarthy. She’s simply not funny and she tries too hard.

  16. Hakura says:

    The only time it bothers me is when she starts targeting the children. I mean, she’s said some awful things about them. Regardless of Anyone’s opinions of Brad & Angie, they can take care of themselves. I just hope she leaves the innocents out of it. (Personally, I can’t STAND Chelsea to begin with).

    • eva says:

      I so agree with you. I didnt have much of an opinion until I read she called the kids ‘mutants’ and other names. Good God, who does that?

      To attack children and not to see anything wrong with it…or to think no one else will see anything wrong with it shows she has some issues.

      Its on par with the mean teenage girls who see nothing wrong with the face book bullying they did that caused a 12 year old girl to kill herself. I believe their response when informed of the girls death was ‘so what’.

      I really do think Chelsea is more than a bit unhinged calling actual children vile names as part of her ‘act’. it shows its not really an ‘act’.

      totally inappropriate and bizarre.

  17. lassie says:

    I find it more difficult to believe that is expects us to believe she is 38.

  18. lower-case deb says:

    as mentioned above, i think this muzzling thing is not true. but i believe that there must be a sliver, possibly an unconscious thought amongst the execs that maybeeeee it’s bad to antagonize jolie at the moment. she’s been going up the “ladder” so to speak with the health issue and the poltical issue, etc.

    however, i believe that if jolie herself gives out ultimatums (if any), it won’t be over the plastic surgery, or the sex, or the homewrecking. it will most likely be because of the slurs towards her children.

    but i suppose at the moment the jp family is just taking the high road. because a one-sided conversation is much easier to ‘keep a handle on’ rather than going on a full on discourse.

  19. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Okay, first off–I love that picture with Angelina’s face all scrunched up. What is she laughing at?

    Second, eh, I hope this is true, I don’t know too much about how stuff works behind scenes in Hollywood, but if Angelina becomes a respected director in the next few years–then I can see them wanting Chelsea to stfu.

    Third, I honestly don’t get why more people don’t think that Jennifer had a hand in all the crap that Chelsea says about Angelina. I don’t think Jennifer likes to do her own dirty work (especially as she seems to backpedal whenever she says anything that creates an unwanted response–Vogue 2008), so I honestly think she has Huvane handle it.

    And so the friendship between Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston was born.

    And to be completely honest, I do think Jennifer hates Angelina. Which is weird, to me. I picked up on this, when I read Jennifer’s Vogue 2008 article for the first time. In the article, the interviewer asks her about her divorce. She basically says that it wasn’t what the tabloids made it out to be–that they were really respectful and cared about each other. And that they still occasionally talked, and that she was proud of Brad and congratulated him on his babies.

    BUT the interviewer asked her about Angelina. She starts that particular conversation out with saying that cartoon about her shooting Angelina with a gun is hilarious. And then she made the “uncool” remark. And then she had the interviewer turn the recording off, so she could tell him, in detail, how much she didn’t like a woman–who she’s only had a two second hi and goodbye with.

    Now don’t get me wrong–I don’t think she should *have* to like Angelina at all. I’m not saying she needs to fall down and worship at her feet. But she spent that interview basically singing Brad’s praises–but when it comes to Angelina she’s throwing it DOWN. And she still hasn’t ever come out and said, that yes, Brad cheated on me—which, I think they had an emotional affair, and Brad told Jennifer that, as per the VF interview.

    So that was odd to me. That beyond saying Brad was missing a sensitivity chip (which she actually defends him a moment before, saying he wouldn’t have even realized that he was being insensitive), and making a quip about his hair–she’s been largely positive about Brad when asked.

    But when it comes to Angelina–she completely loses it. And to be clear, I wouldn’t be saying all of this (since it was from 2008), if Chelsea Handler hadn’t come into play. Chelsea is Jennifer/Huvane’s mouthpiece. Don’t you find it interesting that Chelsea wasn’t calling Brad out for cheating–she was calling Angelina out for homewrecking.

    The only time she’s ever mentioned Brad, was when she gave that interview to Howard Stern, saying that she had a dream that Brad and Jennifer got back together, AND when she made those disgusting remarks–saying that Brad was only with Angelina because of the kids. She said he was trapped.

    Anyone agree or disagree?

    Sorry for the obscenely long post–but you’re in luck. I was just gossipping with someone about this last night.

    • Eva says:

      I completely agree with you,

      When I heard about their divorce at the time I was like she’s that girl from friends, I didn’t really know who Brad was then, and only knew Angelina from Tomb Raider.

      Then started reading gossip a few years later, Chelsea Handler pops up with all her bile, and I was like Bloody Hell is this still going on.

      It’s obvious that she’s just a mouth piece, I mean she wasn’t there at the time so why would she be so invested unless JA has fed the fire.

    • Andrea1 says:

      You are right on track. You summed it up pretty well.

      • TaurusRose says:

        Yeah rite! Congratulations on your defense of the nasty Jolie who went after Brad real hard. AJ is one of those women who think only another woman’s man makes a worthy catch for Angelina. That way, the guy has already been vetted and validated as a worthy catch by another woman.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @TaurusRose, who wrote: “Yeah rite! Congratulations on your defense of the nasty Jolie who went after Brad real hard. AJ is one of those women who think only another woman’s man makes a worthy catch for Angelina. That way, the guy has already been vetted and validated as a worthy catch by another woman.”

        Wow … that is ‘exactly’ what Jennifer Aniston did to Heidi Bivens. You nailed it! :)

      • Maya says:

        @Taurusrose: Jennifer Aniston did exactly that to Tate Donovan’s pregnant fiance, her close friend Jo Gartin (slept with her husband Chris) and also to Heidi when Jennifer cheated with Justin for almost a year.

    • Dawn says:

      I agree with you. I’ve heard Brad say that the marriage with Jennifer was over before Mr. and Mrs. Smith and that he was tired of the life he and Jennifer were living and was longing for children.

    • Anon says:

      Google Thanksgiving 2010, JA-CH, Cabo…now ‘Salt’ came out in December 2010, correct? And old Chelsea came out real hard against Jolie and her kids before the ‘Salt’ release. (after Cabo trip) As I recall, (correct me if I’m wrong) Jolie stood with Brad with enormous dignity in NYC, winter white dress on the red carpet…. CH’s filthy/racist name calling via JA/possible Huvane connection. Now add in all that BS from the tabloids. Jolie was still in grief from her mother’s death…first movie after the twins’ birth, and I bet…she found out she carried the genes for cancer as her Aunt was already fighting breast cancer too.

      As JA once stated, “she fights dirty”. Well, I guess so. Start noting the time-lines with Huvane/Aniston/Handler’s antics.

      • Marny says:

        Seriously everyone???????? She said that Angelina was “uncool.” Is that really such an AWFUL thing to say about someone? If u were in the same situation can u imagine what u would say about her? I’ll never understand this. I honestly don’t care for either of these women but the fact that J called A “uncool” is hardly worth all the vitriol directed at her for that comment. I mean, really!!

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        My entire issue isn’t necessarily that she said those comments–it’s her right to say however she feels, BUT she spent that interview SINGING Brad’s praises. She says that their divorce was amicable, that they were better for it, basically, and that they still talked, etc, and basically how proud she was of him.

        She said this about Angelina’s 2007 article– “There was stuff printed there that was definitely from a time when I was unaware that it was happening,I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss.”

        Which I just read Angelina’s interview, and basically all she said was that she had an impression from the media how he was, he turned out differently, and how they got together was that they basically talked for a while about what they wanted out of life, etc. So I don’t get what timeline she’s referring to—Angelina never said anything specific.

        Here’s the article, read it yourself

        In my mind, if she has an issue with Angelina, she should have one with Brad as well. And she obviously doesn’t.

      • Josephina says:

        @ Marny:

        That a celebrity woman would pine and make her feelings known…AGAIN and repeatedly in the press about a deadend relationship… screams neurosis.

        Brad is tickled pink and has happily moved on. His eyes light up when he speaks about Angie and their family moments.

        Brad really is IN LOVE with Angie. He BEAMS about life with his life partner, also known as the love of HIS life, to anyone within arm’s reach.

        Brad has focused solely on Angie’s and their childrens’ welfare since 2005. He has done an A+++ job letting the world know it was HIS decision to leave and find the right partner for him.

        Given that background.. why would you keep inserting your feelings about a failed marriage…YEARS AFTER THE FACT TO THE PUBLIC? Her feelings haven’t changed a thing. Brad is not paying any attention to her and she looks foolish. She needs to stop.

        How long should the public be burdened with Jen’s “sense of loss?” Another 8 years, perhaps? That marriage obviously meant a lot more to her than him. Move on.

        She said she was happy for him. Good!

        Now let him go. Aniston has wasted more than enough years dating jokers and letting guys “hit it and quit it.”

        Let’s get real. Brad is not the one for Aniston. Anyone who thinks otherwise, given what we have all seen and read over the last 8 years, is not working with a full deck of cards. The sooner she realizes it, the better for her.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      I think it is clear that the reason Jennifer behaves in this fashion is that like pretty much all women on the earth who have ever been cheated on, they blame the woman, hate her guts, and make excuses for the man, because they are still in love with him. I’m betting JA still has a deep emotional attachment to Brad.

      • Nikita says:

        Then, why she never had kids if she truly loved him so much? She was in her thirtys, they were superrich, they were married and “happy” ?. Where was the issue? They had much more issues than the kid question. even if it hurts, you have to accept his decission if he wants to leave. you cant keep a man who doesnt want to be with you, thats called dignity. She lost all her dignity with her post divorce interviews and with Handlers bullying. Some people dont understand the difference of bully and comedy. This is not comedy. Teenagers kill themselfs because of people like Chelsea. When it happens, everybody is like OMG thats so terrible. But when somebody says, oh its comedy, than its ok? Logical thinking is a great gift.

        Jennifers friendship with CHelsea is doing her no favor. People are starting to dislike her and question her girl next door image. you can see on many other websides that the comments for jennifer are getting more and more negative. not only on CB. espesially since she started her obvious affair with justin. everybody knows that justin was with heidi when they begann their realtionship. her fans are naive but most people are not stupid.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Well I do think Brad and Angelina had an emotional affair, in that they both recognized that they had feelings for each other, that went beyond just friendship. But according to Courtney Cox, Brad told Jennifer that. And Jennifer wanted him to go off, sleep with Angelina for a while, and come back. He didn’t want to do that. Yes, was it wrong to have feelings for another woman while married? Yes.
        But unless someone has undeniable proof that Brad and Angelina were sleeping together before he was separated, then I don’t think that he did anything truly wrong. I think he handled it the best way he could’ve–and it seemed like she was fine with it. Until those beach photos hit–probably because she didn’t think that he was serious about her.

        But that’s not the issue–Jennifer being upset about her marriage ending. The issue is that since they have separated, she’s never really said a bad word about Brad–beyond the crackshots in the VF interview. She’s never said he was “uncool” for how he handled the ending of their relationship–she’s put it all on Angelina. And that’s not okay–especially for someone who says that she wasn’t cheated on, and hasn’t ever retracted that, not even when she called Angelina uncool.

        In my mind, if she’s going to be making cheapshots at anyone–it should be Brad. He was the one married to her. He chose to leave her. But it just seems to me that she just blames everything on Angelina, not Brad.

      • Sloane Wyat tt says:

        “Then, why she never had kids if she truly loved him so much?” Really, Nikita? You’re saying a woman who’s childfree by choice doesn’t truly love her husband, just because she doesn’t want to have kids!? You’re talking like it’s ‘not natural’ to not want children. Ugh.

        I’m sick of the assumption that if you are a woman, you are meant to be a mother. Period. I’ve had it up to here that childfree woman are made to feel that their bodies exist only as vessels for childbirth. This is such a steaming boatload of crap.

        I’m here to tell you a childfree woman’s love for her husband is in no way inferior to or less than a woman who has his kids. There is absolutely NO correlation between how much you love your husband and whether or not you choose to have children. I am tired of being viewed as somehow defective for feeling as I do.

        Nikita, I hope you change your mind about childfree women not really, truly loving their husbands.

        By the way, Zwella Ingrid, I agree with you.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Sloane Wyatt TT, who wrote: “Then, why she never had kids if she truly loved him so much?” Really, Nikita? You’re saying a woman who’s childfree by choice doesn’t truly love her husband, just because she doesn’t want to have kids!? You’re talking like it’s ‘not natural’ to not want children. Ugh.”

        You’re saying a man who so obviously wanted to have children, who definitely ‘would not’ have agreed to marry a woman who didn’t want to have children, shouldn’t have taken exception to the fact that she decided she didn’t want to have children ‘after’ they got married? Seriously? That is SO a deal breaker.

        Yes, it is most definitely her right to choose not to have children, but what does it say about her if she told him she wanted kids so he would ask her to marry him? Even if she ‘did’ want children before they got married and decided sometime after they got married that she didn’t want them anymore, it wasn’t his obligation to stay with her regardless of his desire for kids. It would be different if they discovered while trying that she couldn’t have kids. But it’s another thing entirely when your wife knows how very much you want kids, is perfectly able to have kids, but tells you she’s decided that she just doesn’t want to have kids. And that would include ‘adopted’ kids as well.

      • Josephina says:

        @ Sloane-

        I hear you…BUT-

        If your husband wants children, wants a big family and tells you so… how long do you think you should wait to get started? I believe Jen said Brad would be lucky if he got 1 or 2 kids from her. She was never down with the Partridge family or the blended family scene. Both Brad and Jen have admitted there were other bigger issues in the marriage, that they both tried and it just did not work for them.

        Anyhoo, Jen’s biggest issue was compatibility/commitment with Brad, not how many kids she would have. I do believe that IF she had a child with him earlier he would have stayed with her longer. Not forever, but longer than 4.5 years of marriage.

        It is clear to me that he tries a helluva lot harder with Angie. He behaves as a man that is inspired by love and Angie fills his cup until it runs over.ES his relationship with her.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        “That is SO a deal breaker.” Actually, I agree with you on that 100%, Emma – the JP Lover. If either spouse pretends they want children or actually believes they want to have children prior to marriage and then reneges, that is totally understandable, justifiable grounds for divorce.

        I was always very, very clear about not wanting children with my suitors who did want children, and we mutually agreed to go our separate ways. Sometimes, though, they were aghast that I didn’t want to be a mother and quite judgy when I wouldn’t change my mind to have the pleasure of marrying them. I’m so lucky now and happy to have a childless marriage to a wonderful man that I love more than life itself.

        I don’t know for sure all the details of Jen & Brad’s marriage, but she could have easily truly loved Brad deeply and belatedly realized she didn’t want children. That would have been heartbreaking to lose your husband under those circumstances.
        Josephina, wanting children was definitely a part of why their marriage didn’t work. Brad does love Angie , and he’s willing give himself completely in his marriage to Angie.

    • Mrs Odie says:

      How much would you like the woman your husband fell in love with while married to you? How much would you like the woman who, because she’s younger and prettier and “Hollywood royalty,” managed to be instrumental in the breakup of your marriage, came out of it smelling like a rose, and makes YOU look like the bad guy for having a broken heart over the end of your marriage? It sounds like a very human response to me.

      • Mrs Odie says:

        And maybe Courtney Cox was lying or Brad fooled her too, and that’s why the friendship between Aniston and her ended. If my marriage broke up and my husband was adopting kids with his new girlfriend before our divorce was even final and my best friend was defending him in the press, you bet your sweet bippie I’d cut that backstabber out of my life and find friends who put my feelings first.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        First off, I don’t get where in my comment you got the idea that just because Angelina is prettier than Jennifer (which is according to personal taste), that I felt that Jennifer should just stfu. Not so. My issue with Jennifer isn’t that she felt sad that her marriage was over (especially in the public eye), but that instead of trashing Brad, she chose to trash Angelina–beyond the VF interview.

        Like the Vogue 2008 interview. She said that Angelina was uncool for discussing timelines (which I went back and read Angelina’s interview and she discussed how her relationship came about with Brad in very general terms, no timelines at all–the most specific she got was when she said that at the end of filming–which was after Brad and Jen separated–they both realized that their relationship would progress) and for saying that she couldn’t wait to go to work (with Brad).

        So she’s bashing Angelina, for something that isn’t true first of all, and second, she spent that Vogue interview saying how proud she was of Brad, how she congratulated him on his babies–but when it comes to Angelina, she brings up that cartoon about her shooting Angelina, she tells the interviewer to turn off the recording, so she can tell him how much she doesn’t like her–but she’s proud of Brad?
        Does that make sense to you?
        It doesn’t to me.

        Second, it’s not like Courtney Cox said those comments in an off the cuff interview—what she said was approved by Jennifer. And before they even announced their separation, Jennifer, Brad, Courtney, and David went on vacation–there were some photos (apparently) of them hugging and crying on the beach. So you don’t think that Jennifer and Courtney didn’t discuss what Courtney would say in her own interview??

        And lastly, I can tell you read tabloids because Brad didn’t file to adopt Maddox and Zahara until December 2005–and according to the People article it takes 180 days for everything to process–for them to watch them and dig up dirt.

        Brad went with Angelina to pick up Zahara–they didn’t adopt her together-she started the process months before she met Brad.

      • kay says:

        Came out smelling like a rose?are you for real?You want her to still be insulted after 8 years?I’m sorry but people move on if you don’t.And one of the reasons she has started winning the hearts of people is because she has grown up,she isn’t stuck in a particular level in life unlike some people.As for me I don’t care if she stole brad or not-bcos that’s none of my business-i’ll forever be a fan.

      • Maya says:

        Maybe you should ask that to Tate Donovan’s ex-fiance who miscarried because Jennifer cheated with Tate. Or even Heidi – the long-term girlfriend Justin was living with while he was sleeping with Jennifer for almost a year.

        But the main reason I have no sympathy for Jennifer is that she herself told the media with her 3 BFFs that Brad told her the second he started to have feelings for Angelina.

        If Brad and Angelina cheated then so did Jennifer and Justin. Although Brad, Angelina & Jennifer all denied the cheating and Justin’s close friend and Heidi’s mother both confessed that Jennifer cheated with Justin. I would rather believe the people involved in this than the media.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Mrs Odie, who wrote: How much would you like the woman who, because she’s younger and prettier and “Hollywood royalty,” managed to be instrumental in the breakup of your marriage, came out of it smelling like a rose, and makes YOU look like the bad guy for having a broken heart over the end of your marriage?”

        (Blinks) Talking about an attempt to re-write history … and ‘recent’ history at that! How in the heck could you even suggest that Angelina Jolie “came out of ‘it’ smelling like a rose” after the nearly ’5′ solid years of extremely intense hatred, name calling (whore, home-wrecking skank, etc.), and shade–even from well-known Internet entertainment sites like ‘E-Online,’ who had a special archive titled ‘Angelina Jolie’ where people could find/go and hate, baby, hate. All of this was for daring to ‘hurt’ sweet-innocent-girl next door-America’s Sweetheart Jennifer Aniston … a.k.a. Rachel Green.

        If Jennifer is no longer feeling the love, it’s on ‘her’ … not Angelina Jolie; who has simply lived her life with her man and her kids.

        Instead of placing blame on Angie, why not take a closer look at Jennifer? The tide (finally) began to turn on Jennifer Aniston in 2010. Ask yourself what happened then–and what has happened since–that might have swayed public opinion against her. But please don’t try to convince us, even if it seems you’ve convinced yourself, that Angelina Jolie “came out of it smelling like a rose.” Whatever respect that woman has now, she has earned.

        Unless you think Angelina Jolie should ‘still’ be maliciously malign and hated for Brad Pitt’s decision to leave his wife because–for whatever reason–their marriage just wasn’t working.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Mrs Odie, who wrote: “And maybe Courtney Cox was lying or Brad fooled her too, and that’s why the friendship between Aniston and her ended.”

        So let me get this straight. Jennifer Aniston used Courtney Cox as her main mouth-piece in Jennifer’s 2005 “Vanity Fair” print interview. In that print interview, Courtney Cox said Brad was honest with Jennifer about everything. That was in 2005. So you’re saying it took Jennifer Aniston five (5) years to negatively react to what Courtney Cox said, basically backing up what ‘Brad’ had said? Right.

        We stopped seeing Jen and Courtney together in 2010. Something else ‘must’ have happened around that time. Hmmm … I wonder what it could have been? If we put on our thinking caps maybe we can think of ‘something.’

        Is it possible Courtney just didn’t cotton to Jennifer fooling around with Justin Theroux on the set of “Wanderlust” (which began filming in September 2010), doing to ‘another’ woman what she had whined about (for ’5′ years!) Angelina Jolie doing to ‘her?’

  20. Regarded says:

    I don’t believe for a second that Chelsea Handler is only 38.

  21. lucy2 says:

    I don’t have a problem with comedians or whoever making fun of adult public figures. But she isn’t making fun, she’s just being mean.

  22. Damage Done says:

    Even if Chelsea stops, she’s already done irrevocable damage to Aniston. Chelsea didn’t start saying those horrible things about Angelina, Brad & their kids until she started claiming to be BFFs with Aniston. In fact, Chelsea said far worse things about Aniston than she ever did about Jolie UNTIL Aniston invited her to her own birthday party in 2008 & CH signed with CAA. CH’s brand new Angelina vitriol really was bizarre and was always connected to equally bizarre gushing as to how awesome Aniston is. Chelsea has admitted on Howard Stern that she has never even met Jolie but keeps saying over & over that Jen is the best ever and that she is certain that Jolie is evil, has no friends and that Brad is a good dad trapped into staying with her only for the kids- uh, huh. Once Chelsea began her spew, many who were “neutral” or had some sympathy for Aniston became convinced that Aniston was a far more nasty, petty and cruel person that anyone ever imagined. It is MUCH less of a mystery why all men leave Aniston.

    • Eva says:

      Yes, I didn’t care either way until CH got involved, then I started seeing JA in a very different light.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I agree. I started reading Celebitchy on late 2010, and before that, I hadn’t read any gossip sites at all. But I knew who all three were–to be blunt, I liked Brad and Angelina’s acting, couldn’t stand Jennifer’s (tried to watch Bounty Hunter). But I never knew about the whole drama between them until I started reading this site–and even though I liked Brad and Angelina together, I felt bad for Jennifer.

        And then the whole stuff with Heidi went down, and based on those posts–I reread all of Jennifer’s, Brad’s, and Angelina’s archives on celebitchy during my one week spring vacation–and it was enlightening to say the least.

        And that’s how I formed my opinions of all three in this idiotic “triangle”–more like a dot.

    • Steph says:

      I will add eleventy billion thumbs up to that. We are, to a large extent, judged by the company we keep. By this standard, Aniston is a bitter, petty, obsessed woman. What a sad, pathetic way to live your life.

    • Nikita says:

      What did Chelsea said about Aniston before their friendship? i tried to google it but i couldnt find anything.

      Huvane wrote a letter to Perez Hilton (he even posted that letter on his blog) to stop him making fun of her. So shes very sensitive but she loves it when others do the same thing in her favour? what a hypocrite.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        It was on her show, that Chelsea apparently, called her a loser and made fun of her for dating so many guys(which I don’t see how it was a lot)–she had some skit on how Jennifer was on a dating game show or something—this is what people who watch(ed) the show before said, so I have no way of knowing if it’s true or not.

  23. Eleonor says:

    I don’t know who is Chelsea,seriously I have no idea on why is she famous.

  24. bettyrose says:

    I realize the irony of saying this in a gossip site but otherwise I wouldn’t even know who CH is. There’s really no value – comedic or otherwise – to perpetuating the BS stereotype that women are primarily driven by pettiness and jealousy. This CH nitwit is the master of her own destiny. She doesn’t need to tear down -or pitifully attempt to – someone else. Critique behaviors not somene’s value as a human. If she truly finds fault with AJ’s humanitarian work, I’m open to hearing a logical argument. Ok, stepping off soap box.

  25. Hypocrite Chelsea says:

    Chelsea started making fun of Jolie AFTER she made friends with Aniston. Aniston didn’t even solicit Chelsea’s friendship until Pitt & Jolie had been together for years and had 4 kids with 2 more on the way. Just shows how desperate Aniston was to keep trashing Jolie- so high school or maybe even jr high. Clearly, Chelsea is a complete sell-out.

  26. doofus says:

    1) 38? doubt it.

    2) Handler can bash any adult she wants (deservedly or not); I simply won’t watch her show or see her do stand up. (side note: never understood why her fans even CARE about what Handler says re: Jolie. I’m sure someone, somewhere, is saying bad things about my secret boyfriend Henry Rollins, but do I care?…not a bit.) As long as she STFU about the Jolie-Pitt (or any other) kids. THAT part bothers me.

    3) not a superfan, but I really like that pic of Jolie laughing. looks a genuine, full-on belly laugh.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Well to be honest, I really don’t care either. But for one–she’s not making fun of Angelina. Those are personal attacks that she’s said are her personal opinions about Angelina. If she wants to make fun of Angelina for homewrecking–go for it. But what she’s saying isn’t funny at all, nor does it even try to be funny. The only remotely funny thing Chelsea has ever said about them was that ditty on Maddox upset that Angelina is dragging him to every other 3rd world country–when are we going to Malibu!

      And she didn’t start saying this kind of stuff until after she signed on w/CAA and became friends with Jennifer. And she does bring Jennifer into it. Remember on Howard Stern when she said “I had a dream that Brad and Jennifer got back together” or “Brad needs to go back to Jennifer where he belongs”–that’s not comedy, in my mind.

    • claire says:

      Is she really only supposed to be 38? Holy hell, this whole time I thought she was in her late 40s.

  27. Anon says:

    Aniston, Handler and Huvane are so old, so pathetically the same old, same old. Together, I doubt they’d equal a pimple on Jolie’s arse. (Not that Ms. Jolie would ever have a pimple.)

  28. Sam says:

    Handler’s obsession over Angelina is really twisted, sick. I believe Aniston is the one who got her started on this RAMPAGE against a woman who has done nothing to her. Aniston is a passive aggressive jerk.
    And for Handler to go after Brad’s and Angie’s children is sadistic.

    In the meantime Angie keeps her dignity, and does not dignify Handler and Aniston, by totally ignoring them.

  29. Sam says:

    Also, Handler lies and says Angie has had plastic surgery because she and Aniston are jealous of Angie’s natural beauty.

    • bettyrose says:

      Comments like this are exactly why I have a problem with CH & JA’s schtick. Whether or not their behaviors are motivated jealousy, their behaviors validate the old standby dismissal of women’s viewpoints as always being motivated by jealousy.

      • Sam says:

        It is obvious these two are jealous of Angie’s beauty. Hence Handler (coerced by Aniston) continuing to harp on Angie’s looks. Lying that Angie has gotten plastic surgery.
        Angie has been a beauty all of her life. We have seen the photo’s of her as a baby, and a child, as a teenager, she has always been a beauty. This is why we know she has not gotten her beauty by plastic surgery. Have you seen Angie’s late mom, Marcheline? She was stunning, Angie took after her.

      • David says:

        Jennifer and Chelsea are BOW-WOW’s, who have the plastic surgeon on speed dial, this is why they are jealous of the beautiful Angelina Jolie.

    • Hypocrite Chelsea says:

      Yeah- I never heard Chelsea say anything about Angie’s looks, but, she’s so blinded by hate she can’t even see that Angie has popped out 3 bio kids that look exactly like her (did they have plastic surgery in the womb to get those big lips, cheekbones, etc.?). So ridiculous that those jealous hags can’t stop themselves from lying- Angie’s brother, father, & mother have been photographed all over the place for many years looking the same as has she- there are even pictures of aunts, uncles & grandparents Angie strongly resembles- no plastic surgery there either.

      • David says:

        When Chelsea lies and says Angie gets plastic surgery, then SHE IS saying something about Angie’s looks.

      • Sal says:

        Yep. Pictures tell the truth. Compare photos of Jolie as a child and teenager and her mother and rellies. Now, compare photos of Aniston as a child and teenager, and her facial changes over the years. The radical change Aniston has gone through shows a mountain of surgery including hair bleaching and straightening and blue contact lenses. You’d be hard-pressed to pinpoint on surgery Jolie has had.

    • Sal says:

      Agreed. Its called deflection Aniston herself has had probably more plastic surgery procedures than Madonna. And it shows.

      • Bird says:

        Sal, you’re only saying that Jennifer Aniston had plastic surgery because you are so jealous of her natural beauty.

      • Mrs Odie says:

        From chemical peels to injections of vitamins, Juvaderm, Botox, fat, and whatever the newest injectible is, skin bleaching, facials, massages, spa treatments, thousand dollar beauty products, cosmetic dentistry, mole removal, prescription drugs, and, yes, major and minor surgical procedures, everyone in the entertainment industry spends thousands of dollars a month on their appearance. Including Angelina Jolie. If you DO compare photos of her from her teens to now, she’s obviously had her nose thinned. Probably numerous times, millimeters at a time. So has Anistion. So has Sarah Jessica Parker (who also had a mole removed). Cindy Crawford admits to Botox. They all do it. So what? So what if Angelina Jolie won the genetic lottery and Aniston and Handler didn’t? Does that make them better people? Angelina Voight’s mother was beautiful, but it didn’t stop Voight from cheating on her. And if she hadn’t tragically died of cancer, she too would have grown old. We all do, if we’re lucky. And beauty fades for everyone.

  30. Tulip Garden says:

    I haven’t read the comments but I thought I would throw in my two cents. Most talk show hosts/comedians have poked fun at Brad and Angie at some point. I’m particularly thinking of, I believe, it was John Stewart’s Daily Show with Stephen Colbert that had a skit about one of their latest adoptions and “throwing a pin at a map” sorta thing. It was funny! SNL also had a hilarious skit about Brad and Angelina visiting Beyoncé when she had Blue Ivy. It poked fun at Brangie and others and guess what? It was funny.
    I don’t think that any “celebrity” should be above being snarked on, hell we do it here all the time! I do think that certain, not all, but certain fans of Brad and Angie have no sense of humor about them.
    Lastly, not a huge Handler fan and I am not defending her against people that don’t like her or her brand of comedy. I was just commenting on the “bigger picture” somewhat.

    • Eva says:

      I agree with you I thought the snl skit was funny, if CH had done the skit I would still find it funny, but it is the vitriol that CH has that is not, calling someone a c***, racially abusing children is just not funny.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Tulip Garden, who wrote: “I haven’t read the comments but I thought I would throw in my two cents. Most talk show hosts/comedians have poked fun at Brad and Angie at some point. I’m particularly thinking of, I believe, it was John Stewart’s Daily Show with Stephen Colbert that had a skit about one of their latest adoptions and “throwing a pin at a map” sorta thing. It was funny! SNL also had a hilarious skit about Brad and Angelina visiting Beyoncé when she had Blue Ivy. It poked fun at Brangie and others and guess what? It was funny.”

      Well, did John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, or the cast of SNL say “Angelina Jolie is a C–t! Angelina Jolie is a Home-wrecking evil Bi$ch who used freaky sex to lure Brad Pitt away from his ‘loving’ wife? Did any of them cast shade on the Jolie-Pitt kids?

      Chelsea Handler does all of this in her ‘routine’ about Angelina Jolie. And she doesn’t say it in the manner of a Joke … she just simply calls her names.

      Is that what the other did?

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Emma nothing you said relates to my post. In short, I said Brangelina have often been the target of snarky and funny jokes/skits. You can Agree or disagree. Seems like you want to “defend” them from something I said but the problem is that I didn’t say anything negative about them. I specifically said that I was not defending handler.
        I now remember why posting on Brangelina or anniston threads is best avoided. Hope to see you in other threads. Have a good weekend :)

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Tulip Green, who wrote: “Emma nothing you said relates to my post. In short, I said Brangelina have often been the target of snarky and funny jokes/skits. You can Agree or disagree. Seems like you want to “defend” them from something I said but the problem is that I didn’t say anything negative about them. I specifically said that I was not defending handler.”

        I didn’t ‘say’ you said anything negative about them. But please don’t try and deny your attempt to downplay Handler’s nasty, hateful comments about Angelina Jolie by comparing them with skits on comedy shows that spoofed the Jolie-Pitts and their lifestyles. Yes, that ‘is’ funny, but a far cry from the ‘unfunny’ comments made by Chelsea Handler, who was going for mean and spiteful (what else, with words like ‘c–t’ and ‘Evil B$tch?’) rather than humor.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Refer to my reply to Sal down thread. It would be nice if you could just say, I misunderstand your post and I was wrong. You are.

    • Sharon says:

      Handler is a mean nasty person when it comes to Angie.
      You cannot compare Chelsea Handler’s vicious rants to other comedians who are not doing it out of viciousness, or spite.

    • Sal says:

      I wish people would read the previous comments first, before replying. Its more than obvious you haven’t, because as others and I have stated, its been shown on here over and over and over again how Handler has NEVER been as vitriolic to ANYONE ELSE as much as she is to Jolie. Nor has she made racist attacks on innocent children before. So please quit being in denial. No normal person still thinks its all one big fcking coincidence unless they are an Aniston apologist and are lying because they cannot admit the truth.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Sal calm down. I stated that I didn’t read the comments, so what? Nothing that I posted defends Handler. I believe that I simply pointed out that various “comedians” have snarked on Brangelina, successfully and with humor. Since you did read my post maybe you could comment on what I actually said.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Sal I did not make a comparison. You did. My comment ,as noted, was stand alone. It had nothing to do with Handler. It was about successful jokes about Brangelina. If you are reading anything else into it then that has nothing to do with me OR my original comment.

    • Nikita says:

      its ok to make fun of celebritys but it have to have limits, why? because they are not just celebs, they are humans like us. most people forget that. would you like it if the whole world make fun of your kids? if your friends call you cu.nt, would you laugh? i doubt it.
      Calling someone a c.nt is not a joke.
      im a brangeloonie of course, but i would never support someone who calls jennifer a c.nt.

      • Xas says:

        Nikita, Emma and others, agreed on that. One thing is making fun of the “lifestyle” and “situations” related to Brangelina, and another different thing is making mean ATTACKS against Jolie as a part of crusade like Handler does.

        Tulip, please check one of the shows -It’s on Youtube- and next gives us if that was funny. Calling innocent children as a mutants and slaves of the Third Country; or calling Jolie as a C*nt each time.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I completely agree with your post. I never suggested that calling people names or making fun of their children was funny in the least. I don’t think that it is. That, in fact, isn’t “comedy”, it is attacking people.

        I really do not understand why people think that I was defending Handler or her attacks. I tried to be clear that I wasn’t. I noted that I was commenting about real comedy where Brangelina were made fun of, that I actually found funny.

        I would deserve to be side-eyed if I had made a comparison to Handler and other skits/jokes/comedians. I made no comparison simply b/c there is no comparison. My point was, and remains, that adult celebrities should not be above snark from comedians or commenters and, yet, this pair often is considered “untouchable” as far as a good laugh on this particular site. I do not understand it.
        DListed is freaking hilarious making fun of Aniston and the cabbage patch babies and Theroux in a dungeon etc. Dlisted is equally funny about Jolie being “sainted”, trying to adopt grown children, etc. Dlisted’s portrayal of Pitt as an out-of-it stoner makes me laugh. I enjoy what is essentially making fun of the persona’s and/or public perception of these people. Honestly, none of us knows them well enough to be offended if others like/don’t like them.
        In short, I enjoy a good laugh. Guess I picked the wrong story to comment on.

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        Yeah, celebrity snark is one thing. But when a person’s comments fall under categories like racism, slut-shaming, homophobia, or other forms of bigotry, it can no longer be called harmless joking or snarking.

  31. I think any homewrecker should be bashed, regardless of how famous or important they are. I would only hope that my BFF would bash the woman that stole my husband, if it was your husband then you might feel the same.

    • Hypocrisy says:

      Then she should start by bashing herself.

      Having sex with her married boss to get her own show and then dumping him once his spouse dumped him makes her a homewrecker, an a$$hole and a hypocrite.

      Homewreckers like her and her BFF Aniston shouldn’t cast stones to others but instead STFU and stay humble…

    • Andrea1 says:

      Stole her husband like he was some item? Wow!
      Gal it takes two to tango.. Moreover AJ didn’t steal brad, she didn’t tie a rope round his neck neither did she force him to run after her.. If his marriage with Jen was perfect like she painted it he wouldn’t have dumped her like a hot pot… You can’t fix what’s already broken!

    • David says:

      NOBODY can be stolen. Get real girl.
      If a man leaves you, HE DOES NOT WANT YOU PERIOD!

      • Josephina says:

        Preach, David!!!!!!

        I think it’s OK to start a fund for the Jen Henettes. For Christmas they’ll each receive a DVD copy of the movie He’s Just Not That Into You. These chicas need a step by step lesson on how not to make excuses an why a man leaves and to know when the relationship is over.

        If a man wants you, he will chase you until he gets you. If a man wants to leave, he will leave. If you are trying to trap him into staying, he will STILL leave you.

        I suspect some of these women are with men that don’t really love them or want them for the long haul. Some of the arguments they post are so embarassing…for them.

    • Meandyou says:

      Spoken like a typical ignorant hack. Bitterness and venom spewing are never pretty. Just ask anyone.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      Years after the fact though, it reveals much more about the character of JA and Chelsea.

    • Sal says:

      Um, but Handler isn’t attacking a homewrecker, because as we ALL KNOW NOW, it was PROVEN that there was no affair, Angelina didn’t do a goddamn thing to Aniston.

      Yet Aniston is a twice homewrecking slut who stole Justin from Heidi Bivens. And Handler is infamous for sleeping with a married boss at E! to get her job.

      SO, um, just what was it you were saying about slamming homewreckers, huh?

      • Liz says:

        “it was PROVEN that there was no affair, Angelina didn’t do a goddamn thing to Aniston.”….. Seriously? How was it proven, Sal? I am so waiting for you to provide the PROOF that you so boldly claim.


        This should be good….

      • Josephina says:

        It is the cattiness of Jen and her “Goddess Circle” of annoying friends that started this non-triangle mess. Surely you are not of them, right?

        Where is the proof that there WAS an affair?

        My point is that all of this is moot.

        Brad has stood firm on his marriage- he was bored, he got high a lot, he was aimless in direction. He wanted MORE out of life and in a partnership. HE did something about it. HE chose to leave. The option to stay was obviously on the table, and he chose otherwise.

        Brad made the right choice for him. After all that we have seen and heard, who is still questioning this?!?!?!?

      • Liz says:

        Oh, please… “It is a moot point”. Funny how it becomes a moot point when Sal or Josephina can’t back up their own BS!!

    • Steph says:

      I’m always baffled when the target of a cheated on wife/GF is the “mistress” instead of the husband/BF. Surely he is more culpable? SHE didn’t make any vows to you or betray you in any way (unless she was a friend/family member). Obviously in any cheating scenario there’s a big failure of integrity and a lack of judgment, but to me, I’d be pissed at my husband. All the lies, sneaking around, the double life — THAT would be the focus of my bitterness. The other woman is just a bit player to my mind. A man who is a cheater is going to cheat — I’m pretty sure just about any willing woman will do.

    • TG says:

      While I understand the concept of home wrecking no one can actually steal someone’s spouse from them. An adult makes their own free choice to cheat and leave. Sometimes for good reason other times just because that spouse is not a good person and you are better off without them anyway. I saw two different posts on here that stated that Angelina seduced Brad and that Anistin seduced the douchey guy she is engaged to. How exactly does one deduce a man? The man makes his own decision on whether or not to act on someone else’s behavior. So even of The Jolie whips off her top in front of the oh so vulnerable Brad it would be his choice to decide if he is arroused by that and if he is going to act on his arrousal. Men are capable of controlling themselves just as much as women are.

      • Nikita says:

        @Bird, Heidi left their appartment in the beginning of June 2011. Untill her move out, they were togehter. Jennifer and Justin officialy announced their relationship on 22 of June 2011.
        Jennifer moved suprisingly to NY in February, shortly after they filmed Wanderlust. When she got him, She sold her Appartments just 6 month later.
        Heidi said, Justin said Jennifer is just a good friend, she wasnt aware of it that it was happening. Heidi said everything in her statement what you need to know that J+J had an affair.

    • paz says:

      Hey, just put your husband in a safe place and he probably won’t get “stolen”.

    • Leila in Wunderland says:

      Here’s my problem with that ‘homewreckers should be bashed’ argument (besides the fact that Jen and Brad were over when he got with Angie): even if they had cheated, why should all the blame be placed on Angie when Brad was the one married and he is a consenting adult? And why should it be ok for Chelsea, who wasn’t even wronged by it and who didn’t even know any of those people when it happened, get to call Angie a c*nt and a whore for it almost a decade later?

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I agree Leila. That’s what honestly made me take a second look at the whole “Brad cheated on Jennifer” thing–when I first started reading CB, it was in late 2010. I knew who all three of them were, had seen their films. It wasn’t until I got onto this site, that I heard about the “drama”. Even then, I didn’t really like Jennifer (because I didn’t like her movies or Friends), and I loved Angelina.

        But I still felt really bad for Jennifer. But then the shizz went down with Heidi and Justin-so I actually went back and reread their archives (on this site).

        And one of the things that struck me, was how Jennifer seemed to dislike Angelina, but not Brad. The Vogue 2008 interview is a great example. She basically told the interviewer that their divorce was good, and that there was no animosity towards each other at all–she was proud of him, his life now (then). But with Angelina, there’s an issue. And it’s not like Angelina had trashed talked her at all–in fact I’m not even sure *what* Jennifer’s issue with her was.

        Jennifer said that she didn’t like that Angelina was saying things about how her and Brad’s relationship started, she said there were things happening on a timeline that she wasn’t aware of. But I read Angelina’s interview, and the most specific she ever got was when she said it took until the end of shooting the film (which did end *after* Brad and Jen filed for separation) to realize that there was going to be more to their relationship.

        So I don’t understand what exactly she was upset about–because it wasn’t like Angelina was saying “Our relationship progressed very quickly and naturally, and on January 2nd, 2005, me and Brad were already discussing on whether or not he should adopt Z”.

        But to get back to the actual topic (I’m very chatty, as you can see), what I just said, above, made me question whether or not he actually cheated on her. Because she has all this animosity towards Angelina–especially evidenced by her friendship with Chelsea–but none towards Brad. Beyond a few quips in her VF interview, she’s largely been pretty nice when asked about him–but not about Angelina. Which isn’t good in my opinion. I’m not saying she has to like Angelina at all–but I find it suspicious that she’s happy for Brad, but not for Angelina.

        And I don’t understand why it’s even a question as to why Chelsea is saying stuff like this about Angelina. If a new friend of yours suddenly started going on facebook rants about how your ex husband’s partner is a c-nt and a f-cking homewrecker, wouldn’t you tell her to stop? And if she didn’t listen, wouldn’t you distance herself from her?

        I would. Because it makes you look bad by association.
        And it also makes you look like you agree with what’s being said.
        And another thing I found interesting was the use of tabloids on Chelsea’s show, especially with Jennifer on. I don’t watch it, so I’m not sure if she reads tabloids with all of her guests, but isn’t it interesting that a woman whose life was made a living hell by the paparazzi and the tabloids (which may be self inflicted) in the first year of her separation, would go on a talk show and willingly talk about tabloid rumors?

        And Jennifer has said that she doesn’t like tabloids, doesn’t let her friends tell her about them–but here is her friend right there, bringing the tabloid gossip right to her door–with giving them a voice on her show, and stories like this. I wouldn’t want a friend that constantly brings up old sh-t, especially if I was in the public eye.

        Okay, I didn’t mean to drone on–I’m waiting for the shower to open up.
        And I really enjoy your comments on feminism–I learn a lot.

      • Faith says:

        Gosh! Virg,you really are smart.Thats a very strong point you made.
        If a man cheats on you its alright to dislike his mistress BUT you have to hate him too,and from jen’s interviews you can tell she hates angie but not brad;that isn’t logical.
        If i were to come to a conclusion based on her interviews(which is all i’ve got) i’ll say;Brad didn’t cheat on her,they were both okay with the divorce BUT she became angry when brad moved on so fast and to someone more beautiful than her(yes beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and i’m the beholder here),and she couldn’t let angie know how much she hated her because that would taint her “good girl” image,so what better solution than to find a comedian who would help her say snarky things about angie that would still be found funny.I mean the only reason chelsea would be so angry ‘NOW’ about this issue after it happened a long time ago(and she wasn’t even jen’s friend during that period) is because someone angry told her about it.

  32. doofus says:

    I don’t care whether she’s attacking her or trying to be funny. Does it matter what Handler’s motivations or goals are? either way, who cares? I won’t give her any of my time or money, and I don’t understand why Jolie fans get angry and essentially give Handler validation. it’s what she’s looking for…why give it to her? she probably gets off on knowing how much she’s pissing off the “Brangeloonies”. be like Jolie – don’t even respond or comment.

    I also don’t understand why you’re telling me when it started or your theories on why it started. I don’t see how that’s relevant to my opinion on this. Whether it was prompted by her friendship with Aniston doesn’t affect how I feel about her saying what she says about Jolie.

    I didn’t even mention Aniston in my original post…?

    ETA: UGH, wrong place…this is for Virgilia Coriolanus in #26 above…

    • doofus says:

      jeez louise, sal, calm the F down.

      I DID point out above, in my previous post, that I think what she says about the Jolie-Pitt kids, and ANY kid, is WRONG.

      my previous post (#26) contained THIS: “As long as she STFU about the Jolie-Pitt (or any other) kids. THAT part bothers me.”

      Jaysus, some of you superfans are so f-ing quick to jump on anything. and you, Sal, are particularly nasty to people. some of them may deserve it, but most (like ME) do NOT.

      “seriously, just think about it”…and READ before you post.

      • Yeah..... says:

        What’s weird is that AJ defenders are down on what CH says but ladies like these are all over the internet spewing hate toward Jen Anniston. And for what? Because she “lost” Brad Pitt and said it hurt her? Like ANY woman in that situation would be? Just because CH does her spewing on cable TV makes her worst then you guys? I got to hand it to AJ though her PR methods and agents are the stuff of genius because I never remembered her with all of these female fans before she hooked up with Brad Pitt. People felt that her adoption of her 1st kids and the dabbling in UN work was just a front. She was STILL that girl whose strange antics overshadowed her Oscar win.Then she hooks up with Pitt and looked what happened? Her image changed over night. No one can tell me anymore that who you connect yourself with has nothing to do with how popular you are in Hollywood and in the press.

      • kay says:

        Do you really think brad made angie popular?cos I remember knowing and of course loving angelina before I knew there was somone called brad,and I’m not an american.oh and I’m a FEMALE.

      • Rena says:

        Angelina has no PR person nor does she have an agent, so those people for her are nonexistent. Brad had a PR person who he parted ways with in 2007 but that PR person did not admit it until a tab printed a fake marriage tale and his former PR person had to admit he no longer employed her in 2008. lol

        CH is a lowlife who went after her married boss, he left his wife for her, and then she left him. She is a cruel bully and there is no justification for her attacks on AJ and on the little JPs.

        JA is the type of woman who tells a man go have fun with your fling and then come back to me. But the problem with that was lo and behold in Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt finds the love of his life, JA was the fling and I think his rebound from GP.

        JA was also a person who said in a national interview that BP was A love in her life when asked if he was THE love in her life. BP said in an interview that as long as they were “growing” the relationship would last but if growth stopped well…..

        There were major signals given out that serious problems, cracks, and fissures exist in that relationship that PR attempted to cement over.

        And the final clue was when BP went on national TV crying for little “hers”, crying for kids, and his then wife just shrugged and went on with her life sans kids. Notice I am not saying women should have kids who do not want them, it is personal choice. But women who do want kids generally find a way to have them.

        An almost 45 year old woman with no kids by any means probably is not the motherly type. jmo

        I doubt CH was told to stopper her crude mouth, she is just bidding time to begin her attacks again since her last BF kicked her to the curb.

        And anyone still using the archaic term homewrecker in almost 2014 needs to get some help dealing with the reality that sometimes relationships fail and no one is to blame, things just were not meant to be.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Yeah, who wrote: “What’s weird is that AJ defenders are down on what CH says but ladies like these are all over the internet spewing hate toward Jen Anniston.”

        Do you mean, ‘gossiping’ about her hair extensions, love of drink and weed, her orange tan, the way she ‘baby bump’ teases the media, and her lack of a waist? Do you really consider such comments ‘hateful?’ Do they rate with being called a ‘c–t?’

        @Yeah again: “And for what? Because she “lost” Brad Pitt and said it hurt her? Like ANY woman in that situation would be?”

        We gossip about Jennifer Aniston because she wears horrible hair extensions, love her drink and weed, has an orange tan, teases the media with a fake baby bump, and has a stumpy waist. Some posters here may not like her much, but they certainly don’t hate her in the manner other celebrities are hated.

        @Yeah again: “Just because CH does her spewing on cable TV makes her worst then you guys? ”

        No, calling someone a ‘c–t’ and then cast shade on the woman’s children makes her worst than us.

        @Yeah again: “I got to hand it to AJ though her PR methods and agents are the stuff of genius because I never remembered her with all of these female fans before she hooked up with Brad Pitt.”

        Angelina Jolie has had female fans since she starred in “Gia” in 1998 at the age of 22.

        @Yeah again: “People felt that her adoption of her 1st kids and the dabbling in UN work was just a front. She was STILL that girl whose strange antics overshadowed her Oscar win.Then she hooks up with Pitt and looked what happened? Her image changed over night.”

        Angelina Jolie began her humanitarian work in 2000. She and Brad Pitt became a couple in 2005. Angelina Jolie adopted Maddox on March 100, 2002. She and Brad Pitt became a couple in 2005. Exactly how did Angie’s image change over night after getting together with Brad?

        @Yean again: ” No one can tell me anymore that who you connect yourself with has nothing to do with how popular you are in Hollywood and in the press.”

        Bingo! Hanging onto Brad and Angie’s coattails is why Jennifer Aniston has remained popular since he divorce.

      • Andrea1 says:

        Thanks to Emma- the JP lover, Josephine, Josephina and Rena for the awesome replies to yeah… Post #79

      • Josephina says:

        @ Andrea, post #97:


      • Josephina says:

        The Jen Henettes are at it again!

        Aniston is simply called out for her neurotic, insecure, woman-child behavior. That certainly is not hate. She is the one with the burden of ugly personality. There is NOTHING INNOCENT OR NATURAL about Cheslea Handler’s behavior towards Jolie, a woman whom she has never met. And yes, this ugly behavior will righteously warrant the constructive criticism BOTH Aniston and Chelsea deserve.

        Two angry birds…one woman is 38, the other one is 44-45, acting like they were picked over for the Prom Queen crown. These two fools could easily keep their tiny thoughts to themselves, but nooooooo….. They wanna take it to the press, talks shows, interviews, radio,…

        BOTH of them need to STFU and STFD. Using Handler as a proxy for her true feelings has made Aniston appear not only transparent but even more unhinged than previously thought.

        Still talking shit (i.e. talking through Handler) about the woman your ex-husband left you close to 9 years ago? Even after SIX kids????

        Get a life…. one that does NOT entail coat-tailing everything Jolie-Pitt related. Keep this crap up… I doubt that Justin wants to marry only to be known as Mr. Aniston.

        Chelsea DOES NOT

      • Josephine says:

        Hmm. A couple things here. First, I’ve never seen anyone calling JA a c*nt or evil incarnate, but I suppose that’s possible. Mostly she’s called out for her hypocrisy and for milking the situation, and for being a little dull. Tons of people were sympathetic, but life moves on. And a bunch of people commenting on blogs is WAY different than someone spewing hate on television that reaches millions.

        As for Jolie not being known and not having fans before Brad, you are delusional. She won an Oscar and a Golden Globe before Brad, was nominated for an Emmy at least a dozen years before Brad, and had done tons of movies. She had plenty of fans.

        And I think you can get past the whole “she adopted kids and works with the UN” for good PR. People who do charity for PR are the one and done type — she obviously has a passion as indicated by her nearly 10 years of service thus far, and my making movies that tell important stories about those who suffered. Brad didn’t improve her image — I don’t she cares much about image.

        This is supposed to be a comment to #70 – not sure if I put it in the right place.

      • Blood&Sand says:

        Hi Jennifer
        Edit: response is for #79

      • AnnaC says:

        To Yeah, # 81
        Exactly my sentiments. AJ comes across as pulled together, particularly as compared to the two hags joined at the hip here, but how easily one forgets that AJ’s behavior back when was vulgar, narcissistic and weird–hardly the stuff of lady-like anymore than the ambitious CH and her antics. I long thought AJ’s claim to fame was her media attention rather than talent and when it came time for an image change, the right-color adoptions (sorry, but I must say it) put her immediately on the sainthood side of things and that was that. I believe that this too was calculated image control–at least at first. It has taken some time for me to warm up to her but I believe she is just as much PR trained as Aniston & Co. But the brainwashing that goes on once someone says all the right PC things and makes the right PC moves is stunning.

      • Faith says:

        @AnnaC;i respectfully disagree,the only thing i knew about AJ for the ten years i’ve been a fan was that she’s an actress i knew nothing about her personal life,that was before i started visiting this site and thats only because i’ve got nothing else to do,and its not just me because where i come from celebrity gossips don’t matter,only their movies do,everybody knows AJ for her movies especially;tomb raider,mr and mrs smith and salt.So i don’t think her antics made her famous,but her talent did.Apart from americans not many people care about the personal lifes of celebritys.

      • Marny says:

        Totally agree. AJ plays the PR game like everyone else. The degree to which 99% of the people on this site idolize her with an almost maniacal fervor is kind of creepy. Again, if your husband left you for another woman you’d think she was a b***h too no matter how pretty she is. You’re kidding yourselves if you think otherwise.

      • AngryClown says:

        To Marny, Brad didn’t leave Aniston for another woman. So I don’t know what point you’re trying to make.

      • Sachet says:

        Jennifer is in on these tacky attacks against Angie and she and Brad’s children. Aniston is not innocent here.
        With her snotty @ss looking down her nose to people.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Well for one–I read gossip about celebrities that I don’t like, don’t think can act–whichever. But that doesn’t mean I’ll ever pay to go see their movie, their concert, their stand up, etc. So the only person, who I think needs to ignore it is Angelina/Brad–THEY would be giving Chelsea validation to what she’s saying.

      And I think the reason how and why she says what she does about Angelina IS because of Jennifer. Because she NEVER said anything like what she says about her now, before–before it was making fun of her for adopting/having so many kids, saying she was freaky in the sack, and kissing her brother. But all of a sudden, the minute she signs on with CAA, right after she went on vacation with Jennifer–she has all THIS to say about someone she’s never met or spoken to?

      She never had an issue with Angelina’s homewrecking in the four years BEFORE she met Jennifer. In fact, she herself, slept with the married president of E!networks to get her contract. She’s friends with Jennifer–she was there when she received her Hollywood Star of Fame (I think I got the name wrong). She’s been on vacation with Jennifer and Justin.

      And even if Jennifer didn’t approve of it–she has to know that people will judge Jennifer about what her friends are saying–especially the friends who weren’t there from the beginning. You could maybe make that argument if CCox was saying this stuff.

      But my main problem is is that it’s just not funny. There is no humor in what she’s saying–those are straight up personal attacks. I’d have no issues if chelsea wasn’t going on interviews saying that this is how she personally feels about a woman she doesn’t know.

      But that’s just me.

  33. Josephine says:

    The thing that bugs me the most is that Aniston and Handler always go on and on about the fact that they are “girls’ girls,” and love other women.

    But women who support each other don’t call other women c#nts. They are basically just mean girls. And the whole heating the “homewrecker” thing has lost power since they have both gotten together with men who were already in a relationship.

    On the other hand, Jolie has been involved in some many causes that protect and lift up women and girls.

    She’s a comedienne and she has the right to her childish and unfunny jokes — but stop playing like you are someone who gives a darn about women.

    • MissMoody says:

      That’a what I don’t understand about their definition of a “girls girl.” I don’t have a Goddess circle and I’m not sure if I would refer to myself as a girls girl but I would never call another woman a C U Next Tuesday. They are just the Plastics all grown up

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      My mom just had to go through with this type of thing, with my little sister. My little sister hangs out with a bunch of girls at school–that are not her real, true friends. She actually admitted to my mom that she was scared to get up and leave the table, during lunch, because she knows that the minute she leaves they’re going to be talking about her.

      And I don’t understand it. I don’t get why you have all these friends who just like to trash talk you when you’re not there. Doesn’t make sense.

  34. The Original G says:

    I can totally believe this story. Joan Rivers was called in to E! and told to lay off making fun of Chelsea.

    Is asking Chelsea to return the favor? Why not. E! makes there living through their relationships with celebs. THEY’VE got nothing against Angelina, even if Chelsea does.

  35. Kiddo says:

    The only ones who should be embarrassed by the Angelina barbs are Jennifer (she looks pathetic by association with someone slamming her non-competition at this late point) and Chelsea (she looks like a bitter shrew harping on one person who has more earned success than she does).

    I could imagine Jennifer telling her to cut the crap before Angelina would actually give a crap about what Chelsea says.

  36. The Original Mia says:

    And still not a fock to be given by Angelina. They are probably more worried about Brad’s wrath, than Angelina.

    Angelina is too busy being a mother, director, humanitarian to care what a bitter, pressed vodka soaked woman says about her.

  37. pwal says:

    Chelsea isn’t done with Jolie. As soon as the shock of the double mastectomy wears off (yes, it’s nearly been six months, but it still has its resonance, especially since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month), she’ll return to her usual programming, especially if Angelina leaves her comment regarding her decision with the NYT article and not grant any other interviews about it. News outlets (including Comcast and their subsidiaries) would get seriously pissed if they can’t get a piece of that action and will return to their usual programming.

    I will continue to believe that Handler’s motivations don’t rest solely with Aniston. I think that Jolie getting these major opportunities, including directing Unbroken, without the benefit of HW representation is very threatening to Huvane. If more actresses get it in their heads to leave their agents/managers and it turns out they fare better, it’s curtains for a lot of these agencies.

    • Xantha says:

      That’s an interesting angle to look at it from. Just one thing: Stephen Huvane is a publicist, not an agent. And Angelina does have a manager, Geyer Kosinsk. But Angelina has successfully navigated her career without a publicist so far and it wouldn’t surprise me if there many PR people who are miffed by it. I am a little surprised more actresses haven’t tried going without one.

      • lisa2 says:

        This has always been my thought as well. I remember when Brad and Angie first got together every single day, week after week there were some story about them. For years. I have always believed that many of those stories were leaked by other PR people to protect their clients. I mean we would see some sick story or BI and of course everyone thought it was BA..then low and behold it was really some other celeb. This was a way for some PR flacks to deflect and put the eye on two people that everyone was talking about for years. None of the tabloid lies have been true. but if you go back and read them.. you can see they were not about BA but some other celebrity..

        so no PR people don’t like that Angie and Brad don’t have a PR team.. and for those that claim they do.. Seriously do you think some PR person would not want everyone to know they rep either or both of these two.

        They are doing it on their own, and yeah that is something that could be a problems if other follow their lead.

      • pwal says:

        My bad.

        To be honest, I can’t see the difference between a publicist, agent or manager. As a layperson, everything I get is gotten by me and me alone, save networking. But celebrities have all of these people doing things for them, I can’t discern their roles. Years ago, someone had to correct me when I thought Chris McMillan was Aniston’s colorist, when he was her hairstylist. Again, in my world, my beautician does styling, haircuts, haircolor, etc.

      • TC says:

        I think the reason more celebrities don’t go w/out a publicist is that they cannot bear the bad press, even if it’s just a tabloid rumor/gossip. Celebrities have such a need to be loved and admired that any negative press about them must be corrected immediately; or if the bad press is actually true, must be spun in their favor.

        Pitt had a publicist pre-Angie, but later dropped his publicist when he and Jolie got together. Then Tom Cruise dropped his publicist shortly after Pitt, and that’s when PR firms in Hollywood started to get sweat. First Pitt and then Cruise firing their publicist?! So the tabloid press went after Cruise with a vengeance and began a daily onslaught of negative news stories about him. This was right around the time he had started to date Katie Holmes and tabloids made him look ridiculous recounting his “couch jumping” antics on Oprah and other erratic behavior he was displaying at the time (it also didn’t help that he bashed Brooke Shields on The Today Show for taking anti-depressant medication to deal with her post-partum depression). It took Cruise only a month to run back to his publicist. He couldn’t take the heat and needed that “PR machine” for protection. In comparison, the same thing was happening to Brad on the regular due to his break-up with Aniston, but Brad just ignored it for the most part and didn’t allow the tabloid rumor to “run” his life.

        That’s what makes me admire Brad and Angie even more. They make their own decisions and live their lives their own way. They don’t allow the tabloid press to dictate how they should manage their personal and professional lives. They don’t run to the press to spin stories. They may be asked questions on the red carpet or in print interviews, but they’re not issuing press releases through a press agent to “set the record straight.” They simply ignore the BS and live their lives.

        That’s why Handler is a non-entity, in my opinion. And the louder she screams her insults and vicious attacks about Angie, the more ridiculous and irrelevant she appears.

  38. Eva says:

    nope, not just you.

    That picture sums her up perfectly IMHO.

  39. skuddles says:

    Great, now if someone could just tell Handler to STFU up period. Ugly woman – inside and out. And I totally agree… all that vitriol has only made both her and Aniston look bad.

  40. Sara says:

    I just don’t care for CH’s sarcasm. There is a new triangle. JA, AJ, and CH. Brad can rest easy! Lol

  41. Veronika Knowles says:

    If Hollywood were MEAN GIRLS, Chelsea would be GRETCHEN Wieners… doing the dirty work for Regina George (Aniston).

  42. Grant says:

    I think Chelsea can be kind of funny, I think Angelina overrated, and I don’t buy this story in the least.

  43. gennline says:

    Handler had to shut up about AJ,when AJs NYT article was published.In a straight to the point article AJ showed that she can do more for women than any self professed ‘girls girl’.
    The Howard Stern interview Handler did where she calls Brad a good Dad and says that AJ would take the children from him,I thought should have been sent to their lawyers.
    Brad would not be a Dad without AJ,the woman he was engaged to and the one he married did not want children with him.
    So he is with the woman who loved him enough to let him into her adopted child’s life and then give him his own biological children.As Brad would say ‘game on f#ckers!

  44. Hypocrisy says:

    I will tell it like i see it : They are BOTH ugly women Inside and out as far as i am concerned.

    Personally, i think they have no redeeming female qualities and lack in every department when it comes to personality.

    They have no common sense whatsoever, no dignity, no self respect, no feminity, no grace. They are big mouth so called mature women with an empty brains. They are arrogant, unapolegetic, hypocrites, whinny, unwitty, immature, EXTREMELY vulgar, unspiritual, unintelligent, unfunny trainwrecks with ugly faces reflecting their mean souls, witchy stare and nasty attitude.

    I really think they represent the low standard in womanhood and sisterhood….definitely far, very far from being and acting like mature ladies.

  45. Guesto says:

    I don’t know and I don’t care if any of the above is fact-based. What I do know is that if Handler had anything of genuine, meaningful worth in her life, Jolie would not be on her shitlist.

    Seems to me the more Jolie just gets on with living her life, doing the things that give her pleasure and satisfaction, and refusing to acknowledge or be drawn about those who resent her, the angrier and redder Handler’s face becomes.

    If ever someone needed to take a step back and look – and I mean, really look – at their life, it’s Handler. No amount of botox or fillers or surgery can cure what ails her and what shows in that face of hers, as far as Jolie is concerned.

    • Hypocrisy says:

      SPOT ON !

      The more Jolie seems content, smiley, serene and happy with her life the angrier, meanier both Aniston and Handler become with the usual immature passive agressive shot or straight up tantrum full of obscenities and trash, typical of not very smart alcoholic women.

      They are frustrated aging women and growing old frustrated and bittered makes one look even more uglier.

  46. Rebecca says:

    I think Chelsea is pretty hilarious, but she does go overboard with the Angelina insults. And, it does make her and Jennifer Aniston look bad, especially when she criticizes the children. Jennifer Aniston & Chelsea comes off as both selfish and petty when Chelsea keeps doing this years after the Brad and Jen split. Further, she doesn’t think about how saying things about Angelina, Brad and their children might affect their children one day when they finally do get on the internet. I hope this story is true and she stops.

  47. Greata says:

    Chelsea Handler is Jennifer’s B*TCH! Perhaps the time and effort that she and Jennifer spend on bashing Angie and Brad could be better spent on their own miserable lives. In Handler’s case actually having a relationship, and in JA’s case having a real relationship not one she has paid for. At least Angie owns and has owned her past. Time to move on J.A. …AND YES…I AM A BRANGE BITCH…AND PROUD OF IT!!!!

  48. Sachet says:

    In that photo at the top, where Jennifer has her nose up in the air, says it all about her character. What a stuck-up, snobby, snotty, uppity person she is. I can’t stand women like her.

  49. Mena says:

    Ever notice how the round table on Chelsea’s show is when she is not there?

    Absolutely relaxed and 10x more funny then when she is on there. There are a few comedians she books seem like they are afraid to say their jokes or she goes off on them. It makes the show look bad and her unprofessional and who wants to see that?

    She is always ridiculing,I gather her staff really grind their teeth when she is around.

    Dave Grohl hosted for a week and I have decided I want him to replace Handler. You could tell he was very liked by the staff.

    And she is hardly there anymore since she always on vacation and only has the show 4 days out the week. What Friday is a no show day? It seems she can’t get big names much anymore.

    • Carrie says:

      ^This I used to watch her show back when it first came on before for all of this and the guests comedians were alway more funnier then she was.

      I used to hate that whould cut them off in the middle of telling a jokes. I don’t know if she was jealous that they where better then her or what but it was really annoying, that’s why I stop watching after a week.

  50. lisa2 says:

    Handler makes fun of everyone.. well except those she calls ‘friends to the show” so no she has people that are “off limits”. I find a lot of the women that go on her show or try to befriend her doing so because they don’t want to be a target.

    Here’s the thing that some of us noticed. She stopped saying things about Jennifer when she was invited to that party. she was invited to that party because she was talking shit.. and as anyone with ears/eyes know Aniston reads the gossip about her and what is being said. I did watch her show at the beginning. I was trying to support a woman. But I noticed that she was reading the tabloid stories like they were true. Until they were about her and the people she liked. The reason I said that she and Aniston are in some kind of co dependent crap is when she said on her show.

    “Brad needs to leave Angelina and go back to Jennifer where he belongs”

    this was YEARS after the break up and 4 children at that time. Now why in the world would a “friend” say some stuff like that if they knew you were OVER it and had moved on. So I just think Jennifer likes that Handler says crap about Angie. She gets a laugh at it. I’m sure she dislikes that Angie is kind of fawned over in a lot of ways. Despite some of the none fan rants.

    so Handler drops Angie’s name when she needs to promote something. Just to get attention and make headlines. My thing is if you dislike someone so much why use them to get in the press.

    The ABSOLUTE best part of it all is Angie has never and will never acknowledge her or her nasty comments. She won’t say her name nor will she address it. The fact that she won’t is what makes Handler look like some raving fool with some problem. You can’t have a fight with one person. So she is alone and she looked dumb saying the stuff she has. I know Jennifer can be friends with whomever she wants.. but when you become friends with a woman that has talked about you as well in an unflattering way then it speaks more to your insecurities.

    Angie nor Brad give F.. doubt they know who the twit is. Thing is her “celebrity” friendships seem to be based on them all having the same PR rep.. now that says a lot.

  51. maggie says:

    I don’t really get off on Handler’s comedy but in her defence she’s been going on about Jolie ever since she french kissed her brother…..long before Aniston and Brad split.

    • Sachet says:

      That is a d@mn lie. Angie DID NOT french kiss her brother. She smacked him on the lips, and that is not at all unusual in many families.

    • Carrie says:

      No one is debating that but until Jen invited her to her party Chelsea use to make fun of her too.

      Since Jen and Chelsea friendship she she went from telling jokes to verbally attacking Angelina and her kids and saying nothing about Jen.

    • Factschez says:

      You’re just full of made up stuff today, aren’t you? Facts: Chelsea Hag-ler was nowhere on the scene in 2000 when Angelina won her Oscar at the age of 24, so what are you even talking about?

      It’s been reported that Chelsea was making s ex tapes and sending them out to seedy bars to try and get stand-up (or lie down) gigs (Google it) – while Jolie was sharing an innocent kiss w/ her bro and winning Oscars. Handler is a loser.

      As to your snark about Angelina frenching her brother – give it a rest, it was a couple of closed mouth smacks, that was blown out of proportion because Angie was seen as some edgy, goth, sexual tattoo’d chick (which back then, was pretty eccentric) – so the reaction by late night comics and other guttersnipes was to take that extra leap with a girl they saw as sexually threatening. But it was all jokes, it’s only been the vicious jealous slags in the intervening years, that have tried to make such a happy moment, disgusting.

      Since then however, she’s been nominated again in 2009, and will be receiving her 3rd recognition by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences this month, so it’s apparent that no one believes it but the terminal haters who Angie owns.

      • Cecilia says:

        You’re just full of made up stuff today, aren’t you?

        Yes you are. I saw the full on kiss with her brother & her O face as Billy Bob felt up her boobs at a public event in full view of everyone while Billy Bob stared at the camera. This was even before I really started paying attention to her. At that point I was turned off to her & regard her with suspicion.

      • Josephina says:

        JEEEEESH!!! WTF???

        IT WAS NOT A FRENCH KISS. Go back to the clip, open your eyes. Look slowly… she kissed her brother lovingly, something we usually don’t see from siblings.

        This unfounded stereotype of Angie as a blood-thirsty, insatiable slut needs to stop.

        Yes, her beauty is spellbounding. Over the years she has become even more prettier than before. And she walks with sensual as well as sexual confidence. For the insecure women of the world AND THOSE WRITING ON THIS POST, her presence seems as an unfair threat. And it sure does not help that she’s owns the heart of Brad Pitt, the sexiest, most powerful hunk in Hollywood, had three pretty babies by him, raises a LARGE family and travels all over the world, including exotic places, with him. PLUS, he has her back on every level- romantically, spiritually, physically, and professionally.

        Brad only has eyes for Angelina. He told the world he fell in love with her. And the Jen Henettes are STILL screaming at the ocean over this very stale fact.

        If you have never had a man desire and love you the way Brad deeply desires AND loves Angie… watching their love story unfold can be agonizing for the lonely women who have never experienced loved like this.

        I will say that Jennifer and Handler are also included in the Goddess Circle of NEVER having a man devote themselves to them….EVER. Pure jealousy has fueled the drama these women have put out for over 8 years. And this is why Aniston is appropriately ridiculed.

      • Hypocrisy says:


        Well, why do you expect ? When you need a blind date arranged by your PR to approach Brad Pitt, you know you are not his type to start with otherwise, you would have asked for his number and called yourself.

        When you need the sex on that very first date to the point of publicly boasting about it on a show, you know you are in for using that old trick to trap a man who wouldn’t gave you a look if he wasn’t desperate after Gwyneth separation.

        When you need to present yourself as the perfect wifey, older than your man’s ex, ready for children, talking about it left and right, you know you are doing it specifically to trap this desperate daddy to become into marrying you.

        When your own father says that you were the one who force the marriage rather than him, you know the groom to be had already second thoughts about you.

        When you have your husband, known for being cool and relax, entering therapy months only after the marriage, when you have your couple entering counseling, when you have the both of you taking cheap shots at each other publicly, saying you are pals, rejoicing for being apart for months so that you can refurnish the house at your likes and not at his, that you won’t take the plane to see him and is perfectly fine with it, that you won’t come to his B-day, you know something nasty and uncool was there between you too even before the marriage…That’s the sign of a charade, a masquerade of a marrigae where emotional cheating and fakery were used from the start.

        So i get why Aniston is so jealous of Jolie…after all, she did all this work to trap a reluctant man who wouldn’t look at her in normal circumstances, for who she was never the first choice or his type to begin with while he CHASED Jolie (who didn’t need a pr to arrange it for her) like a madly enamoured man even to a continent he never went before, just to convince her that he was the one for her and her kid.

        Yeah i would be mad too to see that despite all my effort to take the title of Miss Pitt, all what i did, Brad never loved me the way he loved the women he chose himself let it be Gwyneth or Angie.

        I would be even more mad because i haven’t learned my lesson and went after another one who probably wouldn’t have given me the time of the day and wouldn’t have cheaten with me dumping his girlfriend if he wasn’t desperate to increase his popularity.

        I will be mad because i know deep down that as long as i will involved myself in tricks to get a man, it won’t last. As long as i will display that nasty personality of me, immature, pittiful, whiny, neurotic, blaming others but giving me a pass for my own misbehaviour, i won’t get a man who will genuinely love me the way Brad Pitt loves Angelina Jolie.

        Yeah, that’s why i am mad and jealous as hell, crying at the ocean, listenning to Brad’s voice on those ol’ cassettes and why my hens are mad too, crying at the yelloish posters of the fake golden couple, pestering at Jolie for destroying their Harlequin-ish tale while reassuring themselves by pretending falsy that my new short legged toy and his receding line is better than Braaadaadddd…

        Yeah right…

      • Faith says:

        @ Hypocrisy,you made me teary with that brad and angie’s part,i might not be interested in men now but if a man did that for me me i just might reconsider.

      • Josephina says:

        @ Hypocrisy–

        Get outta my head, will you? (Smile.)

        EVERYONE IN THE WORLD can see now how happy and in love BRAD is. There are reports in just about every language describing his behavior towards Angie after witnessing it. That relationship is REAL. From DAY ONE in 2005, Brad has been by Angie’s side because he wants to be. He FINDS the time to be with her.

        We get it, Jen. You lost a man that is known as a catch, a hearthrob and has real teeth in Hollywood. The truth remains, … you were not the ONE for Brad. All the tricks you’ve played and the money that you’ve payed (Huvane…Theroux…who else?) … the truth is STILL going to come out.

        Aniston’s fate will change for the better when she completely lets go of Brad. And yes, that includes the end of the coat-tailing and allowing Chelsea to trash Angelina as part of her “comedy act.”

        Aniston is like a squirrel still trying to catch a nut… and so late in the game.

  52. Kloops says:

    This whole stupid triangle only serves to make JA and CH look like shrill idiots. Both are every bit the alleged “home wreckers” as AJ. And, frankly, I loathe that term. Men are not gullible buffoons at the mercy of the wiley succubus. If they stray, they stray bc they chose to. They need to grow a pair and own it.

    I’m not a fan of any of them, but in my opinion, AJ has come out looking the most favorable in all this. Who’d a thunk it?

    • Factschez says:

      ‘Wh’da thunk it?’ Oh anyone that’s been paying attention for the last decade and a half. Aniston is a neurotic cow who’s banished the only parent that ever raised her from her life out of spite (because she went on tv and showed a homely childhood photo), not to mention she’s been selling this passive aggressive phony victimhood all these years, when she’s not hanging round her hired pitbull attack dogs like Handler. She and her PR hack have played this game for 9 years now, while Angelina lives a life of exceptionalism, and continues to be an inspiration to a lot of people around the world. Yeah, this is no surprise to anyone who’s not brain damaged.

  53. kellyinseattle says:

    Jennifer has on waaaaaaaay too much makeup!

  54. cs says:

    I haven’t seen any photos of CC and JA hanging out other than the skit they did along with Matthew. But, please share those photos.

    As far as work being done on her face, Angie/Drew Barrymore/Reese W seems to be the only actresses in their age group doesn’t look to have work done. Even Charlize looks a little stretch in the face.

    But I too agree with others that said Angie doesn’t Give a F**k. Why should she? She shut down Roseanne Barr with “She doesn’t know me” that’s only after a reporter brought up her comments about Angie/Brad. Never heard Roseanne speak about JP’s again.

  55. kellyinseattle says:

    Hate Jen’s dress, even if it is a change for once. Ugly jewelry, Chelsea. Are they in a contest for most blah, over-rated hair? How about something different for a change? So sick of both of their hair.

  56. Anna Scott says:

    Jennifer Aniston looks cute, Chelsea is funny and friends with Goddess Sandra Bullock. Angie who?

  57. drea says:

    Meh. All I got from this is that Chelsea is only 38. Oy. Maybe she should lay off the booze.

  58. Missy says:

    I wish the bosses would permanently shut her up by cancelling her ridiculous show. Her & her shitty writers need to STFU because its horrible tv.

    I also agree that it makes JA look bad. The two of them look old, haggard & petty & someone should tell them to get over it!!!

  59. Jay says:

    Ya’ll all know what CAA stands for right?

    Collecting All A**holes!

    So there you have it!

  60. Hypocrisy says:

    There is that 16 years old gracious, intelligent, well educated mature angelic, REAL former victim, woman to become, strong MALALA …

    …and then there are those 38 years old looking 58 and her 45 years old BFF shameless teeny weenie trashy immature, whiny evil, big mouth WOMEN with nothing but a massive mass of air between the two ears, a glass of vodka in one hand throwing constant pity parties for nearly a decade when it’s not vulgar tantrums making a living through personal insults and slurs towards children.

    They are still supported by women who still victimize and apologize those spoiled middle aged shamless women who are never asked for accountability for their own nastiness, grossness and out of line misbehaviour.

    Get some perspective !

  61. lavagirl says:

    Chelsea is just pathetic old trash. BTW when is VF’s epic take down on Jennifer Aniston going to take place? It would be interesting to know how Jen and her publicist Huvane works on assasinating the characters of those she doesn’t like especially Angelina.

  62. kay says:

    Guys!! Calm down!this is what chelsea and people like her want,they want attention and we are giving it to them.If chelsea feels saying bad things about jolie’s children makes her funny,then so be it,when she’s tired she’ll stop.Angelina doesn’t seem to care and I have a feeling that’s why these people hate her,they want her to care but she doesn’t,let’s be like her.In case you haven’t noticed,the haters have no control-whatsoever-over her life,she has a beautiful family and career,she keeps getting better and that has got to anger the people who desperately want her demise,so plsssss lets’ all move on cos its about time.

  63. HatetheletterK says:

    At the end of the day, Angie does a whole lot better in this world than Chelsea does. C is funny but obnoxious, Angie is . . . beautiful.

  64. MegG says:

    So why do the execs allow Chelsea to keep saying this stuff? It makes Chelsea sound psycho, you’d think Angelina stole her husband or something!

  65. Moi says:

    Ya Chelsea needs to stop. It’s pretty ridiculous. I have to say though, have you ever had an over-protective friend that just wouldn’t stop being pissed about something that happened to you? It’s like “ok, thank you so much for taking up for me, but I’m over it enough already”. Who knows, I keep hoping that JA is over it and happy. I want this triangle of stupidity to be over. Everyone looks happy to me (but what do I know) and it’s been what, EIGHT years? Good lord. Please make it stop.

  66. Jenn says:

    I tell you what I think, Angie turned Chelsea down. Could’ve been a long time ago, but her bitchiness smacks of a woman scorned to me.

  67. Charlotte says:

    A friend of mine just got cast in Angelina’s movie here in Aus. He’s getting a fitting next week.

  68. cowgirl27 says:

    Mean girl bullies – we don’t tolerate in children so why tolerate in these grown women who are role models????

  69. Nonya says:

    Chelsea, Jennifer, Kimmode, Jennifer…. Send blame for the whole damn lot of them where blame is due. Bonnie Hammer. Doubt this post will see the light of day. lol

  70. Kiddo says:

    None of this would matter if the jokes were actually funny. I’ve seen very little of Handler’s show, but the guest panel was ALWAYS funnier than her, which could work, if she said less, much less.

    How did I end up here in the middle of yesterday’s posts?


  71. elle says:

    CH is ugly inside and out. It’s so obvious she’s jealous of Angelina. Even a 3rd grader could pick that out. Oh, and it’s about time she started calling out her BFF for breaking up a 14 year relationship.

  72. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Chelsea Handler truly is a disgusting person–while trying to find her Rolling Stone interview (in 2010), I came across this:

    I don’t understand why any of her siblings talk to her–she said (which is quoted from the Rolling Stone interview) that when she was 16, she called the cops and told them that her dad was molesting her–she admits he wasn’t, but she wanted to get out of the house, so she got him arrested.

    She’s a disgusting person.

    • Faith says:

      Oh my god I just read the article who actually does that to there own father? Also when your brother dies who openly admits that oh I need attention my family is focusing on death of my brother and no me? I was reading the narcisim epidemic recently and the book just describes this woman.

  73. Lemondrop says:

    This hardly seems important in light of the EPIC screw-ups happening right now in New Orleans… HOLD FEMA ACCOUNTABLE!!!

    Oh wait…sorry, sorry. I saw we were all talking about Brad/Jen/Angelina and thought it was 2005. My bad.

  74. Meanchick says:

    Handler and Aniston come off as jealous and childish mean girls. It’s so yesterday. Enough! Besides, Aniston busted up a relationship and Handler gave out mouth hugs to get her show didn’t she? Oh yeah and doing it with 50 Cent? Ew!!!

  75. iza says:

    Chelsea Handler her mother’s lost battle to breast cancer , maybe because of this she do not talking about Angelina…But who cares …. I think she really has an obsession for Angelina kinda unusual …… for me it is not funny , and then she signed with CAA, not many people left to her speak ill because now everyone became “friends” …. she criticized both the other celebrities but actually she wanted to be like they …..
    Angelina is not getting fawning over others, she probably should not know who Chelsea Handler is but to someone with so many activities and more important things to worry …….

  76. No Way says:

    I may regret this with so many on this thread who put the fanatic in fan, but here it goes anyway.

    I cry b.s. to this story. I think the only reason CH has stopped a bit on Angelina is the mastectomy. Even with her brand- it is hard topic. I also think the main reason she continues the Angelina bashing is the attention she gets because of the crazies who bash her. Sorry if you really want her to stop, take Angelina’s lead and ignore her, and it will become the old news it really is.

    I love how some think they know how these celebrities are because of what they let you see. Angelina and Brad could be happy together or not. Does anyone remember Brad and Jen hugging and walking on the beach all lovey-dovey and then they file for divorce. Sure!! We all have the poignant movie goodbyes at the end of a marriage. Give me a break! Nice celebrity show.

    The only thing I know for sure is Brad and Angelina are better actors than Jennifer, based on their respective works (WW Z excluded) and their rolls in this celebrity drama. Jennifer’s reaction is understandable. Most women who get divorced and their husband lands with another woman that quickly, blame the other woman. I think Jennifer just couldn’t help herself and wanted to blast her, even passive aggressively or through others. Why not be angry at Brad? Well she probably does still love him some as someone else said.

    • Josephina says:

      You say it’s understandable, most of us find her behavior neurotic.

      Name another actress, NOT celebrity, who used the media to air out her grievances, unwittingly driven by jealousy that has spanned over 8 YEARS and counting– about being left behind as her ex walks into the life for which he was destined? She did not behave this way when she split with Tate Donovan, Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculptor, Gerard Butler, John Mayer, etc.

      When does it end? She needs to see a shrink STAT!!

      • M says:

        How many times has she aired her grievances? I only remember one or two times and what she said was extremely diplomatic and tame. Rather, the people on this site are the ones obsessing over this situation year after year. You all have every detail of this story (the one in the media) mesmerized from start to finish. Move forward with your lives!!! Why do you all care so much??!!

  77. Maya says:

    I sincerely hope this is true because I want Chelsea to be put in her place. She is a disgrace to womankind and thinks that she has the right to attack anyone and anything. There are several really talented female comedienne out that who really deserves to be recognized – they dont attack, abuse nor use vile words to get the laughter from the audience.

    What’s really irritating is that Chelsea is a hypocrite – she herself slept with a married TV producer and cause his divorce while her BFF Jennifer is a triple homewrecker who also caused a woman to miscarry.

    And what’s really pathetic is that it is not only the Jolie-Pitts children that she has attacked – she has also attacked Suri Cruise, Kate Winslet’s children and some other famous kids as well.

    I firmly believe that you are the company you keep and if someone (Jennifer, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron) are friends with a vile, disgusting, racist and bullying woman like Chelsea – well that tells me all I need to know about these women’s personalities.

    Another thing is that Chelsea is right that Angelina is not a girl’s girl. A girl’s girl is someone like Chelsea and Jennifer who thinks life is just about being drunk and behave as you want to, that being bitchy and bully is a human right, that being selfish and have no responsibilities in life is wonderful.

    Angelina is a woman’s woman who raises her 6 children with a loving partner, balances her career with her family life, does more humanitarian work in a year than Chelsea and Jennifer will ever do their whole life, has build schools for girls around the world and also pays for the teachers and everything, has equally intelligent, strong, independent and powerful women as her close friends.

    This is what Chelsea and Jennifer cannot handle – Angelina just plain ignores them and lives her life happily with Brad and her children.

  78. Asdfg says:

    I like Angelina. I’m not a JA fan but some of the comments above are psycho crazy. Why are people so obsessive about someone they’ve never even met? I repeat, I am not a Jennifer fan. I can’t stand her most of the time.

  79. isjeh says:

    well, many here are saying that chelsea is stupid enough to be jennifer’s mouthpiece? wow …